“everyone is scared right now .. I don’t give 2 cents I’m voting her out”

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Triple eviction spoilers
Jackie evicted (Dre was the only vote to evict Ika)
Demetres won the HOH nominated William, Dre and kevin
Kevin won Power of Veto.
Dillon was the replacement nominee.
Dre and William evicted. All three votes went to Dillon. Even Kevin didn’t vote to keep William.
New HOH winner is KEVIN

Demetres and Ika bathroom in the morning
Demetres wants to put up Kevin and William it’ll make it look like they still trust Dre. (so much for that deal with Kevin)
Ika – we’ll go with your gut this time

Dre and William Blue Room
(French 🙁 )

Karen and Demetres in the Storage room

Kevin and William HOH

10:46am Karen and Jackie
Karen brings up some drama with Sindy and says that’s why she’s thinking of voting Jackie out.
Jackie says something happened last night Dre is voting Jackie to stay, “I need your vote”
Karen – what about William
Jackie – William, I think will vote with Dre .. I need your vote I don’t have Dillon

Jackie pulls in William, Says Dre will vote to keep her.
William – we can do that but I’m not sure about Dillon
Jackie – Karen we can do that she knows It’s smart to keep me in the game.

Jackie and Dre
Jackie says Karen knows it’s smart to keep her in here.
Dre – everyone is scared right now
Jackie – why did Dillon have to do this..
Dre – I don’t give 2 cents I’m voting her out..

11:03pm Jackie, Karen, Dre, William
Jackie – they will vote for me if you vote for me to stay..
Jackie – they have not been loyal to you.. you keep me I will not put you on the block and I won’t put you as the replacement.. you guys are my votes to stay.
Dre – they are really close to Dillon Karen..
Dre – I have new information that really annoys me.. I swear on my family I will vote out Ika..
Dre – I’m not forcing you.. it’s fine I will be the only one..
Dre – I am not scared .. you know the best decision is to evict her.. if I’m the only one than I’m the only one..
Jackie – if we don’t split them up when we have the chance now they are going to the end..
Jackie – Ika has betrayed people left right and centre
Jackie – if yo keep me I will not put you up I will not go against you.. if you want me to swear on my family I will
Karen – you’re both bad options for me..
jackie- they put you on the bock what will stop them again

11:10am Karen and Dillon
Karen tells him Dre and William are voting Ika out.
Karen says all Dre has done is poison her game to Ika and Demetres.
Dillon says they are fake.
Karen – this is the most screwed up deal right now.
Karen – we’re voting to keep Ika this is better for me and you
Dillon – Big time..
Karen – we couldn’t have planned this better.. it will be chaos
Dillon is happy this is working out great for them.. “Dre messed it up”
Karen says let it be a 3 -2 split she trusts Ika and Demetres now.
Dillon says they are real people like Demetres and Ika. (LOL)
Karen says Jackie is being nauseating, “That game is ending today”
Dillon – I can’t believe Dre is crying.. go tell it to Ika

karen says she will win the HOH when she needs to win
Dillon – you need to win this week.

Jackie and Dre Blue Room
Jackie is happy either way today other she doesn’t have to be near Ika anymore. She wishes Dillon and Karen weren’t so dumb. Dre can’t believe Dillon ran to Ika and told her everything she said.

William and Kevin in the HOH

William and Karen in the Storage room

11:28am Karen and Dillon
Dillon says kevin is worried Demetres will win HOH and put him up.
Karen – will he do it
Dillon – yeah

11:36am Feeds cut chances are they won’t come back until after the triple eviction. AS it stand right now Ika will be staying with Dre being the only vote to evict.

9:21pm after the triple. Kevin is the new HOH

Karen & Ika in the storage room.
Ika – Karen, I never thought in a million years that I would make it to final 5 on big brother Canada. Karen – and I honest to god since the first week we hooked up, I said me and her and Demetres will be in the final 3 to myself. Ika – you did? I feel sad. Karen – coming into this game I said all I have to do is find my power couple like Jeff & Jordan and I would be the Shelly and I could make it far. Ika – you did, you did. Karen – that’s why I’m so disappointed that we let him down today. Ika – I always let him down. Karen – but I do too. My kids will be so disappointed.. like MOM?! Ika – when he has to win he does it. ..And every single time he need us to win to keep him safe we never do it. .. and it makes me so upset. That’s why that day I sabotaged myself so he would stay. He deserves to win. Karen – he really does. Ika – and people think I’m some kind of b***h that wants to use him… And I’m not, I really care about him. Karen – I’ve never. Ika – Kevin said he thought that. Karen – oh whatever.

Kitchen table – Ika, Demetres, Dillon and Karen.
Ika – this is the best week to be HOH because you get to play next week again. I’ve always watched this show and said the person that wins the 5th HOH is the luckiest person in the house. They get to play in everyone after .. they get to play for 4ht and 3rd. If he gets to final 2, he’s winning. You guys have to make sure he doesn’t get to final 2. He’ll win. All his friends are in jury. Demetres – if he gets to final 3, he has a really good chance at winning HOH. Karen – oh for sure. Ika – they’ll give him the money. They hate us that much. Karen – and when Jackie gets in there. Ika – every single one of them has trashed me. Jackie went all the way upstairs before she said something smart to me. GIRL BYE! You have 55 days to say something to me and you wait till you get to the top of the stairs.

PILI – “HI KEVIN, If you’re seeing me right now, that means you’re HOH for the second time! I’m so proud of you, you don’t understand the amount of love and fans you have in the outside world is amazing. You have so much support outside. I was so pound of you, also that you survived the triple eviction! YAY final 5 Kev! SO PROUD OF YOU! Remember its a game so take a step back and take a deep breath and remember its just a game. Be yourself and don’t let anyone brush off that smile of yours. We miss you. If you miss home, go outside and look at the stars ..we’re looking at the same ones babe. Your mom says HI, your brothers cheering for you. We’re your biggest fans! I can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait to give you a big hug! Miss you!”

Kevin – that was a great video. That video was just perfect! That was awesome! Ika – no offense but I liked it more than your moms video. Karen – she called you babe. Kevin – uuhh… what did she see with William? NA… there wasn’t much going on. Big Brother then plays Pili’s video again.

Karen and Ika in the red room
Ika is crying – I feel like such a let down. I feel so useless! I haven’t done anything. Karen – I feel so bad too. Every time I look at him I feel so bad because I think now what’s going to happen. Ika – I feel horrible. If I’m up there with him just vote me out. He deserves to go far. And he’ll protect you Karen. He’ll protect you. I can’t win a comp to save my life. Karen – this is so bad. We don’t know what Kevin is going to do. Lets just wait until the POV. He is such a good solid kid. This kid deserves to be here over Kevin. Ika – if I’m up next to him just give him your vote. Ika – I’m not going to throw you and Dillon under the bus. Karen – I won’t either. We don’t know what he’s going to do. Demetres has a good chance at winning the POV and pulling himself off. Ika – we would have been a good final 4 … you, me, Dillon and Demetres. Karen – its not going to happen now because we didn’t pull it out. We should have studied.

Ika and Karen talk about past events of the season.

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Ika has gone from a memorable personality in S2 to an all-time great in S5. The fact that, as the best game-player and part of the strongest duo in the house, she has managed to maneuver herself out of going home is incredible. I’d love to see Dre be the sole vote to evict and then get sent packing with either William or Kevin, but it’d also be great if she’s left in the house with Ika.


Reason #25 Kevin isn’t good at reading the situation: He tells William that he has to “go with the house” and vote out Ika. He doesn’t see that Karen/Dillon are faking it so they get a 3-2 vote and William/Dre/Kev get targeted in the next HoH. William actually has a better pulse of the house. But if he listens to Kevin, he’ll be making a mistake.

warriors sweep to finals fck lebron


but seriously though i doubt ika survives both evictions tonight….. if she does SHES A FUCKIN LEGEND

Ikas lost

Everyone in that house should want to keep Ika, so they can guarantee a win sitting next to her in the final 2!

None of the vets will vote for her.
Dre, Jackie, William won’t vote for her.

She’s lost!


I would vote for Ika in a heartbeat over anyone left. Best strategic game since neda (perhaps better, she was in a literal showmance)

oh really?

you are delusional. What strategy has ika done, besides telling Sindy to put up Neda and getting dumb and dumber to vote to keep her?
What game moves has she done?

Guy From Canada

Survived tonight’s triple cause of Greek. She will be out next week after Kev puts them up again but good on the Greek I am leaning towards a comp beast this season.

Guy From Canada

And oh yeah, name someone who has done more then two good game moves that is left in the house, that’s right no one.

And mic drop.


Are you joking.
She campaigned to save Demetres in week one. She was running the deciding party in the Dallas vote week two. In the Cassandra vote week three. In the Gary vote week four (to save Dre). She controlled William’s HOH in week five to save both Bruno and Kevin for her six-alliance eventhough that would have been best for Dre/William. During this week, she was the person who saved Bruno from being back-doored. During this week, after the POV, her and Neda came to a head. Eventhough Neda was working with Sindy all season thus far in a much closer capacity, she went to work on Sindy in terms of personal connection (social game) and laying the seeds of mistrust against Neda. The following HOH was a double, Sindy won the double-eviction HOH, and put up Neda -one of the biggest threats to Ika- because Ika asked her to. And Neda was evicted.
The following week, Dillon’s HOH, eventhough he was going after Ika/Demetres (at the buzzer he made a safety deal with all four of Kevin/Bruno/Will/Dre so it was obvious), they managed to convince Dillon to put up only one of the two. Demetres saves himself with POV. They successfully manoeuvre to avoid Ika being the replacement nom.
The next week, week seven, Demetres won HOH. Bruno and Kevin realize they are suddenly on the bottom. They were targeting Kevin but William saves Kevin with Secret-POV. Bruno goes.
The following week, week eight / this past week, Kevin wins HOH. He puts up both Ika and Demetres. They both survive, Dre’s game gets exposed, they bond and form trust with Karen/Dillon, and they got Kevin to switch positions and form an alliance called ‘Business People’.
Then just today Demetres wins HOH again. Gets out Dre and William, after Kevin saves himself with POV.
Kevin wins the current HOH, but nobody’s come up to talk to him. He’s spent the entire evening alone in his room, except when everyone went up to see his HOH room and had a beer each, and when Kevin came to the hot-tube for ten minutes to see what Demetres/Dillon were up to. Karen/Ika/Demetres/Dillon were all hanging out together while Kevin was by himself in the HOH.

That shows she PLAYED. She’s been working harder than any of these people. Not only that, it shows this duo has DOMINATED.

If you think that she did nothing then you don’t know what’s up.


Are you insane!!!!!

Neda and Bruno will 100% vote for her to win because they know its just a game! And they will reward good game play, which for Ika is incredible manipulation!
I believe Kevin would also vote her way! Demetres will obviously vote for her if he’s not sitting next to her!

I think if she can get to the final 2, she will easily win!
She might not get Jackies vote, and maybe sindy would be bitter and vote against her

oh really?

what manipulation has she done?
She told Sindy to put Neda up, you can call that manipulation if you want. She didnt have to manipulate dumb and dumber to vote to keep her, Dre messed that up!

She couldnt even manipulate anyone to keep Dallas, Cass, Gary, Emily or Bruno including her boyfriend who was hoh when Dallas, Gary and Bruno left. And believe me she tried HARD but failed! So Failed attempts deserve a win? She hasn’t had a hand in ANY evictions!!!

so i ask again ,. what manipulation has she done? besides manipulate you.


I don’t see anyone else in the F5 more deserving to win other than Demetres. You may not like her game, but despite your disgruntlement, I don’t think you can honestly tell me you think those four other players are more deserving than her.

What sucks is that there is absolutely no comparison between Ika and Kevin – she is by far the more superior player this season. But sitting next to Kevin, Ika might still lose to Kevin because of bitter-jury-disorder and because Kevin just has more personal friends on the Jury. We’d want the most deserving player to win.

oh really?

Just because Ika talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks, doesnt make her a strategic, manipulator.
All that talking needs to produce results!


actually, remember season 3 when Bruno was extremely Salty and voted for Godffrey (not sure how to spell it) to win? He was still salty, even entering the Jury House saying that it was sarah’s fault willow was there. He always votes through his bitterness.


Speaking of Godfrey, why in the world is Godfrey not one of the returnees??

He was one of the greatest, and his game was severely under-televised. I would have loved to see more of his actual abilities and game which seemed to be obscured.
He is a really smart and socially intelligent dude who is also a physical threat. Entertaining as hell as well on the feeds.
I really respect that he chose Sarah over that other less deserving blonde girl (I can’t even remember her name.. ashley??) even though he knew that Sarah would win over him – but he respected the game and really did not want that other girl to win (because she had her friends on Jury – the diaper alliance / squad) which would have been a travesty to the history of the game.
I really respect that of him and because of that integrity, in addition to everything he offers as a player, he deserved to have another go at the game.


she is nothing more then a bully and a bitch … and all those that are backing her are just as bad as Ika the bitch …. as for the POV the bitches pooch won I am guessing was total bs .. not showing us the time is crap .. bottom line I hope ika goes out just like Neda ended up … so close yet NOTHING …



You’re saying that they lied about the individual times for the POV, and that they cheated everybody else and make Demetres win the POV and the trip outside of the house?

That’s a bit nuts.
And you also sound really bitter and resentful. Yucky


Is this serious or are you trolling?




I’m all for crazy drama and everything so I don’t care if ika stays but man I feel sorry for these people when they get out and see how dumb they look for keeping her. I mean seriouslllllyyyyyyy she has made deals with everyone in the house (but I guess everyone in the house is like that right now besides maybe William he is the only one who hasn’t I think) …but if you know she is making deals with everyone and you know she is a great mental player and she has the strongest male as her ride or die, why why why would anyone think its a smart idea to keep her over Jackie who could easily be evicted at anytime. umm are these people really that dumb or is production putting shit in their heads I really want to know?


Of course production is making sure Ika stays. It’s been the Ika show since episode 1.

They can’t be THAT dumb. They just can’t be!! The strongest person in the house is on the block and the house has a chance to get her out, but it just so happens the two people’s votes she needs are the two people she either wants to go against or has gone against, but all of a sudden they desperately want her to stay? Nope, there’s no way…


Oh please. Y’all said it was going to be rigged for Cass and she went home. Y’all said it was gonna be rigged for Gary and then he left. Y’all said it was rigged for Neda and she left. What fun is watching this if anytime something doesn’t go your way you just say it’s rigged? You can literally watch the videos from last night and see how it played out… Dre sketched out Dillon by going back and forth (“I want Ika out”, “Nvm, I follow my heart and I love Ika, I could never.” “Nvm, turn up, I hate Ika and I’m voting her out.”) and then kicking him out of the room when he was talking to Will. You could see it the moment he asked them to speak English and instead they dismissed him – William was pissed and asked Dre why the hell she did that. Karen has been determined to get Jackie out since week 1. They didn’t need production to intervene. The houseguests did this, it’s all right there.


I think Karen’s goal was to turn Ika and Greek boy against the whole house mean while she’s sitting pretty in the middle and if this was done intentionally it’s brilliant but I can’t give Karen that much credit I think it spells out bad game play by Dre’s insecurities in the game being exposed. Right now Karen is in the best position no matter who wins. If Dre wins hell have no fear like a woman scorn I think she’s out for Dillon’s blood and the only person safe is Karen no matter who wins.


Yup agree


Yeah it was Dre’s insecurities or emotional “whatever” about Ika that caused her to mess-up with that blow-up yesterday. Maybe she has some jealousy issues or something. Honestly, Ika had her until pretty close to the end. She didn’t have to do all that work against her. She should have worked harder to build positive relationships based on real stuff, not based on a mutual plotting against someone else… and she said too much to Dillon without making sure they had a solid actual friendship/trust. Neda did this too towards the end of her game..

sunny dee

dre took a good thing and seriously messed it up. even if this didn’t happen, all her manipulations were bound to come out at some point, and by that i mean how focused she has been on spilling that her number one targets are the vets, and how ika needs to get out, way too soon, since she should have known that ika had her 1000% and demetres had her 1000% all the way to the end for sure.

of course dillon and karen are happy, looks like no one is targeting either of them at this point, tho of course limited numbers mean someone is going to be nominated who no one wants to go home, but that’s what happens with 7 left, 1 hoh, 2 noms and one POV holder who could be none of those 3


Well if Jackie leaves, Karen will be the new nomination chair warmer


No this late in the game, they are nominating targets and pairs. There’s no chair warmers at this point. Karen is in the safest spot in the house and highest odds at second place.


get real, just because it is a game doesnt give you the right to be so friggen disrespectful, vote her ass out


Seriously though. Ika is Evil Dicking this season (aside from her inability to win comps)… it worked for him, and so far it’s working for her…


Seriously don’t understand how the tables have turned in literally one night.
I can’t believe Karen and Dillon are the ones voting to keep Ika and dre is voting against Ika!

This is why Ika is such a good manipulator. And now we might get our wish and see dre leave during the triple eviction!!!!


Sorry to burst your bubble but Ika will go home. Dre will be forever known as the dragon slayer.


What? Dre got found-out and her game blown up by everyone. Her shit is out now. The double-dealing and out in the open and exposed. Karen and Dillon, Ika and Demetres won’t be trusting her again. … Her game is up, even if she or William wins HoH and she survives this triple… so i don’t think she’s much of a dragon-slayer.

She made a huge mistake yesterday night.


What say you now


Dre entered the week sitting in the best possible position in the house and ‘should’ have been going into tonight still in that position. She is William’s #1 (hence why she want’s Kevin out) #2 for Dillon/Ika hence why she want Karen/Dem out.

What made Dre’s game so good (for a long time) is she was sheltered by DemIka, but once the 6 were found out she needed to deflect all the attention on them & then cuddled up to Dillon thinking she had the house locked. Where she messed up was over playing – trying to get Dem to use the POV on himself (and telling ppl she was going to do that), recognizing if Ika left Dem could easily join forces with Kev/Dillon/Will but knowing how much shade she threw at Ika it would be inevitable Dem would learn of her deception & he is the one player in the house you don’t want targeting you.

Even the fact Dre is so bent out of shape over Ika telling Will that Kevin is her target Isn’t the real issue… it’s the fact Dillon & Ika AND Will & Ika finally talked. While Dre thought she was delivering Oscar worthy performances making Ika feel bad for not sharing more sooner, she has kept distance between all her top 3 (Will/Ika/Dillon) Will via the french, the others by making each feel there was lack of trust & now the tea hasn’t just been spilled it’s all over the place.

Dre is a control freak (see above video with Will) plus I constantly catch her using techniques she learned from Ika (see Jackie clip above). The reality is Dre wants Dem out far more than Ika (STILL) & now that Dillon has told Ika she’ll want both him out too.

The tough part is the triple evict since we could still lose all kinds of excitement next week if the wrong 2 go: I think I’d enjoy seeing Karen win the HOH simply b/c the audience would go insane. Heading into tonight, here’s the likely noms by person and vote outs:

Karen/Dillon : Kevin, Dre, Will (renom prob Ika or Dem) whichever original 2 of 3 noms on the block leave In fact I think Demika would probably nominate the same 3 given the current situation. Question is would they want to keep Will of those 3? And if there’s renom would they pull Karen/Dillon in a room to let them decide who plays pawn so Karen feels safe again?

Will: probably puts up Ika, Dem & Dillon with Karen as renom & I could see Karen & Kevin saving Ika yet again to get out the 2 boys

Dre is the most uncertain (as is – who Kevin would vote out) the ONLY person safe with Dre is Will. Odds are she would put up Kevin (but will she now?), Demetres and should we presume Ika? And assume Dillon in the renom? or would she think she could fix things with him.

In this final scenario say Dem got off the block & Dillon went up who would this new 4 some save since they’ll have the deciding votes? Will would save Kevin, Dem/Ika each other but who stays between Ika/Dillon? Is it an automatic Karen keeps Dillon?

In most danger: Kevin (barring Will winning or Kev winning POV I’d say he is likely to walk out door tonight
High Alert: Dre, DemIka (all depends on who wins HOH & POV) For Dre barring Will or her winning HOH she is in grave danger. As for DemIka just like the season they need one of the new 4some to win
Medium danger: Dillon, Will
Least Danger: Karen

Kevin: his game has holes as he continuously misreads scenarios. Knowing the house would be down to



Kevin is such a loser he probably has no life back home friggen mama’s boy!!! He sucked the whole game I wonder if he would even still be there if he never got saved!!! It’s going around saying that Ika & Dimitri are the most manipulative in the house but that’s such a lie he is the worst snake of them all!!! He has no alliance with anybody he’s just in there for himself he’s the biggest liar and he’s so gross making out with William I hope his ass gets sent to the jury let’s see if he’s gonna do any French kissing over there !!!


I really hope Demetres and Ika stay true to Kevin during the triple eviction if they win HoH, I think I would like to see Dre and Dillon get evicted after Jackie.
And then see duo of Kevin and William vs demika go at each other! And then see who Karen would side with! Because that will be good entertainment!


Ika is only true to herself and Dem all the other deals are fake ,and if she was to get to F3 with Dem and one other she would cut him in a heart beat her only chance to win


I’m actually not sure what she would do with Demetres in final three. I think she would actually keep him for final two.


I am happy to see Ika win this game but she will not win. No one is bringing her to the final 2, not even Demetres (after knowing the jury thought he is playing Ika’s game) She cannot win competition to be the final HOH.


Demetres will take her to final two if he wins the final HOH and she’s still there (he’s the only one that would though). They aren’t Jon and Neda. Probably the most genuine BB Canada relationship since Emmett and Jillian.


I think he would take her to final two as well. I think she would take him also, but I’m not as sure about that.


Even though on a personal level I dont like Ika, she is truly the only person remaining that actually deserves to win this year.


Where’s the vote at right now? Is Ika staying or leaving?


These people are morons and clearly don’t know anything about Big Brother.


It really seems that the clear winner of this season is going to be one of the vets.


It must be Christmas today.

The only problem now is that since Demetres can’t compete, the chances of Ika winning the next HoH comp are slim.. in their favour is that if Dillon/Karen win, they are quite loyal (stupidly) and do not trust Kevin at all. If they win they’d have to put in work to convince Dillon/Karen to stay together with them.

But it’s more likely between Dillon/Karen/Kevin/Ika competing that Kevin wins this next week’s HoH.. which means t’s up to Ika/Demetre ‘s social game for next week to convince Kevin that they should stick together and that he’d have no trust with Karen/Dillon.


What is wrong with these players? Jackie is no threat, nobody likes her and she will not win in the end. Ika is a strong player who has manipulated everyone and has puppy dog Dem doing whatever she wants. If she gets to the end she will win over every single one of them. How could these “players” not see that? I can’t stand Ika the mean girl bully, but if these other players are stupid enough to keep her then none of them deserve to win.


I don’t see her as any more of a mean person than any other person in this house. Seriously, everyone’s said a lot of mean stuff behind every else’s backs. Jackie seems to be more of a mean girl to me in the things she has been saying lately, in my tally of means things said. One explanation I can think of as to why people say this is because of her appearance, and because of Jackie’s appearance. Just because someone says really mean and under-handed things in a sweet, nice voice, doesn’t make her any more innocent and sweet. I’d rather someone in my face saying what they honestly thought. Rather than someone pretending to be nice and being under-handed and passive-aggressive. I think that’s more malicious and cruel to be the second way.


It has nothing to do with appearance. To me Ika looks just as sweet and innocent. The girl has got the cutest little body, but in my opinion she goes overboard in her meanness and crosses a line she doesn’t need too. Karen with her comments to and about Kevin. I did not like Ika on season 2 because she called Heather ugly, the bride of chuckie, and a pimple faced bitch. I also didn’t like Sabrina because she said the same things and that Heather is the ugliest girl she’s ever seen, and they both treated her like dirt. I personally feel when you call someone ugly it’s one of the meanest things to call someone. A lot out of Ika’s meanness doesn’t get shown on tv. Also, I’m not a Jackie fan but her comment about at least her hair is real wasn’t said loud enough for Ika to hear. Ika is beautiful, and she can be funny at times and entertaining and even a bitch/intimidating without being too mean and personal but she chooses to go over the top. I also don’t like her comment about dragging her ass and she went to school for it. FYI – I love Dre. Ika over and over again stabbed her in the back telling the vets everything she said so why is everyone pissed at Dre hating on Ika? Dre’s not perfect, but I would be pissed at Ika too.


It’s just that Dre decided to ruin her own game. She was so absolute in her thinking that she would rather get revenge on Ika and throw away the greatest trust she had in the game, and would rather burn the most solid bridge she had. It was just a bad decision.

Ika and Demetres did stick their necks out and the six alliance did break apart because of Ika choosing Dre in the end.
I think Dre was protected by them. Dre would have gone home instead of Gary if it wasn’t for Demetres casting his sole vote. And Gary was extremely close with Ika/Demetres.


Because of her appearance and Jackie’s appearance?? WTH does that mean?

Translated from French: Dre and William Blue Room [by Bru]

W: she’s going to ask what happened to you (Dre)
You’re going to get us into shit.
I have the impression it’ll just be us in shit. Maybe she’ll do some deals behind our back and get us both to be put up.

D: But why are we afraid of her. I don’t understand. Are we playing a game or not?

W: But that’s it. Yes, I’m afraid. Because I have the impression that they are going to get it (get the votes).


W: If her or Demetres wins they would put us two on the block. I feel like I’ll be on the block on matter what: if they win, maybe if you (Dre) wins, and I know if Dillon/Karen wins I’ll be on the block with Kevin.

D: The truth is you’ll be on the block regardless of whether she stays or not. That’s the truth.

W: But I believed in her deal.

D: Okay well I’m telling you that you will be on the block even if she stays. If Demetres wins, he will ask her “what am I doing/what’s going on?” Then she’ll convince him she wants you and Kevin. She’ll have no problem with the power of convincing Demetres, then later turn around and say that it wasn’t her, it was Demetres.

W: No but Demetres also (was in the deal). It was the four. Her and Demetres wouldn’t come after us. It’s that or nothing, you know.

D: Okay, well help yourself (do what you want), and I will go back home.

W: On my god. Dre.


[Dre continues flossing]

W: Do you think of you win HoH you’ll put her and Demetres on the block?

D: Yes, as I have measure of explaning what happened (and have it explained to me). Yes.

W: Oh my god. You’ll putting me into shit.

D: William, my goal isn’t to put you into shit. But at the same time..

W: Because she’ll know I told you everything.

D: Told what?

W: Well, what I told you yesterday.

D: I won’t mentioned the fact of the final four, I’ll just mention the fact that you told me that she told you I would put you/him (Kevin) on the block. That’s the only fact. I don’t care about the final four.

W: Okay, she didn’t say that you would put me on the block.

D: She said that I would put Kevin on the block.
So at the bottom of that, she is saying that i wouldn’t be her, it would be me. Is that not what she did?

W: Well, she’s just saying you would put Kevin. But she didn’t say that you would put him up against her/them.

D: No, but she said I would put up Kevin. And only I. I don’t see why she would tell to my closest allie that I would put up his closest allie on the block. What’s the point in saying that, William, if it weren’t for creating, like, disorder and for us to not trust each other?

W: hmm

D: What’s the point in saying Dre would put up Kevin. I ask you to think about that and know the strategy behind this. And why my name. Why wouldn’t she say, if you keep Jackie, Jackie doesn’t like kevin

W: I told you she went through each person and said they didn’t say (anything about putting you guys up), they didn’t say,.. oh no, I can’t say she (Dre) didn’t say

D: Why didn’t she say that / come to me after? If you have trust in me and we talk everyday, and you’re so like “It’s you me and Demetres; you are the only votes we can rely on”

W: Well I was sure you wouldn’t

D: What?

W: That you would just *pshoo*

D: Well you should have told me so that we made a plan to get her out.

W: grumbles ‘yeah’ [as Jackie enters the room]

D: I told you that if I ever tell you I am voting against her, I will do it. I told you “Will, if ever you think it’s not a good idea to keep her”

W: But I thought it was a good idea. It would save us all… just the big-one (their short-name for Dillon)

D: But you won’t be more in the shit than you were

W: It’s not what I was thinking, Dre.

D: No, i’m saying myself. If I am all alone. If she stays, I’ll be like “good for her”, you understand. If it’s me and you on the block, they’ll want to get out me, it’ll be me who goes.

W: It’s not that I’m worried about. Dillon would want to take me off. I’m sure that Karen would take me off. Ika would take me off. I wouldn’t stay on the block against you. That’s what i’m worried about.

D: Why are you pissed off when it’s me who is doing this right now. Me. I’m the one who is doing all this right now.

W: I don’t know, I don’t have the impression that it’ll follow through. Maybe they would say things to blow up your game. Maybe, I don’t know much. Maybe [i’m not sure what he’s saying]. But at this point now, if nothing is said, and we’re on the block, I’m the one who will leave.

D: What annoys me is that we are trying to make moves based on fear.

W: We can’t do anything, Dre. You are going to vote for her to leave because you aren’t afraid. But that’ll just separate yourself and you’ll put yourself in shit.

D: Okay

W: We’ll that’s it. What will that show? Just that you aren’t afraid of her?

D: Dillon and Karen know that it’s not better for their game to vote to keep her.

W: What do you want us to do? We aren’t with them. Them I find weird/stupid. Them I don’t understand why they would, who knows they have a deal to keep her. Them I don’t know.

D: She feel like i’m in a small box, it makes me said.
You know that Kevin went into a bed over there. I don’t know what’s up with him, but he isn’t with you (sleeping-wise).

W: Oh, no I know.

D: Oh What’s the next HoH comp? I so want to win.

W: I don’t want to think about this anymore. I’m voting for her to stay. Whatever

[Long Silence]

Thank you

Thanks for the translation!!!

sunny dee




I’ve always thought Dre and William were smart and good at reading everyone in the house. Impressed by the strategy in their conversations as well!


Gotta wonder if Dre is wishing she’d never brought up keeping Ika in the first place at the beginning of the week when talking to Dillion ^.^
And where the hell has Jackie been? Girl been hiding under a bed the last few days?

Club H.O.H

Que Norte Dame Victory Fight Song!!!!! Slay Demika! Slay!!! They deserve to be in the final 3! Really hoping Ika wins HOH. Karenoia on Fleek! Lol


Love the spoilers , Dem cant play next HOH ,Kevin ,Dillon and Karen will mostly win it, Nom Dem and Ika , with one of those 3 will be replacement if one comes down and and Hoh would deicide who goes home .


I feel bad for Kevin. There is not one left, that he can trust. It’s either win HOH, or POV…until he leaves. Why did Demetri go back on the deal? Can’t blame it all on Ika…the guy has a mind of his own. ( I guess listening to Sindy, didn’t sink in. )


The Joy of F5……

Gone are Jackie William and Dre apparently.
Karen is the boat anchor they all want to drag to the end IMO. Dem cannot play HOH. Ika needs a win…..maybe. Dillion wins he noms Kevin and Dem. Ika votes out Kevin as does Karen. These idiots will let Demika get F4 what a joke ROFL. Kevin needs HOH or POV or he’s done IMO.
Dem plays HOH and POV F4. He has a ticket to F3 unless Kevin HOH F5. It’s a hot mess.

Dem, Ika and Karen F3….. A terribly played season. I hope Dem wins it all but I doubt it.


Yup, I agree that Kevin needs to win either HoH or PoV to get to F4.
Karen and Dillon after everything that’s happened are going to be loyal to Ika/Demetres to the end.. or at least to Ika and may try to get out Demetres if they can’t get Kevin. The problem if Demetre leaves is that Ika still be unlikely to win herself to F3 without Demetres, and thus won’t survive unless she can play a great social game enough to get Karen/Dillon to take her to F3 over Kevin




anyone got live links/streams


Anybody sitting next to ika will not win As she slayed this whole entire game from start to end!!!!! She fought to keep her self here she fought to get out big targets she aligned herself with a beast competitor & she socialized and kept a pretty real for the most part what you see is what you get with her!!!!! Two days ago we would have all sworn that she was leaving and look who is still safe none other thank Queen Ika!!!!
Dre & jackie were the worst players & probably be bitter juror members but if they love this game and they recognize this game ika should get props!!!!!! They need to get out Kevin he’s like the cockroach that won’t die still can’t figure out why William saved him on that secret pov but it is what it is I’m certain they have the numbers to get rid of him and he will be the next to go & let it be Karen Dillon Ika Demetrie final 4!!!!! Turns out they are the best houseguests too!!!!! Dimitri will probably win first or second in this game because he just does not lose competitions and if he decides to take his queen they will choose her over him because right now he is the least liked in Canadas choice meanwhile he beasted through this game & physically fought to be here…I say he gets MVP fo shooo!!!!! Dillon could win too its all about the comps noww !!!


Do you have the link to the show

no shade

simon i wanna watch the episode whats the link?

no shade



Dmitrie is not only good at physical competitions he’s also good at mental competitions he’s just a beast all around and he definitely deserves to be there I don’t know why Sindy & Neda Think that the only reason why he’s there is because of Ika that is far from true he is the one that’s winning everything if anything he is a shield for her !!! If Dimitrie was her puppet like those haters claim then he would’ve used his POV like a puppet and taking her off the block but he did not he saved himself because he knows how hard he has worked to keep himself in this game and at the end of the day he knows that it is a game and it is a game that clearly he wants to win !!!! He will be in final 2 For Sure!!!!!!!


If he survives this new week with Kevin as HOH. Kevin wants to get rid of Demetres the most. His second choice to get out would be Dillon.

I really hope Demetres and Ika survive this week.


Ika & Dimitrie are working together he is not her puppet and she is not his brains they are working together and it has been working all game that’s what you call a real alliance they both need each other and they have all helped each other!! Ika has a lot of knowledge of this game and she’s playing an amazing game strategically and socially Dmitri is a beast and can win competitions he has been winning all game I don’t think one is more powerful than the other they are in this together ride or die & i hope to see this dynamic duo probably one of the best duos in big brother history in final cuz and down they have played the best game from start to end & fought hardddd!!!


Kevin is such a savage and he is such a hater talking about how Dimitri and ika are the most disloyal in the house that is so far from true they actually kept it for the real the whole time if anything Kevin is a snake he is brawl to even kiss a boy with braces just stay in the game now that’s manipulative !!! Heaven only started playing the game once Bruno left so I don’t know where he’s going with what he saying he’s just being a straight hater right now and I can’t wait to see him in jury next let’s see if he does any French kissing no pun intended by the camp fire lol he is the bigggest poker face fraud m!!!! ika demetrie dillon karen final 4 !!!!!!! DEmika For The Win Tho


Yes, Kevin was a bitter Betty. What was Demetres supposed to do, put up the people who just saved his girlfriend?? Even if they kept Kevin off the block, he was going to turn on them and try to work with whoever stayed regardless if it was Dre and William, or Karen and Dillon. Hopefully Dillon and Karen don’t believe his bullshit.


Yeah I am SO ANNOYED that he won the latest HOH. On feeds right now: All four of Demetres/Ika/Dillon/Karen started talking as soon as Kevin left for DR about how much they hate Kevin and wished he hadn’t won. I mean it is so awkward when he is in the room — he has like no connections in the house.

I just don’t like Kevin. He is built-up far too much by production and in his tv-show edits. He consistently makes the wrong judgement calls.


He kiss a boy with braces? Is it that he kiss a boy or someone with braces that is annoying you.

In any cases he won the POV and the HOH. So he is in control and have a chance to win it all.

I don’t think for a minute he was manipulating William to the extend your talking about.


CRAP. Kevin is the new HoH. Ugh if only he didn’t win the last POV – he would have been gone.

Without Demetres competing, he had such a high likelihood of winning.

It seems that Demetres or Ika has a high chance of leaving this week. Maybe Dillon if Kevin agrees to it, and knowing that Kevin hates Dillon.

Ugh… everyone would have wanted Kevin to leave.


second times the charm. Kevin needs to target Demetre again or hes going to win this game


What will end up happening is Ika and Demetres being placed on the Block. I can pretty much guarantee that either Demetres or Kevin will win the POV. If Demetres wins, he will use it on himself and Karen will be placed on the block. The vote will be tied and kevin will have to break the tie (sending Ika home). For all angles, it seems Ika will be going this week (as long as demetres wins the POV).


No, Kevin would put up Dillon before he puts up Karen

And i’m honestly not sure at all if Kevin will put up Ika/Demetres. He really seems to have no idea. He knows that Karen/Dillon will get rid of him the first chance they get.

Guy From Canada

The only downside if this is a fast forward week and no pov is played. Dem may get voted out over Ika due to his comp winning record.

DEMIKA best duo/players this season

Dem wouldnt be this far for ika and ika wouldnt be this far without demetres…they both have worked well together, and each complimented the other’s weakness… they did the damn thing!! Like.. they showed u can actually trust someone and work with someone in the game, from beginning til end and not backstab that person and go far. I commend them.. i’ve never seen a duo like this in the bb’s ive watched.. and ive been watching Us, UK, Australia from beginning. These two killed it and at least one of them deserve to win…i wish they really could f2 it.. they both deserve it so much… well done demika.. well done… loved every bit … never a dull moment!


I am honestly really tired of watching Ika. Yes she is entertaining but to show her as much as they do gets boring after awhile.

Entertaining, but never really liked her personality to begin with. Don’t even care that she has played a good game, I want her GONE. Hoping her or even demetres finally go this week.


I would be angry if a really undeserving person wins after all that… I would want the best players to compete to the end.


Sure, but there are other deserving players still left in the game other than her. I think people give her too much credit (imo)


YES!!! Go Kevin!!! The only thing that saved tonight’s episode. 🙂


I dont know what’s more confusing:
1) The house flipping to keep Ika and evict Jackie
2) The live audience cheering after Dre said she was rooting for Dillion. Seriously, what has he done besides eat, sleep and fart?


He’s on the live feeds right now talking about how because the live audience cheered for him, that means the rest of Canada is cheering for him. Sighhh.

The audience cheered for him because he helped Ika get further in the game.


The cheering was because there’s a bunch of people wearing ‘Team Dillon’ t-shirts in the audience. They show up every live show. It must be his close friends / fans who are extremely dedicated to him. Maybe in the same way they might go to his fights to support him. Dillon has a bunch of fans from his boxing.


How can people say Ika is not a great manipulator! She convinced Sindy to take out Neda. Then when Dillon “won” Ika convinced him to backdoor Sindy instead of Ika! When she wanted to evict him the week before so they were clearly against each other. And then best move of the season, despite being on the block, manages to convince nearly everyone in the house to evict Jackie (weakest player in the game).
Now after surviving the triple eviction, and Kevin is HoH, she will have a tough road ahead BUT if she can sit down and just explain they didn’t want to put up Dillon or Karen because they voted for her to stay, he might understand AND if Ika can convince him, if he takes out Dillon or Karen, then they can atleast guarentee him that either Kevin Ika or demetres can sit in the final 2, which they all agreed they were the most deserving 3. So they need to increase their chances by taking either Karen or Dillon out this week

Kevin's #1 Fan



Kevin’s fake-ass “reality tv” comments on the live show. POS. They were going to keep him anyways.

Does he think this outbreak is going to get Karen/Dillon to work with him?

The only people who would remotely work with him are Ika and Demetres.


Kevin could have easily went home last night if he had not won POV. With Dillon and Karen voting it would have made sense for them to keep Dre safe as she would be going after Demika. Kevin shoudn’t have been all dramatic with Karen calling Demika dis-loyal. Dem did the right move by putting him up. Had Kevin won HOH off the block he could have taken off Will and both them keeping Dre safe would have put Demika in a even worse position this week. I think Kevin knows that but was trying to get Karen/Dillon on his side if they won HOH after.


If Dillon wins this whole thing, I am going to be SO PISSED. [Assuming that Kevin and Demetres leaves in the next two evictions: if Dillon wins final HOH, and goes to the final with Karen.]

I don’t even want to fathom how pissed I will be if Kevin wins this whole thing. it is an actual possibility. He just has to win two comps: He would have to win next week’s final POV, then the final HOH.

So assuming Demetres goes this week, Kevin will have a pretty good shot at beating Dillon/Ika/Karen in the F4 comps.

If Demetres gets saved this week (say by winning POV), then they – meaning Karen/Dillon/Demetres or Karen/Ika/Demetres have odds at beating Kevin in next week’s final POV. Really Demetres is the only one who can beat Kevin in comps. If this happens, then Demetres has a pretty good shot at winning this whole thing.

So it all depends on whether or not Demetres wins this next POV. This week’s POV is crucial for Demetres’ survival, as well as for Kevin’s odds. Demetres has to win this POV. He is the one person standing in the way of Kevin comp-ing it out over weak competition-performers.

Kevin should be wanting to get Demetres out.


Damn, Kevin is the new H.O.H
Okay, it’s clear to me that Kevin is a great liar, and manipulator. Look at what he did with William. And as revolting as that was, he certainly deserves a place in Final 3 at least.
Say what you will about Ika. Who knew she had this in her from her season? Her social game is incredible, but not being able to win 1 competition will land her in the same place as Cassandra. She would be lucky to get Final 2. The biggest surprise is Demetres. He’s proved that he’s a physical threat and now, a mental threat. Who knew? Personally, I think he deserves to win over everyone based on that, and his comp wins. Karen and Dillon are just along for the ride.
I’m not shocked that a lot of folks on here dislike Ika. It’s her personality. But I think it’s hilarious. She’s at the least, the one entertaining thing about this season. I am shocked however, that Kevin is so liked. I rooted for him on his season because I thought he had potential. Great potential. But what he did this year, and how he did it, just doesn’t sit will with me.


I think Ika and Kevin are probably the two most deserving out of everyone left. Dem seems to be getting there but he is not quite at the two vets levels yet.

I’m just gonna say this… It’s hypocritical to hate on Kevin so much and cut Ika so much slack at the same time. Everyone’s go to excuse is always that she is entertaining but part of her “entertainment” is that she is really really mean. People don’t like that Kevin played William, but to be fair, William let himself be played and I do think Kevin genuinely feels bad about that. The problem with Ika’s mean words to other houseguests is that she isn’t even thinking about her game play when she is like that. It’s just who she is.


Not trying to hate on your comment btw, I appreciate you giving credit where it is due.