BIGD – “Today is the day of.. me not moving from this spot”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie’s getting evicted. Frenchie’s eviction and the new HOH on Thursday will cause a substantial reset of the game. Feeds appear to be cutting out a lot again. Production definitely has a stricter policy on what is said on the feeds. They are being cut more than ever. Why do you think this is happening? Let us know in the comments.

9:30 pm Frenchie packing. He lets out a sigh.

9:36 am house generally getting ready for the day
Brent – I never wore bandanas before the show
Claire – will you wear them now?
Brent – Yes

9:46 am Claire and Azah
They mention the backyard is closed.
Azah – how do you feel about Thursday?
Clair e- Good, well nervous
Azah – I’m nervous too. Depends on who wins it I’m f***ed
Claire – REally?
Azah – I Don’t know it’s easy to say ohh just finish off his team
Claire – people can say that about my team too
Azah – true true
They talk about the HOH competition. Neither thinks it’ll be endurance. Azah mentions how she was practicing puzzles on her phone before coming in here.
Azah drops her makeup..
Azah – this pallet costs 60 dollars.. I’m pissed..

9:57 am DerekF watching Frenchie Pack
BIGD – today is the day of..
Frenchie – day of what
BigD – of me not moving from this spot.
Frenchie says this is his last day in the house he wants to have fun. Mentions a game of hide and seek.

10:08 am Christian and Alyssa still laying in their beds.
Christian – when you Cuddle Do you like the be cuddled or the cuddler, or both?
Alyssa – both.
Christian – same both..
(critical Spoilers)

10:20 am Kyland, Claire, SB and Tiffany
Chit chat about the backyard being closed. SB really wanted to swim in the pool today.
Tiffany to Ky – you smell so good..
They mention how jit’s Xavier’s lotion
Sb – I gotta tell y’all yesterday me, and Azah, and Brent were outside we were talking about like Coasters and Floaters like different ways to play the game.
SB – everything was normal. like there was nothing wrong with that conversations at all. Azah was not upset. Brent tells me later with Alyssa he’s like Azah got so upset with me she jumped down my throat about floaters and coasters .. blah blah blah.. what is going on in BRent’s head?

DX joins them.. Chit chat.
Sb mentions how if production gives them sushi rice she can make them some rolls.
Everyone gets excited.
DX – have you ever been to Japan?
KY says that’s a sore question.
SB jokes around crying saying that she was supposed to go to Osaka then Covid hit
Feeds cut

when we’re back they’re impersonating Frenchie
Tiffany – I’m killing showmance
DX – no minorities on the block. Kyl on the block
SB – Alyssa too
DX – I came into the house and I said two things no minorities no females.. ok Ky/Alyssa
Tiffany – when I came into this house I promised 16 people safety
DX – when I won the veto he came to me said I’m so glad you won the veto cause I promised myself no minorities on the block
They laugh..
DX – I promise you. you won’t go on the block.. please go on the block
They joke around about general things at one point Tiffany and DerekX laugh about her just assuming that DX’s dad was a math teacher.

10:40 am Frenchie and BIGD
BigD – how am I going to get these b1tches out one by one
Frenchie – you’ll have to find a way. I have faith in you
BigD – If I win HOH what do I do?
Frenchie – you have three weeks to get them gone if not they will run the whole game
BIGD – If I win HOH do I blow up my alliance already and throw them up
Frenchie – you won’t have a choice. You’ll have the whole house behind you if you take that shot
BigD – Do I put up one from each? If we lose another guy I would rather get rid of a girl so I out up Claire and WHitney
Frenchie – Claire? Claire is on your side
BigD – I know so who do you say I put up Whitney and Alyssa?
Frenchie – or Hannah and Whitney but Claire is …
BigD – I know I know I’m coming up with scenarios. I want to take a big move but I don’t want to f** myself. With me blowing sh1t up left and right..
BigD – I want to do what you did BIG MOVE what you did was big because it was first week so everyone was like..
Frenchie – I would do it any week if I was still here no matter what I am making big moves I don’t care what the shock value is I’m making Big moves that’s what I’m here for
BigD says the biggest move he can do is put up Christian and Brent at the same time
Frenchie – that’s BIG BOY MOVE right there.. that was my original Go to
BIGD says his GUT is telling him there is no girls alliance, “I want to try and get rid of these BIG dudes so I have a chance to win at these big comps”

10:55 am Frenchie and BIGD
Frenchie still going on about no minorities, females, or old people and how this will be seen as a defining moment in Big Brother.
Frenchie – I put it into Action it was something I was passionate about.. I got so upset about Big BRother 21 I flipped my coffee table.. I got so tired of it..
Frenchie – I’m tired of the jock alliance.. I did what I had to do.. Before I came in here i laid out the plan I laid out the script I’m going balls to the walls for the first HOH

Feeds cut. when we’re back they’re fantasizing about a twist-saving Frenchie.
DF – if they really want to keep this season no beginning and good that’s a way to keep it going
Frenchie – when I walk out those doors things will get complacent
Frenchie – I don’t want them to target you next week..
Frenchie – work with Ky and Derek
DF – mmmm..
Frenchie says Ky was used as a pawn this week.
Frenchie says during his HOH “I smacked one outta the part.. a strong competitive Meathead”

DF says if Slaughterhouse wins the veto they’ll put up SB and Brit
Frenchie – SB will stay
Frenchie says he called DF “My big teddy bear”
Feeds cut.. when we’re back Frenchie is saying sometimes you have to cause chaos as HOH.

DF – when I came in here I knew I would trust one person you were that one person
Frenchie – same
DF – moving forward I’m not going to trust anybody else.. I’m going to play them like a fiddle.

Feeds cut when we’re back. Frenchie is talking about his prize bull. DF doesn’t
Frenchie – without a good bull your herd sucks
DF – I don’t get that .. the cows don’t look like a bull
DF doesn’t understand that a cow and a bull are the same animals but of different gender. Frenchie explains. (WTF)

11:30 am DF telling Frenchie there’s a few votes he can flip he’s got to try.
DF – keep pushing.. you have to you owe that to yourself

(We’ll add new spoilers later today. Frenchie and Brit are going to do one on ones today. )

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This theory is the most plausible explanation for the constant feed cuts. Production is trying to save the HGs from the BB twitter mob.

At this point, it has made the feeds almost unwatchable, so I say that either the HGs all sign a legal waiver before the season begins that everything (and that means, everything) they talk about goes out to the world or else just end the feeds altogether. Anyone choosing to be a HG from this point forward should know that they will get destroyed by BB Twitter anyway and there is no amount of feed cutting that will change that, so go in with that understanding and play or don’t play at all.

P.S. – There was a rumor in BB21 (the first year that feed cutting became excessive) that Jackson’s mom took legal action while he was in the house because he was getting destroyed online. Don’t know if that’s true, but it sure was a hot rumor at the time.


One way to fix the Twitter situation is to do the suggestion that I heard today: Make the trolls and other haters on Twitter no longer able to be anonymous with their comments


so i was right when i said Twitter ruined the feeds

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I agree with you 100% Simon. I don’t really watch the feeds anymore, I got tired of them continually interrupting when something interesting was being discussed. You and Dawg do an excellent job, I’m going to make a donation.


Exactly. Its the extreme minority of our population who equate words with violence that are causing CBS to be uber-protective of what we see and hear on the feeds. Anyone who says words hurt more than a punch in the face has never truly been punched in the face. There is a difference. The pendulum will swing back eventually, I hope.


I tweeted them suggesting that they find a fix for this so that they don’t lose money on subscriptions


Send the $$ to Simon & Dawg, please! Don’t waste it on the feeds. Simon & Dawg keep it real & deserve the monetary reward MUCH more than CBS.


Thank you Arly! We appreciate it!

all for big d layn around

yet look ian and cop derek both feeds were cut right and won


whats the point of the disclaimer every time we change cams?


It is a vast improvement from the last few seasons although I’m hoping the Alyssa/Christian showmance gets the boot quick.


Same here. Last year I couldn’t find one person to root for. This year, I would be ok with most of them winning (so far).


100% with you that it is one of the best casts in a long, long, long time.

Top-Tier Favorites: Tiffany, DerekX, Claire, Kyland

Runner-Up Favorites: Hannah, Azah, Xavier, SB

Average (No Strong Opinion Either Way): Alyssa, Christian, Whitney, Travis

Annoying HGs: Brent (taking over as #1 Clown with his self-absorbed arrogant soliloquies); DerekF (biggest disappointment of the season); Britni (not so much annoying as just really bad at the game)

Bottom of the Barrel: Glue Clown


Derek F. was the one I thought might be most fun and then the season started. He had a few funny moments then settled into just being around and making terrible reads on every game situation.




Once Frenchie leaves, I will make more of an opinion on their gameplay since everything should shift (looking at Azah & Derek F). Generally I agree with Simon; everyone is likable as a person with Kyland and Tiffany being my favorites so far for different reasons

all for big d layn around

who else bring on bring drama and entertaiment other frenchie?


Maybe he wont. There could be a Battle Back.

G - ColoradoGirl

Same disappointment on DF, I’m hoping he is just playing “follow Frenchie” bc he aligned himself with GC way too early.

Ky and Tiff, my faves… this cast is good!
These feeds though, I’m about to “Karen” on CBS! ?????


When BigD said he was not going to move from that spot, my immediate reaction was… how is that different from any other day? I guess he’s the furniture of the season.


I was going to say the same exact thing. Does he even shower? He always seems to be in the same exact spot.


Derek F – Tjis is the day of me not moving from this spot….isn’t that what he does every day? Currently my least favorite player. He bought the koolaid.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

DerekF is really annoying me, I wish that he would stop calling the women “Bitches”. Why not say how are we going to get some of these women or ladies out of the house ? How would he like it if people were calling him names based on his weight ??

On another note, BigD asking Frenchie for advice on what to do if he wins HOH, that’s just so hilarious to me. Glue Clown is the last person I’d take advice from in this game, he did a horrible job as the first HOH, did just the opposite of what he said he was going to do.

DerekF saying he’s going to lay in that spot all day WTF !!! That’s all I have to say about what I think of his lack luster game play, he needs to stop thinking Frenchie’s HOH and his game play has been so great.

Frenchie needs to stop bragging and thinking he has done such a great job while being on BB23, he needs to wake up and understand his HOH did not do anything to change BB. Frenchie will see when he’s out, and looks at the sites, he’s not this great player that he thinks he is, Frenchie needs to seek counseling to help him with whatever issues he has had with Jocks, popular people, men who are in better physical shape based upon his body build. Did something happened to him ? He has issues with Jocks. Just my two cents.

all for big d layn around

but not the 1st time bb history!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Devin would be proud of you Frenchie so proud. I am going to miss Frenchie tho, but at least we have a very good cast left

all for big d layn around

but ho being frenchie drama then


Frenchie came in too fast. You have to pace yourself. Should of had an old guy
In there to set the pace. Those you ones have no game. Have to watch your plan
It takes layers to build the end.

cop derek win

cop derek came into fast and furious look what happened!

another name

Okay, so… I’ve not really watched as much this season as previous seasons, life is lifing too much. I’ve read some updates, and got messages from friends that are watching. I’m still maintaining my distance a bit, but will probably pop in once in a while. Additionally, I’m still in a distrust the production process burnout mode. Sorry.

Since I haven’t watched a single episode, I’m going to ask some edit questions mixed with advice to any episode watchers:

  • Is there anyone that has been given a lot of focus (d/r or episodic storyline) that wasn’t really a big part of the week one story on feeds? Watch them.
  • What was the first alliance shown on the episode version? Is the person getting extra focus in that alliance? Watch them.
  • Who was the first d/r in episode 1 to say they were going to win this season? This might be a red herring, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on them.

What I’m essentially getting from week one is “Old Methdonald had a farm” mixed with the high pitched eee eee eee noises from the Norman Bates Psycho shower scene in place of the moo.

I’ll be honest, when the cast came out (before the two recasts), I took a look at them. Gut reactions were I’d take issue with Derekf, Brent and Frenchie. I was borderline with Whitney, and something about derekx didn’t bother me, but did make me sideye. Just gut level instant reactions, something about each of them bothered me in their initial reveal. No logic, just gut feeling.

Blames production for casting so many meatheads knowing he had a meathead bias.
Okay, I think Brent is a large part of his downfall.
I contend that his original premise wasn’t horrible, however, his execution of his premise was ridiculous. Why? He was bamboozled by flattery from Brent is the original sin. If Frenchie was stupid enough to take the target off of Brent, and shift it to Christian because of the tales Brent was telling, that’s the first unforced error. Of course your target, that knows he is your target, is going to name other people that should be targets instead. Welcome to Big Brother.
Everything after that is stupid piled on stupid. Don’t openly name multiple targets and then get in an alliance with them believing they will trust you. That’s stupid.
In future seasons will it become a warning? Don’t French your HOH? Is that the precedent he actually set?

If I’m getting this week’s actions correctly, Brent has decided he is the new lord of the manor. Meanwhile, Tiffany is possibly over-extending herself.
Brent is telling everyone the next targets have to be women for gender parity fairness… yeah, um, and when it’s time to flip back to men, how much he makes an excuse that ends up with a jury that has more men than women? Reminder: who was in Frenchie’s ear about who should and should not be in the 12th version of the Slaughterhouse? And the dummkopf never even reached butcher status. The more he talks to women and about women, the more I can see the women saying nope. How ironic is it that the house douchecanoe wasn’t invited into the men’s inner circle alliance?
Last week, Tiffany had the HOH on her side, and had the cookout, a female alliance, and had at least 4 other houseguests feeling good about her. She was solid.
The hinky vote was her unforced error.
95% chance Frenchie outs that vote to either Whitney, Alyssa, Derekf or Ky before he leaves, or says he will if Tiffany doesn’t vote for him to stay.
Is she doing too much this week? She helped turn everyone against Frenchie (difficulty level 0) and then set her sights on making Brent the next house target. This isn’t bad as a game move, but is her execution going too far?
She’s now got the King Queen with an Ace group, the two female alliances, the cookout, the final 4 with Alyssa and Christian, pulling in Hannah to work with the queens and Derex. She’s openly naming a house target proposal.
Problem: How many in the house will keep their mouths shut? What happens when the larger groups she has lied about to Brit, Hannah, Azah, Derekf are exposed? It’s week 2, there is usually a week three shift for wannabe floaters (Hannah, Sarah, Kylund all fit into this category). Sarah and Kylund have already proven they will overshare.
Tiff may be doing too much for week 2.

Cookout. I’m not going into the differences between bias, prejudice and racist. Hearing the rumor during BBCan9 that BB23 would be following the same diversity model was a big reason I’m maintaining a safe distance this season. I hope nobody takes offense, as I’m just sharing my personal perspective, and not asking anyone to change their mind, but I don’t care about population density by race. I don’t care about dictionary definitions. If that’s how others want to enjoy their reality based entertainment in the form of a gameshow…. by all means do so, I just request that nobody throw statistics and definitions at me in response to my opinions. I don’t care. You can tell me the dictionary definition of a banana or tell me how much of the gdp is made up of banana sales, that will never tell me what a banana tastes like.
I don’t want in on that discussion. Leave me out. They cast 16 people on the season. Period. Like who you like, dislike who you dislike. I will (see above i already named my gut levels that aren’t necessarily nope status, but cause me to be wary).
The minute I was messaged by a friend that the black houseguests formed an alliance so that they couldn’t be picked off… first thoughts: how Grod is this alliance? Is it a real alliance, or is it a prodolliance in order to get parts of the fanbase heated? Riiight, production never attempts to get social media heated to increase interest in the show. eyeroll.
I don’t really give a shit. Five people formed an alliance with a proposed sixth member because they all thought they’d be early targets if they didn’t secretly join forces. That’s the essence of it. Whatever.
I believe Derekf will be the first one to break that alliance anyway. He was the first one to state that if Kylund stayed on the block, he might be a good sacrificial lamb to keep everyone from suspecting the existence of the cookout, and they could pull in Hannah anyway. Others voiced similar opinion, but it came from his mouth first.
Sideline of almost no importance: gee, Xavier, if you weren’t spending so much of your energy trying to lie about your career as a side game, maybe you’d be forming deeper bonds. By week four i suspect people will be wary of him. The career lie thing is always so stupid in my opinion. It’s an unwarranted expenditure of game energy to keep up another level of subterfuge.

Derekf. sideye. I’d eyeroll, but that would be too much effort exerted for a guy that is only vertical five minutes a day, and is too lazy to even flush a toilet.

Don’t see myself watching episodes this season….yeah mostly because a powersurge during a thunderstorm fried the television circuit board and a new tv isn’t in the budget until early autumn. The choice was use the money to operate the pool for the summer or watch tv. I chose pool.


This is my take. Tiffany didn’t organize anyone against Frenchie to have him leave this week. Frenchie did all the work himself with the mess he made with his HoH and trying to be in everyone’s alliance Tiffany is a power player so far so she is definitely one to watch. I am looking to see how Azah and Derek F improve their gameplay once Frenchie is gone since they were the ones most snowed by him and they still believe his lies

Stacy Joseph wiles



Wow! I love how you zero in on the gameplay amidst the B.S. I think your prediction that DerekF will be the first to betray the Cookout is spot on. I’ve considered that Tiffany might be doing a little too much in Week 2, but I predict Grod will protect her at all costs if the HGs turn on her.


Yeah, this is good news for readers. BBCAN viewers and frequent readers of OBB are still recovering from the another name show where every 2nd post was from you; it got to the point where many gave up commenting.

So, you don’t have a TV and can’t watch BBUS. Do you also still use a rotary phone hun? There are numerous ways to watch OBB (I’m not as well this year for the first time in well, since it started when Julie was very wet behind the ears) but not using lame excuses like no TV. Pluuuuuease…..

So from one smartest person in the room to another smartest person in the room, enjoy your pool and remember to double mask up when swimming…..



Everyone was wondering where you were (and missing you!) Hope you are well.

Funny b/c way back on the first episode I came looking for your take & offered my two cents.

Azah got an unusually high DR focus on that show but spent that first HOH lying low & was barely on the feeds.

The Cookout was the first (and I think only) named alliance on the first episode although a few of Frenchie’s F2’s were noted including the one with Big D.

As for the last question — I’m not 100 on this — it might’ve been Frenchie but I think it was Big D. I took an immediate (gut reaction) dislike to Brent that I noted straight from intros but Slaughter House & Butcher alliances weren’t exposed in first episode so while he’s said/done things since I don’t believe it was him. Granted he’s delusional b/c he doesn’t even suspect hes in danger.


If Frenchie completed the veto in 5: 06 and Derek did it in 5:08. Didn’t Frenchie win?


Derek X did it under 5 minutes


Derek did it in 4:41. Brittany finished in 5:08

Sloppy J

Doesn’t matter. We all know how this ends; anyone who is confused pls refer to BBsh!tCan 2021…….Simon says he likes this cast, best in years; um y’ok….Y’all were saying the same thing earlier this year.

Also, I called it early about production “black outs”; again refer to BBsh!tCan for further info….

The Beef

Frenchie did an outstanding job of beating all 3 ladies, 2 of which weren’t trying to win. He lost to both “meatheads”, but we all know how individual timed events go. Nobody really knows who won the damn thing except production, as they can manipulate the times to make whomever they want to be the winner, and nobody could possibly be the wiser, now could they?

Feeds Gold

saturday after veto here i said “surely frenchie is toast!”

bb voice over announcer clayton halsey end of veto episode said “is frenchie toast?” haha