Britini “I don’t find you that attractive, sorry! And your personality turns me the hell off!”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Bedroom. Sarah, Azah and Britini
They talk about Britini having to do another eviction speech. Britini – those speeches took a lot of work. Azah – flashback to season 12, do you remember what Joe did. He was on the block. Azah does the hand motions of pointing to the other person on the block and pointing to the door. That’s all he did and then sat down. Britini – did that work? Azah – yeah. I mean he wasn’t the target and everyone was just cracking up. He was the one that got into it with Russell. Britini jokes that she will do the below “eviction speech” for flight attendant Brent.

Britini – he did tell me.. Christian did tell me that if for some reason I felt uneasy about sitting next to Brent, he would consider it separately from X. Which I am going to be honest with you. I do. I do feel uncomfortable. Its one thing to just say my name out there .. you’ve (Brent) been throwing it .. and lying! Ky said he (Brent) doesn’t talk to the girls that don’t flirt with him. Sarah – its true. Britini – I don’t find you that attractive .. sorry! And your personality turns me the hell off. This week it should have been Brent and someone from his team. You (Xavier) did not have to bring me into this hot mess. Sarah – I really feel like he is working with Whitney that’s why he didn’t put her up. Azah – I think Brent is going to go but Whitney is the girl that needs to go. Sarah – I 100% agree. Britini – I am sick of being on the block. I can literally go after anyone I want to next week. Azah – we’ve got two days.. and two days feel like a month in here. Anything can happen so don’t give Brent any ammunition. Sarah – honestly (next HOH) if it comes down to us I will throw it to one of you. Azah – I don’t really have a relationship with Christian. .. I would probably do Whitney and Christian. Sarah – it makes more sense that way. Britini – I need a week where my a$$ does not touch the block. I want a 21 day contingency plan with this entire damn house. If this is seriously how it is I will give up the next three HOH’s.. let me get to jury. I am kidding, I am going for every damn HOH. Screw it. I am just mad. This entire week I have been assisting in other people winning. I don’t want to sit there for another 5 god damn days but I am going to have to. Christian – of the three (Travis, Frenchie, Brent) count him (Brent) gone who do you think is the best option to come back (Battle Back)? Alyssa – I think Travis. Sarah – I would rather Frenchie to come back. Christian – Frenchie. Sarah – he’s a target. Christian – and he’s not a physical beast. Alyssa – true, I didn’t think about that. Christian – if Frenchie came back he would be sent right back out. Sarah – I think the same for Brent, he would be sent right back too.

6:43pm HOH room. Alyssa and Christian.
They’re making out.

7pm – 7:50pm Then “Dad” enters… Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah and Christian are talking. Christian – so we are going to be the only group left that has four people. Sarah – so we are going to need to win next week. Alyssa – I will say if the Queens win they wouldn’t put us up. I feel like the Aces wouldn’t either. Christian – we are in such a good position. Alyssa – Do you think you can trust Britini more than Hannah. Christian – yes. Alssa – we’re stuck in that room with him (Brent). Sarah – I feel so bad for you. Alyssa – keeps talking and I said you get to play in that veto tomorrow. And he said I don’t even care if I win anymore. Chistian – it is going to be unanimous and he expects it to be unanimous on his side… he is going to be f**king shocked! Alyssa – I can’t believe there is going to be another black and white photo. Christian – its going to be another white dude. Its going to be another white guy. (Why does that matter?!) So Whitney and Hannah next week. Alyssa – yeah which sucks because I really like Hannah. If one of them comes off the block Azah goes up. Christian – we have every aspect of this game covered. We picked a good f**king team. You helped me pick X. And we got SB (Sarah) handed to us. Xavier joins them. Alyssa – Imagine if we (Xavier, Sarah, Christian and Alyssa) made final four. They reminisce about how they met. Then they study the past days / comps. Alyssa – do you think America likes us? Xavier – the will either love you or hate you. Alyssa – I feel like they would like us because of how we started. We were the underdogs. Sarah – they probably loved us and now hate us. Christian – but we’re unproblematic. Xavier – but that can be seen as boring. They agree that next week will likely be the last week for teams.

7:33pm – 8pm Bedroom. Derek X and Britini
Derek X – obviously the veto wasn’t the best case scenario but it wasn’t the worst. Britini – correct, I mean worst case it would have been him (Brent). But there is only so much you can do going first. Derek – I know. Britini – and everyone got to watch me. Derek – yeah that was a tough draw. But you are definitely going to make it through this week.. Britini – thank god! Derek – and I think everyone has your back. Britini – I am going to talk to X about using it but I can see it both ways.

8pm HOH room. Christian and Sarah.
Sarah – you really think Brent doesn’t think he is going home. Christian – ah.. he knows he’s the target but he “knows” he’s staying. He truly thinks he has the numbers. Its gone to his head. He said its going to be unanimous him staying but in reality its going to be unanimous him going. Sarah – yeah, I don’t think there is any chance he stays. Everyone wants him gone. Christian – right. Unless there is America’s vote. Sarah – and I don’t think there is anything he could even say to save himself.

8:10pm Kitchen. Alyssa and Xavier.
Xavier – when he (Christian) wants to talk .. cool, make sure Alyssa is there. Because I know if she is there she is probably going to say exactly what I would say so I am not worried. Alyssa – yeah, same with you. Xavier – but if you (Christian) are off having meetings by yourself, I am worried as f**k! Alyssa – we’re f**ked! Xavier – its going to be bad. He would be like .. I shouldn’t have said that. Alyssa – I was talking to Hannah and she said we were doing much better .. saying that he used to be the puppy dog. And I said, is he though because if I am walking away I am not going to know. Xavier – he is, he is a puppy dog 100% You walk into a room and give it 5 minutes later he will come in. He falls hard and he falls fast. Alyssa – that kind of scares me because I don’t. Xavier – just make sure it goes at your pace. Alyssa – we agreed that we were not going to affect our game for anything. I am going to go against him at some point and its not personal. And he said the same thing too.

8:35pm – 8:50pm Bathroom. Sarah, Derek X and Alyssa.
Alyssa tells Derek about when Brent was reading her lips. Derek – what I don’t get… Brent has to be throwing comps because he is a really smart guy. Alyssa – there is a difference between common smart and smart. Sarah – just because he is good at chess doesn’t mean he is smart. Derek – he is actually not that good at chess. Alyssa – he is pretty smart when it comes to game talk. Derek – and he is hyper observant of people. Sarah – but I think he is wrong though. Every time he has said something when being hyper observant .. I’ve been like I don’t think you’re reading that right. Derek – true, you know what you’re right! He just says things that sound so factual. He is just confident actually. Sarah – I feel bad for him. They talk about how bad he’s done in the comps. Sarah – I don’t like seeing people struggle really hard and then fail. Alyssa – I know I felt so bad we were rooting to get him out and then he got so sick. (in todays veto comp) And he is going to have to be blindsided. That is the worst part. Sarah – I think he knows though. Alyssa – he doesn’t. Derek – I think I am going to get a black eye (from Brent when he’s evicted). Sarah – I think he’ll be classy. I don’t want him to regret coming on this show. I don’t think he deserves that.

9pm HOH room. Christian, Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah. Face mask time. Tiffany comes in – oh my god Christian you’re so ugly!! And look at you (Xavier) with no lips! Look! Stop it, that’s ugly! Y’all are goig to make me have nightmares. I don’t want to look at that. Xavier and Christian follow Tiffany into the bathroom to scare her. Tiffany – that’s terrible! Y’all look like clowns! I am so frustrated with them. Xavier – TIFFANY, want to play a game!?

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“Hey Britini, I don’t find you that attractive, sorry! And your personality turns me the hell off!” – Fixed your headline for you!


I never thought I’d wish for more of Ky’s run-on sentences on the feeds, but that moment has arrived. I’d officially rather watch Ky chase 87 separate thought patterns in one conversation than listen to Brit’s “due diligence” and “14-day contingency” talking points again.

Sir Kirby Williams

So true! What is she thinking? She should be looking for the full month of safety.


Now it’s up to a 21 day contingency plan LOL


We’re on wash, rinse repeat of the BB show “Britini Believes”

“I’m going say hey look I did your due diligence I sat up on the block as your fake target now you can put somebody up for the next five days… There is no reason I have to sit an entire second week on this block when you can easily put someone from his own team up & send him home. So you should use the power of veto on me and apologize for your speech .. .I did my job I don’t need to stay on the block any longer.”

Britini needs a crash BB 101 course (the REAL BB show):

Speeches are made for a reason (to establish the narrative of the week primarily). Despite X telling you that speech was all theater you continue to push how it made you look bad ignoring there is an elaborate plan to make Brent feel he’s the pawn/safe. Why would X suddenly be okay for Brent to learn five days prior to eviction that yes this is a ruse & he’s leaving? If there was a reason for him to create the illusion you were the target – odds are he wants to play that out through Thursday.

A “pawn” is typically someone in the house viewed as the weakest competitor, most unpopular or weak at the game nuances, OR a very likeable hamster who would never be voted out versus a shark OR a secondary target. However, in virtually everyone of those scenarios the pawn is STILL considered EXPENDABLE. (hence why you don’t risk poking the HOH bear).

Replacement noms: Unless the HOH has a specific target they want to backdoor the LAST thing they want to do is put up another hamster. No one wants to get extra blood on their hands. *Britini went through this whole rant last week too & it just points out how little she understands the game. Why on earth would X want to piss someone else off who’ll then gun for him when he can keep it limited to Brit?

Expectations/Job: NO WHERE in BB does it say “if you are a good sport you’ll benefit” or IF you sit on the block one week you’re entitled to take a vacation for the next two or three weeks. Rather— you need to create your fortune via winning comps, making allies & via the nuances of playing the game – STOP WHINING & PLAY THE GAME!

I’m just so annoyed by this whole business with Britini – YES I can have empathy for her that she’s been OTB in B2B weeks. But, this is the show she signed up to play & I’m beginning to wonder if she’s ever watched it.

I’m also annoyed with Azah & Big D for dialing up this drama — they released her like a jack in the box playing up their own anger & angst (mostly b/c both of them want her as a competition shield) & now they’re discovering post POV comp it’s not that easy to put the jack back in the box. They need to make her realize being demanding could shift the target to her so she should chill knowing she’s been promised safety & use this week wisely to build relationships & prove to the others why she is valuable ally.

Luckily for Brit shes ONCE AGAIN sitting beside a huge target that reacted poorly to being nominated, has a terrible read of the house & is being sold out left, right & center by his smarmy egotistical comments — of which include the fact he’ll gun for X if he stays. She’s really lucky Brent didn’t win POV b/c then she’d be facing Whitney who would be a much more difficult block foe.


THANK YOU. Fantastic breakdown. She acts like an entitled brat. It’s like she thinks this is some sort of meritocracy where the whole house works together and she’s done her part for everyone so they should repay her. That’s not Big Brother lol. Everyone is inherently against you and trying to get rid of you. Being on the block for 2 weeks gets you no social capital and if she doesn’t accept her role as the expendable pawn she’ll cease being the pawn and become the target sooner rather than later. She has a big mouth and so far hasn’t been able to back it up so she really should be watching herself instead of popping off.


Despite what every HoH says, whoever is sitting on the block is one of the more expendable players. So Britini understands she’s not in a great spot even if she’s pretty safe. If she wants to change from being reusable block material, she’s going to have to either win something or convince some others and whining isn’t going to help.


I’m be such an imp in that house — if Brit pulled that shit on me I’d say hang on one sec- I’d go get Azah & Big D. I’d explain to them everything ran to perfection but despite negotiating Brit’s safety she wants me to remove her for someone I can’t guarantee the safety of. I’d tell them – I’ve decided to entertain her request & will make my decision tonight but first Britini, please tell me which one of Azah or Derek (Big D) you want to replace you on the block — which of their games are you willing to sacrifice so that you can be removed from the block?

The thing is I actually think she’d pick Azah lol

Sir Kirby Williams

Azah did volunteer to replace her already…


Yes I know – I’m saying if it was me POST POV COMP & this sh*t was going on I’d have her tell her Joker allies whose life was expendable to her. The EIGHT people she’s referring to not having been on the block include Azah & Big D.

My point was I’d want her to show A/D that she would rather they sit in the seat than her even if I as HOH couldn’t guarantee their safety.