Adam wins Head of Household “your wrist tickles aren’t that good”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Anthony voted to evict Este, The rest evicted Cory. Adam wins the head of Household Competition. Dane and Anthony are have nots.

9:23pm Anthony, Mark and Damien
Anthony going off about Este and Kyra.
Anthony – what do you want me to do allow you to just tickle my wrist and tickle my back and flirt and get away with me… you said what you said you did what you did
Anthony – your wrist tickles aren’t that good
Damien – Mark seen that (Este’s tickles)
Anthony brings up Kyra wanting to have a talk with him and Adam.
Anthony – you want to talk about Adam why lets talk in front of the whole house
mark – call a house meeting?
Anthony won’t call a house meeting “I’m a grown ass man”
Anthony says if Kyra is too scared why not have us sit in front of the house than if you are too scared because you know I will humiliate you every single person that you are kissing ass too…

Anthony – the whispers and lies have gotten loud
They mention how close Anthony was to winning HOH.

9:28pm Dane and Este
Dane is pissed he’s have not. Says that mark ate right in front of him.

9:36pm Anthony, Kyra and Adam
Anthony and Kyra arguing about past events. Raising their voices. Anthony tells Kyra he’s siting down so that they don’t think he’s intimidating them.
Kyra tells him they have him figured out he allies with the strong players and plays a mentor role with the weak players
Anthony calls Kyra “weak”
Kyra – I am not weak

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Happy that Adam won . Put Este and Kyra and backdoor Anthony .

Breanne Bennett

How about no.

Whitney J

Anthony is a scary individual because of his ego, need for control and for how he talked about being able to control Cory inside the house and out. As a women, I would not want to be in any kind of relationship with him or even be alone with him. Tonight when Cory said Anthony would win there were crickets from the audience. He may have a hard time outside the house because what he is doing is not game – I believe that is who he really is.

Marianne Martin

i think anthony is a way or suffer my wrath…..anthony needs to be the next to go…please


BINGO! Totally agree with this.


Are you serious?? He was saying that to get her to STAY! He was saying that to control THEM!

another name

So. Adam currently has the 4 with the pb’s (that is only actually real to Adam). Adam currently has a final three with Damien and Dane (that is only real to Damien). Adam currently has a fake deal with Kyra, Este, and Dane (that is only real to Kyra). So… great time to win an hoh Adam.
Is Adam so down with his brigade inspired fantasy that he will overlook being on the block, and overlook Anthony being a dictator?
Part of me thinks he is.
Bye bye este or damien is my thought. most likely este. In my opinion.

another name

smart dumb move would be put up mark for “storyline” and Anthony because he’s never been on block (gotta take that away from him if you wanna beat him in finals). Cover story: chances are pretty much 100% a prettyboy wins veto between mark, anthony and dane. then they put up a supposed ‘pawn’ and vote them out. (or not).
Won’t happen. we’re tilting at windmills because drunk adam loves the prettyboys.

Thea Pierrot

Anthony has never won anything. Adam and Dane are the comp beasts.

another name

Mark has. Adam only narrowly beat Anthony in this hoh.


Whewf, good job Adam! Hope Anthony and Mark go in next week’s double!


Watching the show and after Anthony’s speech about taking all the PB’s down just sealed his fate this week. I hope.

Thea Pierrot

Now that Sam is gone Adam and Dane are solid. Dane in particular was dedicated to being PBs at the end and Adam has also been loyal to the PBs. They have carried the PBs by winning competitions.

Anthony going off on them was a real eye opener. He is going to be obsessing over who the secret assassin is. Mark let himself be swayed by Anthony even though it made no sense so now Adam and Dane see Mark as Anthony’s boy. Dane complained that Mark ate right in front of him. Dane and Adam mentioned that Anthony is the only one of the PBs not to go on the block. Dane doesn’t want Este to go and Adam will want to protect Kera and maybe Damien.

Adam and Dane will try to finish with a goat.


Anthony must be chocked – Adam beat him out to win the HOH & now he has to make amends with Kyra who he was planning on slamming this week. Instead – now he’s going to bad mouth Este all week (& possibly Damian) although I think he might want to take out Este as retribution for Cory (tit for tat against Dane).

And he better be careful how many lies he tells about Sam – b/c this will ALL get downloaded to Adam who might get upset about the lies.

ALSO – the look on Mark’s face when Adam told him that his GB message to Cory outed the PBs was PRICELESS (b/c he tried to paint Dane as the evil guy in the house who was behind everything). So by Adam telling Cory about the PBs he 1) made himself look untrustworthy even to his number one alliance 2) made Dane look like the leader of the PBs 3) let Cory know Anthony didn’t tell her everything & obviously knew she was a goner but didn’t tell her.

Can’t wait to see the download to Anthony who will NOT be happy Adam did that LMAO

King Silva

Those goodbye messages are oftentimes how many people win (or lose) the game and Adam played it flawlessly this week lol.


I never thought I’d be happy adam wins HOH lol!! Honestly I don’t care for any of these HG’S, but Adam deserves this more than all of them by a landslide! He had his “boys” talking behind his back, plotting to get his girl out and just outright bullying him in a sense. And he’s put his heart into competing and actually winning competitions! I’m glad I saw him stand up to Anthony recently, He needs to be taken down a peg or 2. when I heard what he was asking Cory to do, it was so degrading!!! Help put his pants on??? Scratch his belly ?? This guy needs a reality check lol!! News flash buddy , you haven’t won shit either!! Take a seat!!


The craziest thing is ANTHONY was sooo safe and protected by others and highly liked, he could have easily made it to top 4.. but he had to stick his neck out to show his power and masculinity.. had he just SHUT UP I truly think he would have made it far. The moment he started on Adam and the boys about Sam I knew he would continue this power trip and it would soon be the end for him. Which will be funny and I can’t wait to see.. sorry lol I like watching ppl who think they are untouchable get taken down by the underdogs ? he acted like more of a biotch about Cory going than Adam did about Sam and that was his gf lol


Yeah I peg it back to Cory’s HOH win (he got HOH-itis on her HOH lol)

another name

Reasonable assessment:
I don’t care what alliance you are in, if you’ve won three hoh and three vetoes and there’s a double coming, and you won’t be able to play for hoh?
uh. adam… i hate to quote whoopi goldberg but you in danger gurl.
but hey… go ahead, plan to get rid of one of the comp duds this week. bra—-vo.


Why bother to finish the game we know that Adam is going to win every time it goes against hi. Bb has an expect the unexpected and it is in favor of what Adam wants