“[CBS] don’t want me doing interviews because of the stuff they don’t want me to talk about”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tyler did not use the Veto Nominations hold.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Neighbor house.

11:26 am Da’Vonne and Dani
(prior to this conversation Christmas and Memphis talked for a good while. One thing they discussed was using Dani as a pawn against Kevin Christmas thinks this would ensure Kevin goes home)
Da’Vonne – I feel like they are going to get together unless they already got to together and figure out what they are going to do
dani – For me it’s always wroth fighting but this season like.. sometimes it’s for nothing.
Da’Vonne – Janelle and Kaysar campaigned their a$$es off and still..
Dani – Kaysar didn’t campaign to me. not once.. Janelle did a billion times but I respected her for that.

Da’Vonne – I don’t know what David will do.. maybe he’ll vote to keep me because Kevin voted him out I didn’t maybe he’ll remember that.
Dani – he’s so all over the place.. David
Da’Vonne – is he? the more I think about it he’s perfectly working this life
Da’Vonne says David is even working on Nicole
Dani – why
Da’Vonne – hard.. he’s been working on her playing backgammon because that’s her thing… working hard.
Da’Vonne – I’m at a point where I think they’re working together (david and the boys)
Da’Vonne asks for any suggestions for her “pitch”
Dani – sell your soul
Da’Vonne – ugh these people aren’t worth it Dani.
Dani – you clearly have to use the I’m not good at competitions.. what more do you want I suck keep me around.

11:49 am Feeds go to pets
3:50 pm Feeds return no idea why they were down.. (Clogged sink?)

3:50 pm Backyard ..
David talking about how CBS has to approve his interviews post show he asks them why he wasn’t getting any interviews. They told him “it just didn’t happen.. I wasn’t getting that many interview requests.. either they [CBS] don’t want me doing interviews because of the stuff they don’t want me to talk about or something”
David – when TMZ called me I was like f*** it if they don’t want me to say anything I’m going to say something to TMZ.. I gave TMZ something and they got mad
Enzo – they wouldn’t let me talk to TMZ

3:53 pm Da’Vonne and Dani
Da’Vonne mentions that Kevin has already started campaigning like crazy.
They talk about Christmas trying to get everyone’s targets from them.
Da’Vonne – she’s playing the rat role running back and forth back and forth running back and forth
Da’Vonne – one of two things will happen she’s going to go far or get caught in her own trap
Da’Vonne – that makes me wonder if the deep information that bayleigh would share with her if she want back and shared it.
Dani – I dunno.. At this point I think you and I both know we wouldn’t put anything past her.
Da’Vonne – I’m going to watch this sh1t back and it’s going to be you
they laugh
Dani – me and Christmas..

4:13 pm Feeds are going to stars every 15 seconds.. ARGH

4:35 pm Da’Vonne is campaigning to Christmas
Da’Vonne asks her who she’s voting
Christmas – I have heard not directly there was a conversation about Kevin staying that was being pushed .. Because of the speech. that’s my understanding of the temperature of the house.
Christmas – in my opinion I was happy to see Da’Vonne show up. I thought that was maybe not the best game move but it was you.. it was you..
Da’vonne before I came in here I prayed to god and asked if it’s not your will to win the money what is you want me to do when I go in there. He let me know..
Christmas – I’m getting chills
Da’Vonne – he let me know he was like go in there and use the platform so I’ve been in here I’ve been talking about the black lives matter movement and talking about our culture and I’ve been talking about GOD so many people have started reading the bible. MEMPHIS I had a long conversations with Memphis and I caught him reading the bible
Da’Vonne – It hit me this morning I was like Da’Vonne you are going out in the 7th week.. biblical 7 is the number of completion whatever you were called to do I’m ok with that..
Da’Vonne thanks her for telling the truth
Christmas – yes mam
Christmas – I feel very similar where when I broke my foot last time I couldn’t be Christmas too much. I’m stress inducing, I’m annoying, Something else.. and I’m loud. I’m like a mini Cody.
Christmas – when I broke my foot I had to shut my mouth. josh and Paul were always like Chill Chill Chill they would always shut me up and I would steam off in another room
Christmas – it was standing up for what I believe in you know Calling people out and I just couldn’t…
Christmas – I had a different message and my message was that you can still like.. you can be handed a very challenging situation and still overcome it and still like do something incredible. (BB19 was something incredible alright)
Christmas – I believe I’ve offended you once or twice in here maybe five or six times and for that I am sorry
Christmas – I hope post show you can educate me on what I did and how I correct it’s important for me to learn about my ignorance about black lives and your experience and so much more that I am not aware of.
Da’Vonne – real women are rare and we get called loud we get called annoying and all of that and people can’t handle us
Christmas – I’m real stiff whiskey in a tea cup.. I am whiskey (ok that’s funny, Sh1tz)
Da’Vonne – all season I’ve been running around being almond milk
Da’Vonne – thank you for being honest with me

5:00 pm
Kevin – I look like a rockstar

5:35 pm Enzo and Memphis
talking about places to visit/live. They bring up Boston. Memphis has never been there he’s always wanted to. Says the only person he knows from Boston is Matty McDonald. Enzo says Matty told him once
Enzo – I had dude rooting for you when I was in the can.. I was ohh sh1t… he got caught up in all that sh1qt..
Feeds cut..
(BB9 Matty (3 years) and Adam (4 years) got busted in some oxycodone drug deal.)

6:05 pm Feeds cut all the time but seeing what they are showing I really don’t mind.

6:12 pm Cody and Enzo
Cody says Dani and Christmas are already running around talking
Enzo – those two man are bad.. I like Nicole the best out of all them
Cody – 100%
Enzo – that’s crazy to me..
Cody – Nicole is chilling.. you don’t see her running around..
Cody – I talked to Christmas last night.
Cody retells that Dani talked to Christmas and asked her who she is going after in three weeks.
Cody – why did she ask you that it seems like she’s trying to pull information from you.. I would be careful
Enzo laughs
Cody – she’s like yeah I don’t know ..
Cody – I don’t say sh1t to Dani it’ll go back to Christmas 100%
Enzo – between Christmas and Dani my head spins whenever I talk to them.
They talk about how Dani and Christmas are both our of their minds in this game telling stories to everyone.
Enzo – they both like to game talk
Cody – Dani is getting exhausting
Enzo – dude she’s sh1tting on you in the DR.. ..
Christmas joins them.
They talk about trouble with the drain. (sounds like the pound puppies from earlier was an outdoor lock-down while production unclog the hair from drain)

6:25 pm Christmas and Nicole on the hammock talking about nothing significant every happening in the game from Tuesday to Thursday.
After Christmas leaves to make slop Nicole and Enzo comment about how Christmas won’t stop talking.
Enzo – I can’t having me time.. I just want to get the f** away
Enzo – at this point I would rather get COVID tested
Nicole – me too.. it’s every two seconds..
Cody – her stares make me feel like I’m doing something wrong .
Nicole – its like me and David are playing backgammon and she said NEXT then I said it’s your turn and she’s like I’m going to skip it

6:35 pm The porta potty being used by Enzo.. Cody takes a look.

6:37 pm Enzo and David
Enzo – I’ll tell you what Christmas don’t stop YO.. Damn YO
David – she try and catch you outside?
Enzo – that’s why I’m staying out here I don’t want to go in there yo I just don’t YO I don’t want to talk to Da’Vonne, Kevin, Christmas.. YO just man..
6:45 pm Tyler joins them they talk about being a “Hybrid Vegan”
David – do you eat fungi?
Tyler – you mean mushrooms? I love mushrooms
David – it comes from decomposed matter
Enzo – what’s the matter with that? (LOL)

7:00 pm Chit chat

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DaVonne ain’t going anywhere…

You read it here first.


If your talking about in life you are right on the money.

The Beef


Stanley meet Gloria

Just an observation but Bayleigh took a huge drop in the ratings. She dropped to last place.

The Beef

I’d say she deserves to be last, but the competition this season is so stiff!

Meow Meow

It is almost like people know her.


Da’Vonne – I feel like they are going to get together unless they already got to together and figure out what they are going to do

Psssst They already got together and they already decided you’re on the way out

Natalie Negrotti is Smokin Hot

Well she will be Ian’s problem after tomorrow.

All puff and no stuff

Your sidebars in the transcripts are spot on. Love them


memphis and xmas talking about dani as a pawn. dani is in a really bad spot.

Charley Covid

She earned it!


David, don’t flatter yourself. You weren’t asked for interviews because you went out WEEK ONE.


But he got to stand around the house until he failed at getting back in…I mean he is an all star.

I was able to type that with a straight face! I’d kill it in the house…until week two.

Joe Hiden

David can hang in the basement with me.


Haha! David’s becoming quite entertaining. (I know. I know. You’ve got to get it wherever you can! What can I say …)


Agreed! I’ve enjoyed David’s weird ass since day one! The looks they give him and the convos are priceless!!! Even better that he is not on the major radar for next week.
Go David! Lol

Natalie Negrotti is Smokin Hot

Not having to listed to Day anymore is going to be a great break for my ears.


Her DR’s are the only ones to go viral world wide ad GIF’s which means your opinion doesn’t matter & she doesn’t care about it


Always crying and playing victim isn’t how most would want to go viral.


She cries when she’s passionate about something like BLM or when she’s holding in anger to keep from being stereotyped but of course you wouldn’t understand that. 98% of her viral memes are hilarious. She’s DR gold.

Committee Rules

Fools gold.


Just a fool with no gold.

Bb fan

Davonne An original week 2 evictee that never deserved a second chance to ever play this game let alone a third chance. Coming back only proves that she further is one of the worst houseguest we’ve ever seen play this game. Nicole Franzel has completely outplayed her both times.

The Beef

So PLEASE tell us what has Nicole done so far in THIS season that is so great? We know what she did in Season 18 (*tug* *tug* *tug*), but I want to know what she’s done THIS season, that is so great. All I’ve seen her do is whine and cry so far, oh and hide behind her alliance. But other than those things, she’s done NOTHING!


I don’t like her this season…but she is cozying up to the right people. Shoot…even Enzo and David like her the best.

The Beef

Like her the best, among the WOMEN. When choosing between her, Day, $hits and Dani the shit stirrer, who would you choose as far as likeability is concerned? We know she’s good at cozying (*tug* *tug* *tug*), I’d just like to see her actually play the damn game.


Hmmm…likeability…if I were in the house…Nic fo sho. But outside…I prolly would have said Janelle/Bay.


Her racism is exactly what the world is looking for.

The Beefcurtains

What is David’s major malfunction?


His malfunction is his ticket further in the game.

He’s just a weirdo! He functioned quite fine when he told Day and Ian the truth. They were dumb enough to both blab to the people getting rid of them.

Then he’s been lied on about the Ian vote to make Day not trust or further believe him and finds out a guy who targeted him before shook his hand but was really trying to backdoor him…but it failed. He has to take that All in alone and work with it.

David knew from early on it was a big alliance and played around and within it with his weirdness because the truth obviously never worked. He realized the people he spoke to were blabbing away to the very people that were targeting them.

If everyone is lying to him and on him how is he supposed to function? He has 2 ways. Get mad or stay weird!!

I like the weirdo!! Go David!


You sure give him a lot of credit. Several others grasped the big alliance first and talked to him about it. As for people lyin to him…that’s all I see on this show..every season…people lying. It’s fine to just love someone and root for them…nuthin wrong with that.


Those rankings are hilarious. You guys are ranking Janelle and Kayser higher than most. They didn’t play good games at all. I know they are fan faves but give me a break. Enzo and Cody are playing the best games by far. BY FAR. With Nicole in at 3. And I HATE Nicole. But gotta take bias out.

The Beef

Please explain to me what has Nicole done in this game? Take Janelle and Kaysar out of it, as they are gone. But Nicole? Hasn’t won a single comp. Hasn’t made a single move in the game. Has done nothing but vote out her ally, which she DID NOT want to do. Why do you think she is playing such a great game? Memphis, Christmas Enzo, Tyler, even Dani are playing better than her! Cody too! Nicole is just a hanger on.


How is Nicole playing a better game than Janelle and Kaysar? Because she is still there. I Do not like her, but she still has a chance to win again.

The Beef

Well thanks for your “reply” non-reply, as I clearly stated in my second sentence to take Janelle and Kaysar out of it, as they are gone!

So she has survived by being a hanger-on, which is exactly what I said, thanks to the pre-game alliance that was set-up between her, Cody and Dani, along with Memphis and Enzo and her own pre-game alliance with Ian. Great job cheating the system and the game. She hasn’t even had to try to play to make it to at least the final 9. What an accomplishment to be proud of.

Her alliance mates have been playing for her, and she has hidden behind them reaping the benefits of their competition wins while doing nothing. She has also initiated not a single move in the house, so don’t come at me with the whole “but she’s playing a great social game” BS. I’m sure some respect this non-playing as “great game play”, but I don’t. If she makes it to the end this way, I hope she gets zero votes, because that’s exactly how many she has earned so far in this game.

Committee Rules

I agree Lenny and how Kaysar is rated high is a mystery.

The Beef

I’ll tell you why I rate him high. He had a pretty good read on the dynamics in the house as far as the alliances go (outside of Memphis – he missed that one for sure), and he tried really hard to get the rest to work with him and Janelle to work against that power, because he knew if they didn’t, the season would unfold EXACTLY as it HAS unfolded before our eyes. The fact that none of them would listen to him is not his fault, and doesn’t make him a bad player. In fact, it is why he was targeted so early by the power alliance, and why he deserves a high rating IMHO.

Does NicA deserve a high rating because she finished 3rd in her season, or do we all recognize she was dragged to the end because she was easy to influence, easy to beat, and not really a good player? How about Victoria? Would you give her a 4 or 5 rating simply because she lasted a long time?

It’s not always about when you go out. You have to look at the circumstances surrounding things and the eviction of the player. Kaysar is not a bad player because he went out early. In fact, he went out early because he is a GOOD player, that wasn’t in the power alliance.


I agree Enzo is…but Cody isn’t. Tyler is…but Cody isn’t. Memphis is…Dani is…Cody isn’t.


Enzo thinks women should not have a option or have the right to do whatever they want.

I have never seen Enzo bad mouth a guy. No wondering why he’s 40 and single


Because women are too much drama, yo!


The guy is from NJ. Do you know what kind of women he comes across there? They are awful. I’m sure he still bangs out a lot, no need to get divorced again.


Yep! Dudes to the end plus Nicole.
Production will probably have her win some odd power or HOH in the end which puts her in the final 2 with either Cody or Tyler.

It would be hella funny for Nicole n David to be in the end and see what the bitter ass “All star” jury thought about their game play and they to fight out who “deserved” it more. Yeah one can only dream…

Dani and Christmas unless they win are next. Even if one did win, they’d have to stick to the guys and get rid of the other girl. Again using the girls to get rid of each other.

Secretly wanting David to get as far as he can not just as a player but as a reflection of how the all stars are playing.

It will probably be 3 guys and Nicole.

Here’s hoping for another wall yeller, pandora box, diamond power of veto, funeral time or something to break up what I think may happen…

What’s everyone thinking of the final 4?


Enzo, Shitmas, Memphis, Tyler. Those aren’t who I necessarily want to be in the final 4…but after hours of playin-out diff scenarios w/ m&m’s and skittles…that’s who I got in the end, YO. :p


Makes sense the YO makes me crack up every time yo

Friskies Cat Food

I can’t even read the blog, because there’s no point. It’s just everyone taking direction from the HOH and DaVonne thinking she knows how the game works (she doesn’t). There’s no drama, no “big moves” anymore. I’m sorry, but when the only move to make is to take out a strong player because you’re left no choice, that doesn’t qualify as a big move. I don’t understand why Nicole is kept, she whines about everything and is paranoid AF.

Nancy A Boehner

worse year ever


Great so far