Dane – [Maki] tells me I might be going up and then he tells Adam don’t use it but keep me around I’m a competitor

8:13am Mark and Dane
Mark says Momma wants to stir thing up, “She said it in front of a lot of people”
Dane – Sam is going to be a target for everyone
They agree if Sam wins HOH they will be Ok.
Dane – we can get Eddie to put up Sam to.. we can get a lot of people to put Sam up that doesn’t get Adam pissed at us
Mark – Eddie winning would be the best possible plan..
They start talking about Keeping Kyra and using them as the Pawn. Damien will be happy because it won’t be him any more. Dane says Kyra isn’t going to win any vetos so will be easier to get out later.
They talk about Maki picking the “putting” option (in the veto)
Dane – that Putt is almost impossible..
Mark – it’s good we have Chelsea on our side..
Mark points out there’s only a few people that are single, “Me, you, Esti and KIKI”
Mark mentioned that in previous sessions they use gender in the questions like “a boy was no put up until a girl was put up” He wonders what they will do this year.
They start studying dates… Dane tells him about his Cheerios study aid.

10:30am Mark and Esti
Chit chatting about the types of competitions coming up.
Esti asks him if they win HOH or someone they can convince wins HOH who should they go for?
Mark – it depends on who wins HOH because if certain strong people win how about we speak.. they will be more inclined to not put certain people up that would be advantageous for both of us
Mark saying there’s a high likelihood a strong player winning and not going after another strong player. “But never a hundred”
Mark says theirs four people in the house that have their best interests in mind.
Esti thinks the other side isn’t targeting them “there’s another target” (Sam?)
THey start studying..

10:11am Chelsea and Kyra
Chelsea is crying she doesn’t want Kyra to go…
Kyra tells her things “are actually looking good”
Kyra – Maki and Esti were freaking out last night.. I heard them whispering.. “Make sure she goes home she has Adam she has chelsea .. they kept talking about Sam.. freaking out.. they’re nervous”
Kyra – that’s why Esti is glued to Mark this morning she’s trying to flirt and have Mark go with them.. Dane’s like it’s going to keep flip flopping but that deal wyou made me is a soild Deal and I’m goign to stick with that.
Chelseas adds that Dane is thinking about his resume and getting Maki out is a big thing to say you did.
Kyra – Ohh I’m going to play on his ego.. tomorrow today I’m not talking game.
Kyra also mentions she heard Kailyn talking to Dane saying “please god give DAne safety after his reign please got let everyone see things for how they really are thank you for not letting them know who the real target is”
Kyra – I’m lying right beside her she thought I was asleep
Kyra talked to Dane about it telling him she’s just trying to get in his head..

12:09pm Workouts…

Eddie and Momma
Mom asks him what three people would he like to win HOH.
Eddie – you, I know Anthony isn’t working with me but he wouldn’t put me up, Dane can’t win..
Mom says mark has a handsome face.
Eddie – he does?
Momma – look at him from over there.. if he was fit he would be nicer
Eddie – yeah..
They laugh as they site there analyzing people some of which are working out.
Moma – could you imagine if he was all jacked up.. he would look good
Eddie – that’s true
Momma says Dane has that “Bad boy off the Rez” thing because of the tattoos..
Momma says Maki has the “peace and joy pass the pipe” thing going on. Anthony is “Big and Black with a pretty face”
Momma – Adam he’s got the whole I’m a viking I’m here to conquer thing

2:24pm Mark and Kailyn
Kailyn mentions Kyra being pissed at her at the way she was praying. She ran up to tell Dane they don’t like the way Kailyn is praying.
Kailyn – are you kidding me..
Kailyn – I had enough time yesterday to go over every possibly scenario
Kailyn mentions that everyone in the house had agreed that next week it’s COry but she doesn’t think everyone would put Cory up
Kailyn – I guarantee you if she makes it past next week she’ll make it to the end.. She’s the female version of Adam.
Kailyn respects the way Mark “Does his thing”

2:34pm Kyra and Cory outside
Cory says Kailyn is going around Campaigning for Maki.
Kyra – I have 6 potentially 7 but it’s flip flopping
Kyra says it keeps flipping around that is why they are not talking Game today, “We still have three full days.. as of right now I have a pretty strong 6 possibly 7”
Kyra says there’s a few people that want Maki to stay because of a personal connection, “the rest of the house sees Maki as a threat and doesn’t see me as a threat”
Cory – totally
Kyra – if I stay I can guarantee you they are not going after you next week… I’ve heard your name mentioned in a positive way by people I’m close with.
Cory doesn’t believe Kyra says those people hardly talk game to her at all so naturally they’re targeting her
Kyra says that it was Kailyn and Maki that were rallying them to get “the new person out next”
Cory thought it was just Maki
Kyra – it was Maki than everyone stood up on that side of the couch ..

2:55pm Hot Tub Chit chat…

4:12pm Damien and Kiera
Damien mentions “someone’ is thinking a yellow paper they found in the filling room is important.

5:40pm Anthony and Mark
Anthony like Chelsea but says she really scared. When kailyn put her on the spot Chelsea became really “fumbly.. that’s not solid people that are not solid will just jump to power”
Anthony – people can put me on the spot in front of everybody.. you’re not going to see me crumble regardless
Mark says Chelsea would be really good in Jury,
Anthony says it obvious that Adam’s moves are just for his game.
Anthony – Sam has the best ability to jump around and lie to people’s faces..
Mark – she knows how to get the strongest person in the house.
Anthony – we can control Adam we know his behavior.. he gets emotional .. he’s passionate.. we just need to toot his horn a little bit we got Adam.. I got Adam.
Mark says they have to protect Adam
Anthony agrees says he’s happy they all partnered up early.
Mark says that Maki is trying hard to stay “calling a party.. he’s trying hard”
Anthony – that was the worst speech.. during the speech I was like that’s your speech man.. you f*ing dumb?
Mark – he just doesn’t know the game bro .. I love Maki to pieces but whoever told him to take the Putt (putt?)
Mark asks if Anthony is “actually going to try” to win HOH
Anthony – yeah for sure.. 100% try my hardest.

5:52pm DAne, DAmien and Kailyn
Dane – the life man…
Stef joins them.. Followed by Maki and Kiera.


6:38pm Anthony and Dane
Anthony says KIKI is not a strong player and will just follow the wind..
Anthony – we have to set something up to blow up Sam’s game… this whole mark thing I know Adam sees it but I feel like he’s not getting it.. we have to blow up Sam’s game..
Anthony – I’ve been working hard with Chelsea I can separate Chelsea and Sam.. I will take her away from Same and Sam will be powerless..

Dane says he Eddie, Damien, Esti, Anthony, Adam’s, Sam and Chelsea.. that’s 7 .. Done..
Anthony – maki really screwed himself with that speech you couldn’t have said it worse
Dane – he tells me I might be going up and then he tells Adam don’t use it but keep me around because I’m a competitor
They agree they “love Maki” but he was too honest.

8:26pm Stef and KIKI
They’re complaining about how messed up their periods are.
Stef thinks Adam is really smart.
Kiera – I think he’s working really hard
They agree a lot of people are clinging onto Mark because they think he’s smart. (they had some questions during one of the feed outages I gather Mark did well at it )
Keira and Stef find it hard to believe what mark tells them.
Stef – if anyone wins a mental comp it’ll be him..

Eddie joins them..
Stef says the vote is still to keep maki
Eddie – yeah
Stef – I was asking around the house today just to double check.. I talked to Anthony, I talked to Damein.. Momma K ..
Eddie says he’s not sure if Maki is being kept .. the people I talk to wouldn’t give me an answer 100% .. I won’t say their name sorry
One of the people listed by Stef is apparently not keeping Maki according to Eddie
Eddie – I swore to secrecy
Eddie 100% wants to send Kyra out but h doesn’t know they have the votes yet.
Eddie – this week I want to respect Dane’s intentions..
Stef – how can I change things if I don’t know who it is
Kiera counts their numbers “use three, Damien, Anthony.. we need one more can be either Mark or Momma K
Stef – if we get rid of Maki we get rid of a vote for us..

Stef goes to talk to mark..

8:31pm Kyra and Dane
Kyra saying Kailyn, Esti and Kiera area ll for sure voting to keep Maki
Dane – I’m looking out for you.. I told you you are not a threat..
Kyra – have you talked to Eddie yet
Dane – not yet..
Kyra – I appreciate you keeping me in the loop
Dane – I trust you
They talk about Maki’s speech today saying he’s a big competitor and should be in the game.
Kyra points out that Maki doesn’t know the game.
Kyra – he’s a wild card .

They hug it out..
Kyra – you know I have your back.. you have to play Kailyn a little so she doesn’t freak out I don’t want an explosion..

8:42pm Kyra and Dane
back to talking about Maki going this week.
Dane – I got Adam onboard.. Sam to..
Kyra – people are scared of Maki.. it’s not about keeping me it’s about getting rid of maki
Kyra – promise me you are not goign to Maki saying don’t worry I got the votes.
Dane – No..

8:45pm Kiera tells Eddie she was a little hesitate at first because she saw him hanging out with MOMMK a lot.
Eddie – I really trust you.. I won’t work against you for sure..

8:48pm Stef and mark Playing pool

Stef asks how many votes they have to vote out Kyra. Mark doesn’t know because the whole house is flipping around. Stef says she’s heard from 6 people for sure to evict Kyra.
Mark – I am going to vote with the house..
Mark tells her that things change every 5 minutes he’s not going to know where to vote until the day of eviction.
Stef – Dane wants Kyra out
Mark – we have to talk to Dane sit down as a group tonight
Stef – I already talked to him he wants Kyra out.. I want to know what you mean by the house going up and down..
Stef explains all those 6 people she’s talking have always told her Maki is staying so if Mark is telling her it’s up and down who is flipping their vote.
Stef – I understand with Sam and them because they are closer to Kyra but they wanted them out last week.
Mark – I don’t understand what is going on..

they head to the couch.. Damien and Anthony try to listen in..
Mark says Kyra is campaigning to everyone when they came to Mark Kyra’s said they only needed a few more votes
Mark – I’m going to find out if she’s telling the truth.
Mark – I don’t really care who goes home this week the person that is more the threat probably isn’t going home..
Stef goes on about having 5 votes to evict Kyra with Mark that is 6.
Mark says he’s voting whatever way Dane wants.


9:30pm getting ready for a party…

Around 10pm they get alcohol…

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another name

i wonder if dane promising on his ring and on his father that maki is safe in order to get him to agree to be the pawn is going to come back and bite him in the ass. It was in the episode, and four or five other house guests know about it now.