“Did that just work!? We’re playing Big Brother Baby! I think I just convinced DX to put up Alyssa instead of Christian!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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12pm Bedroom. Brit and Derek X.
Brit – did you talk to Alyssa? Derek – I’ve talked to everyone. Brit – you’ve talked to Alyssa, okay what did she say to you? Derek – she just asked me how I would want her to use the veto. And I was like lets talk about it. Because I didn’t want her to think I was against SB because in her mind I should be ambivalent or like apathetic about who wins the veto in her mind so I didn’t want to tell her my choice until after veto. Brit – what I told her was that Claire was doing whatever DX wants. I told her that she would use it on me if DX said it was okay but I told her it is all up to DX. I’m my head I was like its okay but I probably should have left that part out. She said oh Claire would use it? And I was like yeah Claire was pretty pissed that I was on the block. I said that Claire was pissed that I was up there for a third time and DX didn’t really tell me why. I said that Claire would go with whatever DX said. Derek – okay. That’s good. That’s a great response for Claire. After we can deal with it but she doesn’t have to feel like she has to win. I think we’re good there. SB is going to try and go for it. Even if SB wins.. the best case scenario is if you come off the block ..but the second best case is if it is used and SB comes off the block and maybe .. big brother blocks the feeds. Derek – you think Alyssa over Ky. Brit – Ky is definitely using it. Derek – At least with Ky I have some type of relationship with him. With Alyssa, I don’t think I would have any influence over her. Brit – the only thing is, I thought SB and I were cool and now she has literally stopped talking to me so now I am like ..COOL! Here is the thing if I have to stay up on the block no matter who I am against, I know I will be fine. I mean obviously I would rather win this veto and come off. The best cast is get me off and then do your plan. Derek – yeah. Brit – three people are ready to use it on me, two people are ready to use it on her. And one right now is staying neutral. Derek – who is neutral? Alyssa? Brit – Alyssa. Because Alyssa told me she is not using it if she wins it. Derek seems surprised. I don’t know what their relationship is with SB but I was shocked she said she wouldn’t use it. Derek – okay, I am surprised but.. I guess teams are over. Brit – she asked me do you think there is a backdoor plan in place.. I said listen how do you think I would know that.. I am on the block and I have no information. From what I was told he really doesn’t care which of us go. She said do you think you would stay over SB? I said I don’t know Alyssa, what do you think? She goes I definitely think you have a good shot. I was like Jesus Christ how are y’all doing this to your own team member?! I told her I don’t think he cares which of us go. Derek – that is good, that lines up with the story that I am going with. Brit – she said if I feel confident that there isn’t a backdoor and she mentioned Christian.. then I may use it on SB. I said okay. It is whatever to me, you ain’t using it on me. Derek – then I wouldn’t say she is neutral. There is a reason I put you up there because even in the worst case scenario, you stay over anyone. Brit – I am just running through scenarios.. I see both (getting out Christian or Alyssas).. but she scares me more and more every minute.. just because she is so connected! My main concern with her .. whenever he (Christian) gets an HOH, it is hers (Alyssa). Derek – okay, I have to think about this because I want to do what is best for us collectively. She is the only one that you could not sway to use it. She cares more about those peoples game than yours as HOH. Derek – don’t tell anyone outside of this.. because if Alyssa gets a whiff of that you will be her target. Derek X leaves.

After Derek X leaves. Brit looks at the cameras – Did that just work! Did that just work! We’re playing big brother baby! I think I just convinced DX to put up Alyssa instead of Christian! Christian is not going anywhere… he is staying in this house.

Bedroom. Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – I don’t want to go home this week! Kyland – you’re not. Sarah – you never know who you can trust. Kyland – you’re not. Sarah – I just want it over with. Kyland – it will be in a couple hours. Sarah – I hope its an elimination. I think if I come down, I think we should maybe work with Derek. Kyland – I agree. Sarah – he better take me down. Kyland – you’re going to win. Sarah – Congratulations Sarah Beth you win the power of veto!

Chess room. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – he looked me dead in the eyes and said this is not a backdoor plan for Christian. And I wouldn’t have your vote in jury so that wouldn’t make sense. If I win it and you don’t want me to use it.. I will not use it. Okay? It wouldn’t be smart to not use it. Christian – okay but .. it would be best for my game for you not to use it. But if you think you need to use it, then you use it .. you know what I mean? Alyssa – Because I don’t want SB questioning us. The only thing he (Derek X) is worried about is the backlash from Big D. He thinks if he did that he wouldn’t have my jury vote if he did that (put up Christian)… which isn’t true because that would be a big game move .. but he thinks emotionally. Christian – that’s how you can tell he is telling the truth. Alyssa – you can tell when that boy [Derek X] is lying. He cannot lie for sh*t! Christian – it is best for my game for you not to use it but if you feel good about it then use it. Alyssa – lets not worry about it till I win it. Christian – I think if I took a shot at him (Derek X) I would still have his vote in jury. Alyssa – yeah I think any of us would.

1pm The house guests are sitting around chatting about random things. Ky and Brit are playing chess.

1:08pm Havenot room – Sarah and Derek X
Derek – I was talking to Brit earlier today and in the scenario that I hope happens where you both stay throughout this week. Like Brit is still going to be in this house… and she feels like you’re distancing yourself from her. So like I don’t want you to have an enemy in Brit.. because she did feel close to you. So I don’t know if you are distancing yourself from her but you both are going to be here next week. Just giving you a heads up there. Sarah – yeah for sure. Derek – Alyssa asked me if there was a backdoor option and I said no… then I tried to throw her off the scent and I said at one point I was considering SB as the target and she was like oh okay. I was explaining it to her how you had mentioned Hannah but then when I talked SB during our one on one meeting .. I was like no I can’t do that ..so Brit is the target. So I think that might have thrown her off a little bit but she is still asking if a backdoor is an option. Sarah – she told me that she talked to you but she seemed convinced. She said that Christian was worried about it but anytime he is not on the block he would be worried. She said she if she wins it she would take me down and a joker would go up. She said you would put Big D up. Derek – yup, exactly. I am really hoping she doesn’t win. Out of everyone she is the only one that might not use it. Sarah – I am just nervous and and paranoid that if Alyssa gets it and doesn’t use it .. they might turn on me and send me home. Derek – no that is not good for their game.

1:40pm HOH room. Xavier and Derek X.
Xavier – what do you think you would do if you win the veto? Derek – If I won the veto, take SB down and then .. two options.. one leave them the same and don’t get more blood on my hands and we just vote out Britini OR we can take SB down and then I will just put up Big D. My a$$ is grass. I’m f**king torched. Xavier laugh. Which one would you feel most comfortable with? Derek – I would rather use it and take down SB as an act of good faith for SB. You know what I am definitely doing that. Xavier – okay. Cool! Worst case scenario Brit wins.. Derek – I think in any scenario I have to put up Big D.

Chess room. Sarah, Alyssa and Christian.
Sarah – If it was between her (Brit) going home or Christian going home.. she would still pick herself. Alyssa – yeah totally. Sarah – her real motive isn’t protecting Christian. Its about protecting herself. She thinks she has the numbers if I am on the block. She thinks she has you (Alyssa) and she thinks she has him (Christian). Alyssa – I just think if we can make her a little more frazzled.. she gets frazzled easily. She gets excited but she gets very stressed. I don’t think she will throw it but she will be stressed. Sarah – my goal isn’t to make her throw it but to get something in her head. I just hope I can win it. Alyssa – that would be so good for your birthday.

1:50pm Bathroom. Tiff and Hannah.
Hannah – we will just see what happens with this veto but obviously for you, me and Derek it would be better for SB to leave. Tiff – I know. Hannah – the fact that DX is.. I love DX but he is VERY naïve .. he thinks what everything anyone is telling him is true. And when I told him that she (SB) is an actor by profession he was like you spend too much time with Tiff. Tiff holds the dryer up like a gun and shots it. Hannah – she is an actor that plays characters for a living! That is her bread and butter .. you really don’t think she could be deceiving you? All of us are deceiving each other some how. Down playing your strengths, telling someone you’re with them when you’re not.. you’re not the only one that can lie DX. What do you mean I am no longer on her radar?! Tiffany compares Sarah to Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. Hannah – hopefully Alyssa wins veto today.

2:52pm Bedroom. Brit and Sarah.
Sarah – I just wanted to touch base with you. I’ve been distant with you, I’ve been distant with everyone. And I didn’t want you to feel that way. Brit – this position is very weird. Obviously I do not want to sit next to you. Sarah – my concern is that I am Derek’s target and if you come down.. he is just going to put Azah or Big D up.

2:55pm The house guests are sitting around chatting waiting for the veto to start.

2:57pm – 3:20pm HOH room – Derek X, Claire and Tiffany.
Derek – do you really want Christian to stay that bad? Tiff – I really want SB gone that bad. Derek – why would SB ever come for you over me? Tiff – why would she decide to go for Hannah over you? Derek – She went for Hannah because Alyssa was telling her that she was coming for her. Tiff and Claire – no. It was reverse. Tiff – Alyssa was going for Azah. Derek – Alyssa told me. Tiff – no who told you that KY? Derek – and SB. TIff – omg that wasn’t .. that was all SB. She is playing the game and she is playing you! SB came here to play a game. She is emotionally detached from everyone. She wants to take out you. Derek – I am fine taking that risk .. if she comes for me then I should go. Tiff – if you have that shot then take it. Derek – think about when the next time I could take the shot. Think about how much has to line up for Christian not to play in the veto. Tiff – I do think if he wins veto next week he is taking the shot at you. Derek – 1000%! I have to take the shot at Christian. I don’t want the duo in jury. Tiff – you taking out Christian is good for your resume. You taking out SB .. nobody cares. You sitting up there can talk about all your competition wins and taking out Christian. You have to play big brother. Claire – this is big brother no risk, no reward. Tiff – if it all lines up .. you have to do it.

3:30pm Bedroom. Big D and Sarah.
Big D – who in this house is throwing Brit under the bus .. I can’t figure it out.. and I am tired of it. I am tried of why she is not able to know why she keeps ending up on the block. What the f**k is the problem?! Like what is going on .. what am I missing here? Because the girl don’t do sh*t but sing and dance and wake you up and get on your last nerve. That’s it .. what else is she doing. Someone is playing a very very sneaky game. As Brit would say being a little rat. Who is the sewer rat!? Sarah – but who would be throwing Brit under the bus? Big D – who it painting the story that Brit is such a threat?! At first I am thinking is it someone from the kings? But then I am like, I don’t know why they would do that. Is it someone from the queens? Or the Aces? Sarah – maybe its Hannah? Big D – She convinced him to put up two targets.. from two different teams .. that is some serious power! Sarah – I had genuinely made up with Hannah last week .. but now I am suspicious.

4:12pm HOH room. Brit is going around the HOH room banging a spoon on things telling Derek what note they are making..

4:37pm Bedroom. Brit, Azah and Big D.
Brit – I just wanted to make you aware that Sarah Beth just came and talked to me and said ..literally tried to convince me to throw the veto to her. Azah – oh that’s some stupid! Brit – she said if I come down from the block, it would be either one of you two going up in my place.. and from what she is feeling from the house I would stay over either one of you. Azah – that’s cute! Okay!? Big D – okay!? Sure!? Azah – girl you better go for that f**king veto!! Go for that f**king veto and take yourself off the block. Girl win that veto! Don’t worry about sh*t. This is your game. Win that veto, get yourself off the block and we will figure the rest out later. The audacity!

5:27pm Bathroom – Sarah and Tiffany.
Sarah – Alyssa said she would take me off. DX said he would take me off. Tiffany – okay so you’re in a pretty good spot. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.. unless Britini wins. Sarah – yeah unless Brit wins. And that worries me because I don’t think he will put up Azah. I think he will put up Big D and my odds against Big D aren’t that great. Tiff – I mean you have the votes to stay. Just stay positive and optimistic about it. Sarah – I do believe Derek and I don’t think he is doing anything sneaky.. and he has a good chance to win it. Tiff – you’re in a good spot. You’ll be fine. Sarah – I think I just mostly feel anxious.

5:40pm Bathroom. Tiffany and Xavier.
Tiffany – everything I read before coming in here was about duos. Xavier – OH they’re (Ky and Sarah) America’s Duo!! There is some F**Kery! Tiffany – there is some f**kery! That’s why I said I want Alyssa to win and keep the noms the same. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Xavier – somebody got to go! And I am angry because I trusted both of them. Claire – who do I throw to? Tiffany – we gonna have to flip the vote! Claire – okay. So I throw it to Alyssa? Tiffany nods her head. Claire – okay. Claire leaves. Tiffany to the camera – Y’all aren’t going to play me in this house! I’m one step ahead of the game. The little duo! The little I’m single! (Sarah) OHHHH.. what about SHELLY?! All the cuddling, the laid up .. the tears. The OKAY! I’m Sarah Beth! That ain’t fooling me! Who does that!!?! Who blatantly expresses that they are together with somebody in a house full of people who will kick you out. I ain’t buying it and I want your a$$ out! Xavier comes out of the washroom. Xavier – when it comes to SB, I can’t blow up her spot but you and Claire can. We have to blow up her spot. Tiff – DF is on board. Azah don’t care, Brit doesn’t care. We can convince Christian. Tiff – We need to keep noms the same. I want to get dirty up in here! Either they knew each other first or came in here and got twisted like that. They’re the strongest duo in the house.. and they’re doing it in plain sight!

6:03pm The feeds switch to pound kitties.. The veto is starting now..

8:12pm Still blocked…

9:03pm No feeds for you..

10:04pm Nothing yet..
10:45pm No feeds for you..

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Game fan

Omg britini is delusional . He only said he would think about itt . And it’s so funny she cares so much about Christian.


VOTE FOR CLAIRE (if its an advantage) next week as she needs the most out of the fans faves.


Why would we vote for Claire when any move she makes will basically protect people in the the cookout? The only people with an advantage that will go after them are Christian, Alyssa or SB.


She literally said she is going after Xavier


Why do it now when she is completely safe from the block for now


Bc you need to take your shots relatively early against the power players. Otherwise you end up with winners like Cody.

The Beef

This week is her last week (her 2nd) of safety. America’s vote will start Thursday night (I think), so she will either be the new HOH, or just as vulnerable as any of the other players at that time.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

White guilt.


So…. let me get this straight… Brit thinks she has convinced DX to put-up Alyssa, while Alyssa thinks she has assurance from DX there is no backdoor for Christian, and Alyssa and Christian both think DX can’t tell a convincing lie. Wow. The BB23 house is jammed with delusion. DF has better reads sitting on the couch all day than these three.

Spare Me

Not only does DF have better reads, he always tells the targets they’re going home every week and they never believe him. LOL


Delusion is you not realizing how stupid Derek X is going to be when he assumes the role as the best physical male competitor with 11 people left -as the only guy left in the house that’s not black and not in the cookout while being stuck in a house with 7 other woman – is further proof that his strategy is horrible and incredibly flawed! His so called big move on Christian being backdoored is going to back fire on him! This will make him lose the game getting out Christian this week as Derek X NOW assumes the role as the most competitive physical male in the HOUSE with 11 people left?!?! 7 of which are women?!! lol That is a terrible strategy and to not recognize that is completely delusional.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

I’m like a broken record albeit I have been correct for over a month. It’s in the script….See BBCAN for a season of irrational, illogical, random gameplay, which wasn’t random at all.


It’s a very sound plan. Every year HGs keep the power players too long out of fear of backlash or losing their shield, then end up getting picked off after the first shot is taken at them. You have to make these type of moves in order to get to the end. If it doesn’t work, then you tried. But the other alternative is as above, powerless and adrift.

The other thing is that Derek is playing this week very cool, forming potential new allies. If he takes out SB, he ends up still being on the bottom of everyone’s totem pole without a sold alliance of any kind and only Hannah fully having his back.

Derek has no power structure right now. He has to shake things up and try to recraft it all.

One flaw is that he has been sloppy in telling Tiff and Claire too much, letting them know that SB knows about the backdoor plan while directing them to not tell Hannah. That’s the sort of thing that could blow up his entire move this week.

Even so. He’s low key nuanced in the way he talks to people. He got both Brit and DerekF to ok being used as pawns. He’s got Alyssa and Christian thinking they have a read on him bc they think he can’t hide a lie.He got Tiff to back off about wanting SB out, although we know she’s not going to completely let it drop for long. But he’s managing the players very, very well.

In terms of the cookout there is no way for him to know about that alliance as they have been pretty careful about spreading themselves around. SB has realized that X only talks game to the other CO members, but she’s a particularly good observer. And even she has not completely put it together in a way that is benefitting her approach to the game.

DerekX is very aware that he becomes the next big competitor target, which is why he is trying to shift that onto Ky and X while also forming new connections.

He’s playing the game and playing it very solidly.

All these seasons viewers have complained about all the sheep house moves. Finally someone is willing to be bold when they really have no other viable options for making it to the end. He would be picked off if he wasn’t totally refacing the house this week. It would only be a matter of time. It happens every single sheep season to his type of persona bc they are never willing to make a strong move.


Very well said. DX has been a target since night 1. His riskier game play this week with a back door plan and telling half truths and lies to some is actually creating new alliances for him / building trust with potential allies. His game play of targeting the almighty kings will also earn him some points if he makes it to finale!

Hopeful for a Good Season

When will Tiffany be evicted?


not soon enough

Fraggle Rock Bottom

She’s top 6 absolutely guaranteed (if you don’t know why, then you’re beyond help). Thereafter, my guess is #4. You heard it here first.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

See above, and do a mild headshake to remove the cobwebs.


What’s wrong with Tiffany???!!!! LOL


the accent for one


I would start with the hair and work my way down to the brain!

Just Sayin'

Dear Tiff,
Even if SB leaves the house, Kyland STILL won’t want you. Your petty jealousy has to stop, its not a good look.
Sincerely, Reality


As Another Name points out — perhaps Tiff’s sudden cuckoo for cocoa puffs narrative is production driven. However, we can’t ignore how quickly and eagerly Xavier & Claire jumped on board.

Their reaction could also be production driven — OR— them responding to how Ky & SB have became even more attached at the hip since that alcohol induced evening last week. X & Claire may be thinking if SB leaves they’ll be able to reel Ky back in.

another name

so when did Tiff start borrowing meds from Britoria?
When was her last D/Ream room session?
This whole America’s couple thing….
she’s lost her fool mind.
Veto hasn’t even played yet, and she’s flipping the vote.
Yeah, this whole conversation between Tiff Claire and Xavier makes no sense.
I wondered how we were going to get to a sense of dramatic schism that would make a viewer vote germane to the plot dynamic, as well as getting Tiff back in line with authorized storyline and away from playing for herself.
Didn’t think they’d go full kookoo krazee for cocoapuffs to get there.
Pass the milk, i think we’re getting a heaping bowl that has the maximum daily allowance of niacin and thiamine.
mmmm. thiamine.


I hope Ky wins it, takes SB down and he puts up Christian..and then Brit goes home


I have officially removed tiff from my picks. Her ugly is showing more than her twists

big brother lover

im sorry but this season has gotten so boring


It seems when we get to middle of season things get predictable. Wish we could see different people winning some of the competitions. Jealousy in anyone is not appealing.


This is the time when TPTB should break out the “unexpected”. Remember things like Pandora’s Box and the Saboteur…among others? We want some of what is always promised, but what we rarely see. Expect the Unexpected? Julie still says it, but where is it?

big brother lover

I really hope alyssa wins the veto

another name

It’s occurred to me I don’t care who is evicted this week.
SB? In concept she’s thinking she’s Vanessa. In practice she’s Becky… at the train station.
Brit? In concept? It’s in crayon. In practice? The crayon is up her nose.
Christian? In concept? It was his crayon. In Practice? He doesn’t know, so why should I care?
The drama and shake up and division is all i’m actually looking for from this veto.
And I don’t care who wins it.

Usually expressing a lack of enthusiasm makes feeds come back. drat.

another name

apparently veto must have involved shoving a whole box of crayolas up their nose.
Only explanation.


LMFAO — you are THE BEST!


Okay, who forgot to turn the feeds back on!?

another name

If prodo is being evil it’s an individual time comp, or one of those trade prizes and punishment comps. Those usually take about 4-6 hours. They’re at 5 hours now.


Wow Britini won the Veto.

Good for her but I still hope SB can survive.


Will DX still put up Christian or switch to Alyssa?