“you do this every mother f*ing day DON’T f*ing start with me.”

9:20am Kato and Natalie
Kato – if you win Veto do whatever you want with it.. I’m thinking about what can get us further..
Kato tells her she’s good..
Kato – I have people in mind and it’s the perfect move for us to make..
Natali e- to the end
Kato – trust the train.. the K train..

9:24am Kato and Natalie
Kato – my guts pointing to Tamar for sure..
Kato – probably Kandi.. if you want
Natalie – Ok
Kato – it’s up to you and lolo to discuss on you own..
Kato – you have to understand.. part of the plan.. winning the veto doesn’t.. it doesn’t matter it for you but winning it means you decide what you do with it..

9:30pm Tom and Kato

Tom – lolo and Natalie are going to backdoor Ryan.. if they think you are trying to keep Ryan to protect us that could make lolo and natalie Turn on us
Tom – they might feel it’s me, you Ryan and Ricky..
Tom and Kato agreeing they should stay true to LOLO and natalie.

Feeds cut..

9:28pm Tamar and Lolo

LOLO – the plan didn’t falter
Tamar – you all were in the parlour until 4:30 in the morning
LOLO – I was in the parlour with Dina for a while she was really frustrated.. Kato sold her out because he didn’t tell her everyone was going to vote out John
Tamar – she’s lying
I don’t think so..
Tamar – she’ told me before the thing
WEll if she’s lying

Tamar – if she’s lying .. I’m telling you she’s lying

Tamar is getting pissed at her “y’all funny”
LOLO – you want me to tell you what me what happened and you snap at me
Tamar – don’t start
LOLO – I’m going to f*ing start .. You ask me WHAT THE F*
LOLO gets up start y elling about Tamar causing Drama.
LOLO – you do this every mother f*ing day DON’T f*ing start with me..
Feeds cut..

3:46pm Feeds still down..

5:30pm NO FEEDS 4 u

7:09pm Feeds back…
Doesn’t look like anybody has left.

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Anybody got ideas about who is going on the block?


We haven’t had much opportunity to eavesdrop (seriously just about 11 minutes all day), but last word was that Kato was nominating Tamar and Kandi


Dilemmadee, I read it was Tamar and Dina. But not sure.


Dina and Tamar noms.


For all we know that house is on fire. *sheesh

A N D …

the flies on the wall aren’t talkin’


First week observations…

1) Tom is way more game-minded than I gave him credit for
2) Lolo has a temper…I almost feel like you can’t look at her cause it might set her off
3) Tamar (see #2)
4) Ricky is great but sometimes a bit too philosophical for me
5) Ryan seems like a good sport…he seems like nothing I imagined he would be like, based on the Olympics and the scandal
6) Kandi…there’s somethin bout the lady that I like but I can’t pin it down
7) Natalie is SO dang sexy!!!

As for the rest…I haven’t developed opinions yet…I’m kinda neutral so far

King Silva

Eva is sexy. And she knows the game and is a competitor. A true triple threat.


I read that as true niple threat lol

Festicular Logic

Wow… talk abt gas & fire which is the Lolo & Tamar show! In all honesty, I think Lolo is the more volatile of the two and I don’t think it would take much to push her over the edge! She acts like someone with ‘roid rage. Tom & Kato are probably sailing to the end though the NFL player could be the dark horse and sneak into the finale if the others don’t wake up

Like Literally

I’m sure they chose Tamar for drama factor. What do you expect from the same franchise who threw Omarosa in the house last year. I self evicted after the 3rd episode last year. I can see Tamar throwing a fit and leaving the house but personally, I want to see her on the block. “Playa!” (Seriously, grow up.)


Rumor hitting the “internets” is LoLo got evicted for slapping the glasses off of Tamar?


If that happened, it wasn’t on the feeds. It sure seemed to me like production stepped in before anything got physical. But, only the flies know what happened when the feeds were cut, and they aren’t talking. 🙁

I’m no proponent of physical violence, but S E R I O U S L Y Tamar was/is provoking and prodding left and right. She’s the worst….has to have the last word and keeps the hate flowing nonstop.

I’m eager to hear what’s going on. My sources are silent.


I’m pretty sure they took steps to make sure nothing got too far and were ready to jump in quick with those two even before they got their backs up. Production knows who all has the short fuse.


What it must be like to live in Tamar’s head. Where everyone is out to get her and lie to her. It’s getting exhausting. They seriously need to get her out. I enjoy her DM’s. She makes me laugh but I wonder if she’s this paranoid in her real life.

Like Literally

If you were living in her head you would fall out of her ear because of all the head bobbing.


Hahaha. That’s great. And so true. Lol


What the heck is going on. Is there a competition or did Tamar and Lolo get into it or self evict ? I miss all the good stuff. Hmmm.


Kato is a pleasant surprise…he’s playing with a level head and not letting the drama get to him…who knew?!?!


I really didn’t think much of Kato when I found out he was going to be in the house but he’s surprised me. Joey also surprised me and not in a good way, whooa!

Like Literally

Same. Level heads, using their brains, not difficult or confrontational.


Yes excellent name for an excellent team!

Southern girl

I saw a clip on YouTube right before feeds went down and OMG it really may have gotten physical.. Tamar and Lolo are threatening each other outside the SR and there is a rumour that Lolo knocked Tamar glasses off and Kandi stepped in. Don’t know if that is true but.. Whoa..


Rumor has it that the reason the feeds are down for so long is due to the altercation between Lolo and … wait for it … Tamar (AKA – Cray-mar). Why is nobody surprised? Apparently, Lolo had enough of Cray-mar and knocked her glasses off, or something like that. If production boots her out of the house for that one, then Team Fun may want to think about forming an alliance with Ryan after all. He’ll be a beast at comps. I’d go with Ryan and Natalie (love her competitive spirit, but her ability to stay calm among the insanity of Lolo & Cray-mar).


Well looks like LoLo is gone! Kicked out for an altercation with Tamar, she slapped her glasses off. Maybe that’s Tamars strategy, try to get everyone kick off the show because that’s the only way she’ll ever win.


F I N A L L Y!

I see Lolo and Eva. I see Joey, Ryan, Kandi, Ricky and Tom.

Dang! I see Tamar in the bedroom with DIna.

Oh, and now I see Kato playing cards.

If I could only see the nomination board!!!!!

Looks like DIna has been nominated.


Going to be a crazy night. Pretty good season.

King Silva

Dina and Tamar are on the block like Kato planned last night.

Time will tell if Lolo/Eva/others will even attempt to save Tamar.

Hell she could self evict. I’m sure everyone was warned to not even try to get physical with each other.


If Kato is smart he’ll sell the “the whole house is going to vote out the crazy one so you’re totally safe” thing to Dina. Dina should be safe as she can’t be seen as a serious threat, can she?


Tamar talking to Kato. Tamar doing her nice and calm shtick, Laughing and cute. This change is actually more frightening than her usual aggressiveness. It feels forced and fake. The calm before another storm. Shiver.
Dina taking being on the block like a champ.
Kato just nice.
Ryan being very open about his behaviour in the past.
Joey being anal.
Tom down to earth and funny,
Ricky not seen.
Lola prolly fixing her hair.
Kandi invisible.
Natalie somewhere just being gorgeous.


They are in California, I wonder if they are allowed to smoke Ricky’s special blend.


A good season so far! Is it my imagination, or is there more duck-lips in the BB house? lol I’m surprised that Dina actually looks like she’s had less work (or none) than even her daughter! Looks like there’s not going to much aligning this season. They’re so paranoid, every time they make an alliance, they think their alliance mate is plotting something. I hope Tom Green makes it far! Him and Kato are very likeable, not too much drama. Joey seems overly cautious about how he behaves.