Cass “Lets get freaky this week! If you (Joel) win the veto, I will run around naked!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots ?

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9:50am – 10:35am By the pool – Tim tells Cass you know I will always vote for you to win the show. Cass starts crying. I don’t know what game they’re playing the honestly game or .. They sit there and call me a liar. You just sit there and don’t say anything. Tim sasy I don’t think you’re going home this week. If Its you and me, I’m going home. If its you and anyone else… Tim sasy you sadi you would never cry in this game. Cass says I know. Tim says the tricky thing is that no one knows about Joel. Cass says I shouldn’t have used the veto. Tim says lets just wait until after the veto. Cass says I’m not mad at you. I expected to go up. I went after you number 1 ally and I knew if you won, I would go up. Kelsey says I’m not trying to be an a$$hole. If nothing else we are friends. Cass says I’m not frustrated with you. Cass says that she wasn’t going to use the veto and then Tim said something to her. Tim tells Kelsey that she plays on a heart level. Cass doesn’t except for that move last night. Tim says Uh OH The Black widow has a heart. Kelsey leaves. Cass says that Joel needs to win the f**king veto. The person we’ve been protecting this entire game. Cass says if she hadn’t used the veto on Tim, Joel would have voted to keep him. It would have exposed him and he would have been public enemy number 1. Cass says we need to get the brothers out this week some how. Tim says out of the freak show one of us has to win the veto. Cass asks did we sign up for big brother or the friendship making game.? Cass says if Joel goes this week, its not the worst thing. We’ll try for the brothers and if not Joel. Tim tells Cass you never should have invited me into your bed.. we’re both like bad people. Tim says we’re both psychopaths. Tim says the way you’ve done this game is exactly how I did Australia.. there’s no off switch and its exhausting. Cass laughs about the idea of the brothers walking in to Jury house and telling Jared that Kelsey was HOH. Tim and Cass agree they would vote for Kelsey over the Brothers.

10:50am Tim tells Joel we’ve got a plan. Best case scenario is you win the veto and second scenario is I win the veto and take Cass off and convince Kelsey to put up the brothers. I think this is our week. We know your best chance at the end is with eiter of us. Cass says that Tim is our little Australian mentor. Cass says lets get freaky this week! Lets do it! Tim asks can we make the veto who stared in and who won the awards!? Joel says if its anything in a ten foot tree and I reach up and grab it. Or hackysack, I’m good at that. Soccer I’m good at that. Cass says if you (Joel) win the veto, I will run around the house naked! Tim says I will too. TIm says what the brothers did last night making the deal with you .. was grounds for Kelsey to go hold on wait a minute. Tim tells Cass that she gives her word out like some game wh*re. We’re obviously the smartest in here but we have the worst luck. Cass says the brothers need to go.

11:15am Hot Tub room – Kelsey says truthfully I don’t think Cass has played that good of a game. She’s leached on to people. Phil asks who do you want to go this week? Kelsey says I don’t know yet. I think Tim has played the better game. He is the bigger threat. Tim is very smart and does want to win. Nick joins them. Phil says they’re going to be working Joel so hard this week. Phil tells Kelsey that Joel would take you over Cass. Kelsey says I don’t know. Phil says what is great next week is all about the POV. If you win it you decide who goes. Kelsey says I do believe Tim is the bigger threat in comps. Kelsey says bottom line is Joel and Cass aren’t physical threats. I’m just very irritated by Joel this week .. he is a snake too. He tells us stuff but he tells Cass everything. He will never be with us. Phil says if we win the final HOH I would be so happy to take you (Kelsey). Kelsey says same.

12:15pm HOH room – Kelsey is listening to her music. Meanwhile in the backyard – Tim and Cass are working out. Tim tells Cass that he’s glad he lasted longer than Nikki.

1pm – 1:20pm Hot Tub room – Tim tells Kelsey I really respect that you told us that we’re going up so that we weren’t wondering all day. Cass joins them and says they kind of knew they were going up. Tim says i think at the end of the week .. Cassandra and I are the two that you would definitely beat at the end .. at the end of the week you will know .. ah yeah I know what I need to do. I just really don’t think the brothers will take you to the finale because the jury is stacked in your favour. Kelsey says I would have Rual and Jared’s vote but not Maddy. Tim thinks Jared will persuade her. Cass leaves. Kelsey says I know people are going to say that I have the votes in jury but I don’t necessarily think that. Tim says next week you’re relying on Joel to save you since you can’t compete. Kelsey says or the brothers to take me to final 3 at least. Cass joins them again.

2:10pm All the house guests are in the hot tub room chatting about travelling.

3:35pm – 4pm In the bedroom – Joel, Cassandra and Tim are studying. Meanwhile – Kelsey and the brothers are hanging out in the hot tub. Phil tells Kelsey he could never evict her so that he could win. Nick says I would rather see you win then see one of them win 20K. Kelsey asks I wonder what Joel’s plan in all of this is. Nick says to play both sides. Just know the brothers have your back. Kelsey says I know. Phil says she knows.

HOH room – Kelsey and Cass are talking. Cass says I know your 99% sure and that you’re not changing your vote. I know you’re open minded. Kelseys she’s open minded. Cass says if Tim wins and comes off I go home. Phil comes in. Cass asks to have a minute. Phil says open door policy. I know you’re spreading rumors about me. Cass and Kelsey say she’s not. Cass says get off your high horse. Phil says fine, I’ll leave, I just know what you’re capable of. Kelsey asks if she should call them out on what they said to you the other day? Cass says you can. Kelsey asks so they actually said lets all just go against Kelsey. Cass explains what happened before she won HOH. They go to talk to Tim.

In the bedroom – Tim explains how Kelsey knows how they’ve (Brothers) have played the game hiding behind the power. Tim tells Kelsey that Cass and I are probably your best chance to win. I whole heartedly respect how you played the game.

In the kitchen – They all sit down at the kitchen table and have an “open door” meeting. Cass brings up the conversation in the pink room last night. How you still love me. Phil says on a game level. Cass says and you wanted to still be BFF’s with us. Phil asks absolutely not! WHAT!? We said you were dead to us. Nick ask do you have the word ass on yr face because you have one on your ass and your face because all I hear coming out is sh*t! We said if you used the veto you were dead to us!!

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Kelsey is so excited to have the HOH to herself to drop some giant stinking shits this week.

I'd buy that for a dollar

I’m having deja vu of BB US Season 5 final 5 scenario!! Bye bye Bros!! LoL 🙂


After this lackluster season, I am starting to finally getting excited! The remaining players all have their faults, but at this point, they all deserve it.
Cass, Tim, and Joel have played a very good game. If one of them turns on the other, they win… Joel or Tim could flip at this point, because, lets face it, no threat for F2 on the other side… I will say, I think Cass should have flipped on Tim when she had the chance…. The bros (Phil) were gullible enough to not put her up… It was just as much of a mistake for her as it was the broskies.,. She even calls Tim her mentor. Like, come on girl!! She said she would cut him when it was time… Time has passed, and he will hang her to dry if the roles were reversed.
The ones I am rooting for have made the most blunders in the game, so its understandable if they get evicted. To me, the brothers are adorable and funny… I have laughed more at them than anyone.
Nikki is gone, and I realize now, she is the part of the show I didnt like. Its like that 1 person that sucks the fun out of the room… The rest of them, its good game. Yes, even Kelsey. She has her positives too…


Now we’re talking. Some good entertainment coming and also these arrogant pricks get taken down a notch. They don’t know that Kelsey and the brothers now(finally) officially know Joel is with them as a three person alliance. It’s going to funny watching the tables turn and they’re the ones getting played.

Cassandra still showing she’s not any good. She’s willing to cut Joel to take someone she has no chance of beating. Also telling Joel they’re his best chance at winning. He can’t be buying this anymore.



Don’t celebrate just yet that the season gets competitive. F5 can be death to a friend. If Kelsey correctly puts up Tim and another Freak the key becomes the Freak not nominated cannot win veto. If they do they use it 1 comes down Then the brothers go up and are eliminated. Leaving Kelsey all alone and not being able to play HOH meaning win POV F4 or the freaks make F3.

For the sake of salvaging a very mediocre season we need Timmy or Cass gone. Who ever wins I don’t care about as long as production doesn’t fix the game.

Some here saying Kelsey being mean. No one’s meaner than Cass. Tim is arrogant and been given a free ride from production. Oh don’t forget Kelsey got a “fixed” bs second chance. The Bro’s are just plain BB stupid. Only poor Joel seems a decent enough person IMHO. Is that enough to cheer for him winning IDK? What we seem to have are a bunch of light weights as comp beasts.
In the end best game Timmy. I do not care he’s not Canadian. But just like coaches in BBUSA where they never stood a chance versus Dan. Same holds true with Tim versus the HG’s. If it’s the season of nice guys finish first root for Joel. BB really isn’t about whose nicest though. If it’s social again give it to Timmy. Personally I think production will mold the end challenges to give their fav the best chance to win. That appears to be Kelsey based on the season but maybe, just maybe, it’s Cassie Poo they are going to push late?


On one hand I see your point that Kelsey was likely the “chosen one” given Jared was there as a meat shield and Canada voted on who to bring back only to have the house decide so obviously production wanted Kelsey back.

On the other hand, the only person who really got screwed this season by a twist was Mitch (& if his F2 was true with Joel them him as well).

The Brothers won a luck comp that could have gone either way, Cass won HOH that I guess everyone could’ve won and again it’s pretty much a staple How Bad Do You Want when production wants to save someone. But then that was followed by a bowling HOH (Note: Nick plays all the time, he said so on the feeds last night).
As per TPTB (the powers that be)… IF…..

Kelsey wins Production helped bring her back & in a FIRST is ALLOWED to say what she saw while out.

Bros win – they had 2 comps back to back geared for them to win AND most glaringly were given not one, but two chances to change their nomination after they said themselves.

Tim wins – he’s likely being fed by BB Production based on the timing of certain occurrences throughout the season. Heck I wouldn’t even be surprised if BB Prod TOLD him to work with Cass

Cass wins & she’s the ONLY liar in the house & ONLY one who went back on their word (insert sarcasm emoji) & whose Dad won her HOH

& Joel wins – well no there’s been no assistance there, so I guess if all is fair in love/war & BBCAN then Joel should be given a special veto to take one of the FS off the block & take out the Bros. Or they do OTEV for tall people.

LOL: They all have a story of varying degrees of success. They all lied/threw others UTB (still happening this week w/ everyone working everyone). They all have haters/fans

On a whole this is the most narcissistic, self involved, non reflective (of themselves) group of house guests I’ve ever seen in any country which is probably why it’s hard to be invested. It’s purely entertainment for me at this point.


stfu this seaon was good lol. There was actually tension, backstabbing, drama, less shitty twists and entertaining people.


Agreed. I actually enjoy this season..canada’s best season thus far. Usually, by now I stop watching. Big Brother cast some great personalities this season.


Just a thought.- Since Ramsey isn’t in jury and the vote could come down to a tie. Instead of the more likely choice of Canada being the 9th jury vote, it could be cool if they kinda do it like last year but the final 3 people pick someone who was evicted before Jury to be the 9th Vote. They all have to agree on it.


Someone evicted before Jury CANT be the 9th vote. The point of jury house is that they’re secluded. Someone voted out before Jury has too much information so its not fair at all. If anything, it will either be Canada’s vote, or the same as last year where the final 3 vote on which jury member DOESNT get a vote.


Yeah actually Nikki was getting really annoying as the weeks went on and I’m glad she’s gone. I think it’s Cass’s game to lose but I still don’t like her as a person. She’s so weird and petty.


In my opinion the most funny/entertaining/lively and also one of the best strategic players of the season – thank you Robyn Kass


BTW I was referring to Cass(not Nikki – production didnt get value for their money out of Nikki – was a bit disappointing after all the hype)

Question : regarding last night's video with kelsey nick in hoh

how did the freakshow alliance get exposed?
how does kelsey know the alliance name and who’s in it?

Been trying to figure that out too.


Tim told them at the hot tub last night.

It came out last night when they were all talking at the hot tub. They got drinks and pizza.


tim was talking about freakshow being tim, cass and nikki but then also saying they turned nikki down for an alliance

then joel got all weird and said stop talking about it and it was obvious he was in their alliance rather than nikki after they voted nikki out not joel


Has Kelsey and the Bros realized that if Tim and Cass are on the block and Joel wins POV and takes one of them off, that the Bros will get voted out? I haven’t heard them talk about it.


freakshow are fully aware but i havent heard the others talk about it


joel winning veto keeping freakshow intact and the brothers going up…

bb gods please let that happen

kelsey(having already been evicted once when she gave up) lecturing people on how to play big brother is cringeworthy

i want to see the brothers in panic mode with joel and cass votes deciding the outcome


If Joel gets the veto that would be sweet revenge baby! Hey if you try to self evict like that and have to be convinced to stay, you surely don’t need the money! Insulting to the others, fans and themselves, that is pure poor gamesmanship! They got had and that was a their dumb ass knee jerk reaction! I
Now if it was for Joel and/or Kelsey’s benefit than it would be great strategy but somehow I don’t think so…they called it a dumb move so definately not strategy. Just plain ol lunacy. I liked them at the start because they were hometown boys from Ottawa, but now erm not so much! Just sayin’


Cassanda and Tim on the block is sweet justice.
Hoping either one of those pricks go this week.
They make me sick


I totally agree. Cass and Tim have been so arrogant, Especially this past week.


So technically- last night the brothers nominated themselves…but BB let them change their minds…Has this ‘you can change your mind’ approach been used before during a nomination ceremony???


Arissa wasnt aware of the rules – it wouldnt have been allowed


I dont think it should be allowed. Especially earlier in the game, you could argue, since you are not “safe” from the block, you should be able to play in the next HOH. However, they should’ve been able to self evict, but someone would still be evicted.


So with Kelsey just announcing to everyone that Tim and Cass are noms with virtually no discussion at all with them how are they going to fill 45 minutes in the Sunday episode?


I bet Sunday’s episode will be filled with more family updates…let’s check in with Cassandra’s family or Nick/Phil’s mom, yadda yadda yadda


Sundays episode will most likely be the BBCAN awards


Isn’t that usually at F4?


I can’t stand it when Kelsey says, ‘the internationals’. It sounds like she’s trying to sound like a smart player or something (ridiculous) There was only two of them so Tim and Nikki sounds more authentic. I hope she got a lot of friendship bracelets made.


if tim and cass agreed to throw the veto to joel

kelsey unlikely to win a veto

it could be brothers v joel – giving freakshow around a 50% chance of surviving


Glad to see Cass has got some of her Mojo back this morning. – For all of you wondering how the Freak Show alliance got exposed – Tim said to The Brothers and Kelsey out by the hot tub last night if Cass didn’t use POV on him it would have forced Joel in to which way he was voting last night thus telling everyone he was working with Tim and Cass.
Kelsey is now focusing on the Brothers more and them not taking her over Joel plus the deal they made with Cass during that POV. – Tim and Cass are starting to figure out that Joel is not worth protecting anymore to be the ultimate winner of the game because in reality if he made it to the end he probably will win the game.
Looks like The ultimate goal is to somehow get Joel and/ OR the Brothers up on the block after that POV which is a good game plan IMO.
Personally I would love to see Joel go this week only because he is on slop for the rest of the Season and he doesn’t have a chance in hell at winning any endurance comps. He has had a few good weeks at mind games but also there were a few weeks where he was virtually nowhere to be seen in the house.


Nick’s demeanor has changed since he got his head shaved he is more of a bad ass. The way he treated Nikki and others, his attitude changed and not for the better. He is not the same person that he used to be.


How would we know. He, until this point, was never allowed to talk.


Yeah, how dare Nick or anyone say anything bad to or about nikki, she is such a sweet kind angel that would never say anything nice to..wops mean she would never say anything mean about anyone.. Nikki never called the other HGs names, she would never call them idiots, fuckers, vile, or make comments about cass’ weight. No not our sweet nikki.


Anyone know what the competition was for HOH? How did Kelsey manage to win?


Tim told Cass he would use the veto on her instead of him if he won – is this legit?

Joel would use the veto on her too as he would be off the block


Watching the Live Feeds today – If Kelsey was really smart ( ??? ) she would put Joel and Cass up as her nominations this week. Then if the Veto is won by The Brothers it will show her their true intentions as to which one to pull down to put Tim up on the block – BUT When TIM wins and I am really Praying he wins the Veto this week, then the Brothers go up and they can go home on Kelsey’s HoH. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. Especially after Nick has been up her ass all week long.


If Tim wins the Veto, Joel goes up and either him or Cass goes home. Only way to send the bros home is Joel winning POV and taking either C or T off the block and K has no choice but to put up the bros.


I see how the witch has her smile on again the thought of being saved. Why are Joel and Tim idiots to save her? Get her out and you two can play with out the tears of the clown! And the arrogance on Tim to think he can convince Kelsey to put up the brothers. “This is their week” The last few weeks have been “their week”. Take a seat Cass, you will be going home.


Because if they save her they have the numbers and the brothers are gone/


Tim says he would save her but he wouldn’t…he would take himself off & manipulate everyone to take out Joel. he is a genius & I personally love it.


I cannot STAND that Kelsey won HOH-and her flirting with the Bros (seemingly her only strategy besides spooning with Jared and smoking cigarettes at a high angle twiddling her air all season) has paid off. She was the meat in the Jared and Bros sandwich and it insulated her throughout everything, even eviction. The holier than thou attitude of K and Bros are what bothers me the most about them. I would hate if those three made it to final 2. At this point, I would be satisfied if Cass, Joel and Tim made it to final three. Anything else is uncivilized.


What an anticlimax. The remaining players personality wise are boring and not the best at comps either. Wish the last five in the house were Loveita, Dallas, Jared, Maddy, and Mitch. Now that would have been fun and interesting.


So basically, Tim Cass and Joel are all playing for #2? If they think Kelsey is so useless and hasn’t won or done anything. Isnt that someone you want to bring to the final 2. Esp if they know she would only have 2 votes in jury no. This is what every one is saying isn’t it. So why not bring her.

I love the desperation on Cass. Its nice to see her feeling some real emotions (tears and all) now that people want her 3 headed monster cut to shreds. Feel the burn you tried to lay on everyone else….



Slop Lord

Not really sure what Big Moves Joel has done to get King status to win BB…I would say Cass over Joel because she has actually done stuff. Sneaky, shady but hey its something. Everyone wants him to win why? Because he’s nice…this is what wins BB these days. Some one better tell the past winners then eh.

Put up Tim and Joel. One of them wins, which I hope the brothers win veto actually. Then put Cass’s silly ass up there and Buh Bye.

Free Frawl after that.


I do wish the brothers would use a different word then Dingus. That was Zack’s thing and it just makes them sound stupid. Why not come up with your own name…”Meat Sticks, Butt & Bench, The Barnacles. That’s the one I like the best lolololol.



I have noticed all season all any of them do is quote previous HGs..I don’t think any of them can come up with an original thought of their own..


Joel winning veto and taking someone off he will never beat in F2 is idiotic, I see no benefit in him going to F4 with Tass.


Tim & Cass so delusional to think that kelsey would voluntarily put the brothers up!!! & then Tim talks about how kelsey putting them up is an emotional move & it would be a strategic move to put up brothers but she is not strategic. I mean stay in the house with a 3 person alliance or have the chance to take one of them out??Delusional!

Chucky's Back

Nice try Tim. The Brothers will take Kelsey. I don’t know why you think they wouldn’t. Maddy wouldn’t vote for Kelsey neither would Nikki (hello Kelsey was looking at her and she didn’t like it) Raul might have been her boyfriend friend BUT he always loved the Brothers. She would get Jared’s vote but I don’t think any others depends on who she’s beside. I think its funny to watch Tims face knowing that his usual manipulative ways are not working on Kelsey and he knows it. Fun to watch the squirmation happening.

Back Bacon

I love hearing “we’re friends”…I know friends of 10 yrs who have fought over $100. “Friends” has nothing to do with this game. Nice to meet you and glad we have become close, but I will cut your head off for this money because I am here for me and my family!


ok, the BB gods are never with me but I sure hope that tim and cass are put up, joel wins veto uses it on one of them and the brothers have to go up than are voted out.


I wish BBUS would play like BBUK and BBAUS you cant talk about the noms or you get punished !! Would make it so much more interesting nobody would know whats going on they are shocked when they go up.

Machismo Man

How can Kelsey not be playing for second place when every one has told her she cant win this game? So that argument sucks. What is she suppose to do. Just lay down then and let others tell her what to do. Nope!
I don’t feel sorry for Joel for being on slop. Tough shit. You took that to win a veto for some one else. Some one who will cut your throat and not think twice.


Joel tried to win the veto to remain safe, maintain his numbers and to remove a competition threat from the game.


Im sure your ice cream scooping job or daily affirmations writer will still be there when you get home Joel. Don’t worry. Tim wont even remember your name unless he is cutting you up with his aussie friends back home dude.


Joel works as a dj for Corus radio in winnipeg. Corus is a Shaw media company. Shaw is the company that owns Global. Bog Brother Canada airs on Global. No conflict of interest there…


630 ched am radio edmonton not winnipeg. a Corus radio station.
Joel LeFevre listed as working the newsroom on google.
Corus is part of Shaw. Shaw owns Global.

another name

the 7pm until 730 pm house meeting nuclear meltdown.
I’ve run out of popcorn. 🙁


Wow – Watching the Live Feeds and I’ve got my popcorn and M&M’s out. The fight between The Brothers, Cass and Tim was just awesome. The Brothers especially Phil are completely off their rockers. I can’t believe the things coming out of Phil’s mouth directed at Cass. Granted even if Cass is finally telling the truth about the Brothers – Kelsey is never going to put them on the block this Week unless it’s by someone winning the Veto. At one point Phil was pacing back and forth slinging insults at Cass at the very end of the argument after about an hour when he had came back from being upstairs – I seriously thought he was having a psychotic break and was about to lunge across the room at her. LoL Instead he just ate a piece of watermelon!
And through all this argument who was a no show?? Joel – the only person who wasn’t in the room! Still thinking he is hiding the fact he is in the freak show. Haha not anymore Joel. You need to win that Veto Joel and save your alliance because Kelsey is never going to take you to the end she just revealed as much to you today!

another name

Did i misread the pantry between Joel and Kelsey after the kitchen argument?
He was pushing for brothers to go up. She said if brothers wanted her gone she would have been on the block next to Nikki and gone. She told him Tim and Cass were the noms, if one of them won veto, Joel would be a pawn, but it would never be more than a tie, and she’d keep Joel over either Tim or Cass. He said he has no one in the game. He said he doesn’t have the resume they have. She said he’s in the best position in the house because he’s the middle guy liked by all, everyone including her wanted him in the final three. Joel said if he won the veto he would talk to her and respect her nominations.

Tsk Tsk

I am so disappointed in the brothers’ behaviour. Just absolutely dispicable. To speak like that to anyone, even if the person lied or manipulated (this is big brother!) is horrid. It just goes to show their immaturity as they cannot have a civilized argument without swearing, demeaning, or cutting someone off. So many people these days have no sense of shame. I think their parents should be embarrassed and ashamed of what transpired. Very much aggressive and bullying behaviour. Just poor form. I hope when they watch back the show, they feel embarrassed and realize that Canada did not condone their behaviour. They should be held accountable.


Phil is going to make the news one day and it won’t be good. He really has anger problems and needs a shrink. I really think he is mentally ill and dangerous when angered. Anyone think he’s got some hidden guilt issues about something; that has been known to cause rage in a unstable person. He also seems to be somewhat of a female hater.


Seriously ! A little dramatic aren’t u ? I thought he did quite well considering he was talking to the most fucking annoying person to ever enter the bb house . I know if I was in there with her I would be evicted for smacking that smug fucking look off her face !


Being evicted would be the least of your problems – you’d also be arrested for assault, idiot.


Give em a break. They’re young and been in a stressful house with lots of drama for a long time now (at 20 i’d have handled it a lot worse). Nerves on edge, especially when you trust people like Cass and keep getting screwed (Phil, got some land in Florida, call me). Everyone has a bad day, they’ve otherwise been nice kids. I’d be a proud parent, they’ve really been the most honest and straight forward of the lot, id vote them to win. Tim/Cassandra deserve a few missles. Joel showing his true character too, not honest with K. This was his attempt of using his Ah Shucks baby face to lie to K about what they said. Duh, a setup to protect the alliance and manipulate K into changing her mind. Joel just towing Tim’s line to get brothers up another way. Good on you K for not falling for it. Bro’s rock, best players, most honest players. Thats why so emotional, they dont understand liers cause thats not them, they finally had it with the toxic 3.


The conversation in the pink room where Cassandra says that her and Phil talked about getting Kelsey out. Was it on the live feeds? Does anyone know if Cassandra was lying about this conversation that started the blow up?


Feeds were down as the HOH competition was just about to begin. All we can ask for is hopefully the BBCAN Sunday show will have that snippet.


Side show:
Nicer to Jared than they were Raul. not as nice as they were to Maddy.
In terms of Nikki… the only way they could have been nicer is to serve her vodka with every compliment. She’d be dead from alcohol poisoning, and they’d still be getting chapstick all over her butt.


Tim to Kelsey: The brothers might say their happy to come second, their not” Just like you say you would be happy to bow out for Cassandra Tim…..You’re not. Tim: “The brothers have a good chance of winning”…And you don’t? So it would be better for Kelsey to get rid of the 2 people that were with her and side with the 3 headed dragon ,Tim? That sounds excellent for Kelseys game…..Jeez man.
These two twunts are really working this girl hard aren’t they. Worried much.
Don’t fold Kelsey don’t fold!!


I wonder if all these people realize that they are being filmed 24 7 and that the proof of the back stabbing and the telling of lies has been done by pretty much everyone. The brothers are crazy and I am sick of phill blowing up and the fact that Kelsey dose not see that in doing that when ever he gets called out on his crap should be proof enough for Kelsey that he is lying. She says she wants Joel to tell her if what Cass said was true he confirms it and she still makes excuses for the brothers. Oh and the whole big sister thing between Kelsey and the brothers, well I am a big sister and I don’t ever remember wrapping my legs around my brother when we have ever hugged. It is a game and when the brothers watch this back if they are the upstanding guys they say they are they will have some apologizing to do, and lastly I am a mother to a son and if my son ever talked to a girl the way the boys did I would be ashamed.

Yuck Mouth

At this point. Would Kelsey be an idiot to trust Cassandra or is Cass trying to make a amends here.


Cassandra is such a cow and needs to go home. Cannot stand the smug look on her face! She is a nasty girl who probably has odors down there.

Hey Pal

Wow that went well. I believe the brothers for some reason. We all saw what Phil said to Cass regarding the veto. I really hate that Cass wanted this discussion too and then she starts back tracking and then talking like a little kid. She does seem to do that when she’s full of the beans.
Tim, their getting heated because what you and Cass are saying is not true.
“I wanted you to be accountable” STFU Tim.

Skips mom

Pax boys mom and dad really needs to teach these boys how to be good human beings. They must be so ashamed of them.


Maybe the boys learned their behavior in their upbringing. I wonder how the father treated the mother and how the mother responded.


Okay all I’m saying is:

1) CASS is NOT lying about the brothers throwing Jared and Kelsey under the bus during her HOH (Refer back to that episode and it all there for you guys to see)
2) CASS is NOT lying about the talk her and the brothers had about her not using the veto to save Tim if she wins. (Refer to that episode they say they WILL PROTECT HER and in the living room infant of everyone they say it will REBUILD their trust)
3) About Phil and Cass before the HOH competition their is no proof since the feeds are down but I believe Cass because I bet the brothers were trying to save their ass if Cass/TIm/Joel were to win the HOH to suck up to them and target Kelsey.. they were on the bottom and only had faith in Kelsey to win the HOH so it would make sense to suck up to the majority of the power.

In conclusion, the brothers are insane if they think they are not liars and play with “integrity”. EVERYONE LIES IN BIG BROTHER FOR $100,000!


The brothers are the whiniest little b*tches I’ve ever seen play Big Brother. Are they recruits? They sure act like it. Watching them cry because someone told a lie or is manipulative and then saying, “you’re blocking me from winning,” well, duh, Rose. That’s the game! I’ve never seen such entitlement (besides King Jared). It’s shocking that houseguests seem to truly believe people sign up for this difficult game, walk away from their life for 3 months in order to facilitate an absolute stranger wins $100,000 over themselves. That’s literally what Jared and the brothers have said or implied numerous times. Gobsmacked. I can’t stand them.


Watching Jared get schooled by everyone on bbcan sideshow was priceless. Wake up Jared…u are not the king in or outside the house. Can’t wait for the brothers to get their rude awakening.


I thought the sideshow was pathetic..they rip into every evicted house guest, yet, with nikki, they fawned over her. You’re great, you are a were a joy to watch. etc. I don’t get what makes them all fawn over her, she didn’t do shit in this game, yet the ones that actually did try to play this game get ripped apart.. don’t understand it at all. all she did here was insult everyone in the house and throw tantrums…i guess that makes you a BB legend in the UK.


I just feel like if Kelsey or the brothers were to win Big Brother, it would be a shame. They are not the best players, and were not even mediocre players…