Andrew: “The guy is going to use the Veto on himself unless he is actually a turnip”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


7:35pm Kitchen Stooges

Andrew explains his plan to Talla.. (The one where Talla and Jillian go to GAry to get him not to use the VETO) He’s sure it’s not going to happen but it’s the only thing he can think that would save them both.

They chat about how popular the show is. Talla thinks that 4 million people watch it. Andrew: “YOU THINK? Where’s that number coming from.. the recesses of your turnip brain”

Andrew was thinking about launching into this big thing “Hey Gary don’t use it” campaigning but it’s not going to happen Gary will use the POV on himself.

Andrew says there isn’t really anything he can say to Gary to convince him not to use the POV.. He could tell Gary to Keep Talla safe he wants to be voted out “I’m dumb at this game.. I just want to go to the Jury House with my 10 thousand dollars”
Talla: “It’s worth a try.. you going to say that? “
Andrew: “Ya maybe”:


8:08pm Stooges
Talla keeps saying “I feel like i’m in a dream.. I can’t believe Dan Gheesling was here”
Andrew: “Chelsia Gheesling.. watch out for this stalker.

8:21pm Dinner table everyone but Gary

Emmett and Andrew saying the first chance they get to sleep he’s gone for the night.

Andrew thanks JIllian and Emmett for joining them so now he doesn’t have to listen to Talla talk about how she loves camping in the summer and her love for Dan Gheesling.

Talla: “and then there was four”
Andrew: “Then 5 and 4 again.. soon it will be 3”
Talla: “I still believe in us.. we’re still the ragin cajuns”

8:30pm Kitchen table

Thy briefly chat about what they can do to keep the 4 of them safe. Andrew tells them there isn’t much he can say to Gary to get him to keep the nominations the same.
Jillian: “There must be something”
Talla: “Ya we were talking earlier”
Jillian: “The we take you to final 2 thing”
Talla: ‘Ya”
Andrew: “The guy is going to use the Veto on himself unless he is actually a turnip”
Andrew goes on about a houseguest being a turnip.. (It’s in the video funny)
Jillian laughs hard “I’m going to pee my pants”

Gary joins them.. (No Energy in the house tonight)




9:09pm Very little going on Andrew with Jillian and Emmett chilling in the HOH playing chess. Talla in the hottub and Gary on the kitchen couch..
Andrew calls the “Chest” tournament “Battle of the no-minds.. I’m going to take all your Ponds”



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ROFL Andrew, Gary and Talla are so frigging dumb. They like to play “chest” and use their “ponds”. Can’t believe Ghandoo Gary will win this game :L


That’s ROFL @ Andrew (PERIOD). Andrew is not the dumbass, its the other 2


Talla called Jillian “Jilliand”. She adds a D at the end of everything. what a fucking moron. Hate her!!!!!!!


Okay, so watching the first 1/2 of tonight’s ep & some might say hey, Gary’s playing the game really well, telling each player a different lie. EXCEPT – he has such an unfair advantage, he was in Jury so no one knows that he’s lying. And that so skews the game, so unfairly.

Topaz’s Twist, having her thoughts broadcast to the others wasn’t great BUT wasn’t outside the framework of the game. I do believe they know going in the only place they can 100% be sure the others can’t see/hear them is in Diary, which is why they are so open there. So, Topaz’s twist was a game changer for her but unfortunately, she can take the blame for that. Whereas this Gary Twist is unfair in all ways.

Agree? Disagree?


I really enjoy the title headings on these update. They really make me laugh. Kudoos to the writers 🙂
They really do a great job pulling the funny quotes from the houseguests


Emmett after gt getting HOH room…again….”this is like our house and the rest are just guests”. Your time is coming Emmett


Yes next HOH and POV will be about fashion and makeup so Gary can win and if that doesn’t work, we still have a powershift ;). This time Canada can vote to send Gary to F2 and give him 3 votes to start off….


haha. im thinking itll actually be related to dan being in the house and lets not forget who won an hoh like that before….gary with st paddys day….just a thought


You sound very insecure.


Talla needs to go.



Okay so after watching the show on TV tonight everyone should know that Gary is playing to win and not just for face time or 2nd place. If Andrew is so stupid as to tell Gary not to use the Veto on himself then i really was wrong and the guy is thick as nails when it comes to game play. Really?! That’s the best plan you can come up with. How about splitting splitting the vote and actually making Emmett choose or going to Gary and telling him if he votes Talla out he will work with him to get Emmett out the following week.
Gary is telling everyone right now what they want to hear and it is working like a charm. He is finally taking a page from Emmett’s book.


Andrew has 10K prize money. He could try and buy someones vote..Had bad does he want to win?


well….in reality, this is his best bet as far fetched as it seems…i think andrew isnt super dumb and knows as much as he says ‘oh talla is going home’ part of him knows theres no way they are taking him over talla….he would take them, but he must know. I think dan was right in urging jillian to make emmett break a tie….


Live feeds: Talla alone in hot tub, strategizing and waiting for Gary. Gary is tardy, Talla places the hot tub cover on the hot tub by herself, with very little effort, and leaves. Shortly later, Emmett and Gary head to the hot tub…Emmett asks who placed the cover on the hot tub, Gary doesn’t know.

The Knight

Everybody and their dog now is in love with Andrew. I like him but he’s not as smart as everybody gives him credit for. He’s never tried to break up the Milkmance instead he wants to be their 3rd wheel. Emmett deserves to win. He’s not my fav but he’s clearly playing the best game. Idiots are just noticinvg now but I’ve known from the 1st dbl eviction. He’s playing a great social game, he can win comps and have no one scared of him. The reason why he got out Topaz was because she was smart enough to know he’s a massive threat and if she knew that she could’ve put him up with no Veto she would’ve. Emmett’s played the best strategy game. Hands down he deserves to win.


Simon Do you think Emmett is a dumb ass if he chooses to get rid of Talla instead of Andrew. I’m thinking of Jury votes. Just wanted to see your thoughts :))
P.s. Kudos I 2nd that. Great blogging and Titles !


I can see why the milkmance would be thinking of getting Andrew out this week… but frankly, that’s probably not the smartest decision. Andrew is COMPLETELY loyal whereas Talla floats to whoever holds the power–and what if Gary wins HoH next week? They could lose Talla and it would be a 2 on 2 sort of thing.

If they keep Andrew then yes, there is another strong player in the game. But he’ll battle it out with Gary since they hate each other.


You’ve hit upon it, the reason to evict Talla. She is actually scheming an F2 deal with Gary. Gary has all the options going forward. LOL

The situation is Emmit cannot compete HOH. So does he want Jillian playing Gary heads up or Andrew and Jillian? You can’t win the jury votes if your not final 2. Gary wins HOH and POV he gives Talla the only vote and Emmits gone. Gary plays Jillian or Talla in 7 questions. Gary wins that Lala gets 20K and Gary wins the season. Reminds me of Danielle and Shane last season. Niether saw what was coming and it Appears Emmit doesn’t either. He’s in more shorterm risk than Jillian F4.

By the way we don’t have the F4 treatment stated yet. Production sure messed up the best week in a BB season by shortening the F4 week.


If I was Andrew I would be like this to E/J…

“Listen, you were worried about me saving Talla when she was on the block which is why I am on the block. I promised you its us three to the finals, now if you get rid of that part of the equation, the me taken Talla over the East Coasters, then eliminate her from the game. With her gone, you can then fully trust me, even though you had my undying loyalty in this game, but with her gone there will now be no questioning it”

But Andrew won’t think like that…
He will just automatically assume he is safe, and because of that he will go home…

I really should’ve auditioned for this, I would’ve killed it…


Andrew has faith in his alliance and also that Emmett would want him over Talla. Emmett nominated Talla against Topaz and that made Andrew believe Emmett really wants her out because he is always saying she is useless. This is the first time Emmett will have to turn on someone. He voted for Tom and didn’t have real power against Alec or Peter. I hope he realizes that Andrew will take them both. They are worried about Gary winning the next HOH, but if it is Talla and Jill vs Gary, then it is really 1 on 1. If Andrew is there it is another person to beat Gary. The veto would be fine then too. Gary and Andrew would bother get rid of the other. And Gary might get rid of Jill in favor of Talla because that is who he can win against.

It is all bullshit because Gary shouldn’t be there. Way too late in the game for this.

Andrew will be done in because of his loyalty.


I don’t believe Canada voted Gary back in I think it had already been decide before the vote. When Gary was sent out the host made a big deal about him being evicted. I think BBC want Gary to win the game. How unfair of them. They could show everyone what Topaz was saying and then allow AJ to be evicted with out even having a chance to play for the POV. BBC is playing a very unfair game with these HG.


Emmitt knows it’s in his best interest right now to get rid of Andrew because he knows Andrew will take Jillian to the final 2. Jillian wants to keep him because she knows this too. Last week they Emmitt tried to get jillian to keep peter because it was better for his game, she wouldn’t because she knows Andrew believes they are in a final 2. Emmitt will have Andrew evicted, Jillian will do what he wants cause thats how they play.

Knight I am totally on the same page as you. I am not an Emmitt fan but he sure is playing a good game!!


Thanks Simon ! True there is pros and cons to getting Andrew out. Andrew made one huge mistake though and that was telling Jillian he wanted her in the F2 ’cause she told Emmett that right before HoH noms. I just though about that.


I thought Alec had done the worst job so far this season of conjuring up “weak HG pitches” to save himself. Alec tried to stay calm during his HG talks, but you could sense the increased panic, after each pitch fizzled. And Andrew was the HG who became the *most* agitated with Alec (Andrew: “This is your third different pitch to me to stay this week, Alec!” Alec: “Yeah, I know, but this one’s different!”) It wasn’t. This week, Andrew will better understand how Alec felt that week. Your imminent BB demise, with no way to stop it. It’s tough. And both Alec and Andrew wanted to win BB especially badly.

That’s why It really saddened me when I heard Andrew pitching his “Let’s convince Gary to not use the veto on himself!” plan tonight, to the others. Emmett kindly said, “Your plan just doesn’t make any sense to me, Andrew.” It didn’t. It was even worse than Alec’s crazy schemes. Andrew’s plan was so “DOA”, that even he himself quickly gave up on it.

I do worry that Andrew could make this week a living hell for the other HGs. I fear our “funny Andrew” could desert us, replaced by a furious, frustrated, driven-to-win, sore-loser HG, having a major meltdown. I pray that I am wrong, though. And if Andrew does go, that he goes out with class, reminds himself BB is just a game, holds his head high, and leaves with his amazing sense of humor intact. He has a lot of fans. I hope Andrew sees that his eviction is not personal. Both E/J think the world of Andrew – it’s obvious. It is simply the best play for Emmett’s own game, going forward. And he’s the current HOH. That’s what Emmett is supposed to be doing this week.

Yes, Andrew is correct in saying that Gary’s return hurt him the most, since Andrew’s HOH reign initially evicted Gary. But Andrew is wrongly fixating on that way too much. For Andrew, the worst part about Gary’s return was that it caused Andrew major brain trauma, and got him way off his own mental game. Andrew’s situation this week is really nothing more than just a typical, late-in-the-BB-game, painful, fellow-alliance-member eviction decision, that must be made. It’s a simple numbers game. There are very few HGs left. Andrew didn’t win HOH or POV. Andrew’s a strong player. Talla is correctly being kept over Andrew, because she will be far easier to defeat in jury. It’s exactly why Dan tried to move heaven and earth last summer, to bring do-nothing Jenn along with him to the final. (Remember Dan’s sincere plea: “Jenn, I need you!” He did. And when Jenn didn’t survive, Dan endgame was in big trouble.)