Bobby’s Pentacut Plan and “we get rid of JP he (Zach) has Ashleigh that’s it” -bru

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12:30am Bruno and Godfrey
Godfrey – If he doesn’t backdoor kev I think I can have the votes.
Bruno saying if they are still in the house next week they have to flip the sh1t
Bruno- if you and JP are still on the block you have me and Bobby 100.. all we need is two more..
Godfrey – three
Bruno thinks they can pull in Kevin and Sarah
Godfrey – I’m really not that worried
Bruno – we get rid of JP he (Zach) has Ashleigh that’s it
Bruno – I’m telling you right now man if it’s you and JP on that block.. you have my vote baby .. we’re going to flip this sh1t dude
Godfrey – Zach cannot win this veto
Bruno says if Godfrey comes down and Kevin goes up they get rid of JP and Bring Kevin in.
Bruno says he is laying low right now until the Veto competition
Bruno- we can f***g flip this

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Godfrey leaves and Bobby comes in Bruno says they have to get out a girl next week because there will be 5 of them.
Bobby tells AShleigh the plan

12:43am Bobby and Willow in the storage room
Bobby tells her about his plan each person in the chop shop find someone so even if they don’t win HOH they control the numbers.

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12:48am Storage room Bobby, Zach and Bruno
Bobby tells them about the pentacut plan.

1:00am Jordan and Willow
Jordan tries to make it look liek he doesn’t know where Kevin’s head is at and Zach putting him up caused a rift between them.

1:10am Pilar adn Kevin giggling

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1:20am Bobby broke 1/2 his tooth opening a beer bottle. Apparently it was already dead..

1:23am Bruno and Godfrey Have nots
Talking about taking out Jordan this week but not telling it to Bobby yet. they have to see how the Veto is played.
Bruno says the worst case is if Zach wins the Veto.
They agree they have to win the veto.
Bruno – if we can f***g flip it
Bruno – Their tight like this that’s the only reason he put him up
They think if Kevin wins the veto he’ll use it and maybe Sarah will go up.
Bruno talking in circles wanting to get JP out and pull Kevin in. They are confident if JP stays on the block they have the votes.
Bruno – I F***g hope you win it

1:37am HOH Zach, Ashleigh and Jordan

Zach tells them about Bobby’s Pentacut plan. Says it makes sense. Zach says it’s going to suck to make this move so early in the game. Ashleigh and Jordan let him know they have his back.
Jordan says that Bruno told him they have to take out the couples (Bruno said the girls)
Jordan and Zach agree they will pick Willow if they get Houseguests choice.
Zach says the Chop shop told him they are keeping Jordan over Godfrey
Jordan – Cool
Jordan says next week if it’s double they’ll win it and finish off the job (Take out the last two remaining members of Bru’s Crew)
Zach sighs.. says it’s going to be hard, “I’m so emotionally checked into people… especially Bruno”
Jordan – if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to.. it’s your HOH.
Zach – it has to be done.. I just don’t want to get rid of two people that don’t want to get rid of me.
Zach says Bruno is a target sitting in front of him.
Ashleigh mentions they still have Bobby
Zach – but after Bobby..
Jordan – you have Kevin
Ashleigh mentions after Bruno, Godfrey and Bobby are gone they have the numbers to clean out the house.
Zach – Sarah’s going to pull one out of her a$$ and backstab me
Jordan – she doesn’t have the balls … she won’t make a move unless I’m on board.
Ashleigh doesn’t think Bobby will try to win teh next HOH
Jordan calls Bobby a idiot
Jordan thinks they can pull Godfrey in points out that Godfrey is after the girls still.
Zach – even if someone got me on the block next week they don’t have the votes.
Zach – nobody will put you and me up against each other nobody has the balls to do that.
Jordan – nobody has the balls to take out Bruno, we have to .. well you have to
Jordan leaves.. Zach justifying how getting Bruno out this week is the best play for his game but says he’s emotionally attached. Zach thinks it’s pretty early to make a move like this. Says they still have 11 people in the house and for him to stab a close allies in the back like that.
Zach – he would never do this to me.. never do this.. it sucks so bad.
Ashleigh comforts him by playing with his hair tells him it’s a game
Zach – I’m not even going to look him in the eyes.
Zach – I could put anybody else on the block and it would be easier.. that is the reason he has to go
Ashleigh think it will be this hard with everybody else.
Zach – I hope this is the right move
Ashleigh – I think it is.. we’re thinking weeks ahead… You’ll survive next week for sure
AShleigh tells him Bobby will still be tight with the Zach (Chop Chop) if Bruno goes home.
AShleigh thinks Kevin and Zach can bounce back and win HOH back to back if they wanted to.
AShleigh says worst case Bobby wins HOH and Kev goes home, “We could lose Kev”
Zach says it’s time for everyone to play win the vetos and use them to save each other. Zach wants Sarah to win a veto and use it if he’s nominated.

Zach asks Ashleigh what her favorite Kiss is. they start smooching…



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Agreed. Best case scenario is Godfrey gets taken off the block and it’s Jordan against Bobby/Bruno. Everything will be out in the open then. Jordan and Zach will be exposed and it wouldn’t take much thought to realize Ashleigh, Pilar, and Kevin are with them.


I really dislike how sarah is constantly throwing Britt, under the bus esp when it uncalled for… Its a game but come on enough u made your point,the girl who has had your back since day one is ” it too emotional for your game”. we get now move on…


It’s my understanding, Brit did nothing to help keep Sarah off he block..
She basically covered her own ass and implied to Bruno that it was Jonny n Sarah who wanted Greg on the block. Sarah figured her out and was even more pissed because she let her have hoh. Sarah wanted Bobby out that week. Personally I would never trust Brit.


I get where u r coming from… But remember that Sarah wrote her name down during the instant eviction lol…


i could be wrong but i don’t think brittnee implied anything to bruno i think he’s assuming brit is easily manipulated. plus bruno wanted nae out so then going after the people close to her is the obvious thing to do and out of sarah brit and johnny brit is the weakest. and if sarah didn’t have a relationship with bruno that’s sarah’s fault not brits

another name

I have a weird skew to offer on what sarah is doing in regard to britt.
yes, sarah is not happy that britt put her in the line of fire to deflect blame about graig. she very well might be thinking screw this i’m the lone fembot.
i’m not sure if she and britt are through with their alliance. complete supposition to follow:
sarah is making the case that britt is not capable of being a reasonable threat because she is emotional. nobody thinks she can win challenges, so in threat analysis they would only regard her as a worthwhile target if she was able to be a social mastermind pulling strings. someone that thinks solely with their emotions, not with logic isn’t capable of such a thing. it’s difficult to be cunning if your heart is on your sleeve. therefore, playing up britt’s ‘weakness’ makes her unworthy of being a target of every single arrogant player that thinks their hoh is the big move. the only real threat to britt comes from Ashleigh and by extension pilar, who want to take her out not for game, but for spite. sarah doesn’t believe either to be capable of independent thought let alone game, so I doubt she considers them a viable threat.
I didn’t say it’s a good theory. it’s definitely a benefit of the doubt theory. but it does keep someone ‘unexpected’ in sarah’s back pocket.
maybe too much benefit of the doubt, but I thought it worth considering.


I hope the returning houseguest comes back in right as soon as they say, “This veto meeting is complete.” that’s when the door opens and whoever (hopefully Naeha) comes back and everyone will be losing their sh*ts! Especially if Godfrey wins the veto and takes himself off, and JP is stuck on the block! Not only would she expose Zack and JP but JP would for sure go home, and if she blows up Zacks game like shes planning to, Bruno and his squad will want to split up JP/Zack and the cocky little douche JP who willingly offered himself up as pawn, will go home. Please let this happen hahah


How about … Naeha comes back, wins veto, keeps noms the same,
Naeha, Sarah, Bobby, Bruno, and Willow or Brit, vote out JP
That would be great! Hey Jp … remember Marcellus? LOL

Kenneth Chow

I just watched the side show and all 5 of them collectively said they wanted to blow up big players game…one of the names mentioned was Zach…if that returnee comes in and decides to follow that agenda and try blow up big players game and they see that Jordan who is super close with zach is on the block this week…they might just try to rally some votes to try to capitalize on a big move…Jordan could be in a lot more trouble than he believes…


It would be interesting if the revival comp was also the power of veto comp.


Worst case scenario for me is: one of the Wonder Twins wins veto and JP comes off. Bruno goes up and out. Sindy somehow wins an endurance/physical comp back into the house and couples up with JP…to become the 6th in the Diapers. They will haves the votes to make it to final 6, where Wonder Twins use their girls to boot out Kevlar…or use Kevin to take out two girls…then Wonder Twins use remaining girl to take out Kevin. Then whichever twin wins final HOH screws the other and takes remaining girl…most likely Pilar…to beat in the final.

So boring and predictable. That is why I hope whoever wins veto, keeps noms the same…Wonder Twins get blind-sided and JP gets booted…and Naeha comes back in, blows up all the alliances, stirs it up and kicks some butt!


Who is going to keep it the same? The boys have this on lock.

another name

hey simon. you’ve written exactly what I worried about in regard to jonny returning but couldn’t have expressed without writing another reply that’s just too long and convoluted. i thank you as much as anyone that thinks my posts can get too ‘war and peace’ thanks you. :) hey, this thank you is one of my shortest comments. cool.


Next to Reisha, Johnny would be the worst returnee scenario. He unfortunately believes the HG’s hype that his leaving was due to his amazing gameplay. His exhuberance on the side show was just a lot of gas passing in the event Canada votes the returnee back in. His tune was modified on the twitter/e-mail answer session to realigning with Kevin.
None of the 1st 5 have any info on the Bromuda triangle. Within the house, Bruno is the one that has come closest to figuring out that alliance. Sarah smells it but is thrown off by her desire to work with JP.

So, unfortunately you are probably correct. Bruno is a done deal this week unless Zach figures out that Bruno leaving at this point is better for JP’s game than for Zach’s.


Why are Pilar and Ashleigh even there?!!?! Pilar…seriously…all she does is giggle and laugh continuously… and she got on the show?! Why not just have the broom as a houseguest…at least then it’s actually useful….lame lame lame.


I think they were hoping she would be Talla…but Talla was actually fun…Pilar is just clueless which is probably the best reason to keep her…I feel like I’m watching gremlins 2.0 with Ashleigh and Pilar…but Sabrina and Rachelle were much more aware….


If I was in the game … I would love to have Pilar to take to the end.
She’s easy on the eyes, positive n cheerful. Much better than … say .. Sabrina
Ash on the other hand .. Don’t underestimate her. She has been observing and collecting info like a sponge. Personally I think she’s smarter than most think.
(remember when she found out Zack through her under the bus to Jonny? She was pissed!) Let’s not forget women remember everything to do with emotion.
She has just been a sleeper as she should be and will strike when she’s ready.
Don’t think for one minute that she wouldn’t vote out Zack when/if she needs to.


Zach is telling AShleigh that he is having a hard time back dooring Bruno. He then says to Ashleigh that he would have no problem backdooring anybody else in the house. He even repeats himself and Ashleigh sits there with this stupid look on her face and says nothing in her squeaky and annoying voice. Wake up girl! He pretty much said you are indispensable and he will use you until you are no longer needed. Unless she quits playing suck face withZach she is heading for eviction.


Maybe she is okay with Zach leaving himself wide open as a target. Saves her a possible job further down the road.


Sideshow was good I couldnt believe fight between risha and Peter. And finally I hear donny is back. I hoping God wins pov and zach puts up Bruno and it will be a hard vote. I have feeling that the returning houseguest will return after pov ceremony. I hate jordan and zach it sucks Bruno he is a good guy. Canada hoh please put up zach and jordan. People who should win is zach Bruno jp jordan britt sarah willow. God pili ash and Bobby game sucks


It would be better if Bruno won veto and pulled God down. Bobby is dispensable.


Zach has said repeatedly that he thinks Sarah will flip and backstab them. Every time, JP and/or Ashleigh say “no, she won’t”.
This all doesn’t matter though, since whoever comes back in will offer her the perfect opportunity to pretend she just flipped because of finding out about their game and would have remained loyal otherwise (lol).
Zach was doing a good job despite being surrounded by allies/dead weight who wouldn’t win a comp to protect him (only exception: Kevin, since he’s targeted himself) and JP’s bad acting skills. He was looking good against 15 other HGs, but he doesn’t have a chance against BB. They threw any fair play overboard by allowing the evicted HGs to live together. Whoever comes back in will target him and blow up his game to the clueless others.
Johnny said in his interview that all 5 agreed on that after sharing all their knowledge.
Yay Big Brother, way to go. Spirit of the Game. Thumbs up.

another name

hey frenchie. you know, even though i’m not a fan of Zach as a person or as a marketing posterboy, I agree that his strategy has been working well.
i’m not a fan of unfair advantage either. while it will create drama for the show, it does colour the competition. it would have been more fair for each eliminated house guest to get a copy of the nominations, pov, pov ceremony, and eviction result, while kept separated. otherwise, what was the point of not showing the evicted houseguests their goodbye messages. people in the house already said some of them made mention of alliance names in those messages, and therefore production had decided it would have given unfair advantage.
yeah, I may want Zach’s game to have a monkey wrench thrown in the gears. Partially because he annoys me, but also to see if his game is good enough to actually restrategize and overcome, or if he will crumble and throw tantrums. but I want to see it due to someone else knocking him down a peg in the confines of a fair game.


It’s so difficult to root for the Chop Shop when they are so stupid and arrogant that they have the numbers. A part of me wants Jordan to come off the block and see what happens when shit hit the fan on their faces and a part of me wants to see how they rally against Zach because JP also needs to feel the heat.

Somehow I don’t want to have the twist this week because that would mean that the feeds would be blocked yet again and we will be missing a lot crucial things that will happen.

The Truth

Am I the only one who notices how close the houseguests stand next to the shower when they are speaking to each other. It seems impossible for them to not see in the shower. I’ve noticed this when the guys talk to the girls, vice versa, girls to girls, guys to guys. It just seems too close. As well why is there a mirror behind the toilet seat in the HOH room. The lack of privacy is too much.


I really hope Sarah comes through with some game changing moves this week. She has to do it now, before all of her potential allies get taken out by the “Diapers”.


This vote will dictate her place in the game, and as much as I want to see the diapers scramble I personally think she should stay with them. While she does not have any real allies in the diapers and hexagon (apart from britnee who she had been throwing under the bus) they are not targeting her just yet. Bruno’s team on the other hand are stupidly trying to to get rid of her and does not want to work with her. Somehow the only situation I could see them waking up is by Godfrey and Bruno sitting beside each other in the chopping block.

At this point Sarah’s best chances in the game is with Jordan, play the Victoria card and be dragged to the finale.


Whoever comes back this week won’t be a part…they will be put back in after the eviction and have 1 week of immunity.


If there is a BB god, please let that annoying asshat Jordan be the boot.

Mr mustard

Nice, finally some actual big brother getting played. Well played zach. If JP doesn’t get screwed, this is great for his game.