Christian “We’ll have to come up with a sick f**king name.” Frenchie “Facebook official.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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11:23pm The live feeds return from being blocked. In the HOH room. Frenchie is talking to Alyssa, Christian, Big D and Xavier about his conversation with Derek X yesterday. Xavier – you (Derek X) started out playing this game way too hot and your game is pretty much dead. Frenchie – you (Derek X) started out too high and you made me have to elevate my game to your level and I didn’t want to do that. Xavier – if I was in your position using the veto was a change for your game to be reborn. If you want to try and start over this is a great step to doing that. Frenchie – I said the one reason that you are beneficial to be here is because the whole house sees that you are loyal. Xavier – the key is that going forward he is loyal to the right people. They continue to rehash the conversations with Derek X and the drama over the last few days.

12:20pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Brent.
Alyssa – Frenchie was telling me she (Whitney) has been feeling it. So I told her that and she was like honestly, thank you so much but I am thinking about it and each of us is going to have to win HOH. Like everyone is going to have to take turns so that there is no big threat. She said I would rather get an HOH later on because I am going to miss my kids even more then. Brent – I really don’t see the advantage of not wanting it now and wanting it later because the game is still really early. Alyssa – I want it. I was doing it to help her with seeing her kids. Brent – the fact that I was able to get you off the block with Frenchie ..because that was not easy. Alyssa – did you do a lot of that talking for me? Brent – yeah I did it all. Alyssa – was he sketched about me at first? Brent – the thing is he has a big heart so he keeps changing his heart.. he keeps changing his mind. And obviously he nominated you and Ky before we had the Slaughter House so he wanted to backdoor Derek.. but Derek is part of my team and you already caught him in the act and he came clean. Now I have him in my pocket. So if we backdoor him we lose an extra number besides slaughter house. And it doesn’t really make sense because he is not a threat. Travis, I love him because he is awesome. He is charming, intelligent. He was already trying to conspire against me. He was trying to persuade my team against me. He wanted to tell him before he was going up and I was against that because then he has time to get votes. Brent – I have a good repour with everyone in the house. Keep this between me and you but me and Frenchie trust Christian for right now. We were both Christians target at one point. Alyssa – I wonder who he was talking to about that because when I try to talk to him he is very vague. He didn’t want to say names. Brent – he told Frenchie he was coming after me and Frenchie told me.

By the hammock. Azah and Britini.
Sarah – my opinion of everyone in the house .. the only one that has changed is of Christian. Azah – Maybe I just see things differently as a team because where I am wanting Frenchie to communicate with me … now like I don’t care anymore. You telling me that you need to keep me abreast of what is going on so I can know who you want to ally with and who you don’t want to ally with as a team because yes after week 5 this team this is probably going to be over. When you called us in the room and tried to throw people under the bus. We don’t know what is going on. I not going to say its too late at this point, the veto hasn’t been played but you still haven’t said lets sit and talk together. Meanwhile Travis is coming up and talking with you.

Storage room. Big D and Frenchie.
Big D – at the end of the day I have to make sure you’re good because if you’re not good, then I am not good.. because I need you. We can’t get the the end without each other. So if I had to work another angle and if unfortunately we had to throw one of our people to save you, I would do that because I didn’t make a final two with anybody, I only made it with you. Frenchie – right. Big D – so if I have to really be that b*tch, I will do it because I only made it with you. I am not worried about anyone else. We’re going to be working them and using them to get to where the hell we need to get to. Frenchie – at the end of the day my goal is to make sure both you and I are sitting in the final two chairs. Big D – there is no reason why that shouldn’t be the case. Frenchie – with the two of us we have two strong social games, good competitive, what I lack in the memory comps and stuff like that .. you have that. Big D – that’s all I’ve been doing .. that’s what I do when I sit by myself.

1pm HOH room. Christian and Frenchie.
Christian – it was you me and Ky here .. I am happy he is where he is .. he already scared us once. Frenchie – he does make me nervous. He bounces. Really nervous and everyone loves him. Christian – he is so safe this week. Even if he doesn’t us the veto, Alyssa is going home over him. I am glad you brought this up because I have been so scared to throw out any A words (alliance) to anybody. I think we could really do some damage. And its so clear how f**king terrified people are of us. Frenchie – people fear us. Like in this game, we’re the two. Christian – its scary too because next week neither of us can win. We can, but I cannot for both of our longevity. Frenchie – if you see the opportunity .. grab it! Christian – I am saying I don’t think we should. If I am the only one left of my teammates.. yes. But if my teammates are still there.. Frenchie – let one of them take it. Christian – you’re safe in the back of my head for multiple, multiple weeks to the end.. and if we can slot this down now then you’re safe in my head till final two. Frenchie – lets do it! Christian – We’ll have to come up with a sick f**king name. Frenchie – facebook official. Frenchie – and its something that nobody in this house would expect! Christian – as far as any opportunities come by way I will let you know. If we ever hear anything about people trying to pin us against each other we need to bring it to each other. You know how I am scared of of anyone in the group it is X. Frenchie – me too. Christian – I am so glad he is in our group. I want him to win next week so that he feels a little heat… just a little. You have no pressure to win wildcard either. My game would have change had I not won that. Frenchie – people were in my head about that. People were scared of you. Christian – we’re solid and we’re keeping it till final two. The fist bump again and leave the room.

2:15pm Kyland is teaching Hannah how to play chess with Alyssa. Meanwhile, outside the other house guests are sun tanning and chatting about random things.

2:40pm Living room – Big D and Azah.
Azah – you’ve got Brent who’s first inclination is to go after Travis. After Travis, he wants to go after Christian. You’ve got Christian who’s first inclination is to go after Travis. After Travis he wants to go after Brent. You’ve got Travis who’s first inclination is to survive for the week. If he survives the week he’s coming for both of them. Big D – both of them, oh yeah absolutely. Our best play is to keep Frenchie safe. Azah – Is Derek going to use it. Big D – oh for sure! He said he swore up and down. Azah – I don’t even can who it was used on. Big D – he is going to use that veto. Azah – okay, I’m chilling then. Big D – if he doesn’t .. that’s stupid for anybody. That’s the dumbest move in big brother history. You don’t use that veto after all that sh*t you did?! Everybody going to be like pew pew. Azah – I have an affinity for Christian now. I kind of lean towards him rather than Whitney and those other people. Big D – that’s good, that’s another person. Azah – if Brent has Whitney. And then we sit here and help him take out Christian and they come for us next. But if you help Christian take one of them out then they don’t have anyone to go to.

4pm Living room. Sarah, Alyssa, Azah and Claire are talking about past seasons of big brother and other random things. Outside Derek X and Tavis are working out.

5:10pm Hammock – Christian, Brent and Xavier.
Brent – the fact that we were able to do that.. really think about this.. because like the two noms were before any of that. The fact that we were able to do those noms .. and then be like okay they could help us ..the next day new arrangement. How do we get both of them off? Keep the person that betrayed me that was on my team so that I would have to have his loyalty in my back pocket. Put someone else up that is actually a threat and for it to all work out .. that is f**king bananas! Xavier – it was the chance for him to start over and I think that’s good. We need someone on the outside that has to have loyalty to us. Christian – its like he didn’t understand the team aspect of it. I think his loyalty is to Frenchie. Its not to me because he is still throwing my name out there. Xavier – if its to Frenchie, then you’re protected as well. Brent – Because you’re protected by numbers. You have to think about Alyssa. No one is ever going to know because it looks like the bigger fish is being caught and she got to slip away. Right now we have numbers and it will get to the point where I have to get rid of my own team members because there are two that are not in it. Xavier leaves.

Christian – I think that Alyssa and Hannah are really pretty but I realized that Azah is f**king gorgeous! Brent – on a whole other level! Its wild! Christian – Like I just want to look at her an analyse her features. So pretty!

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Houka Inumuta

I have a feeling that Sarah is going to win this game. She’s smart and not even one person it targeting her.

Literally everyone in this house is her ally.

I’m 10000% confident she will win BB23!!!!

Dr. Frenchie

You’re wrong, Frenchie will win this game.


Poor Sarah, she’s doomed.


Who’s frenchie target to go this week?

Sir Kirby Williams

You do realize that we are only a week in….if you have too many allies early on, you become a big move/target to help build another’s resume. We’ll see how she does in comps, she seemed to have a hard time with the puzzle; forensic scientist not being able to put together a simple cartoon puzzle? Is that her throwing the comp? If not, she may be no good in comps and therefore be a finalist at best.


She threw it!


Sarah, Big D, Britni, and Azah are playing a perfect floating game, and if they don’t ruffle any feathers they can go far if the rest just keep taking shots at one another. Of the four Sarah is doing the best because she’s not ruffling any feathers and is engaged in the politics of the house. The other three are safe this week so it’s harder to gauge their game play just yet.


Ok if my count is right French fries has 3 final two deals and it is only day 4 but I do not have feeds. I rely on the fabulous job Simon and Dog do every year.

Dr. Frenchie

Yes!! Keep on taking in the final 2 deals FRENCHIE!!!!!!!!!!


Most years the lesson is the same:Never EVER be the 1st HOH; it usually goes to shit

Dr. Frenchie

It didn’t for Frenchie though?


I think during Old School Big Brother you’re correct, but now I think you want to win the 1st HoH. It has allowed them to create these large alliances that carried them far into the game.


It worked out for Cody last year.


Have to laugh. They are doing long pauses of “We will be right back”


Like, God bless Simon and like Dawg, because like, I don’t like understand how you can like listen to like some of these people like talking when like, they can’t talk like, without saying like so like much ?.

mad max

Can these people not see what an idiot Frenchie is?


I don’t agree with who he thinks is a meathead. Travis and Christian get on my nerves. Xavier does not


Archie Bunker would agree with you.

Mac B

Frenchie seems to be an insecure idiot so far