Chelsea – her pitch to me was I am a cool person

Big Brother Spoilers – The Have nots are Sam, Anthony and Eddie. As of 6:30pm the nominations are not official. Chelsea is going to nominate KIKI and Damien. KIKI is the target if nominations stay the same. If Veto is used Big MOMMAK is the target.

5:25pm Chelsea and Eddie
Chelsea tells him he can relax this week “we good”
Chelsea – my goal this week is to get a floater out..
Chelsea says he doesn’t have to worry about coming up to the HOH he can come up anytime.
They hug it out..

5:27pm Damien and Chelsea
Chelsea tells him he’s just a pawn this week.
Chelsea – putting you up as a pawn doesn’t ruffle any feathers.. as a human you are the sweetest guy it’s not personal.
Chelsea says she’ is going to make it well known that Damien is the target.
Chelsea – I want you to play in that veto and pull yourself off
Chelsea – my target is the other person I am putting on the block beside you
Chelsea – if you are upset I get it
Damien – yup.. ok thanks for being honest.. out of other people in this house I’m not a threat to you.
Chelsea – this week unifies the house to start getting a few people out that don’t deserve to get far in this game.
Chelsea – it would be easier if you were an a$$hole but you are the nicest person.. We literally haven’t talked game at all..
Chelsea says because they haven’t talked game if the rolls are reversed she would understand.

Chelsea apologizes that he’s a have nots.
Chelsea says KIKI and Damien are going up she’s just told Damien he was the pawn.
Chelsea – her pitch to me was I am a cool person
Chelsea says she doesn’t want a bunch of “girls” in the house.
Chelsea – we can unify the house and trim the fat.

Anthony says she’s making the best possible move, “Keep an eye on Damien.. I know he was close with MOM and he had something with Maki as well..”
Chelsea – he’s the perfect pawn.. I’m going to say to the house he’s the pawn make it clear.
Chelsea says because Damien is green at this game she doesn’t think he’ll hold it against her to go up and even if he did and won HOH he won’t be able to get the Numbers to take her out
Anthony offers her one suggestion “Esti is going to be terrified.. .she will be like WOW that’s another one lost for me..
hAnthony – I got my ears on the street for you..
They hug it out..

5:51pm Mark and Damien
Damien says he’s going up as a pawn. They try to think about who the other nomination is.
Damien – I thought she was putting momma up
Mark – if you win the veto are you going to use it or respect Chelsea’s noms
Damien – Ohh i’ll use it..
DAmien mentions the season of US Big Brother that the person didn’t use it and went home.

5:55pm Dane and KIKI
KIKI – you can just call me COOCOO KIKI
DAne – I feel like absolute sh1t from what I ate..

Dane – Dane dane the poo poo brain went to Spain and went insane
KIKI says she knows Damien is going up as a pawn but doesn’t know who the other person is.
Dane mentions all the times Damien was flipping his vote.
KIKI thinks the conversation they had went really well, “I think Chelsea is level headed”
KIKI says she really likes Cory says she’s cool
Dane knows but is worried about what Cory knows.

6:02pm Chelsea, Sam and Adam
Chelsea going over the plan to have the veto played so they can get MOMMAK out. She doesn’t plan to tell KIKI she’s a pawn.

6:12pm more in the HOH with Kyram Sam, Adam, Chelsea and DANE
Chelsea says MArk figured out the backdoor plan. Him knowing that and her trusting him keeps him close and if it leaks they’ll know who did it.
Kyra – what did you tell Damien
Chel – I told Damien he is the pawn..

Chel – it was so funny when he barfed in my face.. I feel bad that that happened and now I’m nominating him.
Adam says the have not competition was fun.

6:20pm “The girls” and Chelsea
Talking about how gross the Have not competition was.
Cehlsea says KIKI is going up “I don’t want anybody to think it’s personal”
Chelsea – hear when I say I want you to win that Veto
Chelsea highlights the veto how there’s options if it’s used.
KIKI – It’s part of the game I really appreciate the fact you told me and I have a chance to play for the veto
Chelsea says she doesn’t play in the veto (huh?)
Chelsea – I’m sorry
KIKI – I know it’s awkward because it’s a awkward thing to say
Chelsea – I appreciate you understanding
KIKI – this is the game and I understand.
Esti – I feel bad… Damien looks really upset..
Chelsea – I’m putting Damien up also
KIKI – I should let you be it’s no big deal..

KIKI says she feels like Chelsea isn’t coming after her. KIKI thinks Daien is the target.

They hug it out..

KIKI – it’s part of the game I feel like i’m more in it now.. (LOLO I love kiki 😉 )
KIKI – don’t worry I feel liek this is harder for you than it is for me
Chelsea – you are a cool person don’t think it’s personal
KIKI – trust me it’s not.

KIKI says she trust Chelsea ..

6:33pm Kyra brings a coffee up to Chelsea..
Chelsea – she is either really smart and understand what’s happening
Kyra – Mark told her
Chelsea – perhaps Mark told her that was a very different conversation than I thought it would be.. She thanked me
Kyra – wait what.. actually..
Chelsea – I don’t think anybody went on teh block and thanked the HOH..
Kyra – she left pissed..

6:35pm “the Girls”
KIKI says she’s going to GUN for the veto 100% she’s not really upset about being nominated.
Esti – if you get it who’s the next person.. it’s me.,..
Esti says “they’re” so full of sh1t (the HOH crew)
KIKI agrees..

KIKI – I’m excited to bounce back from this I am genuinely not worried.. This is actually a good thing I know I say this about everything..
Esti counts teh votes to keep KIKI
Esti -we can get MOMMAK, Myself, Eddie, Dane… I dunno maybe Cory

Esti says Chelsea’s speech was 100% BS, “the fact she said she didn’t want their to be a divide.. well she just made it”

KIKI looks at the camera – “Game on Canada I’m excited”
KIKI says she was really worried about a backdoor at least she can play in the veto.
KIKI – the sad thing is you can’t trust Mark
Esti – he definitely knew
KIKI – i’ll be damned if I go out before winning an HOH.
KIKI – We’ll get someone to blow up their game either Eddie or Kyra it’ll happen don’t worry (BOOYA )

Esti says KIKI is going to have to flirt with Mark..
Esti – you have to make out with him without anyone else knowing..


KIKI – the reason Chelsea putting me up is sh1t I honestly think she’s got a bigger plan. I’m not worried I’m not leaving..

7:00pm Dane, MOMMAK and Esti
Esti – KIKI is going up
Dane – with DAm’s
Esti – mmmhhmmm
MOMMA – is she a target
Esti doesn’t think she’s the target “the point of this HOH is to separate people”
MOMMA – nominations are nothing there’s a pov… you got me..
Esti says if she wins HOH Chelsea is gone.
Momma – we people scatter to who’s in power..
Esti – I don’t
Momma – we don’t want either to go home.. Damien is solid
Momma says if they win Veto and take KIKI down. Esti will go up. “If a seed is planted that Cory would go after Chelsea… you understand me ”
Dane – yeah we have to plant some seeds..

MOMMA – we will figure out something… you know they aren’t -playing their game they are playing someone elses game..
Momma – it’s such a weak f*ing move..
Momma says they have to plant seeds that someone is going after Chelsea.
MOmma is saying they will have to sacrifice someone in the house that’s teh person they start rumours about
Esti wants to wait.. “There’s a POV coming”

7:06pm Chelsea and Mark
Mark knows what the plan is…

7:22pm KIKI, Damien and Eddie
They are going to try and get Chelsea to backdoor Kyra.. .
KIKI- I’m excited because being a NOM means I’m in this b1tch
KIKI doesn’t want Eddie, Esti or MOMMAK to be a replacement so right before the VETO they have plant a big enough seed in Chelsea’s head..
KIKI – we’re not going home DAmien.. we’re from BC this is a west coast game man… Ohh i’m gettign fired up baby ..

KIKI – Sam and Adam are attached to the HIP and Chelsea has no where to go so the best person is Kyra .

(This plan will likely end with KIKI and esti both on the block)

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Wow Kiki is so happy! i’ve never seen a player so happy to be nominated!


OMG! I love Chelsea and this move is gives her the credit of being an HOH without ruffling too many feathers but I will be damned if either Estefania or Keira end up going home this week (esp. Estef) because not only the two of them are smart, they know they boys are buddy-buddy. Hopefully, they survive otherwise this season will turn into an absolute bull crap. I can’t stand Adam. He is a comp beast like Erica from last season with none of the charm, humility and the good looks that made her so adorable last season.

Guy From Canada

The huh regarding the POV, explained on the show HOH doesn’t play in veto unTIL final 5. Since all players play in final 6 for veto, this means triple at 8 players, so predictable…..