Haleigh “If they don’t let me take a hot shower.. I’m not showering! F**k it I’m sleeping like this.”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 3rd
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: Tonight
Noms: ? & ? Have Not ?

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11:48pm – 12:03pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds. The live feeds return – Angela – I feel bad for you guys that was harsh! Sam – that was impressive! JC – did they authorize us to take a hot shower? Haleigh – if they don’t let me take a hot shower… I am not showering.. f**k it I am sleeping like this. JC – no babe!

12:04pm Bedroom. Angela hugs Tyler and congratulates him on winning. They head back to the kitchen. Haliegh – You did so good Tyler. Tyler – you were solid as f**k! Haleigh – Once I knew it was just me and you.. I knew you would outlast me. Tyler – my arms were about to give out. That was hitting us hard. If it would hit you from the front my feet would slip back. One wrong hit would f**k us up. Haleigh – were your arms tired? Tyler – my biceps were feeling like they were about to rip. Tyler – I can’t wait to see a picture of my dad. Sam – are they going to give you a picture of your dad? Tyler – I hope so!

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Bedroom. Angela and Kaycee. Angela – she (Haleigh) would have put you and I up and then backdoored Tyler.

12:50pm Bedroom. Haleigh, JC and Angela. Haliegh – I just wanted to win to put her up. At that point I didn’t even want to put Tyler, I want Sam. She is just a f**king b***h. I take back my speech. Then she runs to me when I fall off. JC – what did she say? Haleigh – I’ve never been more impressed with someone in my life. Like don’t f**king touch me. JC – I hate when she looks at me. Haleigh – I don’t know why she is rooting for Tyler. She talks so much sh*t about Tyler. I don’t know wat she as against me but I am f**king done!! Haleigh gets up and leaves the room. JC smiles to Angela.

1:20am – 2am Haleigh is in the havenot room. The other are showering and cleaning themselves up

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Tom A

Say what you want about the HIVE, but a Hayleigh HOH would’ve shaken things up finally. Now it’s an easy Hayleigh-Scotty Nomination with one of them going out the door.

Team Kaycee, JC, Brett, Tyler.


The shake up will come during final 6. Plenty of game play left. The dumb dumbs (the entire Hive), and the floaters who have won nothing need to go.


The problem comes if one of them wins veto and Tyler has to name a replacement.

Scottie Pilgrim

Not really a problem… L6 still has the numbers to evict whomever so if Hay or Scottie wins the veto, throw Brett / KC / Sam up otb as a pawn and evict the Hive target.

Rocky's Mom

I hope Scottie wins pov and Tyler puts JC up! I want to see the little jerk cry sitting on the block!


Why didn’t Tyler let Haliegh win, make a deal with her for saftey & allow her to take a shot at level 6 before they have a chance to turn on him? Angela seems to be the only one unlikely to turn, but everyone else in his alliance just might given opportunity, if they decide they want to win… I hope there’s some drama to shake things up & not be a predictable week.

Scottie Pilgrim

Because Hay put him up otb before (hacker) and like he said to JC, he wants Hay out (& now Scottie) before taking a shot at his alliance


Because he knows that she(hay) knows that she would have to take another shot at him to win. He might have done that if it was him and Scotty, but it’s too risky with hay.

another name

Why didn’t Tyler LET Haleigh win?
Sure. Why not let the person that nominated him behind the cover of hacker while constantly professing it wasn’t her every time she walked into a room for two days win. What could possibly go wrong for his game in doing that?
Hasn’t she been given enough of a free ride through editing and a tack on battle back to increase her odds? Come on. A one minute and twenty second comp (check the time, the comp took one minute and twenty seconds) for battle back? Reeks of an add on change to the season plan. Production already asked her her skills and talents before that hacker comp and hoh, that would lead any reasonable person to the conclusion that production already let her win two comps… why should another house guest? Tyler didn’t let Haleigh win because that would be a foutte move.
The d/r leak asking tyler who he would nominate, with the comment i’m sure we’ll discuss it more later sounds eerily like the beginning of a converstation that approaches season 18 d/r advice not to target Nicole.
Has there been any indication whatsoever that Kaycee would turn? It’s not like she has another deal in place really.
I don’t think drama for the season ends once another foutte is evicted. That’s where the drama starts.


Are you crazy? Tyler is not faysel


Level 6 is playing BB like a sports team and not like it has been played historically (looking out for yourself only). Maybe it will bite on of them in the behind but it seems much more admirable than years past. They have a team of 4-6 and they want that group to be the final 6 before going after each other.


After what happened with hay/fessieboy last week, no way would hay stay true to some BS agreement and everyone knows that. Tyler isn’t dumb enough to fall for anything that comes out of hays mouth. Even with the fake 4 alliance of H/F/T/A, hay said she would still put them up. So she can’t be trusted at all.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

How does Angela stay in shape when she spends like 20 hours a day laying down? It is mind boggling!


There’s quite a few clips of her running in the backyard.

Eh eh

and lifting weights…


Any shower Hayleigh takes is hot….maybe I need a cold shower.

Eh eh



Tyler is getting too big for his game. He has too many final two’s and that will end up biting him in the butt, plus no one in their right mind would take him to the end. I know everybody loves Tyler, but I’m over him. I hope Bret, JC, Hayleigh , and ( glup) Sam team up. I don’t want the rest of the season to be the Tyler show.

another name

I was thinking about this. How many of those final two deals did Tyler initiate? And what happens when someone approaches you with a final two… and you say no thanks, i’m good?
I don’t actually see Tyler winning the season, he’s going to get backstabbed, most likely by Brett somewhere around the final 6-5. But at the same time, I don’t ever see a universe where Haleigh and Sam are on the same team.


Well it depends how you define “initiate”, he (Tyler) most definitely insinuated that he would like a final two deal. He seems to generally lead them to that conclusion that he would like a final two without saying “let’s make a final two deal”, which is most of the time. He generally says something along the lines of them being the person he trust most in the house….etc.


Its not tyler show its just he played the best.. similliae to derick .. they didnt control the house aggresivelt paul style( and i love paul also personly.. but thats another story) .. even his allies didnt won mostly.. its wasnt easy for him all the time..

And brett came to him with final 2.. i think sam also in the very beggining.. j.c probably also said it to tyler like no question we are final 2.. is he sopose to say no!?


Hey….I’m Bbfan


Agree with everything but then you mention you love Paul? Yikes.
Would you allow someone like that to act like that around you? Bullying, etc. You lost me there.


I didn’t care for Derrick either. He turned me off when he made the comment to Zac about taking food from his daughters mouth. I don’t think Tyler has had to play that hard, because the Hive made it easy for him. I’m ready to see how he plays against smarter players with no cloud app to fall back on


I couldn’t’ stand Derrick that season was absolutely the worst hands down.

Eh eh

Paul is one of the nicest guys to play BB. Yet the butthurt over his superior game still persists.


Sorry for the grammer 🙁 some by mistake some not 😉
Similiar* aggressivly*


Karma came for Fessy today. He put his last alliance member, Scottie, on the block and got him voted out because Fessy was jealous of the relationship between Haleigh and Scottie. Now, Scottie is back in the game and will be alone with Haleigh while Fessy is off to the jury house where he can’t keep tabs on her. And I honestly think Fessy should have been disqualified from that Battle Back come because he was hanging half of his body over the railing trying to reach the tubes. Luckily he didn’t win.


He also lost comps that suited him.
(Veto and the battel back. Hoh couldnt compete ..prob could won also.. all were about balls..)


Not disqualified, BB should have mandated that both feetmust be touching the podium. Alas they are too stupid to think about such things.

JC Meltdown

Well, Scottie and Hayleigh on the block this week. Battle back is a waste and just makes it predictable. Hayleigh should be happy that she gets another week in the house since Scottie is going home.


Then take one down with the veto and replace them with JC.


I realy think she is.


I’m so glad Tyler won!!!!!!!!

King Silva

Bye Haleigh.

Soon you will be back with your controlling jealous AF boyfriend in the jury house with the older crazy useless Angela and Bayleigh..


Angela talking about Haleigh being upstairs and constantly bugging her “I can’t fucking stand her”(Haleigh)
Angela you are a nasty, miserable , mean af , hag bag

Melanoma Griffith

Or Haliegh is a clingy, needy, peevish, nasty AF, boy toy.

Cray Cray6

Angela isn’t being nasty. Commenting she can’t stand her is way nicer than calling her names and starting an argument with her that names the whole house feel awkward. Rockstar said way worse things about that whole side of the house. She’s not being derogatory or anything.

I think she just senses the fakeness that Haleigh is exuding. She never talked to or hung out with Angela and also talked about Angela behind her back but last week when Fes put up Scottie she had to make a friendship with the others out of necessity


A Scotty or Haleigh HOH win would have been exciting


Level 4 ALL THE WAY!!
Even scottie wanted to get united with tyler
I hope that he wont be mad being a pawn

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

If Tyler puts up Haleigh and Scottie, there is always a good chance Scottie can win veto. Who will he put on the block then? Sam? JC? And how will they react, even if they are told they are pawns? Could get interesting if they flip out like Rachel did and could potentially change the way everyone votes. I think most are getting pretty tired of Sam. This week may not be as boring as people think it will be.