“Adam said we could bring Sam into the Pretty Boys.. I almost ripped my shirt off when Mark told me that”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – As of right now Cory is being evicted.

1:00pm Cory and Anthony (this is the spot where she plans on doing campaigning today)
Cory – thank you for all your help, you smell good
Anthony – you smell good
Cory – do I
Anthony – yeah
Cory – ohh

Anthony leaves..
Cory – ceya boo

5:29pm Este gets in a have not workout

6:05pm Adam and Kyra
They talk about Anthony how he’s good with everybody. Kyra says it makes him more suspicious “who is he gunning for”
Kyra – he’s playing every single one of you guys ..
Kyra “did you know”
Kyra goes on to explain a time back when Sam was campaigning. Anthony came to them swearing up a storm about “people that don’t know how to play this f*ing game”
Kyra – he made it slip that you were playing a really bad game.. he thinks you are playing a f*ing terrible game
Kyra – he manipulates you and builds you up
Adam – I would love to sit him down with you and bring that up.. there would be Drama
Kyra – once we get Cory out we can do it
Kyra adds Anthony does it to all of them.. Makes them feel loved and Special, strong and capable
Adam says he doesn’t buy into Anthony’s “bull sh1t”
Kyra says he did a bit.
Adam – not the past few conversations, I’ve been pretty against whatever he says
Kyra – with Cory gone he’ll try to latch on to however.

6:20pm Anthony and Dane
Anthony says Adam is really scared that Dane will take Este over the boys.
Anthony – I don’t want to look Adam in the face and say you stupid idiot.. I don’t want to do these things
Dane – I don’t know man, Dam really got to that guy
Anthony – Mark told me that Adam said we could bring her into the boys group.. Adam said we could bring Sam into the Pretty Boys.. I almost ripped my shirt off when Mark told me that
Dane – are you kidding holy sh1t
They complain how many time Mark came up to them “are we good, are we good”
Anthony – If you were on the block and came up to me asking about the vote I think I would eject out of this building.. Like I’m dead a$$ serious
They agree Adam has “trust issues”

6:50pm Pretty boys puttering around

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another name

i still believe week one the boys split up which girls they would get close to and control for the game.
i still believe anthony chose laura and mama k.
i still believe adam pushing for laura to go in order to protect sam is the reason anthony is so against adam.
now anthony wants everyone else to lose their side women.

BTW: day 47. Anthony realizes that everyone in the house except him has been keeping track of the days and events.


Hope Kyra wins HoH and stirs the pot

another name

because big brother math:
there can’t be a triple unless there is a fake eviction. there were 15, not 16 this season.
last season there were 9 houseguests in week 7. three people left in week 8.
this season there are 8 houseguests in week 7. there is no need for three people to leave.
it’s possible to have a double or an instant week 8. but it doesn’t make sense to have a triple.
The fact that most of these house guests can’t do simple bb math considering they know it is a 70 day season and started with 15, and have gotten too caught up in the concept of a triple (that didn’t begin until season 3)… priceless and annoying

Don’t hate jus my opinion

Adam has grown on me !!! Team adam!!! Was team Damian for the longest time i think his GF that signed him up should be a secret agent n teach him how to play the game lol