Cory “They’re trying to justify to themselves that Sam f**ked them over & its Ok!”

12:30am Bedroom. Cory and Anthony.
Cory – they said so many things about me being terrible to them… and none of it was justified. And they’ve got a bone to pick with you too. They were getting angry .. oh the hypocrisy! Anthony saying to me about campaigning for Sam when he is doing the exact same thing for you. I said I don’t know what Anthony is doing for me .. but chances are he knew about the same thing and he was getting angry that Sam letting someone fight for them where they were willing to just let them throw them under the bus. Well people throw people under the bus all the time! I was like I DON’T! I didn’t do that! Its like they weren’t taking in any of it. I think Kyra is dead set …like trying to convince themselves that they want me out. And then they kept saying at the end that .. that had nothing to do with it. I’m moving forward, I’m thinking strategically. The reason I am telling you all this is because I have been loyal this entire time! Why do you want to send someone out that has been loyal to you the entire time!? You’re stuck on Sam but you don’t realize it had nothing to do with you… but they’re connecting themselves with Sam. They’re at one with Sam. They can’t separate from Sam .. and that’s where I’m lost. Unless they’re able to separate themselves from Sam .. I can’t get through to them. And Adam was doing the exact same thing. I want to go to the top five with you (Adam). Lets go to that blood bath we’ve been talking about this entire game. There is really no reason for me to go against you. Then he just got back on Sam. He said if Sam had won she would have taken you out and the top five would have been a different top five. I was like ok, I am done! They’re trying to justify to themselves that Sam f**ked them over and its Ok! Because its Sam .. that’s what’s happening.

Anthony – I don’t care about Adam because Adam is delusional. But this new found attitude, confidence and cockiness that I can hear in your voice that Kyra is sounding like. I think that whatever you have planned in your speech should be directed at humiliating kyra. That’s just me. The day I get to talk to Kyra .. they are going to get up and we are not going to talk for the est of the game. Cory – so my life is in Dane’s hands right now.

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Anthony’s game is so transparent. The difference is this is the first TRUE ally of his who’ll leave without him being able to control the vote. Sure he liked Laura & Mamma K but they left early so there wasn’t time to build the same bond he has with Cory.

With each eviction, Anthony would re-set his sights on who to mentor (read: bullsh*t on how important they were to him) and simultaneously start to attack and plant seeds of negativity about his upcoming targets. Case in point:
* Sam wasn’t malleable to his mist & too close to Adam so she was the devil in the house. An easy target for him to focus everyone’s attention on.
* Chelsea caught on to his tactics and the PBs plus was served as a strong quartet for Adam’s side troop so she had to go
* Everyone wasn’t a fan of Kyra, so she was equally easy to paint as the perfect pawn
* Kiki & Este were too close to Dane creating a trio & Kiki was close to winning so he planted lies about her.
* Damian got too close to his side ally – so he dropped seeds (lies) of how close Este/Damian are & planted how he knew about BD Cory plan but didn’t tell her/him

But now with Cory leaving he’s reeling a bit and because of it began his new campaign to paint Dane as untrustworthy with Mark b/c he (Mark) already has no problem targeting Adam. What Anthony isn’t recognizing is that Mark is super shady & often does precisely the same thing to Anthony (i.e. is the one who says the negative comment to someone else & then says they said it not him). Because Mark is worried about Dane’s position in the house & closeness to Anthony he began his own anti-Dane campaign in earnest.

THEN — Cory comes in and tells Anthony about her chats with Adam/Kyra and suddenly you see the wheels turning. How dare Kyra speak poorly about me. How dare she call me out as being a hypocrite (never mind that it’s true lol). Just prior to this chat between Cory/Anthony he sat with Dane who spoke to him about how he would tell Cory why he was voting her out (b/c he got close to Damian in Week 1 – which was longer than when Cory/Anthony tried to forge something with him & how he cares for her but that he also has a strong bond with Damian which simply began earlier & of course the house-line of Cory being a comp threat). The fact Dane had that conversation married with news Kyra is calling out his game tactics & Adam is also reveling in returning the favor to Anthony (taking out his top side ally) isn’t sitting well with the big man.

The question is will this new revelation side track Anthony’s game direction which seemed to be aimed at weakening Dane (instead of Adam)?

Also of note: Kyra told Adam how Anthony ranted about hating the fact so many people were terrible BB players in the house & cited Adam’s game as being weak/terrible. Adam who is unafraid of the big man wants to call him out. Kyra said after Cory leaves they can sit down & discuss this. Sure hope this is a full house conversation b/c if that happens even though Anthony will no doubt go off in an aggressive way on Kyra (see above where he already told Cory that moment is coming anyway – & once over they won’t speak again in the game). If it does happen publicly and the other hamsters get to hear it – there should be some bells going off.


Bye Cory.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


The fact the secret assassin wasn’t shown tonight it’s likely only one of the current nominees is evicted Thursday (Cory). Nor was there any indication there would be a triple or double on tonight’s show (so likely a normal HOH) with a potential double or triple next week.

Here’s how the house is aligned entering this week.

Mark: His HOH was a big-time DUD. We know his initial plan was to take out Adam or Dane but once he realized that wasn’t possible he back peddled fast to build safety with Cory/Anthony. The initial work he did at week start to build trust with the non PBs was all for naught as they all despise him now & feel his word can’t be trusted. Even Kyra (who is Mark’s true F2 sheep) isn’t fond of him & doesn’t trust him. Although he’s relatively safe because presumably, the PBs would save him unless he sat beside another PB & even then I think Anthony is the only PB who they MIGHT vote out instead (b/c of his shady game getting exposed). One key to watch for is if the PBs catch ANY hint of Mark looking to blow them up. They ALL know Mark is the best at dates which means he’ll be favored to win most of the comps from F4 forward.

Anthony: Gets his first taste of defeat & loss of control. Up until this point he’s been able to dictate both the target & evictee. Worse, his game got put on blast this week with each of Damian, Este & Kyra learning all the shifty/shady backroom antics Anthony has been utilizing. He enters this week at the most vulnerable he’s ever been, which in truth wasn’t hard as he was the safest & most protected in the house.

Ant isn’t been dealing well with the loss of power (see previous post) & while he loves to threaten how he’ll call people out I’m not sure he’d go toe to toe with Adam if he won HOH. And, his antics likely won’t work on the non-PBs should they luck into an HOH b/c they’re onto his game antics now. If he wins HOH his nominations SHOULD be two non-PBs BUT he might pull a fast one & try to backdoor one of Adam or Dane & paint his picture (read – lies). He told Mark he’s gunning for HOH. What we don’t know is whether Ant is capable of winning Read: has he really been throwing everything? or is he one of those big guys who just assumes he can win until he tries & realizes wait – this isn’t as easy as I thought.

Dane: He’s covered with virtually everyone via PBs, Este/Dam trio, Este/Kyra Adam quartet & PBs) so if it’s not a triple/double it doesn’t behoove Dane to win. Although Ant & Mark would try to paint him negatively if any of the non-PBs won (& Anthony was already working in that direction) it’s unlikely that group will target Dane b/c those people will be safe this week b/c of his vote. If I had to guess Anthony is the only person Dane won’t want to win HOH.

Adam, on the other hand, might not give a sh*t b/c he could put up Mark and possibly Damian but tell him he just wants him up there to compete for the POV. The uncertainty of Adam HOH though is if he puts up Este or Kyra he loses the trust he built with them this past week. But, what I can envision happening especially if Anthony gets too aggressive is he could find himself on the block simply b/c he’s the only hamster who has avoided it (now THAT would be fun – but is unlikely b/c Ant will back peddle if Adam wins HOH & push for Este/Dam). Adam doesn’t likely land on the block unless Anthony wins given the new alliances created this week (although you can be sure Ant/Mark & maybe even Dane would push for him to go up should Damian luck into an HOH).

As viewers, we should be hoping for a Non-PB HOH win. ALL of them will nominate Mark but who is their second nominee? Damian might go up as the pawn via Kyra but that’s not 100% b/c of how she’s feeling about Anthony who plans on going at her this week. Of course, “them” winning HOH would put that drama on hold. Este/Damian winning & putting up each other also seems like a stretch which would also likely result in an outing of information (most likely about Anthony – although Ant/Mark would try to bury Dane & my guess is it would backfire). In this scenario, if Adam or Dane pushes any of these 3 to target any of the other NON-PBs it just seems like it would lead to bedlam in the house. (which of course I’m hoping happens)

Entering this next week the PBs are the most unstable since the game started. The combination of Ant losing power/control, Adam’s distrust of Ant, Dane learning Ant was trying to turn Kyra against him (& Mark/Ant seeing how he’s safe with everyone) and Mark’s continuing desire to blow up the PBs while also punting his HOH has put the quartet in flux. Although they hold the edge in numbers (4-3) after the vote out the quartet is definitely in a state of flux with friction between them. Ant/Mark are aligned but I’m not sure how solid Dane/Adam are as a duo since Dane’s best move it to take Este/Damian/Kyra & Adam with him to F5 & then strike to take out Adam & sail to the win.

That said, it’s Big Brother. The theme is ‘Expect the unexpected’ – but this season hasn’t witnessed anything remotely close to a blindside of the power so I’m sending out a non-PB HOH win into the universe & yet again hoping we fans get to see some PB drama. Hey, at least I’m consistent.

The Observer

Well put. Though I still think none of the others deserve to win except Dane and Anthony who have worked hard throughout this game (whether socially or game-wise). It is a game of manipulation, strategy, control, power… all these attributes we despise in Anthony.

Guy From Canada

I get Dane and Anthony for the amount of work, but the type of game Anthony I don’t like the rat game to watch so I can’t cheer for him. I never thought I’d say this I’d rather Adam over Anthony after standing up to the weak move of Mark, Sending Cory packing and gaining a nice position with Este and Damien. Adam is also in a decent alliance with Dane and Kyra, a goat and a comp beast and is in a better position to win. I just hope Dane was lying and actually knows his days….but he may end up as Demetres against Kevin if Mark makes it further then the next couple weeks….


Kyra could be another Paras on the sidelines…maybe


Can’t wait to see the look on Anthony’s face when Corey is evicted


Ya and hopefully he walks out right after her he is absolute garbage one week he’s talking about going from food bank to food bank next min he’s a narcissistic pig shouting orders like he runs shit… he hasn’t done ANYTHING why tf are Adam and Dane floating this loser to the end? He needs to learn how to be humble what an embarrassment to Toronto

another name

Did I understand Anthony’s talk with Cory correctly?
Did he tell Cory that Este was making out with Maki, but still voted him out? (that was the tie vote week. Este didn’t vote him out).
Did he say he told Dane if you vote Cory out, you might as well send me out next? (there’s an idea i wish would happen).

Did I understand Anthony’s talk with Dane correctly?
Did he tell Dane that Adam never cared about Sam and is already moving on with Este? (seriously, is this guy that pathological)
Did he tell Dane that it was wrong for Kyra and Adam to be rude to Cory, and not vote for her to stay? (the guy that wants women humiliated on the way out the door is worried about rude?)

Did I understand Dane’s half of the conversation to Anthony correctly?
Did he tell Anthony that Este and Damien hate each other now? (hate? when did that happen? is that deflection?)
Did he tell Anthony that Adam would have been all over Este if Sam hadn’t been there? (uh… Chelsea was Adam’s first choice day 1 and 2).

Notice: Anthony didn’t tell anyone about Mark’s info dump that he’s been wanting to destroy the pb alliance since week one.
Notice: Anthony didn’t tell Dane that Mark wants Dane out next.
Notice: Anthony told Dane that Este is uncontrollable… last night he told Mark he plans to seduce Este into switching sides.

Until I see spoilers that the Cory Assassination was successful, there will still be a small gnawing inside me that Dane will somehow screw it up. Can’t help it. It’s Dane. Dane is a big part of the reason we’ve still got a Kyra.

another name

glad i was wrong about dane’s vote. but mark later asked if anthony voted este in hopes dane would as well (as per dane’s 2-1-1 vote plan) forcing a tie. anthony’s reaction was affirmative.


Is it normal that we are 1/2 way through the season and I’m really not invested in anyone and don’t care who wins? I don’t think it is, but, I really don’t care. But, yet, I still watching. I guess I’m a fan regardless of its boring, annoying, exciting, etc. ?????


Cory was evicted.

Don’t hate jus my opinion

Thx simon!!!


Who is the next HOH ?

another name

still ongoing as of the end of taping.