Big D “I just told her [Azah] earlier I was willing to get rid of her. And you think she would keep me?!”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Azah
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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7:03pm Kitchen – Kyland and Big D.
The live feeds return to Ky and Big D talking in the kitchen. Azah is sleeping in the back bedroom and Xavier is laying down in the HOH room.
Big D – I will say.. I tried to talk to her (Azah) but I think she is still just so mad at me. Ky – I’m sorry. Big D – Its alright, its fine. She’ll be alright. I’ll try my best, that’s all I can do. Ky – I think the reality is as soon as we hit six, everyone …everyone had other people game in other peoples lives. Its just kind of the way it played out. Big D – well the good thing for you if she wins veto… Ky – no. Big D – if she wins veto she is not going to take me. Ky – no, no she will because she wants to get to two. She has a better show with you to get to two. Big D – The conversation I just had with her… Ky – I get what you’re saying.. Big D – just an open door for you if I don’t.. Ky – no I would never. Big D – just in case you’re down to your.. hopefully it doesn’t happen but.. Ky – no, I would never. That is not how I am. I think none of us are like that. Big D – no I ain’t like that either! I ain’t kissing nobody’s a$$! If you want me, you want me, if you don’t, you don’t. That is how I look at it. Just think about it, I just told her earlier I was willing to get rid of her. And you think she would keep me?! Ky – its not like that. Big D – I just told her to her face. Ky – no, it doesn’t change it. Its like about how to get further. They start studying the days / events of the season.

7:45pm HOH room – Xavier is laying in bed looking at the spy screen of the memory wall. He’s going through the days / comp / events of the season.

7:56pm – 8:05pm HOH room. Azah and Xavier.
Azah – during my HOH ..just having no problem putting Big D up…. remember the reason why I put you up was because I thought he would never have Big D go up on the block. And he was just like Don’t give a f**k! That man if f**King savage. Xavier – That is kind of the game he is playing.. that’s the thing about him is he makes moves that he thinks no one like knows his underlying reason for why he did them but we all do. Azah – no I know. Xavier – no I am just saying generally. I feel like he wants to be this like big mastermind .. but when I think about Will and Dan, Derek.. I think they were all very covert. Like they were doing things but no one really knew they were doing them until it was already too late you know?! But with him he is doing them way too publicly. And truthfully I don’t know if he would have made it this far without the cookout. I think that could be said for just about all of us but other people in particular just because of how he has rubbed people the wrong way.. but I don’t think he has played a bad game though. Azah – No, I don’t think he’s played a bad game. Xavier – I just think his social game definitely needs work. Competition-wise he is a great competitor. Socially at times he .. I think because of how he played the game .. when he would try to be social with people .. one when he would try to be social with people it would still seem like he was still trying to play the game.

8:46pm – 9:05pm Living Room. Big D and Azah.
Big D – I am proud of you. Azah – what are you proud of me for? Big D – I am just happy. Azah – why are you happy? Big D – oh girl.. this tone! I’m scared! Azah – why are you scared? Big D – I am so scared of you girl! Nothing is more scary than a black woman who is on a mission! Azah – on a mission for what?! That d**K!? Big D laughs – oh my god! Azah how did we get ourselves here?! Azah – I don’t know! Big D – I love you. Azah – I know that. Big D – and I don’t know what I am going to do when I get the veto. I really want you to know that. I am not settling and taking this motherf**ker! And I don’t know what I am going to do. Azah – okay. Azah gets called to the diary room. Xavier joins Big D. Big D – she is pissed! Xavier – at what? Big D – me. Xavier – what did you do? Big D – I told her that I was considering sending her home. Ky – just for considering ..even though you switched back? Xavier – well maybe stop talking about it! Big D – yeah I’m going to leave it alone. I had a good setup and now I’m f**ked. Xavier – she asked me if we had a final two. I told her that we just agreed to look out for each other .. and that’s what you should be telling her too. Big D – yeah its just tough because now I just shot myself in the f**king foot! Because if she wins this veto, she is not going to take me, she is going to take Ky… which would force you to take her. Xavier – so you think she is going to cut you? Big D – Yup! Xavier – I don’t see that happening. Big D – I think I am accepting that I am probably going to be the one to go home. Xavier – lets see how the veto plays out. Big D – I probably just kissed my chance of being in the top 3 goodbye. Xavier – you still have a chance at winning the veto. Stop selling yourself short. Me or him winning the veto .. that’s a good thing. Big D – yeah.

9:56pm Azah is still cooking their dinner.

10:35pm Dinner time..

11:18pm HOH room. Kyland and Xavier
Ky – I was just sitting there and felt like a little bit of an a$$ in the sense that I was talking to myself about .. man when is the last HOH .. you know like locking final three essentially is locking you and I into a final two. And I think that with the mood of the loss and the double and everything else .. I think that part didn’t get to be celebrated. I am happy for you. And I said congrats but it wasn’t fully celebrated. Xavier – no you’re good. I did the same thing with Azah.

11:50pm Kitchen – Ky and Azah.
KY – it feels like in some technical terms it seems that the two who most immediately responsible for … or who had the most immediate impact to make it to four are suddenly the two people that have the lowest probability of going to three. Azah – I am sorry .. the two people that had the what?!? Ky – the two people that had the most immediate maybe call it agency or call it .. most immediate impact in who made it to four … are suddenly the only two people without a guaranteed spot in three. And I think that feels like… you know get to 6, get to 5, and then suddenly only Xavier won but it feels like the only two people that have to win to move forward are you and me. Is the perspective that I am getting and I could be wrong but that is the feeling. I am trying to not .. trying to see the objectivity of that perspective and ignore it. And I try to ignore it but then I get annoyed. But also not disregard that or any alternative or anyone elses perspective. I think that got to me in weird waves from last night to this morning.. and then the last six hours I felt pretty good. Ummm.. how about yourself? Azah – honestly I don’t know how I feel. I feel kind of numb to be honest. I’ve been asked questions about it and I just feel really just numb. I’ve done everything I can to get to this moment and its either going to happen or its not going to happen. I don’t know its because I am on the block because I haven’t been on the block but I can’t explain it. I am just like okay! I feel like every week I have been able to look forward or see what the next week could look like and its like just blurry. If my journey is over now .. then whoa.. damn!

1am Kyland studying the memory wall.

1:13 am with few people to do late-night one on one’s with Kyland does them solo

1:25 am zzzzzzz
5:50 am zzzzzz

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Warning long post – and if you aren’t a Tiff fan you may prefer to skip it.

The Tiff interview notes (and some TTO snark) for Another Name b/c they don’t see the episodes. Some interesting tidbits here & there.

So early part of episode offered far too many unnecessary throw away segments. They did put in a nice segment on X’s nephew (how his brother passed & he’s looking to take care of him/future etc).

Jury segment was pretty good (but edited to shit). Big takeaway from that other than them figuring out the CO was SB is DEFINITELY not happy with Ky. She noted she respects Ky/CO mission but that she’s still processing all the UNNECESSARY LIES he told her that were above & beyond necessary. She feels he crossed a line. She was almost in tears about it. The implication is SB felt it was cruel & unnecessary– I didn’t get an I’m mad/angry read from her I got a she’s embarrassed/humiliated & hurt read. She’s reflecting on his need to control her & demanded she share everything both from inside the game & personal. I’m not even sure she would vote for him now. In fact, instead of time healing things – now Tiff (Han) will arrive & tell her how Ky told her that SB spilled the Jackpot in week 2. So this has the potential to get even worse for SB. We also got a ton of anti- Ky banter.

They also tried to push more Big D is funny down our throats (although we did get a bit of Big D delusions). Finally played a “Kyversation” segment with Azah just staring at him while he talked & in DR saying you just say “yes”. It was first Ky shade I recall seeing this season.

Ky’s GBM to Ally (choppy edited segments) …“Seeing as me & the remaining house guests are in an alliance I knew your pitches would be in vain & I was trying to prepare you for that reality. (WHEN the F did he do that??). IMHO this second part was so condescending & audacious… “You should never feel dumb or played in anyway for not realizing we were working together.” Okay so I know I have a clear bias/dislike for the guy but why say that? It actually makes it sound like he does think that — Again just MHO.

Julie welcomes the Cookout to F6

When Julie did the first house segment she went to Tiffany first to ask about the Cookout then afterward to X (again my take could be wrong – but he — no actually all the men seemed annoyed she went to Tiff first. EDITED TO ADD: Just caught a pod where all 4 took it the same way noting X/Ky/DF spent all week trying to trash Tiff’s game — disloyal/selfish/not as strong as Hannah so the fact Julie went to Tiff first they also read as the men not liking. So it’s not just me that took it that way. lol ). She spoke to each of them & Ky predictably went long. (LMAO – If Ky makes F2 chair finale night is going to be tough one for Julie).

Tiff’s exit speech
Houseguests, our display of black excellence & achievement will forever solidify our names together as a legacy in this game & for that I am honored. Despite any confusion around my campaign this week I think nothing but wonderful things about you Chaddah, I love you. Azah you may have been on the Jokers, but you are definitely a Queen. X – you are definitely on the right team & Big D – I think they got you cast as the Joker. Kyland although you nominated me I think I am the reason I am in this seat, however if you guys should decide to keep me here I will make sure that next week Kyland and I switch seats. With that, good luck house guests and I don’t know who gonna win this game but I am sure of one thing it will be one of you. (she points at X & then Ky).

As expected Azah stuck to Ky’s demand for the unanimous vote out & surprisingly, Big D was the only one who said “sadly”.

As Tiff exited Big D (go figure) picked her up & spun her around. Ky purposely went & grabbed her bag to MAKE SURE he was the last one to hug her. X hug to Tiff in comparison to Chaddah was significantly shorter (just my read – but he doesn’t seem to like her).

Tiff & Julie interview:
Julie’s first question was about “I think I’m the reason I’m in this seat.” part of her eviction speech. Tiff told of the F2 (her/Ky) made week 2 but she wavered back and forth on her trust/doubts – was still in her final plan but her desire was to go to F2 with Chaddah.

Julie asked if her winning F8 HOH contributed to her being targeted ..

Tiff “YES – that is definitely the reason why I’m sitting here. A lot of people were upset about that moment— I don’t think it was necessary that I won, I think it’s HOW I won. I think that had I expressed prior to the competition that I also had a desire to win HOH twice in a row if I could that they would’ve understood moreso my desire to win that competition.

Julie: So why didn’t you?

Tiff: (scowl) Because I knew that they (read X) did not want me to win that competition

Julie: Yeah, so you thought this is going to fall on deaf ears maybe I’ll go into business for myself.

Tiff: I’d rather ask for forgiveness than ask for permission (CLASSIC TIFF lol)

Julie: Well said, exactly. So any regrets.

Tiff: I don’t. I was ready to play this game the moment I walked in the door on day one you asked who is a risk taker (she raises her hand) ME! So I am definitely a risk taker. I went in, I wanted to play BB but when I got in I had to tone it down a little bit b/c we had a mission but I always been ready to play.

Julie: Well let’s face it — YOU ARE THE MASTERMIND BEHIND …alright it’s
us 6 in the CO everyone but Big D is going to have a side alliance. You were the master strategist. So why do you think (pause) I mean are you at all mad the fact that you kind of came up with the big thing to get to the end and then you’re the first one out?

Tiff: It’s almost — it is very — it HURTS, it hurt my feelings. I’m a little upset about it but I understand. I think that they probably view the threat of me at the end as being able to strategize & not just being able to strategize but THEY CAN’T CONTROL ME (PREACH) and so the fact that they cannot control me makes me a liability to everyone else in the house. And I understand that I am not easily controlled. So they had to do —you know they had to get me out.”

(sadly I doubt they recognize what she’s done – X certainly hasn’t admitted it to anyone or discussed in DRs — the party line remains b/c she won F8 HOH she HAD to go)

Julie: How hard was it to balance between playing to win for yourself, life changing money three quarters of a million dollars — you’re a Mom you have a 13 year old son at home and then on the other hand trying to accomplish the mission of the CO for all African Americans — for all people of color really? .

Tiff: it was always desired in my heart for us to move forward & do this however I did not know like Azah said if we could always trust everyone’s moves (Azah called out Ky on the show about worrying if he could be trusted). “I actually became a person that they questioned my moves when I won the 2nd HOH however I did exactly what I said I would do if I needed to do it which was hard. I had to put my own person Claire OTB & send her home.

So it was very tough which was how I came up with the master plan. I kept thinking how are we even going to get to the 6, we don’t have a plan to get to the 6. What if I’m just getting rid of people that I want to work with or I’m lying to people that I want to work with and the 6 ends up not even making it & I could’ve kept my people that were working with me around so I knew I could not operate without a plan. I struggled that night with do I give up on the 6 or do I try to figure out how we can make it (Flashback: long feed cut & Tiff noticeably annoyed when feeds returned — TPTB no doubt put contract in her face & said – do it). I went to bed that night & I got up the next day “money can’t buy you love” was in my head. I knew I needed to figure something out & I sat down with the chessboard b/c I needed to see it visually & it came to me in 5 mins & I was like this is it.

As for the comps it was clear X wanted to win Part 1 & as soon as it was him & Azah participating in Part 2 clearly threw it. Similarly, he changed his tiebreaker guess back & forth trying to figure out how to throw it (perhaps to test Ky to see if he’d pull him down/give X a reason to cut him this week or so he didn’t win & have to repay Hannah for time she took him off the block).

Hannah tried to reason with Azah regarding noms (brick wall) imploring her to put up Ky (she didn’t push for both men) Azah said she could only put Ky up via backdoor. Hannah said so if X wins veto Ky goes up but what if Ky wins veto & Azah said X leaves & Hannah was like HOW? Ky & Big D will NOT vote out X. Azah was like NO he’s (Ky) NOT working with Big D or X so he (Ky) will keep you & I’ll break the tie.(I wanted Hannah to aggressively tell Azah – if you don’t put them both up I’m going & Ky will DEFINITELY remove X — he told me he would so I implore you even if I’m up put up Ky beside me -but there was only so much Han could do bc it was no different than talking to a wall)

As you’ve heard Azah was visibly FURIOUS from POV forward — could’ve been any number of things: Ky forcing her to put up DF — Ky POV speech “like Azah I keep my promises” (LMAO – sure Ky) or how obvious it was X/Ky were connected at the hip.

If Ky had actually played to win & taken down Hannah I wonder if she would’ve self combusted on the spot. Ky followed Hannah in to talk to Azah prior to noms & she tells him I’m not putting you up but they cut to commercial break — I wonder if she asked him NOT to use POV to keep Big D safe & he agreed — that could also be why she was so pissed).

MAJOR suspect POV — BOTH Kyland & X reached for their boards for the tiebreaker BEFORE Julie told them to — or before telling them they both answered final question correctly. – (like it was them just playing their part – I mean seriously WTF was that?)

Chaddah exits to go to jury with Tiff:
Hannah’s warning to Azah comes to pass as Ky took down X. Hannah (close to tears) tried to appeal to the alphas to keep her for the love of the game & Ky leaned in & told X to vote her out.

There is no denying Ky’s comp prowess, however this F2 with X cannot be compared to Cody/Derrick or any other bromance — it was only cemented a week ago. In his mind I’m sure he thinks he can beat X regardless now but he’s underestimating the jury.

And you’ll love this Ky’s vote ” Big D has done so much that people don’t know about” Chaddah left visibly distraught (X hugged her a LONG time) & Ky was celebrating within 10 seconds of her exit

Of note: Azah had several heart to hearts recently with both X/Big D where she asked if X had ANY OTHER F3 deals or was working with Ky – ditto with DF. She told both she wouldn’t be angry if they were but to please be honest. They both lied every time she asked. Big D has been emphatic about it & we’re seeing a bit of him trying to tap dance around it post show b/c of his antics the past few days saying “I’ll have to put you up with Hannah” And, he’s telling Ky/ he TOLD her he has F2 with Ky, F3 with guys. Lying out of both sides of his mouth is catching up to him a bit b/c Azah although stuck between a rock & a hard place seemingly FINALLY caught on Big D has been lying to her all summer.

Chaddah’s exit interview was pretty straight forward with no surprises & about 1/5th as long as Tiffs.

Oh one more thing – in Part 1 of HOH, Hannah was actually ahead of X for a bit – & needed two balls when Azah had 4 (had one more to go when Azah won). I never liked Hannah’s plan to not put up both Alphas but it would’ve been far better as it turns out b/c Ky would’ve pulled himself down – she would’ve put up X (Azah keeps DF) & Hannah votes out X.

But sadly those of us wanting something (anything) other than a Tiff/Han DE B2B exit weren’t entertained by the Basketball GRODs.

Based on your update from last night (X targeting Ky) – I wonder if he won POV if he’d chance not letting Azah be the one to choose & would Big D actually vote out Ky? 13 days of these 4 isn’t my ideal scenario so like San_Diego_Gal I’ll be dreaming of what live feed jury would be like LOL.

I’m still surprised by TPTB poor planning knowing their plan was to keep X/Ky to F4 (and get out their main competition – T/H). They had an opportunity to bolster this time of the season when feeds are typical boring but NO. Does Grod actually think people like Big D & want to watch him wax on about “those bitches” or how he’s going to be like a Kardashian post show?

Another Name: for anyone who questions the heavy handed Grod Production crew having a specific preplanned winner — THIS PRE-TAPED episode should remove any questions. They had the edits in hand to show conversations happening between Azah & the other hamsters pre noms, post POV win – ANY of this but instead chose to show Azah/X bowing one ball at a time & all the early BS Big D segments no one cared to watch. So with a two hour opportunity to show tension & conversations we got Azah/Han 30 sec convo & that was it.

So, Tiff jury chats could be the difference in whether he has any shot of getting more than a single vote. She said she would promote him in jury but ONLY if he cut X and once Hannah arrives to tell them how things went down in DE with Ky removing X from block it won’t help his cause.

NOW — if X cuts him this week does Ky come in hot & does he have enough ammo to convince the jury X just got carried/laid low & lied to him/Azah/Han/Tiff? Would him outing X’s 10 day Tiff bashing & him outing X wanted to break the Cookout to bring Ally to F4 change how X is viewed? That could change how the CO view him but Tiff would need to get DX/Claire onboard too & I’m not sure she’d want to or could. And it’s not likely to be seen by us anyway b/c even if Ky spills all the tea I suspect Grod would edit out any X shade.

They got rid of the terrible casting agent & upgraded their competition designer in last two seasons it’s time they get rid of Grod & bring in a producer that loves the old school BB & has enough creativity to have his/her staff paying closer attention to the fan base (so if they are going to help hamsters at least be adaptable to pick the popular ones instead of a preseason lock OR at least make a wise production choice & keep the best competitors late in the game to ensure better late season ratings & drama). And hey if there was ever a season that offers tangible evidence there needs to be a small camera crew permanently on hand in the jury — THIS was it!


I disagree with one thing. I don’t think it is suspect that they reached for their boards for a tiebreaker since they reached the number question where that happens (based on competitions from previous seasons)

another name

Thank you.
I’m not shocked the jury is not impressed with Ky. In his attempts not to Paul or Tyler himself, he actually did something worse, imo. He didn’t just fail in game ownership before jurors left, he also attempted to manipulate them personally the night before they left (my basic reasoning for why he was mad Tiff wouldn’t come to bed with him on Tuesday night). I think if Ky makes final 2, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that he lose unanimously. He’s been planning how to turn the 5-4 his way, when it’s quite possible he can’t even get to 4. This is the problem of playing the game in the ‘think of them as objects, their emotions don’t matter’ manner. Their emotions may not matter to that player, but they exist.

I have no doubt that Muffy night was met with a contract and storyline talk, but i think the mention of her 2nd HOH specifically, she could have been talking about production as much as Ky or X in her answer. I STILL think she was not supposed to win (after hearing the tech rehearsal announce Ky won veto this week before they played the comp, I’m pretty much set in stone here) and she pulled a fast one a la Kaycee in 20 because it was on feeds in full. The problem? Why wasn’t she as successful as Kaycee? That I don’t know yet. It’s possible Kaycee could have claimed heat of competition error, or trying to make a good show of almost winning and winning by mistake.

I’m glad someone else is pointing out the X personal dislike of Tiff. I’ve gotten the feeling that he has considered her ghetto since the beginning of week two.

I know I’ll get pushback, but realistically, Grod isn’t going anywhere Grod doesn’t want to go. Endemol shine and Fly on the wall have the rights.


I think X has an issue with any strong female. The only reason Ally could talk to him the way she did was because he was sort of smitten with her. Hannah did X just as, if not dirtier than Tiff but he never had an issue with her or spoke meanly about her.

He definitely doesn’t like emotional (Tiff, Ky, Azah were all nailed for being too emotional). But that also felt like a cop out b/c Claire was anything but emotional but he never got close to her either. I think he knew when people weren’t buying his I’m just an average guy/competitor shtick & saw him trying to hide in the weeds or when they weren’t all flirty with him.

For me the moment he completely turned on Tiff was during her first HOH. Remember he was lying in bed and she came in & was doing what Big D does when he’s joking but speaking truths? She was teasing him about all the girls winning. The week prior he condescendingly said “if you don’t like how things are going – then win and do something about it”. (and it got back to her that Ky/X/Big D said “we’re doing all the heavy lifting & dragging them meaning Tif/Han/Az -through the game).Then when she/they did he didn’t like that they got to call the shots. She clocked him in that chat & it was clear he was smiling through clinched teeth.

As long as they were CO & Tiff was using her influence to make things happen, or coming to him to help save someone (Chris) she was an asset. He was smart enough to recognize having to go against her as an adversary wasn’t something he was keen to do. Go back to the whole let’s flip & keep Chris (over SB) instead of him actually getting off his ass to help make it happen he sent Christian to go get Brit. It’s also why i wonder if he is fully cognizant of how much Tiff was doing to keep the CO intact.

They’ve been trying for weeks to claim the men were the reason the CO worked (pretty much since Tiff began winning). And behind the scenes he’s been playing down what she did. I’m still trying to figure out if X doesn’t see the game she played or refuses to credit her for it. I guess we’ll find out post show.

One thing for sure his arrogant, more self confident side is fully on display now that Tiff/Hannah are gone. He knows Ky/Big D will take him & he actually seems to think Azah will — OR maybe like always he doesn’t think a woman can beat him.

As for Big D— I mean this guy is trying to claim mastermind “we ran everything” bullshit now but did you catch when X was saying we take out Ky? DF is panicking almost crying b/c he wants to keep the guy who 100% will boot him for the girl who 100% will take him. Even more revealing – he had ZERO CLUES how final HOH worked. When X said it’s better for you b/c you can beat Azah in Part 2 — Big D was like well you can beat her or Ky. X had to explain the winner of Part 1 goes directly to Part 3. The man is in F4 of BB & did not know that’s how Final HOH goes? I can’t.

I am giggling a bit about this b/c X has put up with Big D bravado & overreach through the entire game — all while knowing the one person DF is afraid of ever crossing is him. So he almost seemed to be enjoying telling him – look I’m going to keep you off the block & you’re going to vote out Ky. I mean the guy was almost begging X b/c he knows he’d lose Ky’s vote if he did that & X knows it too (it’s his way of keeping his hands clean). I do think if X wins POV & DF keeps pushing to keep Ky he may just say screw it & take Azah off the block. He has the votes regardless. Like you, I think TPTB are fed up with Ky but I’m not confident Grod won’t dial in a win for Ky POV — I guess we’ll see.

There is potential for a bit of drama — If X is worried DF would pull a fast one. All he has to do is pull Azah up for a cuddle session- & say if I take you off the block you’ll definitely vote out Ky right? He can say I’ll explain to you right after why I have to do that but let’s keep it between you & me til after the eviction. Then he could blindside both Big D & Ky. He can’t tell Azah everything before I don’t think (about Big D wanting to vote her out) bc then she might keep Ky lol.

Btw, I read a tweet that RHAP are considering switching Victoria out for Big D (as worst BB player example) or even create a brand new template (the worst BB player of all-time) just for him — that’s the world he’s going to be walking into outside the BB house!.

another name

But…. Couch…. controlled the game…. he said so…?!?!??!???
Ky even credited Couch for making all sorts of behind the scenes moves in his condescending misogynist bullshit talks to women starting with Claire…. ?!?
You mean… Couch… isn’t the Dan????????
I’m gutted.
My entire world view has been shattered.

Buh Bye

Good points. X definitely wants Ky out before final 2, but he needs someone else to do it (the actual voting). 1) X knows if others vote out Ky he can claim he was HOH, didn’t vote and they went rogue. X knows he can’t directly drag Azah or Couch Crumbs to the final because he would lose the respect of some jury members and thus, votes. 2) Big D ‘derps’ entire summer game strategy is poor me, feel bad for me, no games made for me, girls are mean to me, blah blah blah. It’s effective because on a nationally televised, social game, house guests aren’t going to tell him to STFU!


Had to laugh at the name “Couch Crumbs”! Good one! His whole game, if it can be called that, has been pathetic. Nobody wins just by being pitiful and desperate. He only got carried to where he is now because he’s the preferred color, he’s got friends in Production, and he’s a bully.
I consider him the Worst Ever BB Houseguest.


I logged onto the feeds for about two minutes, which was just enough time to see that Azah has already gone up to the HOH room to cuddle with X. Every fiber in my being wants to crawl into the screen and shake some sense into her. He’s.Just.Not.That.Into.You.! Get some self-respect!

Christina A

Right she is in love with him but I don’t see him feeling the same way, I think if Whitney stayed there would have been a show Mance


X can get an A-lister?to dangle on his arm. Azah will never make the cut with a guy like X, and she makes a fool of herself thinking she does. She’s dense.


Azah is way too good for X. She’s genuine, whereas X has a fake sheen to him. He’d love to parade around an A-lister. Azah is beautiful but she is no one’s arm candy.


I guess there are plenty of arm candy that would go out with X but he has not displayed much respect toward women. A-listers? I highly doubt it, maybe if he wins the money. They are all just looking fir fame. I’m sure the story of his brother was in encouraged so Kyland would vote to keep him, he’s not said a word about that till now.


I know I’m not the biggest X fan but to be fair I recall week one or two Big D walked into a room & X was crying. He was having a moment & shared with him about his brother passing. X asked him to keep it to himself & didn’t want it out in the house (personal to him). So it’s genuine. (although TPTB may have encouraged him to discuss it again – especially if they’re reading social media).

What felt more of a fake situation for me was when he kept telling Big D to stop talking “about it’s all females in jury, we ain’t taking no b*itches to the end”. Suddenly X was woke explaining how it belittles the women as if they aren’t capable game players or the ones in jury aren’t capable of recognizing game. It took like 3 or 4 corrections from X. Big D looked on bewildered b/c X has been talking the same as him all season.

Hannah said something to him just prior but it did feel like the DR had given X a heads up to correct it (read: social media is all over it).

Just Sayin'

Azah is every 16 year old girl who looks back on a crush later, cringes, and thinks omg I can’t believe I was that stupid. SMH a grown ass woman should know better


all you above sound Jealous!

The Beef

Jealous? Maybe they recognize how stupid she looks, or maybe foolish is a better word to describe how it looks when a woman is so desperate to be with a man who doesn’t care enough about her to give her the time of day.

You do know he’s said it himself many many times – that he’s not at all interested in Azah romantically, right? Anything he does with her will just be a “use job”, and I for one think Azah deserves better than that.


not refering to Azah, commentors above i was

BB fan

Man Tiff and Hannah keeping Xavier over Claire mhmm keeping Kyland over Alyssa mhmm great game play ladies ….. NOT! You freaking gave the game to the “GENTLEMEN”!!!
This double eviction was complete karma after those girls foolishly got rid of Claire and Alyssa last Thursday. Both Hannah and Tiffany, their strategic logic made no sense to keep the men safe when they were just going after them over a couple girls who had a final 2 with you during your HOH?!?!
Great job girls keeping Kyland and Xavier safe for this week Who just destroyed and ruined both of your games! There’s no other way around it Hannah and Tiffany had horrible logic with their decisions last week and they are in the jury house now because of it.


ya evicting players because they dont have the right skin color is horrible logic. they go from back to back hoh wins to back to back evictions…it doesnt pay off to be a disgusting racist…poetic justic

BB fan

Look no further than Hannah and Tiffany why you don’t make decisions based on race in the game of big brother.


KYLAND wrecked Hannah’s game this week! Hannah made a major mistake last week breaking a final 2 going after Alyssa and not targeting Kyland to be evicted!


Yeah so much for her being queen of the mental competitions.

Kyland is the king of mental comps so she played herself. He owned her in this week’s Veto and last week’s Veto. Girl bye!

Now I know Kyland will be out that door if he doesn’t win this Final 4 Veto but I have faith he will do it. I mean historically that final Veto is a hard ass mental competition so with Hannah out he should be good.

Xavier is no slouch at mental competitions either but I give Kyland the edge.

It’s sad that Kyland could EASILY win the game if he won the final Veto and final HOH and took out Xavier but he is being stupid by pulling a Cody on Season 16..

Not like he and Xavier are really that similar to Cody/Derrick but BB fans know the significance of that statement. Nobody should take someone they will very likely lose the final jury vote to to the end. It’s just dumb.

Kyland/The Couch is an easy win.

Kyland/Azah is a win as well but I have some fears Azah could pull off an upset if the jury is bitter AF. Like Natalie beating Russell in Season 19 of Survivor…

Kyland/Xavier is an easy win for Xavier.


Kyland lost the game by taking Xavier off the block and not evicting him when he had the chance. He will not beat him in final 2.


I know he won’t.

Maybe he will have an epiphany should he win the final Veto and HOH and get to be in the position to take Xavier for an obvious loss or The Couch for a obvious win.

I hope The Couch’s begging will actually work so that Kyland does honor their final 2. Because didn’t they have one WAY before he had a final 2 deal with Xavier?

Kyland needs to be like Cody from Season 22 and NOT Cody from Season 16!

BB fan

I was so over Hannah when she talked about how I can take the shot I know I can do it I’ll be the one to do it acting like she could win and throw comps whenever she wanted too… Girl please Hannah was just so full of herself! Sorry not sorry Hannah you’re not even on the same planet as a competitor as Kyland and Xavier are where you can win and just throw comps when you want to. She was so full of her self that got old with Hannah “I can take the shot I’ll do it”. No Hannah, you were awful at competitions and you couldn’t win and throw them when you wanted to.
Here’s your prize for taking out two girls last Thursday with Tiffany….. getting played like a spade by your own cookout alliance to take you out 1st haha


Yeah she was very cocky at times. Like good for her to win an HOH and a Veto but she was no competition beast by any stretch and as we saw she could not win when it mattered the most…

Kyland and Xavier do. Those double eviction Veto wins are clutch and especially so in Kyland’s part. Azah was salivating at the chance to honor her deal with him but not really… I just know she would have told him something like ‘Well sorry [Xavier or Hannah won Veto] I can’t put up Big D so Kyland take a seat (and he’d go in a 2-0 vote or Big D would make her break the tie to evict him)…

I find it funny that she is acting all peeved someone had the audacity to use the Veto on one of her nominees. Her short period of time in power really went to her head smh!

Umm b*tch you are not the queen so get over it! Kyland did what he wanted even if I don’t agree with it. Still if someone wins the Veto they should not feel obligated to do what the HOH wants.. Of course the HOH should pressure them to do what they want by saying if you do that then I’ll just replace them with that person’s top ally but at this stage in the game he really had all the leverage. So win the Veto if you want full control. Don’t b*tch about it when you go back to being a loser.


I think only Josh beating Paul because of a bitter jury could top a Kyland/Azah upset.. Although Natalie beating Russell was delicious!


You can’t blame them they thought they were working with people who wanted to play not chase after Xavier

BB fan

Of course you can blame them they made bad decisions getting rid of players like Alyssa with Hannah and Claire with Tiffany women who wanted to take each of the HOH’s to the final two !

Instead Hannah and Tiffany wanted to keep the guys safe at 8 and 7 people left who were just gonna take them out first chance they got at six!
It was so dumb what they did in in Tiffani because Derek and Azah were worthless and didn’t win anything you knew those boys were gonna take AZAH AND DF further because they were beatable!!
You absolutely blame 100% Hannah and Tiffany for their bad HoH reigns in how they ruined their game. It was awful logic by Hannah and Tiffany what they did during the HOH’s is there’s a reason why they’re in the jury house now and it’s because of what they did when they were in power!


Simon/Dawg. Bless you for this season but we can wrap it now. Utterly disgusting what just occurred and who’s left in the game. Two hour waste at that


I’d only watch the feeds from this point forward if they showed the jury house instead of the BB house.


Haha. What about if azah and df are in final 3?


LOL I literally wrote out Tiff’s exit interview (haven’t posted yet b/c I’m waiting to see if Another Name wants to see it .. but at the end of that I said the same thing. Kudos to the four of them – I’m just not as invested with this 4.

another name

If the interview contains something akin to surprising, I’d likely read.


See above (just posted)


Anyone realize that the 2 hour “LIVE” Double Eviction actually happened yesterday? CBS played us a fool.


CBS didn’t play us for a fool since the feeds were down all day Wednesday indicating that what was occurring. It is also nothing new. They did it on previous seasons


This game has disgusted me get ky butt out dummies he has manipulate you all and big d just sliding through

another name

Juror game errors that got us here (with or without the cookout involvement)
Brit: her game error goes back to sucking up to Frenchie week one. No cookout involvement. She was marked as untrustworthy by association after he boasted she was his rat fink. She walked in wanting to play a women rule game… and sucked up to the very first HOH way too hard. In a normal season would have a bitter factor of about 5 out of 10
SB: Starting end of week one, told Ky EVERYTHING, without getting ANYTHING back. She repeatedly sold out anybody that would have actually aligned with her, all for Ky. Let’s not even get into how her HOH was the worst possible move for HER game. Because of the emotional manipulation and pointless lying I talked about ad nauseum for 2 days before her eviction? Bitter Factor of 12 out of 10 in a normal season. SHE’D be THAT one.
Alyssa: When Chistian came clean to her about the BUTCHERS, she should have realized she’s been missing a whole group of people that were in an alliance that could still be working together. THE COOKOUT MEN. She missed that she was in an alliance… but not in the core group. That realization week 5 should have sent her out to make a counter group (which would have led to earlier discovery of the cookout). Her big error? She based all of her opinions up until her eviction on week three information and the opinion of any man she spoke to. Usually not a bitter juror per se… unless she feels really stupid or left out of the alliance as a personal snub at which point… 4 out of 10 factor. Angry longer than Brit, but not as angry outwardly.
Claire: Said it herself week 2, if anyone was going to stab her it would be Tiff. Didn’t start to make a backup plan until week 6. Way too late. Way too comfortable playing Tiff’s game instead of playing HER game. Half her game errors belong to the D/R because she’s come out as if she’d been knocked over the head and had short term memory loss a couple times a week. Bitter factor? Against the men? 7 out of 10 factor. Wait for it.
D/X: Getting rid of Christian and breaking the Royal Flush wasn’t his big game error. Not securing a backup alliance and safety once Christian was out was his big game error. On a side note… gullible. beyond words. Would believe someone when he knew they were lying. Repeatedly. Finally, when production tells you for storyline to play in a comp… play in the galldurned comp. Bitter factor: 3 out of 10 max.

Once Tiff and Hannah get to jury, I highly expect them to poison the jury against Kyland… and they won’t need much help. He’s gotta be pretty disliked given how he played the last half. The needless lying crap.
It is not out of the realm of possibility that Ky in finals gets Zero votes.


X just told Couch that if he wins F3 HOH, he’s taking him to F2 to honor their Day 1 alliance. Say, what? X had a F2 alliance with Couch this entire game? Funny how this F2 alliance was never mentioned on Day 1 or any other day afterwards until now. It sure is convenient that X suddenly has an excuse to take Couch to F2 and get the guaranteed win.

another name

I had the couch/x final two listed in one of my first charts, and it’s listed in my final 2 deal charts. I figured X would go easy route. It’s his game style. least resistance maximum control.
Isn’t it…. odd that each of the 3 people the couch has had final 2 deals with since week 2 all made it to the final 4. Like someone jumped ahead in the script or something.


So I transcribed Tiff’s exit speech (but haven’t posted it yet) figured I’d ask if you wanted to see it or not. Of note SB DID say in jury she was respectful of their mission BUT she felt Ky said a LOT of unnecessary things to her that she was still have trouble processing (implication she felt it was really cruel of him to go above & beyond necessary).

another name

I figure her exit speech is likely a remake of what she was saying to the camerasthis week (as if the cam talk was rehearsal).
Wanted to play the game for herself but yadda yadda put that on hold for the sake of the bigger mission yadda yadda.
In other words tow the company line.
In reward she probably got noted as the driving force of the cookout. And likely answered the what happened question without saying the reality: the three cookout men are chauvinists.
What I’d really like to see is the talk in d/r after she won that HOH where they are mad because the two goldenboys have made it clear that in their story it’s time for Claire to go. Those are the convos I really want to see. LOL.

I was betting that SB would have feelings about those last two nights. I have serious reservations as to whether or not anyone on the cast post jury is going to accept Kyland’s calls or dm’s. LOL. Well Dx will. He’s gullible. Everyone else? For some reason I have some doubts.

As far as Tiff goes… I’d rather if Muffy had taken the wheel. In terms of game that would have been fun.

The Beef

What I think is funny (strange), is that of all of these people you listed, to me SB is the one who should least likely be bitter towards the CO, but maybe be bitter personally towards Ky. Claire was shafted big time by her closest ally (Tiff) who put her OTB, but also by Hannah, who voted her out. Brit at least was supported by the votes of both Big D and Azah (IIRC, but I could be wrong about that). But how would you feel if you were DX and Alyssa, two POC, who were voted out by a POC alliance? Hell, at least Alyssa was kept until the last non-black person (in CO eyes) to go, but DX went way sooner (F10?).

None of them seem to be too upset that a group of people came together and voted them out based on their race at all! I’m not sure if that’s because they’re all “woke” or because they’re afraid of some social media backlash if they actually speak up and say “Yeah, that sucked.” Can you not support having a black winner of Big Brother, while at the same time condemn game play that is based primarily on racial prejudice? I swear, I think every one of these players are afraid to speak out against what was done to them, or else they are the most woke, “go ahead and run over me with the bus” type people I’ve ever seen in my life.

another name

It isn’t that they are woke (i hate that term because of subversion into a negative). It’s that they know if they say anything even remotely unsupportive, or based on personal instead of societal, they’ll have their lives ruined by social media zealots.
This week we had incontrovertible proof that the season, and the show itslef are production pre-made reality entertainment fictions and houseguests are given situational guidelines but not scripts. How? That pesky sound leak during a feedblock that showed us the veto winner for the double was predetermined.
With that said… why, oh why would anything be said that doesn’t fit with the storyline narrative?
Part of that storyline narrative may just be, that if Ky gets to final 2 he loses to X because of the ‘how you played the game’ part of jury deliberation. Ky thought he was sending jurors to get him votes? What he did was empower jurors to be bitter against him, because his jury management consisted of hours of the me talk, and zero empathy.


Good Times. 
Any time you meet a payment. 
Good Times. 
Any time you need a friend. 
Good Times. 
Any time you’re out from under. 

Not getting hassled, not getting hustled. 
Keepin’ your head above water, 
Making a wave when you can. 

Temporary lay offs. 
Good Times. 
Easy credit rip offs. 
Good Times. 
Scratchin’ and survivin’. 
Good Times. 
Hangin’ in and jivin’*
Good Times. 
Ain’t we lucky we got ’em 
Good Times.



It’s a classic. I believe Howard stern rated that the best sitcom song of all time.


So Tiffany walks into the jury house and quickly says, “Whoa is it ever bright in here, I thought the White House was in Washington!.”


Just like others that made it to the final 6 of this game, these people are human beings that formed a successful alliance in the game of Big Brother.


Thank You! Just like any other alliance over the years!! And, I’ve watched all seasons!

The Beef

So why is it so “historic” then?


Sure, Azah, go ahead and whine to X about Kyland. But nobody believes you … cuz it wasn’t Kyland who f*%k-ed up your HOH. You did that all on your own.


I agree with you this big brother trust nobody and expect the unexpected this is not about honesty game you play to win and make dumb moves should stick with girls that help her get this far and turned back on them. Have she ever watch big brother before, it doesn’t look have she got played badly Den


Azah missed the huge opportunity to get rid of one of the two big threats!


I can’t get past the fact that the CO girls didn’t think that the dudes would have an “all guys” final 3 plan. That was such an easy call, so why couldn’t they figure that out along the way.


Ask James Brown. He’ll tell you why.


For over a month all X talked about was wanting Ky out (the angst he’s focused on Tiff the past two weeks was previously directed at Ky & only shifted last Thursday). Sure they talked about all guys but up until F8 HOH X wanted to go to F3 with Tiff/Hannah (it was aired on the show even) & Han to F2.

Tiff wanted to take Ky to F3 with Chaddah her preference for F2 but I suspect she would’ve also tried to cut Ky at F4 & pull in Azah.

See you on finale night

Tiffany and Hannah knew they just couldn’t get Azah on board

another name

Thinking X nom’d Azah and Ky.
Because Couch said he isn’t on the block.


Omg that would be epic.

The Beef

Doesn’t really matter. Whoever wins Veto has all the power and makes the choice.


If POV is tonight what are they going to do for the next five days?


Hannah had said she came to play hard, back stab, go through good and bad comps , manipulate…..
Got her wish

another name

I was watching a while ago, but I was in the middle of preparing day 10’s playlist for a friend’s 40 days until 40 countdown (collecting the number ones from the birthdate every year from four countries and multiple music genres)…. we’re up to 1990. So finished getting that playlist together… and thought about what I was going to say.

Xavier has informed Couch that Ky has to go this week. Expected. Do we consider this the test of who prodo likes more between Ky and X?
Gee. So we’re back to the week 5-8 plan that was only interrupted to get rid of more women?
Let’s stick to that more women thing for a second. It’s a tangent worth mentioning AGAIN. Remember week 3 when the cookout boys had a fricking meltdown about 3 men leaving in a row? Remember how they ordered the women that a woman had to leave next so it would be fair? 5 women in a row in weeks 8-10. Yeah, like we all didn’t know that gotta play fair gender parity excuse was absolute bullshit piled waist high… but let’s just note it anyway. For when the boys cry victim about being targeted all game because 3 men left weeks 1-3.

Couch is now telling Azah that Ky would probably get rid of him this week (he already pissed her off by telling her he has deals with both Ky and X… meaning his deal with her is irrelevant I guess. Did you expect different?).

Azah informed couch she’d never take X to the final 2. um. who’s going to tell her that in order to get to choose the final 2 you have to survive final 4 and win 2 parts of the final HOH? MIght as well tell him that as queen of the diamond tooth abominable snowmen, she’d make parsnips the national root vegetable.

Ky is studying in the have not room after his D/R. Hope the study guide they gave him in there was useful. Don’t look at me like that. You were thinking it too. I think the cam operators are as sick of him as I am tbh. 4 times he went to have a kyversation with the cams… and the cams moved away from him. Read the room horse’s ass. He’s likely spending time in the Have not room again so that they can monitor the change back to normal of his medications. Don’t even test me on this one. We’ve seen it multiple times over the past few years with ADHD houseguests… bump their dosage up short term for longer event days with clench comps and for won HOH’s where more is expected of them, then keep them under observation as you put them back to normal dosage.

Comp comparisons.
Ky: 3 HOH. 2 Veto plus a high roller extra veto.
Xavier: 2 HOH, 2 Veto.
Azah: 1 HOH. If it had been thrown to her ANY harder, it would have bounced.
Couch: controlled the game all season, so… threw everything of course… you try ziplining in industrial strength spanx.


Loud ass Britini is so f*cking annoying in the jury btw!

She is a hater who is just bitter Kyland is in the Final 4 and she is Juror # 1 because of him…

Just Sayin'

Hannah’s face during the entire second half of the episode was livid hahaha. I love how basically Julie was reminding her that it’s not just a big brother win, like this is 750000 dollars! I feel like alot of the people in the house forgot they were playing for life changing money, and they’re giving it to X who literally said he would put it away because he doesn’t need it *facepalm*. Let’s be serious, big brother is a huge part of my life and everyone’s on this site…but in reality? Lol I highly doubt the cookout making it to final 6 will heal all of America’s racial problems, at the end of the day Hannah probably could have used that one way more then making it to final 5 of BB


we could see more Cookouts in Survivor.
that would be a hoot!

No fave yet

Don’t think so. Tons of diversity and POC but not enough tough blacks to make it in Survivor.


And so many tough-looking black men have flamed out. Remember Osten? First ever quitter I think.
Season 41 has a very interesting mix.


Tiffany and Hannah shot themselves in the foot. Should have kept Clair and Alyssa. Get rid of Ky & X. Still keeping 4 poc in final 6. Then go after clueless Clair and Alyssa, Tiff & Hannah would have won the game. There’s only 1 winner, makes no sense to keep all black people to insure a black person to win. Huge mistake. Now either X or Kyland will win. Big D can’t win a comp to save himself and Azah is…. Azah.

And Ky or X are stupid is they take each other to final 2. Each guarantee himself the win against Big D or Azah.

Kid Rock

Azah n Kyland was nominated!


Kyand n Xavier, Xavier n Kyland…1/2 n 1/2
Ricky said “toadaso”
lol n lol


Three chauvinists and a ditz.
No one left to root for.



As much as it sucked to see Hannah leave, in terms of pure game play, she definitely contributed to her own fate as she did everything wrong in DE. The deer in headlights mentality is someone who is not deserving of the win. Fight, Hannah, fight! You need to be scrappy to win.

She should have told Azah that based on what Ky had been saying, he would absolutely take down X if he won veto. And that would leave Big D on the block. Play on her emotions, her protective reflexes in conflict with her sense of righteousness.

Ultimately I doubt Azah would have gone back on her promise to not nom Ky. And even if she’d put up Ky and X, Hannah would have been evicted since Ky won veto. But the point is that Hannah froze in DE.

The other thing is that none of the CO women strategized for their end game. Ky and X didn’t need to do as much bc ultimately they are the power players. BigD just happened to fall in with the 2 of them, not of his doing.

It’s interesting how Azah found some gaming motivation at final 5, winning an HOH and making a plan to blindside X. The CO really gave most of them a false sense of security to sit back for much of the game.

By jury, Tiff and Hannah needed to be doing more planning on setting up X for a fall at F6. Problem is they were still connected to him as the leader and protector, not even picking him up on their radar and mostly focused on Ky. Certainly Ky was a good target as well, but they missed the fact that X may not be loyal to them. They had to set up their final connections or at least be actively working to pick up on the vibes to sniff out the CO member’s true intentions. Azah could have realized she was losing BigD if she had been paying any attention at all. Tiff screwed up big time by losing Ky’s trust, displaying her unpredictability to X, and pissing off BIgD so much. But Hannah should have been paying attention to all of it in order to better position herself.

Hannah was sour towards Azah in her interview, focusing on what would have been best for Azah’s game. You can’t win by playing fatalistic.


just throw this season in the dumpster. Canada did what they are trying to do but actually succeeded with being an entertaining season


I’d have more sympathy for the mission/cause if they were actually working on a cause. This is a reality show for Godsake, they are there to win money. Nothing great will happen for POC because a black person wins Big Brother. Let’s get real! If they take that money and start a foundation or something for the mission then it would be a true mission/cause. But this ain’t it!


They probably all agreed that if they get to final 5, because Chaddha’s. not really considered CO, they will split the 750K. I heard it mentioned between some of them but that’s never going to happen. Greed is a powerful mistress.


If Ky had used the POV on Hannah last night & then forced X’s oust he would’ve won the game hands down. All he had to do is pull Hannah in a room & reconfirm their F2.

They could’ve even split the vote if they wanted b/c Azah would’ve kept Big D.

If Ky had done that he would’ve won probably close to unanimously (even X would have to credit him for the move of the season). The worst part of Ky taking down X is it wasn’t even necessary. Now Azah is mad b/c not once this season did someone use a Veto w/o first at least discussing it with the HOH. Ky just told her – it was poor game management.

The difference is if X takes out Ky the entire jury will applaud him for doing what Ky should’ve with him. Derrick L NEVER takes Cody to F2 if he makes the choice – – he takes Victoria — same thing.

Ky needs to win out to stay — if he does & takes X then the votes are:

Ky: maybe SB — but even that’s looking suspect
X: everyone else (so 8-1)

And if X takes out Ky this week it won’t matter who he sits beside. Brit might give Azah the sympathy vote but I doubt she would for Big D (Claire/Tiff will get her in line with them).

Azah would be inclined to vote for Big D, but Tiff will quickly fill her in during commercial break on how Big D pushed to keep Ky & how he was NEVER taking Azah — cried how he was carrying her & doing so much to protect her. Azah is unique in her mindset but I could see her voting for X. At worst it’s 8-1 b/c

As for Ky he might be inclined to vote for Big D out of spite (but if X gets him to vote out Ky then he has no reason to vote for him either). And the BB “players” in jury will tell him it’ll look really bitter if he votes for Big D instead of X & he’s already got enough to be dealing with once he leaves the house in the real world.

Now if Ky had taken out X last night (by removing Hannah from block) or if he were to cut him at F3 then he’ll get Tiff, Claire, Hannah, DX, X (who’ll convince Ally to as well), and prob SB in that scenario against either Big D or Azah. Brit isn’t a Ky fan so she’d be the sympathy vote (unless the jury said we have to give the best player the unanimous vote). At worst, he would won in a landslide 7-2. (Brit & Azah)

BB23 Connoisseur

Disclaimer: I am NOT a SB fan…

Put aside all the disgust people have for Ky, he did play a great game. Socially, his game wasn’t the best. But the man is a comp beast (super surprised no one has actually said that out loud, even tho they boasted Christian up). He has been on the block numerous times, pawn or not, and not once did people take a chance and get him out, even though he has been a massive target since week one. He never had to float, coast, skate by or ride on coat tails. All his wins were legit and he never had to rely on other people to throw him any comps. Now, as far as SB goes, I do agree that she is probably more hurt than she is angry at Ky. However, I’m trying understand these “unnecessary lies” he told (I’ve been following the show, the live feeds, and the blogs all season so I’m aware of the conversations had). If someone knows something I don’t, please let me know! Yes, she put her trust in him as an ally, but so did DX, Britini, Claire, and Alyssa with their people. They also shared personal aspects of their lives with each other. And I know they had a final 2, but what exactly is it that he told her that she deems an unnecessary lie and offends her so much? Not looking for an argument, just a real answer.

P.s: I’m soooo glad Britini is gone. She was extremely annoying.

another name

see above.
the illuminati alliance talks with sarah beth before her eviction.
Add to that:
being one of the bound and determined that the last two plus ones not be told about the cookoout so that he could string them along, then say nope, not giving you my vote, sucker… and leave a condescension dripping goodbye message.

BB23 Connoisseur

I wonder if people realize that Kyland is aware of the fact that there is a great chance that he won’t win, regardless of who he is sitting next to. He knows the jury is super bitter. And chances are Tiff and Hannah are gonna make it much worse when they get there. He just wants to sit next to a formidable opponent (not talking about Hannah or Tiffany cause he didn’t trust them to even take him that far).

The Beef

So what’s your theory on this? If he thinks he won’t win against X, why wouldn’t he evict him and take his chances against Hannah, Azah and Big D? He had a golden opportunity to do that Wednesday during the “double” by using the Veto on Hannah, and they could have easily voted X out. I guarantee you Hannah would have gladly agreed to do that in exchange for Ky using the Veto on her.

So, is your theory Ky thinks he would lose to Hannah? Surely a comp beast like Ky could get her out in either the F-4 week or in the F-3 comps! Then he would only have to beat Azah or Big D, either of which should be an easy win for him after orchestrating X’s eviction (see TTOTambz’s post above about possible votes in those two scenarios).

I’m still scratching my head wondering what your theory is, and I’m really not trying to be a smart ass here. If Ky did all of that (which he chose NOT to do) why would he think he wouldn’t win against Azah or Big D? Or are you saying he’s afraid he IS going to lose to them, and he doesn’t want to, so he just wants to lose to X to avoid an embarrassing loss to one of those two?

BB23 Connoisseur

Honestly, he actually verbalized that he doesn’t expect to win this game. He had a final two with Tiff, but after learning how she didn’t trust him, her pleas to stay came to late because, by then, he had made a f3 with X and DF and a f2 X. Essentially, by the time Ky won the f6 HOH he had locked in who he was supposed to go to 4 with, and Tiff and Hannah were not included. Now, I believe Tiff would have stayed loyal to him and at least gotten Big D and X out. She loves Hannah to death, but I think she knows sitting next to Ky was a guaranteed win. (I’ve gone off on a tangent lol)
Back to my main point: no, I don’t think he would necessarily be embarrassed losing to DF or Azah. In fact, he would probably win. But like I said, he did say he wanted to sit next to a worthy opponent. Not that Hannah is not worthy, but he had already made promises.

another name

examples of unnecessary lies.
For two nights straight before SB was evicted.
Ky spent both nights stringing her along with some absurd theory about everyone in the house being in an allaince EXCEPT for Ky and SB. He called it the illuminati.
He then tried to say it was a women’s alliance that purposefully excluded SB, so if a woman gets to the end with Ky, keep that in mind.
He then said it was a women’s alliance with X and Couch as members, but they didn’t know they were members… but then pushed that Claire, a leader of the illuminati alliance would be next to leave, everyone has agreed… but Ky was still saying he was not a member but a target of this alliance…. so he would be aware of this how???
This was completely uncalled for bullshit that was only going to serve as damaging once cookout members arrived to jury.
Unnecessary lie batch 2.
Once they were down to just Claire and Alyssa left.
Ky was one of the leading proponents for letting them think they had a chance to stay and rubbing it in their faces when he denied them his vote. What purpose did that serve? For his game, why was it so important that he took the opportunity to rub it in their faces?
These lies were unnecessary.
Further, they were exhibitions of an intentional condescending mean streak that was bound to backfire once jurors talked to each other and compared notes.

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Sooooooo…he played the game??? Unnecessary lies??! That is hilarious. These players are sooo soft its embarrassing. Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Dan, Memphis, Vanessa Russo and Mike Boogie would chew these players up and spit them out!! There have been so many lies told in the earlier seasons that were so much worse than these amateurs have heard. And not only did they lie, they laughed about it. And these are legends. Nicole was known for using men. It was her strategy, but it was okay. Cody flirted and cuddled with whoever he needed to, but that was okay. Dr. Will and Boogie played woman like video games and thought it was hilarious, but that was okay. Kyland flirts with women, tells lies and cuddles, but that makes him a misogynist, a terrible person ( in real life and in the game since people on here seem to know him so well), a creep, a pervert, a woman hater, and a scumbag liar (and a few other select names that I have heard people call him on here)

another name

Soooo…. no.
Playing the game would have been sending them to jury with actual real information that the evictee could use on other jurors to say why Ky was the one that should win. THAT would be playing the game.
What he was doing with the makebelieve shit? That was stupid. That was a game error NONE of the greats would ever have done.
That’s why every name you mentioned didn’t just make up tons of non existent alliances to the houseguest being evicted and owned their games.
Name one of the people that you mentioned that WON that didn’t OWN their game. They ALL did. The liars and manipulators looked into the camera in old school days and laughed about what they were doing BECAUSE they owned their shit. Ky? Looks up to the cameras and says oh i hope you don’t think I’m a liar or a villain…
Nicole’s use men strategy was okay? Where did you hear that? The queen of carpal tunnel was lambasted for being a used human mattress. More than once.
Cody? Oh he should have been called out. NO DOUBT there. I’ve said Cody should have been called out multiple times over the years.
It isn’t the flirting and using women that makes Ky a chauvinist. It’s the way that he speaks to them condescendingly like they aren’t deserving of respect and dignity, as mentioned by both Hannah and Claire in exit interviews.
So what if he’s being judged?
They all go on a program that films them near 24/7 to win money and present themselves FOR judgement. That’s why they have feeds.
I don’t like him.
I have every right not to like him.
I’m not telling you not to like him.

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People on here take things way too personally. The point I’m trying to make is that Ky’s lies (whether they cause him the game or not) are no better or worse than any of the lies told in previous seasons. And they all were a part of his game. And he is PLAYING the game. Strategy is strategy, doesn’t matter what kind. Using men, lying, making fake alliances (like Hannah did Alyssa), lying about alliances that aren’t real, backstabbing, throwing allies under the bus (like SB did Ky), throwing comps, literally floating…its all BB strategy. Nicole has a massive following, so saying that her strategy was okay with people was directed toward them. Same with Cody. And while everyone has their opinion on things (totally cool with it) I’m just not okay with people bashing folks they don’t know personally. Idc idc idc.

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Season after season people get called out on their lies and game errors and their character as revealed by behavior. I mean, since I started contributing comments years ago, part of the entertainment, debate, and discourse is the judgement of the houseguests.
I truly don’t understand the don’t know personally perspective. I’ve never had a world leader over for dinner, but I’ll kvetch about their policies until the cows come home. By the same token, if a person goes on a reality program wherein their choices and character are presented to the viewer, they are opening themselves up to critique and judgement as part of the experience.
Maybe it’s not nice. Maybe some people’s favorites get knocked. Oh well.
I mean, I get annoyed by apologists that twist and contort reason in order to attempt to create a safe space for their faves when they are getting judged appropriately for their actions and behavior, but I would never personally attack the commenter, because such a thing is ignorant and gauche. I value the opinions of every commenter. Doesn’t mean I don’t see what a commenter is doing when they attempt passive aggressive moral manipulation in order to attempt to curtail negative commenting about their faves. Just means I’ll keep saying what I’m saying anyway, and expect the other commenter to do the same.

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I actually agree with you. Going on a public television program and subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of millions of viewers is obviously their choice. And the same way you choose to comment, I choose not to bash. Its just amazing to see how people are personally affected by the actions of these people in the house, but I suppose that is just the consequence of becoming a celebrity (television or otherwise).


What did the crew say to Azah over the speaker when Big D said she had bad short term memory last episode and she left the room?