Big Brother OTT Freshman Class Face Morph HOH Competition Results!

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HOH Competition Order:

  1. Whitney
  2. Alex
  3. Kryssie
  4. Shelby
  5. Morgan
  6. Jason
  7. Justin


Face Morph Answers leading up to the HOH sign:

  • Cornbread & Morgan
  • Kryssie & Monte
  • Scott & Danielle
  • Shane & Neeley
  • Alex & Monte
  • Whitney & Shelby
  • Justin & Jason

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The house guests have a 30 minute time limit to correctly identify the 7 face morphed house guests. Whitney’s time runs out and she gets the wah wah wahhh signal. She joins Danielle in the HOH room. Whitney tells Danielle – that comp was hard. She says she named that comp as her favorite before coming into the house.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-03 00-05-06-546
Alex correctly answers all of the photos with a time of 27:04.
Kryssie reaches Alex’s time and is disqualified.
Shelby’s strategy was to uncovered one at time carrying all the names with her as she went along. She answered them all correctly with an impressive time of 3:42.38
Morgan doesn’t beat Shelby’s time and gets the wah wah wahhh
Jason goes next but he doesn’t understand the rules. He thought one house guests name went up with the photos.
Justin doesn’t beat Shelby’s time.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-03 00-19-57-078



12:35am – 12:40am Bathroom – Justin & Whitney. Justin – I can’t believe she won. Did anyone have a time closest to that? Whitney – the closest time was 27 minutes. Justin – really?! Out of all the people, I can’t believe she is HOH. Whitney – she got them all right the first time. Justin – Oh god I have to win the veto. Whitney – you might not even go up. Justin – I hate her ..and she knows that. I can’t stand her. God I will feel so played if I get sent home during her HOH. Like oh my god she isn’t good at anything., but obviously she is.. at matching faces. That sh*t’s crazy! She was the last person I expected to win. This is going to be a stressful week. She’s going to put up me and Danielle. Or me and Jason. This was the worst case scenario.

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Justin heads to the kitchen and talks to Jason, Kryssie and Danielle. Jason – the reason why Shelby won is because she is shallow and superficially. Justin – she’s a sh*tty person. Justin – this is the worst case scenario this week. That sh*ts bad.. this sh*t is really really bad!

12:40am – 1:10am Storage room – Alex, Morgan and Shelby. Alex – I am so so so freakin’ happy!! Shelby – Justin is so depressed right now! He’s so pissed. Alex – he tried to throw you under the bus today. Shelby – yeah he tired to throw me under the bus right before the eviction ceremony .. he’s been talking sh*t to me all week AND I’M HOH MOTHERF**KER!!!!!! Alex – will you bring it up to him!? Shelby – maybe you shouldn’t have told Morgan that right before the competition. AMERICA PLEASE DON’T GIVE HIM A CARE PACKAGE .. PLEASEEEEEEEEE! Alex – she (Whitney) was cheering for Kryssie the entire time. They agree to keep it close. Morgan – its literally us 3 in this. Shelby – she didn’t even hug me. Alex – you know that Jason is sh*tting himself and he is going to try and use Whitney to get in good with you. Shelby – no one say anything until after the care package. They head out of the storage room and into the bedroom. Whitney joins them. They talk about the competition.

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1:35am Daneille, Justin and Kryssie are talking. Krysssie is crying in the havenot room. She wonders why she is even here in the first place. Danielle – We have the care package, America’s nom and the veto. Kryssie – what if they take away America’s nom? Danielle – then we work around it. Justin – maybe its something very very good.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-03 04-33-49-733

2:35am Shelby gets her HOH room. All the house guests head up to the HOH room. Shelby reads her HOH letter. Shelby checks out all the food she got in her HOH fridge.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-03 04-38-47-684

3:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Mrs. Mac

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!


During evictions both Monty & Scott left with total class. Shane & Neely total opposite. THAT SAYS IT ALL !!! GO BALLSMASHERS !!!


And Cornbread left saying “F#@ck Y’all”

This says it all

Jason – the reason why Shelby won is because she is shallow and superficially.

Justin – she’s a sh*tty person.

What are you "Yes" ing about?

if the CP goes to a BS, and then Americas nom is a BS then a BS will leave this week.




How funny was Justin? He only put one name up for each pic! That was hilarious!

BB Clue

Just watch. Justin will be the first player to win BB who never wins a comp. because he’s adorable, America will keep saving him. And because Alex is viewed as a female with power, America will turn on her and she will probably be AN this week. You heard it here first.

rename yourself to BB Clueless

Justin admits to stealing Burts Bees products because of his sticky fingers and growin up in Norlins is hard and hes gots to do wut hes gots to do!

Justin (talking about BS) says he would slap his c@#k on them , but doesnt want a sexual harrasment charge!

How is that adorable?
Be like, like, ya dig, like ya hur me? no wut im sayin? its all gud, like, ya feel me?
My peeples try to rob em, like, PRAYED UP!,.. Yo Yo dawg, dont rob em, BLESSED UP!!!

Oh and Dr. Will already won BB without winning a comp you MORON!


We are giving Whitney cp


Yes, and give Morgan next weeks CP for Double eviction..!


Actually, Wheatknee would be a great pick for the CP. This week is co-HOH. Would be real interesting what she does. Does she stay in line with the BS girls or does she side with the LNJ? This will make her publicly choose a side. This would be the last thing Wheatknee would want!


Knew that Shelby would do well in this comp–yeah

Even More Hillary Lies

She crushed it. I thought those were hard.


So happy for Shelby. She deserves this HOH.
Not sure who to give the CP to. If Morgan, then two of the BS can’t play next week. Maybe Whitney if she puts up Danielle.


Who is we Anonymous? Do you speak for everyone?


So happy for Shelby!!!! She killed it! My fam is voting Morgan for CP and Kryssie for nom. And if they don’t get that America doesn’t co-sign there nasty mouths this time then they are a lost cause. Go BS!!!

Uncle Teddy

If you’re a BS supporter you give this week’s CP to WHitney and you try to get Jason OTB as America’s nom. Next week’s CP is for Morgan. There’s a chance Whitney wouldn’t want to completely rock the boat as Co-HOH and would agree to go after Dani, a target that both sides of the house want out.


If Whitney gets cp, she can (if she is smart) likely get Justin of the block. All she would have to do is say if you nominate anyone other than Justin I will put up Danielle.


Everyone except Dani will save Justin.

Remember, HoH’s save people, they don’t nominate them. Shelbae will save Alex and Morgan. Justin and likely Kryssie will be saved by Whitney if she wins CP. That doesn’t mean either can’t be AN.

lol what?

Whitney doesnt want Justin nominated. What show have you been watching?


Please let’s give the CP to Morgan since Shelby won HOH. She earned that and I’m sure she’d rather share it with Morgan. And that would keep Whitney from being able to nominate Alex just in case LNC got in her ear. Hopefully this time we can FINALLY get Kryssie as AN!!


Whitney has completely flipped, she just told Justin she would vote all three girls out before him AND Kryssie. I get that she found out she was at the bottom but Kryssie!? No way am I voting for her to have the CP now. If we give it to Morgan and put Kryssie up then it should be clear we aren’t for the nasty trash talkers! Maybe that would keep Whitney in check a little and really second guess flipping.


Do NOT give it to Morgan!! DE this week and there is NO veto comp! Only way to safe yourself is to win HOH and the 2 HOHs this week can’t play for it! Give it to Whit and next to Morgan.. Block Whits vote this week and don’t let her target Alex on DE


Actually this week is co hoh and next week will be DE. You are right. Whitney this week and Morgan Next. See the LNC heads spin if Morgan has both Veto’s for DE!!


The way I understand is DE is wed.. Next CP is given on wed during DE so both HOHs can’t compete

Time for YOU to WakeUp

Every DE in the history of BBUS has had a Veto comp you moron

Uncle Teddy

And you’re dumb


I wish that people would say, “I am voting for…” or “I don’t like…” instead of telling US who WE are voting for and who WE don’t like. YOU are not WE and don’t speak for all of US.
As for trash talkers, I’m not concerned with the vile language of the LNC. I have never said it was o.k. or defended them. The reason I don’t care is because they aren’t hurting the BS by using foul language, they are only hurting themselves. Every time they go on one of their rants they make themselves look bad. That is important in any season but, with America voting for the winner, it’s more important this season than ever. If you have a specific BS you’re rooting for I would think it would make sense to keep a trash talker around. For example, a lot of people seem to root for Alex so wouldn’t she have a better chance of winning in a final 3 with one or two LNC instead of risking a 3 way split with Alex/Morgan/Shelby?
The other reason the vile language doesn’t bother me is because neither side is any ‘nicer’. The language might make LNC come off looking trashier but the dislike and mean spiritdness is equal on both sides and it seems to mean that back when the BS were still plastic they had decided they were not going to like Danielle before they even gave her a chance.
As far as Whitney goes-apparently WE are teaching her a lesson. She is supposed to know based on the way America has voted that WE don’t like LNC therefore she should know that WE don’t want her working with them. Maybe she does know. Maybe she knows that Alex, Morgan and Shelby will cut her before F3. Maybe she knows that Justin for sure, and possibly Kryssie, Jason and Danielle are considering her in their F3 plans. And maybe she notices that the LNC have fallen out of favor with America and that is the exact reason she wants to sit next to two of them in a F3 that America will be voting on.

Kryssie for eviction

Looks like everyone is on the same page to nominate Kryssie for eviction next week (well about 70% of us);


Who is the best one for care package this week? How about for noms? Will Jason ever be voted out, or will he ride to the end?


Nominate Any of the four LNC vile hypocridiots!! They are all the same !!!


Whitney for CP. This forces her to pick a side and leaves Morgan open for next weeks CP. Even if Whitney decides to stick with LNJ and nominates a BS, a member of LNJ will still go home with America nominating and voting. With Shelby being her co-hoh, I highly doubt Whitney wouldn’t nominate a BS anyway.


Shelby kicked ass! Justin is a special kind of stupid. This comp was tailor made for someone with ADD. JMO




is screwing up her game


Care package to Justin.


Why do you want to give it to Justin?


Kryssie for nom and Jason, Danielle and Alex (since other side can’t be) for have nots.


Cp for whitney she can keep her Justin safe. I am voting for Morgan next care package. She can keep Alex safe. Whitney I think will put anyone up just as long as she keeps Justin safe. Krissie or Justin for nom whom ever does not go on the block. Whitney we know will make a deal..

Team Whitney

Whitney just needs to ride the middle and avoid being the target of either side. I really don’t think she needs the CP, I’d rather see her protected during the double eviction. Give it to Morgan to make sure the LNC and BS stay at each other’s throats. If it goes to Jason then it gives them a chance to work together and that could be bad.

Split Decision

Shelby and Justin can’t stand each another. I’m voting to give Justin the Co-HOH Care Package this week, just to keep things interesting. Plus, that’s probably the only way he’ll be safe from eviction this week.


Jason says the only reason Shelby won is because she is shallow and superficial. Come on man! I understand you dont have to be happy that the other side won, particularly your nemesis, but you dont have to stoop that low! Have a little class.
Of course he and Kryssie have no class… rubbing arm pits on pillows, calling them b$tches and H@es, not to mention C*nts…
I cant decide who I want out more, Kryssie or Jason.
I’m afraid that if America’s Nom goes away, we will miss an opportunity to get Jason out. He may cruise to the end, and with his fan base he will win.


Jason is his favorite toy! Him and Crusty really need to look in the mirror, they are all of those things they say and worse. I hope they get a big dose of reality when they get home.


Although I’m not really a Jason fan, he’s kind of right. I liked Shelby at first but some of the things she’s says shows she thinks she’s better than everyone else. Plus she’s kind of a little brat.


I think America Nom is going away when the care packages are done so we have 3 care packages left


Whitney for CP this week. 2 reasons. 1, this will force the one playing both sides the most this year to pick her poison in public. That will be great entertainment in itself. 2 If you are a Ballsmasher, this is the best option for the last 2 real care packages that impact game play. Next week is the Double Eviction Veto. BS would be best served getting her the Veto power next week. Shelby can put up at one LNC member this week and If America puts up another, will not matter what Whitney does.

CP for Whitney!!!!


I’m 100% giving all 40 votes to Whitney, because Jason fans and LNJ fans are giving all their votes to him. So if you’re a BallSmasher fan it’s imperative that we don’t split the votes between Morgan & Whitney. Morgan should get next weeks CP

Team Whitney

Dude, she was forced to go to the LNC to get Danielle to use the veto on her. The BS were going to vote her out so that they could keep FN Scott. Let’s not get it twisted, the BS betrayed Whitney. So no, I don’t want her to get a useless care package so we can “make her pick a side”. She had picked a side and they stabbed her in the back and I hope she outlasts both the BS and the LNC to win the game!


Dani needs to be CO-HOH so 1 vote from each side can’t vote, she should wore with Shelby, & 1 from each side won’t be able to compete in next HOH. Giving the CP to a plastic is useless….save it for later. Getting Dani out of the running for CP is a good move for plastics!


CP to Dani to eliminate 1 vote from each side. I think she & Shelby can work together plus it takes 1 person from each side out of the next HOH comp. Save a better CP for Morgan or possibly Whit. Justin is an idiot floater & needs to go. When he talks I change screens…he talks until he has something to say. Jason spewing hate is as old as Krissys belching!


ALL the momentum is with Whitney for CP. DO NOT SPLIT THESE VOTES!


If you’re BS, giving this to Morgan CP is a waste. HoH’s SAVE people in OTT. They do not directly nominate them. Shelby will save Alex and Morgan. The other HoH will HAVE to save two people outside the those three. You want to give Morgan a power just so she can do that???? Getting Justin out is no more important than getting out Jason if you’re a BS fan. Whitney won’t save Jason.


I hope that you are correct about the hoh not directly nominating. It would be great if they stick to the safety ceremony, but the care package says that the cp winner will nominate someone for eviction. If they do it by safety ceremony and there is a tie who would break it? I have a terrible feeling that there will not be safety ceremony and each hoh will have to nominate someone. I hope that I am wrong.


Congrats to Shelby. She had an amazingly great time in completing that comp. Now we will once again see if she or any of that side keep their promises made last week to the people that could have gotten them either on the block or out. Language aside, we saw them scrambling last week and making nasty comments, doing exactly what the LNC does (with better language of course) and I for one sat back and laughed about it. I found it extremely telling. And I was right on in my assessment, because as soon as Shelby won, they started right back in on America to help them out again. They one by one marched upstairs to be all buddy-buddy with Danielle for about 5 minutes, then basically ignored her after that. There was once again no effort to make relationships with the other side. Unfortunately, HOH only lasts a week. Do these girls not realize that there is a next week? You all are starting in on Whitney now. Why should she not have gone for help to the other side? If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be there. These girls would have voted her out and kept Scott. Is the object of the game not to stay in the house for the prize? Can’t wait to watch these little witches this week. It should be extremely funny once again. I for one would love to see Shelby’s face if she has to deal with an ACP winner like Justin or Jason this week. But we know that won’t happen. Once again you vultures will control the week and plot and plan to get the best for these girls. Morgan and Alex are so holier than thou, down on people for lying, yet living a lie in that house already. I’m sorry, but they have the advantage already over everyone else, yet continue to “poor me” every chance they get. Morgan crying is a prime example. They were so down before on Kryssie crying, but when its them its OK. Tired of this one sided plotting by the fans personally. I came here to read comments today, and found nothing but the same old Bullshit!!!!


cry some more

Le SIgh

May I suggest that you only read the updates and not the comments since they upset you so much? ???? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Le Sigh

Apparently the smiley emoji on my phone translates to four question marks when it posts! Didn’t know. But believe me, I wasn’t typing all of the question marks out of excitement. I just don’t understand why people comment on not liking the comments.


I fixed it a bit for your.

Le Sigh

I just saw that Simon and it made me laugh out loud! (Which was really nice after reading some of the more in-your-face comments) Thank you!


Why are people giving cp to Morgan???? Unless you want Jason to get it then vote for Whitney. She can protect Justin thus week and Morgan can protect alex the following week. Majority is going for Whitney so please don’t spilt the votes.


I can’t believe after being in the HN room with the LNC minus Danielle that Witney is still choosing to align with Justin and Kyrssie. She got all upset about Danielle sticking her tongue out at Monte. The behavior of the LNC the other night was much much worse!


The care package needs to go the either jason or Danielle because with this safety ceremony stuff, it won’t be about who each co-hoh nominates, it’s about which 2 from their alliance will they keep safe. Therefore revealing who is lowest on the alliance totem pole, which will make for some good power shifts when they realize they are truly 4 in the alliance!

Giving it to Justin or a BS will just be boring and have no dramatic consequences!

Danielle or Jason for care package!
Krissy for americas nom hahaha


I don’t think Dani is eligible for co hoh since she is the outgoing hoh but I’m not sure. At this point I think Whitney is the better choice for ACP so she can show her cards either way and leaves Morgan eligible for next week.


care pack to dani. Krissie as nom. 3 LNJ out of voting. Only 2 LNJ playing in next weeks hoh fo DE. Save the last 2 CP.


A Morgan vote for a care package this week is a bad move if you are a BS fan. Whitney or Dani would be ok as hopefully Jason as America’s nom and if he goes, that eliminates him from a care package.


We definitely need to take the last 2 packages into consideration when voting for this week’s carepackage. This week’s care package is not nearly as important or powerful as the last 2. Especially the double veto. Morgan needs to be saved for next week’s care package in order to help the ball smashers! America needs to nominate Kryssie which will help make this week’s care package useless so do not use this weeks care package on Morgan! We need Morgan to save Alex and Shelby next week just in case


Frankly it really doesn’t matter at all about who gets this cp. It’s more about which side it stronger because if Jason gets it then we can possible get an alex third nom. If Whitney gets it then mostly kryssie will be third nom. Cp this week is just two people you want safe.


It’s a giving Danielle will in up on the block this week but let’s see out of Whitney or Jason who she will be taking with her.


im want Jason to get America carepackages so him in Shelby could work out their defference
I think that whould be good for both of them cause morgan an alex might not take her to the end they might take whitney I do not belive they are over whitney I think they will use that against shebly when the time comes
I think Jason an Shelby whould be good in next week Jason cant play for hoh in their your chance to get him out


Vote Whitney – Care Package.
Looking ahead, the next care package includes a double eviction and the winner receives the veto. Morgan needs this. I think Whitney will put up Danielle and if not, there still a good chance of Americas Nom being Kryssie or Jason.
So strategically, I think Whitney for Care Package this week (and not because I like her for flipping sides.)


Yes please give ACP to a BS so they can nominate 2 lnj members and not be able to play next week or get a care package and one of their players still go home…. Come on people give it to Jason (that’s great TV) so somebody for each side goes up and America would be the deciding vote (Bye Kristy) plus everyone but those two can play, stop playing personal and play the game. It doesn’t matter who side you are on let’s see them work for it


After reading some of the reasons ( which is why I love this site) I’m going to vote Whitney instead of Morgan for CP. I definitely don’t want to split the votes and have it go to Jason. Still Kryssie for nom though. And Jason, Danielle and ? for Have nots.


BS lovers, please let’s not split the vote because Jason fans are uniting to give him this CP. If we all don’t vote the same he could get it! Seems like majority wants Whitney for CP so that works for me and Kryssie for nom this week. We can do Jason next week. BS all the way!!! πŸ˜‰


Yes – VOTE WHITNEY for Care Package. Jason is ahead in another poll for CP.


Well, another boring week. Those girls won’t come out of the HOH room all week. I think this week I am voting for the care package to go to JASON. After thinking it all out, there is no way I want a BS to have it and them have total control over everyone. I want to see some game. Let the BS have to come out of the HOH room and actually talk to other houseguests instead of pleading to America. I got quite the chuckle over Alex this morning saying for everyone to remember that Danielle toned it down this week, and that there were more deserving people to win BB than her. I guess she was referring to herself………..what spoiled little brats these BS’s are. I applaud Danielle’s game sense this week, and the way she handled herself, even though she told the truth to the BS, and they didn’t believe a word she said. Jokes on them I guess, because not every word out of her mouth was a lie like them. Add to that the fact she won both HOH and POV. Like her or not, she had a great week, and will be a force to be reckoned with. And Gozurman saying that Jason as America’s nom eliminates him from a care package is backwards I think, because the care package comes out before the America’s nom does it not?


LOL, LOL……Dani and the LNC spent the past week either in the HOH room, the HN room, so that they could corner Whitney, or on their usual perch in the smoking section. Since the smokes are running out, less time will be spent in the BY on the couches by the LNC. The LNC never makes an effort to talk to the BS girls either. Dani walks through them constantly, never saying a word. It goes both ways, my friend.


Wait, why do people want to vote Krissy instead of Danielle for AN?


If U like Shelby vote Whitney for CP. it’s what she asked for. WHITNEY FOR CP.


We definitely need to take the last 2 packages into consideration when voting for this week’s carepackage. This week’s care package is not nearly as important or powerful as the last 2. Especially the double veto. Morgan needs to be saved for next week’s care package in order to help the ball smashers! America needs to nominate Kryssie which will help make this week’s care package useless so do not use this weeks care package on Morgan! We need Morgan to save Alex and Shelby next week just in case


If a CP goes to a lnc this week then they get to keep 2 other lnc safe!! If you’re a BS fan at all that would not be a smart move. We have failed to get Kryssie nominated a few times now and they are back to thinking they are all loved!!! There will be plenty of drama as is and it sucks to see these girls have to fight EVERY week. Give them a break please and vote Whitney CP. If we all want Kryssie as AN then that makes Jason safe another week so his fans (myself not included) should realize that.


Still undecided on care package. My top 2 for this care package is Whitney and Jason. I’ll look at the polls later and cast my vote. 100? still nominating Kryssie this week and if still on the block will vote her out.


Still undecided on care package. My top 2 for this care package is Whitney and Jason. I’ll look at the polls later and cast my vote. 100? still nominating Kryssie this week and if still on the block will vote her out.


too all Jason fans he need help this week so please go vote for him to get this week America carepackages
do all 20 on him keep doing it to you cant know more Jason need all his fans to vote this week America carepackages for him we was going to waite next week but we got to worry about this week so Jason fan vote al 20 votes for Jason


I’m a bs fan and to be honest I don’t see a downside in giving cp to Jason this week. Worst that can happen is Whitney and Danielle on the block. There is a possibility for alex the be the third nom but I doubt it will with kryssie still there as a option. Plus Jason won’t be able to play next week. Only thing I won’t like is Jason thinking we love him for saving him this week

Even More Hillary Lies

The girls are tough this year. The guys are an endangered species.