“This group of 6, MEME, Corey, America, me, you and Bowie are honest.. They broke our trust that means we can go after them” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The SituationEverything I had hoped for is happening. It’s a fun day to watch feeds 🙂

2:40 pm Corey, Matt
Corey – I’ve known about 7 deadly sins for three weeks I was told by guess who?
Matt – Jag? Jared?
Corey – jared told me three weeks ago. This is their f***ing plan they have two groups they didn’t tell us about each other and we’re supposed to target each other.. Jared is going up to the HOH room and throwing me under the bus
Corey – he’s throwing you under the bus to me.. he’s saying that Matt isn’t in our core he’s not in our group we have to evict Matt next week. That is what he is saying
Corey – I trust all of you my hesitation with you is I knew how close you were with Jared. I was really scared to say anything to you I didn’t know you were going to tell him. I know you are close to Cirie to. There’s 5 votes, Me, america, jag and MEME That is all we need. My core is you, Me, America and Jag.
Corey – I am being bullshitted by a lot of people
Corey – my brother was on survivor.. here is who I told. America, Jared, Cirie and izzy. I need them to trust me. I went and talked to Cameron he’s telling me that America leaked that information to him. America didn’t it was JAred and I know Jared did. What Jared told me is I can’t trust America she’s leaking information all across the house.
Corey – I told America 3 weeks ago I told JAred a week ago and right after I told them it leaked.
Matt – goddamn
Corey – Jared is bullshitting me.. To be clear I don’t want to work with cameron.
Corey says the next people on the block will be some combinations of him, America and Jag.
Corey – Izzy is pissed that America told MEME that Felicia is getting voted out.
Corey goes on about how Jared has screwed him.
Matt – he’s got connections with everyone.
Corey – the path moving forward I thought it was going to be me, You and Jared.
Corey – did you play in path to power
Matt – yeah
Corey – did you win
Matt – yeah

Corey and you saved Jag.. NICE
Corey points out it means that the three path to power people that the fans voted for are Matt, Jag and Corey “I think they want us to work together”
Jag joins them.
jag – F*** the 7 deadly sins.. they burned every bridge with everyone. Jared I’ve been telling you.. Blue I guess Told Jared I was nervous about Jared.. We can’t trust Jared at all.
Jag explains that Jared told Cameron everything about their conversation yesterday. “About Cam driving a wedge between us”
Jag – Blue is with Jared tells Jared everything. Cirie is in the middle of it all.. I told you we cannot trust Cirie. Izzy is in that too..
Corey – Izzy, Jared and Cirie are three.
Jag – Me, You, Corey, America, Meme and Bowie
They all agree they don’t want to work with Cameron.
Jag – we are not doing this for Cameron we are doing this because we just realized they have been playing us the entire time. The fact that he’s known about 7 deadly sins from Jared for that long. We were f***ign committed to the 7 deadly sins
Jag – are we doing this thing? Are you down
Matt – I need to think about it a lot but of course.
Corey – three out of the four are in this room that tells me something we work together this sh1t could be really good. After this vote we have a lot of good chances with this HOH.
They talk about how they have to beat Jared in the HOH comp.
Jag – I don’t give a f*** about JAred.. F*** Jared
MAtt – after this move he’s going to gun for us… especially you (Jag) and me
Matt – at this point we can’t pretend to be working with Jared.
Corey – he through both of you under the bus. He is loyal to Cirie and Izzy.. I thought I was in that group.. NO shot
Matt – same.
Corey – once I started hanging out with america I was cut off..
Corey leaves…

Jag – how are you feeling
Matt – so potentially something big is happening tomorrow.
Jag – we’re loyal to each other when somebody proves to be disloyal we can’t be stupid about it. If the 7 deadly sins had not f*** us over we would have gone to the end with them.
Jag – I’m telling you this is a move we have to make we have to seperate from the 7 deadly sins they have proven to not be loyal. Cirie cannot be trusted.
Matt – I hope we’re not being played as fools..
Jag – here is why.. Corey just came to you and to me and told us everything about his game.
Jag – he’s someone I really trust. America as well
Matt – She’s scary but she’s someone that will lock in on us
Jag goes on about how Jared and Cirie cannot be trusted.
Jag – we are in danger with the 7 deadly sins.. If we keep Izzy she has a really good chance at winning HOH. Izzy is not just working with us izzy is working with America, Corey adn MEME. THe only people they are not working with are Cam and Bowie. they use to work with Cam and Bowie until they backstabbed them.
Jag – they backstabbed Hisam they backstabbed REd
Jag – me, You, Corey, America..
Jag goes on about how all the shit is getting pinned on America by Cirie’s side of the house. Jag has been trying to figure out who to trust America or Blue “Right no it is very clear I am trusting America”
Jag – that means everything from now on I am trusting America she has been very honest with me.
Matt – I will be a HUGE target now I gave my word to Izzy I would save her
Jag – I gave her my word as well.. Here’s the thing..
MAtt – I will be seen as a threat by that side
Jag – It’s Game on there’s two sides..
Jag – right now with Izzy out who do they have left? Cirie, JAred, Blue, Felicia. They don’t have numbers to do anything now. They have 4 people. (MEME?)
Jag – Cam will take shots at them we have to get Cam out too
Jag – do we win HOH? Yes we win all of them.
Jag – talked to MEME.. MEME is down he realized she’s not in the core group.
Jag – there will be a line they only have 4 people.. We can take Felicia and Cirie in a physical comp. Blue as well..
Jag – they broke our trust that means we can go after them.
Feeds flip to Corey and Cameron

3:05 pm Corey and Cameron
Corey says Cameron has the votes now to evict Izzy, MAtt, JAg and Him got together and compared notes.

Feeds flip back to MAtt and Jag
Jag – we have to pretend who the f** flipped that’s our move.
Matt – Cirie, Blue and Jared.. that’s three they’ll know we all flipped.
Jag – F** them..
Matt – we just have to know we cannot let them win HOH they will put two of us up.
Feeds flip again to Corey and Cameron.. When we’re back.
Jag – we could make it 5-4. if it’s 5-4 everyone will be like who the f** flipped.
Jag says they need to talk to America and Corey first but if they are down with it.
Matt – we can still be on that side. then we win and we put their biggest people up. Blue and Cirie they are next in line.
Jag – Cam is right they used us as tools. They used us that is what they’ve been doing.. Using us as numbers. They knew we were loyal and played with integrity and they used that against us. Every conversation we’ve had in the 7 we’ve been honest with. My ass volunteered to go up as a f***ing pawn.
Jag – every conversation They’ve had with us they haven’t been honest with us. They are pretending to be solid with someone else. They’ve just burned all their bridges. WE found out, Corey and America found out, Meme found out, Bowie found out.
Jag – I literally think this is the best thing to happen to us in this game outside of you getting the power and saving me.
Jag – this clears everything up I think this group of 6, MEME, Corey, America, me, you and Bowie are honest and we’ll f***ing blindside them. I am 100% onboard.

jag – we’ll be here to the last minute
They do their minuteman handshake

They hug it out.
Jag goes on about how good he feels about their squad says the inner squad is America, Corey, Matt and Jag.

3:18 pm
Jag – he’s good.. he just heard everything he’s down but it’s a lot to take in.
Jag asks if they should make this a 6-3 or 5-4
Bowie – No 6-3
Corey – there’s no reason
Bowie – let’s not risk it.
Corey – if it’s 5-4 it’ll send them into a frenzy
MEME – they’ll be in a frenzy anyways
Corey – if it’s 6-3 all our cards are shown we have to stick together.
COrey explains if it’s 6-3 and one of Cirie’s side wins HOH they can’t go scurry back up to the HOH.
Jag – understands says it’ll be 6-3

3:30 pm America and Matt
They compare notes with what Corey and Jag said.
America says the fact that the three of them got voted to play in path to power means they are playing to right game.
America – all night blue tells me when the time comes she’ll kick Jared out.
Matt – he says the same.. he said once he hits top 6 she’s gone
America – no way.. they tell each other everything.
America says she tells Blue anything and it gets spread throughout the house.
Matt – I trust you guys
Matt says Bowie is riding with them. “She f**Ing hates them.. they’ve been rude to her.. they’ve been mean to her”
Matt – I feel bad.. she’s goofy
America – they are so mean
Matt – I’m goofy too.. she’s being taken advantage of.
America – do you hear the things they say about her?
Matt says he’s in a lot of those conversations but he misses a lot “I hear 20% of the convos when it’s groups”
Matt – Is MEME solid with us?
America – that is just with the vote.
Matt is worried if after the vote MEME goers back with Cirie and Felicia
America – I feel Iffy with MEME because she’s so close to Felicia. For now we just keep it to the vote.

Matt – do you know about the 7?
America – there’s a of sevens.. 7 deadly sins they told me it was fake. Three weeks ago..
America points out that they put Jag on the block and he was part of the alliance with Jared. “they’ve been trying to do these groups of 7 with everyone” (DING DING DING)
America – they told me Blue, Jag, Matt have to go we don’t trust them. Izzy came to me last week and said I don’t trust Matt he’s got to go.
America – they’ve been playing everyone This is the time we have to take the shot
Matt – they are freaking out right now because none of them have come upstairs and we’re all up here
America says if they win HOH it has to be Cirie and Jared.
Matt – Blue and JAred
America – it could be I’m down.

3:45 pm Piggy Party

3:55 pm Matt and Cameron
Matt says he’s pissed off because he’s been getting played this entire time.
Cameron – f**8 the house. the house doesn’t sign my checks.
Matt – they made promises to everyone.

3:56 pm Corey and America
C – where is where we are at. Matt we’re good.. Bowie and Jag We’re good..
Corey says he told Matt and Jag Everything.

Jag joins them
America – F***ing Blue is telling Matt.. Blue is saying I’m getting close to America so I can get information from her.
A – she told Matt I’m putt him up and she told me she putting up Matt because he volunteered.


They dance.
Corey says he’s telling everyone he’s pissed at America
C – it’ll be 6-3 as long as nobody f***s up.
Jag leaves.
Corey says it was telling Matt they have known about 7 deadly sins for 3 weeks that convinced him to join them.
Corey talks about their core being MAtt and Jag.
Corey – next week my target is not Cameron its Jared.
Corey says if Anyone thinks they are close to Cameron they are in trouble. “You got to shit talk Cam”
Corey – next week who are we targeting?
America – Cam
Corey – who are we really targeting
America – Jared
C – I wish it wasn’t Izzy up I wish it was Cirie or Jared.
COrey warns if Jared wins the HOH there’s a good chance he’s going up.

4:39 pm America and Cameron
America – they are mad because I told Felicia the truth.. F** off you tell her instead of giving her false hope. They were telling her she had the votes to stay.
america – I’m so glad this is happening
Cameron – Good it was my plan this whole week lets f***ing go..
America – maybe you should call them out.
Cameron – if they have the f***ing balls to walk into that door (HOH) I will grab the tastiest snake and I will stare them down as they talk and I will tell them everything that they thought I didn’t know.
Cameron says if JAred has the “sack” to come into the HOH and talk to him “it will not go the way he thinks it’s going to go”
Cam – If Cirie has the b@lls to come sit in that room with me. I am going to give her her moneys worth but I’m not going to chase them down.
A – they’re hiding downstairs
Cam – they’re cockroaches scattering They are so out of their element this is not the game they thought they knew how to play. I took them out of their comfort zone. They have to play the same F***Ing game that they’ve been forcing us to play this whole time. F*** em.
Cam – I want them to play our game.
America says Twitter is going crazy right now with this flip news. “Finally”
Cam – dropping bombs.. this ain’t my first rodeo
America – Izzy is so condescending and self righteous.. She’s a mean girl too
Cam – she told me she didn’t want another pretty or popular person to win this game.
Cam – let it burn let if F***ing burn to the ground
America – i’m so over this I’m so over everyone lying. It’s going to be so sweet.
America mentions Izzy saying today that she didn’t need her vote she has all the votes she needs.

5:17 pm Izzy spiralling
“Corey is going to do it… I trust.. ohh am I going to bite my tongue? I trust That Corey will vote for me to stay. He will evict Felicia… I don’t want to meet Julie.. I don’t want to meet Julie.. I ”
“did I mess up?”
Feeds cut

6:00 pm America and MEME
They are talking about America warning Felicia she didn’t have the votes.
America – they were already coming after me so whatever.. It’ll just be an annoying night and day tomorrow if they are still mad at me.
America says they know who is voting out Izzy and those are the same people that are telling Felicia they are voting for her to stay.

6:25 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – I’m 100 percent locked in
Matt – sam e
Jag – I’m excited. It’ll be BIG.. we have to win the HOH we just have to win it. It’ll be BIG
Jag – what’s our move? what are we going to say to them? (Cirie)
Jag – are we just going to pretend to also be blindsided?
Jag – we can either act up or say Izzy said one of our names. I don’t know which one is better.
Matt brings up Corey and America knowing about 7 deadly sins for 3 weeks.
Matt is worried Cory and America are playing them.
Jag – No they’re 100% I’m telling you I trust Corey
Matt – Same
Jag – I trust Corey way more than I trust JAred and Cirie
Matt – yeah .. Jared is really good at lying.
Jag – he’s really good..
Matt says he can’t keep up with Jared when he starts lying.
Jag – Cirie really good at lying.
Matt – she’s good at obtaining information.
Jag – Cirie has been on survivor three times.
Jag – her game play is being aligned with everyone so she’s always comfortable.
Jag – after we vote Izzy out are we also going to be confused?
Matt – how are we the vote is going to be 6 to 3
Jag – will they know? To cause Doubt amongst them?
Jag says he brought up the 5-4 vote to Corey and Bowie and they want it 6-3 “Which I’m fine for”
Matt – we’ll talk about it with them tonight.
Matt thinks it’s worth it to split the vote. They agree Cirie’s stunt side will be super confused trying to figure out if it was Corey or Matt that votes to keep Izzy.
Jag – I don’t know it’s worth it because if doing it 5-4 makes Bowie, Meme or America uncomfortable.. Corey mentioned that us voting 6-3 makes it all of us are locked in with the 6. It makes it that no one person has a way out..
Matt – right right
Jag – there will be no doubt in Corey, America’s, Meme or ours that we’re f***ing for reals.
Jag says he wants to start getting closer to MEME.
Matt says after Izzy leaves MEME and Felicia are going to get closer. He asks are they going to regroup with Cirie’s side?
Jag – or is she going to bring Felicia to us?
Matt – we can manipulate them a little bit. “those three votes.. were Cirie, Blue, Jared she will realize they voted against her.. they wanted you out and MEME will back that up.. they wanted you out”


6:38 pm Jag and Corey
Jag is going to work on MEME to commit to something more long term. Matt thinks she’ll be down “she loves Felicia”
Jag – I just wonder if there’s a way to bring in Felicia
Matt – Felicia has too much mouth BRO
Jag – that will be our alliance us 6. We’ll have to talk to Corey about what we do with Felicia.. do we bring her in as a number?
Jag says right now all that Cam knows is the alliance is Bowie, America, Jag, Matt and Cam.
Jag – if we win HOH who should we put up?
Matt – Cam wants Jared and Cirie that way the physical is gone and the mental is gone
Matt – to be honest Jared scares me the most he will gun the f** for us
Jag – yeah, Should we not backdoor Jared
MAtt – maybe.. Blue an Cirie?

6:38 pm

6:55 pm Jared, Izzy and Corey
Corey is talking about his conversations with Cam “he’s telling me you are going to put me and America up”
Jared – that is funny he’s trying to pit you against everybody
Corey says he’s now thinking about targeting Cam ang Jag
Jared says his wish from a week ago, Cam and Jag
Corey – someone wins the veto it doesn’t make much of a difference as long as they are on the block together

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Omega BB


Here We Go

All the while , Jared and Blew are napping. As usual.


If no one blabs, this is setting up to be an all-time blindside, perhaps the best since Dustin went home in BB8.

Jared and Cirie are going to tell Felicia she doesn’t have the votes. And when the votes come down, it’ll be abundantly clear that Jared and Cirie voted against her — which will also be epic because Izzy doesn’t pass “go” and goes directly home.

Tomorrow could be insane.


BB8 Dustin Blind Side THAT was BY FAR my favorite blindside. I fell on the floor like a flipped cockroach laughing hysterically. I hope to laugh like that tomorrow with Izzy in that pig suit in front of Julie trying not to cry.

Gan ainm

Dare I put my faith in these people?


OMG! Finally! They figured it out! Please vote out Izzy now!

Kitty Kat

Do y’all think Matt will put up Cirie? She seems to manipulate him easily.

Not Jasons Holly

He will let someone else do it.

un autre nom

not sure if the episode recap went through on the last post. It was written in the wordpress mode. sorry if it didn’t go through.

un autre nom

thanks. i’ve been gone a lot today and barely caught the episode. lol.

Stud Miffin

It didn’t come through.


Thank you Simon (website overlord) for doing such a great job with this site. I appreciate you!!!


I know I’m in the minority, but I enjoyed the strategic scheming of Cirie, Izzy, etc. Cory is also strategic, but I suspect the new majority will just win everything and play an “honest” game that is even more straightforward and predictable than the manipulation game that has been dominating. I don’t dislike any of the hgs, but I’m afraid the game will get less fun to watch

Queen B

I hear what you are saying, but I would much rather see someone in the “honest” group walk with the money than any of the other mean spirited folks. I just can’t with ugliness.


Don’t worry, they’ll sh*t the bed somehow. If they even get the chance, they’ll do something like cirie & blue because they’re too scared to do jared and cirie, jared wins veto…

Not Jasons Holly

Jared has to go up in case he wins veto!

Donna Orem

It’s about time they all got together and compared stuff and found out that Cam wasn’t playing them. Now, if only the “big secret” would come out. Has anyone heard it being talked about? I know that Corey figured it out.

If the underdogs win HOH I hope, no matter how they do it, Cirie is the one evicted. I want to see Jared squirming knowing he’s next. Perhaps before he leaves his Mama, Son twist can be revealed. That would make for a week of hate from all of the houseguests. Cut that boy down to size!

Feels like the game is finally afoot !!!


How do you know Corey figured it out? Is that why he mentioned his brother was on Survivor? Did he tell America?


Honest game — ONLY Jag & Bowie can claim to be playing remotely honest games & even they’ve lied.

I don’t care either way – this blindside will definitely blow up the house. If the blindside does happen it’ll mean the Powers That Be are NOT making sure Cirie or Jared win b/c they’ll definitely be on the downside of the house & unlikely to win if the new 6 stay together.

Although… someone from that group HAS to win HOH for them to have a chance of staying loyal/intact because I still think Meme will want to keep playing with the Brown Sugar Babies which means she’s not likely to go after Cirie/Jared/Blue. And, if Jared or Blue wins HOH I expect Cory & America will blame Matt/Jag and vice versa. Plus all of them will say to back door Cam.

I’m no Cam fan (don’t like egoists/misogynists) which means I’m also not a big Jared fan — but I suspect if the above happens it’ll lead to Cam working with Jared/Cirie once he learns everyone who voted out Izzy threw him UTB to save their own asses.


Can someone tell Blue to take that big roller out of her hair?
I guess she forgot she is on national TV.


It’s something that started in Korea with the young ladies saying it helps to add volume to their bangs but it grew into a public statement that experts say reflects how they prefer to focus on themselves, rather than please others. At least that was what the article I read about it said.

Another Dixie

She thinks it’s cute. She’s wrong.

Stop ON

Wearing big roller on natl tv is relatively insignificant to the gutter mouth language they all display on natl tv 24/7

Barney Rubble

Oh come on … Cirie &Izzy positivity therapy sessions for us all to enjoy.

The guys all made to look like inadequate morons (which of course they are, but you know what I mean).


I thought their was a scriptwriters strike?



This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none and this little Izzy cried wee wee wee all the way home!

Paige I don’t know HOW you can stay married to Izzy, this woman that has her tongue so far up Cirie’s *** you going to taste that forever every time you kiss her. She complains about you (in the have not room 9/13/2023 with Cirie) then says she misses you. Izzy sketch. I vomit in my mouth how she worships at the feet of Cirie.

Stop ON

Well, we all know ICKY is a lie and a liar, and has ABSOLUTELY ZERO VERACITY, so we can’t put any weight to anything she says as being true.

Queen Catia

They are doing the math and it totally adds up. Now they just need to follow through… it’s time for Izzy to go home.


There is so much time before eviction that I’m afraid to hope, especially given how much they flip flop each week! I’m not convinced Matt is totally convinced based on what I’m reading here. It will be sweet if it actually happens but color me skeptical.

Nether Region Euphemism

I’m sure Matt is not convinced. He’s been very muted since they broke the flip news to him. He’s in a difficult position bc he was going to ride for awhile with Cerie’s group, and now he has to either obviously betray her, or look shady to the new group and to Jag in particular.

He’s trying to keep the split vote idea afloat so he can hide behind that. Problem is he could easily be outed as double agent if he continues with his middle ground strategy, as the new group seems cohesive.

His game of snitch was dependent on the original power structure; he didn’t think beyond that, and it’s an especially bad corner for him now bc everyone will feel really betrayed, as they mistook his genuine goodness as a person to be a sign of trustworthiness in the game.


omg, finally they see the light… Hopefully they will stay in sight


Hope America wins it. She’ll put up Jared and Cirie.

Not Jasons Holly

This would be awesome!

Not Jasons Holly

Well we know Cirie and Felicia will be first two down. I do think Meme (Please no!), America, Jag, Corey (but he will throw it if Meme & Jared drops) all have a good chance of winning.


No pushing America off now grod


Or Meme. Like the fly that just happened to fly on around MeMe and noone else in Pressure Cooker.??

Paul Sucks

Dear Jag, don’t get cute just vote Izzy out, be unapologetic and win the HOH.

Nether Region Euphemism

Thing is that Jag is the most vulnerable of the new group to be the fall guy. He was already on the low rung of the Cerie group, and now that he can’t be counted on to take out Cam, he’s the easy pawn if not target for upcoming weeks that Jared might win. It is possible that Cerie or Fel could pull off a win as well, although less likely it is of higher risk for Jag vs the others.

On another note, Jag is bound to be targeted first after Cam, no matter what. The 5-4 vote would benefit Matt the most, which is why Matt is trying to keep the idea afloat.

Matt’s mind must be racing and he has no one to talk to about his position in the house. He’s in awkward position with this flip.


IMO if this blindside happens CORY will be target number one for Cirie & Jared b/c he had the F4 with them & Izzy was his biggest advocate (actually for both him & America). This move will be much more of a betrayal from Cory than anyone else flipping (remember Meme is expected to keep FeFe).

Factor in Cory has relished rubbing it into Cirie, Izzy & Jared’s faces tonight & that won’t be easily forgiven. If Izzy leaves 6-3 & it’s followed by Jared, Blue or Meme winning HOH then the new group is in trouble. Matt will spill all to Cirie & throw Cory UTB BIG TIME. Meme will still want to work with Brown Sugar Babies so she’ll have no reason to put them OTB.

If Jared or Blue wins I would expect Cory & America to go OTB or Cory plus one of Matt/Jag depending on whether Matt spills.

I don’t see Cam going OTB in the above scenarios (maybe Meme would via a BD but I think she’ll listen to Cirie who’ll want vengeance) but since that group will all try to push Cam after the blindside unfortunately I think he’ll be the safest in the house.

Nether Region Euphemism

I agree with most of this as a strong possibility, except about Meme. I think she’s smart enough to not want to alienate this new group that seemed to genuinely want to include her,

Easiest path for her is to target Cam; the pawn would be tricky but there are ways to play that without creating a split.


I agree, Cory will be seen as Judas. I totally understand Cory’s reasoning for the flip, Jared really messed everything up with his side, however Izzy really truly likes Cory and she definitely went to bat for him and America to Jared. I think Izzy would’ve always fought for him if her group wanted to get him out. I think him relishing throwing it in Izzy’s face is pretty sh*tty, I get the others, but Izzy has always been cool with him. Now hopefully Cory and America’s group will get Jared out next, I wish it was him kicked to the curb this week. It stinks that he gets to go to Jury and Izzy doesn’t. He is so egotistical and honestly repulsive, he’ll spend the whole time in jury talking crap about others rather than doing some self reflection. I feel that Izzy on the other hand would humble herself in jury and actually have fun with everyone and truly vote for who most deserves to win. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Cirie being in the house really tanked Izzy’s game, I would’ve loved to see how she would’ve played had she not had blinders on for her admiration of Cirie.

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

Although you are right, it’s amazing how Jared tells us that he has these alliances where he hurls an insult about another player, says he is using them and then expect that person to honor a final four or whatever with him that he has no intention of keeping. I don’t think that I have seen too many players who lack as much maturity and self awareness as Jared! I think that he is actually going to be be surprised when he leaves and sees how unpopular he was during the season!


Blue and Jag was trying to get him to see how petty (his word) he is and change. Seem like he felt attacked and didn’t want to hear it. Said he felt like he was on Dr Phil. SMH

The Beef

How can they view it as a Cory betrayal when Jared, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia have ALL been talking about putting up and evicting him and America for roughly the past 3 weeks? In fact that crew has been loyal to absolutely NO ONE outside of their own core group throughout this entire game, and has even talked about evicting Felicia and Meme for whatever cooked up reasons they need to come up with to justify to themselves doing it.

There’s no betrayal when someone has been planning your demise and planning to backstab you, you find out about it, and beat them to the punch. That’s simple do what you have to do to survive, and that’s what Cory, Jag and Matt are doing here.

Says Bark

This could be great… can I redo my “Rank Houseguests” ?


They’re all STILL idiots! Running around saying how “They” figured it out, and damn sure not going to work with Cam!
you DUMB@$$es! If not for Cam, you all would be voting Felicia out without a having a single thought!
You better wake up, see who really has this figured out, and the award goes to Cameron and America…..


Please cam still thought Jared was still on his side the other day lmao

Not Jasons Holly

I was surprised at that. I thought Cam had figured out Jared was on their side.

Stop ON

Nana….AGREE 100%……I made the same comment already elsewhere

Not Jasons Holly

HOW did THEY (who actually did) figure “it” out?

I must have missed something. I just saw the vote is flipping but not sure how it actually started.


If this happens I will cancel a new word you can never be used. Regarding the weak play of Cam. “The C word”

un autre nom

It has 0 to do with Cam.
Jared’s horrible bully tendency gameplay added to America thinking damned anyway, might as well try, added to Izzy saying ditch your gf to Cory.
That’s where credit / blame lie.

Julie Chen

Cam deserves at least a little credit. None of this happens if he put Jag and Blue up.


Cam was put up with Red by Jared. Cam inexplicably still trusted Jared this past monday. He was on full board to irrationally put up jag and blue for a second time if jag didn’t tell him it is a waste of time to target each other. The fact Cam told Jared his full plans about putting up cirie shows he trusted Jared yet again and didn’t group jared and cirie together.

un autre nom

vote flip. not noms.
we don’t credit the voting booth in an election.


Aren’t you surprised TPTB hasn’t intervened? If they really want Cirie to win losing Izzy sure isn’t part of their plan.

un autre nom

If Izzy is juror 1, then she’s a locked vote.
That’s my thought re: intervention.

un autre nom

Jag is getting cowardly lion about what to say after the flip. He’d prefer a unanimous vote.
He’s going to need a babysitter or the flip will die.
So far, Jared and America are keeping him calm.
You had to know cowardly lion would worry.


The other possible flaw could be with Meme. Cirie intended on telling her BEFORE they told Felicia & something tells me Meme will want to reciprocate (bc she’ll still want the Brown Sugar Babies to remain intact).

So, it’s plausible Meme will say actually it’s not FeFe leaving it’s Izzy and it’ll be 6 to 3 for her to go.

They planned on either doing that tonight after dinner or an hour before eviction. An hour might be all Cirie needs and I don’t think she’ll try to pull in Cory bc the fact he was doing extra tonight won’t simply be excused.

I think if she gets a hint she’ll try to pull in Jag/Matt & put some dirt on Cory/America to get them back on her side.

Maybe I’m delusional but I anticipate one of Matt or Jag (maybe Meme) will wake up with cold feet about blindsiding Cirie & something will be said prior to the bewitching hour is my guess. And as I noted, I find it hard to believe TPTB won’t give her some sort of heads-up.

I guess we’ll see but I’m with you bc I don’t believe this blindside occurs as planned.

un autre nom

Cirie already told Meme that they might not be able to save Fe.
Meme spilled nothing. That was this afternoon.


Lord I wish the vote was tonight and Izzy would go.

I can’t wait for her to meet Julie tomorrow if these 5-6 people don’t fuck it up somehow.

PLEASE let America or Corey win HOH to get out Jared next week.

Cameron or Jag to win Veto to seal his fate.

Jared can hold hands with his momma when he is evicted on September 21st! ^_^


I can’t wait for Jared to get the boot, it will be glorious! I can’t wait until he gets in the real world and sees that the fans are not on his side.


Hey peeps, I have a confession. Cameron turns me on. For someone in an unenviable position for quite awhile now he’s playing it very well. Just sayin’.

Stop ON

“Jag – we are not doing this for Cameron we are doing this because we just realized they have been playing us the entire time”

un autre nom

Veto in episode.
they didn’t do Felicia’s round in order. Fel went before Jag and passed out. She was medically dq’d.
That’s why Jag’s lower score (in review i wrote 117? but it was 17) didn’t get Jag removed.

Not Jasons Holly

I wondered about that.


Wow! I’m actually excited about BB for the 1st time this season. Hope it all goes as planned. Hope CBS doesn’t manipulate the situation to save Cirie and Jared’s game.


get out Cam.That racist cockroach thing doesn’t feel right.And who ever he was talking to that didn’t correct


I think you’re confused. Cirie n Felecia have been calling cam a cockroach.

Stop ON

Why are you soooo defensive? Hummm. I wonder why….

un autre nom

Julie said Jury announcement that will shock last week

M Miller

I pray this goes this well!