Bobby “Maybe Bruno & I can suck something out of him” Bruno “I’m not sucking anything”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 09-58-13-038

1pm In the bathroom – Zach, Kevin and Bruno are talking. Zach thinks they’ll be having a fast forward week. They basically cram 2 weeks into 1 week. Zach says we have to have a physical HOH soon. We haven’t had one since yours (Bruno’s HOH) and that was on day 21. Zach says that the couples alliance is taking a lot off heat off Chop Shop. Zach says that if God does win and goes after the couples .. If He puts me and Ashleigh up and I pulled myself off he would put up Kevin or Pili. They’re like a buffer for us! Like that is f**king money! They wonder about pulling in Godfrey. Bobby comments on how he’s seen him talking to them. Bobby says maybe Bruno and I can suck something out of him. Bruno says I don’t know about that I’m not sucking anything out of him. You can do that buddy. They all laugh. They talk about how Sindy has no clue whats going on. Zach says I knew she was just trying to blow smoke up my a$$. Bobby says she sunk herself ..she should have come in and laid back but she didn’t. She did the opposite of what she should have done.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 10-03-29-929

1:20pm UP in the HOH room – Kevin, Pili, Willow and Ashleigh are talking about Big Brother Canada 1 when Topaz was up in the HOH room talking about her possible nominations and the other house guests watched her on the living room tv. Willow says if it was me and I was up here I would be like don’t trust you, not talking. Kevin says I am the other way I have so much faith in production… if I go out that way then its meant to happen.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 10-17-49-973

1:25pm – 1:45pm In the bedroom – Bruno and Sindy are talking. Sindy says can you believe the crowd cheered so loudly when we said we wanted to get out Bobby and Zach. And how when I said I wanted to get out Zach the people wearing team Bruno cheered. Zach is doing something sneaky for them to cheer like that. Bruno says I genuinely wanted to work with you. Sindy says you’ve never talked game with me. Bruno says You’re telling people about the chop shop… you’re working against me. You say you’ve wanted to work with me but have never tried to talk game with me. Bruno says I sat back because everyone wanted to talk to you but I was hearing everyone say you were saying this, this and this. Bobby joins them and the conversation ends. Sindy and Bruno continue their conversation when they’re alone again. Bruno says I was doing great and then you came in and blew it all up. Now I have to regroup. I think you leaving and being able to talk and come back in is bullsh*t. How am I supposed to work with you when you throw me under the bus. Sindy says I am willing to put it aside with Bobby if he comes and talks to me. If Bobby will vote for me to stay and then Godfrey votes with you …we can do this. If you vote for me to stay its a clean slate. Bruno says let me see what I can do.

2:10pm In the living room – Willow, Brittnee, Sarah, Zach and Bobby are sitting around talking about their height. Bobby says he’s 6’3″ with his hair spiked up. They said I was 5’8″ but I know I’m 5’9″. The conversation turns to tv shows and other random things.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 11-36-18-148

2:35pm – 2:45pm Willow says everyone thinks you have it. They were talking and Zach said this week we’ll have to play it cool but next week we’ll have to do something. Bobby says its better that they think I have it. I want to gain Sarah’s trust … Willow says when you get a chance today talk to Sarah. Bobby asks do I tell her about my veto? Do I try and gain her trust like that? Willow says it will be a show down between the nomance and the showmances. Bobby tells Willow I want to tell you something .. its not game related but everyone will laugh about it after.. I’m not a v!rgin at all. Willow laughs. How many girls have you slept with? Bobby says like 10. My ex-girlfriends are laughing right now. Willow says and you keep saying you’re going to find a nice girl … and get laid when you get out of here. This made my day. It made the day so much better. Willow tells Bobby about the “Purple Cobra’s” (Hexagon Alliance) Bobby says you can trust me and Bruno. I’m playing both sides right now. Bobby talks about being in the vault and trying to convince Sindy he had a secret veto. Willow gets called to the diary room. Bobby says “There you go Canada my life is in Bruno and Willow’s hands.”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 11-52-05-604
2:55pm – 3:35pm All the house guests are lazing around and eating. Godfrey’s steak-slop “Just sniff some steak and then eat the slop” They comment on how they can hear a lot of people out in the backyard. Zach says imagine if we were locked inside all day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Sarah says maybe its for a luxury competition. They bring up how Graig said he’s slept with like 300 girls. Bobby says I would have dumbed down that number a lot more. Godfrey says and you (Brittnee) were almost on that list! Brittnee says no I wasn’t. We laid together but that was it. They other house guests question her. Britt says just on the couch. He would have had to put in a lot more work.

3:45pm – 4pm Ashleigh tells Zach I am 90% sure that Bobby and Bruno are with us. Because afterwards .. like after the speeches Bruno came up and went out of his way to tell me don’t worry we have the numbers. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t go out of his way. He’s not that kind of a guy. Zach says yeah I agree. Unless he’s really good. Ash says there’s no way, no way … well theres still 10% chance.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 12-39-03-053

4:25pm All the house guests are sleeping … well almost everyone..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 13-16-50-937

5pm – 5:20pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brittnee checks on Sarah and comments how cute she is. Sarah says she hates not being able to sleep. Sarah says they’re stressed about the showmances thing. What do they expect?! Brittnee says they’re not going to want to get farther away from their showmances. Britt says the girls are going to all get butt hurt. Sarah says I think they’ve put all their eggs in that basket. Britt says the whole vibe has changed with them. They’re trying to see who is bothered by the showmances. Sarah says everyone is! You want to say to people what they’re thinking in their head. Britt says it doesn’t always work. I was talking to Ash yesterday and she was trying to use reverse psychology .. Sarah says because they’re scared of Sindy. They’re going to get her out first and then Bobby. Britt says Sindy really did have a point. Sarah says of course she did. Britt says Pili was too scared to do it. Sarah says Pili shouldn’t be here. If there is one person that shouldn’t have been cast, it is Pili! She adds nothing game related and it pisses me off. The conversation ends when Ashleigh comes into the room. Willow joins Sarah on the floor.

5:40pm – 5:50pm In the living room – Bobby is making his cinna-slops

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-26 14-39-11-868


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really hope britnee stays. i like her as a person a lot more and while she isnt as strong as a competitor i am in the camp that doesnt like 2nd chances. for me sindy has served her purpose, she helped get jordan out but she can go now.


It’d be awesome if that secret power came into play and Sindy finds it.


Yeah! We need a Chevrolet Powershift!


I cannot wait to see Zach ask Ash for a handy while they are on the block. It will help this hawk beak nosed wannabe doctor with his anxiety and help the piss air mattress feel wanted. LOL

Grazing Cow

How insane would it be if Willow gave Zach a handy!!!


Glad you liked my nickname. Speaking of Ash’s handies…it’s funny how they were saying that the Have-not room smelled of feet and sex. Made me wonder if Piss-Stained Air Mattress (Pissam…for short) isn’t the only mattress Zach has stained in the house.


I just don’t get why Ashleigh would give Zach a handee in the first place … did she feel like she needed to just to get in his good books … cause he surely would have just looked for someone else to give him a hand if she didn’t!


Who is using my name? This is the OG SlopFarts here and I may be gross but I’d never make fun of someone’s appearance or make fun of someone’s anxiety or use the term “handy”. How dare you besmirch illustrious SlopFarts!

SlopFarts 2.0

Your comments are horrible but the name is good so I am taking your name too.

You are the Zach of the forum bro, get over yourself yo!


I’d really consider myself more of a Rochelle 😉


BB house guests: Bobby,PeeLar should self evict but probably to lazy!!


it would be smarter for Sarah to keep Sindy…


Sara will not beat Sindy in endurance comp, physical comp and puzzle comp in final 3 and will be lost to Sindy in final 2. Sindy is a big threat to everyone.


I agree Sarah won’t beat Sindy in the comps in the end, but her best chance of getting to the end, would be if Sindy is still around. Not only would it help everyone now getting out the couples, it would help Sarah to also stand a fighting chance against Bruno/Bobby/Godfrey. Britnee would be easier to beat at the end, but keeping her around significantly decreases Sarah’s chance of making it to the end.


God will go with the girls against Bruno and Bobby, if they’re still around. He is not as trustworthy as they think, he could end up in a great spot near the end. However, unless things line up perfectly this week with double evictees, I don’t think getting out Z and K will be as easy as some ppl senem to imagine at this point.


Bobby and Bruno are idiots


Well as of right now it looks like Sindy is gonna go unfortunately. She changed the house last week and I was very proud of her. I am curious though that if Naeha would have came back would she “presumably” be going as fast as Sindy back out.

I guess we will see if she finds a secret power, but as of now I don’t see her having the votes to stay over Brittnee.


Initially, I would have preferred Bobby had gone up and out…in order to keep Sindy. But now that he seems to have finally accepted the demise of Chop Shop and is gunning for Pissam (pissed-stained air mattress), I wouldn’t mind seeing Britt go instead…while Sindy stays. There is a much better chance of Sindy (or Bobby) winning an HOH or veto and popping the mattress…than Britt. Plus, I am rooting for Sindy…since she is responsible for getting JP out…and I wanted that more than anything. She is much more entertaining to watch than most of them…including Britt…and can do more damage.


While Sindy definitely stirred things up it is ALL 5 PEOPLE who voted that are responsible for getting out JP.

If Sarah/Britt don’t come to an agreement with Bruno/Bobby then JP leaving never happens. If Sindy was as good as everyone thinks she would have convinced the Diapers to nominate Bobby… they didn’t.

We have to look at all the dynamics. Is Sindy a better competitor for Sarah to keep in the game and a bigger target ABSOLUTELY… .BUT Britt has proven her trustworthiness to Sarah so she is the more logical player for Sarah to keep. If Sarah voted out Britt then she becomes someone seen as untrustworthy as well. Just like Bruno would look if he ousted Bobby at this point (even though Bobby is who he is). They’ve made their beds so to speak of who is their partner so they’ve got to stick to it unless it makes strategic sense (later in the game).

Plus Sarah has pulled in Willow and grabbed her faster than everyone else who scrambled yesterday recognizing how important Willow’s vote/allegiance now is.

In addition, while Godfrey was on the block Sarah/Britt kept talking to him and giving him kernels of information. Meanwhile Bobby/Bruno distanced themselves from him and didn’t share important information OR tell him the truth about info that was released.

In both situations Sarah has shown Godfrey/Willow she is a loyal alliance member, can be trusted and most importantly made them both feel like she CARES about them.

This will pay dividends once some of the big dogs get ousted and votes come into play. Sarah will be able to say I was there for you when they weren’t, so if it comes down to a vote to keep Sarah or them she’ll be the benefactor of staying.

The other factor that separates her from the others is her ability to separate game from personal: she’s been willing to work with people she might not like (Bobby), forgive things that could become lasting issues (Willow/Bruno) and walk away from people who she likes/loves but who are using their connection to keep her tied to them (JP).

I know not everyone is a fan of hers, but in my opinion she’s been one step ahead of everyone else the entire game.


Great points TToTambz!
I think Sarah definitely has the strongest social game in the house and this compensates for her not being able to win competitions. Bruno has the second best social game. I guess that’s why he’s always calling her poison.
But Sarah has been getting closer to Godfrey and Willow while others were turning their backs on them. Willow and Godfrey should see now that Sarah has their backs moving forward.
I pray Godfrey or Sarah wins HOH during round 2. Two Diapers leaving would be ideal. If Ash and Kevin left I think Pilar and Zach would crumble quickly. Then the house needs to target Zach and Bobby and get them out.


I think I’m in the minority here but I am glad Cindy is going. She’s an absolute liability and it’s her own damn fault.

Sure, she came in with a solid game plan, but I don’t think that was all her, it was her, Neha and Graig putting their heads together. When left to her own devices she absolutely tanked and started doing exactly what she did when she got evicted the last time. She is not actually all that persuasive, her attempts to get them to put up Bobby were so transparent and poorly executed. She hasn’t tried to actually work with anything, she just keeps talking in circles until she hears what she wants to hear.

She also throws people under the bus so willy nilly. Now, I’m not one to complain about people backstabbing, because that is the name of the game and it is fun to watch but she does it with no real thought for the future. It just makes her look bad and untrustworthy.

I will say, it was awesome that she came in and made that big move, but watching her play after that move, I’m not entirely convinced that move was entirely her own.


except if one of the people that voted JP out won HOH she would be in a sweet spot; . Its too bad Bobby has oatmeal brains and Pili has autism which is ultimately why Sindy’s plan failed.


I do not like how you are using Autism to insult Pilar. It should not be taken lightly and used to insult someone from a game standpoint.


Especially when she doesn’t have autism, just 3 cents short of a brick itis


She does have mild autism, anyone who thinks otherwise is oblivious.


That’s exactly why she’s not that great. Her life in the game should not depend on having someone that is sympathetic to her winning HoH. If your strategy is “have me or a friend win HoH”, that is pretty weak.

If she was any good she would have planned for this or been able to work with it. Instead she sounds like a broken record “so, how about Bobby”? no. “Soooooo… about Bobby…” no. “I just wanted to remind you Bobby…” no. She isn’t working any other angles and basically shut out the possibility of pretending to work with anyone but Sarah and B. She does not learn from her mistakes.

She overplayed and isolated herself. Again.


AGREE 100%… Even Sindy said they all shared info and decided what they wanted to do. Further if you catch what happened she did well initially and afterward as long as she ran things by Sarah. Left to her own devices she messes up.

BB 101, don’t offer up names to put up UNLESS you pick just one name (ala Godfrey citing Zach). What she did by suggesting Pilee put up Zach/Ash was pure stupidity b/c it was NEVER going to happen. Then by saying put up Bobby/Bruno/Willow she pretty much had named every single person remaining and in doing so took away any desire for Bruno to want to even bother to consider working with her. WHY? Because now they all know she’ll turn on any of them when she faces adversity.

Of note: when she got to the point where she started TELLING Pilar who to nominate did anyone else notice Sarah got up and left the room? Sarah made sure she wasn’t in the room for that so when Bobby/Bruno asked Kevin, Britt or God what happened (who’s name she threw out) in the retelling they would all say Sarah left the room. Once again another smart move by Sarah because by not being in the room her absence is almost like her support of the alliance with Bobby/Bruno!

I wondered at the time if she was doing it on purpose and as a tactical decision b/c she knew if either Sindy/God got put up the next logical people to go up as replacements if they won POV were Sarah/Britt so by leaving the room she looked less tied to the movement to oust the Chop Shop or Diapers. SMART GIRL

Bottom line: Sindy is a great competitor, but unless Naeha or Sarah are telling her what to do or say (strategically) she makes poor decisions in her desperation.

Also: wondered if anyone else noticed a smart move by Bruno today. As soon as Zach told him/Bobby something Sindy repeated that Bruno said word for word “they are way too comfy” (referring to Zach/Ash) he went into the bedroom to tell Sindy how much he wanted to work with her to give her hope. This is super smart on Bruno’s part b/c he has ZERO intention of keeping her but by making her think he wants to she’ll stop throwing him under the bus b/c she wants to believe he’ll fight for her to stay.

It’s a defensive move by Bruno (and one I think will work to stop Sindy from going crazy in an effort to stay).

As per the Bruno & Sarah situation: part of it is Bruno had heard lots of lies from Zach & group to keep his hatred for Sarah up (just like they did in reverse to Sarah/Britt). When Sarah seized the moment to tell all last night she got Bruno’s trust with that move (and the perfect timing of it)

BUT also part of it is Bruno has routinely gone after the strategic players to oust them: Naeha, Johnny, JP were first. He recognizes who his main competition is and acts accordingly. However, given the demise of his original alliance and Bobby’s complete inability to think strategically coupled with Bruno recognizing Godfrey could be a problem later he’s now recognizing he needs to work with Sarah (for the time being at least.. until he can get out Zach and Kevin)


Don’t you guys mean a Hann-dy?


You’re embarrassing yourself you know that right? I have no problem calling you out for pretending to be me.

Moronita Pilar

“Sarah & Britt about PILI” — 100% AGREE WITH THIS!

Sarah perfectly read through Moronita — her profile, her inability to understand anything, and her full idiocy…

I pray every morning for a twist to ditch Moronita down the drain [yeah, I got no life 😉 ].

Moronita Pita

See Moronita Pita. See Moronita Pita try to make a sentence. Watch Moronita Pita put her hands to her head and tell everyone her brain hurts. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Hear Moronita Pita tell Kevywevy, ‘um, you know what I mean?’ every three minutes. Poor Moronita Pita. Moronita Pita can only think in short thought fragments. That’s why Moronita Pita can never make a full sentence. “Um, you know what I mean?” Look at Moronita Pita play with her hair. Play. Play. Play. Watch Moronita Pita put makeup on her face over and over and over again. Primp. Primp. Primp. Little Moronita Pita. Living in the Big Brother house, grooming herself and Kevywevy like a mama Monkey. Pick. Pick. Pick. Can’t keep her hands off Kevywevy. Holding on like a tree Monkey. Moronita Pita.


Anybody who came in didn’t have a chance. Allison last year was the biggest disappointment. Maybe if Sindy hung on to Jordan she would have went a little farther, as the game changes from week to week. Bet this week they would have been gunning for Bobby and Sindy would have stayed.


Only JP made it perfectly clear on multiple occasions that he wanted Slndy out, so no, she made the right decision to get rid off him especially with all the information she was given about him in sequester. Sindy also found out that JP had been making fun of her behind her back and talking smack. She made the right decision.

another name

I’ve decided to make the attempt to look for the best in the players. even the ones whose game or personality irk me.
I have thought about it, and I can’t seem to find it in me to actually dislike pilar or willow. are they the best players? oh hell no. have they been doing what they thought were the right moves for their game? actually yes.
pilar may be one of those people that has to absorb things or let them stew for a while before she comes to a conclusion. her indecisiveness and insecurity may be excruciating to watch,
but she isn’t a mean-spirited player. she is in an alliance. she is contributing to her alliance to the best of her ability. she makes every attempt to do well in challenges. she just isn’t exciting to watch. she’s not a fans idea of a player. I don’t see her winning. but I don’t dislike her.
pretty much the exact same case can be made for willow. in the past tense for the alliance parts. she believed chop shop was still a functioning entity. ditto bobby. it isn’t that I pity them, as much as I think expectations and standards have risen, and they are in over their heads.
you know, today, I don’t even actually feel the same dislike for Zach or Bruno that I did before. yes, parts of their personality will irk me (always). but if I shut off the emotional part and just look at their game, they’ve both made some good moves and some bad moves. do I want either of them to win… emotionally no. but in terms of just their strategies, i’m not going to hate.
I don’t know if this whole try to look at everything analytically without getting emotionally invested will last longer than just for today. who knows. something may push a button and i’ll be ranting again.
so analytically which players have been playing the best strategy only games up until now imo: kevin for the sink below the radar strategy. Bruno for the faux nice guy routine. Zach for the manipulation strategy. sarah for the underdog manipulation strategy.
i’m still middle of the road for godfrey, but i’m appreciating him more. of those, Zach’s position is most tenuous; he knows his strategy is uncovered, but continues to stay the course.
everyone seems to be attempting to form some kind of backup plan. smart to do so, though the couples, especially pilar and Ashleigh and kevin may have sunk too deep into the showmance boat to last for more than a couple more weeks. the showmance strategy has it’s positives and negatives. I think the negatives are about to rear their heads. if they target the threat instead of the threat’s weaker ally (don’t really get that theory, but seems to be a consideration a lot this season), pilar could outlast the other two. just an opinion.

The Truth

You are giving Pilar way too much credit. She doesn’t trust her own instincts and instead allows others to control what she does. The episode today proved it. Kevin treats her like she’s basic. More than one houseguests has mentioned how they have to speak slow or in Kevin’s case talk in high voice like you would to a child and tell a story about tidal waves and how he bailed her out. He stated himself that he wants her under his control only. He will slowly guide this muppet all the way to the finale to ensure she helps him win the game.

another name

in a way you are making the point for me. i can’t find it in myself to hate characteristics like trust and loyalty. not good in a show like big brother, but not bad to find in a person. should i dislike her for being easily manipulated? or should i perhaps dislike the people that would prey on that? i don’t know. good move strategically on their part, but bad from a moral perspective.
i’m looking at it from her perspective: her stategy is very naïve. do your best in competitions, enter an alliance, trust them and work with them as a team. do i think she’s the best player, or the smartest player? nope. do i think she will win? nope. do i hate her for being so naïve? nope. do i wish she was less insecure and indecisive? yes. do i hate her because she isn’t? no. not every player is going to be great. i feel like I’ve been hating too much lately. so why not try to look at things a little differently for the day?