Corey – “What the F**** .. why why … it doesn’t make sense man.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Felicia
Nominees: Cameron and Jag Hisam
POV Players: Cameron, Jag, Felicia, Izzy, Red, Corey – Host is Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the veto on himself. Felicia nominates Hisam in his place.
Havenots:  America, Matt, Red

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Sigh.. Cirie and Izzy were trying to flip the house after talking to Hisam during the day. They also were wanting to make another alliance of 7 person to include Hisam. Corey wasn’t convinced and was able to talk sense into them. The flip looks like it’s over for now. The flip could still happen.

4:15 pm Corey alone in the HOH
COrey – what the F**** .. why why why why why why.. it doesn’t make sense man.. why do I have to be advocating for Hisam to go you just f***ing betrayed him what the F***. Everyone should be voting Hisam out.
Izzy joins him.

Corey – here’s my thoughts, I think Hisam is a variable that I personally know I cannot control can you? maybe… It’s hard he’s a weird one. I have burnt less of a bridge with him because when we talks to me I go ok ok ok ok.
Corey argues that they can build an alliance without Hisam.
Izzy – it never hurts to have someone to have that will always be targeted in some way. he can win competitions. To have someone that has proven they can win Competition is good. His comp stuff is good. We saw from Michael from last year not everyone can win what they are eligible for. We will still have opportunities even when we get to the 7
Corey – he’s not making it to 7.. right now next week we have two bad outcomes. IF he goes.. Red and Cam. they will target Blue and Jag so it’s no that bad. How many if he stays?
Corey – number one he would be competing which is good for us but there’s also Blue, Jag, Matt.. America.. If the vote is whatever whatever.. and she doesn’t know about it she’s gone she’s team Jag. I wouldn’t blame her. what are they all going to do? Let’s be honest. Jag and America are going to target me? Probably not.. are they going to target jared? no shot. Are they going to target Felicia? Maybe.. Maybe Hisam..
Corey – we know what they will do it’s Cameron and Red..
Corey says if Hisam goes there’s no shot either of them goes home next week. “If Hisam stays and wins HOH games.. F***ed”
Izzy – yeah yeah yeah

4:20 pm Corey alone after talking to Izzy.
Corey – I’m actually trying to help her. I’m actually trying to help her she doesn’t see how f***ing stupid this Idea is.. Granted it’s very stupid for me too what am I supposed to do? I have to clue in America.. I’m not going to be a f***ing loser. Dude this final 6 now with MEME What the f*** that does that do for me. At least it would be a defined f**ing group. It’s a useless f***ing group at the same time.. I HATE THIS F****ing idea so much.

4:34 pm Cirie and Jag
They’re talking about putting up Red and Cameron if they win HOH next week.
Jag – him and Red are threatening our Seven
Cirie – no matter what we gotta put up Red and Cameron both of them together and let them fight. I’m down to do that but you all have to rally around me. Izzy will do it.
Cirie tells him Red is targeting him. She goes on about wanting Red gone.
Cirie hugs Jag “I’m scared they are talking about coming after us”
Jag – we’re solid this seven
Cirie – Jared is pissed
Jag – There’s a fire I need to win

4:45 pm Izzy, Jared, Felicia
Izzy tells them regardless of what the Hisam vote is they should solidify their 6 person alliance.
Another alliance is make called the TRUE 6 composed of Izzy, Cirie, Felicia, Jared, Corey and MEMEME
Cirie joins them.
Izzy – I talked to Corey he makes very good points in not keeping Hisam
Cirie – I was thinking that too (OMFG)
Izzy – the most one being we will create more immediate threats
Cirie – I agree
Izzy – the thing I took away was why do we need Hisam to solidify that 6. I agree with that
Cirie – So do I.

4:50 pm Felicia and MEMEMEMEME
Felicia – We’re thinking about keeping Hisam and Blindsiding Cameron and sending his ass out. We keep hearing a hole bunch of sh1t about Cameron and red. Part of us is wondering is they haven’t come together with Jag and them. (LOL)
Felicia adds that Bowie is part of it too with Jag, Blue, Matt “They are pretending they have this alliance then next week they come after us” (Fantastic Keep Hisam)
Felicia – that is something we’re sensing
MEME says she talked to Jag and he told her that he’s voting out hisam but he feels there’s a target on his back .
MEME – he said I feel like Red is targeting me. I was like Why? he said he tried to have a conversation in the bathroom with red.
MEME goes on to explain that in the conversation Jag asked him how do they move forward and start talking more. Red told him straight up he had no interest in talking to Jag.
Felicia brings up the fake final 2 she made with Bowie today.

5:09 pm Corey and Jared
Corey – when I’m talking to Izzy I need you to back me. WE CAN NOT there’s a lot of f***ing reasons.
Corey – she wants it to be a 7 person alliance 4 of us Felicia, Meme and Hisam
Jared – ohhhhhh
Corey – If he is loyal to them which is a BIG IF who is he going to be more loyal to? not us who the f*** are we? If He’s not loyal what happens? Cirie and Izzy are gone.
Corey – which way is good for us? also next week Cam’s gone hisam is here. Hisam wins HOH fine.. we voted to keep him. What if Jag won HOH? he was going to go for Red and Cameron now who is he going for?
Jared – Hisam?
Corey – maybe who is he nominating?
Jared – Hisam and Red
Corey – You think so after there was a whole group of six people he would have been voting on the same side as red. Then we have this group of 6 voting against him. I’ve been lying to him all week. You’ve been lying to him all week. you will be on the wrong side of the vote with Blue I will be on the wrong side of the vote with America. Every f***ing relationship we have in this house that they don’t we lose.
Corey – They get to keep MEME, Felicia and they get Hisam.
Jared – did they tell you why they want to keep him?
COrey – Cause they’re f***ing … Hisam convinced them that he would be loyal to them. He convinced IZZY.. she said if we keep him he’ll owe us.
Corey – he doesn’t owe you sh1t you lied to his face and betrayed him. would you trust someone that backdoored you?
Jared – no ..
Corey – we have a better shot at grabbing Cam than Hisam. What the f** do we have in common with Hisam? Anything?
Jared – ok so..
Corey – next week everyone in this f***ing house will nominated Red and Cam.. Everyone. If Red and Cam win you know who they are nominating?
Jared – Jag and Blue
Jared seems convinced they should get Hisam out.
Corey adds that everything Hisam has told him this week is he’s gunning for Izzy

5:17 pm Felicia, Jared and Corey
Felicia – so we’re on the mindset we’re going to go back with the original plan and have Hisam go and have our 6 be a strong 6 there’s way too many targets that will be on our back if he stays.
Jared – we will make more targets out of ourselves.. can we trust Hisam? Maybe for a week
Felicia is worried Hisam will target her. “He’s desperate”
Jared – If I go talk to him right now he’ll tell me the same thing.
Felicia brings up the fake final 2 with Bowie.
Jared says Bowie is sending information back to Cameron and Red.
Felicia leaves. “Hisam it is”
5:33 pm Corey tells Jared he’ll toss America under the bus if Cam wins HOH. Jared says he trust Corey now if Corey and America here “F***ing” that would be a different story
Corey – well I have bad news
they laugh.

(Flip is over )

6:00 pm Corey, Izzy and Cirie
Flip over. There all down with getting Red or Cameron out next week doesn’t sound like they care who.
Corey – can we all just promise that Hisam is gone.
Izzy and Cirie agree “Absolutely”
Cirie – it was a thought
Corey – it was a good thought
Izzy – I appreciate this squad that see through ideas.. we learned from last week and we did so much better (Did you? I feel like this exact same thing happened last week)
Cirie points out how Hisam is calm again.
Corey – he’ll get blindsided again
Izzy – no no I think i’ll tell him before the vote
Cirie – I’m not getting involved anymore

6:15 pm Chilling
Matt – I’m so use to it I don’t even see the chicken suite anymore

6:27 pm America and Matt
America says Jag and Blue are in danger. Blue doesn’t know it though. She adds that Jag is running around “Like a chicken with his head cut off”
America says Jag needs to calm down and stop talking to people over and over about the same thing.
America says Corey talks to Cirie/Izzy side a lot “you can see it”
Matt agrees
America – I haven’t talked to him today

6:33 pm Izzy and Cirie
They’re getting paranoid about a Red, Jag, Blue, America, Bowie Alliance forming. (Here we go again)
They agree the most untrustworthy people in the house are Red, Cam, Blue and Bowie.
Izzy – you could put Jag in that Category
Cirie – mmmmmmhmmmmmmmm
Izzy leaves to get Jared.

6:40 pm Jared and Cirie
Cirie is paranoid about Blue or Matt leaking information to Red. He apparently asked her about the legends 25 alliance.
Jared – I don’t think so at all..
Cirie – you think we can trust Matt 100%
Jared – no…
Cirie – It could be Matt, Matt or Blue I don’t know who it is.
Jared – Not Jag?
Cirie – Jag wasn’t in it.. it could have been Matt.
Jared – I don’t see them going to talk to them (Red) for not reason. What is telling him about the alliance do for them
Cirie – sketch them about us and bring them together (LOL)
Cirie – so much stupid stuff has happened I can’t overlook anything. So many stupid things have already happened.

6:51 pm Jared and Blue
Jared – you just like that
She laughs

6:55 pm MEMEMME, Jared, Cirie, Felicia
Cirie is going on about not trusting Matt or Jag.
Jared tells them if they keep Hisam they lose America, Jag, Matt, Blue
Jared says if Hisam stays JAg will join The other side.
Felicia thinks Jag will go closer to them if they blindside him and keep Hisam something about they won’t want to be with Red’s side because it won’t have the numbers.
Felicia – do you feel safer with Hisam or without
Jared – I feel saver without Hisam. Keeping Hisam is good because we have a attacked dog but whos to say that attacked dog doesn’t turn around and bite you.
Felicia – yeah.. IF we get rid of Hisam we really do get rid of our numbers. (LOL)
Jared – so Cameron, America, Jag, Red, Blue and Bowie against Me, You, Felicia, MEME, Corey and Izzy that’s six and six.
Jared – you think Matt flipped
Cirie – Matt will stay with jag
Jared – I don’t know about that.
Felicia – I think matt might stay on our side.
Jared doesn’t think anyone told red about the legends 25 alliance he thinks Red just throws sh1t out there.

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un autre nom

Veto Episode
Recap ages poorly compared to the current flip talk on feeds.

Fe: Hisam is my target.
Cam: gonna win veto
Jag: in danger gurl need veto
Hisam: I ran the perfect HOH

everyone is in on it montage…except Red.
Blue tears. acting.
Cory wearing Blue’s clothes.
Hisam doesn’t want to win veto.

On feeds last I saw Meme i don’t think was buying matt jag working with red cam. she office 4th wall broke to camera.

Meme hates everyone. montage.
Tears are pissing her off.
Cam Red moronmance.
Cam tells Red the backdoor plan.
Felicia lies. Red throws Hisam’s name.
why was I left out?
let’s make Cam a Professor.
they are still acting like Cam is in Handful?

On feed…Cory has stopped the flip…again… but they still want to do the 6 alliance. so cir/iz now want an alliance with everyone. Fel / Cirie see his point: 5 enemies opposed to 2 enemies.

showmance in front of mommy.
She’s not happy. cut that out.
Jared gonna mance anyway.

Cock a doodle zoom.
12 round trips through goo.
fe want power
re want self preservation
jag no pawn go home
cam done my due diligence.

Jag lost shoes.
Felicia is deputy Kathy
Cory moons
jag lapped red at 5
jag lapped red at 8
jag lapped red again, and again.
Hisam says Matt renom.
Felicia says sorry Hisam.
Jag costume. he’s been a good sport.
Hisam fixated on Matt. Felicia says or Blue.
Izzy spills Hisam Matt fixation in front of Matt.
he was the new son then. now? casualty of flipflopchaos crap. unless flip fails.

Jag saves self.
Felicia stares at Matt, kight / king line, Hisam take a seat.
Felicia wants to checkmate his ass
Izzy: send him home
Cam: if you got to be on the block.
Matt: revenge for Reilly.
Hisam: i’ll guilt trip them.



Moronmance. LOLOL


Though I do not care for cam I can stand hisam so much I just need to see him go now. I do want Hisam, Cam, Jared, IZZY CIRIE all to go! What do you think actually happens this week? A possible split vote hisam staying/leaving? I personally do not see Hisam staying with corey giving izzy so much blow back on the idea.


I feel like we should be seeing Cory banging his head against the wall by now saying “I’m surrounded by idiots”, lol


That’s acceptable to me…the only way I could justify putting up with him another week.
These people are the most paranoid people I’ve ever seen.
Still can’t stand Hissy though!


I have said it before and I am going to say it again…I think they are going to keep Hisam. I may be proven wrong but I don’t know. Hisam….whew… that man has put in some WORK! He has been relentless trying to save himself. If he can pull this off…OMG! I only want him to stay if he doesn’t target the Professors. He is annoying as heck but he is GREAT entertainment!!! I want Cirie, Felicia, and Matt to go far and for either to win. I see some people saying that Cirie has an advantage with Jared being there but I think he makes things more difficult for her. I would like to see him gone and see her continue to play. I wonder if those same people were upset when the ‘Twin Twist’ happened and Evil Dick played with his daughter several seasons ago. Cirie and Jared are no different. I will never like Jag or Red and I want to see them gone. I have a feeling that America will win the next HOH….. maybe. Only time will tell.


I would pay. They were so lit last night, I didn’t get to watch the CBS Episode.

Nether Region Euphemism

They’re going to flip back and take out Hisam. Corey seems to have gotten through to Izzy.

The trio of Cerie, Izzy and Fel are completely risk averse. Any new angle that comes up which is threatening, sends them into a tailspin overdrive. Then they downplay the current threat since they have it under control, and don’t realize that all their logic and decisions are based on their personal anxiety meters.

Risk looming, big anxiety, need for control. Gain control, less anxiety. New risk looming, big anxiety, need for control. Old risk no longer feels threatening bc it’s under control, even though it won’t be if they flip.


Trying to make exciting Big Brother when it is not. I did like the part where Hisam asked Izzy if he could hug her. That was so cool. Keep trying to make it interesting. I watch this Big Brother like how MeMe looks when Izzy comes in the room. Resting b!tch face.


Also memememe can leave before jury too.


I think she probably wants to. She realizes these people are crazy.


And walking in circles and talking to yourself in the storage isn’t crazy haha ok


Tonight’s episode scene highlight was seeing Hisam on the hammock with yucky Izz . The bare feet were great! If you were looking closely, Hisam even did a few toe wiggles & toe points.


Have you ever seen a threesome as paranoid and dumb as Izzy, Cereal, and Felicia? They are hard to watch and complete morons.


I got a morning chuckle over your auto correct – cereal ?


During the veto competition while trudging through the sludge, Jags shoes & socks came off…..just bare feet in the sludge

un autre nom

Every 2 days flip your damn brain upside down and try to destroy your own m’fing plan.
make alliances with 95% of the house… plot to backstab 50% of the house that wasn’t after you thinking there’s no repercussion?
How much purple flavor koolaid does Grod have?

un autre nom

put cirie and izzy as have nots.
slop brain and paranoid delusion flip flopping?

they watch the hoh tv and every time they see 2 people in a room it’s a conspiracy to get them.


un autre nom,
I know your busy but when you have a free moment, will you make one of your updated photo alliance charts? I am so lost now on who is with who I can’t keep up!! I know most alliances are fake right now but seeing the puzzle helps. Lol

un autre nom

i’ve…. almost got one.

un autre nom

jag / meme pair joined pair floatilla.
fake final 2 bowie/felicia.
red side is alliances that did hands in and all met together.
blue is agreements but not alliances, or proposed but not finalized alliances.

bb25 WEEK three.jpg

Ok, i’m missing something. Cirie is trying to figure out who told RED about Legend 25? Didn’t Red come up with that name of that alliance? He’s in Legend 25.

un autre nom

he asked if she told Jared about Legend25


I don’t understand how Cirie can be this paranoid and stupid. I really over her coming into this season but img she’s so bad at big brother. Corey cam and mecole were my preseason favs and Corey and Mecole are in good spots but Cameron is dead man walking

un autre nom

Oh ffs.
Izzy/Cirie/Felicia and fresh from d/r Meme are paranoid.
Think Jag and Cam / Red are working together.
Felicia confronts Jag: what if we keep Hisam?
Jag has no issue with that at all, but worries for Felicia/Cirie’s safety. the 7 should get together and talk about it. Jag’s all about the 7.

here we go again.

un autre nom

Jag and Felicia debated the pros and cons. slowly.
Jared went to Matt saying any way you, me, jag and blue can work with cam/red?
Matt said they’d take you… jag and blue no chance.
Everyone seems to be coming off their pcp dosages…


OMG? In all the seasons of BB I can’t believe the paranoid rants and just how many alliances they have made. Getting Hisam out is the best move of this season and they want to not do it?? Izzy definitely needs to go she is the main pot stirrer and is crazy. I would put up Izzy and Cirie. Next Red and Cameron. I get a headache just reading their stupid plans. Focus on doing something else then just plotting and being paranoid. Play the game with some sort of intelligence.

un autre nom

in order to justify creating every new alliance, Cirie and Izzy must morally justify by saying everyone else they ditched or excluded is aligned against them


jared and his mama up next. Their cards will be shown


I’ve watched a few live feeds late at night because we have Paramount+/Showtime, plus reading the blog here & I have a headache from all the alliances, keep Hisam, evict Hisam, 50 different alliances. I’m exHAUSTed. I love the serious game play but they just beat everything to death. Btw, this has been my go-to place for BB several years, now; I just can’t remember my old user names. I’ve used “Like Literally” & “Biscuits & Gravy, Y’all”. Anyhoo, enjoying everyone’s take.


I remember biscuits from last season. I would read it in jasmines voice lol


I kind of wish you would have started a little earlier in the describing what was going on and how this possibility even became a consideration…

un autre nom

izzy left d/r. walked in on Jared and Cory and said plot twist, what if we keep Hisam.