Britt said “Zach just wants to swipe her (Ash) V card.. That’s rude to say about Zach” -Ash

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 17
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 16-32-19-820

7:25pm Bathroom AShleigh and Pilar
Pillar wonders why the backyard is open still. She thinks this means it will be questions because if it was an endurance competition they would be setting up the Competition equipment.
Ashleigh doesn’t seem worried about he HOH tomorrow Says they will have to wait and see.
The girls saunter downstairs into the kitchen.

Pilar asks her about the “B thing”
Ashleigh – I’m not bugged about her kissing, I’m bugged by the things she says
Ashleigh – I honestly don’t care I don’t own Zach.. the thing she said after though.. ohh AShleigh isn’t going to be a virgin for long
Ashleigh – Zach just wants to swipe her V card.. That’s rude to say about Zach.. we’re snuggling and kissing big whoop.. I’m over it.. like who are you.
(Johnny told ashleigh brittnee said these things)
AShleigh – Johnny has no reason to lie about that he’s not on the block against her… that’s what happens when people have alcohol.

They talk about which guy they would want to have a showmance, Kiss and evict, apparently they played this game last night .. Pilar said Kevin, Kevin and johnny. Ashleigh says Zach, Pilar and Johnny.
Bobby joins them.. They talk about what they thought when they first entered the house.
Pilar and Bobby hit it off right away. Bobby – The last girl I was into looked a lot like you
Pilar says Graig was fine but not her type at all. adds that his personality was great he’s such a nice guy and he means well. (Near the end of the video she says this)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 17-07-59-200

8:07pm Lots of laying around chit chat. Pilar shaves her arm pits asks Kevin to check them out.

In the bedroom Sarah is telling them a story about getting “Bombed” and going to an aquarium, “We were acting like children” mentions how they saw a guy who was “Definitely selling cocaine.. the whole time we were tripping balls”
Bobby asks her what she was on. Sarah says she only does weed and Alcohol and tried mushrooms once.. Feeds cut.
(Check out Bobby’s sunburn in the gallery below)

9:30pm Past Big Brother season discussion in the kitchen. Pilar shaving Kevin’s neck in the bathroom..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 17-48-16-917

9:42pm Bedroom Sarah, Brittnee, Kevin and Willow
Willow and Sarah bantering back in forth about their “relationship” they talk about have the conversation about leading the other on. Kevin says he had that one with johnny. Willow jokes that Sarah was the one that led her on.
Willow – you took my Virginity of womanhood
Sarah – I heard you mad 50 bucks kissing someone in high school
Willow – wasn’t 50 bucks was 25
Sarah – they had to split the 50
Sarah thought it should have been 60/40
Willow – why can you accept my love
Sarah – I accept it fully why can’t you accept mine
Willow – you said you have your guard up
Kevin – you guys are joking around but there’s a lot of truth

(They are joking.. I think 😉 )

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 17-59-01-702

9:50pm Willow and Brittnee
Talking about Johnny campaigning. He told her if she comes back in the house he’ll remember who help him.
Willow mentions how Sarah is worried Johnny is going to get votes him him pushing the girls alliance.
Willow – I just don’t know what will happen this next HOH I trust Sarah and I trust you
Brittnee – I don;t know who is a big target
Willow – who is working with who.. are the couples working together
Brittnee – the couple are strong
Willow brings up that the young kids are strong and the last 4 that went home are over 25.
Willow says Godfrey might be the next target.
They agree they both like Bruno “He’s good people.. Such a nice guy.. genuine”
Brittnee – nice to be around someone like that”
Brittnee – if I was sitting next to him final 2 I wouldn’t win (LOL don’t worry about final 2 yet )
Willow – hard to say now
Asheligh and Pilar come in for a minute to change.. After they leave.
Brittnee – I’m so unhappy right now.. I just want to sleep
Brittnee says Godfrey is next they are just glad it’s not them. Willow says she really needs to win it.

9:05pm Kitchen … you still hear Jordan talking about reality shows.. this time it’s Russell and Survivor.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 18-10-19-877

9:08pm Jordan and Zach backyard
Talking about Brittnee being an emotional player.
Jordan – this is freaking high school.. she’s ready to go with Bruno
Jordan – we have to be very very concerned
Jordan thinks Zach should throw the HOH to him “I know it’s going to be trivia”
Jordan – ”based on something that happened today I think it’ll be trivia/luck sort of thing.. A or B
Zach – interesting you are right
Jordan – we can talk about production but we need you for the physical.. if we can get rid of Bobby this week you can beat everybody next week.
Jordan says Bobby, Willow Godfrey are out Zach should throw it.
Zach says the Chop shop is 100% with them right now.
Godfrey and Bruno come out to play some “God Ball” (Yes he see them hunch over talking to each other)
Zach – I’m not going to blow up that entire side of the house.
Zach – we don’t have to worry about Sarah right away
Jordan – I have her on lock
Zach – she’s not a backstabber she’s loyal

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-14 18-17-26-821

9:15pm Jordan and Zach
Jordan – f*** that.. that is why this game is so hard people are so emotional
Jordan – She HATES AShleigh.. she won’t admit it but she does
They mention how Brittnee called AShleigh a b1tch.
Jordan – Ashleigh knows more that you B.. That’s why I love ashleigh she’s not emotional… she’s the nicest girl
Zach – B pisses me off.
Jordan – Bobby has to go Bruno has to go.. Brittnee SUCKS at competition.
Jordan isn’t worried about Brittnee coming after them cause she’s sucks he’s also got Sarah on lock.
Zach thinks Bruno will go after Kevin if he wins the HOH after next.
Jordan the 5 of us can take Godfrey, Britnee, Willow and Sarah
Jordan – Pilar is a great asset to have for endurance
Brittnee comes in tells them she was puking from slop. After she leaves Zach and Jordan laugh says she won’t be able to make this season.
Zach says he’s only wanted to kiss her to keep her close
Jordan – “She thinks she’s more attractive than she really is (It’s at 5:20 where Zach and Jordan make their Brittnee comments)

9:19pm Brittnee puking from rotten slop


Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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in the bb environment, no matter how level headed you are, never judge anyone in there for judging someone else, because you are not experiencing what they are experiencing.
if you are judging someone because they are judging someone else, what gives you the right to judge that person too.
two wrongs don’t make a right.


quote from sarahbbcan2
(not completely word for word)
“our inner thoughts in this game are intensified 10 times because of the situation we are put in”
(after ika shredded the letters)
that is why most people in the bb house forgive and forget everything that happened in there and gives everyone else a chance
examples of when this had happened:
ragan and rachel are friends (bb12)
rachel and daniele are friends (bb13)


I think Willows got the hots for Sarah…lmao


Britt has completely lost me at this point. She’s proven herself to be self-absorbed, petty and jealous. She’s hating on Ashleigh for having a showmance with a dude she’s thirsty for? It’s not a good look. Unless she checks herself, I won’t be able to root for her anymore.


I absolutely despise JP. He always wants to be the center of attention and I am so sick of his podcasts. Every night he gets all the houseguests (and live feeders) to sit through 2 hours of talking about the past houseguests OVER AND OVER!!

STFU JP play your own game you know the game you are currently in!!!! No wonder this season is a snoozefest because JP has ruined it.


And his facts are questionable.


Pilar thinking about the game?! Six more weeks of winter!


On the feeds, what are they doing? Are they selecting a cast to pretend to play Big Brother??

another name

I bet people that are team Zach don’t really like my posts ragging on him. his strategy is fine. it’s been good so far. I give him his due for that, BUT his integrity sucks. quoting his extended bio “i want to honour my dad by going into the house and maintaining respect for other people because that’s something my dad has taught me, and that’s something I do in my every day life.”
most recent example of captain Canada maintaining respect for other people: his britt comments. Way to honour your father. sure, he didn’t say it to her face. he said it behind her back on live feed. real stand up honourable hero you have there production.
respectful? as soon as someone isn’t useful to him and isn’t in earshot that is out the window. listen to his anti willow comments as soon as he decided to stop using her. his anti bobby comments, all the time. now his anti britt comments. the personal insults aren’t necessary. they show just how lacking in integrity the guy really is.
yup, I want him see what happens when things don’t go his way. if he’s such a jerk when things are going his way… imagine how he’ll act when they don’t. Imo, he’ll be this season’s impersonation of Sabrina. yup, I said it. hate away.

another name

they should have just tried to have every alliance they are in be called by the same name. that way if they ever slipped up and said ‘chop shop’ or ‘fortress’ or whatever, it isn’t a slip because they have an alliance with everyone. plus the idea of seeing feeders comment ‘which chop shop are they talking about now? damn it.’ would be sort of funny.
somewhere around scindy eviction i wondered how nobody questioned seeing j/z in the pantry numerous times without saying final two deal. day after day the same people walk in and find them. it dawns on nobody? for weeks? really?


people think zach is in there because he is always eating. sarah and brit mentioned it (after dar footage when feeds were down last night) handy excuse as most wouldnt go in there as uch as he does but would notice it wihout thining it is more often. S actually said “he eats 3000 calories a day”


SMH @ double standards. What about Britt’s comments? Her comments are what started his annoyance with her. She said he was only using Ashleigh in order to take her virginity. There’s no reason for her to be taking any personal swipes at Ashleigh’s virginity. It’s completely unwarranted. Be thirsty for a guy that’s not into you, but don’t take it out on the girl that the guy is into. That’s just misogynistic. Ashleigh hasn’t done ANYTHING to B.

another name

brittanee didn’t present herself as the person that will play the game with loyalty and integrity while maintaining respect for everyone. Zach did. that is the basis for my comment.
do i think brittanee’s drunken comment was right or proper? no. i actually haven’t heard the comment, just heard jonny say she said it. not that jonny would stir the pot in hopes of staying or to destruct brittanee or sarah’s game. never. he hasn’t been doing that for over a day now. if it is in one of the video feeds and i missed it i’m sorry, but i honestly didn’t hear it. can i picture britt saying it? yup. for sure. but did she?
i’m honestly asking this question in hopes of an answer: is a woman that hates another woman being a misogynist?

another name

sorry i tried to edit my comment and removed 2 sentences by mistake: is saying Zach wants Ashleigh’s vcard an attack on Ashleigh or an attack on Zach’s intent? i tend to think the latter more than the former.


Ashleigh hasn’t done ANYTHING. Period.


Wow. That was a really messed up comment about Brit. JP and Zach are getting on my goddamn nerves. I am kinda hoping Bobby wins and targets them.


I agree with everything, until Bobby wins… Bobby isn’t going to target them, he’s afraid to go to “war”.


Bobby told Bruno when they were alone in the hot tub that he (still) doesn’t wand blood on his hands and will nominate Brittnee if he wins HOH. lol


Players like Bobby make me tired. Why are you winning HOH if you’re going to waste it and target useless people?!


The slop almost made me sick! Lol wow go back to


Zach and Jordan need to be knocked off their high horse… onto a bed of nails.


Same here! (Mine was on the 9th.) Happy Birthday, Simon! I hope all of your eviction dreams come true!


It’s official. My favorite thing about Big Brother this year is I’m not being funny and I’m not joking. The people here are smarter, more insightful, and more fun. Simon and Dawg have more personality than the Big Brother voice(s) in the house. As I collected my mail today, I caught myself thinking, “I wonder if the maintenance guy is tempted to pee in the hot tub?”

I hope viewers choose the Pantry for next week’s Fan Feed. I just want to see them deliver the food. It would be more interesting than watching what we’ve been given.