Care Package Results “I think America came through.. definitely” – Kryssie

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1:08pm Scott gets America’s care package..

The winner gets to pick which type of veto the HouseGuests will be competing for this week, from three options:
Diamond Veto: The holder of this veto has the power to remove a nominee and subsequently name their replacement.
Double Veto: Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition.
Boomerang Veto: The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice.

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Neeley – I don’t feel like that helps Scott at all…

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1:12pm Danielle, Shane, Jason and Kryssie
Kryssie I think America came through.. definitely
They go through all the scenarios..

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1:12pm Mordan and Whitney
Going through scenarios ..
Morgan – hopefully if we can get Danille up there we can get Justin to flip

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2:04pm HOH SCott and Alex
Scott – I’m thinking of doing the double veto..
Scott – I’m changing my nominees.. I’m using two pawns..
Scott says if the veto is played he’s putting up his 2 real targets. Says he’s 95% putting up Kryssie and 85% putting up Neeley.

Alex – be honest… she respects people that are open and honest
Scott – they’re both pawns this week

Alex says he has a “Bomb ass” nomination speech for Shane he’s bummed out that he can’t deliver it.
Scott says Bomberrang is way too much power to give the POV user.
Scott says if Shane wins the double veto and uses it he’ll just put Daneille up as a replacement.
Alex – this is a tricky one..
Scott – thank you America..
Alex – Thank you America..
They are both shocked at how MAjor these Care packages are.
Alex – I’m super grateful America gave it to me
Scott – If America’s Nom is Danielle play like hell
They agree the only person that won’t use the veto is Shane and Danielle.
Scott regrets “Dropping that deal” on Neeley today..

Scott says the only way they could get screwed is if Danielle is the America nom and Shane is picked for Veto and wins it. (I bet this will Happen)

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Shelby comes in
Scott – I’m 100% positive I’m not picking the diamond.
Scott goes over the plan.
Scott says 100% Kryssie going up and “Unfortunately” the second one will be Neeley.
Scott says the double veto is the only way they can make a “Positive” out of this

They start talking about how pissed Justin was at Danielle last night and this morning.
Alex – Jason was doing such damage control last night
Scott doesn’t know what it was over ‘He said he had to defend himself in front of Danielle.. he felt Danielle was coming after him in some way with her comments.. he overreacted and hurt her feelings.. ”

Alex – “it was something like… Justin knocking up girls and having to pay child support and like Justin retaliated with something like ohh you use your baby daddy for child support money.. or something like that”
Feeds flip…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-14 15-43-21-271

3:16pm Scott and Justin HOH
Scott tells him he’s fine this week. points out how complex his week is because of the veto twist.
Scott – you’re still good as far as nominations go
Justin – it’s what eve.. I don’t look too deep.. it stresses me out so I don’t think about it..
Justin says he really just came up here to see if Scott has opened the licorice. .
Scott says he’s going with the double “hopefully if things go well both of them will be used”
Justin says he doesn’t want to win the veto doesn’t what the responsibility to wield so much power.
Justin – who would be on the block
Scott – I can’t confirm..
Scott says if the veto is played he gets to pick the replacement the blood is on his hands.
Scott says he can’t make a straight forward plan this week again confirms with Justin he’s not going up as a nom or replacement nom.
Justin – I got you man..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-14 17-27-09-826

5:26pm Shelby, MOrgan, Whitney, Alex
Talking about Danielle and Shane going up as replacement noms.
they like how this package is going.
Alex – lots of potential
They agree the diamond power of veto is the worst one cause it gives power away.
Whitney says Scott doesn’t have to pick until he knows what the competition is.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-14 19-32-08-080

7:30pm – 9:15pm Live Dr’s

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Scott saying he’s putting up Kryssie and Neeley.
Scott – Danielle and Neeley are my big threats
Scott blames Danielle for stirring up a fight
Scott’s target is Shane.
Scott thanks America for giving him the Car package it allows him to have a stable HOH.

SCott says Alex has been solid to him he’ll be loyal to her 100%

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So since he gonna put Neeley and kryssie, what is everyone thinking for America nom. Is Danielle the best option??


I did Shame, Damnell, and Krusti for have not. Not sure yet for America’s nom.


I nominate Danielle, kryssie, and Justin for havenots.


You want to give Danielle a 100% chance at 1 of the 2 vetos?
Hello McFly


This veto power is pretty big no matter which he picks. This is the first time I’ve actually seen a veto like this. I’ve heard of dpov etc, but I didn’t watch back then.

It will definitely make the veto comp interesting.

Yet Another Hillary Lie


The polls here have been really accurate with the actual results.


This ACP was strategic for Scott to have, so that he’d be out of the running for the next and better ones. The only benefit he gets from this is to eliminate the DPOV, which will give POV holder ability to first remove and then replace players, as he/she chooses. It looks like Scott’s going with the double eviction, for two players to each remove one and he chooses replacements. In boomerang, he chooses replacement also, after one or two are taken off by the one veto winner.
I don’t think that he is fooling himself that this was a great ACP that he got, but he can change strategy to work with it.

Lying Arrogant Hillary For Prison

I think the double veto is his best choice.


I understand that people don’t like how Danielle talks about herself but I really like that she’s playing the game and I don’t want her to be nominated by America, I think Shane should be the nominee because he needs to get in the game and out of Danielle’s bed!


this is only way scott can actually have a target go home unlike the first two weeks. if america noms one of the plastics and they win one of the two vetos then it’s golden for scott…he can then throw up shane or danielle or even jason because americas nom doesn’t get replaced


I like and root for Justin, Neely, Alex, Jason and Krissey. I wish Alex was with them. So, I am with the misfits currently and hoping that Alex ends up with them. I’m done with Danielle and Shane. I think the misfits are, too.
Whoever gets the veto and how Scott plays it, could be a huge turning-point!


I truly like the other Plastics/Monte’s Pythons/Ball smasher girls! They are great!
I just have hopes for one of these others to win, along with Alex.
I love Paul and Victor from bb18 and what they do now. I can’t wait until they meet Justin!
Those three together would be just too good! 🙂


Jason’s live diary room makes me want to nominate him for America nomination. He really is a jerk, and also the head snake over on his side. Im not saying we have to vote him out, hopefully Scott will be able to get Shane or Danielle out. But we need to get him out cause he has too much of an advantage. Also hope America will nominate someone on the LNC, if not Jason. Someone from LNC needs to leave this week.


Just watching the live feeds and watching all these idiots (misfits minus Justin) laying around in the girls bedroom (Alex’s, Morgan’s, etc) and as usual doing nothing but complaining about the other side as if they are the scum of the earth, then JASON takes Alex’s pillow and rubs his armpits on it and hands it to SHANE and he does the same. Then they are going thru the girls stuff and JASON & DANIELLE trying on Morgan’s shoes, then Jason puts them with his filthy socks and is running around the room with them on. This crew is pathetic!!!! What really are they doing in this game? At least the Ball Crashers are trying to play Big Brother.
Jason just sits around complaining, smoking and being a negative person. Danielle only wants to talk about herself and have sex with Shane. She actually just yelled at Jason for not looking at her when she was telling a story. Krissie just never shuts up and knows everything about everything, especially sex toys! Shane is just a pathetic person, and I don’t know what Neely’s story is.
We need to break up this side of the house so that maybe we can actually watch Big Brother!!
America please stop helping them out.
I’m voting for Danielle, Krissie and Jason for have not’s … I don’t want to put Shane with Danielle this week, he’ll be next week, maybe then their roommates don’t have to listen to them having Sex,


Couldn’t agree with you anymore, its so important to attack the LNC this week. My next to go would be, Danielle, Shane, kryssie, and Jason, no particular order. They are just truly evil, immature people.


Did you also apparently hear that Danielle left a dog to starve to death.. she’s a dog killer!

First we Corey burning a goat then Monte running over squirrels and now this? CBS needs to do a better background check for these people and cast people against animal cruelty and stop casting these sickos!


Kryssie makes me want to barf! Get over yourself already! She needs to be a have not this week.


GAG at the arrogance of the LNC in the DR

Cornbread has fritos for toenailsenails

I don’t believe thats what you gagged on.


I hope it works out that a LNC member gets evicted this week. They are just such mean spirited people! They all talk about how phony the plastics are so I guess since they are so “real” it shows that they have no class.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

The plastics are all so much better and moral people particularly Shelby……. they are so perfect and never say a negative thing……Alex always has such great respect for the LNC devils (and never lies to them )who should all be banished to the firey pits of hell……..Morgan prays and because her hairdo is poofy she has a direct connection to god……all you LNC fans root for them at your own peril because god is on the plastics side and is still angry about the shameful dismissal of Corndog and Monte…….gotta love those girls. JESUS DOES and disapproves of everybody else in the house….its a fact!


REALLY?!! Wow! No words for you.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

Yes really……..I said the LNC with all their awful unmorale people should go to hell…..what paart didn’t you get?


Justin has been hilarious in the house, but his DR’s are horrible!


Did Danielle really say she left a dog to starve? WTH is wrong with some of these people?
What have these poor animals done too deserve this sort of treatment?


I really suck as a human being… Ugh! I’ll just go fuck myself! Beyonce forever!


Whoever you are that is posting this can be tracked for cyber bullying

Cornbreads dirty sheets

U and leclaire 2 peas in a pod.


Liz totally needs to go! Like She has too much power and control since Julia entered the house. And I hate Austin. Like Judas is a stupid alter ego and Da’Vonne should’ve won!!!! Love the Queen!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I Loved voting Jason into the house this season! I will be voting for him and anyone he is working with to win! Just not Danielle or Shane. Die showmance die!

Go Hillary Clinton!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Nice try. Your ten other screen names should be enough to post your crap without having to fake post under my screen name. Everyone here is on to your game and my posts are always about the game where yours are just about trolling and racism. Enjoy the new season of Bubble Guppies.


Predictions for tomorrow:
Have nots: Shelby, Whitney, Alex
America’s nominee: Morgan

Stop the hate

Wasn’t it nice to see EVERYBODY celebrating Whitney’s birthday?


I Can’t wait for Season 19! Like I’m voting in
-Adam Krasinski
-Aaryn Gries
-Beau from Season 6
-Braden from Season 11
-Chima from Season 11
-Amber from Season 8
-Amanda Zuckenburg
-Justin from Season 4
-Gina Marie
-Frankie Grande
-Devin from Season 16
-Jeff from Season 17
-Andrew from Season 12
-Willie Hantz
-Jennifer from Season 6
-April from Season 6
-Allison from Season 4 and All-Stars

That’s my AllStar Cast!


aka the scum of Big Brother lol?
Even though she’s played twice, I’d love to see Brittney back. I loved her and Rachel together haha


LNC is the best!

Let’s just get rid of either Danielle or Shane because the showmance needs to go!

But then LNC should be able to turn it up in that house!

Let’s just make this “Against LNC” thing a one week kinda thing OK? Thanks!


Simon and Dawg,
Thanks for bringing us these bbott highlights! I’ve been watching your bbus and bbcan coverage for a few years. You always bring us all we want and need to know! Thanks!
This one is definitely different.


You’re welcome. 🙂 Thanks for coming back to check our updates.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Dawg and Simon rock! We all know this is a lot of work and we really appreciate all you guys do.


For haters out there, in the words of Justine,

“It’s all love. Ya dig?”

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The veto comp will be great this week.