Christian “Frenchie offered me a final 2 today. I said yes, but the only reason I’m telling you is because YOU are my final 2.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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6pm Hammock – Alyssa and Brent.
Brent – that was twice he didn’t do what he said he was going to do. This is the thing about Frenchie .. and I really do like him but he is letting his heart get in the way of who the target is and who it is not. He puts people up and now he wants to take them off. It just lucked out that an alliance came from it. Like you guys did go plead your case but how do I know he isn’t going to do that every time someone is put up there. Alyssa – oh well I feel bad for them. Brent – this is a brutal game and at the end of the day you have to get rid of people. I really really do like Travis but it was me who told him to get off Derek’s back and to put up Travis up as the big fish if we had the chance. Yeah it sucks but its only going to work for us in the long run. Alyssa – and its only going to get harder and harder because this is week one and we already love everyone. Brent – I really like everyone, I wouldn’t say I love everyone. I don’t trust anyone that says they love everyone. Don’t say it loosely around these people because the will say it and then stab you in the back. Alyssa – I can say I love everyone I love everyone’s personality but for me to really love it takes awhile. Brent – I don’t know how long this team aspect is going to last. Alyssa – I think at least 4 weeks till everyone is a havenot. Brent – so we can get rid of Claire, Britini and Derek. It will be tough getting rid of Tiffany because I really like her .. and Azah. Alyssa – I like that order .. I would even get rid of Britini first though. Brent – Britini is going to be tough. Claire is an easier choice because she didn’t build anything with anyone. Britini is close to Frenchie. Alyssa – I trust Sarah to do what we want as well. I am keeping her in the dark about things but still telling her things like as a team. Brent – I don’t think she likes me .. or trusts me very much.

6:10pm Kitchen. Big D and Christian.
Christian – I am cool with final two. Big D – absolutely. Absolutely. Here is my thing, here is how I look at it. I think we have to make sure the final 5 is the butchers and then we just go off our instinct. Christian – Frenchie offered me a final 2 today. I am only telling you, so you better shut the f**K up! Big D – I will. Christian – but the only reason I am telling you.. I said yes… but the only reason I am telling you is because YOU are my final 2. Big D – absolutely, same!

7:35pm – 8pm Backyard – The house guests are all hanging out in the backyard pool game – with dares/punishments.

Derek X had to eat slop and pickles
Britini did a rap about Xavier
Hannah had to dress up and act like Big D
Azah had to dress up and act like Brent
Travis has to dress up like a girl and act like “Travilla”
Tiffany re-enacts Frenchie’s nomination speech

8:40pm Backyard balcony – Frenchie and Brent.
Frenchie – Tavis isn’t that dangerous right now. In my opinion. Brent – I know. I brought it up to Derek X and he’s scared to use it. Frenchie – okay then don’t use it. Brent – if we don’t use it then we lose Ky or Alyssa. (Can’t hear what they say as Xavier & Alyssa are talking near them.) Frenchie – you have got to gun for this HOH. Brent – I will. Frenchie – I don’t think I’m safe. Brent – first off if anyone puts you up, they’re going to put you up with me and I can’t beat you so.. Frenchie – we’re going on the block next week together. They move over to the table with Alyssa. Frenchie talks about how he is getting real nervous. Brent – no matter who goes up next week, we have the numbers. Frenchie – they will never nominate me, they’ll backdoor me. Brent – The numbers don’t lie Frenchie, 8 – 7 every time we win. Alyssa – you’re getting paranoid. It would be Christian or me. Brent – this is who would go up. If you go up, I am going up next to you. If she (Alyssa) goes up, Christian is going up next to her. And if I am up with you, you have more votes than I do. Frenchie – I don’t know how much longer you can keep Kyland in the house. The longer you keep him here, the more bonds he’s going to build. Alyssa – he is already doing that. Frenchie – he is already impenetrable. What makes you think in two weeks, what the hell he is going to do? He is going to have everyone in the f**king house, solid! Brent – I’ll get rid of him, if you want me to. Frenchie – somebody had to take a shot at him. Frenchie – I say if we get HOH we aim for Derek X, if we can’t get Derek (we go for Kyland). Alyssa – do you trust him at all? Frenchie – I don’t know. I trust Derek more than Kyland. He is a loyal motherf**ker! That is loyalty and we have that. Brent – Travis came clean and so did Derek. Kyland didn’t. Frenchie – Kyland has been seen with every female in this house. I might, might tell Derek not to use the veto. Alyssa – NO, no! Do not keep the noms the same. Frenchie – oh yeah, I forgot you were up next to him. I won’t. Brent – You have to not touch anything and let it play out.

9:05pm Bedroom. Brent and Alyssa.
Brent – I trust him (Frenchie) but his heart is too big because he keeps going back on everything as soon as someone talks to him. You have to stick to the plan. Alyssa – he can’t tell Derek not to use it. Brent – if he does everything is ruined. Our alliance, everything because no one is going to trust Frenchie. Then he is just going to go home next week because everyone is going to get spooked. You can’t do this too early in the game. You can’t have a huge heart. Have a heart but not a huge heart because now its the 4th … no no 5th person. Christian, Me, then you, Derek, Travis and then now Kyland. Alyssa – that is 6 people! Brent – that is six people in one week. Stick with one plan and execute it so we can get to next week without a bloodbath. Stick to what we have as an alliance so that we can get to the 8th spot down. They hear someone and so Brent walks out.

9:10pm Backyard Balcony. Frenchie and Xavier.
Frenchie – if the noms stay the same who would you vote to evict? Xavier – is this even a real thing? Frenchie – No I am just trying to see where the house is at if it happened. Xavier – have you talked to him about it. Frenchie – worst case scenario, I need to know where the house is.

Frenchie and Hannah.
Frenchie – if the veto is not used. Ultimately I do not control it. Hannah – do you feel like you can’t trust him (Derek X)? Frenchie – I am back and forth. Who are you voting for to stay? Hannah – I am voting for Kyland to stay.

Frenchie and Kyland.
Frenchie – you’re coming off the block, which means you’re a vote. Travis is right here and Alyssa is right here. Where is your vote to stay? Be honest with me? Kyland – with him. Frenchie – no its not, you’re going to vote this way. I don’t care either way. I am asking because I like Travis. Kyland – I am voting with the butchers. Frenchie – if you vote the way you want to vote who are you voting for? Kyland – if you’re serious about the slaughter house I don’t know why you would be torn. Frenchie – if there were no alliance. Kyland – oh weird. I would have to vote Travis because of the HOH twist. Frenchie – now insert the alliance back into it. Kyland says Alyssa because otherwise whats the point of the alliance. Frenchie – I think mine would be the same way.

9:50pm Bedroom. Frenchie, Sarah and Claire
Frenchie – If they weren’t safe, they would be going home. Sarah – if you put him (Travis) up, I would evict him. That would 100% be my vote. I have nothing against him. Great person. Claire agrees. Frenchie – that would be the least amount of blood and the least amount of people mad at me. It would be Kyland coming off the block. He would be safe because ultimately he was put up as a pawn. So it would only be fair for him to use the veto on him. That way Alyssa would be safe and Kyland would be safe. Sarah – The kings would be grateful to you because that means we didn’t lose a teammate.

10:40pm Xavier is going around with the HOH camera.

10:45pm – 11:10pm Bedroom. Frenchie and Azah.
Azah is trying to go to sleep. Frenchie – I don’t know how they’re going to do HOH next week, like am I going to be allowed to play for the team? Azah – probably no. Frenchie – is it going to be individual? Azah – it would be individual. Frenchie – man I should have rolled those dice. Azah – I think its better that you didn’t. That would have put a target on everyone. Frenchie – being safe for two weeks. At lease we would have been safe for two weeks. Azah – I want to win HOH. Frenchie – do you think they will get to roll the dice for two weeks? Azah – probably not, it would be something else. Frenchie – other than that, are you having fun? Azah – yeah, I am. I’m just different from others and have to have time out there and time alone. It has nothing to do with what I said about our communication. Frenchie – what can I do to help our communication? Would you like to have daily team meetings? Azah – no it doesn’t need to be anything like that. Frenchie – the four of us work really well together and I am proud of that. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return Frenchie is talking to Britini and Azah. Britini – is he (Derek X) planning on using it? Frenchie – if he uses it on Kyland, Kyland is coming down and Travis is going up. Do you know how you would vote? Azah – how would you want me to vote? Frenchie – I want to hear how you would vote? Azah – I would prefer to hear how you would vote. Frenchie – I would vote to keep Alyssa. Azah – okay, sounds good to me. Frenchie – essentially it takes out a big competitor on another team. I don’t feel like Alyssa would steal 750K from us. The other two would. They’re super competitors and he (Kyland) has every woman oohhhing and awwwing all over him. Azah – who?! Kyland doesn’t. He is super sweet and attractive but.. Sarah – I’ve heard like four people and I am one of them. Frenchie – I asked everyone in the house how they feel about Kyland and no matter who he is against.. kyland does not go home. And I was like HHmmmm.. I don’t know about that. If he (Derek X) doesn’t use the veto, I think I have the votes to send him (Kyland) home.

11:15pm Bedroom. Frenchie, Derek X, Claire
Frenchie – are you using the veto? Derek – yes. Frenchie – I’m not going to get blindsided? Derek – no. There is no doubt. Frenchie – I just don’t want to be blindsided because I would send your friend home.

11:20pm Hammock. Christian and Whitney getting close..

11:20pm – 11:50pm Derek X and Travis.
Travis – what did Frenchie say? Derek – that if I used it on Kyland, you would have a high probability target. Travis – yeah, and did he tell you that he asked everybody if you kept it the same who they would send home? Derek – Kyland apparently. Travis – no Alyssa would go home. He said that if you kept it the same Alyssa would definitely go home. Isn’t that what he just told you? Derek – he did not tell me that. He told me if I don’t use it, Kyland is definitely going home. Travis – that’s not what he told me? Derek – he’s testing us. Do you have a plan. Travis – my plan would be for you to not use it. He asked everybody if you kept the noms the same who would go home. And everyone said Alyssa. Derek – do you think if you went up on the block you could rally votes? Travis – no. He just asked everyone. Derek – that was him asking them and could be them telling him what he wants to hear. Travis – I couldn’t rally the votes if I didn’t have Frenchie’s team especially if he wants you to use it. Derek – If you go up its not looking good. Lets same if I don’t use it. Then it is literally me and you as back to back targets. Travis – lets keep the noms and go out second and third. Derek – omg, that would be the biggest homie move. Travis – as long as we’re after Alyssa.

12am – 12:20am Hallway to Havenot room. Kyland and Derek X.
Kyland – do you not want to use it on me? Derek X – People are telling me conflicting things for what the house wants. I am definitely going to use it on you. I just thought it was unanimous and it seems like its not fully unanimous. It seems like people are scrambling. Kyland – No, I don’t think anyone is scrambling. Derek – I’ll have to give an eviction speech why I am taking you off the block. Well we had to use bait and I want to take the bait out of the pond. Kyland – oh my god! Damn! I think that is good.

12:20am – 12:30am Backyard. Frenchie and Travis.
Frenchie – they were talk to me about wanting Ky to stay. I think I can persuade some of the votes to go the other way. Travis – for the loyalty .. yeah Ky is on my team but if its something you would be willing to sacrifice. Frenchie – its not even about sacrificing.. no guy can get to those final 2 chairs over him. None of us. Travis – I agree. Frenchie – he is way to nice of a guy. Y’all don’t like me as much as Ky. Travis – I think as soon as you tell Derek to keep them the same, he will leave them the same. Frenchie – you think so? 100%? Travis – yeah. He said that all he wants to do is establishing trust with you. So I need to hear it from him. Frenchie – I’ll talk to him. For my game, its better for you to stay here. I will do my best to make this happen. If I make this happen, it will piss people off. So we have got to stick together at that point.

12:40am – 1am HOH room. Frenchie and Derek X
Frenchie – this stays between us. Like you Travis is loyal as f**k but here is my issue. You want to use the veto on Ky. You think ky is loyal. What you don’t know is why he was in an alliance. And this is why I got so pissed off about this. And I never told nobody about this. And this stays between us. If it gets out I’ll know it was you. He was up here trying to make a final two when he was in an alliance with you. Derek – oh f**k. Frenchie – Do we keep somebody that I know is loyal as f**k or like regardless if the house likes it or not .. they realize you were loyal. He was loyal! I need to get me farther in this game. Ky scares me bro. He is friends with everyone. All the women love him. I think he just doesn’t know the game. Why am I going to put up someone (Travis) that I know is loyal. Derek – one of the points to keep Ky, in your nom speech you said he was a pawn so if he were the one to go it would reflect pretty poorly on you. Frenchie – I wasn’t thinking about getting him out this week. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Frenchie – if he (Ky) approached me for a final two who knows who else he has. Maybe it was just because I was HOH or because he thought he was going home. I don’t know. Alyssa is not an option to go home on my HOH. She can go home later but not on my HOH. I totally regret even nominating her. I refuse to be a sh*tbag in here and then go home to my kids.

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James Boned

I want to pretext this by saying that I’m not trying to be controversial though this question may lead to that. Is the show purposely setting up this season so a person of color wins this season? The whole idea of doing teams again, upping the prize amount, increasing the number of minorities in the game makes me feel like the show is pushing for this to happen? I’d be happy with whoever wins each season but I feel like it should just be based on social skills, comps, etc.

Even just looking at the daily player rankings I am seeing that every person of color has been put at the top of the list. I guess I’m just curious if people really feel as though they are the 5 best players or it’s just some type of pity aspect that causes this?


Actually the big twist is Sarah is a dude and is going to be propped to win it all. That is the new narrative that is to be pushed now.


That’s a “Privilege” statement. Throughout the 20+ seasons of BB when there was only 3 or 4 people of color, did you say that production is setting things up for a White person to win? Now that the cast is close to even, you complain that the show is rigged.

James Boned

There were even less members of the Hispanic and Asian community represented yet they have won so I don’t think it comes from privilege. I am really just trying to understand the huge change in all of this all of a sudden


have you been under a rock the past year? BLM painted in the streets with tax money, government and national orgs waving BLM flags even after they rampaged and rioted thru the country, and did you miss the last 2 seasons of BBUS? BBCan just did the same thing and they got what they wanted. 2 blacks in final 2. it worked out for them. BBUS wants the same just look at all this safety theyve added


It is suspect that the “draft” only allowed two choices, it’s like production wanted to control the teams as much as possible. I understand forcing to choose two men and women of your team but let the captains choose out of 6 not 2.

As for the race, it never was an issue until recently. Not all the boxes were checked off even with this 50% POC cast, ie.Where is a hijab wearing Muslim woman? Where are the Natives? etc. This show is not a reflection of the US’ diversity breakdown or you would need a hell lot of more POC to be house guests. Don’t forget this is also a show that needs to be watched on prime TV and appeal to its audience.


Given that this is the 1st week, it is based on mainly initial impressions. Pretty sure Frankie’s rating has gone down because of his gameplay that we see on the feeds




yes, and the fact they are giving out a ridiculous amount of safety


I don’t think so, James. More than likely the people of color will be the first voted out.


Hahaha, pretty soon everyone will figure out that Frenchie offered a final two to not only them, but to every other person in the house. For the life of me, I don’t understand why people come in the house playing this hard only to go home in the first few weeks. If Frenchie makes it past week three it’ll be a freaking miracle.


Is there any HG that is NOT in Frenchie’s Slaughterhouse alliance? At this rate, I’m expecting him to reach out to HGs from past seasons to join his alliance.


Frenchie’s gameplay is all over the place which is entertaining but will end up getting him booted from the house sooner rather than later

Just Sayin'

Frenchie forgetting that he nominated Alyssa while talking to her perfectly sums up his entire HOH, even Frenchie has zero clue where his head is at half the time


Hopefully the editing revolving around Frankie’s haphazard gameplay will be better than it was tonight


Notice how the edit only mentioned, “I don’t want to nom a woman”, but not the rest of it, “or POC”. Then he noms a woman and POC. Productions is already doing their best to give him a good edit.


Glue Clown MUST go Week 2 or 3..

Seriously f**k him for going after Kyland.


The Glue is driving me nuts!!! Go to bed for Pete’s sake!


Alyssa looks like a fusion of Salma Hayek and Ariana Grande = pure cam candy


Definitely best eye candy on the show. The talent is lacking with the rest, and has been for a while now.