Derek “After X fell to what we agreed to he said also I don’t want the Kings to go up…”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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7:40pm The live feeds return with all the house guests now inside the house. They’re all still dripping in slime and talking about the comp.

Bedroom – Xavier and Big D.
Big D – he might put us up on the block. Xavier – if he is putting you up, who would he put you up next to? Big D – I don’t know. I didn’t do nothing to him. Xavier – who would he put you up next to where you would go home? Who is voting against you? Big D – I don’t know but I am going to try and avoid that block. Xavier – I’ll help you. Big D – thank god I have you.

Storage room. Hannah and Derek X celebrate his HOH win.
Hannah – I am tired from carrying you on my back. Derek – can you carry your own weight. Hannah – can you pull your own weight? Derek – remember you asked me … like I wanted to fall. Hannah – okay, my eyes were closed the whole time.. I didn’t see who fell or when. I didn’t even know Claire was out. And I fell right after SB because I slipped. The slime and the water were too much. I looked and SB was on the ground and then I looked at you.. all you had to do was to out last Alyssa. And then you did!! Hannah – its the bling around the neck. Derek – its the safety for me. I need to figure out what the F**k …Like Alyssa is definitely not hitting the block. X isn’t hitting the block. And then that is the only things that I agreed to up there. And after X fell to what we agreed to he said also I don’t want the kings to go up. He was like I don’t want any of the kings to go up. So I don’t know I am going to have to talk to X. So that is all I agreed to. Hannah – do what is best for your game. I am so proud of you. You deserve it. They celebrate making it to jury. Hannah – We made it to jury!!!! Derek – holy sh*t! Hannah – I haven’t done anything. Ky joins them. They celebrate again. Derek explains how X asked for the kings to be safe after he dropped. Kyland – I am not saying you have to do it. I still think we do the same thing that we already talked about. ..And then just figure it out after the veto. Like basically we’re with the Flush and then you can figure it out after the veto. We still have a whole f**king day. A free day. We can talk about speech… I’ve been thinking through speeches since yesterday. Derek hold up the HOH key – just take this, just take this already. Ky – you earned that.

Storage room. Tiffany, Claire, Derek X and Kyland celebrate Derek’s win and making it to jury.

8pm Storage room. Azah and Derek.
Azah – I am so happy for you!! Genuinely Happy! And you can do whatever the f**k you want. Derek – I think I can .. I definitely agreed to a lot up there. Azah – you agreed to not put up Alyssa? Derek – I agreed to not put up Alyssa, and that I wouldn’t put up X. Azah – you can take whatever shots that you want. I don’t care what happens .. I don’t care if you are like Azah I am putting you up. I actually like you. From the bottom of my heart I am so happy for you. Derek – you’ve been there for me. They hug. Azah – this is a great come back story.

Bathroom. Alyssa, Christian and Xavier.
Alyssa – Derek X was like don’t put up me or Hannah. I said I won’t put her up as a pawn or a replacement. And I am like why the f**k are you worried about Hannah?! That is the only deal he wanted. Why the f**k are you making sure Hannah is fine.. its an alliance. Xavier – I wasn’t going to last again if it dropped again so I made the deal .. then after I fell I sprinted over to him and said you’re not putting up any of the Kings and he was like deal. Christian – there could be a plan to backdoor a king. Alyssa – he is a part of it .. I don’t see him putting up Azah. Would he put up Big D? He f**king better! If he puts up one of f**king us… He will not put me your you (X) up because we made a deal.

8:20pm Bedroom – Tiffany, Azah, Brit and Claire.
Brit – We should all be set up for this week. I feel good with him I do.. its just I haven’t talked any game with him this week. Tiffany – I am just so proud of him because he’s been scared since day 3. Azah – day 2. If he needs to put my up, either way I know I will be sitting next to someone that is definitely going to go home. Don’t say that to anyone but if I am up there I won’t hold it against him because I know where his head is at. Brit – I am definitely going to remind him of our conversation where he said that he wouldn’t put me up if he won.

8:25pm The house guests are still cleaning up and sitting down to eat dinner.

8:40pm – 8:55pm Living room. Xavier and Alyssa
Xavier – you did amazing. Alyssa – you did too. Ky said that he is going to volunteer as a havenot but I want us three to do it together. I don’t want to be in that bedroom with Ky. If its 3 it makes sense for me you and Christian to do it. Xavier – he is going to want to talk game all night. Alyssa – I am not doing that. I want my boys in there, I don’t want him in there. Xavier – if it is just three we can make it us three. Alyssa – I wanted a girl to win it. Xavier – that’s why I was ready to drop. Alyssa – I know you were. I am fine with him winning it. As soon as Azah dropped he said we’re good, we’re good. I am just being selfish I wanted to win. Xavier – you will get your win. Big D made it 3 minutes. Derek X joins them. They talk about doing one on ones to more so that it isn’t obvious for them to talk. The other house guests join them and the conversation turns to talking about the HOH comp.

9:18pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cam to for Havenots to be determined.

9:29pm The feeds return – Christian, Xavier, Alyssa are havenots for the week. They volunteered to be havenots.

9:35pm Chess room. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – I don’t really care what people say anymore honestly (about them shomancing). Hannah and Derek were just giggling in there dancing up and down. Christian – they were giggling, dancing up and down .. and did you see them this morning? Alyssa – no. Christian – they were just like this (See photo below). They talk about how Christian will act a little stressed to show others that he’s worried he could go up. Christian – I wanted him (Derek X) out week one and he wanted me out week one. Alyssa – yeah but he is not going to take you out this week. Christian – I got to play in the veto. I am going to try and win every veto I can. Alyssa – Mmmhhmmm. If Brit is on the block tell her to pick you. Christian – MMmmhhmm. So it sounds like he wants Azah? He was happy when she dropped? Alyssa – no he was just happy that we were all left. He is probably going to put up Big D and Brit. Christian – my two final twos. Alyssa – Sorry, Sucks to suck! Christian – That’s fine if someone else has to take them out. I’d just rather they were in jury. Alyssa – I mean you can try to persuade him for Azah.

Bathroom. Kyland and Hannah.
Hannah – okay you’re suggesting that two jokers go up and they would be made aware that both of them are pawns. Kyland – I would not tell them actually. Don’t make them aware. There is just too much risk. Let them play. Let them think they need to live. Hannah – it is going to crush Britini. Kyland – it will, her going home is going to crush her no matter what. Its going to happen. Hannah – if a king gets chosen for example Christian, and wins and keeps noms the same then Britini goes home. Ky – yup. Hannah – that is a waste of a week. Kyland – well its not because Britini going home is still better then Alyssa going home.

10:45pm Bedroom. Azah, Claire, Derek X, Tiffany, Kyland.
They’re all talking about the HOH competition.

11:25pm Bathroom. Tiffany and Derek X and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I was just talking to them (Christian and Alyssa). I was trying to get them to relax. Yeah you guys have nothing to worry about. I can’t forget what we said yesterday. If you win this then you have to take your shot. Its a sign. You won this, you have to take your shot. If you’re comfortable doing it or we can ride the Royal Flush I don’t know.. Derek – take the shot, a backdoor with two jokers? Tiffany – yeah. You don’t want to compete against him in the final four veto. Its too risky.

12am Chess room – Christian, Alyssa, Kyland and Xavier.
They talk about Whitney being gone.

12:32am – 1am
Derek X comes out of the diary room. Derek X – who wants to see my HOH room!!! All the house guests head up to the HOH room. They all rush in and look at his HOH photos. Tiffany pick up a photo. Derek X – see I told you I have black friends! He then reads his HOH letter.

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This sound weird but I was looking at storage room pics and thought how grateful that there isn’t a bunch of watermelons ?. BB21 flashback


X is starting to get on my nerves where the hell did he become entitled ugh he is trying to run everyone’s HOH these players need to grow a spine and do what the want!




All lives matter boy bye

another name

I get the feeling that X’s talk to the kings, saying Dx agreed no king would touch the block is actually X’s attempt to make Dx a group target for next week. Dx says he didn’t agree to no kings on the block in another room. But hey… after the comp is over deals are the most respected deals ever in big brother…. oh…erm… huh.
Problem if that is what he is attempting: They think Dx is easily manipulated, so they will likely blame Hannah. If X is trying to get the heat off of Hannah, and on to Dx, this isn’t the way.
Oooooorrrr he’d just covering his own backside to keep those king jury votes.

Funny how Azah is suddenly so comfortable with the concept of being a pawn now that she sees the Cookout has the five vote majority if one of them is on the block. I guess she can go back to sitting in another room making few if any relationships, and not actually playing.
No, really, other than kvetching about other Cookout members, what’s she doin?

The couch worries about being a nom? Hmm, maybe naming the new HOH as a target loudly for multiple weeks isn’t great game, especially when it’s only week 5 now. And yet, he’s almost definitely safe. I sometimes wonder if Tiff would do less (cus she’s doing way too much) if two members of her group weren’t doing absolutely nothing. Let’s just admit it. Two of the cookout are being carried along with whatever furniture they are currently laying on, and it’s taking the rest of them to cover the slack. His contribution tonight is telling Hannah that Dx has to get rid of a girl, and preferably a king girl… in a showmance…. but he doesn’t want to say too much. Well why even bother with the week, call chenbot back into the studio and toss Alyssa out the door.
Sidebar: I STILL don’t get this whole guys say it isn’t fair, we have to keep it equal men and women leaving. Do you think. historically, if the women of the house went to the alphamale alliance every year and said ‘play fair, it’s a guys turn’ anyone would have listened. Did female steamrolls just happen for seasons on end because no women ever pointed out the play fair gender rule? Slaps forehead.

I wonder if it has ever crossed Al/Ch minds that every time they complain about being seen as a duo, a D/R gremlin gets its pitchfork. Come on, like they aren’t asking the rest of the house about the obvious showmance? They have to ask the cast something while they’re drinking the cookout is not the ‘understanding’ you’re looking to target jedi cherry koolaid.

Has SB gone back to the jackpot after 2 weeks of forgetting they existed now that the Kings aren’t in power? If not, she will. With a vengeance.


I think X may want Brit to be the target bc she is likely to target X and Ky for putting her up. Whereas he has influence with Al/Christian. So he is narrowing Derek’s options. If Derek were to go along with that plan, he’d likely put up another Joker as pawn. But X knows he has the votes to get out Brit. This seems a very short-sighted plan, as Brit wins nothing while a power duo is still in the game. That type of ‘it’s not time yet’ strategy will always come back to bite. Alyssa was so close to winning and Christian will surely be pulling out more wins. The only smart move this week is Christian with Azah as pawn since she volunteered.

R Sween

The cookout alliance is a bunch of crap. These woke ass people they picked to play are woke to see it. If a group of white players decided to work together because of their skin color it would be frowned upon. I hope the non black players catch on.

BB fan

Derek X would be stupid to target Christian and Alyssa!
If he goes through with it, The cookout is completely using Derek X like a TOOL!
DX would be foolish to do this!


White players align all the time and make it far in the game because they have things “in common.” A group of white players have decided to work together on every season of big brother that I’ve seen. They don’t explicitly call it what it is because they don’t need to.


Well yeah cause this is the first season where they have had more then 2 or 3 black people so it was slim pickens




Give me a break! The reason the Cookout was formed is because it is the first time in BB USA history POC have had the opportunity to form a big enough alliance to make it to the finale. If you don’t think that past groups of white people worked together because of skin color you’ve been misted. I’m not saying it was always intentional albeit a little close-minded. I know that for some, it was definitely intentional!

People tend to gravitate towards other people with common interests, what they know. If you grew up in an all white neighborhood, going to a majority white school, more than likely, you’re going to gravitate towards an all white alliance, staying in your comfort zone. Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to expand your horizons.

The Cookout alliance is doing exactly what the white alliances of the past have done. The difference being, they are well aware this is a first and it’s an opportunity they don’t want to squander. This time the odds are in their favor. My white ass hopes they pull it off!

Moral of the story: Enlighten yourself. Get over your white fragility.


I think it has much more to do with X wanting all four Kings in jury so he has a guaranteed three votes.


FYI – Azah volunteered to be the pawn in place of Britney the last time. X said no.

another name

yes, she did. but her motivation was different.
She wanted to be put up instead of Brit because she was frustrated thinking she’d have to listen to Brit and comfort Brit and have to deal with Brit on the block again.
Additionally, she was in that I don’t trust the cookout (Tiff mostly) and haven’t got a contingency plan so if I’m gonna go just let me go place.
This week it’s different.
Motivation is different, comfort level is different.


Cancel the season

Or a twist needs to happen.


If you watch episode. America twist will be announce next Thursday




twists ruin the game as was evident by this first month’s twist. it finally ends and you want another twist to ruin the game further,..FACEPALM… you arent a true fan of the game


Nobodys forcing you to watch.


I’m confused — Brit says “I haven’t talked game to him (DX) all week long” then says I’m going to remind him he said he wouldn’t put me up. It can’t be both Brit.

Assuming she is referring to what DX said LAST WEEK. This past week while she was safe she was pushing Christian to take down Whitney & back door DX -sooooo knowing how Alyssa rolls I won’t be surprised if she is the one who spills that information. Ditto for how SB pushed for Hannah to be the target – that’s all the ammo he needs to put them both up initially.

The options of who can go up are the Jokers plus SB/Christian. If he wants to keep the Royal Flush intact he only puts up two Jokers but as I noted that’s not wise in the event Chris/or X play & win POV b/c they’ll keep noms the same. The goal of this week has to be to get out a King so they don’t have four jury voters (meaning if one of them reaches F2 all the need is two more votes to win – it’s a skewed advantage).

Azah is being far to eager to be a pawn & despite Ky pushing for Azah-Brit as initial nominees I don’t think it’s in DX’s best interest. In fact, if I was DX & needed to put up a Joker as a pawn it would be Big D. He’s trashed DX & spouted how he wanted him out forever – the problem is Big D is already working Hannah to make sure he/Azah are safe (funny – isn’t he the same guy who said Hannah isn’t really part of TC?). Plus we know Big D will be a BIG BABY if he gets nominated (especially if he’s a have not again).

Another interesting tweak here is Hannah/SB were 3rd/4th off wall so likely to be have nots & if SB isn’t nominated will have time to mend their relationship being confined to the have not room. That will go out the window if SB goes OTB.

I’m eager to see each individual’s push – X lied saying DX promised safety to all the Kings (to paint a target on DX, to cover his ass or to position the house best for him?). He’ll no doubt be pushing for 2 Jokers to go up with Brit as the target. Ky already said Brit/Azah should go up & will be fine with either Brit (or Chris back door) happening.

Ally who wouldn’t have necessarily honored the last minute F4 she created with DX/Hannah is already pushing “Royal Flush” & likewise is acting like the fake F4 was real shortly after complaining DX wanted safety for both himself & Hannah. She’ll push for 2 Jokers. Assume Christian will follow Ally’s lead.

Azah already told him to do what’s best for him & said she’d be his pawn if need be (stupid move). Big D & Brit are both scrambling feigning innocence when both know they are guilty. They’ll push for the showmance to go up/out & when DX tells them he promised Ally/X safety they’ll shift to SB/Christ going up -(bank on it- although since Brit has a F2 with Chris maybe she’ll try to push for Tiff/Ky being an option — THAT would be funny).

X will try to keep all 4 Kings/Cookout safe & will be happiest to oust Brit but will accept one of SB or Chris leaving. Claire I think wants the showmance to go or SB if not. Who will SB push leaving (Big D or Brit?). I’m eager to hear her 1 on 1 with Baby D. Tiff will want either SB or Chris leaving.

The question is who’ll have the most influence over DX — Hannah, Ky or Tiff? And, whether he’ll be able to see the game clearly enough to know what move is best for him.

R Sween

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the cookout alliance?? Since when is it not frowned upon for people to align simply on the basis of skin color? If it were white people teaming up that would be unacceptable. Ridiculous
I hope the players catch on soon.
Character over color…

Dee dee baker

You must not have watched the past how ever many seasons where white people would team up and purposely leave out minority’s from their alliance! Literally happened every year.

another name

damn. i somehow turned on keyboard2 and forgot how to turn it off. okay, think i got it.
I don’t think it’s actually that stupid for a single cookout member to go on the block as a pawn… as long as the other 5 are willing to keep them. So Az volunteering may not be horribly dumb…. as long as the other 5 are willing to keep her. This week is 9 votes.
I think Dx is still heavily swayed by Ky. I think putting up Azah isn’t his smartest move, but he’ll defer to Ky. Hannah, I fhink, is his third. I think Tiff is his second, but he’s worried Tiff isn’t trusting Ky. I do think Ky so blatantly running Dx’s HOH is going to annoy Tiff and Hannah to no end. He’s micromanaging by proxy.

If big drama is going to happen this week, it’s veto and it’s use or no use.
Any number of scenarios I can envision could throw multiple games out of whack.

Is it possible, in your opinion, that Kyland may be trying to manufacture a final four with Dx, Hannah and Sb? He encouraged Sb to make peace with Hannah. He’s pushing pretty hard for the Brit eviction (or Christian if a King MUST leave). I get the sneaking suspicion he’s hedging when it comes to cookout. Is it possible Ky’s endgame is an attempt to get to the final 3 with Dx and SB?

I’ve read a message about some twist happening next week. Game altering viewer involvement votes. You know I don’t trust or believe in the integrity of viewer votes, but I’m wondering how you feel about it for this season? Given the dynamics and storyline and the suspected Grodding of each of the dynamics and storyline.

The Beef

Maybe he did it because he thought she needed it, but DX did negotiate safety for Hannah with Ally, before she dropped didn’t he? I think she has more influence with him than either Ky or Tiffany, even though she’s not in the Royal Flush. They could both be using each other, as I know Chadda has proclaimed more than once she is die hard Cookout to the end, for “social” reasons, and DX may feel the same way about the Flush, but to negotiate safety for her would indicate to me a certain closeness that goes a little further than maybe just game, so she may have more influence with him than you think. I’m not sure it matters though, since all three of them see each other as full fledged Cookout members, allbeit with slightly different ways of getting to the final 6. I’ve yet to hear a single one of them say anything yet about a different ending, other than an all Cookout final 6.


DX true number one shifted last week b/c he wasn’t in the RF meeting where SB went off about Hannah being the target. Claire/Tiff both told him while Ky didn’t & downplayed it when probed. DX witnessed Tiff put in work to make sure Hannah was safe & communicate with both of them while Ky seemed more interested in protecting SB & taking the target off her back moving forward. I’m guessing, Tiff probably also relayed conversation about DX being a back door option offered by SB whereas Ky likely withheld that intel (that’s a guess though). On top of that the hamsters also had an alcohol fueled night where Ky/SB got a bit touchy feely so it only fueled that thought process.

In separate conversations last week DX picked Tiff always as his 2nd – that wasn’t the case before last week (she was F5 for him). Tiff/DX & Hannah are all at the point where they are questioning if taking X to F5 would be a better option than bringing Ky.

As for Ky working to align a F4 with DX/Hannah/SB. First the reason he wants either Brit or Chris leaving this week is b/c Ky knows they’ll target him (so it’s completely survival motivated). Second, he’s working to resolve the friction between Hannah/SB so it keeps SB in the house longer. Although, given Ky likes to have numerous options it wouldn’t be out in left field to have that F4 but my guess is he’d rather SB/DX & Tiff in F4 (all three F2s). Whereas Tiff would prefer DX/Hannah & Ky (or X) only b/c she’s the ONLY one in TC who seems to recognize she can’t keep her top BFF (Claire) outside TC (BUT— see below b/c X messed that up tonight).

As you always point out each season -watch when feeds go down or when something shifts immediately after a DR. This season that occurred with Tiff’s sudden “plan to get TC to jury”. The day prior she was fed up with Big D constantly calling her out & Azah lying around but expecting Tiff/Ky/X to keep who she wanted safe. Tiff was ready to abandon TC & pull in DX/Claire/Chris b/c they were people she liked & wanted to play the game with (plus Ky/X/Hannah). Tiff is uber annoyed by Azah/Big D never counting Hannah as part of TC while Hannah does more than both combined in terms of strategizing, staying in touch etc.

Out of everyone in TC, Tiff & Ky are the two feeling the most pressure to make it work while simultaneously feeling it’s adversely affecting their game play. Consequently, it seems they are also the two called to the DR the most as soon as they start feeling antsy toward TC.

AND I’d guess they’ll be a feeds cut or Tiff DR coming shortly based on what Tiff said in response to X asking DX to NOT nominate any Kings:

X needs to stop because there are no more teams so the King’s are over. His Kings took out 2 of DXs team members and left him with 1 person to fight with. We’re supposed to have a bigger mission and if I’m the only one fighting for that I’ll blow this house up. Anything I say that doesn’t have to do with the 6 means nothing anyway.”

After saying that ^^^ she reiterated she loves X & that maybe he was just saying that to go along (presume she means to tell the Kings he had their back).

Not that it would matter (b/c he won’t win sh*t) but personally, I believe Big D would cut Tiff, Hannah & even Azah in a hot second. He’s only attached to X/Ky b/c he believes they’ll drag him to F3 & pick him at F2 to avoid facing each other. His strategy of “I need to get to F5 for money” is really – hey if I get to F5 everyone will pick me as their F2 partner.

As for the viewer’s vote Grodner inspired twist – my conspiracy side believes it’ll be a way to protect TC & specifically whoever they like most that they feel could be in danger within that group. While my — what would be best from a BB fan perspective (read: whose playing the best game) side believes this could be something that would help Baby D, Hannah (even though she’s in TC), or Claire b/c the first two (plus Tiff) are consistently top 3 in most polls.

With TC seemingly making jury, my preference would be for TPTB to let them just play the game & stop interfering. If they can’t make a F2 chair now – then they don’t deserve to be there! As for F4’s if they didn’t have to do TC I think they would each want:

  • Tiff: Hannah, Claire, DX (poss Azah over DX & only b/c she’d be easier to beat)
  • Claire: Tiff, Brit, Azah
  • Hannah: Tiff, DX, Claire (?)
  • DX: Tiff, Hannah, Claire (edited to add –confirmed tonight Tiff is F2 with two of Hannah, Claire or Azah as the 3rd/4th — interesting).
  • X: Big D, Azah, (plus one of Tiff/Hannah or Ky) – he’s the one most likely to want all Cookout F4 especially since the Kings would all vote for him
  • Ky: SB, DX, Tiff (I think but maybe Big D instead of DX)
  • SB: Ky, (not sure maybe 1 of Tiff/Claire & one of showmance)
  • Azah: Brit, Big D, (X or Tiff?)
  • Big D: X, Ky, Azah
  • Brit: Azah, Claire, Big D (or another female)
  • Ally: Chris, X, Tiff
  • Chris: Ally, Tiff, X

If that’s remotely close then some hamsters would have a far better shot of winning than if the Cookout is forcefed. Despite all the F2 deals & copious alliances Tiff fares the best of TC members as many would want Ky out asap since they view him as a big threat to win.

X so far has played a fairly meticulous game not showing how smart he is or how competitive although he kind of blew that tonight by staying up so long – he told Ky he stayed up to ensure Ally didn’t win (protect TC — Hannah specifically) but in the next breath reinforced he could never nominate any of the Kings —

I know a lot of people in the Cookout voiced wanting to look at my team as an option. I was like if I win…none of you can expect me to put any of them up

We’ll see if Ky tells that to Tiff & if she sees that as a positive or negative especially considering if Brit leaves this week that would mean X was covered in every corner – Cookout, RF & Kings. So if he’s not willing to nominate any Kings does that mean he’d be willing to put up 2 members of TC instead? This could get messy.

Also of note, Big D & Ky were both complaining about Tiff implying she’s needy — wanting them to check in with her. I know Tiff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’m on her side especially b/c Ky wants intel but doesn’t share back. Tiff is willing to cut the people she’s closest to (Claire/DX) for TC but each of X & Ky are fighting to keep their people. And the couch is just annoying — telling Hannah – you need to work this week to keep us off the block – push for two girls up & either breakup the showmance or take out SB. THIS from the guy who lasted 3 mins on the wall & hasn’t done dick in the game but complain & furthermore doesn’t recognize her as being part of TC.

Hopefully Hannah tells Tiff what Ky & Big D both said & it results in Tiff electing to cut ties with TC to bring her preferred people (DX/Claire) further in the game.

Brit & Big D going on the block should offer plenty of drama early in the week. How likey do you think either will be capable of playing their role (to not over react so DX can take out Chris)? I’m not sure either will do their part & that could spoil it as a possibility.

The only good part of that equation is they’ll also increase their own targets if they can’t.


P.S. I realize Brit made a F2 with Christian but she’s been equally open to cutting him so I think she would prefer her two Kings teammates & a female rather than chance having to beat him in F4


Looks like we got our answer — Tiff is the one he trusts most (DX even referred to them as Cody & Derrick at night’s end).

Ky’s directions were completely self motivated – 1) keep SB & Big D off the block 2) Brit up as a target (Azah as pawn) 3) back door option of Christian. Initially DX seems to heed his advice but told Hannah if 2 Jokers went up it would be Big D & Brit (not Azah).

Tiff took a different approach that isolates DX’s targets — (SB or Chris) & then walks through the best way to ensure having one of them leave. Tiff is masterful in how she goes through the situation craftily pointing out how he benefits & help his longevity in the game. In fairness, SB leaving is also beneficial to Tiff but Chris isn’t someone at the top of her list (in fact she’d be happier if Ally left first). That to me proves Tiff is the better teammate b/c she truly is trying to help DX.

In the process she ends up pulling DX even closer to her & simultaneously has Ky slipping down DX’s trust list b/c she worked to help DX obtain HIS goals whereas Ky’s advice was with the goal of getting out his personal target. They finish their strategy session with SB/Brit being the nominees b/c if Chris plays POV he won’t use it in fear of Ally going up (& vice versa) which means SB will leave (Azah, Big D, Claire, Hannah, Tiff votes at a minimum). And if neither play POV he should be able to get everyone else to use the POV to back door Chris if he wants (although he’ll need to have a discussion with X to ensure they are solid moving forward & I suspect Tiff will also work to help in that regard).

Tiff tells him NOT to share information with people – rather to gather information- to meet everyone & ask for a week of safety if he keeps them safe & above all not to share what he’s doing (specifically noting Ky b/c she knows he’ll try to shift DX off SB going up).

Also of note – Tiff will be able to go back to TC & tell Azah Ky suggested she go up, tell Big D he was originally going up & she got DX to shift off either happening. Although they never seem to appreciate the work she does both truly do owe her for the effort b/c it would’ve been easy for her to say sure put up Big D.

One thing to watch will be how Ky reacts to SB going up although it’s clear he already senses he’s lost DX’s primary loyalty as he told SB “I don’t like the nexus of the relationship between Tiff & DX“.

It could cause friction but if Ky gets annoyed with Tiff she can easily address it by saying SB did this to herself last week by not being able to back off his #1 (Hannah) and you trying to force feed your primary targets while keeping your allies safe didn’t go unnoticed by him – I simply asked him who his primary targets were & these noms ensure one of them leaves regardless.

And watch for Ky to tell SB to pick him if she gets house guests choice for POV (remember he told Hannah SB would pick Christian – I don’t think she would).


Addendum: got that part about Cody/Derrick wrong (I’m blaming lack of sleep lol). It was Tiff implying to him that Ky was trying to make him his Cody (ie: get DX to tell him everything while not sharing back & only to propel his own game forward).

Regardless – DX feels closer to Tiff & trusts her more.


Oh come on Production — what the hell is this sh*t— the first four out in endurance are ALWAYS have nots- but b/c Big D lasted 3 mins you change the rules?

Please — well put him & his couch OTB this week then!


Ky is good – I’ll give him that.

His reason for putting up two Jokers is b/c there is less chance of a Kings team member playing in the POV. Ky states if SB is up she’d pick a King to play in POV but if no King is on the block it gives them better odds with 3 houseguest choice buttons in the bad (notably all 4 Kings buttons would also be in the bag!) What Hannah missed pushing back on is – why wouldn’t SB pick you to play in POV instead of Christian who would have to worry about Ally being back doored if he used the POV to save SB?

Where she does earn credit is telling Ky that Ally made ALL of Christian’s decisions this past week. She points out how malleable Chris is if Ally isn’t there. Again – it’ll be interesting to see who has the greatest influence over DX b/c Ky/X want Brit out (knowing she will come for them).

Also of note, Ky told Hannah to keep that strategy of putting up Azah/Brit to herself & DX that ONLY the 3 of them can know about it. What are the odds neither DX or Hannah tell Tiff he said that?

One interesting caveat is X to my knowledge hasn’t shared with Ky how the showmance view him & want to target him sooner, rather than later. (Did the showmance also state this to Hannah/DX? — if so it still could seep out).

I suspect if Ky knew that intel he’d be far more worried about splitting up the showmance than prioritizing Brit. That’s credit to X keeping his cards close b/c it behooves him to keep the showmance there for now knowing he has both of them on lock & when one does leave the other will be bonded tightly to him.

Another element of this week is SB tried to make amends with Hannah today telling her I did say your name AFTER I was told you were coming for me. Although SB didn’t out Al/Ch that’s who told her so if she starts to feel in danger this week will she tell on them to shift the target onto them instead of herself?

The real issue is going to be whether the group can keep both Azah/Big D off the block as Brit is going to push DX not to put her up again. Unfortunately Azah has made it too easy offering to be a pawn. If two Jokers do go up I’m hoping Big D is one of them just b/c he deserves the nod for his constant DX shade.

Imagine if DX agrees to put up 2 Jokers but Brit is successful in her pitch to not go up? Tiff could then say to Azah – see this is why I was trying to get us all on the same page. Big D trashed Lil D for weeks & just yesterday your team told the Kings DX/Hannah were your (Jokers) targets — plus you offer to be a pawn. So if Chris gets picked to play POV, wins & keeps noms the same – we’re SOL all b/c you didn’t think to discuss this with TC first to gauge the pluses/minuses of the situation.

That said, the couch is likely safe (UGH) & my bet is DX listens to Ky & puts up Azah/Brit. If that happens then one of three will leave on Thursday — Brit/Chris or SB. The latter two options if anyone other than a King win POV via a back door. Would it be Christian or SB though? The logical choice would be to split up the showmance but Tiff/Hannah may force SB as the option who will be under the gun to mend/build relationships this week to avoid being the re-nom.

another name

I’m just going to put this here.

big blue couch bb23.jpg

Calling TPTB to put up nominations RIGHT NOW ————— DX just said he is leaning toward putting up Brit & Big D as initial noms (Christian is his backdoor target).

These noms make sense b/c Big D has openly targeted Lil D from the start & Brit got too comfortable off the block last week saying Whit should be removed & DX should be the renom/target. Plus they held a meeting with the Kings late Wednesday where both Brit/DF stated the noms/targets should be DX/Hannah this week.

His nomination speech is easy — you made overtures to try to put the target on myself & Hannah coming into this week & I’m not saying we can’t resolve the situation this week but having no reason to target anyone else I’m giving you a chance to fight for POV & we’ll go from there.

Tiff told DX that Chris wants to win DE HOH to take the shot at DX so this is his opportunity to strike first – clearly via the back door. My personal preference would be for Ally to leave instead — but at least SB should be safe this week & b/c I like her & Hannah I’m hopeful they can find a path to working together instead of targeting one another.


There goes everyone running the HOH for they’re benefit Claire is going to cat h on to
Them sad but it’s predictable that Derick X will
Do what everyone wants him to smh

Paul Sucks

I know it won’t happen but it would be awesome if DX put up Azah and Big D. It would finally be some decent TV.

M parham

All whites eliminated so far good thing it’s not the other way around there would be lots of negative reaction big brother just wants a black person to win this season it’s plain as day lost a fan

Kid Rock

SB IS PRODUCTIONS PLAYER! Tiffany was right and she saw something we didn’t! The cookout won’t make it ( all 6) because of production and SB! Mar my words