Sarah “I can’t blame women for fighting for a little meat on a bone”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee won the Have Not Power

Q) After the secret power is used, who picks the replacement nominee(s)? A) The secret power holder, not the HOH
Q) Does the secret power holder vote? A) Yes, as long as they are not a still nominee after making the switch(es)
Q) Can this week’s HOH play in the next HOH comp? A) No, as per usual
Q) Does the secret power HAVE to be used? A) Yes, on one OR two nominees
Q) Who is SAFE from the block when secret power is used? A) HOH and regular POV holder

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 06-53-14-802

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the havenot room – Sarah says when I talk to them today I am going to be non-urgent. Brittnee says that’s ..when we talk to them there shouldn’t be too much pressure. We should just be this is what’s up. You can believe me or you don’t believe me. What does your gut tell you? Brittnee asks why do women always do that? As like females? Sarah says that’s an untrue statement. Some women do but I’ve always been supported by women. Women’s resource centre. I know a lot of nurses in the same situation. Sindy and her pageant stuff. They’re really really supportive of each other. Britt says in the plus size modelling community we are supportive as well but its a well known thing that women get caddy. Sarah says no but that’s the stereotype that people place on women because its easier than seeing them as strong. Britt says but they’re (Ash & Pili) living up to it. Sarah says you can’t say that because something happens …that it always happens. Britt says no but I’ve seen it a lot in my life. Sarah says I’ve seen guys turn on each other just as much as women. Britt says I’ve always seen this comradery and bros before hoes. Like its not even a question that you take your boy over a girl. Sarah says I’ve seen the opposite. Brittnee says I would rather see us all help each other. Sarah says I do see that though. I’ve never had a woman turn on me more than a man or men or more than I’ve seen men turn on each other. Britt says I just feel like we don’t spend enough time uplifting each other. Sarah says and I don’t think its a well known fact that women are caddy. Brittnee says they are pretty caddy. My girl friends are more caddy than my guy friends. Sarah says but that’s not a fact, that’s your experience. Britt says I feel like its very dog eat dog and that’s not only men its women. In North America its who are you willing to step on to get there. Sarah says men have it easy, that’s why they don’t have to turn on each other. And like when you watch movies you see women being caddy and fighting each other over men. We’re creatures of what we’re brought up in. I can’t blame women for fighting for a little meat on a bone.

10am – 10:45am Big Brother instructs the house guests to go to the head of household room. All of the house guests pile into the HOH room and find a spot to lie down. They all lay in silence. Big Brother ends the lock down. Ashleigh showers in the HOH bathroom while Zach takes a bath. Bruno comes in and they talk about why the backyard is locked down. They talk about how they hope they get a task today.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 07-58-58-014
11am HOH Bathroom – Pili tells Zach I can’t get myself to talk to her (Britt). (To tell her she’s voting her out.) I just don’t want to hurt her. I have to though. Zach says I think she knows already though. Pili says well frig, yeah.

11:10am – 11:25am In the kitchen – Brittnee asks Sarah how she’s doing? Sarah says stressed. Brittnee says hard not to be stressed. You gotta do what you gotta do. Britt asks Godfrey you’re going to have Sarah’s back when I leave? Godfrey says obviously. You don’t know you’re going. Britt says its pretty much implied. No one is talking to me and you’re in good with them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 08-03-26-210

11:45am In the kitchen – Brittnee and Pili are talking about how hard it is to trust people in the house and how its hard having others not trust your word. Britt tells Pili its good that she has Ashleigh. Britt talks about the triple eviction.

11:50am UP in the HOH room – Pili tells Ash I just feel so fake talking to Britt. Ash tells her that Britt will bring it up today. Pili says if she brings it up I will tell her.. and if not .. Zach tells her not to worry about it. Ash says this is big brother technically you don’t have to tell her. You could tell her in your goodbye message. Ash says if Godfrey and Bruno are on the block we could contemplate sending Bruno home. Pili says I can’t stand him. He is just so fake! He says it would be fine just tell her. How can you be so cold about a situation like that. Don’t tell me it will be all right if it won’t. I just don’t like the way Bruno is handling this. It’s not easy. Stop pushing me.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 08-59-20-584
11:55am – 12:05pm Hot TubPili heads out to the hot tub room. Sarah tells Pili I am really nervous. I think we’re going to get picked off. I think you, me, Britt and Ash should talk later. Pili says yeah we should talk. Pili says if she stays she is going to try and get rid of the couples. Sarah asks why do you assume that because that’s what they tell you. You’re not a couple. Pili says Zach and Ash. Sarah says not Ash .. and not Zach right away as far as I know. Bruno and Godfrey are one in the same. You have to think what’s logical. Do you think B wants you out before he wants Bruno out?! That’s the perfect situation for them if we go after each other. Sarah continues to work on Pili. Pili says we all need to talk. Sarah says that questions have come into my head (Diary Room) that lead me to believe the guys are coming after us. Something is going on. Its a fact! Sarah says I know there’s a reason why Bruno is putting doubt in my head about you guys. There is a reason why they don’t leave us alone together. Pili says I know. Okay we’ll all talk later. Pili heads inside.

12:30pm Sarah & Pili are sitting under the stairs on the couch. In the kitchen – Godfrey and Britt are talking about life. Godfrey says the best day of his life was when he got the call to be on Big Brother. Being on this show is something I could have never imagined.

All the house guests are sitting around the living room chatting about the season. First impressions, favorite competitions, costumes.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 10-13-22-801
1:10pm Ashleigh gets called to the diary room. She comes back out with the twitter camera. They take a “final 7” photo. Britt says its so weird not having Sindy here.. duck face! Ash asks do you want one in the havenot room? Sarah says yeah, and we’ll write “thanks Canada! We love you too!” They head up to the HOH room to take more photos.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 10-16-38-724

1:30pm Sarah tweets her boyfriend Scott #missyou ( @plasticmoose )

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-12 10-26-33-087

2pm Sarah gets upset about missing her boyfriend Scott. She says that in the tweet she did emojicons of a turtle and a snail. “I’m the turtle he’s the snail” Brittnee and Pili hug her. The house guests sit around chatting about blogging and other random things. Pili doesn’t know what a blog is.

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Let the Sarah/Britt haters chime in!!!

You do know that Zach was eligible to be voted for the power as well, right?
And Bruno, and Pilar, and Godfrey.

So where were you exactly two days ago?

No More BB Canada for me.

BB Canada you are tinkering way to much with the game. Keep it simple HOH competition and POV that’s it. A HOH should never lose there power as is the case with this secret power. Players should never be able to come back once voted out. Canada should not be voting cause at the end its not Canad’s vote but production who decides. I am done with all these Twists way over played.


Well big brother is a popularity, well-liked contest so why not. If you look at the HOHs and POVs this year, it favoured people that had allies in the house. Johnny never stood a chance of winning that POV and there was noone switching with Sarah in the last HOH. So even POV and HOH as they are, are not 100% pure competitions.


While I generally agree with you, a lot of those rules has been altered, changed, or broken for years now. The Coup D’Etat was introduced in 2006, and that one life idea was thrown out as early as 2002. It is what it is.


They all raced to get Sarah and B as HN’s before realizing that the HN’s would get a chance at a special power…lol

Go Godfrey

Well maybe there are less haters of B and S than there are lovers? And mayber those who love them don’t feel the need to come here and complain? Simple math, what do you think?


I am so annoyed by all the comments hating on Sarah and Britt because they were voted by Canada to have a chance to stay in the game, they blame production and accuse Sarah of all kinds of nonsense. The fact of the matter is, Sarah and Britt clearly have more fans/supporters.

Go Godfrey

Oh please people, don’t act like you don’t understand how a TV show is produced. Britt and Sarah are helped by production BECAUSE Sarah is a fan favorite. It makes good TV, majority is pleased, haters are pationnate, rates are high. Just like Rachel was helped in her two seasons wich led her to victory. As much as B/S haters have to admit they have some skills, their lovers have to admit they are helped. That twist could have been released at any time in the season, it has been when Sarah needed it, that’s all. And that’s ok. That’s part of showbusiness!


You can’t use logic, reasoning or say anything against S and B with the sheeple. This angers them to no end and they end up calling you a misogynist, even though they don’t know the proper meaning of the word.

The Truth

100 percent agree with Go Godfrey.

River de Nial

I’m really enjoying Sarah and Brits perspective on things. It’s ironic how the gal/guy gender roles issues are being played out on both Survivor and Big Brother Can. at the same time. I hope Ash and Pili come to their senses and realize they have a better chance with Sarah and Britt, especially since Brit is going to promise not to put them up. Sarah said she notices Ash and Pili act differently around her because she thinks they don’t like her game or her personally. She knows it’s because of lies Bruno has told them. But rather than trying to dissuade them, she should appreciate that this may want them to take her to F2 because most of the jury won’t vote for her to win (from Ash and Pilis viewpoint)


You really think Ash and Pili will trust Sarah and Brit after this super non sense?

River de Nial

Yes, more than they trust Bruno. Plus Brit has never gone back on her word, unlike Ash.


Go B! Go Sarah! GO GOD!


When was it week 4? Canada voted for the double veto then too.
Bruno won it. Was it used …. NO!
At least we will see it used .. real gamers don’t think it’s “to early to take out a threat”
C ya Zack
… Best acting award goes to …. Brit n Sarah … Good job girls!


Yes because a power at the beginning of the game is the same as a power this late in the game. Excellent logic! Also, Bruno wasn’t in any danger of leaving then. These two were definitely out the door so they invented this nice little power so sheeple would be satisfied.


You are the only crybaby do know that this power was introducted before Sarah and Britt were even in trouble.


I am so glad i hope Zach is finally going home.


My favorite houseguest is God. He is so funny! He made his target clear and never has wavered from that!

My least favorite is GOD! Wtf are you doing throwing a veto comp, when you are on the block in the final 7? This guy has played the most floating game I have ever seen. He literally just floats around. In fact the only time he has run his mouth is when his back was against the wall. Guess what man, you cant get blood on your hands if you don’t do anything!

The houseguest I want to see win; is Pilar. She is squeaky clean with a good heart. She has won something, and with Kevin and Zach goes, I have a feeling she will join forces to get the boys out.


Pili’s reaction to Sara’s game talk the other day was not kind hearted but immature.


Like a wise man once told me… “Everyone gets thier turn being an idiot.”


There for a minute I was thinking Pili was finally thinking right.
But her decisions are based on emotion. Not Good game play.
Getting even for Kevin will not get her to the end. Bad Choice.
Pili thinks planning 48 hours in advance is to much
(Pili … there’s two weeks left and possible instant or double eviction coming up
Better have a plan a, b, c, …..)
How can you possibly think that is good game play?

Go Godfrey

Well we can’t even call it game play… 😉 Love her personnality though

Moronita Pilar

No! She’s never thinking by her own cranial cavity. Instead, she will run to Assleigh to repeat everything she was told and then wait for Assleigh to check up with Zach what they should respond and then react accordingly. #Airheads2015


What is the point of convincing others to take you to the end because you have less chance of winning the game? Just pack your stuff and leave now


Sarah is the real sexist. She finally proved that in this morning’s convo. If Bruno had said the “meat” comment all the Fembots would burn him at the stake. Cant stand her one bit.


Hmm Sarah is referring to the opportunities women have in the world. She said the opportunities are little like meat on the bones.. how is that sexist exactly?

Go Godfrey

This is not sexist, but this is so borderline… As a woman, I never felt like it was more difficult for me to get what I wanted than for a man. It’s a matter of personnality, not a matter of gender. What she stated implies that women still feel like being below men, which is, in my humble opinion, the way she thinks, not the way it is. She should tell herself what she told Britt, “this is your experience, this is not a fact”. But hey… double standards. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah the person, but I would looooooooooove to love the player!


Oh no you’re not allowed to say bad things about Sarah on this forum. She is so perfect and anyone who crosses her is a misogynist according to the sheeple. The sheeple never let facts get in the way of their blind loyalty to the biggest hypocrite in the house.


Good acting job? Lol they were informed days ago that everything will be ok… secretly…because their crying and temper tantrums..needed to be appeased were. wanting to self evict! Lol
Imagine if it was Zach and Bruno that were given this power? Lol this site would crash from the complaints from the Sarah cult.


Mr Wall you’re walking a fine line. I will step in and moderate before this gets out of control. The sheeple do not appreciate your use of facts to make a balanced argument. They are only happy with blind support of all things Sarah and Britnee


As the great Jun Song said “We can’t even consider this #BBCAN3 season “Big Brother” anymore. This is why we can’t have nice things. Canada ruined it.”
And if you don’t know who Jun Sun is, I proved my point.


i feel so sorry for the people that thumbed down your comment. They are so lost, and don’t even know what it’s like to be a real BB Fan.


why do people expect BBCAN to be a copy of BBUS? Remember that BBUS was never the original Big Brother. The original European concept style was altered by BBUS. Let Canada have it’s own concept i say.


Exaxtly. People in the U.S. (and yes I’m American) seem to think everything has to be the way we do it. Canada is a mix between U.S. version and UK version and thats just fine…its a slightly different animal

oh…and to Chris above I know who Jun is…just because you know who someone is (and I’ve watched every season and been live feedster for every season since season 8 including all Canada versions) doesn’t mean you have to blindly agree with them.

no no no

i love BB UK and BB AU, and BB US. BB Can needs to choose what format to go with. The mixture BB Can is doing is toxic. It makes the game way too CONTRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!


One good thing about Zack running scenarios buy Ash last night …
He had Pili and Ash on the block as he was keeping Bruno
and somewhat Godfrey around as Pili was voted out. (Bro’s alliance)
Basically his vote out order was Sarah then Pili. Wake up Ash
If this doesn’t open her eyes!
Bring in the shock collar to get her brain working
My vote out order … Zack, Bruno, Brit, Ash, Pili …
I’d like to see Sarah and Godfrey for F2 … Sarah for the Win!


I like the twists. Big Brother is like life. Just when you think you have it all figured out something happens to mess it up. It’s how you respond to these unexpected events that matters. I have always believed that this is the concept of Big Brother.

As Fan

Unfortunately, sometimes they do not get a chance to respond. (Kevin and Willow)


When you play a floating game like Willow’s you can find yourself out the door at any time that’s the danger of it. Nothing to do with the twist.

Also Kevin had the tools to be a great bb player, but he wasn’t working hard enough. He should have been locking down the allegiance of players outside the diapers. Not just nodding in their direction, i.e. Sarah, God. If he had been really laying the groundwork for the break with Zach and Ash, he may not have been on the block at all. He was too complacent. When you’re that big of a target you can’t sit still.


Sarah is poisoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


If I had to play a drinking game and take a shot every time Brono said this, I would be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning…or should I call it alcohol-Sarahing (according to Brono)?


I really hope Bruno goes to jury before Sarah.
Sarah and Brit are doing a really good job at using this
opportunity gather information and plant seeds in minds.
What’s Bruno doing? Bro Bro Bro Bro … I got ur back
Bru to Zack F2 … Bru to Godfrey F2 all the way Bro
Bro Bro fist pump … Sarah is poison Bro poison Bro
He is so closed minded and oblivious to his transparent game play


Oh you mean he’s talking with people and uniting the boys? He’s got a strategy and trying to plan ahead? Gee I wonder who else is trying to unite a gender, but when she does it no one complains? Oh yeah its the crybaby hypocrite Sarah. The difference being that Bruno doesn’t sit in his room and cry and moan when things don’t go his way. Sarah is a whiney brat criminal (yes pot smoking is a crime) who shouldn’t even be eligible for the prize.


I like the twists. Big Brother is like life. Just when you think you have it all figured out something happens to mess it up. How you respond to these unexpected events (or twists) is what matters. I have always believed that this is the concept of Big Brother.


I don’t know lifes never gave me a twisto twist to screw me out of a 100 k but BBC production just did to Zach…lol
B had played a good game people she’s supposed to be gone…
Say this absurd veto with seven left still let the HoH pick the replacements I’d be like sure fine…but what was the point of Hoh….ash can’t compete next week but B can and B was essentially saved from the block and made Hoh in a competion agaisnt one other player while ash had to beat everyone but b in her hoh…it’s ridcioulous. people like twists that’s fine but this late in the game the fact you can take two people off the block and you pick the replacements is absurd…when this week is done 5 of the 7 have been on the block ridiculous.
You can hate him as much as you want it’s a your opinion…just like it’s my opinion to spit truth and tell you Zach got screwed yo……
Yes BBC talked about this veto under the floor of the have not room but never thought it would be this strong of thing to win that late in the game it’s essentially a veto and an Hoh……add to fact that it was an absurd vote to get the thing…it wS completely rigged for Sarah and B……the worst part in terms of making good tv was it was sarah vs B which made it not matter who the hell one as they would both do the same thing….So this twisto twist could have made great tv have one on each side of the house compete for that veto and then not let them tell the other house guest then the shock of whatever side of the house didn’t win scramble on wean day night…the only thing this is making for good tv is Zachs face when he realizes BBC production got him. The F’ck out..

BBCan Circus

i would love to see Brit win HoH tomorrow! HaHaHa Just to prove how much of a circus show production has turned this season into.


I honestly feel like it would’ve been best to have the power go God/B or God/Sarah just because due to the proximity of the HN room it would’ve made for some interesting scenes and dynamics as opposed to the same old Sarah/B we’ve seen almost all season.

No hate, just saying it probably would’ve been better that way.


I love the pairing of Britt and Sarah, especially Sarah which I defended before (save for her constant crying and the willow vote) she is probably the best player in the house), but like I said in the other thread… when it comes to these decisions she screws it up. The Triple Eviction is the main evidence of this… she didn’t use her power intelligently but emotionally. The intelligent move would’ve been to nominate Bruno, Kev, and Zach but she went the emotional route and nominated the three people that put her on the block.

Pili was a waste nomination, and we saw how that ended it. I’m hoping she does the right thing this time but I am expecting myself to facepalm tomorrow night


Umm, that was B’s decision not Sarah’s. Sarah gave her opinion and B then did what she thought was best for her game.


It was still an emotional decision not an intelligent one, and it bit her in the ass for it.

Pili was a wasted nomination, and you cannot convince me otherwise. Nominating “people who put me on the block” is stupid when one of the people that nominated you is a useless puppet. She had the option to get out 2 strong players (Zack and Kev) and because she nominated poorly, she failed and it if wasn’t for this power she would’ve been gone.

cooler than you

The comment section this year is brutal. About 80 percent pure loosers. Get a life and get a breathe of fresh air. Get the smell of house off ya.


Don’t you remember all of the vile things that people were posting about Sabrina last year? This year is tame, by comparison.


I’ve thought this “twist” was stupid from day 1. I don’t mind twists usually but what was the point of this HOH? A twist shouldn’t deem an HOH to be completely useless. That’s far too much power. Brittnee “earning” the power is a joke too. She had to use grade 4 math in order to figure out the combination. I hate this, I really do.

another name

in a way, Ashleigh’s own statement to pilar will bite her in the ass.
she said (paraphrase) ‘the diapers have had hoh for four weeks straight. sure b won hoh in there, but she didn’t get the room. we got the room for four weeks that shows we’ve got the power.’
at least she still got the room.
(that was glib, but the conversation was really materialistic in tone, in effect she seemed to be saying that the physical trappings as symbol of power made their achievement more substantial or the power wasn’t as important as getting the nice room). At the time I thought, yeah, because it’s all about the room that separates you from everyone else… still think if I was a hg with an hoh, i’d spend little to no time in that room, you can lose perspective on what the rest of the houseguests are doing and plotting if you isolate yourself from them for too long. Let the different showmances sleep there nightly (just wash the sheets), i’ll keep my eye on the game and sleep with the others.


Hopefully b puts the right people on the block or her and sarah are on the block next week for sure. I think Canada screwed up they will big targets next week for sure. If God throws another comp I will be pissed in big brother expect the unexpected like triple and hn power


love the twistos


That’s not just the best ansrew. It’s the bestest answer!

another name

I don’t think I’ve posted any opinion on the ramifications of using the have not whatchamacallit power. Thought about it for the last fifteen minutes.
So, you’re Britt. You can save yourself from the block and put someone else in the seat. You can save yourself and you can do the same for Godfrey.
If you put up Zach and he stays he’s going to target you aggressively.
If you put up Bruno and he stays he’s going to say women’s alliance since week one and target you, but only after he targets sarah first because she’s been the women’s alliance leader since week one (he is partially convince ALL of the women have been in an alliance since week one, or claims it to keep the guys paranoid and keep himself from being a target).
if you put up Pili and she stays she’s going to think she was your target and target you. you and sarah can no longer pull in pilar or Ashleigh most likely. She is a heart thinker not a head thinker in most cases.
If you, as B make certain to say who is the pawn, none of them will believe you.
So, what is the best choice? do you save yourself or yourself and Godfrey? Who do you replace yourself/selves with? What is your shelf life in the game after you make your choice and someone leaves?
I don’t think this particular twistos twist has a long term positive effect for the person that uses it. Short term it ends one persons game (and I do have empathy for that player in my own way.) long term I think it adds nails to the coffin of the person that uses it.

River de Nial

I think the other players, when they are thinking logically, will know that Zach is the biggest target. He’s an all around threat. They all can see that (even Asleigh, but she’d be willing to get second to him). They all want Zachary out. They would all prefer Brit to get blood on her hands. Bruno and everyone else knows he’s the second major threat. They’d probably all laugh at Brit and take her for a fool if she didn’t put him up next to Zachary. Bruno will definitely be coming after Brit and Sarah if he’s the pawn. But SB know he’s been coming after them anyway for weeks now. What’s different now for SB is that Pilar is finally playing the game and has said that she doesn’t trust Bruno to Ashleigh. Ashleigh has protected Bruno for Zachs sake, but with Zachary gone, she can now ally with SB and get the numbers to get out the other 2 major threats in the all important physical comps coming up. I hope Ashleigh will be thinking Jon and Neda and want to get the guys out if she wants a chance at F2. That is why SB have been so diligent lately building bridges to AP and gathering Intel they can use against Bruno and God.