Brent – “There’s a lot of people that have no idea what is going on”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers Brent’s leaving and is still clueless. A lot of planning out next week. Sounds like Brit, Alyssa, Christian or Whitney are all possible targets. Feeds cutting a lot again.

3:23 pm Tiffany and Kyland
Tiffany is saying she’s true to their final 2, She likes the 8 but she’s loyal to the original 6 cookout.
Tiff – I would love to keep Little D with us. he’s a POC. I love Little D, I love LIttle D from the very beginning he’s no different than us to me. other people might view that differently he’s the only one.. we got six he got one. you know
Ky – I feel the same about the POC thing.. there’s something else we’ll talk about it later.
Ky – the only separation I find between the 6 and the one is that he is the one this year there was a one that won (Jun)
Ky – if one of us had won a previous season I would play the game differently
Tiff – I agree with that.. I think a guy and a girl is awesome
Kyland asks if she’s teamed up with Claire and SB?
Tiff says no.
Tiff is nervous that Claire hasn’t mentioned a final 2 yet. She thinks Claire and Sarah Beth might have something.

3:34 pm DX and Hannah
Hannah is talking about her conversation with Christian where she asked how was he feeling about the HOH. He said he’s in the only four-person team
Hannah – I said we’re starting from square one there are no more house targets after Brent leaves..
Brent cruises behind Hannah right after she says that. (See gif)
Hannah – what’s up?
Brent – whatever you want to do for HOH I’m down
The bullshit begins..
Brent – we tricked them into thinking they had control
Brent says “the Guy” told him it’s like “inception” (DR?)
Brent says he’s so glad Alyssa told him this morning. “man, if this works out it’s going to be legendary it really is”
Hannah – they are going to be the ones that are blindsided
Brent – I know it’s going to be SO FUNNY and the aces will go down in history as the greatest bamboozlers in the world
Brent – the first time in the game we have control now.. .. watch my dumb a$$ goes home


4:00 pm Kyland, Claire and Tiffany
Still planning who they want to take to jury, jury votes etc..
Kyland says they can beat BIGD in “anything” adds that he’s expressed a real need for money. Kyland wants BIGD in the jury.
Claire – the counter case for BIGD he will be biter he is someone that will call you out to your face and call you a liar. He said he will target physical threats.
Tiffany – Azah doesn’t respect my game so she will be a vote for either one of you.
Tiffany says Azah know this game well but she’s an emotional player “So who the f*** knows”
Claire – if we’re worried about jury votes now we doing it WAY too early
Kylan – you’re right

4:08 pm not a showmance

4:10 pm Whitney and Xavier
Whitney – I’m very curious who everybody will put up next week for three weeks in a row we had a very clear idea of what is happening. I just don’t know what people are thinking for the upcoming.

4:16 pm Hannah and DX
DX – what’s your read on the jokers
Hannah – they’re on an island why target them.
DX – after the team twist is over. who do you trust the most in that team
Hannah – Azah.. Brit and I never talk game and BIGD has loose lips
Hannah – I trust Azah the most. If I told Azah something she would keep it confidential. She’s not a cunning player she’s playing this game on a personal level
DX – she does
Hannah says it’s smart to not have a super big alliance “Six people is a lot”
DX – really?
Hannah – yeah
Hannah says she likes Whitney but doesn’t want to take her far in the game. “She has kids and is a strong competitor”
Hannah says people will say why give the money to a 21 year old without a real job when you have a single mother with 2 kids.
Feeds cut.
Hannah doesn’t think the Queens want to win HOH they don’t want to take the shot at the Kings.
Hannah says Whitney would be the most OKAy with taking a shot at the KINGS
Hannah stresses that the kings need to go down a number. “Sarah Beth isn’t a priority for me.. She really doesn’t talk game with anybody”
Hannah says X told her he thinks Kyland or Sarah Beth will win the game.

DX – I know you are close to TIFF and Claire but what about Kyland.
Hannah – I trust Kyland as much as you can, on week three. I feel the same way about Claire and I feel the same way about Tiffany
DX – ohh sh1t okay.
Hannah – I just started talking game to Claire three days ago.
They agree Whitney is a flip-flopper. she never talked to them week one then after Frenchie imploded she went back to her team.
Hannah – we could use a flip flopper to our advantage
DX – for me best case is Whitney wins HOH
Hannah – you and I are safe
DX – she’ll take a BIG SHOT
Hannah – Christian did say out of our team he feels the least safe with Whitney .
Hannah trusts X the most out of the Kings. She’s going to throw the next HOH.
Hannah – maybe we can convince them to only target the jokers.
DX – you don’t think the kings will go after me and you at all. We technically have nothing with them outside of personal relationships
Hannah doesn’t think so
Brent joins them again..
Brent about BIGD “He legit has not idea what is going on he’s just going to coast and keep cooking and cleaning. That’s his strategy”
Brent – there’s a lot of people that have no idea what is going on
Hannah – like who
brent- like if they weren’t told they have no idea what is going on
Hannah – do you think people are doing that on purpose?
Brent – I don’t know
Hannah – do you think people now more than they’re letting on
Brent – I guess.. Azah is completely lost

5:25 pm Christian and Hannah
They talk about keeping the ruse up with Brent.
Christian – I think it will but there’s a lot of time left.
Hannah – I’m pretty sure we’re fine. Hew as saying. imagine if it was a unanimous vote against me
Hannah – I was like don’t even joke about that knock-on wood. And then he said he’s going to look at X right before Julie reads out the vote he’s going to go Checkmate.. That’s how cocky he is. (LOL)
Hannah says she hasn’t heard anyone mentioning her name as a target. Unless there some secret Backdoor plan.
Christian – I don’t mean any offense by this but taking you out right now wouldn’t be a big move.
Hannah says that’s her plan right now lay low.
Christian thinks he shouldn’t win the HOH because he doesn’t want to add another thing to his resume right now.
Alyssa joins them.
Christian – I feel good with the queens.
Hannah – if jokers win?
Alyssa – we’re going up
Hannah – 100%
Alyssa – we’re the only 4 person team leaft it would only make sense
Hannah says the jokers would probably put up Christian and Alyssa. If it was BRit it would be X and Christian.
Alyssa – X and Ky because Ky put her up so
Hannah – they are still drinking Frenchie’s koolaid. When Fnrehcie left he direct them to go after you guys
Alyssa – I thought he said go after Brent and Whitney..
Hannah – Frenchie fed them a lot of KoolAid .. he poured out the whole pitcher
Hannah says Kyland and Tiffany can direct Claire away from targeting them.

Alyssa points out that Azah and DerekF haven’t left the back room, The aces call team meetings in front of everyone. She just saw the queens talking outside. She wants to know why are the KINGS being solid what everybody is talking about?

6:15 pm Brit and Ky
They’ve been talking for a while. Lots of feed cuts..
Brit – I swear to god America I swear to god if I get up again I will throw a gasket (LOL build the shrines we need Brit on the block)

Brit goes on about only winning comps that are necessities. She’s pushing for the Kings to go but they can’t do it.
Brit asks him who the biggest threat in the game. “I think you know your answer”
Brit – answer the question..
Ky – I don’t know
Brit – answer the question.. You know the answer..
Ky thinks if the Kings make it past the next 3 evictions they will be able to count on each other’s votes.
Brit – 3 people start winning you the eviction when you get to three votes Ky
Brit says at 9 people 3 people bring it to a tie
Ky – F***
Brit – their entire team can be a tie..That’s only four people away.
Brit – for me next week if I get it that’s not my shot. Not right now. But .. but if things were to change if I hear things see things that are different Like I told you I have the willingness to take any move aI want. Hopefully, we don’t win someone from our team wins.
Brit – right now we need to get off everyone radar.. I have been the centre of attention for two weeks and as much as we love that I hate it in this game.
Brit says if the Kings make it to Jury intact they will control the vote.
Brit – with 9 people 3 people is the vote..
Brit – we have to do it next week
Ky wonders if the four are tight enough to go to the end. He wonders what would break that up
Brit – An eviction

6:34 pm DF and SB
DF- DerekX he’s GOOD
SB – he is goo d
DF – that dude can do anything when he is.. he can win so much he can control this whole entire game because he’s himself.. I dunno

DF – I woud liek to win and go fo rit. but then I’m like Who do I go for? I don’t want my team to keep being the pawn. We’re not even a threat. there are so many bigger targets. So many bigger guys. I’m not going to lie some of these girls really smart too
feeds cut..

6:50 pm Pool

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Hopeful for a Good Season

This season is great. It was fun watching Frenchie and even more funnier watching Brent. Great cast so far.



Britini (retelling what Xavier said to her): if you are HOH next week you need to take the shot at me and not at my team. he said I think I deserve that shot from you but don’t go after my team.

Xavier – (what he actually said): If you are going to come at somebody from my team, I feel like it should be me.


Britini lives in a different world!

Feeds Gold

i would like to see a roulette wheel hoh, completely random unthrowable comp

for balance i want an aces hoh win meaning all 4 teams clinch an hoh each in wildcard phase

or a whitney wildcard win, which perhaps keeps all 3 aces safe

the 4th and final wildcard comp will be any 3 of whitney vs claire vs alyssa/xavier vs big d/azah

for me this result would provide max drama

time for some panic and cages to be rattled of cookout, the girls crew and the showmance

im all for anything that prevents a bb16 style steamroll of minnows, bottom of the house totem pole leaving week after week

all 3 monday to thursdays (2nd half of each round/week) so far have been predictable and boring, and the most boring possible week next week (or the week after) will be if whitney is evicted as house target with the lame excuse she cant make jury so she can see her kids…i also want to see how well she can do in physical comps when she is not throwing and trying to win…she also has potential for some feistiness so i want her staying as long as possible, plus she has one of the greatest asses in bb history haha

i want to see alliances shaken, lots of throwing under the bus and as much unpredictability as possible

Feeds Gold

for sure

since this is a risk/reward gambling theme, i think roulette wheel is perfect

then people not wanting to show their cards are forced to show their cards if they win

shuffleboard is throwable, that hoh ky won is throwable

roulette wheel cant be thrown

with 3 of each team competing in hoh (xavier sitting out) it means each team would have a 25% chance of winning as nobody can throw

pure pot luck


I was just thinking today while so many verbal chess conversations were happening as everyone was jockeying to determine position — the best HOH comp right now would be a knockout comp. I haven’t heard any of them discuss strategy for that type of event (who to pick to hide true alliances/intentions).

Imagine the cluster F & scrambling going on … It’s not even a simple Royal Flush targets Aces & Jokers — or Aces/Jokers target Kings b/c you’ve got the Cookout & then sub alliances to factor in.

Ally & Christian told Brit they’ll never put her up & aren’t coming after her & pretend to still be close with the Kings & vice versa for Whit.

Big D would target females, not sure Azah would even bother to hide her targets. I’d be most interested in who Hannah would put up.

Xavier, Ky, Tiff would all be SOL based on all their alliances although I could see Tiff strategically putting up Baby D & Christian & saying after I was hiding the alliance.

The point is knockout HOH’s are the best b/c they aren’t easily thrown & show your cards and the further you get the more pairs you have to pick.

Feeds Gold

its going to result in house minnows/least liked on the block with the usual excuses “i didnt know who to target in knockout”

The Beef

Well, THAT’S a great way to play this game! We already have enough crap shoot HOH’s, without throwing in another, TOTALLY random, HOH, with absolutely no skill, knowledge or competition involved whatsoever. They might as well draw for it out of a bag, like they do veto players, and then, rather than play a competition, just hand the winner a damn key!

You’re not advocating to protect the “bottom feeders” as you say, since none of the players that have left so far are bottom of the house totem pole players. Hell, Frenchie was on top of the world during week one, and couldn’t handle the prosperity! Both Travis and Brent are two of Frenchie’s so called “meatheads” – types he says usually run the house and evict all the other poor bottom feeders, so if you are against those types getting evicted, you should be in Heaven right now given the ones who have been going!

Maybe there’s not enough drama during the week, but a damn random HOH is no guarantee to promote that anymore than a regular one would. I don’t usually like houseguests throwing competitions, but when they lay out the reasons why they are doing it, and it makes sense game wise, how can you argue with them doing it, especially when the rules of the game doesn’t prohibit it, and sometimes it just makes sense to do it? If production doesn’t like it, let them make a rule against it, and then form officiating committees to oversee that aspect of the game and PENALIZE that shit! Until they do that, let the games continue, with the production interference and “guidance” remaining in place (lololol) and the rest of us will just have to deal with the contestants own feeble attempts to countermand that production “steerage”.

Feeds Gold

whilst frenchie was in power briefly he was bottom feeder in the sense most of the house quickly disliked him…all of the house dislike brent…most of the house like kyland/xavier the last 2 hohs

after the erratic play of frenchie and arrogance of brent costing them their place in the game, i think from this point onwards its shaping as a steamroll season the rest of the way with cookout and friends making things very predictable…i would love to be wrong

if there was a pot luck hoh this week, its no guarentee, but its the best potential i see that may result in possibility of noms that are unpredictable/unexpected

The Beef

Okay, but you’re assuming people know about the Cookout, which nobody does – except for the members themselves. Given that NOBODY seems to want to go after the black players and be seen as the first person to take a shot at one of them, and therefore risk being called a racist by the SJW’s on twitter, OR they are all just comfortable with those particular human beings, except for Britini, who has been put on the block by two of them, I just don’t see how a random HOH does anything for the game except put players at risk who have been playing a great game and done nothing wrong, except now got unlucky when the roulette ball fell into the wrong hole and some dipwad, who would never have won in any other situation, is all of a sudden “awarded” the HOH.

For the record, I don’t like “steamroll” seasons either, and I certainly don’t like the way it looks like this one may play out, if the Cookout gets what it wants, but all is not well in that alliance, and there is still time for things to fall apart there. There are still plenty of good players around to make things happen outside of the Cookout (Derek X, Claire, Sarah Beth, even Whitney has some potential, and Christian has proven he can win comps, but his head is square up Alyssa’s skirt), but they need to figure out WHO the other side is, and the sooner the better! I also still think Hannah may end up on the other side if she ever finds out Smoking D and Azah do NOT consider her to be a member of the Cookout, and given how emotional Azah is, that very well could happen.


Bye Bye Brent! Hope SB wins HOH. I do think this has been better season. Im just disappointed in Azah.


I’m really liking Hannah lately. She has a pretty good read on the house. I like her with DerekX too. I worry that DerekX is talking too much though, especially to Ky. Brent keeps saying more and more things that he’s going to regret after he gets the boot. If he really does look at X and says checkmate before the vote is read, I’m going to die laughing. I hope the camera does a close up of his face when Julie breaks the news. It will be epic!

Feeds Gold

i like hannah too, but i hope her obsession with throwing hohs doesnt bite her in the ass the next few rounds

The Beef

I LOVE Hannah, think she’s super intelligent and playing a great game so far, but I’m afraid she’s so damn paranoid she may never trust anybody in there fully, and may end up either cutting her best friends throat due to that paranoia, or end up getting cut her self, due to nobody ever being able to break through the wall she has built up around herself. DerekX seems to be making some progress in getting through to her, but it’s taken him nearly 3 weeks to get this far, and she still doesn’t trust him anywhere close to fully! In fact, I don’t think there’s anybody in that place she trusts 50%, much less fully, and that’s got to grate on you after a while. Love that kid and hope she finds somebody inside that house she can trust soon, or else she may be out of there before she gets a chance too!

Feeds Gold

im bored of the landslide votes

give me some 5-5 ties, 5-4’s etc in the coming weeks…like sam v kat eviction debate/fight(could have gone either way)…and the cassandra vs christine 6-5 nailbiter…and the godfrey vs jp 5-4 epic

i want some actual unpredictable battles where players and their closest allies are bouncing from room to room trying to rally votes until the last minute where the evictee is not fait accompli the moment the veto box is closed every monday lunchtime

i dont want to see this season become cookout and friends shooting fish in a barrel every round and almost everyone submissively going with the house

i get people dont like frenchie and brent, im not a fan of them either, but they are 2 of the more lively characters leaving very early…this likely means lower energy feeds in future rounds

the more submissive/quiet/compliant/laid back types stay in the game longer, the more chance of landslide votes/steam rolls/’not looking to rock the boat’ safe gameplay mentality/drama free low energy feeds

Dans Funeral

This conversation tells you all you need to know about why this season is being played. It’s beyond racist to talk like this. The winner of the game should be based on skills, gameplay, wins, alliances… not the color of your skin

Tiff – I would love to keep Little D with us. he’s a POC. I love Little D, I love LIttle D from the very beginning he’s no different than us to me. other people might view that differently he’s the only one.. we got six he got one. you know
Ky – I feel the same about the POC thing.. there’s something else we’ll talk about it later.

Feeds Gold

2021 north american bb should be a big wake up call for all future white players of canada and usa bb

my advice to any future white bb players who are serious about maximising their chance of winning the first place cash prize in bb usa or canada:

be realistic and go into the house presuming the majorly leftist casting will cast the poc contingent with a good likelihood they will keep each other safe as long as possible

so to maximise win % chance white players should stop being so naïve especially pre jury


What if the only white players playing with you are POC “allies” a la Frenchie?

Feeds Gold

you know leftist casting will throw in some leftist whites to further advantage the poc contingent, so choose your closest allies carefully

but bottom line i would recommend whites not target whites pre jury in future, get at least 3 poc out in the first 5 evictions to take away the likely scenario of poc controlling the jury vote and voting as a block for a poc winner solely based on race no matter what regardless of gameplay

Zachary Chenault

You don’t know what racist is sweetheart


its disgusting and racist,.. this season and cast is the worst but Simon thinks this is a great season with a great cast…FACEPALM

Feeds ungold

You are completely dillusional Simon and you must be a leftist. BBCAN 2021 was a wonderful season right? Lol bro.


It IS a great season with a great cast. Talk about a facepalm……So let me get this straight, it’s perfectly fine all the seasons with one or two POC getting picked off early, but god forbid it be the other way around. Especially white Men going early. So Now the show is racist??? Do you have a clue how completely racist THAT is???

Stewie Griffin

If the next HOH comp is endurance, how many seconds will Derek F. last?


Get Ready… Get Set …. oh no Derek F is down



I don’t like him but can we please start a prayer circle for his knees? I don’t want anyone getting seriously injured and I’m afraid his knees might buckle and like literally tear if he doesn’t just roll his big ass off that wall asap… x_x


You are cold blooded but I wish I could +100 your comment.

Don’t they usually make the first 3-4 people who drop on the wall the have-nots?

I pray he is one of them. He hasn’t done it yet either so it is time.

Like I’ve said in the past, production better reinforce that jetski! :'(


I’m thinking it should be endurance…and I hope it’s the wall. Can’t wait to see Big D up there. Don’t blink when it starts…you may miss it!

I’d like to see him trying to get up to Otev too. The entertainment value will be outstanding! I know it’s wrong to think (say) these things, but why on earth would someone his size enter a game that’s based on physical competitions?

Despite these thoughts, I accept that he will probably do quite well in this season because TPTB would not want to make bad reflections on his father’s name.

I used to love BB. Sure, I still watch but I think it’s true what someone else said when they wrote that it’s no longer a game…it’s a tv show. Remembering back to some of the great players that really made the show exciting, it makes me sad to think that we may never get that again.
At least, I don’t think it will be this year. The racism is real and it makes me sick.

Zachary Chenault

Just gonna leave this here for the comments that are sure to come ..

Cee Dee

LOL!! exactly. It’s never any fun when the rabbit has the gun. LOL!!

i was here

its not about all white or all black alliances, and any rational honest person would see that




Correct me if I’m wrong, because I could be. I’m all about alliances. I understand the Cookout sticking together. However, what I don’t remember seeing is an all white alliance (there were many) say anything about the reason they’re an alliance is because “we’re white” or anything like that.
I’m not saying people aren’t racist. I’m just ready for the day when everyone accepts everyone for who they are and not look at skin color.
I know we’re far from that and it may not happen in my lifetime. I am tired of race being an issue.

All that being said, I can see X, Kyland, or DX winning. I would love to see it be Hannah. She’s smart, so I hope she will win a comp or two before they vote her out!