Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 25 Recap

Episode 25 Pover of Veto Competition

HOH – Kevin
Ika and Demetres are nominated

POV Baywatch Competition

Scan the Beach for trouble

Each HG is assigned a colour for the dummy they need to retrieve

They need to untie their buoy before racing up and over the wall to rescue of your 5 dummies.

Once all 5 dummies are retrieved, they have to search the beach for the puzzle pieces.

The puzzle pieces will come together to say Baywatch in the shape of a surfboard.

The winner gets POV and a special screening of Baywatch.

Demetres Struggles to find his last 2 dummies. Ika helps him out.

Demetres and Kevin are neck and neck on the puzzle even with Ika helping Demeteres.

Kevin wins POV

He is able to invite 2 HGs to the screening of Baywatch and he chooses Karen and Dillon.

Big Brother tells the house guests to Pause, Fast Forward and Reverse.
A tour group comes in when they are paused.

Dillons mom and dog show up.

POV Ceremony

Kevin decide to use his POV on Ika and Put Dillon on the block. What a dumb move.

Dillon is in shock that Kevin changed the Nom.

Watch the live eviction on Thursday

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This episode was great! one of the best!

Sandra Sumner

Love Ika, her gutsy attitude to get her point across is shocking to myself and to all the house guests. She is exciting to watch, I also think Demika make a great couple. I would love to see Demetri and Kevin in the final 2.