Jag “I’m thinking of putting America up, then taking Felicia down, then putting Cory up. I don’t give a f**k!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) Jag’s new target is Cory/America.

9:22pm Bathroom – Jag and Matt.
Jag – there is no world where Felicia goes home this week. What I am thinking of doing is putting America up (when Blue takes her self off), then taking Felicia down (with his veto), then putting Cory up. Matt – just put them both up.. why not. Jag – I don’t give a f**k! Matt – lets f**k with them. Jag – why not. Its going to be blood on my hands either way. Why not make sure one of them goes. Matt – yeah, I want Cory though. But you control it. You, me, Bowie, Cirie. its Perfect. Jag – if you want.. Matt – well its good to have them both up so that they have no way of surviving against Felicia. Jag – they’re (Cory/America) going to be campaigning against each other. Matt – but they know they’re gone. Jag – because this way if Felicia is upset at me. Matt – and you’ll be good with Cirie because you can tell her you would never put her up. Bowie will rock with us 100%! Jag – do I tell Cirie that anyone else knows? Matt – just say that everyone else has speculation but Matt is the only person that knows… but you have tell her that I promised you not to tell anyone because she will be like why didn’t Matt tell me. We can tell her that we knew Cirie was always going to be safe this week because you had control. Jag – also Cirie told me the moment after the power said don’t say nothing. She said don’t tell anyone. She was like I don’t even know want to know. Matt – that’s good. Jag – I think I will have a chat with Blue and be like look I am the HOH. I put you up and you were the target. Matt – you’re just going to be full transparent on that? Jag – yeah I’m going to say you were the target up until where she admitted everything. Saying everything that America and Cory are saying. We thought we could trust them, obviously we can’t. Like that moment when she said that is when the target shifted. Matt – there was a reason why since the beginning of the game everyone hated America because she was the one that opened her mouth all the time. I believe Blue over f**king America. Because when I ask them both things about what they say … so Blue told me something that America said and she said you said this. And she is like no Blue said that. Jag – and if Blue doesn’t buy it, it doesn’t matter.. this is why .. next week Cory and America are going for us anyway. If we get rid of Cory, it will just be Blue and America. Next week its you, me, Bowie, Cirie… Felicia is in the middle somewhere … Cory / America, they’re going after me and you no matter what. Matt – yeah, absolutely. Lets take the shot and get one of them out. F**k it! I think I am going to tell Cirie and Blue. I think I have to tell Blue the moment I take that shot she is going to know it was one of us. I think I have to be honest about how Cory and America were manipulating us. I’ll talk that through with Cirie first. America is going to gun after me and you. This puts Blue in a good spot. Cory joins them and the conversation ends.

9:50pm Backyard – Cirie, Blue and America are chatting about random things.

9:57pm Bathroom – Cory and Jag.
Cory – This is going to be good. We’re sending Felicia to Cameron. I mean obviously yes but that’s so f**king funny. I just feel like sh*t because you fought for you life the entire time and then there were 7 people up there writing numbers and I got close. Jag – that’s the thing, its a chance comp. Cory – and she was 5 seconds off. I thought I had that sh*t. Jag – you were 25 seconds off. Cory – part of me is happy because Felicia has been annoying me. I mean I am over it. Whatever.

10:08pm Backyard – Cirie and Bowie.
Bowie – as for that second veto today we didn’t do too well we thought Jag was invincible. Cirie – Invisible Jag! Honestly though did you want to win that veto and choose who.. Felicia / Blue? Bowie – they’re campaigning. Yeah probably not actually. I was trying to win it. Cirie – no me too but hindsight. But now what you going to do!? And a hidden HOH. You don’t even know what the real goal is… now .. that’s a lot!

10:25pm Bathroom – Bowie, Jag and Matt.
Jag – So I am thinking I put up Cory and America. Bowie – yeah that’s what I was thinking as well. What that means is that it is going to get very obvious once I put them up that I’m the HOH. I want to get ahead of that so I am going to tell Cirie. I am going to leave your name out of it. So you don’t know. That way when Cory and America blow up because I put them on the block .. like Bowie knew bla bla bla.. I am going to be like no she didn’t. And you’re going to be like no I didn’t. That way people aren’t starting to associate you with me and Matt. I am going to got to Cirie and be like bla bla bla .. the only person that knows is Matt. I am going to go to Blue as well. At this point it doesn’t f**king matter, I am just going to be up front with her. Look I am the invisible HOH, I will just navigate that. I put you up as the target and the reason why is because Cory and America have been saying to me for a long time now that you’re coming after me. They really got into my head. Blue will also ask who all knows. Matt knows and Cory and America can assume as much. The moment Blue went on the block, they knew it was me or Matt. I never confirmed or denied. I think I should just f**king tell everyone because everyone F**King thinks its me. The moment Cory and America go up, they’re going to know its me .. because its not Cory. The best part of it all is next week we are all playing (HOH).

10:30pm – 10:49pm ackyard – Cirie and Matt.
Cirie – as long as my people still safe I am happy. OOHHhh.. I was nervous! Matt – Na No, Me and Jag are rocking with you. I am rocking with you no matter what. Cirie – I know and I hope you know I feel the same way. Jag and Matt join them. They talk about the veto endurance comp.

10:50pm Backyard – Jag and Cirie.
Jag – this win feels like the most special one. Like I earned this one. Like other ones people might be like ah you got lucky, this was not f**king luck. Cirie – no it wasn’t, this one is for her and she is going to see it. I know she is going to be so proud. I would be too and I am. Jag – thank you. Cirie – I feel relieved like I got to keep it up. Jag – Matt is the only other one to know. Cirie – I am not saying a word to nobody. Jag – he swore up and down that he wouldn’t tell .. and if he hasn’t .. and if he pretended like he didn’t know that’s only because he being completely loyal. And he kept his word so. Cirie – I rock with ya’ll heavy so I am flattered that you would trust me with that information. I need you to know that, that information doesn’t go anywhere. And I am so happy that its you. Now Felicia is going to be lose tomorrow asking you to take her down. Jag – the way it looks right now you might now even have to hold down this secret for long because damn near everyone knows and they’re about to know after the veto as well because he is what I am thinking. Cirie – what? Jag – I’m about to put up Cory and America. Cirie – oh my god! Jag – they’re just SNAKES at this point. I thought I could rock with them for a long time and they’ve been feeding I’m sure everyone information about different people that they can’t trust and pretending like they’re solid with me and Matt. And they’re saying all this sh*t about Blue going after us .. this and that. Which I don’t know which things Blue said to them or didn’t but they’ve said a LOT.. not just in the last few days but last 2 weeks and made me distance myself from Blue. Cirie – that’s what they do. Jag – so I make the move that I make and put up Blue. Blue is the target and then Blue had a conversation with me earlier today before the veto .. essentially in the conversation she said Cory and America told me stuff .. some stuff.. some conversation and then Cory, America and I had had.. and they’re gunning for you. At this point she probably knows I’m HOH. At this point, this far in the game .. the reason why I am like f**k it.. they are where they are because people have been protecting them. Cirie – yup. Jag – Matt and I have been literally protecting them .. we’ve gone out there and protected them. Cory has made that comment about Matt and I. Matt wins that veto that send Jared home that protects Cory’s a$$. Like I am not a gladiator for them and neither is Matt. The things they say like so and so said this but we have your back. Like we got you. When Cory and America go up everyone is going to know its either Me or Matt. There is not point in me throwing Matt under the bus. At this point everyone is going to f**king know so it doesn’t matter. That’s what it is. For me, I am drawing the line in the sand and F**K it! Maybe its an all out war but I am here to play the game. Cirie – lets go! LETS GO! Jag – I ain’t scared of this. Sending one of their a$$es home. We’re sending Cory’s a$$ home. Cirie – yeah of course. Jag – if next week whoever survives out of them takes a shot or if Blue.. I am going to tell Blue all this too. Like I put you up, you were the target. Like I am just going to own up to it. At the end of the day if Blue doesn’t f**k with that and wins and puts me up .. I am fine with that. Cirie – no, Blue mess with ya’ll heavy. She knows they snaked her. I think she is going to be understanding.

11:20pm Havenot room – Cirie and Matt.
Matt – lets go! Cirie – I was so happy. Matt – you were never in danger so I never needed to tell you. Cirie – there was no need. It was best .. the less people to know. Matt – I am so excited for Monday now. Cirie – I am so excited!! Its time! Its been time. Like enough of Cory already! You guys have protected Cory for so long! Ya’ll did his dirty work for him for so long. Matt – yeah motherf**ker!

11:44pm Kitchen – Matt, Cory, Jag and America.
Jag – you know what.. I am about to .. here’s what’s about to happen. I put America up, and then I take America down. Cory – that will actually make it look like its me. Cory to America – you know how we were talking about how if he puts up Matt it will look so obvious that it him. So he is saying if he puts you up and then takes you off its going to look 1 million percent like its me. America – no, wait .. what do you mean? Cory – why would Jag put you up and then take you off. But mean while for me I don’t want people to think its me so I’m going to put America up. Jag – Lets have some fun! Lets have some Cameron Style fun!

12am – 12:30am Chatting and eating..

12:32am – 12:47pm Backyard – Matt, Jag and Blue.
Matt takes his laundry inside and when he comes back out he tells them that he interrupted America and Cory dry humping. Matt – America and Cory are dry humping. He is like on top of her (thrusting). Blue – oh my god! Jag – NO, are you serious! Well how do you know its DRY?! Matt – I don’t, I don’t know if its dry humping. I don’t think they would be actually. Jag – but why would he be dry humping? Matt – I don’t know. Jag – to the camera it still looks. Blue – so you might as well.. Jag – dude you’re sleeping in that room. Blue – I am going to throw up. Jag – at that point they have no shame. Blue – you’re going to hear moaning at night. Matt – I’m deaf!

12:50am – 1:42am Backyard – Jag and Blue.
Jag – so here is the thing. I am the invisible HOH. Blue – MMMmmm.. PUT CORY’S A$$ UP! Jag – and I am putting Cory and America up. Blue – that’s f**king GOLD!! She jumps up throws her blanket down and hugs Jag. Jag – and I am sorry. Blue – its okay. Its okay. I had some ideas. But its okay.. oh my god. Jag – The conversation that you had with me was the pivotal .. like them being snakes ..essentially up until now I thought that I could trust them. And for a while now .. not just the last few days… but for awhile have been saying things about you. That you are definitely going after me and Matt. Cam said it too and everyone said all these things. And after awhile I actually start to trust them. They continued to come to me with information and all that… and they’re snakes! They’re snakes! Because they’re saying the same sh*t to you. Clearly I made the wrong move this week. I truly believed that you were gunning after me and Matt. I truly believed that and so I was like I have to take that shot because I think this is what’s going to happen. Come to find out these motherf**kers are playing everyone and they’re fully going to take a shot at me and Matt. Blue – 100%! Jag – so first I want to apologize. Blue – its totally okay. Jag – not only did they villainize you. Its not just their fault. I was in a position this week where I could have made a different decision and I didn’t so I own up to that fully. I apologize for that. Blue – its okay. Jag – now i am putting their a$$es on the block. Blue – thank god!!! Jag – You’re going to take yourself off, I’m going to put one of them up, then I’m going to take Felicia down and put the other one up. Because I don’t give a damn what the other powers are this week both of them aren’t going to stay safe so I am not even just putting one of them up. They’ve just been playing.. like I just feel stupid. They’ve been using Matt and I as their Gladiators. The reason why they’re this far in the game is because we’ve been protecting them. Blue – absolutely. Jag – at this point I am not playing their game. They’ve been playing me and Matt .. and most of the people in the house. They had gotten into my head so much about like me taking a shot that they wanted to take and didn’t.. COULDN’T F**KING WIN A COMPETITION TO TAKE and if they did they didn’t have the balls to do it. I played my role in protecting them. When the f**k have they ever stepped up to protect any of us!? Jag and Blue hug. Blue – why Felicia though. Jag – I just needed a pawn. I really didn’t think it through. Blue – I’ve been on the f**k Cory train since Jared went home. Jag – I was like dog, I don’t give a f**k .. like this whole game has been the way it is but at this point I am going to draw the f**king line. I am like I don’t care. People are acting bold already as is just in their own ways of being snakes and this and that. I am going to draw the f**king line and I know its going to be an all out war and this is what I signed up for. And I was like f**k it. If that’s the way it goes and it doesn’t get me as far or whatever happens then at least I f**king.. like that’s just the way its going to go. There is no way it happens any other way. Blue – yeah. Dude, I am so glad. I accept your apology. I am glad that we could air this out because you know I’ve been on this Cory and America train. I am glad that I could take myself down. This worked out perfectly. And that I do have some type of part in them going home. Jag – going into next week, we just had physical comps probably going to be a mental comp … get your Jimmy Neutron MIND A$$ out of Here! Blue – and what is America going to do? Get your a$$ out of here!

2:25am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

He blew such a good chance with HOH powers with complete anonymity. He shouldn’t handle this emotionally. He should handle it sensibly. Obviously he can’t do anything about Blue, but he can put up Cerie. If he were to not use it, he blows up all of his alliances. The smartest move to do would be getting someone to agree to being a pawn and trying to keep this as a secret. Work out a deal! On the positive for the others, they have Jag as their shield for now one. Yeah, they should have kept Cameron around and pretended to be in an alliance with him. So looks like a combo of Cory, Jag and Matt are going to be the next ones to go at this point! Ain’t no way in hell that Cerie and Felicia aren’t going to vote against Cory when he puts him up. God, he could have stirred up so much chaos but instead dug his own grave. Out of all competitions that he has tossed on purpose, he chooses this one to go for the win? He may be among the weakest players that we have ever seen…

orwell the out of work bbad owl

What a CLUSTERF**K week this has been!


Bout time! Let’s see if he really does it though…

Queen Catia

Now, that’s actually an awesome idea! Let’s see if he actually follows through or if he’s just blowing smoke while he’s puffed up…

un autre nom

America is the first to heebie-jeebie.
After Cory tells her the stupid put Matt up take him down plan, she’s nervous about Jag.
Cory doesn’t want to talk game.
Matt is saying too much to Cirie, stealing Jag’s thunder. If Jag backs down it’s egg-face.
Bowie is excited to get rid of Cory and draw the line she says to Jag.
Which line? any line that doesn’t have Bowie on the block.


Ugh, are we going to end up with a final 3 of some combination of Fe, Cirie, Bowie, America, Blue?

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)


no mo bro

I’m so disappointed in BJ. I was of the mind she was the last “good” person in the game. Unfortunately, Jag exaggerates one comment from Cameron and says “He through you under the bus, literally.” and she totally flips on the one person who could have ensured her at least 2nd place. The ONE person in the house not lying and using her.

All without even asking Cam (her only friend) what exactly he said. She turns around, throws him under the bus and laughs about it and says she’s proud (in a very disrespectful and hateful way). So desperate to be liked by the cool kids. She’s 45 and acts like she’s 22.

Cam would have told her exactly what he said and squashed the issue right there on the spot, had she only asked.

She is NOT the “good” person I thought she was. I REALLY don’t want her to win.

This is exactly what happened with Red. Jared exaggerated a comment Cameron made and lead Red to believe Cam was the enemy. Red, just like BJ, didn’t even to bother to ask their “friend” what they actually said.

Instead Red waited a few days before finally spilling to Jared he was going to get to the bottom of it. The “Oh Sh1t” look on Jared’s face was priceless.

Jared pushed the house and flipped the vote. Red was promptly voted out.

Poor Cam struggled from the first lie to the next, always on the defensive for things he didn’t actually say. Lies were told until they became the “truth” and he was a villain.

BJ is walking a very thin line here and doesn’t even see the storm approaching.

Jag and Jared are more alike then most people realize. Happy to lie and ruin genuine friendships. if it suits there goals. The only person in that house to show any remorse, was Matt after swearing on the bible when lying to Cam.

People noticed and commented about his bible reading. I said something like, “lets see how long this lasts and what he values more. his soul, or 750k.”

He wasn’t remorseful for long. Where is the Bible?

I guess that book really works. Now he probably feel he has a green light from God.

Well. At least God could make him remorseful for a minute.


Jag has finally woke up, if he does put America up after Blue uses her Veto, then Jag uses his Veto and puts Cory up, now that will be a bold move.

But is Jag really able to make a move like that ? That would be good for him, get rid of Cory, that improves Matt’s chances of actually winning HOH, just in case Jag wins HOH next week.

Quick Question, how old is Jag ? Not being mean, but when he lets his hair down, when he’s not wearing his Head Wrap, I’ve noticed 2 things about Jag.

  1. He looks scary as Hell, with hair down. Kind of serial killer’ish ?
  2. He looks much older ? Is Jag married ?, Does he have kids ?

I hope Jag does put Cory & America up, I’m really tired of looking at them making out, I always change to another camera when they start.

It just looks weird & kind of gross. America needs to always have makeup on, she looks kind of tired without it.

Cory needs to invest in some kink of bronzer, he looks like a ghost, he is so damn pale.

Felicia’s crusty feet

Jag looks like he’s 45 imo, Cory looks 12


LOL but true.


I read that he’s 25

Spot ON

“He looks scary as Hell…”

Even in Neanderthal times, people lied.

Spot ON

“when he’s not wearing his Head Wrap, I’ve noticed 2 things about Jag.

He looks scary as Hell, with hair down. Kind of serial killer’ish…He looks much older ? Is Jag married ?, Does he have kids ?”


Would you get on a plane with him on a flight at JFK in NY to California, or would you abort your flight plans immediately and grab the nearest subway train to Yankee Stadium for a game with the Red Sox? He looks like a commercial pilot with 20hrs of flight training on Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t he?


Wow you are so racist. Way to expose your bias.


Jag does not look like a serial killer… And he doesn’t look old to me. Nor does he look scary. You sound scary!

Spot ON

He looks HANDSOME to you, doesn’t he Sheila? GQ type-of-guy, eh ?? Like “fine dining”, eh? Never at Burger King, right??

Nether Region Euphemism

Yes, he’s handsome. Not scary at all on a flight.

The ones that creep me out are the conservative MAGAs in my neighborhood.

Spot ON

“The ones that creep me out are the conservative MAGAs”

100% in agreement…U.S. politics have turned for the worse in the last 15 years or so, and the only way to correct the slide into the abyss is to educate, and vote intelligently.

Felicia’s crusty feet

The pedophiles that dress up like clowns and women creep me out too!


That’s very rude and personally as a pale person whose been told the same thing racist. We come in all shades from the lightest to darkest and everything in between. You wouldn’t tell a dark skinned person to use lightener so leave the skin color comments out.

Spot ON

“You wouldn’t tell a dark skinned person to use lightener so leave the skin color comments out”

Try telling THAT to the so-called “king of pop”.

If there was anybody so “anti” (dark skinned person”) (anti his race really) it was him. Just look at the astrocites and permanent disfigurement he did to himself in trying to look less dark.


Way off topic and it was mj’s choice to do it.

Nether Region Euphemism

You’re being xenophobic, and a hater based on religion. He doesn’t look the least bit intimidating.

Also, he looks his age, and he’s actually quite handsome with his hair down.

Generic colonists should be so lucky to look that exotic.

Spot ON

AZMDW is merely expressing A POINT OF VIEW, that may not necessarily reflect HIS personal point of view.

In nowhere in his post did AZMDW expressed a view again people of Indian descent. Why don’t you read it again. It merely expressed that “he looks scary as Hell…”.

Objectively looking at that pic, this looks is outside the norm. It would be fair assumption to say that MOST people would cross the street to avoid close proximity with someone looking like that than if he looked like a “Wall Street kinda guy”.

Let me school you briefly (and no honorary fee charged):

having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

Show where AZMDW makes a reference or a showing of a “dislike” against people from “OTHER COUNTRIES”. It appears that JAG was born in Washington state.

So blah, blah, blah.


Thank you BB, Felicia locked away for 24 hours, thank you, thank you, thank you.

As for the Tent for her Bathroom, that’s very GROSS !! That room is going to be RIPE !!

How often are you going to empty that thing after she uses the bathroom ?

If I were Cirie, I would not want to sleep in there until that room was completely sterilized, cleaned and deodorized.

This is bad for Felicia, the houseguests get to see how peaceful it is without Felicia.

This is really going to make them want Felicia gone, she will not be missed.


I didn’t know that’s what the tent was for. That disgusting and disrespectful for BB to do that to anyone. I bet that would not have done that to Reilly.

un autre nom

To Bowie, Jag is already light cowardly lion.
What do i mean? Going into final 7 he wants the breakdown to be Ja/Ma/Bo/Ci/Blue against Am/Fe. Why this is part of cowardly lion? Every line all season has always been everyone vs 2 people. Go back and check. After Family style broke, it was everyone join together vs.2. The two shifts weekly, but always house vs 2.
What Jag doesn’t know? Cirie wants the line to be house vs.2 as well. Jag is one of the 2.


So Jagg has now targeted every fuquing person in the house in one week


Heaven only knows what Jag’s world revolves around. He’s in over his head, demonstrates that by what he says and what he does. End of story.

Spot ON

“Heaven only knows what Jag’s world revolves around”

Maybe he enjoys getting some “flight training” as a flight-by-night commercial pilot on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.


imagine how he could have saved himself from blowback by not telling anyone he won

Carlito's Way

They should have kept Cam and gotten rid of Cory last week. Did Jag and Matt honestly think A & C were the best for a five? Cam doesn’t care about getting blood on his hands, would have cleared out the threats and would have been loyal to M & J probably till final four.


Shoulda woulda Prada.

un autre nom

Blue and Felicia are the only people not in on the plan.
Cirie now knows Cory is target. Just like she’s wanted for 2 weeks to scoop up America.
Does that happen? I mean does the house get rid of Cory?
I’m still on this is Saturday night and Jag has a history of going limp. who knows.
Chances of the renom plan now 75%.


Cory had a lot of chances to be safe this week (as did everyone) so I can’t complain that he is leaving this Thursday.

Now having said that I don’t like Jag or Matt much so I hope they both get taken out by the 5 remaining girls (especially America and Blue).

I’m now rooting for America or Cirie to win the game.

A Cirie win would be Production’s dream so I’m going to will that into existence now since I think she has a better shot of winning than America or Blue who will likely get clipped by a surviving Matt/Jag if they go after them.


i’d love to see america win. she’s been just as strategic as cory but gets no credit. hopefully the house comes around on her, but honestly i’m kinda okay with anyone but felicia. yeah, even blue because how the hell does she get there and get votes? felicia’s an undeserving lost cause though.


If jag covers himself in this much blood and noms 4 people this week, and sends three pissed off allies to jury as the first 3 jurors in a 7 person jury, he will be pushing shit uphill trying to find 4 votes if he even gets to f2.

Almost everyone votes for Matt to win over Jag…more likeable, less blood.

I also see Cerie/Blue voting for each other due to the Jarat/Blue connection, as well as Cerie/Felicia voting for each other, and Cerie could easily convince Felica and Blue to vote for each other.

His only path to victory may be 4-3 against Bowie, maybe.

Let’s see if Jag ‘Paul’s himself’.


Cory won’t hold this move against Jag

The Beef

America will though, and she gets to vote too.

Spot ON

“Almost everyone votes for Matt to win over Jag…more likeable, less blood”

That’s because votes in BB, and perhaps in everyday life, are eschewed in favor of WASP individuals, and against “minorities”.

It HAS NOTHING to do with likeability or merit. It has to do with imbedded biases, and in certain cases, institutional and historical racism.


They are trying to replicate the bb14 final 8 this week…2 vetos in play and the 24 hour solitary dance party.

Cerie is no Dan though. Not even close.


If Jag goes after one or both of the showmance on Monday, I will be very interested to see America’s feistiness unleashed. Potential for some epic lively feeds.

Just The Truth

Oh Jag. Just put Cirie up with Felicia.. If you take Cory out. You and Matt will be targeted next. Confirming we will have another bad winner this season.


“Oh Jag. If you take Cory out, you and Matt will be targeted next.”

And the problem with that is…?

Just The Truth

Leaving only terrible players in the house guaranteeing yet another bad winner.


So the order of veto usage opportunity in the Monday ceremony should be Jag goes first, followed by Blue, as Jag won the 8 person veto, followed by Blue winning the 7 person veto.

In bb14 Ian won the additional veto ‘golden ball of veto’ prior to the main veto comp that Jenn City won…then in the ceremony Ian did not use his veto, followed by Jenn City using her veto on Dan.

BB Fangirl

I was thinking this too. Jag seems sure he’ll get to go second. I guess it works the same either way though since Blue will take herself down regardless? I wish there was some way to mess this up for Jag.


Jag said production told them first veto winner chooses second.

Penelope Taynt

All of the dominos are falling in place perfectly for Cirie to win this game. Sadly, this cast is giving BB Production exactly what they wanted all along.

Another Dixie

I hate that they put her in with Jared. If it had just been Cirie, I don’t think I would have minded as much. It would have evened the game out & she may have been voted out early. However, I am changing my opinion. Right now, she is the only sane person in the house. Everyone else have gone bonkers. I hope she manages to get through this elimination OK & would welcome production’s interference to get her HOH. She could show them what a real champ looks when they are winning.

Spot ON

It’s not the cast. IT’S THE SCRIPT !!!

un autre nom

Matt STILL blames America and Cory for Reilly’s eviction while trying to attach an umbilical cord to the woman that ACTUALLY unflipped the week 2 flip.
Oy vey.
He’s seen her do it multiple times since… still oblivious because “Reilly said.”
He’s elated and hasn’t been happier as he kisses up to Cirie.
Someone tell him she traitors-murdered his hero Ryan Lochte on the season she won.
It’s great for his vindictive spirit… but who does he blame for the rest of this season while he’s whining every week about doing someone else’s dirty work? Look out Jag, you’re about to become a human knife rack. Really, nobody else see that coming so that he can make Cirie his final 2? okay. sideye.

Jag at the end of this plan, will have nominated half the house this week.
Afraid of Bood Jag. That’s going to hit him soon.
He’s already lost the loyal game argument to jury (that is impossible when you onion alliance to everyone in the house).
Better comp out or he’s toast.
Let’s remember, he suggested pawning Bowie, to Bowie.
Let’s remember, Blue is only rocking with Matt and Jag until Cory is gone.
Let’s remember, Cirie has Jag’s number.

For some reason i still expect America leaves. Last week’s episode edit foreshadowed her as one of two potential evictees this week. She’s either evicted or gets a Janelle season 6 moment. Which do you think more likely? Fe was the other, btw.

Know why Fe is actually on Lockdown? To save her from her cuckoo clock self yapattacking. No. Really.

America / Cory are trying to social bond themselves to Matt, Jag and Bowie. Just me likely, but I’m picking up the vibes from the other side of the screen, Matt even moreso than Jag for the first time. Yes, I’m in the know, they aren’t… but out of the loop I’d still see body language daggers and say it looks like the first hour of my family having a reunion, and those typically end in multiple screaming fights by hour three.
Everyone is laughing and joking. This will be part of the 75-90 minute episode for sure.
I expect keep mastermind Jag’s hands clean, bury Cory America edit. 60/40 deserved, considering both Matt / Bowie mentioned targeting Cory before the dirt discovery.

Blue has been in d/r for hours, she’s on a d/r break and has to go back.
Let’s get crucial: Bowie, Matt, Blue, America are all below average season content in d/r. Cory and Felicia are plateauing. Their d/r are for entertainment more than storyline at this stage. Jag is getting golden edit fictional mastermind d/r that is influencing how he plays (never 100 % unreliables because it wasn’t canon, all in Outlaws while d/r asked about it suddenly just minutemen because d/r asks about it before the get Cam plan existed…his d/r that night was before the plan), and Cirie is getting sage mastermind d/r, even in weeks and events she had nothing to do with.

un autre nom

Blue has been told. Given it’s Sat night? the renom blindside is 85-90%.
Everyone knows, but Jag has waffled before.
Why it’s not a backdoor? It wasn’t the plan from the start. Backdoor is a pre-veto plan. This is switching gears because the target won veto.

un autre nom

I have no idea why Blue is a faucet right now. Her giddiness is overshare mixed with mixed message. example: Jared made Matt swear to protect Cirie and Blue. Jag didn’t know that. That she regretted telling Jag the info that he said was pivotal in saving her?
Give it 8 hours until she realizes America told her the truth.

This barrage lowers the chances of this blindside to 80% because she’s exposing way too much to Jag that will trigger a cowardly lion hairball.

un autre nom

Oh. Blue has switched to busing America for being happy Blue won veto and lying to her about needing to be careful talking to Jag and Matt. Says America is a dumb bitch.
Blue the girls’ girl ladies and gents. Only believes what is said if it comes from someone with a penis. Next stop, Bowie Jane on her blithering like a moron trek? We’ll see.

un autre nom

Jag laying the disloyalty / lack of gratitude, lying snakes don’t deserve to be here stuff on thiiiiick with self righteous indignation hypocrisy to Blue. Aiming haaaaard at America to make sure America/Blue don’t team up.
If America stayed and got her Janelle moment… what do you think Blue does with this info?
The oddest dig? America should have gone so Jared could be here. When were they on the block together?? Never.

un autre nom

Jag and Blue discussed upcoming comps. This week was all physical, so next week will be all mental so Cory has to go because America is stupid and won’t win anything mental, so they can just cook her easily next week.
Usually d/r monkeys would take that as a dare. How many times have the do or dies won HOH after a blindside? Think through your seasons. There’s some things that shouldn’t be said because of Grodkarma.
Same logic: what’s Cory’s campaign? see everything said above but spun to get rid of Jag.

un autre nom

It occurred to me while Jag was going off (and going personal, not game with low blows) that I’d never recognized one of his attributes. In order to convince himself of his hero game, Jag is unable to target someone because it’s a good game move. He must villainize. I’ve seen it weekly, but it only clicked when he was talking with Matt and Blue before the HOH reveal to Blue.
I’m not stating this as judgement. I’m stating this as a weird character quirk i’d failed to really catalogue before. How did it not click to me for weeks?
Does it invalidate him? No, but it is interesting that he’s villainized four people in one week and three will be staying.

Carlito's Way

Exactly. Instead of just saying, “this is best for my game,” he does villainize and lie for no good reason. People might be pissed, but they would respect it. Good game move, touche. He lambasted Cam over and over. No need. The guy was impossible to beat, so just man up and say you gotta go, I can’t beat you. Jag can win a lot of comps, almost got evicted and I would have respected him moving forward, but I can’t get on board due to his antics, bad acting and cowardice.

The Beef

The other thing that nobody here is seeming to recognize – none of this would be happening right now had Blue not won a random luck veto competition (at least that’s what I’ve read here). Jag keeps talking about believing her NOW, and how Cory and America are snakes and are out to get them (Matt and Jag), but does anybody actually believe any of this would be getting said, or that anything would be changing if Matt had won that veto instead of Blue?

I just don’t think so. All of this nonsense he’s spouting is just that – justification for him having to do something he really doesn’t want to do, but because Blue got lucky and “won”, and because Jag couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told too many people he was the HOH, AND because he’s got sooooooo many alliances with so many people still left in the game, now he’s going to have to burn somebody, and that’s due to his bad game play.

He’s left with nothing but lying and busing people who don’t deserve it, but yeah that’s part of the game, but it could end up costing him even MORE jury votes. Just saying.

Spot ON

“Matt STILL blames America and Cory for Reilly’s eviction while trying to attach an umbilical cord to the woman…”

While Reilly is enjoying another weekend with Big Tex over beers somewhere in Appalachia, and teaching Big Tex how to read lips and watch football at the same time.

BB Fangirl

Matt blames Comerica for Reilly going home? I could have sworn they all blamed Cameron for literally everything…

un autre nom

Reilly told him Cirie wanted to keep her, but America backstabbed her and convinced Cory. Week 2 2nd last night she was in the house. Before the trust Jag, protect Cirie talk
Matt believed her, and has refused to change his opinion since. It’s always been there in his private war to pull Jag away from Unreliables.


Jag won this. He won Big Brother.


Jag says “I don’t give a f**k”.
Surprise surprise when it comes to you I don’t either, Jag.


If this sticks, I will miss Cory but I was getting very tired of hearing them mention Shields now that it is the Jury phase. The question is who ultimately gets credit for this move: the person who did it or the people who pushed for it? On another note, on RHAP’s YouTube channel, they chatted with Cory’s brother Zach. Check it out; it was very interesting


Jag should not be allowed to play in the HOH next week since almost the entire house knows he is HOH.


He does get to play but he may have to throw it. I’ve seen similar situations on past seasons.


Why? They were literally told the HOH is allowed to share if they want.

un autre nom

Sucks that I’m going to miss so much of tomorrow / today, but I hope to return for episode time.
I’m still wondering where the gas for the move came from (yes i’m aware of the d/r effect i’m wondering what they pushed, and really curious about the two minute call before the matt / blue / jag talk cus that was hella odd). The move doesn’t match his 10 week pattern.
Nice to be surprised, even if my d/rgremlin sense is flashing.
See you tomorrow evening.

BB Fangirl

Jag, the ultimate snake, needs to keep Cameron’s name out of his mouth. Psh. Talking about “have some Cameron style fun” and “Cam helped poison him against Blue.” Like…like…like…like…shut up, Jag!

Carlito's Way

So they all think since this week was a physical comp, next comp will be mental. Who can win in this group of mental giants? (Oh boy). Felicia and Bowie were last standing last “mental” comp. I cannot believe I am saying this but, go Felicia?


I’m right there with you, Carlito’s Way.

Who Cares

Worse Season since Season 1.

There is no one in the House to cheer for.

The Showmance is all Show and no Romance.

Spot ON

“The Showmance is all Show and no Romance”

What kind of romance were you expecting? As I understand, the feed is only $5.00 a month.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

He is sheik, but this made me laugh! He does look like him however! It’s nice to see someone make such comments in such a PC world where our thoughts are censored and you are pounced on just for having opinions that some white academic decided was offensive.


I will believe this when I see it(Jag putting up Cory and America). These people flip and flop so much


This should be fun. Cory and America on the block. They should have tried harder to win one of the vetoes.


They haven’t tried to win all Season. Cory only one HOH during Dbl eviction because he didn’t have the balls to face Jared on a full week of eviction. (And I dont even care for Jared.) He had plans to put up Matt & Jag on the upcoming Dbl eviction.

Matthew schneider

After this season is over and everyone watches the footage they are all going to look like idiots talking shit on america for playing cory game she played her own game even though it was a just ok game she played totally underestimasted is america i would love to see her play again no showmance if she plays again i know this was her dream her ex said you would never be on the show . I think shes even a better player than cirie who has done nothing a regular player would be a easy final 2 win if you were with cirie at the end .

no mo bro


no mo bro

America is on stream now, bragging about her “Multiple one night stands” to Matt and Cirie in the kitchen.

I hope Cory has a good health plan.

Spot ON

Poor little boy…..lol…
He’s going to need therapy after all of this is over to address the acute PTSD he will have later in life.


Punctuation much ?

Spot ON

WHY worry about THAT ?
Your concerns appear to be “right wing” biased. Just let it be. Ignore it.
It’s nothing serious. Just look at how many strokes on the keyboard were saved by stroking those meaningless little signs like . or ; or ? or !


Spot ON, your second sentence dumbfounds me. Why bring politics into these posts? Aren’t there so many more things to be addressed? I’ll admit that reading some of these posts can be confusing at times because of the lack of punctuation. I am a very poor reader and have to read them several times to comprehend them. Punctuation really does help me.

Queen Catia

I agree…that is who Cory reminds me of is Jimmy Neutron but with less genius and less bravery!


America’s face when she realizes she’s been put up on the block.

Queen Catia

10 points to Cameron for showing Kevin Costner some love. 5 points to Felicia for showing The Bodyguard some love. Minus zero points to Cory for not even knowing who KC is, wth?

no mo bro

He’s still a kid doing kid things.

Queen Catia

I’ve got a kid and he knows who Kevin Costner is…
I do realize that KC doesn’t exactly appeal to the younger crowd but he’s involved in politics, starred in arguably the most watched television series in America, is still considered a movie star and a respected film director, and he’s in the news quite a bit here of late due to both the Yellowstone upheaval and his high profile divorce. Just a bit surprised that someone who obviously has had access to the internet doesn’t know who Kevin Costner is…


Cory is trying to figure out who HE is.


Good one!!!

un autre nom

The bodyguard came out ten years before Cory was born.

Nether Region Euphemism

With this flip to Americory targets, Jag just set up the final game as Matt’s to lose.

Once Cory is gone, Jag should obviously be the comp beast and never completely trustworthy HG who needs to go. Idk how long Matt and Jag’s wins can protect Jag.

Cerie knows since her Cam talk that Jag is a problem. Obviously America wants him out, as her primary target by next week. BJ may already be sketched out by the pawn suggestion this week, and then Cerie can get in her ear at some point depending on who has the power. Blue is hard to peg bc she’s so rigid and vindictive/emotional, she may still stick with Jatt and want to target America, but perhaps Cerie can sway her since Jared will finally be avenged in Blue’s head. And Fe will probably align back with Cerie to complain about Jatt having all the power now to the end and having to go next.

Jag will definitely be up there in people’s mouths. He’s not realizing he does not have the social game to stay afloat, esp compared to Matt.

no mo bro

It’s difficult to say Jag will just steamroll comps when production could simply not use any more physical comps and remove his advantage.

At this point with “super powers”, anything could happen. Production can just pick the power that suits their script.

Nether Region Euphemism

Did you mean Matt? I was saying that Jag is not likely to be able to beast long enough to survive even with Matt’s help.

I do think Jag could beast through mental comps. Whereas Matt’s at about the same level there as everyone else.

no mo bro

It doesn’t really matter what name I use. It’s still valid. The script is scripting.