Big Brother Over the Top America’s Have Not “I don’t want to be a have not… I Don’t want to take a cold shower”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 12-40-49-282
12:37pm Jason is out of Cigarettes. He’s asked Big BRother for the patches and they haven’t given him one yet. Brings that they told him they had bought them already.
Jason – You know I smoke 4 a hour
Jason corrects that he smokes more than 1 a hour.

Jason brings up how disgusting Shelby is when she eats.
Jason says the two people she should definitely not nominate is Scott and Alex because those two they can flip, “those other ones are unbreakable”
Kryssie – saving those 2 is the only fighting chance if one of us is on the block

Jason says there is no scenario that someone that has already received a care package will be eligible to get another one.
Jason points out no matter if America loves them or hates them they will have give them one of the care packages
Jason – smart to get rid of one of the girls that haven’t had a care package this week.. Boost our odds
Kryssie wants Morgan gioen this week
Jason – I would rather whitney not go but it’s a game
Jason – I would prefer Morgan over Whitney
Danielle joins them
Jason tells her this week it’s best the person leaving doesn’t have a care package already.
Danielle agrees, “Morgan was so stupid for sending Neeley home”
Jason – Neeley was confident she was her girl
Kryssie – she had faith and Morgan shit all over it
Danielle says Justin is super nervous he’ll get called as HAve not

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 13-04-33-717

1:01pm Have not time
Whitney, Kryssie, Justin

Justin is signing a song using a nickelback-ish voice
“I don’t want to be a have not”
“I don’t want to take a cold shower”
“I don’t want to sleep on the cobwebs”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 13-08-55-518

1:08pm Alex, Shelby and Morgan
Alex says America’s nom will be either Whitney, Kryssie, Jason or Scott.
Shelby says she’s going to talk to Danielle today
Morgan will talk to her after Shelby
Alex – it could be Kryssie .. or Jason (Nominated)
Morgan – that would be ideal
They think the fans might nominate one of them to make this week difficult.
Alex says if they can convince Danielle to put Whitney up than Kryssie would be America’s nom
They agree she smarter than that.
Alex – at the end of the day we decide who goes home..
Shelby – no body is gong to volunteer to go home

Whitney joins them.. “My name was called first” (For have nots.. they think the first person called had the most votes but aren’t sure)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 14-47-44-942

1:34pm HOH Danielle and Shelby

Scott – obviously we’ve been on opposite side’s of the fence this entire game
D – yes
S – I don’t think I’ve ever lied to you in this game .. we haven’t talked much game
D – We haven’t talked much game and honestly .. you know I think our issues are personal.. I don’t even think it’s that up until last week I didn’t have anything against you .. like you were playing your game and I was playing my game and they were 2 opposite things.
Danielle says she had no clue Shane was working with Scott and Corn she didn’t know about the day 1 alliance
Scott – I assumed Shane would have told you.. I wanted it to be me, you Shane and Monte..

Danielle – last week I was prepared to send Neeley home.
Danielle says Neeley was trying to push her out. Scott is surprised thought they were all really tight with Neeley.
Danielle says there was a big difference in the way Neeley acted towards her than ‘other people” she adds that Jason felt the same way.
Neeley says she was bullied her entire life, “I don’t hold anything against yo”

Scott says he hasn’t trusted Kryssie since week 1.
Danielle says in her alliance she’s in the bottom of the totem pole. Danielle says from the conversations she’s heard from the girls Scott is in the same position as her.
Scott agrees.
Danielle tells him he’s no the target this week.
Scott – Excellent
Danielle – If America’s noms you and I win the veto I plan on taking you down
Scott – Ohh cool
Danielle says everyone expects her to come after Scott, “But that’s not a very smart game move”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 15-00-25-316

D – I know you have an allegiance to Alex
S – that’s the 1 person I won’t turn on
D – I know that and I respect that , I want the both of you to know I have a open door

Scott tells her if he wins HOH she’s not going up, goes on to say Alex won’t put her up nor will Danielle be a replacement nominee.
Scott – if you are America’s nominee we would use the veto to take you down
D – awesome
S – if Alex stays off the block at least as an original nom then I’ll know 100% that there’s real potential for us moving forward deep in the game together.
S – you are not someone I want going home this early, you me and Alex could potentially move forward in this game together
S – Alex is someone i’m not willing to turn on
D – If Shane was still here I wouldn’t turn on him
Scott says if she nominates “2 of the girls” and one of them come off she can use him as a replacement nom, “And I’ll still hold true to the deal I just offered you”
D – OK

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 15-05-06-959

2:14pm Danielle tells Jason, Justin and Kryssie that she wants to put up Shelby and Morgan.
They all agree Whitney won’t be too sad to lose Morgan if she can stay.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 16-27-05-522

3:13pm Hammock sisters
speculating who America’s nom is. Morgan says Whitney is the most in the middle out of all of them.
Morgan wants Kryssie gone becuase she’s not adding anything to the game.
Alex – she’s kinda mopping around
Morgan – right

Alex – week one she started off being really loud..
Alex – now she’s like gloomy and like
Morgan – she’s always in a mood.. I don’t thin she’ll ever recover from Neeley
Shelby joins them.

Saying that Neeley going home on Kryssie’s HOH hurt her ego. Shelby says that the other side thought they were the “Golden Children”
Alex impersonates Kryssie “America sees y’all as teh popular kids and we’re the misfits they’re goign to stand behind the misfits”
Alex – Everyone is kinda a misfit in their own way (Double bold)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 16-32-51-594

Shelby – they may be the misfits but they are the ones being the a$$holes

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 16-33-32-598
3:42pm Scott and Alex Hammock
Scott is relaying his conversation with Danielle
Alex – interesting

SCott – I’m fine to lying to anyone .. I just want you to know I don’t trust him.. (Jason)
Alex says now that Neeley is gone Morgan has no ties to the other people. The only person Alex is worried about having ties is Whitney. Scott agrees.
Scott wants the final 3 to be him, Alex and Shelby.
Alex wants to make up an alliance name.
Scott – I think we should…

Scott tells her he wants final 3 to be him Alex and Shelby.

Alex – that’s how I feel about y’all too.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 17-22-00-428

5:20pm Justin and Jason
Jason – Morgan is plan A
Justin Plan A
Jason adds if Morgan wins Veto than Whitney has to go home
Jason agrees..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 18-46-34-779

6:46pm ….

Safety Ceremony results Justin, Kryssie and Jason safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-29 19-19-59-737

Alex offers Danielle safety next week if she’s off the block this week. Alex brings up Scott mentioning a deal between the 3 of them. Points out that no one will see it coming.

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The house guests celebrating they werent have nots Justin style was hilarious!


I watch the feeds a lot because I work a nightshift desk job and it keeps me a wake so I am not always in agreement with what is said on here maybe I am missing something maybe other people are. Both sides can be pretty obnoxious the Bs are just less vulgar but Scott come on people is horrible. I do think there is somewhat of an edit because sometimes in mid conversation they switch to another room where no game is being discussed at all WTF and it is usually when the BS are talking maybe its because they are trying to keep it interesting IDK. Why do we still get fishes to sometimes plus they are still messing with DR. My favs so far are Alex and Justin. I would like to see how the BS act under real pressure and kinda want to see Morgan go home because I see her already panicking with her sister. I don’t want Morgan to mess up Alex ‘s game plus I hope some of the things that Morgan said don’t seem sisterly and I feel like Alex has to kinda remind her the camera are there. I don’t care for Krissy one way or the other but she is super loyal to Justin (way more than Jason) and she will have his back which if one of the BS don’t go home I feel like they will target Justin next he is to dangerous to them. Dani and Jason do not have Justins back but Krissie does so for me she stays(plus a bigger mouth to target and keep focus off Justin).I don’t trust Scott that he really has Alex’s back he is hiding behind her and making her look like the bigger target. I will either Vote for Jason on the misfits side or Scott on the BS side for those reasons


The player I least want to watch is Krissy so she is my nom.


I this point they have all been pretty boring because its predictable and all the male bloggers are being mesmerized by cute girls and giving them a pass.. Scott is ugh… Krissy not bad or good right now but besides her hoh shes been on the block a lot, people tend to get own when that happens. Alex and Justin are also my favorites and I agree there is till manipulation by production. I could see why Krissy might not be able to tell Alex and Morgan are sisters because she has spent 0 time with them(maybe Dani) but the others like Scott ,Shelby , Whit and possibly Jason speak with those two everyday all day and because of that and the fact that Alex has never been in any real threat I like her(shes playing the game what little there is) but don’t know if she is actually any good. The most interesting things said are the more vulgar thing because there is no other talk wonk wonk Casting fail again!!!!


Am I the only one who’s not enjoying Alex and Scott talking game with Jason? Yes, I know BB is a social game and you cannot ignore people, but I feel they are “working” with the wrong guy. Jason spilled all Scott’s beans to Shame and everyone learned about his moves even though Scott had asked Jason to not tell anyone. Hasn’t Scott realized yet that Jason is a snake? I also feel BS+Virgin King are a bit too anxious for people who are in fact running that house. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to be testing others for possible alliances? As soon as someone is crowned new HOH they already get in this frenetic game mode thinking all scenarios…. when they should just sit back and wait a bit longer to start gaming. However, this week it does seem they waited for ACP in order to trace a strategy for the week…


Alex and Scott talking to Jason may keep them off the block, so that is good play.


I would rather watch someone crawl through the trenches with bullets flying all around them, explosions all on the sides of them, booby-traps set everywhere they move, just waiting to catch them, yet STILL fighting for their lives even though hope looks impossible rather than someone sitting in the back of a truck and depending on others to get them where they need to be when they hit the slightest obstacle in their course.

You may not favor Danielle for whatever reason of your choice but to be thrown in the front-lines from week 1 and still pushing through with everything against them, is so freaking applaudable because many would have broke under constant targeting like she endured. Especially as a black woman who always gets the short end of the stick. She may not be in favor of America, nor make it all the way to Final 5, 4, 3, but THIS kind of player is the type of player I can say without a shadow of a doubt fought like HELL and would definitely watch again on national broadcasting level.


Wow Mark!! What show are you watching? ‘Cause I wanna watch that show instead of BBOTT with that whiny chick named Danielle who sits around talking trash about the people who don’t feel like listening to her never ending stories about herself!! Occasionally she does jump up and scream louder over someone who dares to call her out on her BS. Apparently she believes throwing around terms like racist and bully make her a winner. Please!


Danielle is very annoying, but nowhere near as much as Krissy, and seems to have stopped with the poor me professional victim gameplay, at least for now. From her point of view, Scott has gone from a terrorizing protein shaker bully who doesnt deserve to be there, to just days later someone she is willing to work with. Anyway her HOH success or failure will be decided by veto. Props to Scott and Alex getting Jason and Dani to keep them off the block.


The Plastics this week: “Hey America I really think it would be really interesting if you guys did the same exact thing you did the last two weeks because that side will scramble and we will see the game completely turn upside down and shake it up unlike we’ve ever seen just like last time and the time before that!!! Thanks Americaaaaa”


There is zero chance my voting goes to helping The Armpit Rubbers.


The Ball Smashers and Scott this week: Singing “God Bless America!” (genuine appreciation)

Jason and co this week: “America you are petty bullies!” (rage quit)


Alex wil probably win this game.

America's Vote Sucks

I really can’t wait for them to get rid of America’s vote so I can see these people play for real.

There’s so many potentially great players but it’s honestly all ruined by America. I’ve been annoyed by it since week two.


If BB Over The Top annoys you that much, just watch regular Canada and USA seasons. I prefer the regular seasons much more as well. I am still appreciating OTT for what it is, more of a combo of North American BB and UK/Australia BB with the fan involvement. I have enjoyed the season.


If America can help evict Krissy, who is the least impressive player remaining, I think that is a good outcome.

Jersey Girl

Right! I want to see game play not manipulation by sources outside of the game. I believe America should have a part but not as big of a part as given this season. America cant be nominated, cant be thrown on slop or strategize or maneuver around social obstacles in the game. So why give them all of the power and advantage of controlling the game and it’s outcome? BBOTT has given America the position of judge, jury and executioner. America’s nomination, America’s vote and America choosing the have nots, this makes America the biggest player. Thats too much power! As a result housemates are faking it and playing up to America. Boring!

Also as a side note, much respect to BBUK for creatively making a format that constantly changes. It keeps the show interesting and Emma Willis is a great host!

The premise of the game has potential but I hope if they bring BBOTT back they will cut down on America’s involvement.


Most fans agree there is too much fan involvement, but that is what production want for this format. Maybe production scale back voting a bit for next OTT.

Keep it Interesting

I voted to nominate Danielle and Neeley for the last two weeks because I didn’t want the LNJ to steamroll to the end and this week I’m nominating Scott because I don’t want the Plastics’ side to steamroll to the end either.


There wont be a steamroll, but if there is, I would enjoy seeing it, as much as I saw Nedas crew take down the first 5 alliance in BB Canada 2. My dislike of Jasons alliance is greater than my need for parity. I also think if Krissy left it could encourage more alliance shifts and potential realignment and maybe a less divided house.

Keep It Interesting

I’m sick of the Plastics begging America for everything instead of doing something. It literally took them 3 minutes after Danielle’s HOH for them to start begging us to help them. Morgan and Alex literally did a dance in the storage room begging us to nominate her instead. It’s cringe worthy. They do more begging than the LNJ did the first two weeks, thankfully they’ve stopped cuz they know America ain’t helping them.


I think it is an impressive turning of the tide considering what The Ball Smashers and Scott side have had to overcome in terms of fan voting(Jasons alliance was favored by the first 9 fan votes of the season)…and these factors:

1. Jason voted in by fans(majority of fans already conditioned to voting in his favor from the start)
2. Jasons already solid fan base from BB17(and being the only returner)
3. Jasons former BB player friends telling their fans to vote his way(no other direct competition from other former players fan bases)
4. Very likely the vast majority of the gay vote being in Jasons favor
5. Justin being the most popular player this season with probably most fans of the 12 new players


Kryssie for America’s Havenot!


The HGs heard someone from production shout out NOOO WHITNEY when she was eliminated. It wasn’t just the LNJ who were saying it’s favored for the Plastics, the Plastics themselves admit it. Alex said to Whitney in the bedroom after the HOH, “At least you know production really wanted you to win”.


How did that production member feeling sorry for Whitney losing influence the outcome of the HOH? Dani won it. Production are human (and fans too) and I am sure some of them are Jason and Justin fans. I very much doubt every single member of the entire production team all have the same exact player(s) they enjoy or want to see do well. They arent robots sitting there pressing buttons and working the camera with no emotion or personal feelings about the players. Various members of production will always have favourites, that is just reality and I have come to accept that.

At least they didnt tweet anything like what happened in BB18 favoring Bridgette and Frank which was a calculated action for the BB community to see. The mic leak after this HOH from that individual was not intended to be heard by anyone other than themselves.


I’m not a Danielle fan, but I think it’s definitely unprofessional for production to blatantly cheer on certain houseguest during a comp. People wouldn’t like it if they were audibly rooting against Alex in a comp. Production should at least pretend to be unbiased and professional.


Production isnt one person. Each member of the production team would all have their own favorite player(s). Some would like Jason, some Justin, some Shelby, some Alex etc. Every season this will be the case.

It's getting boring...

I’m voting Scott for nominee because I want drama. I don’t want the Plastics to just steamroll until the end. I’m not pro-LNJ, I’m not pro-Plastics either, I’m just pro-drama.


The season has remained close in numbers the whole time and there is only a month left anyway. If there is a steam roll from final 8 until final 3 finale, firstly it is unlikely and secondly if it happens it will be deserved and thirdly Americas nom ends after final 7 anyway(there will be no final 6 veto comp or Americas nom during the double eviction). I like drama too, so I am nominating Krissy so she has a meltdown…it will make for a more exciting veto with members of both sides nominated and nothing more dramatic than Dani losing a number, we will then get a Dani meltdown as a bonus. If all 3 noms are from one side it makes the veto comp less interesting in my opinion. Then the best 8 players are left. Sorry but Krissy is a crap player compared to the others and it will be karma for her to leave after all her sh!t talking, especially if Shelby, who has been the target of some nasty comments by Krissys crew, cancels the votes of Jason and Justin who both majorly dislike her. Jason constantly talks badly about her, said he wanted to spit in her mouth, and Justin called her the c word and told her he hates her guts. If the numbers are 5 on 3 rather than 4 on 4, that is no reason to think it will be a steam roll, especially with Jasons knowledge and experience, plus the fact all 3 of his team will be eligible for care packages, and the amount of fans Jason and Justin have. If there is a steam roll either way…too bad, dont blame the players(fan voters), blame the game(this fan oriented version of Big Brother).


A steamroll is not “deserved” simply because you like one side better than the other or how one side is “acting”. Big brother is supposed to be a combination of social game, stradegy and competition wins. Not a popularity contest.


This is not Big Brother.

Over The Top is a different game and includes fan popularity as a factor.

If one side has an unlikely steam roll against the other via having better players in all facets of the game combined, including comps, strategy, social game and being self aware and intelligent enough to behave decently in a season with so much fan influence, then those players deserved to get to the end in my opinion.

It is a very rare season too, with a divide of this magnitude. So many unlikable players on one side is luck of the draw. Any of the players are free to attempt to play with whoever they like. If they continue to go down the same path and not try to change their outcome for the better then that is on them.

I think we have been lucky to have had such an even season, with multiple close evictions in terms of the vote and alliance numbers always tied or only one number difference on either side. Both alliances have been ahead and behind in numbers at times. For what I was expecting, I have been pleasantly surprised with this season, and I would rather have it than not, as additional bonus viewing to Big Brother Canada and USA.


Exactly. That is the problem, popularity is the ONLY factor at this point. So as I said, one big popularity contest.


It has all the factors of a regular season but with the added element of needing to be self aware.


In a normal season, players dont have to worry about how fans regard them in terms of their chances of doing well in the game. There is a reason Justin and Whitney havent been voted as have not until now – they are regarded as popular who fans like for different reasons. Whilst being popular among fans can help a player, it can also make them targets. It would be a big gamble to take Justin final 3. Then it would also be a gamble to get him out knowing his fans could then turn on you. A dangerous tightrope to balance when the jury is America.


It is interesting that fans who want to wait until the later care packages to give to their favorite players actually make them more of a target as the number of eligible to get one reduce in number. Whitney, Morgan, Justin, Dani, Jason still able to get a care package with 3 left.

For this reason I think it would be smarter for Dani to put up Whitney and Morgan, so that if Krissy comes down, one of that side eligible for a care package goes home…Ball Smashers would keep Morgan.

I am hoping Krissy leaves, need a good veto draw and veto result Ball Smashers!


Alex is basically Nicole 2.0. They both have so many fans even though they barely played the game. Plus production clearly favors them. The only difference is Nicole actually took a shower, unlike Alex.


Yea WTF Alex has been playing from the start not giving HJ’s for 3/4 of the season. No feeds but she looks pretty clean and yummy to me !!!!!

nicoles h@ndj0b booth


Ricky Fontain

I agree that she’s not Nicole, but people are WILDLY overrating her game.


Alex is one of the better players to ever play this game.


First of all, this isn’t real big brother. So it’s hard to tell what kind of player she really is. Honestly I think she’s vastly overrated. I mean she’s ok. Best player in this season? Yes most likely the best player, only time will tell though. I can think of 5 females off the top of my head that would chew her up and spit her out in real big brother.


I think there is a good chance she will get to play a full season in future. I would enjoy that very much.

Ricky Fontain

I actually saw an Alex fan admit that Danielle was a better gamer. I couldn’t believe it.

Come on brother

There are MANY ex players in this game, that could have gone very far, if the could have pleaded to a camera week after week. They had to EARN the right to be there from week to week and many did just that. I want to see real game play not a popularity contest.


hey America I think we should make scott America nom lets take the personal suff out in think about the game
here my point why we should nom him he not playing to win the game he playing for alex
everybody wants to win but him he want alex to win I understand if he was at home but in the game no
if he was on the block with her in he wins pov he will take her down scott 100percent should be America nom this week
take the personal suff that lnc say out in think about the game scott is not their to win he their to make sure alex win he don’t care about win the game to me its all about her in I do like scott just game wise he should be America nom


Scott is a # for Alex,


All the people currently siding with The Plastics are always the ones who absolutely despise those who constantly pander to America (which is exactly what The Plastics do) and always love those who play their own game without thinking of the viewers (which is exactly what Danielle is doing) yet these exact people hate Danielle with a burning passion for no reason and love The Plastics. Hm, very interesting.


Both sides have asked for Americas help. Fans are generally going to vote for who they like, its not rocket science.


I don’t think America’s vote has been influenced by any of the pleading people in the house have been doing to the cameras. We have already decided before their pleading who we’re going to vote for every week. And I think that’s true of fans on both sides of the house divide.


I agree with who ever voing for scott to be America nom he don’t want to win the game to me
it all about alex he should be America nom this week 100 percent we got to vote like crazy all 20 votes to him
every time to we cant vote nomore this week


The majority alliance, America, and now even production were all against her, yet Danielle is still here. That’s impressive. If she makes it to final 3, I’m voting for her because she actually played the game. Has she said a lot of mean things? Yes, but she played an amazing game as well. It’s kind of like BB18 where Paul said SO MANY means things but I still wanted him to win over Nicole because he actually played the game.


Dani is only there because Scott wanted Shane out a little more. Her over sleeping, breaking rules, never ending stories and talking over people and accusing Scott and America of being bullies after herself talking in a very mean way about those not aligned with her has been the extent of her game. You are overrating this puppy killer massively. For me, nobody has played an amazing game this season, particularly not her.

America's NOM

LNJ’s side – 4 members
Ballsmashers’ side – 5 members

Time to even it out and nominate Scott.


Ball Smashers side has won 3 HOH, sent home 2 of the other side
Jasons team has won 2 HOH, sent home 2 of the other side

Krissy leaving is perfect, evening up the sides HOH/evict ratio, and also sending home the worst remaining player

All 40 votes on Krissy as 3rd nom!

Completely ridiculous and one sided

I dont care how unlikeable you all find the LNJ side, atleast they’re surviving the game having barely received any care packages or America votes going their way. That Plastics side is down right pathetic, especially with this week, Danielle’s HOH will basically go to waste!

What happened to big brother being about winning comps, having a good social game, and playing with strategy. I understand this isn’t actually big brother and is an OTT season, but by siding up with the Plastics side which already has more members PLUS a sisters twist is a complete joke!! And add to that, the little weasel Scott is basically throwing his game away for Alex! I’d say the Plastics side are the majority at this point and the LNJ side are the underdogs.

Since America is 100% voting for one of the LNJ its pretty obvious that their side will go from 4 to 3 (which is more like 2 since Justin is kinda in the middle), so it’s pretty safe to say this whole thing is one sided. Might as well just give Alex the win now, since she’s basically guaranteed final 3 with Morgan, Scott, and America on her side. So frickin lame


Dont worry BB Canada is right around the corner if you regard OTT as so lame.

On Some Roller Skates, Backtraband on my Sistic Broyal

How does kicking out Kyrissie evening the sides? It’s 4 to 5 atm and the LNJ are 1 person down. That’s doesn’t make sense.


My post said…

Krissy leaving is perfect, evening up the sides HOH/evict ratio, meaning if she leaves it will be:

Ball Smashers and Scott – won 3 HOH, sent home 3 of the other side
Jasons alliance – won 2 HOH, sent home 2 of the other side


Could someone give me an example of how Danielle has “played the game,” I’m just not seeing it, the first two times she was on the block, her alliance was America’s choice and she wasn’t going anywhere. On Scott’s HOH, she wasn’t voted out because #teamhotgirls realized that Shane was the more logical person to vote out. Being on the block doesn’t necessarily make you a great player, look at Adam Poch and Spencer (can’t remember his last name b/c he was seriously irrelevant but I think he was on Season 15) neither of them were good players (both were actually pretty terrible) but spent an exorbitant amount of time on the block.


did all her what scott told alex an Shelby he said this no lie if it alex an Shelby he will vote Shelby out
infront of her face im 1000 percent making scott America nom we all should he could of said it behind her back
not in front of her so to all Shelby fans an other fans out their we should vote for scott America nom in save kryisse fro another time


Krissy or Jason for America nom!!!


As 3rd nom Krissy this week(on slop will be weaker for veto), Jason next week.


Kryssie is still my nomination and vote if she is still on the block come eviction night. If she leaves this week, I don’t mind helping the other 3 a little bit. Especially Justin, I like him

J. Redd

Scott is getting my vote for nom and here why. I want Scott to get an eye opener on who is really loyal to him and who will keep their word. Dani if she wins will she take Scott off, If one of the Ball Smashers win will they take him off. Based on the convo Dani had with Scott and Shelby separately and Dani deciding who to put up. I’m voting for Scott just because I’m a BB fan vs an Alliance fan. Last week I voted for Neely now for the game sake I’m voting for Scott.


Scott is a super fan, has played much better than recruit Krissy, and is more worthy and deserving of his spot based on overall play, also he has not rubbed his armpits on anyones pillows and so I am going to vote to keep Scott off the block and put Krissy on the block.

J. Redd

Nope…. I don’t care about who trash talk who, or who did what. That has nothing to do with the play of the game. Putting Krissy up is a pointless vote. For one if any of the LNJ win Veto they will take Krissy off, If Dani wins if Scott is picked for 3rd nom she will take him off leaving the Ball smashers and America to vote out their own alliance member. That is more interesting as a BB fan and not an Alliance fan. I’m voting based on HG not liking each other or who insult who. Both sides have thrown insults. 40 votes is going to scott. Because I want Scott to see who really has his back and will keep their word. The Ball Smashers or Dani.

I’m an Objective viewer one of the few that voice based on game and not an emotional tie to a group.


My post said…

Scott is a super fan, has played much better than recruit Krissy, and is more worthy and deserving of his spot based on overall play.

He has played better than she has, and he is the only HOH to get a target out.


Being a superfan doesn’t automatically make you worthy of staying over someone else. There have been many super fans that were plain bad at BB once they got there. I dislike both kryssie and Scott. I hope they both go home back to back.

Kryssie is crude in every way. Scott is creepy in every way. I hope they both hit the door asap.


I said Scott(a super fan) should stay as he has played a much better overrall game compared to Krissy. Pretty good reason to stay in my opinion. Particularly as Krissy is the least capable player remaining. I want the better players staying longer.

J. Redd

Don’t care if a HG is a super fan or not. I’m focusing on what has transpire this week of BBOVT. From the convos Dani had I like what I’m seeing as a fan of the game and based on those convos to make it interesting I”m voting for Scott. I’m not team Ball Smasher or team Misfits I”m team Big Brother.

And as a viewer I want to see an interesting and entertaining week. I’m not a follower like others who choose sides I choosing based on good TV or rather streaming.


I cant reward a lesser player and punish a better player – Scott has played much better than Krissy, I am going to nominate Krissy.

Ball Smashers fan

I am going to make Krissy 3rd nom as that is where the majority is voting and I dont want to split votes. Ball Smasher fans unite! 40 votes for Krissy as 3rd nom!

Ricky Fontain

I haven’t been watching. What has Alex’s strategy been this week? How is she planning on keeping herself safe?

Katie Girl

Oh oh….on the Joker’s poll for America’s Nom, Scott has 49% of the vote over Kryssie, who has 43%. Make sure to vote Sunday night and Monday morning to get Kryssie on the block!


Dont worry there have been a bunch of polls for the same thing the last day or so. The original one had Krissy at 69% being the nom with thousands of votes sample size. Their true accurate poll really doesnt begin until the 2 noms are known Sunday night.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m not sure what I want more. Alex to win or Jason to lose.

On Some Roller Skates, Backtraband on my Sistic Broyal

I think voting out Kyrissie right not is now a good idea. The house would then stand at 3 to 5, making it a landslide for next week and in return making a reallllllllllyy boring season. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Kyrissie and she’s said some really messed up stuff. But considering her and the LNJ, they’ve lost 2 people on their side in a row already. Kicking out anyone else would just be overkill and give the other side a cakewalk to the end.

I think it’s time to hold off on getting anymore of the LNJ side out, and start going after the BS, And I don’t just mean getting out Scott.

Because the girls on the BS side are so close, I think we should go after one of the girls (Morgan, Shelby, Whitney or Alex). This will give one of them the feeling of loosing someone that they are really close to. Like when Kyrissie lost Neely, or when Danielle lost Shane.

Let’s keep this season entertaining! Let’s have both sides scramble and readjust their gameplay when America votes someone from their side out. Instead of having one side ask America each week to do their dirty work for them, while they just sit back and coast to the end.


LMAO you are acting like it will be the end of the world if the lamest player in the game Krissy goes home. Better to get her out and keep the better players in. Americas nom will soon be over anyway. 5 on 3 or 4 on 4 I will still be very much entertained. Even if either side is wiped out then the remaining side fights it out for the win I will still be entertained.

On Some Roller Skates, Backtraband on my Sistic Broyal

Game players? At this point, most of these people (including Kryssie and the BS) are performing for the cameras and appealing to America. My point is the interference of America no longer makes this a game. Its more of a popularity contest which is a distraction from the game.

I can understand people support their favorite side of the house but from a entertainment perspective, a 3 to 5 division in the house would be boring. Not unless the CP effects who is evicted next week or people from one side start flipping to the other. If either of those 2 things don’t happen, it’s just going to be one side waiting to be picked off by the other side one by one until there’s no one left. Which is not entertaining, but boring.

Again, this has nothing to do with Kryssie. But more to do the fact that this game (a popularity contest) is mostly about the numbers on each side.