Christian WON the VETO! “You got all the power this week!”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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2:15pm – 3:55pmThe Live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition. The competition was called Bump Set Veto! Christian won it!

Kitchen – All the house guests but Whitney are in the kitchen talking about the veto. Sarah – You killed that Christian. You did such a good job! Alyssa – good job! Sarah – you got all the power this week! Christian – I need to convince myself to use it or not to use it. What will I do? Ky – that sounds like a fight. Xavier – that a very internal conversation.

3:55pm Bedroom. Claire and Derek X
Derek – Damn, I was actually going for it too. This dude is a beast! Claire – he is so good. Derek – I did not throw that for an ounce. Claire – I could literally hear you behind me .. you were diving for sh*t. I was definitely going for it. You should say you threw it. Claire – Seriously, I f**king should! I literally feel so dumb. I have such bad cardio. Derek – I was going to say we all need to do cardio every day. Dude this guy is scary .. because this is my first time going head to head with him. God Damn! Claire – I don’t think he will be good at puzzles. Derek – he was against ky and I in the sliding one and he beat both of us.

Whitney sitting alone in her bed..

Kitchen Table. Alyssa and Chirstian.
Christian – If I am like here… I’m now here (winning too much). Alyssa – you’re the same as like Derek. Maybe a little bit more. Just because he’s a little bit.. You’re fine! I think the only reason why you might seem a little more is because you’re on our team with four. You probably could have given it to him but why risk it. Christian – the only thing I could have done was to drop it. Alyssa – my thing was that you could have acted like you needed a break because we kept telling you to take a breather and you didn’t. Christian – but if I had taken a breather at 90 knowing how close he was, people would have know. Alyssa – yeah. Christian – its my HOH so. Alyssa – and if he had won it he might have taken someone off so its better you won it. And you can’t play in the next one so it evens out. Christian – but now I’m a bigger target. Alyssa – here is the thing people don’t want to go after the big targets right now because they don’t want the big targets to come after them. Who are you worried about? Christian – at least we have our team. Alyssa – exactly and you’re good with Hannah, Big D, Brit, and Azah. Xavier – don’t stress. You’re good. You did what you had to do and now you can keep things the same. Christian – keep it simple. Why the f**k would I use it. Done, there’s my speech.

Hannah and Derek.
Derek – how do you think the scenario is now that he has it? Do you think its good or bad that he won that? Hannah – I think it would have been perfect if you or I had won it but obviously there is a worse case scenario. If Whitney had won it. I don’t think he is going to use it.

4:22pm Chess room. Derek X and Alyssa.
Alyssa – just so you know.. not that it matters because she is going home but I was talking to Whit she said what is weird is me and Hannah are the ones on the block and you didn’t come up to her and all you did was hug her and you’ve been super distant with her. Derek – me to Whitney? Alyssa – yes. And just in case something happens and Whitney doesn’t go, I wanted to let you know this. Derek – I appreciate it. Alyssa – she said you were super distant even though you’re not the one on the block. And she said if you were on the block she would be comforting you and making sure you were okay. If she does stay or if there is a battle back … she does not trust you. Maybe just check up on her and ask her if she is good. Derek – I just feel really guilty. Alyssa – did she ever say to you .. lets go after the kings? Derek nods. Alyssa – Okay, she is saying she never said that. We’re not idiots. Derek – to her credit .. she said that needs to be done but I don’t think she wanted to do it. Alyssa – regardless of whether people say it or not we know people are coming after us. Instead of trying to get out the best team why wouldn’t you want to work with us.

4:40pm Bedroom. Kyland and Christian.
Kyland – she (Whitney) literally said in front of 5 people, I want to go home before jury. Christian – she said that?! Kyland – oh yeah, you didn’t hear about that? Christian – no. Kyland – She said if I go, I want to go home before jury so I can see my kids. And we know she’s not going to win.. Christian – do you think it will be unanimous? I think it could be. Why the f**k would it not be? I don’t know why it would not be. Kyland – nobody would without literally you guys. You know where we stand. Christian – I think its going to be unanimous. Kyland – and next week we’ll likely win. And yeah Hannah is smart but they don’t ask about past BB trivia.

4:53pm – 5pm Bedroom. Brit and Claire.
Brit – that comp is one that you could easily have thrown. Claire – so easily. But both of them are such competitors. Brit – what happened in the one on ones was that Whit brought up our team and neither one of the other teams said anything to neh it. They just stayed quite. But they gave me their word a Joker would not go up on the block. They talk about when the teams twist will end. Brit – I feel like there is a jury battle back but not before.

5:30pm The house guests are sitting around chatting and making dinner.

6pm HOH room – Christian and Alyssa
Christian – I want you to stay up again .. but tonights. Alyssa – do you think anyone would notice? Christian – X was a good cover up. The conversation turns to talking about Alyssa’s bellybutton piercing. Christian – should I get my ears pierced on this show? Big D said he would do it. Alyssa – I think you could pull it off. Christian – I think I could pull it off but I really don’t want to do anything to my body without talking to my parents. You know? (LOL WTF?! Just what a girl wants to hear that you need permission from your parents.)

Christian – Big D wants to talk to you again. He was talking to me and was explaining the whole thing that you talked to him about. Alyssa – and? Christian – just to keep me aware of the same thing that you said. Alyssa – he was pissed huh?! Christian – Not then, but he was saying how he was pissed. Seriously, the only person I would be scared I would go up would be Azah. Alyssa says Azah at the same time. Me too. Christian – I’m just not that close to her. Alyssa – if I win HOH she’s who I would want to go home. Christian – I want Brit to make jury. Alyssa – if any of the queens win they’re going to want Brit to go home. If X wins he is going to want Brit to go home. If SB wins she is going to want Hannah to go home. Christian – And I want both Hannah and Brit in Jury. Alyssa – and Big D. Christian – And Big D. Literally my only concern is Azah. Is that your concern as well. Alyssa – yes, because if she would put up you that affects me.

7:10pm Living room. Whitney and Big D
Whitney – I am so bummed that there is a potential that I might not be able to come back to be a part of the finale. I hope they don’t do the freakin skype thing. I am going to be pissed! Okay maybe not pissed but I am going to feel real left out. Whitney – I am really okay with going home. I am genuinely fine with it. Big D – I get that. I get that. If that happens to you. We don’t know what that JH (jury house) is like. If we get movies and liquor… we don’t know what its like. Whitney – want to watch a few episodes with Bret (BB20) and or Winston (BB20) when I get out of here. Until the love of my life Xavier realizes we’re meant to be together.

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I guess Frenchie was on to something…


Frenchie was very perceptive. Most House guests liked and thought they could trust him at first. If he had played like a floater,for a while,he may have won the game. When head of Household, instead of going around talking to people, he should have let people come to him . Then kept his opinions to himself. Before nominations he should have talked the choices over with his jocker team HG. .


Gonna be some bitter white folks in the jury, me thinks.


I have no issue with Christian but he needs to slow his role his wins are adding up he’s painting a giant target he will go before Alyssa :. Someone is gonna notice!


he was gonna get evicted regardless if he won comps or not because he’s the last white guy


That’s unfortunate

The Beef

He damn sure is, but the comp wins make him a much bigger target, not to mention his showmance with Alyssa. The only thing saving him right now is the Royal Flush alliance, his own teams strength (well his and X’s comp strength and SB’s strategic strength along with X), and the fact the Jokers can’t win jack, so they have no influence in the game whatsoever. Wait, did I say the ONLY thing saving him? That only leaves Whitney and Hannah, and he currently has both of their cute butts parked on the block!

His only real concern is the Cookout, and he doesn’t even KNOW about them! Talk about playing in the dark – they may decide to take him out, but if they do they’ll have to either reveal their cards, or else backdoor him, which will also be turning their cards face up on the table, only a few days later. But why do that, when things seem to be going so smooth for them now? Paranoia against the Kings! That’s the only reason I can see, and it’s a legitimate concern for Azah, Smoking D, Kyland, Tiff and Hannah, IMHO, along with the rest of the non-Kings in the house.


I’m trying to debate within myself if that’s a good thing or bad thing that Christian won. I guess he will let noms remain the same


Too bad Christian is going to waste his HOH/veto combo week on the House target du jour (Whitney). I love this BB23 cast, but the “House target” is everything that is wrong with new school BB.


I think that’s how they winnow out the floaters. Then, in a few weeks, the claws come out and they will have to canabalize their own team and alliance members….or at least that’s what I’m hoping. Chaos lovely chaos!

But not Frenchie style chaos that was just exhausting.

The Beef

This seems to be what happens when you have large alliances working together in the house, and in this case we have two of them (Cookout and Royal Flushes), one known and one unknown. Those not in them get evicted first, and the weak “sheep” usually vote along with the rest because they either think they are part of the group, or they are afraid to go against them (which was more the case last season), so we have boring weeks of nothing much happening, especially when you have somebody like Whitney, who would rather go home than go to jury anyway, and isn’t shy about saying so. Makes me wonder why she even came on the show, with statistically only a 1 in 16 chance of winning and only 3 in 16 of making it all the way to finale night without having to sit in the jury house for at least a week.

But honestly, who was Christian going to put up besides Whitney and Hannah? The only other players NOT in his alliance (Royal Flush) are DF, Azah and Britini, and he did not want to put Britini up for the 3rd straight week. He’s also stated he wants DF in jury, so that only really leaves Azah as an option for him – another weak player – and one I’m sure Xavier was lobbying heavily against being nominated.

Since Hannah is one of my favorites, I wish he had put up Azah along side Whitney, and maybe that move would have sparked some fireworks, but we’ll never know now.


Dawg and Simon. Donated


Boring season and idk why only guys win challenges unless its something basic to do



A couple of Aces thought it would be a brilliant blind-side to throw the HOH and send one of their own, Brent, home. Why? The girls didn’t like his arrogant attitude. When Aces could have won the HOH and sent a King houseguest home. Now another two Aces are on the chopping block. Looks like the Aces are the ones who were blindsided. If they had watched Survivor they’d know when you’re in teams you keep your team strong until it’s time for individual play.

The Beef

I agree that Brent is an arrogant puscatore, but you make a really good point here. Their own egos may make it impossible for them to look back on that decision honestly and admit it was a mistake, but how might this game have played out differently if DX or Hannah had won that HOH and HAD to go in another direction (Brent therefore having safety)? Now the Aces have 4 players, and possibly the Kings have only 3, and who knows who the HOH might be this week, since Brent would have been playing in that surfboard puzzle game instead of Hannah or DX, and he may not have been throwing it, like the Aces all seemed to be doing the first time around. Hell, they might even have won, and Brent throws up Kyland and Xavier, and what an impact THAT would have on the direction of this game! DX and Hannah may have thrown their own chances right out the door, when they threw Brent out, and I doubt if they’ve even considered that because they both still think they’re safe, when in reality they’re both in deep trouble.