Brent “I want you to know that I’m working with you because I really trust you, not because I want to date you.”

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10:55pm Bedroom. Brent and Alyssa.
Brent – I want you to know that I am working with you because I really trust you. Alyssa – okay. Brent – Not because I want to date you. Alyssa – okay. Brent – I can read your lips that conversation you had with Christian. Alyssa – what?! You mean when he was flirting with me? Brent – no, I don’t mean to be cocky but the people I work with want to date me. Alyssa – no I didn’t. I didn’t say that. I said usually the people I go out with want to date me. Brent – okay good. Alyssa – I didn’t say work with. How would I know that? This is my first time playing this game. Brent – no, I know that .. I just wanted to clear the air. Alyssa – no I said usually the guys I hook up with or get to know .. want to date me and that is why I am not a hook up girl .. not to be cocky but I am dating material. Why would I say working with?!!?! Brent – because I wanted to clear the air because I miss read it. You definitely miss read it so you can’t read lips that well. Brent – well you had your face turned so I was only reading half a lip. Alyssa – no I did not say that. Brent – I believe you. Alyssa – why would I say that .. that would be so disgustingly cocky.. but okay. Brent – yeah and obviously the discussion we had the other day was totally outside the game. The whole thing .. we have trust .. Its important. Its important that you know that the connection is genuine and isn’t skewed on anything else. I trust you the most. Alyssa – why do you trust me the most over you team? Brent – because we both started something in the beginning where it was like my situation and your situation .. we kind of had to work together to make my life easier and to make your life easier. So I feel like I was in the situation where I was like f**k I have to save this chick. And you were like f**k I have to save myself. Kind of made us close. That is why I just wanted to make sure you knew it was genuine and nothing else. Alyssa – I never thought that. Stop listening to my conversations. Brent – I’m not. Alyssa – why were you trying to read my lips? Brent – I was facing you guys when everyone else was talking and you guys were the only ones whispering. And I was like okay what’s going on? Alyssa – why were you trying to listen in? Brent – I just wanted to make sure everything was good. Are you open to having a final two with me? Alyssa – have you asked other people? Brent – no. Alyssa – have people asked you? Brent – Frenchie, but I think he asked everyone. But I had no choice but to say yes. I was his first target. We should think of a name? What about trick and treat? Alyssa – we will figure it out. Brent – I think it would be something no one would suspect.

12:05am Bedroom. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – we have to be careful because he can read lips. He read my lips. Guess what he said, are you ready for this?! You know how we were talking and I said usually people that I go on dates with want to date me. Christian – Uh huh. Alyssa – he “read our lips” and thought I said people I play with want to date me. Like this game. Christian – what the f**k does that mean? Everyone in here wants to date you!? Alyssa – I go this is my first season. He is acting like I’ve done this before. He goes I want you to know that I want to work with you because I trust you, not because I want to date you. He goes I can read lips. Christian cracks up laughing. Alyssa – he goes I heard you guys whispering. Saying the people that you work with want to date you. And I go first of all why would I say that.. I’ve never played this game before. Christian – first of all nosey motherf**k! Alyssa – so I go why would I say that, I said people that get to know me want to date me because I’m a dating type person, I’m not a hook up person. He goes I just wanted to make sure. I said why are you listening to my conversations. I said you realize this is my first season. Do you think I’m a vet?! Christian – everyone here is new but you. Alyssa – so I go why are you listening to my conversations? He goes everyone else was talking and you guys were whispering. He said I saw you guys whispering so I wanted to make sure we were cool. Alyssa – oh and get this he solidified a final two and asked me what name we should call it. Christian – what do you think? Alyssa – Does he think we (Brent and her) are going to date?! I have not given him that idea at all!! Christian – you must have given him something or he is just delusional!

12:40am – 1am Havenot room. Kyland, Clarie and Sarah.
Kyland – I am a little concerned about after these next two weeks because everyone is like yeah I am down with these people but after that I don’t know what the consensus is. Claire – yeah I don’t know what the consensus is. I think lines will be drawn next week. Kyland – yes. Sarah – it doesn’t matter because we have the numbers as long as we can two people among us off the block nobody we don’t want going home .. will go home. Claire – you’re right .. the group has to draw lines but they can’t be hard lines.. they have to be soft lines. Sarah – or we could just win. Kyland – that is true. Kyland leaves. Sarah to Claire – So Brent did end up coming up to us to “solidify” us and wants us to be called the radicals. It was literally right after we had our meeting. It was me, Alyssa and Christian. We were like okay. Claire – you have just say yes. Sarah agrees.

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So who did Brent and Whitney mean when they said “we just have to stick to the plan”. From the last post? Like he had no idea he would be going up, so who did he think it would be? Thanks for any responses!
also great work Simon and Dawg. I’ll tip soon when I can. 🙂


Hey Brent – creep much?

The Beef

Brent seems to be having a hard time getting out of his own way right now. I’m not sure if it’s because his ego is so big, and he thinks he’s good, or if it’s because he’s worried he’s in bad shape and literally knows he’s probably going up. Either way, he’s not helping himself at all, by listening in on people’s private conversations, and then stupidly admitting that he did so, especially when the conversation had no “bombshell” information in it he could use against either person (unless he “heard” and wanted to drop to other house members that Allysa and Christian basically want to “do” each other – but Allysa thinks Christian is a puscatore and “all talk”).


What in the world is so great about Alyssa?!?! Yaaaaawn. Her looks aren’t even anything to write home about. Jesus.