Amanda says Ginamarie is going to be blindsided when I stay. She’s going to malfunction!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


2:40pm – 2:50pm Elissa heads into the rainbow room and tells Judd to wake up. She then leaves and heads into the kitchen. Elissa jokes that all the house guests were up partying all morning even McCrae which is why they’re all still sleeping. Amanda calls Elissa to come talk to her in the bathroom. Amanda says that she was basically campaigning to Judd to trying and get his vote making him think that I didn’t have the votes. He said that he tried to work with you but that you wouldn’t listen to anything he said. She says that Judd said he felt he could work better with Spencer. Amanda says that he thinks he know everything that is happening in this house when he doesn’t. Amanda laughs about how amazing and shocking it is going to be when she stays. Amanda says that Gina is going to be blindsided, she’s going to malfunction when I stay.



CBS Interactive Inc.

2:50pm – 3pm Amanda says that Ginamarie was in the hammock last night going over all of the dates of things.. Why would you go over all the dates with all of your competitors? Amanda laughs. Elissa says especially since she isn’t competing. Well I guess she is in the second one but.. Do you think they will do the days. Amanda says no, unless it was the Before/After competition. Amanda goes to wake up McCrae and tells him she wants to spend time with him because she might not be here tomorrow. She lays down with him and comments on how he stinks so bad. She tells him his arm pits and breath stink. She tells him to give her a kiss but just don’t breath. Amanda then goes to make McCrae breakfast. Judd, Spencer and Andy wake up and head to the kitchen.

3:15pm Elissa comments that Judd is in a bad mood. She says that he called one of the women in the diary room a bad name. Andy says that when he leaves he jokingly tells person in the diary room to go f**k themselves. Andy says all right I am going back to bed. Elissa asks really? Andy says no I’m joking.


3:30pm Andy asks what do you think they did for Aaryn’s birthday in the jury. Amanda says called her a racist. Amanda says that Jessie probably got upset and pissed off because the attention wasn’t on her. They laugh about how upset she got for not being picked for the BBQ. Spencer says she is probably like 23, big deal I am 26! Elissa says that Jessie was probably the girl that said she doesn’t get along with other girls. Amanda says I normally am but that didn’t happen in here did it. Amanda calls Judd that womanizer of the season and then laughs. Judd says no don’t call me a womanizer. Judd brings up Jerry calling Memphis a womanizer on BB10. Amanda asks McCrae where he is going. He says to the diary room. He then jokingly says that he wants to see if he can use his Coup d’etat this week.


3:40pm – 3:50pm Up in the HOH room – Ginamarie tells Andy that she can’t wait for tomorrow to happen so that she can see Amanda’s face when she is blindsided. Andy agrees and says he wants this day over. Gina says if I could punch myself in the face to knock myself out I would just so that tomorrow would come faster. Gina says that people that can act like that towards each other and then be that close of friends.. there is something mentally wrong with them. Gina says this will go down in big brother history. Even bigger than getting out Elissa. And we are the ones that are doing it. Spencer joins. Andy says I really hope tomorrow is a double, I want to get them out of here. Spencer says I was really pissed off at Amanda this morning, I almost said something. She woke him up said she might go home tomorrow and then started laughing. He says that she then was yelling in the hall while I was sleeping. They talk about how happy and confident Amanda is acting. Judd joins them.


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

3:50pm – 4:15pm In the bedroom – Andy talks to McCrae about how he has never been so scared about a vote. McCrae agrees and says that he still hasn’t told Gina he is voting to keep Amanda. Andy says I think she already knows you will. Andy heads back up to the HOH room. Andy tells them how McCrae trusts me way more than Elissa. Spencer says that tomorrow is going to be the greatest day. Andy worried and wonders if he is edited to be like Kathy from BB12. Judd calls Andy the Wil from last season. Andy says it’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to be around Elissa. The other agree. Judd tells them that he told Elissa if he won the HOH during the Double Eviction to meet him in the cockpit. He laughs and says he will ask her who he should put up and then put her up. Andy tells them that they need to go to Elissa right before the veto and tell her that McCrae just told them he is voting out Amanda. They say yeah. McCrae tells Elissa that the best part about the double is that you really don’t have to worry about anything with us all together. Andy joins them. McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Elissa laugh about how great tomorrow is going to be. Amanda says it will be the most glorious day of my life. Amanda says f**king cockroaches! Amanda says oh my god this is the biggest vote since Nick. They talk about it being a double eviction for sure. They says that last time the got clues like Gina being told she needed to practice the backyard comp and how they HOH lock down was earlier than usual. Amanda says that Ginamarie is going to freak out, she is going to die! Like she is going to malfunction. Elissa asks Amanda about bleaching her a$$hole the other day. Amanda says she used lemon juice, Hydrogen Peroxide and honey. She says it didn’t work though.


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Today will be last meal for Amanduh & Rat boy because in double eviction, both Amanda & Andy will be double blindsided!!!!


I hope you’re right Captain!!!


I agree as well. I hope the plan works. Andy will go up on the block and let Elissa win PoV to take herself off the block.


I’m sure POV will be “clown shoe” Elissa is sure to win that one!

Amanda's dog Woofie

Amanda stays. 3 to 1 vote. The Rat eats the cheese. DR has the cheese.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Spencer goes. Judd & GM on the block. One goes thursday, the other-next week. F4 AM< AN<E< MC

Pinocchio Obama

So in hindsight. Andy must be an evil genius. Amanda knows Andy plays both sides but she kept him over Aaryn. She knows that he has confided in Candice, Jessie, Helen and has sold all them out. However, she can’t believe that the same thing would happen to her. Elissa is just like Cassandra in Greek mythology,she knows the truth but no one believes her.

Elissa says hey Amanda, Gina is sharpening the knives, Judd is smoking heavily, and Spencer is eating butterscotch, while they all look at me. Do you think Andy told them what we are trying to do? Amanda responds with no way, you can always trust the gay guy! Oh Elissa, this plan is not going to turn out well.


I think it amazing that Amanda, who has been so paranoid about everyone all season, is convinced Andy will be loyal to the end. It really does speak volumes about Andy’s rat skills


It shows Andy, yes a rat, but has played the best game so far, no one hates the guy with the exception of possibly Elissa.

Dirty Harry Reid

If Amanda flies out on her broom tomorrow that will be a plan that turned out right.

circus tent

i am totally going to jizz my shorts when Amanda’s jaw drops when she is voted out, then a quick look at Elissa’s face when that ring walks out the door with a super pissed off Amanda.
oops, i think i just jizzed a little thinking about it.

100 percent

What if Judd flips and votes for Amanda instead of Andy voting for her? Judd is super paranoid about getting out in a double eviction – and he doesn’t have a final two. He knows Andy is with Spencer. GM is final two with Andy or Spencer. If Judd outs Andy before the live show (he’ll say he knows about the wedding ring) , he’ll tell Amanda and McCrae, and then he’ll (Judd) will vote out Spencer. Then it’s Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Elissa against Andy in double eviction and Andy goes out. Big plus is that Judd will get to have some of McCrae’s cigarettes. Judd was called to the DR a lot yesterday, and he’s way more worried about the vote tomorrow than anyone else.

SpongeBob Squarepants

Hope you’re right. If not, then I’ll skin Patrick Starr alive and throw Squidward Tentacles into a hot frying pan. And I’ll give you a penectomy ala Rabbi-style.

Dirty Harry Reid

I hope your right Captain.

barbie J.

I hope so!


I like the way you think, Captain.

Andy's freckled poo

I truly believe Elissa has a bigger plan in mind. This all makes no sense. She has not trusted Andy for weeks and she knows Amanda and mcc are shady too. Production obviously told her to do this. With that bein said, production also knows that rat freckled asshole Andy isn’t voting to keep Amanda. They wldnt have Elissa doin this for nothing. There’s something goin on and I believe it’s to expose the biggest rat ever..Andy!!! Although this new plan has me really pissd I am anxious to see how this all pans out. It better be good and I better be seeing Andy lose his shit as his ugly face turns bright red on the way out the door to talk to Julie on thurs nite!!!


I agree there’s something behind, but I’m not sure it’s to expose Andy, although I can’t fathom what else it might be. But why would they care about that? Is it a last ditch effort to get a little bit of drama going? If so, will it really work?


they care because this season is boring as shit. andy’s nonsense has essentially gotten all the actual players out of the game. the house is nothing but floaters now. it’s brilliant for him cuz he now stands a chance of making it to the end. especially since he’s made the dullard trio of GM, spenc & judd his minions. there’s a reason he went with them and not with M/A/E – he can control the other 3 cuz they’re borderline retarded. i suspect production hates it though because it’s removed/removing all the interesting people from the game.

can you imagine a final three with andy and 2/3 of J/S/GM? good like selling that one to sponsors.


“good *luck” i mean.


Yeah I can imagine it – it;s happened before – why fix it now? They should have fixed that problem a long time ago if this was really their issue

The Judger

I agree…and am I missing something?? Where are all these people getting Elissa being some mastermind behind some plan to out Andy?? I’m rooting for her plan to keep Amanda to work ( that’s her only hope to stay), but she’s about as complex as a light switch…Andy’s got the numbers and he’s got McCrae fooled for the vote. Most likely..unless someone overhears something, Amanda get’s a clue or Production makes some fast moves and starts clueing these morons in, Amanda will leave and Elissa/McCrae will go right behind her. Then it’s 1 vs. 4 not good odds for Elissa if she manages to stay.

Then we’ll get to enjoy hours of these idiots talking about how great they are, what awesome mega moves they made ( how lame is it that the biggest move is getting a chick out who basically won nothing, sucked face with her BF and slept half the time?? Wow..awesome!) .and what they’ll do with all their winnings…..ohhhh can’t wait for that excitement on the feeds!!

This Season Blows

What’s actually boring is yet another season where production’s pet (this year it’s Elissa) is rigged to the win. I wish this show was still about the game, not who the houseguests are related to or how many people they know in production or who has the most delusional fanbase to attract ratings.


I hope GM, Spencer and Judd all know what’s going on too or Elissa could have created 3 enemies just for 1 rat

kathie from canada

I think Elissa is pretty comfortable with the fact that Amanda will leave. That is why she is working her so hard … one jury vote if all goes according to plan. Secondly Andy will be the emperor with no clothes when he is outed as the liar he is. Thirdly, she positions herself well to work with Mc with Andy up the creek.. Fingers crossed for the HOH.


worried about jury vote she wont be final 2 so irrelevant


Besides Amanda may be a lot of things but she’s not unintelligent. I think she will end up admiring Andy for getting her esp. because SHE believes she’s masterminded this whole season! Yuck!

Pinocchio Obama

Yes she has a bigger plan. The plan is that she confronts Amanda on Thursday to get her ring, all on live TV. It causes such a scene that security has to go into the BB house to separate Amanda and Elissa. While security is in the house and distracted, Rachel slips in and gives Elissa a note saying: don’t trust the gay guy. Yep! This is a great plan. Elissa is overwhelmed that she is reunited with Rachel; however she has broken BB rule number 174: no outside influences. So Elissa is evicted and Amanda is sent back into the house. Elissa gives the audience two thumbs up as she is dragged away. Elissa’s plan work…she saved Amanda.

Gina is screaming at Elissa as she is being dragged away, saying that is one crazy woman.

Elissa an American hero, saved Amanda.


lol. Thanks for the laugh. That’s a funny scenario.


But just then Elissa realizes “hmmmmm, like my yoga mat is still in that den of sin”. She summons all of her fembot strength, breaks free of security, and races past an enraged and kicking Julie Chen back into the house. Looks of horror prevail upon the remaining houseguests when The Joker returns. A retreating Andy trips backwards just as Elissa’s surgically placed foot connects with his scrotum….. the Rat wails in agony. With lightning quickness, our hero rushes to the Have-Not room in anticipation of the reunion with her beloved mat. Then, Elissa sees it…. staring back at her….. mocking her. It’s a McRanda semen stain right at the head of her mat…… where Elissa sometimes puts her face!

To be continued……


I think I saw all this in the movie “Kick Ass”.

100 percent

What if Judd flips and votes for Amanda instead of Andy voting for her? Judd is super paranoid about getting out in a double eviction – and he doesn’t have a final two. He knows Andy is with Spencer. GM is final two with Andy or Spencer. If Judd outs Andy before the live show (he’ll say he knows about the wedding ring) , he’ll tell Amanda and McCrae, and then he’ll (Judd) will vote out Spencer. Then it’s Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Elissa against Andy in double eviction and Andy goes out. Big plus is that Judd will get to have some of McCrae’s cigarettes. Judd was called to the DR a lot yesterday, and he’s way more worried about the vote tomorrow than anyone else. And no way production would have told Elissa to risk her wedding ring – and no way production will let their two princesses leave on the same night.

Worst BB in History!!!

Everyone keeps referring to “Andy being outed as a rat on Thursday”…..
Other than to McCrae & Elissa (and she will not be shocked given the fact that she already knows he’s a rat), no one else will care! GM, Judd and Spencer are well aware that Andy is telling/lying to McCranda that he’s voting to keep Amanda when in fact he is not voting that way!


Let me just put this out there since I have only watched 2 seasons of BB. Has anyone ever just stood up right before the vote and told Julie that they want to voice their vote now and not go into the little room. That would be so cool if Mccrae & Elissa would just stand up and say they vote for Spencer to be evicted and then look at Andy and ask how about you??? That way if the vote was 2 to 2 then Andy could not blame it on Elissa. I’m not saying I love elissa but I just hate Andy and am so tired of him getting away with being the snitch/rat/tattletale that he has been. I will probably get the downward thumbs for this but I took a chance. Be gentle with me. I am a BB rookie.

Todd Crane

I can’t believe Amanda thinks Andy is still loyal to her. He’s going to send her packing tomorrow. She’s the one that’s going to be blinsided, not Gina Marie. Andy is a rat. When the word rat appears you see Andy’s face.

Scott Disick

….auntie Kris, it’s me Todd Cranes…. where are you?

Todd Crane

Hi Scott. I used that name because I thought it was funny. I’m glad you noticed!


Amanda is going to get a rude wake up call when she is the one evicted. Andy will be exposed and hopefully he will be the 2nd house guest evicted Thursday Night. Elissa has to win the POV or HOH to stay in the House or she is gone. But I would prefer Andy. Tomorrow is going to be so good. I think this is the best decision Elissa could have made. Andy will be the target… Let the games begin!

Amanda's dog Woofie

I hate all these people, but I enjoy watching them suffer. I hate Elissa the least. I hate Judd the most. Actually I hate Julie the most. but she doesn’t SUFFER.


Woofie seems a little rabid today…

Judd's Granny

Do you steal dogs too, chicken-plucker?

Power player

I know a lot of people are calling bs and conspiracy theories are flying rampant. But I personally don’t care that production has helped two of the stronger competitors out and to try and keep them in. I hate seeing floaters stay till the end til, they have the numbers to screw over a HG that has played their @$$ off.

I would love to see BB take away the rule that you cannot compete for HOH back to back to help keep the strong players around. And have more twists/powers rewards etc to switch the gameplay up and really make people think on their toes.

As well I think for being dead last in a HOH comp should auto place you on the eviction seat to promote that competitiveness, seeing how JUDD and Spencer played that chicken wire HoH was like watching kids work at McDonalds and even they hussle more than those two did.


How exactly is Elissa a strong competitor again??? I must have missed something!!!


Power Player — love the idea of putting the final loser of comps on the block. It would stop people throwing comps to keep from “getting blood on their hands”.
You are also right about prod needing to change things around. HGs should not be allowed to sleep until 2 or 3 pm — incentive comps or semi-luxury comps are needed. Housework should be mandatory for everyone and HOH comps need to be changed about. Right now the HGs know what and when comps will be. Also, practice for comps should be eliminated. When hgs enter the b/y the comp should be a complete surprise.


Well it would certainly minimize the strategy of throwing competitions, but really all you would have to do is ensure you’re not last – still would result in some throwing of competitions. Don’t really see how that would eliminate “floaters” though, plus it would have probably negated the strategy of people like Dr. Will & Dan among others. I don’t know, as much as we may not like it it seems like it’s a legitimate strategy to use, esp. at the beginning. Actually it sometimes kind of funny watching people attempt to look like they’re trying but not wanting to win the 1st couple of HOHs

Mark H

Isn’t GM the only one left to have won more than one HOH? Personally, I think they are all floaters. They specifically targeted those they perceived to be stronger competitors prior to the jury (Nick, Jeremy, Katelynn, Howard). Amanda had a great deal of influence in most of the nominations, but it wasn’t earned as much as given. Helen and Aaryn effectively played for Amanda as part of a strategy to keep the target off their own backs, until time ran out. Andy played for Amanda as well, but at least he was effective in keeping the heat off himself and may now strategically switch sides at the perfect time. Point being, the houseguests gave Amanda a pass, even treated her as though she were in charge, without her doing much if anything to earn the level of respect she was being given. Basically, until the last couple of weeks, few if any of the houseguests have really played the game….they just sit back, vote with the house, and hope to not be the next target. If they had the choice, I don’t think these houseguests would have evicted anyone after Jessie left. They’d all just sit in the house and get along indefinitely.

aMANduh's funky panties!

‘Amanda laughs about how amazing and shocking it is going to be when she stays. Amanda says that Gina is going to be blindsided, she’s going to malfunction when I stay.’

Ohhh, sweetie you just don’t know what is about to hit you do you? Wrong….we viewers get to laugh, not you! AND, yes it’s going to be ‘AMAZING’!!

Amanda's dog Woofie

Amanda has the cheese. The Rat likes cheese. Haters sing in unison: Oh we’re never watching again. We’re never watching again Hiho the derryo We’re never watching again.


Personally, if Amanda doesn’t leave Thursday, I am done watching BB and Survivor forever. CBS….what part of ‘reality’ is confusing you? Fans would like to see how ‘real’ people ‘really’ participate without being scripted

Amanda's dog Woofie



Judd is in a bad mood because he’s going through nicotine withdrawal. As an ex-smoker, I can tell you….it’s a terrible withdrawal, must rate right up there with crack or other street drugs


He’s jonesing for some smokes and McCranda seems to be stocked up. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to buy his vote for a carton.


Kathy, good point. I didn’t think of that. In that locked down house, who knows, anything could work! And once McCranda is gone, are there any other smokers in the house? Hmmm…..


Yeah- how did they get them- they were already about out a couple of weeks ago


Um… no. So much no.


I didn’t say I wanted her to stay, but I really think JUDD would go for it!


mcrae brush your teeth and shower dude. this isn’t a strategic move to keep Amanda away, its just because he is that type of guy



McSinky is a smelly Sticky Mess of a Pizza Boy…eewwwww..gag

Just wondering?

Shouldn’t McCrea be with Pigpen from BB 11?


And she’s the type of gal that doesn’t care. Match made in heaven!

Keri Helen

We’re all in bad moods, JUDD. This Elissa/Amanda sh*t is bonkers and not in a good way.



I bet Amanduh doesn’t know that Andy betray by blindside you and now Andy doesn’t know that Elissa will blindsided you as well. I may hope both Andy & Amanda will enjoy expensive trip o the Jury House!!!!!


I am actually impressed with Elissa’s plan to keep Amanda because either way she had nothing to lose, Spencer Andy and Mccrae were coming after her , and I don’t think judd or gm have her back.

Now Mcranda will found out that Andy was the one who voted her out and I think Mccrae will realise that Andy is a rat so he will come after him instead of Elissa, and if Elissa makes it to the end she gained 2 more jury votes from Mcranda.

This is a good game move by Elissa, the only thing I am wishing for is that Amanda or Elissa catch Andy lying behind their back, I want Amanda to bully Andy like she is capable of doing and make him cry like a little bitch he is.


Your missing one part clown! Elissa has no idea the others are a group!! She’s making this move out of pure stupidity!!!


How do you know she doesn’t know? I don’t think it would take a rocket scientist to see the 4 of them are up to something. Not to mention Elissa sneaks around a lot and listens. Honestly, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she heard bits and pieces of their dumb exterminator conversations.

Amanda's dog Woofie

No rocket science. DR tells her everything she needs to know.


Don’t worry, we have a plan to get rid Rat Boy Andy!!!!! As long as Amanda is gone!!!! Andy will be the next to go.


Are you just hoping, or do you conclude that because of some logic?

This Season Blows

Who’s “we”? None of the repetitive crap you post on here has any effect on the game. And we get that you’re desperate to believe – in contradiction to all facts and logic – that Elissa has somehow become a mastermind with a genius plan to expose Andy, but that doesn’t make it true, nor do we want to read that crap a million times per post.

mark h

It is brilliant except for two things. First, she doesn’t (or shouldn’t) know that andy/Spencer are targeting her, or that gm/Judd don’t have her back. Her “allies” haven’t yet proven or even indicated that she can’t trust them. Second, mcranda is unlikely to be loyal to Elissa beyond Thursday. This move could help Elissa get to final three…..or she could be the second eviction this week.


Elissa knows that Andy cannot be trusted. She dislikes Spencer and knows he cannot be trusted because of what he did to Candice., Amanda just told her that Judd is going with Spencer because he doesn’t like the way she plays the game. GM has gotten so cocky and is talking a lot of garbage about Candice in front of Elissa . Elissa sees the handwriting on the wall, she knows there is a huge target on her. I think she is hoping to get McCray on her side, Perhaps while everyone was doing that photo shoot over a week ago, maybe Elissa got a special power when she was stuck in her room??? Or maybe she found something in the balloons. I think the funniest thing would be to pull Amanda off the block and put Andy up and vote the little snitch into the JH. Now that would make good TV!!! By no means do I like Amanda, but Andy has taken over 1st place on my dislike list.


So what are the odds that Amanda is staying? Can’t help but feel it went from 90% she was leaving before Elissa wanted to flip the house but now I feel its 50% she’s leaving……


100% she’s leaving!!! Andy’s voting her out 100%!!!


Do you think E, A& M can pull Judd to their side?


Cannot wait until tomorrow night.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

Its high time for that dirty rat bastard Andy to be exposed for the rat weasel he is!!
McCrae better figure it out that Andy is a rat bastard and not go after Elissa…I
hope Elissa gives rat bastard hell.

Fudge-Packing Andy

Andy went into the DR asking for adult diapers, he’s running low. That’s what you get from backyard drilling!


Thumbs up if you want Judd to take the $500k!

Amanda's dog Woofie

Thumbs up if you want to hear Spencer tell Judd,”Squeal like a piggy!”


For the first time all season…..go Judd….only one to make it clear he’s onto production directing in a big way…and he’s not happy with ‘ghosts’ as he says.


Elissa will go down as the biggest tard in Big Brother history for this move! Even bigger then Lawon if that’s possible!


U be wrong – just wait see. She can’t fake her way through a quadratic equation but she knows how to figure the odds to her favor (ok, with the help of the diary room, but still… : )


Who wants to bet the reason Judd is in such a bad mood is because production is trying to convince him to flip to save Amanda, now that they’ve figured out Andy is locked to evict her? Judd’s their only chance at saving Amanda’s (but more importantly Elissa’s) games.

Stay strong Judd. You and Andy pull this off and you’re my favorites going into the final stretch. Fold, and I’ll forever deem you production’s lap dog.

This is just like when they pressured Ian to use the veto to save Dan…when Ian didn’t, and I read about production’s actions after the fact, it made me that much happier that Ian won. Say what you want about the way he played. By going against production, Ian demonstrated integrity, and proved himself a winner even if he hadn’t beaten Dan.


Nick, I think so too! As soon as I heard that Judd cursed them out, I assumed it had to be
because they were trying to get him to vote for Amanda to stay!

Remember when Elissa got out of DR and told Amanda she wanted to keep her around,
she said she had figured out that she could trust Amanda, MC and Judd. Andy was Amanda’s
idea not production/Elissa’s.

So now that Andy won’t do it, they are trying to work Judd but he is not Elissa. I feel positive
he won’t do it even if they pressure him. Unless of course if they make him a deal he cannot

I think last year Ian refused to do production’s bidding to keep Dan and they had to find a
way around it somehow and were able to keep Dan. If Ian had listened to them, he would have
been voted out next.


I work in mental health services, and so I try to be understanding to a lot of things that I see go on during Big Brother, because i can’t imagine the mental stress the game must put on the players. It’s also a big reason I watch the show-it’s an occasional lesson is social psychology (you know, when production doesn’t interfere).

But that is the one thing I hate above all else, when production pulls this garbage on players like Judd. Your stress must go up 100 fold when you realize the people LITERALLY RUNNING THE GAME ARE AGAINST YOU.

And I can just hear them now…

“You know Judd, you were given a 2nd chance to play this game, and you’re not making the most of it.”

“Do you really want to be remembered as the first player to come back from jury, and then make no big moves?”

“I bet if Helen had gotten to come back…”

Ugh. Makes me sick. Stay strong Judd. These losers will try to break you…but by Thursday, they’ll get the message.


I agree. Plus say what you want about people getting 2nd chances is interfering with the game, fact is their stupid MVP f***up is a major reason he was evicted in the 1st place (& why they were so all so paranoid & afraid to make any moves )

Jeremy's Boat

What did they do after the fact?


Production? Nothing, sorry for the confusion.

Ian revealed after the fact, once his season was over, that the 2nd veto was introduced because they needed Dan to save himself. Ian won the veto instead though.

Production’s plan B was to then bully Ian into using the second veto to save Dan. Ian refused.

When that failed, they used plan C, and got “Jenn City” to use the original veto to save Dan (that was the only memorable thing she did all season, and production told her to do it).

I also believe this is why, when Dan was interviewed by Julie Chen last week, he claimed he and Ian were “cordial” with each other. That’s basically code for, “we don’t talk unless we are contractually obligated to.”


Even Ian admitted to that on dickatnite, production can in fact influence the HGs in the DR and sometimes it works, but the HG has to agree to it.

Season 13 where Shelly was trying to get out Rachel and then she went into DR, came out and flipped the house to save her, and Lawon volunteered to go up as replacement. and the 2nd time they protected her was obviously Porsche’s Pandora’s Box.

As iIl said before the only way for Amanda to stay if is, production also got to GM, becasue it will be a tie, and GM if not convinced to keep Amanda will vote her out. I have a hard time believing they also got GM.


I was a victim of the Time Warner/CBS blackout, so I just went back and watched the Judd/Double Eviction episode and aftermath for the first time. I am now convinced of these three things:

1. The Elissa/Amanda alliance is fake. For starters, love or hate Amanda, the house will be fairly uneventful and drama free once she’s gone. Production clearly knows this and has attempted to stir the pot by telling Amanda “not to roll over and die.” But she still did. And then all of a sudden, Elissa switched her allegiance to Amanda. If you watch the episode after the last double eviction, they spent over HALF of the episode showing what went on during the DE, while the HOH comp and nominations were almost an afterthought or formality. It was obviously a very emotional/crazy chain of events, and CBS was clearly milking it for all it was worth. I think CBS is now nervous that the Exterminators (aka, floaters) + No Amanda in the house = bad ratings for the rest of the season. So there is no doubt in my mind that this Elissa/Amanda alliance was purely production’s doing because they’re hoping the aftermath of this week’s double eviction will be enough to stir the pot for the next few weeks. However, the question still remains whether they convinced Elissa this was better for her game and she truly IS with Amanda/McCrae or if they convinced her to do a bait and switch to out Andy as a rat, etc.

2. Amanda is NOT as good at this game as everyone gives her credit for. Watching Judd get evicted reminded me just how terrible these people are (at life and at this game). The entire reason Judd got painted as a target was because Amanda convinced herself that he was MVP and she was pissed. Just like she convinced everyone that Howard was a threat when he wasn’t. She targeted Jessie for liking McCrae and hates Elissa because she’s jealous of who knows what ($$$, preferential treatment from production, etc.). Amanda has been playing this game PERSONALLY, not strategically. Now to be fair, she is strategic about how she manipulates people to do what she wants, so I’ll give her credit for that – BUT (and this is a huge difference in my mind) they were NOT strategic moves based on game play. Sure, a couple of those people may have been threats further down the road, but she has basically lucked out in having Andy and McCrae on her side for numbers/protection, and the fact that the house is too afraid to make any moves or get blood on their hands. The rare times that her back has been against the wall, she has FREAKED out, wrongfully accused people or called them out in front of everyone and put an even bigger target on her back, which McCrae had to talk her down from. Her psychotic overreactions and antagonizing are not the moves of a strategic player, but rather a bully who goes crazy when they don’t get their way. I freaking HATE her, and I hope people can realize the difference here. Honestly, her disgusting behavior, racism and bullying aside, I could begrudgingly respect her game play if I thought her moves were made to further her game rather than to take cheap shots at the people she hates or is jealous of. Dan Gheesling said it best – she’s playing this game like a brat.

3. Oh yeah, and my last revelation… I STILL hate Helen. She’s like a Pollyanna cheerleader on steroids, and listening to her talk is pure torture. Thank gawwwwwd she’s finally gone. #STFUbetch.


I will certainly agree with one thing that you wrote there…the part about CBS is very afraid of an exterminators and no amanda meaning low ratings for the rest of the season ….yep they are and well they should be!

Mark My Words

Yuup said, “but she has basically lucked out in having Andy and McCrae on her side for numbers/protection”,

No luck involved Andy was assigned to rat, snitch and protect and spy for Amanda. The Rigging would not work with out a mole.
Andy has never had an end game and still really does’nt. Spencer/Andy final 2? HAAA! His Job was to infiltrate and snitch and uncover anything
that could threaten Amanda..
Without his intel Amanda would have been gone a long time ago. He will continue to be loyal to Amanda down to the end.
He will not vote to evict her. remember what he said (below)

Andy said – ‘don’t let this freak you out.. this just shows how confident I am in what we have.. My odds would be better if I flipped with all of them”
Andy explains Spencer would be gone, GM can’t play in the next HOH and that would only leave JUDD pissed at him”.

It is exactly the same scenario that works for Elissa. It is final 4 insurance.

-Mark My Words

Judd's Granny

” Those who refuse to see.” Trying to explain the obvious. Frustratjng, aint it,


If Amanda stay I am convienced that this show was scripted for Amanda to win.


But in order for Amanda to win enough jury members have to vote for her.
I doubt that Candice, Jessie, Judd, GM or Spencer would vote for her.
Elissa, Poopy, Helen are toss ups depending on who would be in final 2.
MC & maybe Andy would vote for her. I am not really worried that she will
win because I doubt that the jury will vote for her to win. But then again it
depends on who production would put up against her.


Andy won’t he’ll only vote for himself. Even if he only makes it final 4 he will try to vote for his favorite player, himself. He sucks I want him out soooo bad! Sorry Andy your NOT America’s favorite player and you better not make it to the final 2…. Just sayin’.


So is Amanda really getting evicted or is she staying. I am just now trying to figure it out and I can’t.


that bitch is gone!!!

Amanda's dog Woofie

Take your Adderal.


I think Elissa is much smarter than what people give her credit for. This is insurance for sure.


Not knocking your comment or anything, I do think Elissa is intelligent-but not at this game.

Elissa got fed this plan by the DR-and the reason i think this is that immediately after her DR session, she’s saying she knows “in her heart” that she can trust Amanda and McCrae. Later, however, she tells them she’s not going to play “emotionally” Uh…how does heart not equal emotion?

The answer? Elissa’s “i know in my heart” is code for production. Just like Helen’s code for production was, “coming to God moment” and Judd’s code is “i hate the ghosts the most”


I thumbs upped you because I agree. But I still think she knows whats going on for it. :)


Lol! i thumbed you up too. :)


LMFAO!!! Thanks!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks!!! Elissa is the biggest moron in Big Brother history!!!


I have no idea why it’s so difficult to comprehend…… I guess because people simply don’t want to believe it. Elissa thinks she’s making a huge move and it’s just gonna blow up in her face. There’s no conspiracy, there’s no ulterior motive, she’s not leading Amanda on or trying to expose Andy. Just watch her face tomorrow night when the vote comes down, she’s probably gonna throw one of her “I’m leaving” tantrums.

This Season Blows

Seriously, she might be responsible for the dumbest two weeks of gameplay in the show’s history.

1. Elissa “wins” HOH
2. Elissa passes up on the opportunity to nominate McCranda together because of her blind hatred for Aaryn
3. Elissa passes up on the opportunity to get Andy the Rat out because of her blind hatred for Aaryn
4. GM wins HOH, makes the move Elissa should have made by nominating McCranda
5. With Demanda still on the block after the veto, Elissa allows production to talk her into trying to save her

Demanda could have already been gone by now, if not for Elissa’s stupidity and utter lack of game.


Unless my recollection is wrong didn’t Elissa end up wanting to backdoor AM during her HOH? She put up Poopy and Mc thinking they had a better shot at POV(or someone else who would have taken either off) and AM would be the replacement . AM hadn’t won anything at this point, was not looked at as a competition threat……….. Seemed logical, but AM won POV and she saved MC leaving them both safe. If AM was up with MC I think AM would still have won POV and Poopy would have been replacement and still went to jury. I believe Poopy was out no matter what combo of the 3 were on the block and AM just happened to be picked to play POV. AM nor MC was going to leave under El’s HOH. The FAIL on getting AM out falls on Helen, America put her up twice and could have been sent packing the 1st time, I don’t think i’m alone in this belief………………………….. I don’t think it was an HOH fail for El. She got out a gamer and an enemy. I’m not even an Elissa fan and as long as ratboy doesn’t win I don’t care at this point!


This show really suck now can’t wait for Survivor or maybe that is rig to.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Can’t believe they are bringing back Colton. Someone at CBS really hates gay people.


That should answer any questions as to whether Aaryn, GM, or Amanda could potentially be brought back for future seasons of BB.


It struck me about 1 hour ago that it is not even one week since Aaryn was evicted. Simon and Dawg have been so busy with numerous, informative updates that I honestly thought it was at least 2 weeks since last eviction. I can’t get the feeds on my little tropical island and my cable company does not carry TVGN or BBAD so I really appreciate everything the Dynamic Duo do to keep me updated. Thanks guys — you make an ex-pat very proud.

derick alaska

Can’t wait to see Amanda malfunction!!!


Yep!! Andy will be joining her as well. He will turn his face red!!!! Hey, Howdy Doody just call. He wants his face back!!!!!!!


Dude I am confused. Just when has Amanda actually functioned?


Although I’m starting to have my doubts about it happening, it would be so great to see Amanda go only because she is SO sure she has the votes & no-one knows anything about it. Likely would really be quite entertaining and satisfying.

Andy's freckled poo

I truly believe Elissa has a bigger plan in mind. This all makes no sense. She has not trusted Andy for weeks and she knows Amanda and mcc are shady too. Production obviously told her to do this. With that bein said, production also knows that rat freckled asshole Andy isn’t voting to keep Amanda. They wldnt have Elissa doin this for nothing. There’s something goin on and I believe it’s to expose the biggest rat ever..Andy!!! Although this new plan has me really pissd I am anxious to see how this all pans out. It better be good and I better be seeing Andy lose his shit as his ugly face turns bright red on the way out the door to talk to Julie on thurs nite!!!


Your wrong!!! Elissa really is that dumb!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Even though Amanda keeps saying that she might not be in the house tomorrow, she seems pretty upbeat for someone who is on the block and is the target of the current HOH. Her confidence is uncomfortable. I get the sense that she might be staying. Regarding Judd, that guy really needs to be more low key. Why in the heck is Judd confiding in Amanda? I know that he thinks she’s going this week, but she’s not gone yet. He’s having way too many strategy conversations with people outside of his alliance. You’re in The Exterminators alliance. Keep a low profile and maybe you’ll make it through the double eviction.


I have a theory, don’t know if this has been brought up or not but……Judd and Elissa made a final two deal right, they have had several whisper sessions and have talked at times that was not shown on the feeds… So what if Judd implants himself on the exterminators to report back to Elissa, and vice versa. They both know they are low on the totem pole even in their alliances. They both know that ANDY is a huge rat.

So they come up with this plan to keep Amanda, tell Andy about it knowing he would spill the beans, and come Thursday Judd votes out Spencer which will for sure bring the RAT out of hiding. They don’t tell Mcranda until after the eviction, and tell them to play along with Andy when he tries to say he was the third vote to save Amanda. Meanwhile Judd plays dumb, what’s new, to GM and Andy, and turns it on Andy, making him look like the RAT that he is. Mcranda will know that he’s a rat and will play along, and GM will think it as well, making him the target. Mcranda, Judd and Elissa form a final 4 and they flush out the RAT while doing so. I might be giving them both too much credit, but what a move it would be, even tho I can’t stand Amanda. This would maybe take the heat off both of them. So…. possible or far fetched?


Yes, I think you are giving the ALL too much credit & honestly I really can’t be happy with any plan that leaves Amansa in there. The desire for her demise has been building long enough – just get it over with!


That is an interesting theory. I never thought of that! I hope you are right. As much as I hate Amanda, I hate the Rat more. It would be awesome to set a Rat trap for him!

Andy the nasty RAT has got to go

I would love to see Andy go, but the only way that is going to happen is if GM and Judd along with Mcslob wake up and realize that the rainbow ginger rat was playing both sides. Unfortunately they are all to stupid to realize that. Even Amanda thinks Andy is true to her. Although Mcslob did say he is not sure about Andy, so maybe there is some hope with him. Elissa is the only one that realizes what Andy has been doing. WAKE up you FOOLS……..The rainbow ginger RAT has got to go……


Why do people think Andy will be evicted tomorrow? Seems like everyone is oblivious to the fact that he is playing all sides. Also, who else besides McCrea and Elissa would vote for Amanda?


What a bunch of lazy bums. I don’t have to waste my day though watching for updates

GM's Baby Daddy Nick

Nothing’s changed- Amanda’s still crazy, Elissa is still doing production’s dirty work, Andy’s still a rat, Spencer’s still floating, GM is still stupid, Mccrae is still asleep and Judd is still a dudd still a double dd though.


If production is really doing all of this just to expose (and ruin) a player’s game, then that means they are afraid without their intervention that that player would run away with the game.

If this is all true, then Andy deserves the check. He may be a rat, but he’s the most powerful rat ever in the history of Big Brother. Hate it all you want guys, Andy played this game harder than anyone else in there, and he’s been playing since week 1.


“Elissa comments that Judd is in a bad mood. She says that he called one of the women in the diary room a bad name.” HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT JUDD SAID IN THE DR ?! Did I understand this sentence wrong? How come no one else is alarmed by this because in case this is true, it means proof that production is telling a houseguest what others are saying in their private diary room cession !

Amanda's dog Woofie

No it is not. Judd told her.


“Elissa comments that Judd is in a bad mood. She says that he called one of the women in the diary room a bad name.” HOW DOES SHE KNOW WHAT JUDD SAID IN THE DR ?! Did I understand this sentence wrong? How come no one else is alarmed by this because in case this is true, it means proof that production is telling a houseguest what others are saying in their private diary room cession !


The remaining house guests, especially Judd, are getting a real hate-on for Production They see what is going on. They know Production wants Amanda to stay. They realize Elissa’s total turn around is all because Production wanted her to. Production has always “guided” the outcome of this game but they really over-reached this season. I have never seen players this openly pissed at Production’s interference.


Hey Rat Boy or say Howdy Doody! I would love to see your face red that you f$cked up that votes are 3-1 evicted Amanda!!!!!! To bad McPussy will target you next instead of Elissa!!!!!!!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I am beginning to believe that Elissa is playing the Big Brother game with a twin sister. She always looks different. Always. Eyes, cheeks, nose, jaw…everything.


Applaud Judd’s protest with Production….he sees their latest DIRECTION. Loved when he gave the camera two middle fingers.


I agree too with captain. I think Elisa’s is going to vote Amanda out with the rest of the house to expose Andy as a rat and snake to McCrae and Amanda. She is only going to have one vote from McCrae and his plan of tying to act shocked is gonna blow up in his face. She is trying to expose Andy for sure and she keeps on trying to make hints to Amanda by asking her if she is sure Andy is not talking to other house guests about the plan. I cannot wait for tomorrow to see the look on Amanda’s face.


I don’t really see why people say that that would expose Andy. All he would do at that point is just say that he and eLissa changed their minds and decided to vote with the house …you know, like they do every week lol


If the POTUS ever needs to send WMD to a foreign country he could send McCranda. The stench and filth would eliminate adversaries without a single shot being fired.


Judd needs to channel some of that anger into a viable strategy and play the game instead of laying around the house listening to the other Stooges (Andy and Spencer).


I agree, but I can see how frustrating it must be and how can you strategize if you have no faith that production isn’t going to step in & ruin everything. I agree with others in that they (production) have pushed it too far this time & made it way too obvious.


DAWG/SIMON — is it possible for you to post a pic of Howdy Doody. Many people on here may not be old enough to remember the Howdy Doody show but they will be amazed by the striking resemblance to Rat Boy.


Wonderful — thank you.


One thing has been bothering me… does anyone else remember when GM was in HOH by herself and laughing, she held Spencer’s key up to the camera and did a thumbs down? What was that all about? She and Elissa have talked in the past about how they’d be smart to get rid of the guys and do a girls alliance because they thought the guys were forming an all guys alliance…but, if GM was in fact gonna vote against Spencer, you’d think we would have heard the girls talking about it. But still, I don’t get why she would hold Spencer’s key up and do a thumbs down. Hmmmmmm…..

Amanda's dog Woofie

E & GM have been sleeping together in HOH. They do not need to talk during the day. Pay attention.


On the live feeds GM held Spence’s key up after he held her key up to the camera’s and did a thumbs down and acted like she hadn’t seen him. So then she did the same to him and then they did a few fact wrestling moves, before she went back to join the others making dinner. Everyone was in the room when they both did it.


oops supposed to be *fake not fact moves

Mark My Words

• Okay folks. here it is out of the Rats mouth. He said this yesterday after noon/evening. Andy is not dumb that is why everybody has
trusted him implicitly. He knows what best for his game. ( read below)
Andy – ‘don’t let this freak you out.. this just shows how confident I am in what we have.. My odds would be better if I flipped with all of them”
Andy explains Spencer would be gone, GM can’t play in the next HOH and that would only leave JUDD pissed at him.
Andy – ‘this is showing you how loyal I am .. No way in hell.. I feel like I would be on my deathbed and that would be my biggest regret in life… if I formed a final 4 with Elissa, Amanda and McCrae and took out you”
Spencer – ‘Chances are you go fourth’
Andy – ‘I would never forgive myself’
Oh yes he would and Oh yes he will. This my friends, is exactly the same scenario that works for Elissa. It is final 4 insurance.
Loyal my ass. he dosent like pressure or people mad at him and he knows his mommy Mcpuss and Daddy Manduh will keep
him safe from scary old Judd. Notice how he did not even mention pissing off GM. Amanda is not going home thursday. sorry.
I would love to see her go but the CBS gods have other things in mind. If I am wrong about Amanda staying on thursday I will
change my tag line to -Eat my Words for the rest of the season.
Final 4= Amanda, Elissa ,Andy, Judd
F2 = Amanda, Elissa
-Mark My Words


You sound just as retarded as Elissa!


Agree 100% that is how it’s going to go down


Omg (as the RAT says every other sentence) mark my words … I sure as hell hope you’re wrong! I will be the titty baby crying. I can’t take any more of Amanda and Andy. I will have to pop my eardrums and poke my eyes


Just because GM can’t play for HOH doesn’t mean she won’t be there. She’s still a vote and she will be SO pissed! Oh wow – just occurred to me – maybe that’s what generates the requisite production drama – we all know GM can create a major war ( except she will end up offending all the gays with her vitriol)

amanda's under-wear

I still want her to stay and mcstupid off to jury house with JESSIE!!!! ONE week of hell for demanda she will walk for sure lolollololoololo!!!!

amanda's under-wear

send mcstupid to jury-house –demanda goes nuts –thinking of jessie—demanda walks—victory!


if amanda stays, I will quit watching.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Oh no! We will miss you so much!


Production was hoping Andy would jump back to Amanda. He does not want to. Now they putting pressure on Judd, and probably doe not want o vote her to stay. So, yes they re vey mad at production. It shows them up as not important o the show. Andy thinks he is and is not.

Another Liberal Loser

Would someone please target Andy already?


I’m hoping what’s happening here is that Elissa figured the others had formed an alliance and knew she’d probably be the next one on the block. So she came up with the plan of saving Amanda, knowing it probably won’t work. Hopefully this will expose Andy, enrage Amanda and McRae enough to throw their support behind Elissa, and once Amanda is gone, McRae (now with a fire under him) and Elissa trade off running the house until they evict all the others. That’s the only way I continue to watch, anyway. I mean, a house with GM, Judd, Spencer and Andy? Not enough braincells among them to work the oven. They’ll curl up in a ball and dry up.