Danielle “You’re still nobody. Who the F**k are you!? You’re a waitress at a pretend restaurant!”

9:20pm – 11:30pm HOH room – Morgan, Shelby Whitney and Alex are hanging out watching the fish. Morgan – I can’t believe he (Justin) je*ked off in here. Whitney – it was probably his dream. Shelby laughs – to je*k off in the HOH bathroom. They agree to talk about things before a double eviction happens. Alex – I think we should all have similar goals. Whitney – right, we need to talk about it. Alex – so that we don’t have to freak out and figure out who to vote so we’ll all be on the same page. If we don’t have time to talk .. at least the right person will go home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-03 23-27-42-173

9:40pm – 11pm Backyard – Danielle – I can’t sit out here and play pretend with them. Jason – that’s why I go to bed at like 10 o’clock now. I’m not going to play pretend. Danielle – I don’t care who’s HOH. I’m not going to sit here and play pretend. You (Shelby) haven’t talked to me in 5 weeks. I don’t care if you’re HOH. You’re still nobody. Who the F**k are you!? You’re a waitress at a pretend restaurant. You live with your Aunt and Uncle. I will drag your ass to LA and down the motherf**king street. Kiss my motherf**king a$$. Don’t f**king come for me! I hate that sh*t. Don’t pretend you have money if you don’t have money. Let me take you to places you don’t know about. They will drag your a$$. She don’t even know what LA is! I will take her to LA and we’ll see how well her passive aggressive a$$ does there. I can’t stand her! Jason – its the basically never been beat before. People who have never been in a fight before and beat act different than those who have. Danielle – I hate people like that. She is so shallow. Justin – there’s nothing we can do about it. Lets just hope one of us gets the care package.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-03 23-17-12-249

12:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

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LOL Danielle will be in for a surprise when she finds out how smart Shelby is. Of course she has to talk her sh*t about dragging her through the streets of LA like she is some kind of gangster. “come down to Compton yo” Poor Jason is confused. When talking about beatings he is thinking of what he does in his mom’s basement for cigg money. What a trio when you add ole crusty Kryssie to the group. Justin only slightly better because he doesn’t bash as much as the rest but his pimp talking, and other signs of disrespect for women is clear. Did I read he said something about slapping his di*k on one of the girls faces but didn’t want a harassment charge? Everyone on BB talks sh*t it is the nature of the game but this group is down right nasty.

Black Olives Matter

Dansmell would have a harder time at Shelbys law school than Shelby on Damsmells “streets”
Physical threats against someone usually represents jealously or irrational hatred for petty reasons, she says privileged I say Shelby is driven to succeed not hang in the streets and pump out fatherless baby’s


Don’t want Krissy to go this week because of the double next week. Logic behind my thoughts; Danielle, Justin and Jason play a bigger threat to get rid of right now. Krissy will be a no brainer elimination during the Double eviction and I really doubt she will win another hoh . Plus I don’t want to listen to Dani and Jason b!tch all day. Krissy besides the belching has actually not been as bad and has been nicer to the ballsmashers. Side note Shelby is not a lawyer she has to take the bar. Shelby also is not seeing the sisters twist and she spends the most time with them. Shelby also is not nice people. Alex for now is my favorite but I really do think Justin is funny.


You were cool until you stooped to their level with the fatherless babies comment you hypocrite, btw im a hypocrite too :b.


and what does you calling her “Dansmell” show about you?

Justins gift of gab

““Be like, like, ya dig, like ya hur me? no wut im sayin? its all gud, like, ya feel me?
My peepuls try to rob em, like, PRAYED UP!,.. Yo Yo dawg, dont rob em, BLESSED UP”!!!
“i gots da gift of gab”!!

“much luv”!


Shelby didn’t realize the vibe she gave off to Justin that she doesn’t want him in the HOH by telling the truth while in the process of going up to HOH room. She wasn’t participating in the fish feeding with the rest of the girls and didn’t. This can also happen with body language and facial expressions. Someone can see or feel something that another person may give off that clear or unclear, but it’s a message to a certain person including self. I personally can’t stand it when it’s fake, and slick. I prefer straight up like LNJ because at least you know where they stand and how they feel regardless of how nasty some of them may be. There’s nasty on both sides regarding certain individuals. We are all just being who we are and not everyone will be pleased….look in your own mirrors, and be straight up and see some similarities of the one you most despise in many cases if you’re not truthful

Marsha The Moose

Goodness gracious!! What the heck did you just say! I’ve read this five or six times, trying to decipher your comment. Was that in English?


Sorta like in Billy Madison: Ingodseyes, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Black Olives Matter

Love that, thank you



Katie Girl

Shelby didnt want that a$$hole in her HOH room. So she said, “NO.” Clear as day! He went up there earlier and told her he didnt like her. So, she didnt want him to come in the HOH to watch them feed the fish.


So, the classy adults of the house with the wonderful personalities show how upstanding they are again by wishing physical harm to come to those that they are competing against. Way to take the high road and show your son how to act! A caring mother would be thinking about how she would look to her son………. Your boy will see all of your live antics as this stuff will be seen on the web for years. Way to set the example Dani!!!


Please lose a backyard troll this time…….


I don’t really care who gets the cp, as long as we’re able to get a LNC as AN. Hopefully we can get rid of one of them and the ball smashers make it through this week.


So very true. Everybody is making a big deal about this CP, when in reality it’s pointless. America’s nom is the most imp thing this week. It will determine who goes and who stays. I just wish more BS fans would start to realize this. Right now it is 4 to 4. If Jason and Shelby are HOH they each nom one from the other side. That leaves 2 BS and 2 LNC left. Whoever America chooses as the Nom will decide which side has the votes. If they choose a LNC then BS has 2 votes, if they choose a BS(I hope not) then LNC has 2 votes:( If it’s Whit and Shelby they nom 2 LNC. Makes them even again and again it will come down to 3rd nom. SO PLEASE AMERICA……GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF JASON’S A$$, SEE HOW TRULY DISGUSTING THESE PEOPLE ARE AND NOM A LNC FOR 3RD NOM!!!!!!!!!! Do you really want Jason, Justin, and Kryssie in Final 3??? Bc that’s exactly what will happen. This is a VERY CRUCIAL week. It’s going to help determine who makes it to the end!! We need the BS to have the numbers, so they HAVE to send out a LNC this week.
Hypothetically, let’s say LNC gets their way and Morgan goes home this week. We already know Whitney is a trader, so she’ll automatically go with the LNC. That just leaves Shelby and Alex. Even if they win HOH, They’ll be gone. Bc America will nom whoever isn’t HOH and LNC will send them home. Or if they don’t win HOH they’re gone. LNC will nom and Evict them. It’ll be like Frank vs the Quack Pack all over again(except in that case, I liked the QP(LOL)). America’s vote will be ending soon and the BS doesn’t stand a chance if they lose someone this week:( I


Not really pointless. The cp keeps them safe.


Shelby graduated law school they are gonna feel like cunta when they leave. She is out there but doesnt seem malicious towards these other ppl no idea why they hate her so much. I mean she could tell Dani that u new a dide for a week fucked him on camera and you have a baby at home with no dad and ypu are like 22 cant stand her nothing wrong with having kid young but it doesnt make you more in life than anyone especially a fucking lawyer


Totally agree…its like she forgot the cameras were watching. She is supposed to be a preschool teacher and a mother..doing the nasty for all america makes her garbage compared to the other girls. Just because the other girls carry themselves with some class..something dainelle knows nothing about!


And what is with all the skin tight dresses? She has a different color for each live show? I guess she doesn’t realize how unattractive she looks.


“Feel like cunta”? Don’t you mean, feel like dicka?


What’s a dide?

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

I wonder what the narrative would be if they knew the true depth of Shelbys intelligence?


This is an easy one to answer. The LNC would be claiming that she is lying and is no way a law school grad. She would just be making up the story to make herself look intelligent. And even if she was a lawyer, which she can’t be because she is a liar, she has to be the worst lawyer ever……
Sound about right??


Just because you graduated from law school doesn’t mean you are intelligent. In fact, there are plenty of dumb folks who graduated from law school. It can be done with only diligence and hard work.


To do it in 2 years, one would have to have intelligence to go with the hard work and determination.


Law school is like a masters degree so 2 years is the norm not like becoming a doctor and she has her Bs in something else


Why do people keep saying that like it’s special to graduate law school in 2 yrs? It’s not. The norm is 2.5 to 3 yrs. the only difference is she probably took on more hours and summer hours. It doesn’t mean shes some genius. Lol


Exactly. There is no such thing in law school as skipping courses or gaining credit for being smarter or more ahead of the other students. Just doesn’t work that way bc everyone is pretty much in the same boat in the law school. There are no advanced students, everyone has to do the same work within the specified temporal parameters (i.e. clock hours in class) in order to meet the requirements to earn a degree and qualify to take the bar. If, by chance, your law school offers courses over the summer and winter breaks, you can perhaps take advantage of that (though you are still putting in the same time and work) and graduate early. However, I do not know of a single top tier law school that offers this option. I assume Shelby’s school did – and good for her for seizing the opportunity and personally advancing herself. But I assure, she is not superior to classmates intellectually or cognitively on the basis of having graduated in 2 years bc law school simply doesn’t compartmentalize its students that way. Truthfully, pretty much any college grad could go to law school if they wanted (many schools lack competitive admissions) and there are plenty of people who go to law school who, in plain, are just not that smart, but there is something to said about someone who actually sticks with it and puts in said time and effort and hard work. So, I agree that, despite her intelligence or lack thereof, Shelby’s motivation and ambition are commendable – and Danielle will have to eat her words.


She graduated in 2 yrs from law school! That is an accomplishment. You don’t just float through law school. Also, she has taken the bar and is waiting on results.


Can’t wait to see the faces on the faces of the LNC members when they find out that Shelby is not the waitress that she said she was and is law school grad. They bought Shelby’s story hook, line, and sinker….. and used the made up story to bash her constantly……. Jason and Dani keep bashing Shelby being a lowlife waitress when their friend and teammate, Kryssie, is a waitress in real life. They do not realize when the trash Shelby being only a waitress, they also trash Kryssie. Kryssie does not even realize she is being trashed by her friends……


They are so delusional it isn’t going to change how they feel. When they find our Shelby is a lawyer they will say that proves she is a low life piece of dishonest trash for lying. I’m pretty sure the LNJ can find away to twist anything until it is negative.

Slop Cookie

It is just beyond comprehension how anyone could like and support those nasty patio trolls known as the Late Night Jamboree. Obviously, they have no legitimate self awareness or they wouldn’t be able to face each day. It just boggles the mind. It cracks me up when someone tries to say the Ball Smashers are just as bad. How could you be taken seriously. Sure, I’ve heard the BS gals make comments about the LNJ, but it’s usually only out of frustration after they’ve tried to deal with the LNJ’s nastiness all day. I’m having a hard time deciding which LNJ member should go this week because they are all such miserable people. If only it could be a quadruple eviction and Jason, Kryssie, Danielle, and Justin could hold hands and walk out the door!


This may get me some thumbs down but I think the LNJ bunch is more nasty than the BS in the context of the comments they make.

Both sides have redeeming qualities though.. really like the cast this year. I do believe they made a big mistake bringing someone back.


I think that they over thought the idea of bringing a player back. I think it was done to spur viewers on the new format because it would be a familiar face being brought back in. I wonder if the thought was that the house would be behind an effort like Monte put forth and Jason would be gone sooner than later because the newbies would see the obvious threat in a vet in the house with America voting. Jason brings in initial viewers but the playing field gets quickly leveled by the house. Jason beat the odds and stuck around. It does make for an unfair game but the players could have changed all of that on their own but they chose not too. Hopefully BBOTT 2 will not have a vet presence.


I agree with you one million billion percent!!!!!!! Everything you said, I have also said. It’s sad to think the people that are actually playing BB will probably not make it to the end:( This week will be a very imp week, it’s gonna determine who will make it to the end, bc it’s gonna determine who will have the votes going forward. If a BS goes home, they are $crewed!! Bc Whit has already proven she’s a turncoat and she’ll def go to the LNC. Which would just leave 2 BS to fend for themselves:( Not very good odds.

I also think it was REALLY REALLY REALLY STUPID to bring a vet back. That’s definitely not fair with a format like this. Why bring in a vet with a fan base when the game is being judged by the fans? Pretty dumb. Jason will win this game, I’ve said it since day 1. They could’ve saved all the trouble and money for paying for a crew and just wrote Jason a $250,000 check!

Ricky Fontain

Maybe I’m not paying enough attention but it feels like whenever Danielle and LNJ starts trashing the plastics, all the twitter update accounts wake up and start posting her comments and it’s the headline here. I mean it’s in big bold letters to make sure we see it. When the plastics trash the LNJ…..it’s crickets. Nothing. Maybe I’m wrong though


You must have missed my post yesterday.

Ricky Fontain

That headline though…Whew! Don’t get me wrong, she said it and it’s her fault. I like Danielle so maybe I’m overprotective of her. Thing is, I’m also a Shelby fan but I’ve never felt like she was being targeted like that. For example, update accounts were reporting that Danielle had Justin’s shirt on one day like that’s a big deal, but when Whitney and Justin were holding hands, they don’t mention it. Feels like a double standard.


Wow she is one nasty nasty mean girl. I really hope she and Jason are have nots and that Kryssie is America’s nom. They already think they are loved by us again so if Jason gets the CP it will be nauseating to listen to them brag about America loving them… At least til have nots are revealed.


Wow she is one nasty nasty mean girl. I really hope Danielle and Jason are have nots and that Kryssie is America’s nom. They already think they are loved by us again so if Jason gets the CP it will be nauseating to listen to them brag about America loving them… At least til have nots are revealed.


Nevermind. (And sorry for posting twice above) I just realized if Jason gets the CP there won’t be voting for HNs this week. There are only 3 that can be. Danielle, Alex and Morgan. That s*cks!!


pro tips

Regular BB = the casual TV viewers control all fan votes. TV only viewers are 100% influenced by the CBS edit.
RegularBB/OTTBB = The vocal minority is twitter


Casual viewers aka cat ladies

Katie Girl

Hey Danielle, Shelby is a lawyer, bitch!!! She will make more money than you could ever dream of on your teacher’s salary.


Exactly….. But beyond all that… Shelby is awesome. She’s funny, smart and I get a kick out of her. I don’t get all the hate from Danielle, Justin, Jason and Kryssie toward her. Just pure jealousy. They really want after her when she won HOH with such a great time of under 4 minutes. Why call her names and say she only got it because she’s shallow. I hope she goes to the end and wins.


Not necessarily true. Only 18% of lawyers make “big lawyer money”. Most lawyers (48%) make $40000 to $58000 with debt up to their ears from student loans.

Your comment is actually considered law school myth #1. (I considered law school and decided against it).


I’ve been following several pages and seems to be split on who to be America’s Nomination. We need to be united, so 1 for Kryssie or 2 for Dani?

Plz reply to this message.




I would rather see Kryssie stay so she can watch her friends leave but for game play, Put Kryssie up as she will be worse at the Veto based on recent history. I am assuming Shelby puts up Justin and he will then play this comp to pull himself off if he wins. If he wins, Dani goes up If he loses 2 LNC members still there. Better odds for Kryssie to remain Americas Nom as opposed to Danielle who may do better in the Veto. If 2 LNC members are still on the block, it really won’t matter what happens. 1 LNC member will vote for the BS girl who gets put up by Jason. The BS girl who gets to vote will vote for America’s nom if it is Kryssie or Dani or Justin. That puts it squarely in Wheatknee’s lap. If she sticks with the BS girls and she votes for Americas nom, americas nom will be gone 3-1 If she votes for the BS girl to go, it will be a 2-2 Tie, Did they say if Jason has a say in the tie breaker or is it up to Shelby alone??


Whoever does better in veto will break tie.


I see danille win double an winning America care packages


im voting for Justin to get the next care packages


1 for right now…

I’ll wait to see how the polls are going too.


Sounds like we have a bunch of lawyers on here making comments hah


She is NOT a lawyer until she passes the bar exam. And the amount of $$ she makes depends on what she ends up doing. Also, if she graduated from a lower tier law school she may not even get a job making big bucks or get a job in the profession at all. Just graduating from law school is not really a big deal but I can see how some folks here might think it is.