Cerie – “Cameron goes Hisams devastated because Rellys still here. That will benefit us ” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players: Reilly, Cameron, Hisam, America, Matt, Blue
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Looks like Cerie and Izzy are voting to keep Reilly. Reilly will now have the votes to stay. Looks on Hisam’s face will be a highpoint. backyard is closed down.

8:09 am Cerie and Izzy
Izzy – I feel better about this plan after talking to Matt. To Keep Reilly
Cerie – ok
Izzy mentions how different Cameron is with Blue, Jag, Corey, .. He’s just just chilling having a good time “He was a Delight” when he’s with their side he’s “Always putting us down the kinda teasing I think go too far”
Izzy goes over her talk with Matt. “He told me Reilly came to me and said I have a really good feeling about Reilly. She feels really good”
Izzy – It wasn’t bullshit.. I don’t think he knows how to bullshit.
Izzy – He was like if Reilly stays it could be Me, You, Cerie, Reilly
Cerie – just need to fit Jared in
Izzy – I know
Cerie – Hisam just hung himself.
Izzy – Yeah
Cerie – You are in there dictating to us we don’t make any named alliances.
Izzy – as if you know everything I’m doing in this game that I need you to without telling me anything you have going on. You’re going off doing whatever that you are going to carry me to final two because you think it will be cool to have two gay people sitting in those final 2 chairs.
Cerie – Unbelievable
Izzy – F*** you
Cerie – What happened to the integrity.. where did it go?
Cerie – He was considering the brown people everyone safe..
Izzy – it’s comical

Izzy – I’m way more on board with keeping Reilly now especially after last night but. I don’t want to piss MEME too off
Cerie – if we do it do we tell MEME? I think we do
Izzy – we have to tell her.
Cerie brings up last night when Blue and jag came out of the HOH room the look on their faces after listening to Hisam going nuts. “I knew it I knew it”
Cerie – Maybe we meet with the bye bye b1tches that Includes MEME and Bowie. Fill them in so MEME understand why we are doing what we are doing
Cerie – I would rather keep Reilly over Cameron any day for both of us

Izzy – I said to him so are Jag and Blue still your targets next week
Cerie – what he say?
Izzy – He was like.. Yeah but someone else has to do it I can’t be the one to do it.
Izzy – I don’t work for you
Cerie – he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty
Izzy – the only good thing about Hiam’s nonsense and us. He’s made everyone truly believe it’s me and him and not me and you

Cerie – Cameron goes Hisams devastated because Rellys still here. That will benefit us
Izzy – he will be more fixated on him.
Cerie – and she will be fixated on him and her army.. she’s going to keep them off us.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back they are talking about the conversations they will have today. Jag and Reilly.

9:52 am Cerie and Izzy
Cerie – I asked Jag if anyone from our side approached you? He’s like NOOOOO
Cerie – so he’s still lying.
Izzy – are you concerned that if Reilly stays their not going to go back with her and still try to absorb Hisam and break up the house in three ways. That woldn’t happen?
Cerie – all of them is four.
Matt joins them. Izzy leaves.

Cerie – I know we don’t talk like game game.. If Reilly stays I will need to be secure with you. If we were able to rally enough people to keep Reilly here then you all have to protect me.
Matt – Yeah..
They talk about how they don’t like how Hisam is telling them who to vote for.
Izzy joins them.
Cerie – I need that assurance
Matt – I can promise you that.
They go on about not liking Hisam. Matt gives them assurance he’s secure with them.

They seal the deal with a hug.
Cerie – we will need to be protected
Matt – I know

11:35 am Cerie and Jag
Jag – Me, you, Blue, Reilly..
Cerie – Reilly will pull Matt obviously I’m not a fool.. I feel more padded with that for when Hisam comes after us. He’s going to come. he’s going to be so pissed at her.
Jag – We’ll need Felicia and Izzy to be in when we make an alliance it has to be small.
Jag asks what the smallest they can make their alliance.
Cerie – Reilly Stays. It’s me, you, Reilly, Blue. Hisam will come after all of us he’ll be so pissed if Reilly doesn’t come home. I would say Me, you, Blue, .. I know Reilly will pull Matt I know matt will be a part of it. I want Izzy to be a part of it just because we’ve grown close
Jag – So should we do, Me, you, Blue, Reilly, Izzy and you are pulling Felicia..
Cerie – I think, me, you, Blue, Reilly, Izzy is going to need protection.
Jag – What do we think of Jared?
Cerie – Felicia likes Jared. Felicia will pull Jared. I like Jared to I think he’s trustworthy.
Cerie – you have to pull somebody.
Jag – America. I can pull America.
They’re team is a core with Izzy, Jag, Cerie, Blue, Reilly with an outer circle of America, Matt, Felicia, Jared.
Cerie – that could work.

Cerie – Hisam is going to implode when Reilly doesn’t go.. If REilly don’t go you are going to see him like tornado that is what she’s scared of.
Jag – we are merging the two groups.. Nobody will suspect this

11:58 am Izzy, Jared and Cerie
They agree to join forces with Jag and Reilly.
Jared leaves. Izzy talks about how much Hisam will blow up when Reilly stays.
Cerie – I’m going to let him have it. You like it straightforward I’m going to give it to you straightforward..
Cerie plans to tell Hisam what he’s accusing Reilly of he was doing the same thing.
Cerie – You told us to no protect ourselves and make alliances then you go do the exact same thing. You weren’t transparent what happened to all of that Hisam. How DARE YOU.

12:37 pm Cerie, Izzy, Matt and Reilly
The issue is they want this to be a blindside for Hisam but they don’t want to Blindside Bowie, MEME and Red.
Cerie – I would prefer it to be a unanimous vote but the opposite way. That will knock him down some pegs. When he finds out the entire house voted against him.
Reilly laughs
Izzy – that is going to be incredible
Reilly – all I want is to see the loo on his face
Izzy – he will look at me immediately
Izzy – I’m not scared of him but I want to stay in this game. I think this is the right decision.
Cerie – our next decision is how do we handle Red, MEME and Bowie
Reilly – MEME her trust is with y’all so let her in on it. She needs to know. Explain everything to her. She’s working off fear. Red will be hard to convince.
Cerie – He’s going to tell Cameron and Cameron will tell Hisam.
They agree Bowie just wants to go with the flow.
They are going to have Bowie use her (If she gets one) Vote nullifier on Red.

They seal their new team with a hug.
Cerie – “I like this squad”
Reilly – I love you guys.. thank you for doing this

1:25 pm Izzy and Jag
Izzy says if they do this the house target next week is HIsam. “Are you okay with that?”
Jag – I don’t ever want to throw a comp and Bowie wins or Red. Not a part of us
Izzy – Red doesn’t want to win. Red’s been telling me Ohh I don’t want to win until later. Red might throw it. ideally Reilly or matt win HOH
Jag – Yeah that’s a clear shot.
Feeds cut. When we’re back.
Izzy saying that Hasim told her he needs to find people to protect him. “Meaning me and Cerie can’t protect him we’ll never win”
Jag – for someone whos careful with their words he’s sometime irresponsible
Izzy – I’m a couple steps ahead of you SHOVE it
Izzy – it needs to be unanimous for him to feel fully deflated.
Jag – I think we can get there.

Izzy says she hopes that next week it’s Hisam then the week after that it’s a EAsy Red or Bowie.

2:00 pm Jag and Blue
THey’ve been going over the vote. Jag says the alliance with Hisam is over. Hisam ratted them out.
He fills her in on the new alliance with Cerie.
Jag – this is an alliance we can take to the end.
Cameron walks in…

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It’s happening !?! Reilly staying !! Hisam spiraling !


reilly staying is better for everyone’s game but hisam’s. they target each other while the rest of the house can remain anonymous. this is the big thing hohs with hohitis generally fail to realize, if you let hoh go to your head you don’t control the vote and no one wants to work with you so your plans fall through. playing your hoh more chill is usually the better way to accomplish your goals.


So let me get this straight,…..Luke is yanked out of the game for using a variation of a word in a non-threatening way,,,but out of control, angry, mean Hisam is allowed to continue to game play after he unjustly verbally assaulted another player in a threatening manner and made racist remarks about her……Come On …Production is picking and choosing AGAIN.


I agree the things he has said about Reilly are disgusting he is unstable BB needs to get him out. I could see him doing something that could hurt someone.


It’s hypocrisy that production is doing nothing to remove hisam. It’s a clear as day he has severe personal race related issues with Reilly. She doesn’t deserve to leave for that. He is the problem.


Make your complaints to CBS directly. They do listen and I know this for a fact


Luke knew what he was doing. He used it to be offensive, make others uncomfortable and to see how far he could go. I am glad he was put out. Now they are trying to spin the issue of him supposedly having a black stepmother….AND…who cares. That means nothing in regards to racists!


why is it every season we have to have the discussion that you can’t be racist towards white people. racism suggests historical systemic discrimination which is not what’s happening here. now, you CAN be prejudiced against white people and that’s an important distinction as it defines why luke was yanked and hisam will not be (though his misogyny and harassment could get him booted potentially, don’t know what their contracts say about that).


So Luke gets ejected for using a variation of a racist word in a non-threatening manner, but angry, psycho, out of control Hisam the Horrible gets to stay in the game after he verbally abused Riley in a mean, racist, jealous, threatening manner. Production, wake up…he is a loose cannon


Are Cirie and Izzy stupid? I can’t help but feel like this would be a TERRIBLE move to keep Reilly. They are going to isolate their own alliance members. They are also vowing to keep someone who is clearly connected to their “enemies” versus Cameron who has kind of been shunned by the other side of the house (he is on his own now). The fact that Matt, Jag, etc are fighting so hard to keep her should tell you something. She is far more dangerous in this game. Also, she’s giving Nicole F vibes… and we know how that snake could always slither her way through the game to the end.


They already talked about telling mecole and Bowie to now isolate their alliance. I think it’s a good move on their part they gain Reilly Matt Jag and blue on their side and keep the house divided instead of hisam absorbing in Cameron and working the brown on brown and lgbtq connections with Jag and blue.


Reilly, Matt, Jag and Blue are going to be loyal to each other. They’ve already proved that. Even if Cirie and Izzy join with them, they are lowest on the totem pole versus their current alliance where they are top. I get that we want good television, but from a game standpoint this makes no sense. The fact that Reilly even has people rallying for her is enough to show that she is more of a threat. I just don’t get blowing up their alliance this early for someone who will likely turn on them the moment they get power. If Izzy and Cirie go through with the flip, I hope this blows up in their faces. I feel like Cirie was in such a good spot in the house but she is playing too emotional now (or maybe production is in her ear?). Either way, if she decides not to save Reilly now she’s going to be a target from Matt, etc. If she does save Reilly, she has Hisam, Mecole, maybe Cory and others who will possibly target her now (realizing she’s made a new deal). It’s super messy and not worth it to make this move right now in my opinion

Mad Max

so true!


Poor Cirie. She is now STUCK with Icky Izzy because Icky knows about her son…Cirie, .enjoy baby sitting, Icky is now clued to you. You are her new BFF like it or not


Doesn’t RED knows also?? He told Jarod.


Team Taylor

This is great news!

I see Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Bowie, Matt, Blue, Jag, Jared, and Corey voting out Cameron.

Can’t wait to see the look on Hisam’s face when Reilly stays.


It will be EPIC !!! He’s going to blow a gasket! He really deserves what comes to him. Right now he still thinks he is running the show. He doesn’t realize that he no longer has power. He thinks that just because he still holds the title of HOH that he can still make demands. He doesn’t even have a vote (well, unless it’s a tie, God forbid). He has upset the whole house with his actions and they are not so forgiving. We know he can’t play in the next HOH comp, but if he gets chosen to play Veto and wins, he won’t be the next to go. They gotta send him to the Net hers so he can’t be picked, right?


“Neathers”. Sorry (damn spell check!)

un autre nom

First of all, I want Manson evicted, just so i’m cards on table that I have a bias/preference.
Reilly has proven herself bad at big brother.
Hisam’s rant: umm why the shock faces? I’ve been saying for a week dude has baggage that is impacting his game, and he’s been insinuating the white straight people are racist and/ or homophobic. Didn’t pull that out of my ass, so yeah i’m kinda toldya so about the rant.

Chances of Manson being evicted in my eyes: 30% at this time.

Jag plays scared. thinks he’s suddenly not a target if Reilly is gone. yeah because 10v5 becoming 10v4 is so much better for the 4. blinkblink
Cory is trying to become Cirie jr’s Izzy.
Meme is more team Hisam than team bitches or team sugarbabe. the 8 benefits her more until they hit top 8.
Red is protecting Cam.
Jared isn’t telling anyone Cam is targeting Hisam too.
Nether region is going to do something so that the vote follows production storyline.


There’s another reason they might not be able to pull it off…The people in the house that can’t keep their mouth shut. As far as my reaction to what Hisam has done/said from right before the veto meeting to when this plan was hatched was just a “Shaking My Head” HoHitis really got him. I am trying to remember if it was Rachel or her sister that had really bad reactions as HOH as well

Matthew schneider

Robert they would not have made an alliance of matt,cirie,izzy and reilly if they are voting reilly out . That would be the shortest alliance ever. Like 2 days

un autre nom

I don’t trust this, but i’m putting it out there because I saw it and thought hmmmm:
A freelance journalist reports that the feedblock running long was in reaction to dealing with a complaint from Matt that the veto comp had a sound based component.
The journalist reported that Matt was given safety for the week in response due to the fact that prodo unfairly gave advantage to his competition in the veto by having the sound based component.


Here We Go

I heard that also.


I also heard that it had something to do with Matt as well


I find it really hard to believe that CBS would include someone with any kind of impairment or disability and NOT already have accomodations (lights, signals, closed captioning, etc.) for that participant already in place – tried and tested. SMH. Just a shame.

un autre nom

The more the pr dept puts out notices about accommodations, the more i believe the rumor. It’s like they are egg on face and making accommodation on the fly every time there is an issue. Fixes after the fact due to poor planning are bad.


I don’t need a damn tin foil hat…..

I was simply stating that in the Diary room , sometimes because we can hear them more clearly , without other noises in the house and they aren’t whispering or outside , etc, that his voice sounds more clear. I obviously know he has a freekin accent. You just hear it more in the D/R. Good grief.
I will never state another question/opinion again.
I thought this was a place you could do that but I guess when you do you get a freekin passive aggressive comment for it.

Here We Go

Don’t take things so personally. Stay in the chat because it’s fun. Remember…..the DR is scripted and staged.


Ok, thanks Hisam. Noted. Nothing personal.

Here We Go

Why on earth did I deserve that response? I take it back. Bye!


Don’t take it personal. It’s just in fun. Isn’t that what you said? Sheesh!


I really hate they’re saving O’Reilly Auto Parts. Not a fan of Cameron either. That’s all

Here We Go

I hope this works! Thursday’s show will be amazing just to see Hisam’s expression. Ya’ll call him Manson. My crowd calls him Hitler.


No it’s Cameron who is Manson, because he looks like him. Derp


Reilly is really annoying and I would like to see her leave.

un autre nom

If I remember correctly:
Cirie’s 2 biggest game moves in her history.

  1. Designer of a plurality non majority vote. Crafted a 3–2-1 vote in her group in order to get rid of the player all the alphas considered the final 2 lay up because she wanted that position herself. ended up 4th.
  2. Manipulated the last man standing against a 4 or 5 woman alliance to give up immunity to prove he wasn’t a lying backstabber to those women, and then voted him out. ended up 3rd

This is what she’s known for.
Just in case anyone is wondering that’s never seen her history.
Jared appeared on an episode of survivor as her family visitor. game changers return player season.


Cirie is my favorite Survivor of all time (and I’ve seen every season). Definitely not the best player, just a joy to watch. You could tell she was having a blast. Brittany is my favorite BB player for much the same reason. Nobody does DR (and snark) like Brittany!


This week was the first time we saw Cirie incorrectly apply her Survivor persona to BB. She’s never worked with this many people and is used to pulling off a move with just a few hours until the vote.

Regardless of who leaves this week, we’ll see how she adapts moving forward and whether she waits until Wednesday night/Thursday morning to make her moves next time instead.

un autre nom

tbh, her manic flip move and done deal promises should bite her in the ass when she broke her word 2 hours later. It won’t ‘because’. It should.

un autre nom

Hisam’s strategic errors:
Preached cooperative democracy, became a tyrant with power.
Told his team no deals. Made deals to save himself. Let it get out before he could control spin. Failed to spin.
Said he nominated someone for being a Hufflepuff.
Preached integrity and kindness while flopping open ALL of his baggage.
Comp record 2/2/1/1/1…tells team he’s going to throw for a while… does that mean will throw if teammate is on the block?

Does this mean the vote will flip? Dunno. still only 30-35% on a flip. Too many moving parts and too many loose lips.

Matthew schneider

The izzy, matt,cirie, reilly alliance will be the shortest in bb history 2 days when reilly gets voted out they hug her and reilly said thanks for doing this but the flip is died so her hugging them and saying thank you for doing this is all for nothing.


How many in the house has figured out Mama C and Jared to date ???

Matthew schneider

Martin that flip was not real reiily will be voted out she will be the 1 blindsided tomorrow 11 to 1 vote only vote for her will be matt