Big Brother Canada 4 April 13 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Who are ya’ll voting for HOH. I kind of want Tim out. He’s arrogant and thinks he’s the most amazing human being. Editing fails to show how much of a bully he is to Joel and Phil.


The only two I could consider for HOH would be Nikki and Ramsey. Nikki just for the sake of watching what she’ll do and how she’ll do it. Ramsey because, honestly, anyone else seems ridiculous at this point.
Tim IS being a bully to people and acting like a real b!@#$ despite how much everyone complains about Raul. Don’t get me wrong. Raul is one of the biggest b!@#$%s this season. His isolation in the yard for 24 hours demonstrated how annoying he really is and how insignificant a shot he really had at 100,000.
Back to Tim, I admire Tim in how logically he thinks. He’s leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. But for someone his age, he does a lot of petty sh!@ that could be avoided despite how much he complains about everyone else. Sure, Nikki is oblivious but she’s fun to watch, in a season of complete utter boredom. Face it, Mitch blowing up Kelsey’s game was the best thing to happen this season. No one is squirming this year. Boring. Cass is annoying, but a great social player. The brothers are SO vanilla, but haven’t done ANYTHING yet. And third wheel=which might as well be Joel because despite his knowledge of the game, has not done anything to deserve a final 3. Yet. That leaves the Knight in Shining Armor who’s a blockhead and his Princess Bride, the airline hostess who dresses in mumu’s in the house and wears Tila Tequila dresses on eviction night. Absolutely tired of them. “Maddy’s so mean to me.” Every freaking day. Kelsey has not done SQUAT. Before and after she came back.
Jared doesn’t have a strong case in the end until she goes. It’s time to start contemplating who has done something to deserve winning this game and so far, I don’t like any of these folks!


I think he’s taking on a leadership role with Phil and Joel. Joel probably reminds him of Ben from his season of BBAU, who didn’t really know how to look after himself. Phil and Joel both don’t seem to keep very tidy, and do appear to lack some basic etiquette.


Fingers crossed production baits Tim to do his famous “did you hear that?” nomination speech and getting Tim’s dad in that skeleton costume!


This seasons cast is kind of boring. The couple half decent ones cast were voted out early on. I think that is why Tim and Nicky shine in some sense as they are the only entertaining ones in the bunch. It is crazy to think that out of 36million this is the best they could come up with. Every seasons casting seems to be worse than the lasts.


I truly do hate everyone who is left in the house. This is how I personally rate the players:

Brothers: Older brother way too controlling
Tim: Absolutely full of himself and seems the act like a pretty female
Nikki: Funny but nuts
Cassandra: Lies and gossips way too excessively
Kelsey: Entitled princess
Jared: Bit too egotistical and insular
Raoul: Also insular and entitled
Joel: Has no idea how to socialize
Ramsay: Can’t keep a conversation private
Maddy: Refuses to work with people and has poor strategy


THAT’S why we like Tim, he challenges the gender-norms. Just because he isn’t sticking boobs in the camera you complain he’s acting like a pretty lady.

Guy From Canada

When the top two picks from most people are all stars, of course the cast will be dull. Even if Tim is being a bully, he is playing the game to entertain the viewing audience, with a lesser extent cass. There is no one I want in, maybe Nikki, cause it would be random, and she may put the brothers and Tim up cause they made fun of her.


Nikki has been one of the least entertaining to me, often walking around like a zombie resembling someone in a nursing home, and when she does anything of note its a production staged circus act for a few minutes, but more often than not needs babysitting from Tim – there is no real reason for her to be there – her place should have gone to a Canadian regular player – Tim was enough of a wildcard, she wasnt needed

vote 4 cass

Vote 4 Cass!!!

vote 4 cass AND joel

I agree, I am voting for Cass, and her noms will be exactly what Joel wants too, they have a final 2 and trust each other, so Joel and Cass fans should vote for both Joel and Cass, since the top 2 in votes will be involved in the luck comp to see who is HOH it wont matter which of the 2 is HOH, the same noms will happen


I voted for Cass! Not a big fan of hers, she plays a good social game thats why i want her to win.. to expose her. She’s told everyone she’ll put up who that person wants out. Want to see her have to lie and back track because she hasnt gotten blood on her hands yet.
Also voted for Joel, want him to win. Everyone says hes done nothing. But he’s the first one who took a shot at 3W alliance so he’s got the balls to make big moves where i think if the brother had it it would be Maddy & Nikki up.

I want someone to take a shot at Tim but i don’t see anyone left putting him up next week.


I voted Tim for HoH


The problem with Raul’s campaign was completely in delivery.
referring to Maddy in a condescending tone as “honey” was not a good starter. Telling everyone in the room they are the target …it’s a game where one person wins, everyone is a target reasonably speaking. Saying that he’s the savior for them but he was going to save Jared because he was loyal until he was put on the block isn’t really a strong selling point. Show’s he’ll jump ship when the going gets tough. If they save him and the other side wins hoh, will he try to jump back for fear of being renom?
He SHOULD have blown Kelsey’s suite information that Maddy already knows. He SHOULD have been respectful of all of them. He SHOULD have put a better spin on everything. Saying he’s giving information that he’s not really giving, and saying he will provide security he doesn’t have the ability to give didn’t really work for me.


Raul should only have said that if he makes it to F3 with Kelsey and Jared, he knows for sure that they will take each other over him (and ,therefore, he will go against them from now on) and this reason alone should be enough for Joel, Nick, Phill, Ramsey etc to keep him in the house.


Everyone was at fault for not receiving the message Raul was trying to send. The sad part is that he totally exposed Jared, Tim, and Cassandra’s game but all those idiots refused to take Raul seriously and tried to shut him up every time he exposed critical information (such as Jared wanting to backdoor the Brothers which would have happened if not for Raul refusing to go along and Tim/Cass working the middle picking up where Mitch left).

It amazes me that everyone is up Jared’s @$s basically handing him the season, gift-wrapped. Raul’s biggest challenge really is his ability to communicate and unfortunate for him English is not his first language which he obviously struggles with.

The irony of this season is that each person voted out benefits only Jared and the people that held the evicted person’s fate were too stupid to not believe the information presented. In Raul’s case the message was 100% laid out clear as day. Unfortunately for him the people he was campaigning to “couldn’t handle the truth”


Rail is sh!t at campaigning so its no surprise


Question: if the brothers ever won hoh, would Nick be allowed to come into the room?


Aww, poor Nick 🙁




I actually like cass i would have never said this a week ago. You start to know people’s personality,everyone in the house are good people. I find Cassandra hilarious very funny.

vote 4 cass AND joel

Cass, best sense of humor and most lively personality in there with great energy – by far she has entertained me more than anyone else this season


I voted for the brothers and Ramsey only because there is no one to vote for ! Thought if you put these 2 against each other in the competition then whoever wins HOH will have to show their cards as whose side they are on. Maybe then things in the BB house would be worth watching. If Ramsey wins will he go against what Maddy wants which might cause some drama? Will the brothers have to stop playing it safe and finally pick a side? One would hope so! But who knows! Quite tired of watching very little game play and lots of whining by everyone in the house. It’s tiring watching J and K think they are so perfect and everybody else is stupid. Tired of hearing Tim think that he knows every thing and has the best and only solution to everyone’s problems. Even Nikki, as much fun as she is to watch her tirades,is tiring as she can’t seem to think for herself unless Tim tells her what to do. Joel needs to man up and Cassandra needs to be taken down a step or two as she thinks she is so sure that she is in the drivers seat. Would like to see her up on the block to see how she would react to possible eviction. As for Maddy and Ramsey don’t even get me started!!


Vote for RAMSEY or Nikki 🙂


Pls vote for ramsey


Sorry-Nikki got my vote


I voted for Nikki and the brothers just to keep things interesting. I want to see what Nikki would do with it or I want to see the brothers be forced to stop being neutral.


Ramsey needs that hoh or else he will be nominated


Maybe Ramsey might go against maddy u never know


The brothers’ YouTube channel is called Paqsquared.


In regard to the vote, it’s tricky.
The person you choose has to require the safety of being hoh, but has to be able to handle becoming a target after they are hoh. It has to be someone that needs the points with the jury if you are thinking you want them to go to the finals.
Does anyone really need to see another Tim hoh? Not in my opinion. Oh Nikki said she’d let Tim shoulder the responsibility while she took the perks, okay that knocks her out in my opinion too.
Jared? God no. If his ego inflates any more, the other house guests will have to move into the secret suite, because there won’t be any more room in the house.
Ramsey says he doesn’t want to be hoh because he doesn’t want to show his cards? Fine. Get your wish as far as I’m concerned. There’s no such thing as a bloodless game when you vote every week. The hoh hands the houseguests the gun and the targets. It’s the houseguests who fire the shots. Good luck with getting respect from the jury for your game moves. But hey, he doesn’t want it? He won’t get it from me.
Raul/Kelsey? It would end up feeding Jared’s ego vicariously. see above.
So, that leaves Cass brothers or Joel. Does Cass need it? Not really. The only people even remotely likely to target her are Raul (on the block), Maddy, and Ramsey (who doesn’t want to win an hoh). Do the brothers need it? They are potential targets for multiple people. Does Joel need it? He’s been mentioned as a pawn (being a pawn only works for so long) by almost everyone. So any of the three I guess in my opinion wouldn’t be the worst thing on earth. Though I really don’t think my sanity could handle a Cass HOH. I don’t hate her game. She’s playing well. The airtime quest bothers me. I admit it. the entire look where the camera is, put on airs fakery for the camera because airtime is everything attitude she projects is working my nerves. But i’d still prefer her Joel or the brothers to the ones that don’t require it, don’t want it, or really shouldn’t be allowed to have it.




If anybody is wondering what Tim was like on his season, you should definitely watch the BBAU 2013 season. I’m about a third of the way thru it and it is excellent.. very addicting and Tim is hilarious.


Couldn’t agree more!! I realize it’s a totally diff concept, but,… best bb i’ve ever watched -super entertaining!! Tim is freaking hilarious!!!

another name

If taping for “live” evictions usually starts between 230-330 in the afternoon, and spoilers come out somewhere between 6 and 7 pm after the sideshow has finished taping how is the vote going until 8pm?
Empty studio for the last five to ten minutes of the episode to grab the two highest vote getters, toss them into the high roller room and play a game of chance to win hoh?


Maddy thinks that Cassandra is playing Kelsey and is Maddy’s friend LOL


I’m curious what Joel would do with both Kelsey and Jared in the house.

Guy From Canada

Well in all honesty I’d like Mitch to run it from jury house lol


Would love to see Tim as HOH again this time put up Kelsey and Cass ! Or brothers and Cass !! Cass is pissed now cause Tim is sleeping with Nikki. And told her a couple of days ago he’s not attracted to her. Cass needs to go she thinks her shit don’t stink.


My dilemma for the vote was this:

Cass has said she’ll target Maddy & quite honestly I want her left in the house b/c eventually she’ll take out Jared who I just can’t come around to liking. One day Raul is helping him win POV & the next day when Raul tells him he has to defend himself Jared says “I’m done with him”. He seems to honestly think
everyone is there to help him win. I find that more annoying than any other trait of his. He makes deals with everyone and lies, but never owns that he does that.

Ramsay has a hard on to work with Jared and will go after Cass. At this point I’d rather Cass stayed b/c like someone mentioned above her social game has grown on me.

Obviously I don’t want Kelsey or Jared to win so they weren’t even a consideration.

Joel seems to be leaning toward taking out Maddy & Ramsay as well. Though part of me wanted to vote for him b/c he’s one of the few truly nice people in the house.

As much as Tim is a good player (intelligent) I think his ego would be unbearable if he was selected.

I’d love to see Nikki get it, but I was deterred somewhat b/c she said she would do what Tim wanted.

The Brothers are likely the only ones who would target Jared (my preference) & possibly one of Tim or
Ramsay to sit beside Jared. And I’d like to see who exactly they would target. (which side are they really on)

So, in the end, WHO I WANT TO LEAVE made my decision :
Because I want Jared out of the house I chose the Brothers. They are the only team who’d consider either straight up targeting Jared or back dooring him. Let’s face it once Jared was out of the house the gloves would be off and it would provide the setting for everyone to go after each other. Plus after this week I think Phil won’t target Maddy. On my boyfriend’s account I voted for Nikki as my second. If she wins, it will send the house a message that they aren’t entertaining us and perhaps they’d realize how disenchanted the
public are with them, And I also figured Nikki would refuse to target Maddy which edged her as my second choice over Joel.

So I’ll be happy if either of them win.

By the way, was anyone else surprised the show tonight finally showed the ‘other side’ of Jared talking about wanting to punch Nick in the face for pecking Kelsey during spin the bottle? Up until now the powers that be have given him such a great edit making him seem like an Emmett type (social mastermind and
super nice guy). Glad they are showing both sides of him. .


Tough one

First thought is vote for Joel cause I like him the most and don’t want to see him go up. He should put Maddy and Ramsey which would be the right move, but so would anyone else. You would think.

Would like to see Phil/Nick or Cassandra be exposed and show their cards and stop hiding. See what they really do.

Tim has told Maddy and Ramsey that he work with them the past couple days. Would he turn around and put them up?

Be funny just to see what Nikki would do.

Even though I don’t care for her and she doesn’t deserve it, would like see Kelsey put Maddy up just to see Maddy’s face. She would throw a fit the whole week.

If you want Jared and Kelsey to leave

Joel is the only option


I voted for Ramsey just to see Cassandra vs Tim on the block. Anyone know how many times we can vote?


New Drinking game: Take a shot every time someone from 3W alliance says “doesn’t make sense”
(you’ll be hammered just from Jared’s nasally whine)


“Why would Maddy target an ultra-strong 3 person alliance which never talks real game with anyone else in the house? It doesn’t make sense!”


Kelsey and Jared are the most annoying couple. Every time they’re on the screen I want to barf. Then I see them separately and it’s definitely Kelsey I hate more. Her weird eyes and eyebrows and her voice. Dahling all the time…so annoying. My god…she’s so unlikable

Wallbuilder Bob

Vote for Trump. Make HOH Great Again!






paq’s bros youtube channel. They are sweeeties


wow I didn’t expect to see Phil with all those zits.

They seem like nice guys I guess, especially Nick (but we knew that already)


Not Ramsey!!! He wants to work with Jared. He will get rid of Cass. Joel will be the only one to put up Kelsey / Jared. I’d like to see Kelsey and Maddy up. Backdoor Jared.


I would not vote for Ramsey if he was the last person on earth. lol

people like him? UGHHH


Now I have no idea who I want to win. I thought I knew and now I am getting out the popcorn and we shall see who ends up victorious.


LOL Raul did the worst campaigning I’ve ever seen in this game. “You’re a floater, you’re a floater” “Why are they scared of floaters?” “They are not.” That entire hour-long speech was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. He’s so dense.


What a waste of 2 houseguest spots…Kelsey and Raul are playing for Jared to win. He isn’t even nice to Raul and this idiot can’t see it. He’s a controlling wife abuser. Cass calls him loyal…wtf…he’s the boyfriend u hope ur daughter never meets