Chelsea “You’re f***ed! You’re going to leave this house in love.” Adam “Probably!”

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10:18pm Hot Tub room. Kiki, MammaK and Damien.
MammaK – Canada is going to cry either way. Sorry Canada! Sorry that we couldn’t pull it out for ya. Kiki – we f**king tried though. Mammak – What?! Trust me there is going to be boos and cries either way. Its all good! Ya man! When you look at me you can see peace in my eyes. Kiki – but I also see a fire in both you guys. I feel like there’s a fire ignited in each one of us especially because of that. Mammak – but it comes from a place of respect.. do you know what I mean? Its like going to to war with somebody and knowing you’re both going to die. Kiki – Damn! Mammak – it doesn’t because you know the sh*t I can start outside once I walk outside. Eh! I can tell Canada what’s up! I can tell Canada the truth! Take a look at what happened last week. Take a look at who stayed strong. Take a look at who wavered. And take a look at supposedly the other side. Take a look at the 3 people that were put up on the block .. guess what we were the strongest crew. Its just that simple! Kiki – those are facts! Mammak – I’m speaking truth. You can call it lies. You can call it manipulation but truth is truth. Chelsea brings new batteries and the conversation ends. We knew last week when we did what we did that we were all sitting targets. Kiki – that’s right. Damien – ah.. I admire you ladies. Last week when I came up to you and said we don’t have the tying vote. Mamma said lets do it and Kiki looked me in the eyes and said we can’t do it without you. And I was like f**k it lets do it! Mammak – they say its game but a lot of them took it personally. Which was awesome, awesome, awesome! You try and get strength out .. that’s okay strength can work on the outside. I am going to get Canada riled up. They think they’ve got the game wrapped. And her little speech. Dane and Kyra join them.

10:50pm Bathroom. Chelsea, Sam, Adam and Kyra.
Chelsea – my trust is here. Sam – explains how they’re just wondering if Anthony is having the same conversation with everyone. Do you get it? Adam – sure. Sam – oh my got. Chelsea – Now I feel like you don’t trust me. Adam – my brain is just like .. right now. Sam – we all had a big day.. we backdoored someone today. Chelsea – you guys .. I’m the idiot that’s putting my trust in the showmance. Adam – we’re not even a showmance. Chelsea – that was just me in a moment ..just making sure. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you. I feel like you don’t believe me now.

11:25cxpm Backyard. Dane and Kiki playing pool.

HOH room. Chelsea and Adam.
Adam – I don’t want people to be lie oh yeah he is going to take her (Sam) to the finales. Chelsea – its just nice to see something real (Adam and Sam) in a house of fake sh*t. Adam – yeah, yeah, yeah. Chelsea – and I know what kind of a game player you are. I don’t think I am stupid for allying with the showmance. I don’t actually think that, don’t worry. Adam – its not like I’m going to be making out in front of a bunch of people. Chelsea – just be mindful that everyone is missing their people. Adam – f**king alcohol. That was after she walked around the couch all s*xy and sh*t. Ah f**k. Chelsea – you’re f**ked! You’re going to leave this house in love. You’re already most of the way there. I see it! Adam – MMMhhmmm. Probably. Probably. Chelsea – its so cute! Oh my god! How crazy is that?! Adam – I know! Stupid eh!? Chelsea – yeah but what a cool thing to experience. Its real. Its really real. Adam – I think people are going to eventually try and break us up. Chelsea – probably. Adam – I’ve thought about it and I actually think I would have the votes over her (Sam). Chelsea – it depends on who do’s it.. does it. I think its too early for people to see how you are working as a pair. Adam – for me I look at you guys (Sam and Chelsea) the same as game players. I am going to do everything I can to get two of you far in this game. I wand you both to go far with me. I don’t just look at her like that .. I look at you like that too. Chelsea – I believe that. The people that I trust most in this game is .. you, Sam and Kyra.

Chelsea – I see how people can lie to your face and I am seeing through it. Adam – who do you think is lying? Be honest. Chelsea – Like I think I am seeing through Anthony’s game a little bit. I think him and Cory are really tight and as much as everyone is like a game relationship is different than a friend relationship .. its not. Its really not. People gravitate to the people that they’re similar to ,, they make friends and then that’s who they work with. I see the way that he.. this just stays between me and you. He plays this role of being a mentor. It make you feel like you need him. Adam – does he talk different one on one than when he is outside? Chelsea – totally different. And then he is like oh but we better remain distant so that nobody knows it. Adam – its smart. Chelsea – its very smart. I see the way he is very vague and in the way that you need him.. but like what am I giving to him. He is like this is what you need to do. And I am like I know what I need to do. I don’t need you to help me play my game. He is very smart in the way that he talks. He is setting himself up well in that he makes it seem like you’re the only one he is working with. Or that he is only working with a couple people .. that he won’t name. He is making himself good with everyone .. and that’s fine. I get that .. but is he making himself good everyone and that’s it .. or is he making himself good with everyone and he’s planting things to break things up. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Its one thing to make yourself fine with everyone and then cause damage and then step out of it .. right?! He wants to work with you but lets keep it a secret. But I see through it. I am not a fool.. I’m not the only person you’re doing this with. You’re doing this with a few different people. And its good, I want to trust him for a while.. and I do really like him. I like the way he looks at the game and how he looks at the world but its a strategy that is becoming apparent. I don’t think its something we need to worry about yet. Adam – nope.

Chelsea – I can see the way he (Anthony) is doing it so that he can deflect his dirty work onto other people. Adam – yeah, I can definitely see that. He is very smart guy. I do trust him. Not as much as this .. Maybe if we can get him to open up about how close he is with Cory. Did you mention about getting everyone in a room. Chelsea nods. Adam – Like the seven. I mentioned that to Dane. And he was like yeah we should do it while Chelsea is HOH. Chelsea – I think we should do it. You do need a small group of people and then a bigger group so that when someone wins power, you’re protected. I’m sorry but don’t want Est and Kiki protecting me, I don’t trust them. Adam – no. Chelsea – they run to power.

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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another name

part of me wants to vote kiera for the special access intelligence report. ONLY because i’d love to see how the camera men and editors would blank her out of the scene, or fail to include her in the episode. I can’t call her ‘one d/r kiki’ anymore. she has two. She’s had more camera time voting on eviction day with arisa than she has in episodes so far. lol.


How youz liking the season?


Great so far. Waiting for a twist to turn it kraken 😉

Seriously though standard great BBCAn season a solid cast. Some know the game, others don’t but are learning. People playing hard, smart, dumb and floating. a perfect mix.


Guess I’m glad I’m not from Canada so I won’t have to cry for Mama K. (I love Canada. Thankful to be neighbors with such a wonderful country)

another name

The difference between Adam and Dane has just been revealed: Adam just sold out his side alliance to Anthony. Dane keeps his mouth shut about what his side alliance is doing.
I feel like today is the day Anthony gets himself tripped up. He just learned that his game has been clocked. He immediately starts trying to cover his tracks and divert Chelsea. noticeably.
Chelsea seems to want her hands on implementing her decisions (self determination of others isn’t part of the pb handbook…. is she new?)
Adam is trying very hard to get that 7 person alliance meeting going. Will Chelsea appreciate Adam jumping the gun and inviting people to a party she’s hosting?
I think even without this lounge leak to a house guest twist…. the party boys are going to have problems within a day.

eman ym

PB should take out Damien, and leave MammaK as a target for Chelsea/Kyra/Sam


If this alliance (PB) want to be legendary, they will have to start deflecting targets off their backs. As of right now, people are catching up on all the Anthony manipulations, Adam is totally screwed and doesn’t know what to do with all the informations he have, protecting Samantha/Chelsea or the PB. Dane is a target from a few peoples and is getting closer to Kiki-Este and Mark is just wishy-washy and nobody trust him. And all the PB members (maybe beside Mark) probably don’t even want to win the next HOH since they will have to show a portion of their cards.

another name

it should be perfectly clear the pb’s exist when on one side of the house: a) kyra mentions seeing guys whispering to each other a lot. b) chelsea knows adam tells the boys what she says, because they come to her immediately and use the same words. c) sam has been given the names of the four boys by Adam as all watching each other’s backs (define alliance for me please). On the other side of the house: d) damien knows about the alliance. e) kiki told stef she saw the four boys with sam and chelsea having a meeting late at night, so they might be a group (week two revelation that went nowhere). f) they all voted together, no matter what supposed alliance they were in last week. anthony was supposed to be in the kailyn alliance with maki. so was Mark.
i mean… both sides have enough clues.


I don’t particularly want to see MommaK go but I REALLY don’t want Damien to go, I like him and I feel he is going to come on strong later in the series if he can hang in till then! I think most of the guys this season are shallow and not overly bright…except him. I’m finding it hard to really like any of the houseguests other than Damien, hoping that changes as we move along.


Oh this is getting so good. Chelsea has done an Awesome job with her 1st HoH. ( and she wasn’t even on my radar) I smell big trouble for the PB alliance within the next 24 hours.