Alyssa “If we do that, then I’m going to want to keep doing that.” Christian “I know. America is like she is giving you the green light!”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
WILDCARD Competition Winner: ?
Nominations: ??
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, ?, ? , ?
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7:06pm Havenot room. Derek X and Hannah.
Hannah – we could have kept going. Derek – easy! That was an easy comp. Hannah – I know. Derek – I am not good at memory but that one was easy. We can definitely win these comps. Hananh – yeah. Derek – like Brent got out the first round. Like holy sh*t!? This guy is not winning any type of comp. I was like Brent should we backdoor him… “Brent please reset” .. and I was like nope we’re good. Derek – watch us both get put up…. what?! I’m actually an idiot. I might be an idiot. Hannah – I have to act like my ego is bruised. That was supposed to be my comp.. I’m supposed to be the memory queen. Derek – that was actually pretty hard to throw.

Kitchen – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – did you want to talk or did you want me to leave you alone. Xavier – I’ll probably just leave game talk till tomorrow. Big D – okay, do you want my suggestions or no? Because I don’t think I need to give them. I think you know. Xavier – No. Don’t do that. Big D – Okay so you don’t need to talk to me. I don’t feel like I want to talk to you. This is what I am about to play right now. I am about to play… I was so worried. He might put me up on the block ….to fool all these people. Xavier – I wouldn’t do that because that might give people the idea to use you as the pawn. Don’t do that. Big D – I might just do my normal.. I’m uncomfortable.. I don’t know. I won’t play it up too much. Just so you know.

Bedroom – Derek X and Hannah.
Hannah – I don’t think we should backdoor him (Brent). I think we should just put him up on the block. And I don’t think X would be open to a backdoor plan because that’s just super chaotic. Derek – yeah but I can see the benefit of a backdoor because if Brent knows he is up tomorrow he is going to be flipping sh*t the entire week. Hannah – do you think there is a chance we could convince him to volunteer as a pawn? Derek – he would only do it if it was against Britini. Hannah – Maybe X could just volun-tell him that he is a pawn so he isn’t a loose cannon all week. Derek – so who would he go up against? Hannah – Britini. I don’t see who else it would be.

7:55pm Bedroom. Xavier and Tiffany.
Tiffany – how are you doing? Xavier – I wanted SB (Sarah Beth) to win. The only reason I pushed it was because Derek and Hannah were still up and if they won .. the main target.. Tiffany – yeah. Are you comfortable putting him (Brent) up? Xavier – I am ready to do what I need to do. I am still going to do all the meetings and stuff and I expect to have the same name coming up (Brent). I love him, he is a good guy but… I loved Frenchie too. That’s just how it goes. Tiffany – or you can do her. Either or?! Xavier – I will figure it out as the week goes on. It was hard to be happy because I knew how much SB wanted to win it. Tiffany – but she got out .. she got it wrong. Xavier – if it had been me, SB and Alyssa I would have let it happen. Tiffany – it went the way it was supposed to go. Xavier – I feel like she was really upset. Tiffany – no. I think she was just upset at herself. But no, you should be happy. Xaiver – my options are limited (with who to put up next to Brent).. I will just see how the meetings go.

Tiffany talks to the camera – I’m friggin safe! I’m friggin safe! And he (Xavier) would like to see Brent go home. And I really like Brent. He is smart, he was the mastermind behind Frenchie’s HOH. So he has to go .. BUh BYE! And I get one more week to stay right here. Tiffany runs into Whitney. They hug. Tiffany heads back into the bedroom. She is sweet. I like her but on a game level .. she would cut my throat. And I just can’t keep anyone like that in the house.. that is very dangerous for my game.

8:20pm – 8:35pm Living Room. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – I am not trying to be cocky or anything but usually people that talk to me .. they want to date me. Christian – oh yeah. Alyssa – Like once they get to know me.. they want to date me. People say I’m dating material. Christian – you just read my mind. Alyssa – it sounds cocky but I’m not trying to be cocky. I don’t just hook up right away and stuff like that. I have goals. Christian – also in my defence you have said that multiple times. Alyssa – I meant s*x. Christian – it happened too damn fast. Alyssa – too late now. Christian – that could change very fast. Alyssa – no it can’t. Christian – no it can’t. Why? Alyssa – because if we do that, then I am going to want to keep doing that. Christian – I am saying “private”. Alyssa – I don’t know we keep changing our mind on things. Christian – because you keep calling me a pu$$y. You’re like low key trying to… Alyssa – mess with you? Christian – yeah! I know. America is like she is giving you the green light! Alyssa – we shall see.. I think you’re all talk.

8:45pm Bathroom – Xavier and Kyland
Xavier – I plan to do the same thing that you did and keep quite and let other people talk. I remember that him, Brent and Frenchie were primarily concerned with well if a guy goes out then the women are.. .Me personally I am not that worried about that are you? Is Derek X? Because that’s not really a concern of mine. Kyland – literally they would have to come together like we came together. And eight people with those differences.. and they don’t have the same incentive. Xavier – yeah it wasn’t something on my radar. Kyland – and there is no way they’re going to win 5 more HOH’s in a row. Xavier – okay, I am going to work with my team tonight because they give good feedback.

Chess room. Kyland, Derek X, Tiffany, Claire, Azah.
Clarie comments on how they will draw names to see who plays in the wildcard comp. Tiffany says that she will probably play in it. They discuss how there will likely be a twist this week that lasts for two weeks since Frenchie’s would have lasted for two weeks.

Living room. Alyssa and Sarah.
Alyssa – she (Britini) is going to be pissed that its X putting her up. There is no point to him putting up Azah or Whitney or Big D… There is no point. Because he can get off the block and then. it needs to be two from the same team. Sarah – if she is smart she will know that means she is expendable. You know what I mean.. which she is. Alyssa – he could be like I know you wanted to compete so… Sarah – yeah.

9:05pm – 9:20pm Storage room. Xavier, Sarah, Alyssa and Christian
Xavier – What I would like to do .. since the wildcard is likely tomorrow .. I would like to meet with all the teams tomorrow morning and I would like you guys to be in it too. Its going to be alphabetically Aces would be first. Jokers would be next. Queens would be last. Alyssa – OHH!! You’re so smart!! Xavier – We can’t plan too much until after the wildcard comp. Christian – so we know it Brent going up .. is it going to be Brent and Whitney? Xavier – that’s what I am trying to figure out.. Alyssa – it can’t be one of the jokers. Xavier – it will probably be Brent and Whitney. I just have to figure out how to phrase that properly. If I get house guest choice I will probably pick you (Christian). Sarah – smart. Alyssa – please don’t pick me. I’m begging you! And Whitney said all of them would not use the veto on Brent if they won it.

9:50pm – 10pm Bedroom. Azah and Big D.
Big D – later in the game she (Britini) is going to have to go. Azah – no I want to hold on to her. Big D – Girl I know but at some point its going to be either us or her. Azah – I know but that’s my Boo! Big D – US or them. You have to look at it.. you can’t save everyone. Just like everyone is going to have to go till we get to final 6. Azah – do you think X is still down with the 6? Big D – yeah. Azah – Kyland? Big D – yeah because Kyland is the one that brought it up to me when I went to go see him in the HOH. X, I don’t know. Azah – he holds his cards so close like this (see below photo). Big D – you’re the only one that can talk to him. Azah – he is so fine. He is so cute. I know everyone over here is all over Kyland but.. Big D – the way Kyland did his HOH he made us feel like he had us .. X needs to do the same thing.

10:45pm Living room. Brent and Whitney
Brent – I hope everything goes according to plan. Whitney – MMmmmhHmmm. Brent – everyone just stick to the plan. Don’t do anything crazy. Whitney – I don’t see the group doing anything. Brent – I hope everything stays very calm. Whitney – yeah. I think we have nothing to worry about. Brent – I agree. Whitney – although its always the people that have nothing to worry about. Brent – what?! Whitney – its crazy when you go back and watch the show and its always the people that are caught off guard… like oh sh*t!? That worry is always in the back of my head. Like I do feel safe but in the back of my head its still a possibility. Brent – It would be very stupid for either one of the alliances to come at us. The only alliance that I think would crumble would be the slaughterhouse. Whitney agrees. The only one outside of our alliance would be Big D .. I wouldn’t mind him going home. He is cooking and cleaning like a mad man which is great but it might be his strategy to stay in the house.

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Man I can’t stand Alyssa. She just keeps getting worse. Full of herself and trying to be innocent. Girl, you in a showmance… no one NOT in a showmance would be cuddling like that in front of the others.

Jamison Williams

It’s just a weird season, raise prize to 750k, push an obviously bias “cookout” and not call it out for what it is. I mean if someone wins on merit it’s one thing but if someone from the cookout wins the season it will end in an asterisk because of the agenda being pushed unfortunately. One of the worst instances was when Tiffany had a meeting with the cookout and flat out said “find an opposite and stick with them”. As a long time fan of the show I’ve come to the conclusion that this season is totally being scripted to appease rather than be based on skill. Any decent minded person shouldn’t have to look hard into this to see it for what it is sadly

Joshua Miller

tell us youre a racist without saying youre a racist

Jamison Williams

Literally whutttt. I am African American lmao


That is my exact point about Tiffany and the cookout – I don’t like the agenda and what they are trying to press it’s completely inappropriate to base allies off of race and what they look like. I have no doubt she Tiffany would sacrifice Claire to go home over Xavier at the end of the game though it wouldnt be strategically smart all to do so only just to allow an agenda based on deciding who should get voted out only because of race.
Claire would be nothing but good to her and Tiffany will just throw her under the bus because she has a different race!! Completely personal and not game related Tiffany is! You all do realize if they make it to jury Tiff/cookout they are going to vote on physical appearance/race and not gameplay! The VISION RIGHT…..

JP Anders

Its scripted with an obvious outcome and no longer a REALITY show. I am done watching it. Ya”ll have fun !!!

Miss Impression

It’s unfortunate that so many commenters here can’t see past race to see what a great cast of gamers we have this year,finally!If you don’t enjoy the game why are you watching?

Lucas L

I have been a fan since this shows inception but c’mon man.. there’s an obvious thing going on this year that makes it hard to believe the show


Because the final 8 shouldn’t be all minorities, it should be all game players. It’s looking more and more like that the entire pre-jury will be all the White people.


didn’t POC get voted out back-to-back last season (Kaysar, Bay, Day, David)? It is very unfortunate because this is legit the best cast in a very long time. Everyone is playing the game. Everyone is likeable. It’s so unfortunate you are overlooking this because you don’t agree with how they casted houseguests this year.




[nods and claps in agreement] Yup!

“Everyone is playing the game. Everyone is likeable. It’s so unfortunate you are overlooking this because you don’t agree with how they cast the house guests this year.”

Well said.

Now…..Please someone split up the budding & burgeoning showmances! Already tired of watching that. It’s the only thing that Frenchie the Clown got right — but then somehow Alyssa & Christian convinced him (together) that they weren’t “like that” ….DOH!


Interesting — did anyone witness this conversation that Derek F (Big D) had with Brent this morning?

Brent just told Alyssa that Derek told him 3 people are coming for him (Brent) I wonder is that is a lie he made up to shine a target on Big D. If it’s true then Big D just increased the spotlight on himself unnecessarily & created a real issue for the rest of the house. Brent felt entirely safe so I find it weird he’d chance making up that lie.

Either way one of them messed up. Brent is already skating on thin ice but if Big D warned him to save his own ass in case Brent won – watch how ticked that makes his allies!


I read that comment elsewhere & apparently Brent didn’t say Derek he said Frenchie told him 3 people were coming for him.

It’s About Time

For the last 22 seasons year after year I have watched the younger white good looking popular whites eliminate the black, gays, older and non so popular contestants. I have watched the bullying and foulest racist comments come out of the mouths of white contestants. Blacks are never included as part of the team alliances. So since the “Cookout” was formed now everyone is bitching about racism. Please…. It was always obvious that by the lack of blacks on the show that any alliances would not give them a fair chance of winning.


Exactly! It’s been obvious to us for 20 years now it’s a problem! I guess we figured out how to get folks to open their eyes to Racism n privilege! Put them in a role reversal and let them be the minority! It doesn’t feel good at all does it?

Big Brother Fan

I agree with you both, the difference is the white people doing this all suffered the consequences. Hell even CBS had to issue statements. I don’t see any of this happening now when The Cookout is even more blatant about making it a race issue. Not when Davonne did it last year either. Our “woke” society is still a racist one, it’s just reversed racism. One day we will learn that to eradicate racism, we will have to stop all racism. As of now, I’m team Kyland or Tiffany all the way, but not because they are black.


Reverse racism? Give me a break! I don’t recall a time in US history of people being oppressed for being white.

Given the history of BB minorities, for the most part, are always on the bottom. This is the first time in BB history they have had a chance in hell to have the numbers to make it to the end. I don’t blame them for teaming up because they want one of them to win for a change. Why wouldn’t they? No one complains when all the white people band together.

Sir Kirby Williams

What’s it going to solve? Short term? Long term? The circle just continues and we will eventually see more of the same.
People need to look at the efforts of Nelson Mandela when he became President of South Africa. He was about bringing everyone together, not continuing with this group here and that group there. One on top, one on bottom.
Balance is what is needed. Once one group tips the scales in their favor, other groups will try to do the same for themselves and then justify it because they were on the bottom. Inclusion is just a concept until it is actually created. Actions are bigger than words.

The Beef

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m a 64 year old white man. Based on my own perceptions of their game play, my favorite players in the game so far this year are, Tiffany, Kyland, Xavier, Derek X, Sarah Beth, Claire and now Hannah is really starting to show her influence in the game. Being a former “jock type” myself, and a long time college basketball official, I prefer contestants who are athletic and who win competitions, but also like those who are leaders, and influence the game through their social interactions, but that’s just my own personal reasons for liking who I like. I couldn’t care less what color they are, unless they start using that as a reason for either eliminating someone or keeping someone around who doesn’t deserve to be there (alliance membership kind of makes a difference with that, as you do need to protect your “friends” who are protecting you).

I posted on an earlier update about the POC maybe feeling the need to align with each other for self preservation, due to previous seasons perceived racism against people who “looked like them”, and I understand that completely, based on where we are at this point in time. There are a LOT of conversations about a lot of different scenarios going on in that house, and we all know people will say just about anything, if they think it will help to keep them safe with the person they are talking to right THEN! Maybe we should calm the french down, and wait and see how things play out before we go full “RACISM” mode against anybody in there. Things can, and often do turn on a dime, and we’ve only just begun week THREE! There’s plenty of time for things to change, people to feel betrayed, alliances to crumble, and who knows what may happen before this thing is over? It’s a good cast with a lot of good players (very INTELLIGENT players, I think), so I expect there will be a lot of maneuvering and back-stabbing before this thing is done, including some same race voting out, in order to win $750k. I don’t think ANY of them have lost sight of the fact that’s a lot of money, and in the end, they all want to win it. So let’s not get all of our panties bunched up just yet. It’s just way too early, and the season is only in the first quarter of the game!


Thaks THE BEEF I agree with you.


Yes Yes Yes


Well said BEEF!


So at this point I want someone to target the showmance. Those two should have been put on another show. Most of the rest of this cast is doing a great job of playing, some of the others are really trying too, bless their tiny, dumb, little hearts.