Power of Veto Results – “I can’t believe William won”

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Veto Players: Demetres, Kevin, Bruno, Dre, Ika and William

Power of Veto Winner is William
William now has the power to take both nominees off the block.

Dre talking to Ika “I can’t believe William won”

Ika tells Kevin is William uses it Karen will go up.

Kevin wastes no time picking at William’s back zits.

Ika and Demetres
They bring up Kevin saying “would you consider putting up karen”
Ika heard that she just said “Ya ya ya”
She planted that seed just in case Bruno or Kevin won the veto.
Ika – William’s not using it he can’t
Demetres wants Karen gone but still would prefer Jackie. Concludes that he would want Kevin gone over everyone.
They agree when Bruno is going to f** them they’ll now ahead of time but not Kevin.

Secret Power of Veto Rules

The Secret Power of Veto gives the holder, William, the power to save anyone from the block over two Power of Veto ceremonies. The ceremonies where this power is active are Wednesday April 19th & 26th. This Power of Veto is a SECRET and Big Brother will never reveal who used it. However, William is free to tell people about this secret power once it has been played or should he choose not to use it. This Veto does not give him the power to name the replacement nominee, nor does it give him safety from being named a replacement himself.

Should the secret power of veto be played by William, Big Brother will deliver the news to the houseguests at the end of the Veto ceremony.

The regular Veto is still in play and regular Veto rules apply, this includes William and should he win the Veto he will have two Vetos.

William opted not to use this Secret Power of Veto on Wednesday April 19th – tune to see if he uses it on Wednesday, April 26th

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If William uses both vetos, one on Kevin and one on Bruno there is a possibility that William,could go on the block. This is according to the secret veto rule that states that if William uses this special power he can be nominated as a replacement. If He does use both vetos put his ass up and send him packing . This should show him what an idiot he has been!


Agree it all comes down to the ceremony. If he uses only the veto he won he could not be named as a replacement. Most likely what would happen is he uses his veto then Dem buts up someone up as a replacement. Then Big Brother makes announcement if he uses the secret power of veto and and if he does then at that time he would be eligible to be a replacement. I am guessing that how it would go down.


In past twists like this the pov holder cannot be nominated.




William wouldn’t be able to be nominated since he also would’ve used the normal Power of Veto. Even if he could be nominated, Demetres wouldn’t put him up because that would make Dre mad and Demika are closely aligned with Dre.


William wouldn’t be able to be nominated since he would’ve used the normal Power of Veto as well. Even if he could be nominated, Demetres wouldn’t put him up because that would make Dre mad and Demika are closely aligned with her.

Anonymous 2.0

I don’t understand why this is so confusing to people . Yes with the use of the secret veto William is not safe BUT with the use of the regular veto the same rules apply meaning both he and whomever get saved is safe. There is NO way he can go home as long as he uses the regular POV. Gawd!


Because he won the normal POV he can NOT be a renom as that veto protects him. Unless I am misunderstanding that…


As POV holder, William is not eligible for nomination.


Except wouldn’t he not be able to be the replacement now because he won the actual veto today??


No, because he won the Veto he cannot go on the block, therefore he can also use the secret veto as well with immunity from the block

Willy nilly

He won. Therefore hes safe with the actual veto.


William wouldn’t go on the block if he used the regular veto as the winner of the regular POV can’t be used as a replacement nominee.


That does not make any sense because he alr won the real power of veto. This means he’s safe for the week. Dont mix things up.


He could be the replacement nominee only if he used the secret power while he did not have the regular veto. Because he won the regular veto, he became immune. So if he took them both of the block, he could only gain two allies insted of one (and lets be honest, he needs them right now).


I am not sure how the secret veto works completely but I can imagine that he may not have immunity if he uses the secret veto. If he uses the normal veto, he cannot be put up as a replacement. But he may lose that immunity if/once he uses the secret veto as it states he can be put up as a replacement. It’s a risk/reward thing, use it and face the possibility you could go up, Don’t and you are safe. Plus no one will know that he used it, so there is some safety in that.


If William uses the regular POV than by the rules of that veto he will be safe and can’t be used as the replacement nom.


No he can’t be replacement – because he won the regular veto and that veto holder is safe.


He wouldn’t be able to be put on the block because he won the standard veto which does give him safety


The veto win cancels out this option. He is now immune and cannot be the replacement nominee this week.


Will also won the regular veto, which means if he uses it, he can’t be the replacement nominee. That would leave 4 options: Karen, Dillion, Dre and Jackie cause Ika is not going up.


This is not accurate! If William uses the secret power of veto it doesn’t give him safety from being named a replacement himself. But because he is the regular veto holder, all regular veto rules apply making him safe this week.


You just know William is going to save Kevin, but I am not so sure he will save Bruno. At any rate, as much as I love Karen her time is up. Time for her ass, to have a taste of the Block !!! If William saves Bruno to, then throw Jackie up because we all know whoever ever goes up against Jackie usually goes home. Good thing Ika and Demetres still have Dre because after this Week they will be in for the fight of their lives.


The holder of a regular POV cannot be a replacement nominee.


but the regular veto would protect him from eviction even if he used it!


The smart thing to do would be to take Kevin off with the secret veto and let Bruno stay on the block. Taking both the moms off esp two that are each other’s number one in a game would be dumb. Plus it’ll make him a target. He can tell Kevin after the goddamn PoV ceremony. At least Bruno would be out of the game! ??


William is getting too powerful lately.
1 HOH win
2 POV wins
1 Secret POV win

Lots of power but terrible intuition…. he will always run back to Kevin instead of truly solidifying Dre as his Ride Or Die.

Love it or Hate it.

Interesting Poll. Ika is the #1 on most favorite and least favorite.


Since William won the regular veto, he is 100% safe this week regardless of what he does with the secret power of veto


If William uses the secert power of veto and no one knows. Karen will spill it all out after seeing William coming out the hole. He better not!


Either way if Kevin comes off, Demika will know William took him off and he goes up!! Use it William and BE that boytoy you said you wouldn’t be!! ugh! What a sucker!! No pun intended.
So far, William is leaning to be the worst player of BbCan imo, playing with his emotions. He’s going to look back and think what an idiot, I was. I almost feel sorry for him especially when he finds out Kevin has been playing him this whole time when he said he wouldn’t fall for it. Off with his head Demika!!!!!


Not true – if William uses the secret veto on kevin for all the other houseguests know kevin won it and took himself off. They want karen and jackie gone before William anyway so he wouldn’t even be considered.


Wrong in so many ways. The secret veto holder/user will not be revealed. So why couldn’t Kevin be the holder and use it on himself? Answer is no reason…. William can use the secret veto on Kevin, not use the POV he won and leave Bruno up versus a renom which CANNOT be William because he holds the POV as well as the secret veto.

I’d be surprised if either veto is used. William appears to have a solid 4 that can ride all the way to F4/F5 with HOH wins why keep either Bruno or Kevin but rather get rid of them 1st then run through the 3 idiots starting with Dilon. F9 strategy very easy at this point IMHO.


Point being; who else but William would take Kevin off. Bruno doesn’t seem so loyal except to himself and why paint an even bigger target on himself to take Kevin off If he had won the special veto? If he was loyal to a fault, he would not have voted against his own “alliance members” so quickly ad easily when he had the chance. Being loyal doesn’t mean voting out your own alliance member to vote with the house. Just sayin’


Perfect scenario for William. He will use the secret veto to save Kevin and not use the normal one. This way he will save his alliance with Dre and keep Kevin in the game.


William is getting too powerful lately.
1 HOH win
2 POV wins
1 Secret POV win
He just doesn’t have the brains to really know Kevin played him all along and still is. He should truly solidify himself with Dre as a Ride or Die.
Otherwise it’s over for him.


So basically unless you’re the HOH or win the regular veto you’re still in danger if you use the secret power ?? Pfff so dumb


I can’t believe how confused you people are over the veto!


I don’t agree with you guys saying William is safe not matter what.

The secret pov will be announce AFTER the veto ceremony. That means, I think, that his immunity from being nominated will be done .

Anyway I don’t think demet would put him on the block as he’d risk to loose Dre unless he wants to force Bruno out 100 per cent.


It’s a good move for William’s game to use the veto on Kevin. Wiliam would be well insulated, having both dre and kevin as potential allies.


This has been the most intense big brother Bruno and Kevin have been looking like two fools for the last five weeks they don’t win anything and they’re in their own little world Jackie is like the Darkhorse definitely who knows is going to win it’s very unpredictable things are changing by the second in this house !!! William will not use the veto he will keep things the same I don’t like either Kevin or Bruno’s game at all so I could care less who goes or who stays they both suck at this game right now They suck at everything & since neda left they have not been able to build bonds or relationships with anyone its like they’re just waiting to die !!!!!!!!!! It would be funny if William one but I have a feeling he just might win the whole game he has this luck and he wins competitions and he doesn’t really care he says what’s on his mind, DRE is too opinionated and it goes nowhere she’s just annoying


Kevin is so disgusting I can’t stand him I don’t even know why he came back he’s so gross too and he’s gay for sure he actually sickens me he better leave this week and never come back again !!!!!!! Bruno Is such a loser he reminds me of one of those Gino’s from the 1980s This game sucks he so fake all he does is lie no social game at all everything that comes out of his mouth is a complete lie, I know that it’s big brother and you do have to lie or whatever but At least be real in the moment such i wish they can both leave at once!!!!