Felicia “This is very exciting! Two VETOS! I love this sh*t!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) He wants Blue out this week.

8:36am – 8:58am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

9am Kitchen – Bowie, Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – They didn’t say whoever wins gets to replace the nominees, which means that the invisible HOH will still do it.. unless they bring down another something. Cirie – yeah. Well I mean, that’s going to be kind of stupid though. I mean they could but.. it would have been that this is about the veto it probably would have made sense to be included in that when it says but wait there’s more when they said its two vetos. And the veto winners will be able to name the replacement nominees it would have made sense to go right there. Felicia – but the first one said there will be POWERS. Which means there still could be some more POWERS. Cirie – yeah but if its related to the veto it would just make sense to put it here but that doesn’t rule it out. Felicia – I don’t even care. I just want to win on of the veto and take my a$$ off the block. Cirie – I know, exactly! That’s what it seems like can NOW… what would be crazy is not knowing who it is and what if they win both?! Felicia – well they can’t win both. Bowie – they can only win one. Felicia – they can only win one, the first one will be 8 people playing and whoever wins they won’t play in the second one because it says TWO separate people will win veto so they can’t win both. It said two individuals will win the power of veto. Cirie – OOHHHH! Felicia – so two people will have vetos. Cirie – I wonder if that will prompt them to identify themselves depending on who wins the veto. Felicia – that really will be a tell all. Cirie – maybe depending on who wins the vetos are allies or not. Felicia – and if they decide to keep the noms the same. Cirie – it depends on your agenda. Bowie – this is crazy. Felicia – there a lot of different variables. Matt joins them. Felicia – This is very exciting! Two Vetos! I love this sh*t! That means whoever is the invisible HOH does the replacement. If I ever needed a veto, I need a veto today! Felicia leaves. Matt – I got to f**King win one. Put my a$$ up if I don’t!

Kitchen – Jag and Matt.
Jag – We got to win. We have to win. Blue and Felicia can’t win! IF both of them win, we’re f**Ked! Blue joins them. Jag – this is a WILD week! Blue – Its a hard HOH week. I guess you’re invisible so it doesn’t matter. Jag – of all weeks this is the week to be HOH because then its free smoke right now. If anything this is the one week that I would want to be HOH because its free smoke for everyone. At this point anyone can go up .. 8 people and 2 vetos. Vetos can essentially f**k a bunch of sh*t up. Two of them back to back .. you know what I mean!? Blue – two comps? Jag – yeah. Two comps.

10:07am Bedroom – America, Jag and Bowie
America and Bowie tuck Jag in. America – where’s the ball gag? Jag – oh god please. I have family. F**k all that!

10:40am – 10:55am Havenot Room – Blue and Matt
Blue – obviously the five is bullsh*t. They are clearly coming after you two (Matt/Jag) and they want me gone so that I’m not an extra number. Obviously I am not rocking with them. I am with you and Jag from day 1! There is no other person for me. I think I would be a great number and a great competitor. And I am going to take them b***hes out when I get the chance! Even if noms stay the same… if you win the veto and you don’t take me off that’s fine if that’s for your game. I will be a little salty but if that’s for your game, that’s for your game. As long as Felicia is still on the block, I still have hope. I just need three votes. I am really counting on you, Jag and Cirie. It really depends on who wins veto. Matt – yeah. It gets scary if I win, take you down and Jag goes up. We still have 3 technically. Blue – the best case is if I win and take myself down and one of you two win. Matt – yeah. Blue – I f**k with you two heavy. For this week sake to I really obviously want to be here to be another number and competitor for ya’ll.

11:14am Havenot room – Felicia and Matt
Felicia – I would much rather see you two in the final two chairs rather than Cory.. because at least you two have played the damn game. Matt – MMmmmmmmMmmmm.. yeah. Felicia – the fact that they can get through this whole thing and never won an HOH or a competition. Matt – or in secret. They win a comp in secret. Felicia – Never tried to win comps. I hate to see people get to the end like that. Or work through everybody else and never have to show their hand. Matt – yeah.

11:20pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – I talked to Matt. I am inclined to believe now Cory and America may have that sh*t (invisible HOH). Cirie – why you say that!? Felicia – because here is what he said. I am kind of seeing a nervousness in him.. if both those vetos get won and both people come off the block me and Jag are going up. He said both of us are going up .. PERIOD! He said that will be a disaster. He said if both vetos bring you guys down, me and Jag will be the two faces on the board. That’s their plan. And I said would you be willing to bring the vetos down? And he said they don’t have anybody else to put up. If they didn’t put up me and Jag it would be Cirie and Bowie Jane. He said but that’s not who they’re after. I think they’re afraid to use it because the other one is going up. Felicia – we going to a final four and then somehow we really need it and he aint winning this mental sh*t .. that’s when we win it and dictate who is sitting there.

11:47am The live feeds switch to the pound cams… looks like the first veto comp is happening now..

2:35pm Still blocked.
3:24pm Not back yet!
4:01pm Nothing ..
5:57pm No feeds for you..

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Spot ON

“Kitchen – Jag and Matt.
Jag – We got to win. We have to win. Blue and Felicia can’t win! IF both of them win, we’re f**Ked!”



The more they talk, the less I like blue and felecia. Here’s to them being the next 2 out!

BB Karma

Please let Blue and Cirie win the vetoes then Blue, Felicia, and Cirie will be safe and they will figure out who the real HOH is when Matt or Jag doesn’t go up

Meme's Muse

Cam’s gone, pitchforks out for Bowie with many especially this site, Jag sitting in the driver’s sit, pitchforks out for Jag.. They are playing a game and trying to win ( no matter how badly they play). Who is next.. Matt, no he can’t win comps either unless it is by small chance related to swimming. Matt doesn’t care to study much either. His card is getting ready to be punched. Girls alliance? No way because Cory and America may be in like with each other but each sees the other as the path to victory, unless the circumstances are dire neither would cut the other. Bowie, she is quite comfortable and save, she is a vote and is playing that role smart. Fe ( give it to her she knew Jaj was HOH quickly. Cory has been wanting Cirie out since the show began. Blue is no comp threat, no game threat for that matter. Blue has never been a good ally for anyone. You don’t have to comp your way to the end, you could “show up” at the end” but if you have to comp your way to the end you are not in a good spot. Derrick didn’t have to comp his way to the end and he is considered a legend. Even though Cory is constantly plants seeds to mitigate damage done by America’s loose lips, he knows this and is building his path to where I knew he would get along : winner. Really who else is left for you all to root for, it’s been Cory from the beginning.

un autre nom

there was a shot at a girl alliance for about 3 hours yesterday. However, the pettiness of the women against each other, added to game dynamic illiteracy screwed that pooch.
When Bowie was mad about Jag’s pawn idea, Blue and Felicia believed Cirie, and America was miffed Cory didn’t want to target Matt and Jag anymore, ever?
Perfect storm.
What happened?
Blue, always believing she’s the leader with Matt / Jag as henchmen decided no way they developed free will. Cirie started with her Skeletor shit, and Felicia got deafened by her own cuckoo clock bullshit where Matt will protect Felicia over Jag.


Such a cluster-f**k.
It’s no wonder Cam didn’t fit in.


Truer words have never been written.

The Beef

I’m hoping for some CHAOS here! Let’s have Blue and Felicia WIN the veto’s, so that Jag will at least have to put up somebody he doesn’t want to put up (FBJ, Cirie, Cory or America). He will definitely piss off two people he’s working with, and that’s a good thing.

I don’t give a damn frankly who goes up, as long as it’s somebody besides Blue and Felicia, and just so it screws up Jag’s game.


That is when Jag is going to be sorry he told almost everyone he won HOH.


BIG Dummy!!!! SMH

Just The Truth

production doing what production does…


Really! When is enough enough? They are trying everything they can to get to a specific point.
I mean there’s an invisible HOH that was never invisible; now there will be two veto comps with two vetoes awarded, then what will they try? Come on!
I’m not sure what end goal they are trying to reach. One where Cirie gets the big check at the end?
Hey, since there will be two vetoes then maybe it will be another double eviction.

It’s like none of the people left in the game (since Cam is gone) want to play the game and the house is trying to force them to actually play.

Just The Truth

they for sure want cirie to win

un autre nom

I’ve got a view that seems to be frowned upon:
Every HOH that results in an eviction is a successful HOH.
The idea that everyone isn’t playing the flashy big game that results in making their own target bigger is more for the individual watching (and their chosen fave) than the HOH.
If everyone is playing to get to final 2? I’d play the low risk personal reward option.
Take out one of the house 2nd place goats because their ass is potentially hogging a chair I want to sit in.
Play up cowardice and weak move of my HOH, making everyone think I’m a good option for finals because i aimed at low hanging fruit, and tell the jury that’s WHY I did it.

Not Jasons Holly

I can see why they get rid of the strong players. I’ve always thought those evicted early on like Hisam, Red, Mecole (over Felicia) & Cameron.

Since Cirie and friends were running the house and they had so many different alliances, it looked like they were going after their own.

Unfortunately, Kirsten (over Felicia), Riley, & Izzy were just unlucky. Well, Izzy played too hard and needed to be taken out!

These housemates are all over the place. The only people who are actually f2 is Corey/America and Matt/Jag. The others are delusional.

un autre nom

Matt has been eyeing Cirie as layup since week 3.
wait for it.
America? in more trouble than she should be. I’m a d/r call watcher. proximity of d/r calls before am/blue convos paired with am telling cory she’s getting sinking feeling from her d/r visits? she was an alterate, and is possibly in trouble.


Doesn’t every HOH result in an eviction?

un autre nom

Jag Jared and Cam. this season? No.
fake evictions and fake doubles and return players happen in N. American big brother

un autre nom

2 veto comps? winner of first doesn’t play in 2nd?
Yeah, they’re trying for blood and drama.

Blue snitching on America before veto would have been more effective before noms.
Is Blue revealing anything Jag/Matt didn’t suspect? No. That’s part of why she’s target.
If Blue wins veto, would Jag fear nomming Cory or America because it reveals Jag nomed Blue to begin with?

Felicia, who thinks she needs Matt to win veto to save her, believes Matt that Cory is HOH.
Why? He held a Bible one day without spontaneously combusting in Hellfire.

un autre nom

If the fear has been taking out Cory makes Blue and America a pair… why haven’t they ever deduced taking out America first means 2 singles left that will never work together?
I don’t hate anyone, I’m not stirring any pots. I’m questioning the logic that Matt and Jag use in their view of house dynamic and strategic value.

Game fan

it they take out america – they lost cory. they rather take him out than having him stay
against them.

un autre nom

if they take out Am, Cory becomes statistically less dangerous. That’s what they fail to realize. They are keeping a pair, to prevent a pair. Cut the commonality and you have two singles.
I like America. I’m just saying that logic alone dictates she’s where you aim to weaken Cory and pacify Blue.

Senior Citizen

Two things I like (?) about Blue, her face and figure. Other than that, she’s a real dunce, believing that she’s part of the JM alliance especially when her “team mate” puts her otb. Didn’t believe what Cam told her, even after Cer told her that Cam told the truth. I’d say she’s dumb as a brick but I don’t want to insult my brick fireplace. She has to go, but after Jag and Matt.

I’m em-bare-assed that two of my most disliked cast, His & Jag are from the state where I live (WA).


I think blue is doing it on purpose and doesn’t trust them and is 100% lying. We’ll see in the diaries

Not Jasons Holly

You can tell when Blue is really lying. Her tone changes and she loses her train of thought of what her story will be to the person she’s talking to at the moment.

Spot ON

“Two things I like (?) about Blue, her face and figure”

Hey Senior, have you been to the optometrist lately?
( .)(. )

Senior Citizen

Yup, 20-30 both eyes. Guess you didn’t see the “like (?)”. You can’t detect a bit of sarcasm when it’s in front of you? Maybe you need to have your eyes checked.

no mo bro

You must be trolling. She’s clearly a 3 who thinks she’s a 9.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Show-ho , too

Not Jasons Holly



Hey Neighbor! I agree about Blue. I think her split focus (Jared, now Cerie) really weakened her bonds with Jag/Matt but she just doesn’t see it. I will be glad to see her leave.
However, I cheer Jag on as a ‘509’. He is making headway while playing under the radar. He and Cory are my faves. Big Cerie fan from Survivor but Jared tanked her game while Izzie laid the traps.
This week could be interesting.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

She spent the first half of the game on the mattress. She is going to have to win some comps and take part in some big moves for her to be considered a winner by the jury. The question that I have is why take her out? She has now become the easiest person in the house to beat. BJ has taking Cameron out on her record. Felicia has survived so many nominations. Cerie played too hard early on but did help get out some some serious threats and is now manipulating the players to not target her with her maternal role. Blue has nothing to pad her resume. Unlikely that she could even explain her game..


Well goodie goodie gum drops let’s see how badly Jag will mess this up.

Paul Sucks

I think this is the first time that I am rooting for Cerie and Felicia to win veto. Maybe Jag would grow a pair.


He’s got grapes instead of balls.

un autre nom

bbcomics. current noms.

bbcomics 11a.jpg

They could have done better than the Kyak

un autre nom

production gives the artist their memory wall headshot, bio, and a couple of clips to watch. They suggest the theme.
Worst to me were Izzy and Hisam for the physical characteristics they used. Hisam was jacked and Izzy was stout. for Hisam maybe “the right fighter” with right in place of the laughs and shredded sleeves showing muscle. for izzy, a flute playing pig costumed theme.


Lame houseguests begets lame comics

un autre nom

bbcomics. the showmance

bbcomics 11b.jpg

I don’t like America’s but Cory’s is completely not understandable. Does anyone know the reference for his?

un autre nom

Albacore tuna? floating reference? no clue.


I think Cory is doing anything but floating. I don’t get this comic, either. Anyone have any other theories?

un autre nom

student / school of fish? patterned after aquaman’s sidekick from early 70’s cartoons… hmm?

Spot ON

” Anyone have any other theories?”

CORY in ocean trying to catch a snapper to eat for the first time.

un autre nom

bbcomics. social puppeteers

bbcomics 11c.jpg
un autre nom

bbcomics. oddballs.

bbcomics 11d.jpg

Hope Bowie gets evicted

Game fan

someone needs to tell felicia cory won HOH and got jared out . she keeps saying he never won


She acts like everyone else should take each other out so she can glide right to a f/2 chair. Then throws a hissy when they want to play their own game.

Game fan

next comp
before and after
julie : happend before or after cory winning hoh
felicia : wait when did cory win ?


For real.

She is such a forgetful hater. Idk if she is forgetting on purpose or what…

She needs to put some respect on his name because his HOH win was WAY better than her lucky HOH win.

Now had she won the Bowie HOH then I’d put some respect on her second HOH but she gave the worst over-guess of all time so she can stay pressed like a panini.


jun has the worst over guess of all time

Game fan

cam would be so pissed finding out he was out before a week where
EVERYONE plays and there is TWO veto comps
the house is for sure lucky he isnt here (he would of prob also kicked a$$ in the hoh – he would actually shut up about being invisable as well )


There could be 8 vetos and Felicia still wouldn’t win 1

un autre nom

Why I don’t support Blue:
bought and paid for by production.
Until i know the deal terms i don’t support.
the secret. Only mentioned in d/r or in house after a d/r session.
Never brought up again.

Another Dixie

Could you please explain what you mean by “the secret”? I saw a mention earlier about her revealing a secret but no mention what secret.


That Cirie and Jared are mother and son. Blue knows but hasn’t revealed. Icky knew but never revealed.

Another Dixie

I knew that she knew that secret but I got the impression from the Reddit discussion group that she revealed a secret this morning or possibly last night. I just got the impression that it was a different secret. Thanks to all who helped.

un autre nom

today she revealed to Matt and Jag that Cory and America are trying to recruit Blue.

The Beef

Could be he’s referring to the fact Cirie is Jared’s mother. Jared told Blue that fact and now that Blue is OTB and in serious danger of being evicted, you would think she would use information like that to her advantage (and against Cirie).


Depends on whether or not she wants a relationship with Jared. It would be different if Blue was on the block with Cirie. If Cirie wins a veto, that might be a time to bargain with her. Does Cirie know that Blue knows about the mother/son relationship?

Not Jasons Holly

Jared shared the secret about Cirie being his mom. Apparently, Blue just kept that to herself for whatever reason.

un autre nom

blue ‘knows’ the season plotline Cirie /Jared secret.
however, she only knows in d/r or in trust jared because he told me the secret convos that happened after d/r sessions when she wanted to turn on Jared and Cirie.
She’s never brought it up again, and openly talks like she doesn’t know since Jared was a zombie.

un autre nom


comicsweek (1).jpg
un autre nom

Sounds like spinning disc and sweet shot (roll ball down beam to basket or highest number down the line). Jag won spinning. Blue won the ball roll.


In looking at the picture of Bowie and America tucking Jag into bed, I wonder if that was Cameron and not Jag, would Cameron’s name be denigrated from one side of the country to the other?