Elissa says I would not be friends with Amanda after but as far as game wise.. Judd says I’m done with her both ways.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


10:35am – 11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Judd and Elissa are the only house guests awake and in the backyard talking. They discuss the possibility of a double eviction this Thursday. Elissa asks Judd who his target is this week if he won during the double eviction? Judd says I don’t know, who do you think? Elissa says I don’t know. Judd says I guess anyone we think we couldn’t beat. Elissa asks so like McCrae? Would you put up Andy? Judd says no, I don’t know I don’t think so. Elissa asks would you put up me? Judd says oh hell no. I wouldn’t put you up. You’re the one person I for sure wouldn’t put up. Elissa asks are you going to try and get it? Judd says yeah, I don’t want to go out on a double eviction again. Judd says if I get it, meet me in the cockpit immediately to figure out who he should put up. Elissa says oh my gosh, it’s so scary. Judd says one of us just has to get it. One of us has to win the veto too and not use it. It would be terrible to have to put up 3 people with this few amount of people left in the house. Elissa says oh my god I am freaking out. Do you think it will be a step up / step down competition? Judd says maybe. They start studying the events and days of the house. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back – Elissa says I just know I would not be friends with Amanda after that ..but as far as game wise, you know what I mean. Judd says yeah, I am done with her both ways. They head inside. Judd says he is going back to sleep and tells Elissa to wake him up if he isn’t up by 2pm because he doesn’t want to sleep all day.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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11:35am Judd lays down in the rainbow room and tells Andy that they should request a human checker board for the backyard. Meanwhile – Out in the backyard Elissa starts stretching and then starts her morning run.


11:50am Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. The house guests will likely be lock inside the rest of the day and Thursday as Big Brother sets up for the Double Eviction tomorrow. Elissa heads inside to take a shower.

12pm – 1:05pm Elissa is the only house guest awake. She is in the bathroom doing her hair and makeup.


1:50pm Elissa reads the bible while stretching in the rainbow room. Judd or Andy are snoring in the background.


2:40pm Quiet day in the Big Brother house. All the house guests are napping except for Elissa and Amanda who is now doing her makeup in the bathroom.


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Sorry dawg I think I have to vote for you as most crazy because after watching these people a lot on live feeds you have to be at your breaking point lol.

I meant to dawg

Sorry for using your name in my username also my mistake great site btw.


Dawg, Bless your heart. I feel your pain. Hopefully 2of the disgusting people will be gone tomorrow. Maybe that will make it a little less stressful. XO

And the Academy Award goes to....

I’m becoming more and more convinced that Elissa is a paid CBS actress who is just making things up as she goes along. I’m not even sure I buy that she’s married to this wealthy old guy or has a child/step-children, or at least those portrayed in the photos in her HOH are really hers and not paid actors. It could just all be an act. Elissa’s ‘role’ is to play the stuck-up, strong willed snob whose job is supposed to be to push people’s buttons in the house, even on a low-key level. And to act crazy, create controversy, and make irrational decisions (pushing to save Howard at the last minute even though her alliance wanted him gone, trying to flip the house and save Kaitlin even though she was target, going after Aaryn last week and then switching to Amanda, and now aligning herself with Amanda.) She’s doing a bloody brilliant job at it. She may be related to Rachel but I wouldnt be surprised if the rest of her ‘biography’ given to the HGs is all made up. You heard it here first.

100 percent

elissa is a wanna-be TV personality , google Elissa Relly or Elissa Slater. There are links to her playing a Bridezilla on Beverly Hills Brides was on Anderson Cooper show last year, again as a Bridezilla who couldn’t decide on a wedding date and was dictating hairstyles for her bridesmaids. These were before boob and lip implants. Amanda is also an actress who got in through her acting agent. She said that she didn’t watch the show last year, then later said she was watching the show when a message came on saying if you want to be on BB – apply online. But that’s not how she got noticed.

elissa and amanda WILL stay, for now

ELISSA and AMANDA CAN NOT go yet. Think about it… if either of them get evicted, the house would be BORING!!!!
these 2 are the ONLY HGs that we all talk about. It is what it is.
I personally dont care if production is helping the HG make moves in the game. If they didnt, some HG wouldnt have a clue what to do, and itd be boring.
I dont care for amanda at all, and im a huge fan of elissa, and i LOVE that elissa is teaming up with amanda. why the heck not… i would too ..to make the show more fun, to mix it all up..YOLO!!! :):) haha And, especially if production was paying me more $$ to do so (not sure if they are offering her/judd more $ to keep amanda, but id guess they are) Besides all that. elissa has two friggen eyeballs and can see that the other 4 are always hanging out together (the exterminators) so, if I were her, I would do the same exact thing… if im not part of their ‘group/alliance’ then screw them and i will do the OooooOOoohhh “unthinkable” and i will align with amanda/mcrea too. heck ya! TEAM ELISSA all the way!!!!! Shes smart, she knows what shes doing. Oh and that ring she gave amanda… dont worry, i watched a interview with rachel. rachel told elissa to bring a cheap ring just incase for that exact purpose :)

fly on the wall

Come Thursday with the double eviction, it’s a guarantee that two disgusting people will be voted out. All of the remaining house guests are disgusting, so it really doesn’t matter who gets voted out. The sad part is that one of those remaining house guests will win the $500,000 prize at the end. No one on this seasons deserves to win. None of them.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Cheer up, Dawg! Snooki is on DWTS! Life is good! WOOF!!


First of all – I think production fed this to Elissa and at first I thought it was crazy for her to work with Amanda again. Now that I’ve had time to think about it the more sense it makes. None of the Exterminators have an alliance with Elissa, only GM and Judd have a good relationship with her. Elissa facing a double eviction means for sure she would go out so what choices did she really have? I can’t believe she is trusting Andy to vote a certain way. If Elissa would only tell Judd how she feels maybe he may consider voting with her and then they wouldn’t need Andy’s vote…


elissa did try to tell Judd about ratboy working both sides .Ratboy was nearby snooping and as soon as Elissa left, Judd told Andy what elissa said.


Dawg – what do you think is going on with Elissa? Exposing Andy for the snitch he is? I’m not convinced she hasn’t screwed herself royally….. still pondering this wild a$$ move.


I think she would have anyway. Spencer, Andy, Judd and GM would have put her next week no matter what she did/does.


I missed that. When did Elissa call Andy out this time?


She hasn’t – I was just wondering if she’s attempting to expose him as the two-sided player he is. I suppose it’s smart to play that way but at some point he needs to establish loyalty. I’m not sure I buy into his exterminator alliance either. He’d be on Amanda and McCrae like a duck on a Junebug if he really thought they’d benefit him. Just my opinion.

Still pondering what Elissa is up to. I do NOT take it for face value – that is what she’s saying to McCranda and Andy…. there’s a scheme in here somewhere…. please don’t let her be that goofy….


Ah, ok. Same thing I’m hoping for, but with this season’s scripting, I’m thinking there is no double-back double cross. Unfortunately, it’s like BB production is playing America’s role as the “other house guest.”

fly on the wall

Elissa isn’t smart enough to call out Andy the Rat. Otherwise she would have done it already. Elissa needs to win HOH/POV to not go home in the double eviction, regardless to which side she takes. They all dislike her and distrust her.


You may be crazy but you’re certifiable…well not yet anyway.

The People

Thank you to the operators of this site for all the work you have done this season posting these updates!


I think we’re all out of our bloody minds for even watching this show, lol.


hey dawg did you see article about Amanda getting her tv start from mike boogie that he co-owns a company I googled Amanda Zuckerman real estate several article amamda fired a losing her real estate lisc. and Amanda and mccrae slotted for amazing race I would have to investigate sorce but it looks like a media co. not an individual


thanks dawg cause I don’t believe anything still I see it


Amazing Race, you’ve got to be kidding me. They can barely win a competition in BB!


Only way they can participate in Amazing Race is if it’s a sleep your way around the world race…… just sayin’


yup yup ya…

Gator girl

It would be hard for McCranda to do othe Amazing Race because you have to actually run and walk fast. You can’t do it laying down or sleeping all day.


Had enough of Amanda and MCrae on BB, don’t want to see them on Amazing Race…Now Mike Boogie and Frank on the Amazing race – That would be a killer show – those two are great together lol.

Keri Helen

Amazing Race? I would be blown away by that considering that Amanda and McCrae can barely get out of bed, lol ;)


Call me crazy, but, I think it would be fun to see an Amazing Race BB edition, and have all the couples or pairs be partners playing the game. I think it would be entertaining. Im not sure about Amanda and McCrae being one of them, but i am sure they probably would end up there. Think about the other teams they could have.


Thanks Dawg! You guys do a remarkable job! Very grateful for all the hard work! Kudos to you and Simon!


This will be the last Season of BB I’ll be watching CBS did nothing to get rid of the racists in the house basically used the bs for ratings boosters and then had the nerve to fix the shows winner from the get go.
There should be a no showmance clause in contract for the people get picked for the show if they break the rule instant eviction and a new housemate will enter house.

Good strategy

The best players do not play personally they can separate the game and personal feelings. So good job Elissa even though I do not like Amanda at all keeping her would be best for your game


Hmmm….I guess even an overly emotional stubborn player who has refused to work with certain people based on her high moral ground can do it if their contract is good enough

mark h

It is a good strategy if Elissa had some way of actually knowing where everyone’s loyalties lied. Problem is, she has no idea if she can trust McCranda more than Judd/GM. In fact, unless she was given some info (or instructions) in the DR, there is really no reason at all for her to cast her lot with McCranda. GM/Judd haven’t done anything (as far as she knows) to suggest that she is their target….and there is no reason to really expect that McCranda would keep her over Andy if they had the choice. It may work out, but it is not at this point a good strategy unless she knows something we don’t.

Pinocchio Obama

There is no shortage of crazy in the house. Just the fact that GinaMarie is not the biggest loon in the house tells you this place should be quarantined.


Shouldn’t Elissa be in the Diary Room right now and getting her instructions from Production for the day?


Does anyone else think maybe production is the middle man for Elissa and Judd or Elissa and GM? I just have this feeling there is more to this plan we are not seeing so the fans will be chocked come Thursday. Wouldn’t it be crazy if Judd really votes for Amanda or Gm to expose Andy. I thought GM and Elissa had a final 2 deal once Aaryn was out. What am I missing ?

Ians Beer

lol! Poll shows Dawg is crazier than Ellisa…what’s up with that?


Julie was on David Letterman discussing BB and Aaryn’s racial behavior. I’m curious why there was NO mention of Amanda’s racial ugly comments or GM’s racial slurs. She should of at least acknowledged those two. Andy is disgusting and goes along with all of it…agreeing and also not standing up or jumping in to stop the horrible behavior. Andy is just as guilty! I hope Amanda and Andy get evicted tomorrow. The RAT is sickening.


Ugh! I hate rat Andy!! When he gets evicted, and Julie questions him as to why he went along with all the racial and homophobic slurs, his reply will most likely be, “ya, ya, you are right, ya ok” ugh! Grow some balls!

Amanda is still leaving

Julie isn’t gonna ask Andy about any of that crap…. he didn’t say any of it. The fact that Julie gave Aaryn a hard time doesn’t mean the exit interviews are now gonna consist of the houseguests being confronted with every shitty thing they did while being recorded 24/7……. who in their right mind would come on the show? No matter how much blood is spilled, the witch hunters will never be content.


think she came on letterman which is cbs so cbs could distance themselves from that stuff production can manipulate the game as we see if cbs wanted they could have cut feeds then oh and I would guess she was on as a rep for her husband les moonves which runs cbs


I thought the whole Aaryn thing was out of line anyway. Talk about being blindsided. How about confronting her off stage. Give her a chance to actually see and hear her own comments and then react before we burn her at the stake. Only covering their own butts to catch her off guard and make a fool of her. Not condoning her actions, but if you’ve watched this or other “reality” shows this is more the norm than you might want to admit. Julie doesn’t play the Judge, Jury, and Executioner role well at all. She came off as a condescending lib with no warts herself, at least to me.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Julie makes good rice…PERIOD

Shame on Chen

Chen was acting like a bully. It’s easy to play the role of tough guy when you are the self-appointed inquisitor and there’s 100 people sitting in front of you, there’s tons of lights shining in your face, and it’s live TV. Very shameful tactic. And I agree with you, it’s not Chen’s role to play God and tell me as the viewer how I am supposed to feel about this person. After that blind side I liked Aaryn more and Chen less. The fact that Chen is going on shows and re-airing that farce has lowered my opinion of her a lot.


in Julie Chen’s defense, those three incidents were part of the ten incident last July that
had LES MOONVES and CBS doing damage control before their website recieved a total
internet hate~site designation. Aaryn has said worse things, the interview did cover the
basic reasons for the aired disclaimers. we saw 20 BB episodes in the interim air to us all…


Oh common, lots of people will always be lining up to go on the show.
Usually they believe they are playing for and have a chance at winning
half a million dollars (in spite of Allison’s shenanigans) And Julie being
harsh in exit interviews will not stop people from applying for and hoping
against hope to be cast.

Amanda's Therapist

name* SORRY! But I feel that Andy – the prick,


DR gives Elissa what she wants, Elissa request some d-CON and get rid of ratboy!

The Judger

CBS got all the ratings play they wanted out of it. Aaryn will be labeled the racist from BB 15….meanwhile everyone else’s comments will fade away into obscurity…I’m not saying Aaryn doesn’t deserve the title, just saying she’ll be the one remembered for it. Nobody else will probably be called out for anything. Think Julie is going to ask Spencer about pedophile jokes? Or Judd about his misogynistic remarks? Nahhhh I doubt they even grill Amanda or GM to harshly…Aaryn was the one people wanted blood from. GM has said more and worse..yet she’s hardly mentioned for it.


CBS didn’t show the edits of other house guests nasty comments. Aaryn certainly needed to be ‘talked’ to – but for Aaryn to take the fall for the entire house is a disgrace.

BB15 is a joke

I know a lot of you watch the feeds and have watched past seasons… Have there ever been, in the history of BB, a group of people that say horrible things like Spencer, GM, Andy, Amanda and Judd? Calling people c*nts, wh*res, b*tches? I don’t remember seeing anything like this in past seasons of the show.


I have watched every single season of Big Brother and I have never seen houseguests like these. There have been a few in each season that stir the pot, call people names, puff up their chests but to see the number of these kind of hgs all gathered in one season is not typical.


I’m so confused?! What is Elissa thinking. I guess her diary room sessions will explain it all. All i care about is Andy going home after Amanda. Please please please big brother gods?




Seriously – did you not see her DR session where she bungled & giggled her way through the statistical methods she supposedly used to count things for a competition. Then at the end said “is that right?” I’m guessing they tried that script with her a few hundred times & that was the best they could do so they just attempted to go for funny. All you’ll get to see in the DR sessions is what they tell her to say though she rarely manages to pull it off very effectively. Acting & script reading are not her strong points.

Amanda is still leaving

It’s pretty simple really. Elissa had a nice conversation with McCrae a couple days ago, Judd quit talking game with her, Amanda started being nicer to her, and we don’t know exactly what production said to her night before last, but we know she came out of the DR suddenly wanting Amanda to stay.

Elissa’s thought process is that she has a better shot with Amanda-McCrae-Andy vs. Judd-GM than she’d have keeping Spencer in the house and not really knowing who her allies are, or whether she has any at all. Elissa’s mistake is overestimating Andy’s loyalty to McRanda, since Andy is about to backstab them and leave Elissa out in the cold. She’d probably have had a better endgame trying to work with Judd-GM against Andy-Spencer, but she was really probably screwed either way since nobody likes her. She didn’t do a very good job with her HOH last week in solidifying allies for the future….. the Exterminators were formed right under her nose without including her. The girl’s social game just sucks, I think they’re all tired of the snobbishness. Her only hope is to win everything.

Real Scandals Phony President

I’m still having trouble believing that after all the things Amanda has done to Elissa that she would want her to stay in the house.

Amanda is still leaving

Elissa is no different than any other houseguest, she’d team up with the Devil himself if she thought it’d benefit her in the game.


Ahhh – in other words, she;’s just another hypocrite

Amanda's dog Woofy

Good evening, Mrs, Daughtery


H ha ha – I’m not particularly a fan of any of them, just can’t buy into all the Elissa love


This was a good strategic move by Elissa once she found out that she and McCrae were the next two to go. If it works, it would cause Spencer, Judd and GM to go before Elissa. It might have worked (for both Elissa and Amanda) if Amanda hadn’t told Andy at 1:40 PM that, “The only other thing that I could think that she is doing is to make it a tie so that you and McCrae would vote for me and so then everyone would be going after you two.” This scared Andy so much that he decided to rat out Amanda and Elissa to the remaining Exterminators, thereby killing Elissa’s strategy of voting out Spencer. The strategy still might work for Elissa if she wins HOH or POV and if Amanda and McCrae realize that Andy double-crossed them.

Amanda is still leaving

Well, it doesn’t really matter what Amanda realizes as she’s gonna be talking to the Chenbot. But yea, Andy could be in some trouble tomorrow if McCrae or Elissa wins HOH and puts a fellow Exterminator up with him. I’m not entirely convinced McCrae is gonna go after Andy even if he realizes that Andy voted Amanda out, but I sure he hope he does.

Just Doesn't Add Up

Agreed – but Elissa knows about the rat – she had to know that Amanda would tell the rat and that the rat would tell the others. That’s why Elissa’s move still doesn’t add up for me – I think she will vote to send Amanda home.


My predictions for evictions from now on:

McStinky (shower once a week? Ewwww)
Judd (he is just way too popular among the jury)

I hate to say but Spencer, Andy and GM for final 3 with GM and Spencer making it to final 2. GM wins it all.

GM’s votes: jessie, helen, elissa, aaryn, judd
Spencer’s votes: candace, judd, mcstnky, a-Man-duh


cop, you have judd voting for both spencer and gm

clownie is alive

What is wrong with Judd voting twice????? Look at all the people who did that in the last national election?????


That’s so true Clownie; even the dead voted!!!


plz do not stir up your political crap here


So who is Elissa voting out??? Im soooo confused!


Maybe! No one really knows. We’ll all just have to wait and see on Thursday


I think Elissa wants a divorce. Elissa is going to vote out Amanda and therefore looses the ring to her but gets millions in the divorce settlement. You know its over when your wife takes the ring off.

Pinocchio Obama

To be clear if she sticks with her current strategy Elissa is voting out herself.

Pinocchio Obama

Elissa might of gone brain dead but as long as Amanda walks out the door it will still be a good day.


judd is so easy to manipulate this is why i didnt want him back in the house …. when they wanted elissa to nominate him she told him yet he cant tell elissa about the andy plan for elissa to tell amanda and macrea and they confront andy so macrea will know if amanda leaves its by the hand of andy …. right now i dont know where my loyalty is with these players yet each one of them think they are straight shooters


I don’t think so. Seriously I think his major problem has been he’s been too trusting. But REALLY think about the FULL history of the game play of any of the other potential returnees – in what way would they be any better? At least Judd is generally likeable (which I’m starting to think is the reason he was the one who “won” the opportunity to return).


Why in the hell would Judd tell Elissa anything now that she’s flipped and is trying to keep Amanda (a person he desperately wants gone) in the house? Just because you happen to like that dingbat doesn’t mean the other players are gonna abandon all common sense to help her, especially when she’s flipped on them.


Name, I don’t consider that Elissa flipped on them since Elissa is not in the Exterminator alliance. And the Exterminator alliance wants her out. She doesn’t owe them anything.


She flipped on the concept of the concept of getting out the showmance & I doubt she really knew for sure about the other alliance unless someone told her – why would she – if you don’t get out & try to make any alliances you can’t see them


She flipped because she probably realized Judd is in an alliance without her


After thinking for awhile I think like a lot of u on here Elissa actually making a pretty good move because after Amanda’s gone McCrae has a good chance of winning the HOH for double eviction. I think she’s trying to play it so she doesn’t go during the double eviction. The only people I want to see gone after Amanda is Andy and Spencer they do not deserve to win this game!


I don’t think it’s the worst move in the history of the game, but I think it’s a really risky move that did little to improve her chances & possibly hurt them. I don’t really care about that, I care about the fact that it was so blatantly programmed into her in the DR & is SO contrary to her previous history of stubbornly refusing to side with her concept of “disgusting” people. I can come to no other conclusion than that she’s a paid plant. It’s taken all the fun out of my self-delusion of this being a game where even with all the obvious prior manipulation one wanted to believe anyone might have a chance.


It looks like Elissa has Judd’s support or he is lying to her? I think Elissa wanted to be safe from the double eviction that is why she is voting to keep Amanda. I really hope Andy is exposed soon. It seems like Amanda is going to be blindsided again. You know GM was getting to be my favorite but not anymore. GM is awful and hateful. It doesn’t look like Judd is playing both sides like McCrae and Elissa agreed on. He said he is done with Amanda and already told McCrae he is voting out Amanda this week. I am rooting for Elissa or Judd. I really just don’t want Andy to win.


Live double eviction Thursday. Hmmm, who should go up for the 2nd one. How about Julie Chen? The blindside of the season…

clownie is alive

GinaMarie says – Julie Chen? I thought her name was Helen. Or did you mean Connie Chung the “hostess” of BB?


Not only do I think it was a good move for Elissa to align with McCranda – but it really was her ONLY move to stay in the house! Elissa was the exterminators next target – REGARDLESS! IF Amanda leaves, it will be Andy, Spencer, Judd & Gina against Elissa & McCrae. As much as I have deplored some of Amanda’s behavior, she has been unwavering Loyal to her alliance – & she would be so to Elissa. Actually, some of Amanda’s worse behavior was because of her loyalty to Aaryn & Andy. So say what you will about Amanda & Elissa -(and there is plenty to say about both!) – but Amanda is loyal & Elissa is not stupid. I just don’t want Andy, Spencer or Gina to win, so anything that will help to get those three out – I’m all for it!!


Exactly Vicki. GM has said a lot of ugly things. I think Elissa was a good influence on her and tamed her spitfull racial tongue for a while. But as soon as Elissa turned her vote on Amanda it brought GM’s horrible racial mouth out of hibernation! What she said about Elissa’s son is unforgivable. I sure hope Julie brings that up when she’s evicted. Andy the Cowardly RAT needs to be exposed and neck snapped in a trap!


Yes Lizzie, I’m sure you’ll have your pitchfork out, salivating in front of the TV.


Thanks Lizzie, I totally agree with you about Gina. I was actually feeling a little sorry for her until she said all those horrible things about Elissa’s son. Ignorance is no excuse for a person to be that vile! That kind of hate can only come from one’s soul. Truly hope Gina & Andy go out A.S.A.P.!!!


Ditto Vicki


Amanda is unwavering in her loyalty until her paranoia kicks in & she decides someone is out to get her – then it’s “so-and-so has to go”


So honestly, as much as I can’t stand Andy, I have to give him props for working Amanda so well that he didn’t get on her paranoia radar – so good he’s still not on it even though he should be!


Amanda is not as loyal as you may think. Almost immediately after McCranda and Elissa made the deal McCranda was talking about putting her up for eviction. Literally, before she even gave them her ring.
Personally, I don’t know if it’s a good move or bad move. It’s blatantly staged and that’s the problem I have with it. Elissa hasn’t liked Amanda since the beginning. She said really nasty things about Amanda (McC’s bday, for example) and the feeling is mutual. Amanda can’t stand Elissa and has been very vocal about it. Amanda went so far as to read the rule book to see how much abuse she could give Elissa. Now we’re supposed to believe they’re besties?
The appeal of this show is the unexpected. For CBS to script it removes the fun. Bad choice, CBS. Bad choice.


GM’s votes: jessie, helen, elissa, aaryn
Spencer’s votes: judd, candace, mcstinky, a-man-duh, andy

Spencer the most pathetic BB winner since that guy who got caught selling drugs with his winning prize.


I wish I could tell who Andy is really loyal to. What do you think?


Rat Andy is only loyal to himself! There isn’t a loyal bone in his skinny white body. He only cares about himself at the expense of his integrity. He is the worst kind of person. Constantly wanting recognition like he’s some amazing mastermind. He encourages every single bit of the racial horrific behavior but would Never take any responsibility. He has to go. He’s a coward self entitled parasite


Andy has not “encouraged” any racial behavior. You’re a fool.


So name…I’m no fool. Evidently you didn’t hear the conversation with GM regarding Elissa’s son..or maybe you didn’t hear him laughing numerous times about Candice when remarks were being made. By laughing and standing by saying nothing…makes Andy “The Fool” ?..


Andy has indeed instigated a bit of the trash talk. Its almost like he’s not happy unless someone is being maligned. He really is as nasty as the rest of them.

King Farouk

Loyalty or lack of doesn’t bother me in this game, they came in a strangers to win a half million dollars
They owe nothing to the other players . Andy is repulsive because when Elissa put him up the coward ( behind her back of course ) flipped her off, called her a c**t, slut, whore and other vile statements, and that is where Andy and others like that lose me.


Lizzie, when you say his skinny “WHITE” body, you are referring to his race in the
context of an attack against him. You are being just as racist as GM, Amanda and Aaryn.
I don’t like Andy but when I read your remark, I got the same vibe I get when I read what
those three say when being racist. Talk to the person in the mirror and ask her/him to
change his/her ways….


Lizzie I could not agree more. Andy is the worst of the worst, and with this years cast that is saying something.

The Judger

I was thinking about Andy’s motivation for staying with The Exterminators. If he flips back he has Spencer out, GM who cannot play for HOH and really only Judd to worry about. He’ll have 4 playing for HOH against Judd..so odds are with him. He will have GM and Judd telling everyone about his betrayal, but he can always lie again and say he was only faking his alliance to Exterminators.

If he stays with Exterminators he’ll have 3 against 2 playing for HOH..and hope that McCrae or Elissa does not win. He thinks he can convince McCrae to keep him, so he’s probably not too worried about that. He’d have Elissa to contend with, because she’ll KNOW he lied about his vote. I am assuming she is really going to vote for Amanda ( I think she is)…So either way he thinks he only has 1 person to worry about winning. I think he thinks he can easily beat Spencer, Gm or Judd in final 2. But then again. he’d have to know Amanda is not well liked, and nobody wants to give Elissa more money…so he’d maybe have to worry about McCrae final 2??

I’m not sure why he betrayed Amanda..say what you will about her..she was loyal to him..she still is. I think he thinks this is some BIG move that will get him brownie points at the end. He’s a mega douchebag and only Spencer is a bigger floater than Andy.

I can see future houseguests saying ” please don’t pull an Andy on me.”


Yes, despite his claim to Spencer that he had better odds w/ the AMC alliance, he really doesn’t. He’s never gonna come before a showmance & he & Spencer are an alliance within the exterminators – GM & Judd. go before either of them in their minds. Thus, his odds are really much better with the Exterminators. I’m betting the DR tried to convince him otherwise, but it’s really not true.

The Judger

I’d agree, except we are both not considering what is in Spencer’s mind. He may think he has a better chance against GM or Judd. Spencer may view Andy as having “played” a better game than him. Spencer knows Andy has done a lot behind the scenes manipulation. I’ve never heard Spencer really get into the nitty gritty of his own game. Just food for thought.

More than likely a floater like Spencer will be happy with 2nd place. He’s that kind of guy.


If Spencer gets to final 2 with Andy, he is toast, there is no way he will win. So probably he’ll want to go with GM, and he’ll ditch Andy towards the end.


True, but they have been talking this with each other for a while now. At the end of the day, of course, any of them can & will “betray” their alliances. That’s where the skill comes in to me – being able to accurately weigh the odds of where you stand in a particular alliance & what alliance is potentially stronger for you – if you can do that well you probably have a good chance of winning (barring” outside” interference of course)


It is absurd that they are letting those people sleep so much.

Amanda's Therapist

goofy* They are BORED….sleeping is okay!~! :-)


how about cleaning that dirty house if they are bored


You want to watch that???


they could be doing comps for food like they used to- or for alcohol.

The Judger

Floating is hard work, takes a lot out of some people!


I agree, floating is not easy at all. Requires lots of energy and self control.
Used to be married to someone who was a huge people pleaser. So whenever
they came home at the end of the day, something had to give. It is not easy
being Andy people! Seriously


There’s plenty to do around that nasty house. They can start by sweeping the kitchen floor. I am often amazed at how easily people can exist in filth!


To the posters on this forum: THANK-YOU! For the most part you are respectful and willing to participate in reasonable, rational discussions unlike some other sites that are so loaded with blind, adoring cult fans of certain players that it’s impossible to get any logical contrasting point across without being attacked. Plus it’s nauseating to constantly read how perfect certain players are & the reasons people manage come up with to explain & excuse less than perfect behaviour or game play. While there may be a few cultists around here most people here are able to see the faults & foibles of even their favourite players & take things in stride. Lest we forget – it’s a game (or a scripted show!). Again – thanks to you all & may we all be happy when we return to our real lives in a few weeks.


Elissa would set up a trap for Rat Boy Andy and suddenly McCrae would blame Andy for evicting Amanda. Andy will be clueless that McCrae would put up Andy & Elissa as a pawn. Elissa wins PoV takes herself off and puts up Spencer as a pawn. Andy evicted 3-0 and he will start crying like a b$tch!!!!!!


I LOVE this idea & your way of thinking. Let’s just hope the producers let it play out this way!


Really….you think McCrae will bought it the old exposing Andy playing both sides. I bet he will be crying at the Jury House and getting screwed at!!!!


The only way McCranda will believe that Andy betrayed them is if Elissa also votes to evict Amanda. Then it will be 3-1. They’ll hate Elissa, and anyways they always have. But they’ll be disgusted by Andy. And if Andy gets to final 2, they won’t vote for him. So 2 votes less for Andy in final 2 = not winning!


BTW – what is the origin of the term “cat person” in the context of this game? Is it intended to be pejorative (I assume).


all feral felines and Latin as a language?
an old movie looks at the CAT people…
this was out there as Claude Rains and
Lon Chaney Jr. made us aware of wolves…


Ok – I looked at your link & it doesn’t answer my question. Nor does thumbing it up or down. I’m really interested as to how it got started in the BB context.


All intuitive feral feminine feline gameplay is quite often not like
Mr. Spock’s understanding of Vulcan logic? BB hath a lore?
rabble rousing by a BigBro contestant in screed mode sets
off legions of impulse driven fans on the internet? remember
when MVP turned into MVP~USA and Elissa wondered if all
the Rachel fans got upset at her? the voting system lets fans
have an impact. Can STAR TREK vulcans have a social game?

The Judger

Not trying to piss off any cat ladies!! but here you go: I’m paraphrasing from another site…

A big brother cat lady is someone who watches big brother casually and doesn’t know anything except what production shows them about the houseguests and they just root for who the show wants them to root for. They are usually angry, venomous, and completely whackadoo!! Also vehement in their belief that their fav is the only deserving one.

I.E. Jeff/Jordan/Rachel/Brenden/Elissa

Here is a link to what a Big Brother cat lady is..not always a woman and not always cat owners!



Thanks for taking the time to answer my question sincerely.


you ever hear of a crazy person who has like 50 cats?A few seasons ago, fans of (Rachael I think) were identified as that metaphorically. Now it’s any blindly devoted fan.


CAT = FELINE Simon’s attempt to describe fans having
metaphoric claws let alone attitude and what happens
when they prowl about in unison can only be appreciated
by all vintage horror buffs who revel in auld B&W movies!



Ahhh – so it’s kind of a blind gang mentality applied to a particular player? Did it originate here on this site?


Your trying way to hard, stop, stop now!


Why? We’ve not all been around here for 10 years. Are you saying us “newbies” are not welcome, have no valid input & can’t ask questions about common references we may not be aware of?


omg you still doing it! just please let it go, please.

The Judger

Ha! I like how I get thumbs down on my answer…and YOU KNOW it was the cat ladies because of the names I mentioned! You gotta laugh!

*Note to self* Never..ever..ever..mention Jeff and Jordan ( or now Elissa) in a negative way… ;)


Cat ladies are short circuiting now that Amanda and Elissa are trying to work together.


my gonzo was an attempt to hint at things
without naming actual BB house guests…

Amanda's dog Woofy

look in the mirror, Judd’s mom.


Wow – rude! I’m not particularly a Judd fan, but I’d like to have a bit more of a balance in the viewpoints than just Elissa is God’s gift to BB & mankind – who else is there to use to argue that point with left in this cast other than Judd?


U know if it’s a double eviction Thursday 2 people will go home or one just depends how the double eviction turns out good luck Elissa I can’t believe u.

aMANduh's funky panties!

I have been watching every season, I have to say I am looking so forward to Thursday’s show watching the look on Elissa and aManduh’s face when Julie says…”We have a tie and Gina I need you to stand up and place your vote”! The red RAT’s face will glow like a Christmas bulb, and Gina will stand and say…” Baby, I hate to does this, but aManduh honey, I gots to evict yous, sorry!…..BOOM!!! GOTCHYA!!! Tell Poopy hi for me!!!

Amanda's Therapist

amanduhsfunkypanties!* (love it ) BTW – If this is HOW
it goes down on Thursday….PRICELESS ! :-) ! :-) ! :-)


I like Elissa. I still do but I think she’s the craziest at the moment. Her move better work because that would be awesome. However, Amanda is most likely gone but if Andy immediately follows her (or even just outed as a rat) then I think Elissa’s move can be considered a success. As much as I dislike Spencer, I just don’t want Andy to win. He’s a parasite taking advantage of the war between two sides of the house. I would like to see Elissa, Judd, Amanda, McCrae or GM win in that order.


Thursday – Amanda goes home, Elissa wins HOH puts up Andy and Spencer, Andy Goes home! I don’t really know who she would put up really besides Andy.

aMANduh's funky panties!

Yes Simon & Dawg have the BEST site on teh Internet! I am requesting they get the America’s player $25,000.00 prize! None of these BB 15 people deserve NADA! FTW!


Simon/Dawg — ok, against my better judgement I created a paypal account to make a donation. The donation was not against my better judgement as I truly appreciate all the entertainment you have provided. I did ask if there was an alternative and am wondering if in future I can do an email transfer.


Simon Dawg…I made a donation and just used a credit card..does that mean its a PayPal acct? Confused and dumb because I buy very little online and never used Paypal.


Thanks…I was confused by another post…I read it as there was only the option of PayPal. …thank you for the clarification…xo

Baby Boomer

For us old timers – wish you had a mailing address (PO Box) so we could mail you a check.


Actually I don’t think you have to create an paypal account to donate.
When I clicked the donate button the page it took me to gave you the option of signing into paypal OR paying with a credit or bank card if you did not have an account. (see lower left side of that screen). Anyway just sent another small donation.


Simon/Dawg — did not notice the option of paying via c/c without setting up a paypal. Now that that option is available, how do I de-activate paypal. I never use it for any on-line shopping.


Taylor, when you hit a Paypal payment button, it gives you the option to pay with either Paypal or with your credit card.
You must have just missed it because Paypal option is presented first. So for anyone who does not have Paypal, don’t
worry about it.

But also if anyone wishes to create an account, it is one of the best ways to make payments online. I have
had an account with them for four years and I love the way I simply provide my email address and don’t have to give my
credit card details online.

Yes we all ought to make donations to Simon and Dawg for all their great work this summer.
Go Simon and Dawg!


What the hell is going on why do they want Amanda to stay all of a sudden? Is production bullying Elissa? Since miss bitch Amanda knows someone that works or use to work there is bullshit everyone has the right to win at this fair and square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it together BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gee I wonder if Daniel Tosh and Chelsy Handler were on a celebrity BB what kind of racial sound bites would be heard. Oh never mind. All you have to do is watch their shows. Some of the remarks recorded by the house guests is nothing compared what is said on their shows.

Look at all the pretty butterflys!

I think the difference is the sheer malice the hg use when speaking. It doesn’t matter if the staments are racist, homophobic, or misogynistic. The hate with which they a spoken is what makes them so unbelievably vile. In my eyes, none of them are redeemable. They have all made horrible remarks meant to make the person they are hating at the moment as low as possible. And none of them really have any remorse. That is what is really awfu, they just say whatever it is and are offended when it is turned back. But, that’s what makes it fun to watch, these nasties ensure that we all feel morally superior. Because, none of us would ever do that to another person………RIGHt!!?


Here’s my wish for next season: no returning players, no family of former players, no contestants that have been on any other reality show, no pandora’s box, no veto of any kind won outside of a normal veto comp, and productions stops telling people what to do. I know the last one is super crazy.

Botox Pelosi

And no pile of McSpooge spread all over the house.

PS Production please don’t bring any of these house guests back on a future All Stars Big Brother.


Wow! Elissa still looks great in the morning without her makeup . I hope she makes it to the end and wins….


Ok – if you wanna use this as your basis for picking a winner go for it.

Amanda's dog Woofy



Hey – now that I know the definition of a cat person I’m enjoying being an anti-cat! :-)


I really wouldn’t be surprised if it was 3-1 to evict Amanda …because its just about exposing Andy as a piece of shit. Elissa may have an idea of what Andy might be doing, so that way its a “I screwed you Amanda, but so did your closest ally” Andy was a good player. ….who deserves a crown that floats above his head. I said it before, if GM and Spencer end up in final 2, …THEN we all sign the petition!!!!! Fuck this show, until next year.


Still waiting for GM to low up at Elissa. Why hasn’t anyone confronted her about keeping Amanda? It just seems strange nobody said anything


That’s the plan, Rich. You can bet they all want to say something, but they all agreed not to. Part of the plan to try and pit Elissa vs McCrae for the DE.

Botox Pelosi


I wondered that too. These people can’t keep a secret for shit so how is something this big on the down low?


Because nobody else is suppose to know except for Andy. He told everybody else, but asked them not to say anything or he will look like the traitor.

The Black Fish

1). It is a smart move for Elissa, best case is Andy sticks with McCranda (not gonna happen) and Elissa is targeted by nobody in the DE, everyone will go after GM and Judd, and even if Judd wins, he will put up McCranda.

Worst case is Andy sticks with the Exterminators (probably most likely) but Elissa will still have made McCrae into an ally (when McCrae would have been gunning for her). There is no damage in this because Judd, Andy, Spencer were already gunning for her.

Only problem is this: McCrae already seems to be falling for Andy’s BS about Elissa, and I think Elissa may very well take the blame when Amanda goes, turning her into target #1 for everyone.

2). My beef here is that Elissa has not made a smart move all game and suddenly starts to stop playing personally after a magic DR session.


No, really think that had she not done this & one of the Exterminators won HOH she may have been nominated but McCrae would be the target. Now it could be either one, but if it’s not her she’s probably lost any shot of working with anyone else (I’m not sure even McCrae would if he could weasel in with one or more of the others). This move was too obvious even w/out Rat Andy reporting it – they all knew anyway, so now she just looks untrustworthy and wack-a-doodle

Tyrion Lannister

Black Fish what bothers me is that one of these people is going to win 500K. I guess that I want Elissa to win because I believe that she would give some of the money to charity. As far as the others plans for the winnings:

Amanda- She would spend all the money on surgery to look like Elissa.
Andy- He would have his rat tail removed and a spine installed.
Spencer-He would purchase a mail order bride.
McCrae- Weed and X Box.
GinaMarie-Will hire a detective to hunt down Nick.
Judd- He will open his own road kill restaurant.

Canadian Fan

I believe Judd is in on it with Elissa to expose Andy. Why is he suddenly calling production the Ghost..Elissa told him everything. As well those that believe Amanda and Elissa are planted in the house by production..valid point. This year is the biggest jury house 9 instead of 7. Amanda and Elissa will not qualify to vote..expect the unexpected.


and why would Judd tell Elissa to meet him in the cockpit (or wherever) immediately after the HoH – if he won? Why her?

Earlier Elissa kept telling GM they needed to keep their distance so no one would know they are working together. Before the big Amanda switch up by Elissa, GM started mouthing off about Elissa. Why before? Would make more sense after.

So there may be more happening when the feeds are cut than we know. I like all the possibilities. So long as the rat gets caught in a trap, any trap, Thursday – I’ll be happy. He;s like an over inbred Yoda without a brain to call his own.


I actually wish you are right, but alas, I don’t think so.


Judd is not with Elissa. Judd is pissed at production because Elissa came out of the DR two nights ago and suddenly wanted Amanda to stay. He’s mad at production and Elissa. He’s been flipping birds at the cameras and talking about ghosts influencing the game ever since Elissa came out of the DR that night.

Canadian Fan

yes but tells Elissa to meet him in the cockpit if he gets hoh so she can let him know who to put up..interesting that he would say that and just as he does production gives us fish. Watch just how production will flip the scene or give us fish when they don’t want us to hear the conversation between Elissa and Judd this week

David for America's Favorite

I am voting for David for America’s Favorite. I found him to be the least objectionable, only because he wasn’t in the house long enough.

I would love to see everyone vote for him to show BB what we think of their casting.

Canadian Fan

vote nick as america’s favourite. Just for Gina Marie’s constant chatter about him

Canadian BB Fan

If Nick won, he’d need to use the money to hide from GM!! She’s already stalking him; can you imagine if he had money on top of it??


My thoughts exactly


That would be one more vote for David than I thought he would get. I think I’m voting for Jessie or Howard.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I’m voting for Miss louisiana/NFL cheerleader because she keeps it real in candyland and has a nice ass.

A. G.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for – AF is totally up to me.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

he called Candice “Black Candice” …Americas favorite? I don’t think so

uuuh what?

This is probably a dumb question, but do they get to smoke during long indoor lockdowns? If so, where? I’ve always wondered that but never asked. Simon, Dawg you guys are awesome. Thanks!


Nope – no smoking on indoor lockdowns. That’s why (I believe), they started wearing the nicotine patches. Jessie actually started crying over not being able to go outside to smoke one night.

Judd The TinMan

Judd is brainless and has zero game. He has fallen back in line again with the sheep crowd. He is going to get his boring ass evicted again.


How funny is that – my advert at top – How to have better lips without surgery!


LOL awesome

Amanda's dog Woofy

Simon, you got back just in time. Dawg was starting to crack. Give him a xanax, an adderal , and an atavan.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Yeah, me too. all I get is that big old heartworm pill shoved down my throat.


Really?? thumbs down?? No sense of humour! Soooo tame compared to some of the “jokes” at the expense of HGs!


Uh poor Andy!!! He will be stupid enough that Amanda got evicted and McPussy would target you instead. I bet you will rat out at the jury house crying!!!! Boo Hoo!!!! Andy, good luck at the jury house.


I just read your repetitive dribble so that I can give you a thumbs down, stinky!! :)


Wow!!!!!! I thought your Andy’s b$tch!!!!!!!! Better luck next time SON!!!


I really think that Elissa has shared her plan with GM and Judd, and they are on board. Otherwise, I think GM would never be able to contain herself and totally blowup on Elissa. Elissa has always been super loyal to the people she likes (Helen, Candice for example), so I don’t imagine that she is all of a sudden turning on GM and Judd. I think she is loyal to them too to the end of her run. My guess is that she is plotting this to turn on Amanda to get her out, and to frame Andy and get him out too. This helps clears the way for GM and Judd to go far to the end. I bet Judd will vote to keep Amanda for the 3rd vote.


Personally I don’t think so. If El had talked about it to either of them surely some BB Live viewer would have caught it wouldn’t they have?

The Thought Police

The DR may have clued them in (indirectly of course).


Wait, My last sentence is incorrect. I am not sure how Judd will vote Thursday, but I am pretty sure that GM and Judd are in on whatever Elissa’s plan is – probably to frame Andy and get him out on double eviction. I don’t see GM or Judd as loyal to Andy at all, but I think they are loyal to Elissa.


So, I was reading a complaint to the FCC about Big Brother rigging the show and the outcome….the FCC’s response (other than BB doesn’t have to abide by FCC game show or reality tv standards because they are owned by a network) was (and I quote) “Big Brother does not appear to meet the definition of a “game show.” Rather, it is a ‘for entertainment only’ program, somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure, predetermined.” That was back in 2008! I just think CBS, BB, and Alison Grodner Productions have decided to push the envelope and not care if the viewing public becomes aware of that fact. It really doesn’t make you think less of the show…especially if you are a big fan, like I am (used to be!).


Meant to say it really DOES make you think less of the show, knowing the FCC says basically that it’s rigged! Very sad for BB fans.

Soon to b former bb fan

What about having an allstar cast next year from a combination of the best US, UK, & Canadian contestants


I could potentially go for that except the UK one at least (didn’t see Can one) is a completely different game with audience voting rather than players – so how do you pick the” best” from that when the strategy there is really to be entertaining without being seen as a scummy asshole? An international one could be fun though with the right balance of appropriate characters.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I like Al Qaida BB. Evicted HG’s get decapitated.


Oh, also it would probably initially set up some automatic alliances along country lines & it would be potentially interesting to see how those broke down & reformed along different criteria.


Does anyone think production gave Elissa fake rings to give Amanda? If not, do you think she’ll get her rings back?

KY Woman

Nope, I doubt she wore the real engagement ring into the house. Wouldn’t want to lose it. I know I wouldn’t bring anything that important with me into the house. CZ baby. Its for peace of mind.

Real Scandals Phony President

Dear Production,

All is forgiven as long as you let Amanda and Andy go this week.


The nasty comments in these forums about some of the contestants are far worse than the majority of the things being said in the house now.

Unless you’ve played Big Brother, you have no idea what being in the house can do to you psychologically. I challenge some of you to just try to post something positive or something simply not mean-spirited once in awhile. Simply to see if you can.

Here, I’ll go first:

Props to Amanda for reconciling with Elissa, and for apologizing. Some might argue she doesn’t mean it-but this is Amanda. Her ego and her pride consume her. As unlikely as it is that the apology is genuine, it’s even less likely that she’d be willing to pretend to humble herself in the first place.

Props to Andy for the best social game in the house. The only person who has him on her radar is Elissa, and even then, she’s just now potentially doing something to throw a wrench in his plans. Should Andy survive the double eviction with his new alliance in tact, cut the guy a freaking check for at least 2nd place. He had a perfect balance of flying under the radar and occasional big moves.

Props to Elissa for pulling a Dan, and swearing a promise on something so sacred that she’s proving she’s finally in it to win it. I just hope we don’t hear that same bunch whining as we did when Dan swore on the Bible…”your ring is sacred! it shouldn’t be a tool in Big Brother! Blah Blah Blah…”

Look at all the pretty butterflys!

Her ya go, the people have absolutely played the best game that any of them a capable of.


Those almost sounded like backhanded compliments to me! Like, “your great, Amanda, except for your ego, etc.”. People are just reacting to what they are seeing, reading, and hearing. Not that they should turn around and use the same language, racist remarks, or threats, however, people are outraged by the HG’s behavior and CBS’ and BB’s lack of action to that behavior. (At least, from the viewer’s perspective). Give people a break, please!


Not sure if I agree that GM is aware of Elissa’s plan, but I do think Judd is.

Worst BB in History!!!

Is anyone else getting annoyed by the people who post comments on here that really have NO BLISTERING IDEA what’s presently going on in this game???
UGH…. People!!! READ before you post!!! You look so stupid!!!
I mean Geez! If you have to post things like: “What if they have a double eviction on Thursday?” then you should seriously find another place to post!
It’s annoying to the rest of us who devote time & energy to “looking before we leap!!”

Just sayin….

bb is a house full of crazy

I agree. I hope Dan wins and hope they get Chima out.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I’m always annoyed. IF I got ahold of Clownie I’d rip him up.


Out of all the awful garbage that’s been spouted from the House Guests’ mouths this year, GM’s remark regarding Elissa’s son takes the cake by far, in my opinion. I was beginning to root for her to redeem herself somewhat from her earlier conduct, but what she said about that little boy is simply unforgivable. I can’t think of anything else when I see her now. My favorite players have changed throughout the season, but at this point I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not GM.


I felt the same way. I was coming around to her after she stood up to Amanda and McCrae but the kid comment brought back all the crap she has said this season. She is Snooki to me now.


If only Judd had balls and didn’t speak the way he does, maybe we would have SOMEONE to root for this season. :( lol

KY Woman

Judd speaks? Lordy, Ah have an accent – he has an impediment. Poor baby.


can we stop using the terms gay boy or jew? I am not an Amanda fan but using those terms makes you sound as bad as them.


Thumbs up that @BuffaloBill deserved to be Backdoored!!!
Explain: @BuffaloBill can’t win everything!!!! She sucks in betting and even pick Amanda & Andy final 2!!!!!
Please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!