Dane’s Birthday “whats the most you’ve made in one night.. pay up big boy”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Adam was the secret agent he nominated Cory. As of now Adam, Dane and Kyra will be voting out Cory. Anthony is sad.

Today is Dane’s birthday.. They get some beers and scrapbookings..

9:27pm so this was going on for Dane’s birthday … (Typically I like A bottle of Kraken and a handful of joints but to each their own)

Production tells them to “stop that” they wonder why and the feeds cut…

Dane is playing it up.. “whats the most you’ve made in one night.. pay up big boy”.. “Look at his power stance”

Adam – he actually looks like a woman I’m not kidding (WTF)

Dane – all real all natural.. no plastic here…


10:10pm wtf..

Big Moves

11:30pm Hot Tub room. Kyra, Adam and Dane.
Dane – its going to suck to vote Cory out. She’s like Dane, this isn’t a pitch for your vote but seriously the last few weeks you’ve started to become one of my favorite people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m like yeah, thanks. She’s like I’m not saying that ever again and its not for your vote. I don’t care about the vote. Kyra – its a little bit for the vote. Adam – this is big brother man. People are going to do and say anything. This is for $100,000 man! Dane – I’m not going to keep her dude. It would be stupid to keep her. Kyra – you’ve pissed of no one in jury. Dane – yeah. Kyra – well so far its only Sam. Adam – we’re going to run this f**king house man. Dane – I know that. It would be stupid to not get her (Cory) out.

11:40pm Living room. Anthony and Cory. Anthony – no one ever wants to take care of me. Cory – you know our fans are watching and saying there goes Anthony. Classic Anthony. Anthony – yeah and they see it. Nobody ever wants to take care of me. No one cares if I’ve eaten. No one cares if my stomach hurts. Not fair. Help me! Make me a snack! Cory – no.

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Mark looks s happy in the hot tub . Thinking I made big moves this week .

Guy From Canada

Funny how Adam usurped his hoh and made a big move for him…..cory out the door lol.

Simon, I know you don’t watch the show. In one of the episodes they mentioned the HOH won’t compete in the POV until F5. Now have the houseguest clued on that f6 everyone plays and there will be a triple this week or a double nex t week?

another name

I’m the cautious type. I still think Dane is going to find some way to skewer the Cory eviction.
He’s said too many times (even as a joke) i’m voting Este out.
He’s intimidated by Anthony.
I fear he’s going to go through with his split the vote plan, knowing (from Damien) that Anthony is also voting out Este. Then he can go back and say oh my gosh, i didn’t know Anthony was going to do that to Adam, Kyra and Damien, while saying I always had your back to Anthony, Mark and Cory. I fear it’s the Dane thing to do. Try to ride the middle as long as possible.
Secondary reason:
Dane has been salty when anyone gets anything in this game instead of him. The bed. The blood veto. a cash prize in a veto. and now the secret assassin power. That bitterness could cause Dane to make sure it doesn’t work, and Adam can’t use it in his finals pitch (if he gets there, as a game move).
Tertiary reason:
Este wouldn’t kiss Dane. The silliest reason. But it’s Dane. Who would use it as validation.

another name

He hasn’t given Cory any reason to believe he’d vote her out. Every other week he has been much more active to come up with a reason why he has to go with the numbers in order to prepare the evicted houseguest. He has joked about cutting este more than 10 times. He’s said este would have evicted him if he’d been on the block with Kiki. He’s made mention of thinking Este would evict him in a Jon/Neda comparison that didn’t make sense. He’s laying more groundwork to justify cutting Este than he is in laying groundwork to cut Cory. It’s beginning to sound like he’s softening the blow. I think he was happier keeping both Damien and Este while they were both still targeting Adam and Kyra. Now that they are targeting Mark, he’s less enthused. There is every chance that Dane could jump over to work with Anthony and Mark and Cory.
When he hears that Cory is saying she wouldn’t target Kyra and wouldn’t target Adam (as per Anthony’s instructions) that begs the question who would she target now that she has promised every voter safety if she wins hoh. Let’s hope that information reaches Dane, it would ease my sense of caution.


From PB’s to Dane’s Whore’s – In one night LMAO !!!!

Guy From Canada

Glad I turned the feeds off after Dane got his bday cards……

another name

When Anthony tells Cory to help him take off his pants for him, then an hour later complains about a bellyache and being upset she won’t rub his belly for him, then gets upset nobody will make him a snack until Cory makes him one, while he shouts across the room how he likes his snack prepared…..
I’m done. What sweet fresh hell is this????
I can’t decide if she’s stepford Cory or handmaid Ofanthony.

King Silva

DEAD at Ofanthony!

another name

Day 41: Mark says in D/R the game starts NOW.
So… according to Mark we’ve all been wasting our time for the other 40 days… because the game hadn’t started yet.
Good to know.
That’ll help those merch sales.
(Yeah. the Global commercial is playing up Mark as the Prettyboy infiltrator hell bent on destroying them. ed… or selling t-shirts and promotional tours on how to play big brother).


If they do all vote out Cory (and if they’re smart they will), Mark, Adam, Damien and Krya should then band together to get Dane and Anthony out. Seriously if they don’t it’s their own fault if they get picked off one by one and it’s Dane, Anthony and Esti left at the end. I’m having a hard time connecting to any of the houseguests this season, don’t really care who wins but REALLY don’t want Dane or Anthony (especially Anthony) to win!