“could you imagine if we got all the guys out.. it would be so epic”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 14-55-12-727

11:16am HOH Alex
Alex – I am a huge huge huge super fan I love this show all of my heart..
Alex – I think that this game .. oh that’s morgan coming up.. This week is going to be interesting we can get out a big target this week and make a strategic move.. I plan on working with Shelby on this to make this happen.
Alex says SCott was her main person to talk strategy with now she’ll have to do it with Shelby “Can’t rely on my sister.. Love her but she’s a really loyal person but strategically Shelby is my best bet”
Alex says she’s in trouble this week and next week because of the care packages. If MOrgan doesn’t get one of the next 2 they at least one of them will be going home.

Alex – Jason is gunning after me then Whitney.. Justin is gunning after SHelby then me or my sister
Alex – Danielle is coming after me.. Kryssie is 100% coming after me.. Half the house wants me out really badly..

Alex – these care packages will either make or break me
Alex doesn’t want to go after Justin this week she doesn’t think he’s coming after her short term. He’ll go after Shelby and Morgan first, ‘Sooner or later I’m going to have to play my own game”

Alex – I think Kryssie, Jason and Danielle all want me out .. I’m in a sticky situation when it comes to them.
Alex – I know Justin is y’alls favorite player and I’m going to try and not gun after him .. I’m going to try and talk Shelby into not gunning after him this week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 15-00-49-912

11:22am Morgan comes in
Alex – Jason is for sure coming after me and Whitney..
Alex – Kryssie is coming after me and you.. She’s a great person to get out of the house.. At the end of the day she’ll work with Shelby and Whitney before us
Morgan wants to keep Danielle this week.
Alex says Jason is the person she has to watch out for.
MOrgan – he’s someone we all have to watch out for he lies to everyone
Alex – he does.. People are starting to notice he’s really sketchy in this game.. He irritates me
Morgan – if Jason goes that will be a big blow to Justin
Alex says MOrgan’s goal should be to get tight with Whitney again.

Morgan says Shelby is really set on putting 2 people up she won’t say because it’ll influence the Care package.
Alex is going to try hard to steer shelby “the goal is to get one of them out this week”
They agree they’ll let Shelby do what she wants.

Morgan – I’m sad Scott left..
They agree he said questionable things but was a good person.
Alex – he was very creative with his strategy in this game

11:31pm Shelby and Whitney come in
Chit chat..
Shelby – they gave me a lot of face scrub.. I get the hint Big Brother
Shelby says her friend Monica doesn’t drink she just likes going out to the with them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 15-04-25-226

11:40am HOH Shelby and Alex
Alex mentions if America wants the game to be 1 sided they’ll give the care package to the other side. Adds that a all girls alliance that started from the beginning has never made it this far before.
Alex and Shelby agree their all girls alliance is shaky but salvageable
Morgan comes in..
They talk about Justin Always saying he will help them but never does.
Shelby Brings up Justin telling her he will help keep scott this week then he voted him out.
Alex says Scott told her that Justin was never helping them. he found this out through Jason, “His word means nothing in this game”
They talk about Kryssie gettign so mad after losing the HOH. Alex points out Kryssie had just won it a week ago and she’s up in the HOH crying because she lost the Competition.
Alex – she’s a weak girl, when it comes to that.. it’s like a every day type thing.. she’s mentally not tough not at all
Morgan – she acts like she is
Alex – it’s a facade..
Morgan – big and bad knows everything
Alex says Kryssie is the most insecure person in this house
They talk about Kryssie being so sensitive they can’t have fun with her. They go over instances of them teasing around with each other but when they try with Kryssie she gets pissed.
Alex – we talk so much shit about MOnte and he was out friend.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 15-18-29-813

3:03pm HOH Shelby and Alex
Alex tells Shelby when she was HOH everyone told her to put her up, “That was a month ago”
Shelby – finally another ballsmasher is in power..
Alex – hopefully we can keep this going
Alex – you’re the best person to get it to make everyone sweat…
Shelby says Kryssie and Danielle are not acting “antsy” so they must know who her targets are and they are right.
They agree not to tell Whitney anything at this point.
Alex – she needs to approach us.. hopefully tomorrow we can have a bonding night again

Alex says she’s sitting in the bath tub for Kryssie’s and Shelby’s conversation.
They mention that the only time Kryssie makes eye contact with them is when she’s burping. They agree Jason and Danielle have made very little effort into getting to know them but Kryssie and Justin have.
Shelby plans on having a krackle bar in her bra in case Jason goes home.
Alex hopes it’ll go back to old school BNB so they don’t have to worry about all these twists.
Alex – could you imagine if we got all the guys out.. it would be so epic.

They talk about how bad Shane’s speech was.
Alex – and now Danielle is basically hitting on the other single guy in the house.. sounds like a winner Shane.. she is a winner

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 15-29-27-756

Alex says putting Kryssie up is better than Danielle because “they will all turn on Danielle not Kryssie”
They agree Jason will go over Justin.
Alex tells them Kryssie will never make a deal with them but Danielle would.
Shelby – Jason might work with us but I don’t trust a word he says..
They agree neither side can trust each other.
Alex – Jusitn now is completely denying everything he said to Scott
Shelby about Justin – You told me you can’t stand my guts and my time is coming and I’m going to say it wasn’t my time to go it was my time to win HOH and it’s here.
Shelby – you told everyone even Morgan.. you were saying this whole time you were going to target me.. you offered Scott a deal that you would pull him off the block that you deny
Shelby – your side through my name under the bus to Scott when you knew he was going home.. there’s not point in that
Shelby – you cussed me out the other day because I wanted to sleep..

Alex – you have 3 solid points you can use against him
Alex – he’s about to feel the heat for the first time.
Shelby – you got to want to be in the bathtub this time

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 16-06-09-202

4:06pm Julie’s questions..

She tells them on Wednesday they will be evicting 2 people. The first eviction takes place immediately following the weekly episode. The second eviction happen later that night no one is safe from it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 17-08-35-118

5:00pm Backyard
Jason warns that Alex will keep protecting Justin placing him and Danielle “in the worst spot”

Danielle about the other side “They don’t have to face adversity in the real world so they don’t know how to face it here.. they don’t know how to adapt the way we do.. they don’t know how what it’s like Ohh sit I don’t have enough money to pay this bill and pull some shit together and get it done.. ”
Jason says the other girls are young they still rely on their parents to take care of them.
Justine joins them.
Justin says he’s not as worried they son’t know what is coming up.
Jason – well I’m glad for you Justin the rest of use are stressed out
They agree Morgan won’t get the care package she’s too much of a “Flat line”
Danielle says if they can pull this off and get rid of someone from the other side “that’s 5 of us competing in the HOH” (sounds like fun to watch)

5:45pm Jason tells Kryssie they would be idiots if they took Justin to final 3.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 18-38-23-037

6:40pm ….

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-03 20-09-19-723

7:43pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
Alex says if they are in the finals with Justin, Jason or Whitney they won’t win.
Shelby thinks Danielle has a chance to win ‘She’s playing the game the most.. like she’s won the most comps”
Alex says the one person she wouldn’t vote to win is Kryssie, “Someone who has tried to quit multiple times”
Alex – she might have really good DR’s…
Alex – if Morgan wins comps to keep herself safe I would give it to her..
Shelby – she needs to make a move soon (Morgan)
Shelby is glad she’s won a HOH so now she can make a move
Alex – ideal Final 3 is me you and Morgan
Shelby – we would be the best all girls alliance ever if we made it to final 3
Alex – that would be amazing . .crazy crazy crazy hard battle
Shelby – I think it would be hilarious if we got the 2 boys out consecutively

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If Justin doesn’t want to be HOH this week because he is superstitious than this is the perfect week to make him HOH by America.


True. I’m a BS fan all the way and voting Whitney for CP so next week it can go to Morgan but if Whitney doesn’t get it I would much rather Justin get it over Jason. Maybe if he tried to get to know her better he wouldn’t say such mean things about her. But since the votes for CP this week are shaky at best I’m really hoping America finally gets Kryssie as AN. Then maybe the CP won’t make a difference.

Tiny hands

The chat rooms seem to be all for putting up Alex as 3rd Nom. (A woman with power is a terrible thing) so don’t be surprised if Jason and Justin cruise to F4.





Oh crap I didn’t think of it like that. Great point!! Justin for CP!! Insures all ball Smashers are safe!


I disagree with ya on this one…..Here’s why. First of all, the biggest thing this week is 3rd nom. 3rd nom will tell everything. Who goes home this week depends on who the 3rd nom is. Let’s look at scenarios.

Shelby and Whitney as HOH. They’d nom 2 LNC. That means there’s 2 BS left and 2 LNC left. Now lets say America noms a LNC. BS wins and a LNC goes home(Best case scenario). It also would get Whitney’s head screwed back on and put her back with the BS.

Now with that same scenario, let’s say a BS(most likely) is 3rd nom. That leaves 1 BS voting and 2 LNC voting. Which results in a BS going home. However, I think the girls can sway Danielle. I think if they were to tell her, we’ll not nom u this week if you help us take out Justin or Jason, she’d do it. Bc she knows they are huge threats and they need to go. She also knows she’s at the bottom of that totem poll. That’s why she wanted to keep Scott, to work with him. So if it were Whit and Shelby as HOH they could tell Danielle they’ll keep her safe. They nom Justin and Jason then 3rd nom is Morgan/Alex:( They would have Dani and Alex/Morgans vote. So they’d be safe:) That’s a lot that would have to go right, but it’s hypothetical.

Let’s say it’s Shelby and Jason(most likely) 🙁 They’d probably work something out to mutually go after Danielle or maybe Justin. Jason was just telling Kryssie they can’t have him in Final 3 and Jason is pretty smart, he knows he’ll have to cut some of his own sooner or later. Or they don’t work anything out and Shelby noms a LNC and Jason noms BS. IT STILL COMES DOWN TO 3rd NOM……..Depending on who the 3rd nom is will decide who has the votes. That’s why I think it’s better to give the CP to Whitney. 2 BS out of voting bc they’re HOH, but they’d nom 2 LNC, so it would be even. You were saying if we give it to Whit they’d be down a Vote and would lose numbers. But it doesn’t matter. We just have to pray the 3rd nom IS NOT A BS this week!!!!!!!
However, if Jason does get the CP(which will most likely happen) I don’t think it’ll be worst case scenario for Alex. I think Jason and Alex have kept a pretty good line of communication through this game and he’d probably not nom her. I’m sure she could work a deal out with him. As for Morgan……well……that’s to be determined. LOL. I do think they’d just mutually agree on Danielle or Justin though.

If Whit gets the CP it would take her out of running for HOH in the double, but I don’t care about her playing in it anyhow, bc as of this min she’s on the fence bw BS and LNC. If she doesn’t get the CP and isn’t forced to get back in good with the girls, she’ll only continue to grow closer to the LNC this week. Therefore, if she were to win HOH during the dbl there’s a good chance they could convince her to put up the girls. Esp, since it’s a dbl and she could get by with by saying, I was stressed and just listened to them…I wasn’t thinking….blah, blah, blah. If she does get the CP, she is forced to start working with the girls again. It’ll put her back on track. Who cares if she can’t play in HOH, we still have Alex and Morgan. Whitney hasn’t won anything anyhow. Close, but she hasn’t won.


This is why I get annoyed with production Steering. There is no way Alex would know that Justin is loved . Justin and the other people in the misfits thought they were hated right before America nom. This is not the first time Alex has mentioned he is loved HOW WOULD SHE KNOW. They also know a lot of people don’t like krissie and she would never turn on Justin despite the fact that until the last few days they have not even bother with game talk to the other side. I like Alex but I am starting to not like that she is being steered. Alex also is now acting as if her intentions were to always have an all girls alliance until she was going to vote out Whit over Scott to save her game, which I am ok with that’s bb I just don’t like that I feel like she is being spoon feed what to say to us like the game is now one sided for the other side umm no we like people from both sides. (Production trying to steer America) Also I remember a while ago when Monte was in the house that someone possibly Shelby cant remember (maybe Monte) stated how similar Alex and Morgan looked (has production shut that down so know one would find out to early to keep Alex)and if these people especially Shelby and Whit Scott did not know when they are in the same room with them a lot I call foul Shelby just won Face morph. Alex also said last week that it would be stupid and not strategic to put Krissy up over Justin and Jason but now they have changed there mind she is ranting about how much we love Justin and they need us not to put one of them up and give them the care package she has been tipped off . I think they don’t want Alex pissing people off about Justin There is No way she could know we love him. Production SUcks I also liked Alex production but now I am not sure because she is getting help from you and she has a sibling in the house that’s one sided . Let her play sorry for the rant I know BB always tampers some what I just hate it when its so blatant I will not bevotingfor Krissy though I really didn’t like or dislike her!


Why is it always a production conspiracy?? Every season, there is always someone whining when a certain houseguest looks like they are in trouble, it is always production out to “get” that player. Heck the LNC crowd complains about editing yet if you watched the feeds you see everything. Heck, Neeley was made to look good on her eviction and Scott looked bad because of his clapping on the weekly episode last nite. No one saw what all Neeley accused Scott of that led to Scott clapping. Production is not helping anyone. If production was pushing things as much as you claim, past contestants would be talking about it all over the web. The show would have died years ago. Get over yourself and quit whining!


Alex is a pretty smart cookie and it doesn’t take a genius to assume that Justin is loved by America.. He’s pretty funny and very entertaining so I don’t really think she’s getting inside info..

Hello mom

Alex is smart but she is getting help rhis is nothing new. Dani and shelby have even said production was trying to start stuff. That being said Alex is still the best player in this group but really thats not saying alot sorry . How these people cant pick out that Alex and Morgan are not related. They have to be blindi and deaf because on the feeds they look alike and sound alike even dress similarly. Shelby and morgan and dani and jason are all getting on my nerves right now alot of smack from those 4 and yes krissy is out there with the manners but those 4 need to chill. I would like to see any of those 4 go before krissy . Morgan and her polite digs on krissy being a Big girl and Shelby umm cant stand her voice. Dani getting cocky again and Jason being bitchy turning my live feeds off and going to bed

What R U Smoking?

Justin is loved?

How is this loved?

Justin admits to “pimping” out girls
Justin admits to “illicit drug use”
Justin admits to “running from police”
Justin admits to “multiple arrests”
Justin admits to stealing Burts Bees products because of his “sticky fingers and growin up in Norlins is hard and hes gots to do wut hes gots to do to survive”!

Justin (talking about BS) says he would slap his c@#k on them , but doesn’t want a sexual harassment charge!

How is that loved?

“Be like, like, ya dig, like ya hur me? no wut im sayin? its all gud, like, ya feel me?
My peepuls try to rob em, like, PRAYED UP!,.. Yo Yo dawg, dont rob em, BLESSED UP”!!!
“much luv”!


DUDE. WHAT R U SMOKING?? I never said he WAS loved by America!! I certainly have no love loss for him and agree with what you said! I was simply stating to the commenter that thinks Alex has inside info that just bc she thinks he is loved by us doesn’t mean she was told that. Alex knows how BB works and probably thinks some of the horrible things Justin has said hasn’t been shown or that some are only watching recaps etc. He does have a personality and she could easily assume that he was liked by us.. Especially after they saw how BB made a segment (with added back up singers) of his pizza song. I would think they all would read into that.


Calm down TrigglyPuff i wasn’t speaking directly to you! *facepalm*

but since you asked

im smoking a sativa strain called “Thai Girl”


Totally agree with ya. I know from watching past seasons they definitely look into things like that. I’ve heard past HG’s talk about how they even speculate about the order in which Julie calls upon them to answer questions and WHO she asks questions to. So them playing a whole scene with Justin dancing and singing about pizza just shows them how much they like him. Alex is a superfan and she lives with Justin, she knows how entertaining he is, she also knows he’s paying nice with both sides and that he hasn’t really done anything bad. Why wouldn’t she think America loves Justin? I know I would……if I were in the house, I’d want him GONE!! Even Jason told Kryssie they need to take him out. No way would I wanna be in the finals with him.


It was Jason who commented on the sisters. He said something about BB putting 2 pictures of the same girl on the memory wall.


I’m not a huge fan of either side but to make it exciting Jason should get the cp this week. If it goes to another ball smasher how is that exciting ? So Jason for cp and kryssie for 3rd nom.


BS Fans should give CP to Jason. it takes away his vote and ability to compete in the Double Eviction HoH! And most likely his nom stays!

Giving a BS this CP eliminates another BS vote because Shelby is already HoH! And incase america does nom a BS that only leaves ONE BS to vote, meaning a BS goes home, and then only ONE remaing BS can compete in the Double Eviction HoH AGAINST 4 LNJ members!

Shelby the Big UnderFed Dog

I think Whitney would be interesting HOH because she’s currently in the middle of the house. She’s talking with the LNJ half of the time and hanging with the BS during the rest of the time. Which leads me to wonder if she’s going to make a BIG move and take out Alex now or play it cool and try to put up a safer target like Danielle. I’m not rooting for either side of the house, I’m just very interested to see what she’s going to do with the co HOH CP and think it would make for good TV. Which is why I think she should have the co HOH this week.

My Two Cents

My vote for the CP is going to Justin. I’d rather him be stuck upstairs in the HOH with Shelby than sitting on the eviction couch this week.


You’ll be throwing away a vote.


Jason for care package
Krissy for America nom


I love the Ballsmashers but I want Jason to get this care package. It will show both alliances exactly who is on the bottom and cause drama. Shelby will make Alex and Morgan safe while Jason will probably make Kryssie and Justin safe. Showing both Whitney and Danielle that they really aren’t tight with anybody.


I have a feeling Jason will get ACP, although I put my 40 on Whitney… I really really hope Kryssie is America’s nomination and gets evicted!


If this week the two HOHs make two ppl safe each then neither of them technically nominated the two ppl on the block.. so if one of the two nominees wins POV then who names the replacement?


I’m not sure where you’re getting that the winner of the CP this week can make two people “safe” this week. The CP winner will be a Co-HOH, which means that THEY are safe from eviction, they’ll sleep up in the HOH room(s), get the gift basket/picture, and they can nominate one of the two people for eviction.


You’re right, that is how it is done in normal BB but lots of posters on here have been saying they will both be keeping 2 ppl safe each as they have been doing during this online version. They would have to switch from a safety ceremony to a nomination ceremony because if it stays safety and the two HOHs choose ppl for safety then the nominees would be by default (not named). But neither HOH could claim Naming one or the other so if one of them pulled themselves down then which HOH would name the replacement. I’m assuming they will have to change it to the normal nomination ceremony but I was confused by so many saying it would stay a “safety” ceremony.


If Shelby’s nominee comes down with veto, then she replaces him. If CP winner’s nominee comes down then CP winner replaces. If America’s nom comes down, no one replaces. I’m voting Whitney for CP, Kryssie for eviction (want Jason or Justin to leave) then voting Morgan for CP next week and hope Danielle and Jason/Justin (whoever remained) goes home on double eviction. Then the last CP can go to anyone next because all the HG that are left will have already had a care package. Now this is probably not what is going to happen, but if I had my way it would. Kryssie would NEVER win if she got to final 3.


I just read the latest feed update on joker. My hart is bleeding. It’s so bad how Danielle and the misfits talk about Shelby. Like her or not, it’s above and beyond …


I like shlbey an mogan but im sill a fan of Jason
but I think the final three should be Shelby ,danille ,Jason
they all made the season Shelby is smart
Jason can talk his way out of things
danille is good at comps
I want to nom alex America nom this week