“I don’t know what he’s [Ky] thinking. I don’t see a world where he uses it”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week..

Kyland has been asking the same questions he did before the nominations. Of course, he does it throughout the night cause why sleep. Brit doesn’t know she’s the target this week. When she finds out it could be a big blow up.

1:21 am Ky and Brit
Ky apologizes for holding his meetings so late say “it’s the game”
Brit – the first question I want to ask you is how generally are you doing
Ky – I’m doing well I appreciate all the things you are saying. I think because of the timing and the lateness and the nature of the position of being HOH I’m going to in general. outside of that question for tonight I’m not going to be answering questions from people. Not answer questions not make promises.

Ky starts his questions:
Ky – Who do you see is the most influential in the house
Brit says X “he’s playing a very very good game he’s capable of winning comps and is under the radar. When X says something you listen”
Brit adds Hannah “I see Hanah as influential because I see things happen after Hannah has conversations I see moves start to happen after that. ”
Who is the most threatening to her personal game?
Brit says, Hannah and Alyssa. Alyssa competition-wise. With Hannah people that she used to talk game with since they started talking game with her have stopped talking game with Brit.

Ky – Who would be the two people you would be looking for as potential targets?
We don’t see what she picks but it sounds like Alyssa and Hannah.
Brit – being nominated three times I can change it to anyone

Ky – should one or both Vetos be used. can you give a reason why you people in the house would give me to use you as the replacement?
Brit – I’m the easy one to put up because I’ve been put up 3 times.
Brit says BIGD and Azah have been worried about her being the replacement
Ky – If you are to list a name for who would put your name as a replacement nominee.. you don’t have to answer anything I’m just curious
Brit says she’s not targeting SB but she thinks SB would mention her as a replacement only because she doesn’t know where SB’s head is at
Ky – what is your overall strategy in this game in the simplest most direct way as possible
Brit says her strategy is to be loyal to people she’s working with through her actions and to not be afraid in this house.
Brit – you cannot play this game alone and you cannot play this game afraid. If you play it afraid you’ll go paranoid and you’ll go crazy.
(Brit has no idea she’s going up yet)

2:00 am Jokers
Brit goes over her answer to why people would say she should be the replacement nomination “Either because I’ve won a veto or I’ve been up three times”
Brit – I don’t know what he’s thinking. I don’t see a world where he uses it. Unless he’s really trying for a real Backdoor I don’t see a world where he does. He’s not revealing sh1t though.. nothing He just wants Answers tonight.
Brit asks DF how his conversation went with Ky
DF says he asked him if he’s using the veto on him or Claire and Ky said after his One on ones Ky will have a better idea of what he’s doing.
Brit about Alyssa – There’s no way she’s using it
Feeds cut when we’re back.
DF – he’s not telling anyone sh1t not a damn thing. There’s nothing you can do. No one can do anything
Df says people are finding any little reason to put you up. “Christian went home because he was good at comps.. I could sneeze wrong, I could say something and f** would somebody they could take it like ‘I thought it was really inappropriate what BIGD Said’
DF – I told the HOH to go F** himself you’re a b1tch look where it got me right no the block. With this season and now where we’re at going into week 6 now we’re at the point now any little thing can put you on the block. It Sucks

Brit – I’m nervous about tomorrow
DF – I know
Brit – I’m nervous
DF – I know
Azah – me to
DF – I get worried.. if two vetos are used I will be feeling great
Brit – god I’m so nervous for tomorrow
DF – I’m hoping if the veto is used he puts me next to DerekX
Brit – he’s not going to do that
Azah – he’s not going to do that
DF – OKay.. it seems like the queens are working with the aces so he’s not doing Hannah, not doing DerekX.. but he put Claire up.
Brit – honest to god I’m freaking nervous. I’m going to throw a damn riot if I go up on the block. I’m going to throw a F**Ing riot if I go up on the block.
DF – I don’t f**Ing know that’s the frustrating part.
Brit – I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.
Brit leaves to the bathroom
DF – I hate the face she just gave me
Azah – what do you want me to do?
Azah – I’m fine right now I don’t know how I will be tomorrow I’ll be honest with you. I’m cool now I’m ok.. but tomorrow
DF – He won’t tell me anything
Azah – he’s .. he’s digging his own grave
DF – let him
Azah – did he tell you about his plan?
DF – I’ve heard so many.. you know how his brain is.
Azah – he wants to share a plan with us.

Azah – do you know my name for him now? DR. Will Smith (KY)
DF – WHy
Azah – you know DR Will?
DF – was he on Big Brother
Azha – BRAH, you’re about to get cancelled
DF – winner season 2 and the winner of season 7 he never got nominated once never won a comp he’s the master strategist of BIg BRother. This dude up there moving snacks trying to be Will Smith. He’s trying to be the mastermind..

2:55 am Ky and Hannah
Ky – noms aren’t staying the same Alyssa is voting with X to get Brit out.

Ky says Claire put her candies on who she will target on BIGD and Azah but he’s getting from Tiffany that it’s SB and Alyssa.
Hanna – I thought SB and BIGD
KY – I thought that also umm.. that is basically the summation I’m getting from you and Tiffany
Hanna – trust Tiff’s answer over mine because Claire’s Tiff’s person. I did hear SB and BIGD but I could see her switching from BIGD and Azah to take a number away from BIGD
Hannah – does Britini know?
Ky – no she’s far from knowing
Hannah – She was crying having a moment downstairs
Ky – I’m curious what it’s about.
Ky – her [Brit].. I feel like she is.. Outside the 6, She is expressing the least amount of concern to me. Almost too much.. Like more than DX, SB with the exception of Alyssa because she has the veto.
Hannah – Okay, well the moment you feel too comfortable in this house
Ky – it doesn’t feel real

3:20 am Claire and Hannah

Claire – here me out. We have the votes this week if I come off the block plus Azah.
Hannah – if Ky wants us to vote Britini out
Claire – we have to flip Ky
Hannah – I don’t see that happening
Claire – Ky said to me today that he thinks BIGD is very underestimated. Ky most cares about not going home. I think there’s a pitch there.
Hanna – I don’t see Ky.. Ky’s about the biggest resume if this is his last opportunity to win HOH
Claire – send out Britini?
Hannah – Britini has won one veto..
Claire – I want to do a logical pitch. If you sit next to Britini people want her out. nobody wants BIGD out other than myself
Hanna – it would be good for everyone’s game to send BIGD out I don’t know how you can convince Ky.
Claire – next week who would you like to see go home?
Hannah – assuming that Roulette wasn’t a thing, Probably Alyssa.
Claire – the week after?
Hannah – Ky
Claire – Ky can’t win HOH next week and the following week you want to see Ky taken out
Hannah – so why not take Ky out next week.
Claire says why not keep someone in the house that will 100% go after Ky. Instead of BIGD.
Hannah – I agree Britini is better for my game
Hannah doesn’t see how they can flip Ky
Hannah – keeping Britini in the house will be keeping the biggest threat out of the women in the house.
Clair e- we keep Britini we get Azah.
Hannah – Brit one 100 if she’s kept in the house she can save up enough for that last high roller BIGD has 50 he might not have enough.
Claire -if Kyland is set on taking a guy to final 2 why would he sand another guy.. I just don’t think we can flip him.
Hannah says Ky thinks he’s in a great spot with everyone “I was like OKay.. now.. do you think people belive that people threw that veto to Alyssa.. he said no I don’t think so”
Hannah – Ky it was obvious that you threw it how do you think that changes people perceptions of you
Hannah – everyone knows he threw it.. He’s just arrogant.
Hanna – right now Ky and SB are playing both sides if you want to consider.. it’s X, Alyssa, and SB on one side. Us four on the other and Ky playing in the middle.
Clair e- Alyssa doesn’t know anything
Hannah says if they take SB out nothing changes.
Claire – I would target X..
They agree taking out SB would just hurt Ky but taking out Alyssa will hurt Ky and SB
Claire – I don’t think Sb and Alyssa are tight
Claire adds that Alyssa spent all last week throwing Ky and Sb under the bus
Hananh – but.. because Christian went home Alyssa realized she’ll have to work with Sb and Ky
Hannah – those four have something it’s SB and Alyssa that are the glue whereas X and Ky are the shields and the competitor. Alyssa has proven herself a strong competitor as well.
Hannah says if she won HOH she would put up Ky and SB next week. “They don’t have enough money to play in roulette right now”

4:00 am – 6:00 am Still going Ky and Sb talk
Sb – how are you doing?
Ky – tried but good..
Ky says he still needs to do Sb’s and Azah’s one on ones
Ky – Glad to be out of the costume. The jackass suite was.. not terrible by any means. It was much more inconvenient and impactful than I realized. It is a punishment.
Ky is looking forward to after tomorrow there will be less for him to do.
Sb – it’ll get even crazier after the veto ceremony.. it did last week
SB – BIGD should go. He’s the most dangerous person to sit beside as long as he’s in the house people have an easy way to get you out
Ky – that is why we’re building the relationships we are building so he’s not sitting next to us
SB – I’m not saying for us. She’s going to have things to campaign on. She’s not going to lay down and die
Ky – to who?
SB – with everybody
Ky – same thing with Christian and Alyssa but she won’t have as strong as a case plus she’s not as convincing as they are. She’s sitting next to her teammate she doesn’t want to campaign as hard. SHe’s not in the same situation as Christian and Alyssa and She doesn’t have a Christian or an Alyssa.
SB – I hope you’re right
Ky says last week was crazy to SB because she was on the block but for him on the outside, it wasn’t “I was confident in the information we had and it turned out to be true. I think this week is like that”
Ky – you only have to take on the stress this week that you choose to.
Ky – the only plan change I’ve had in my head that I haven’t really expressed too much is more so Azah than Britini. I feel like the emotions are..
Ky says Azah was the only person that had an intense meeting with him ”
Sb says if Nominations stay the same she would vote out BIGD.
Sb says she would like BIGD to stay this week he’s a bigger target for next week. He doesn’t have enough BBBucks as brit. Everyone is assuming next week the only people that will spin the roulette week are the people with the money and nominated.
Sb about next week – If you put up BIGD and Azah nobody is going to waste their money to save either of them and risk one of their allies from going up.
Sb – either of them can win the roulette game so they are good targets to stay. Brit can win the roulette game. So she should go now and hopefully, the roulette game doesn’t get played next week and in the third week, everyone goes for the coin flip.
Ky brings up that Brit is playing overconfident right now it doesn’t ring true to him.

Sb says she doesn’t like DerekX too much “he gets on my nerves”
Ky wants to know what he thinks is unlikeable with DerekX.
SB – I don’t know
Ky – he’s too nice and Funny?
SB – I wouldn’t say those things
Ky – you better say something America will write you off..
Sb – I know America likes him. I do not dislike him.. I do think he’s nice he cracks me up.
Sb says when she first met him she knew she wouldn’t vibe with him.
SB – he reminds me of people I know that are not nearly as likable overall.
Sb – some of it might be jealousy too. I’m a super jealous person. My reaction isn’t meanness I just feel it.
SB – I’m super Jealous of Alyssa.. like Super jealous of her
Ky – wait why are you jealous?
SB – she’s freaking Gorgeous
Ky – you’re Gorgeous
SB – not like she is though
Ky – stop you are totally different types of Gorgeous
SB – Yeah I know I’m cute and she’s drop-dead gorgeous it’s different. t doesn’t make me dislike Alyssa.. I’ve never disliked her but I can acknowledge I’m jealous of her. I would like to be that Skinny, that pretty.. shorter..
Ky – shorter? sorry my brain is exploding.
SB – when I wear heels I’m really tall. I like to wear heels but I feel like I can’t

6:00 am – 9:50 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
(Every night this week it feels like Ky’s been up past 5am calling meetings. I guess he found Frenchie the clown’s glue)

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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I can’t remember an HOH having the audacity to ask “what is your overall strategy in this game in the simplest most direct way as possible?”

Seriously Ky? I’m shocked Brit answered.


Unpopular opinion: Maybe he feels, as some interrogators do, that people answer most honestly when they are lacking sleep?


That’s how I would run my HOH. All one on one talks, no intimidating groups with agendas, meetings limited to 20 min (or some specified time), no letting people use my bathroom, no late night visitors or daytime loungers, I would be watching the monitor like a hawk. I wouldn’t make any promises and I wouldn’t show my cards. All meetings over by 8pm, lights out by 10pm. All reasons why I wouldn’t be cast on BB. LOL

another name

The fact that the Horse’s Ass never once considered that people are going to tailor their answers to the HOH to keep themselves off the block dumfounds me.
Oh yeah, Mr. Current HOH, let me honestly tell you my entire game, I’m not going to lie.
Can I just pack my bag and stand at the door too?
Hey Julie, just get Grod to put his name on that stupid cheque, I wasn’t planning on winning anyway.
I mean, even his allies are considering tossing his ass on the block.
Like everyone is Brit.
I stayed awake for one too many of his asinine meetings. feeling a little stabby.

What I want to see the next HOH de? Have a one on one with Kylund. Say to him here are the six questions I’m going to ask you. One word answers only. If you use more than one word, you’re on the block.


I really don’t like KY anymore. Freaking dictator setting up meetings in the night. I would say ask me earlier I am going to sleep. Bunch of sheep letting him do this. He has hohitis and disrespect so many. Ugh I want him out!


Yes; It’s clearly gone to his head. Too arrogant.

another name

He plans to do another round of one on ones after the veto ceremony, doens’t he?

What incentive does ANYBODY have to go do another one on one with him AFTER the pov ceremony?
My response:
Go sit in your room by yourself and think about what you’ve done until we call you for the next HOH that you can’t play for, goof. Your jobs over, we have our 2 nominees. You’re meaningless now.

The Beef

UNLESS, you’re one of the two nominees! This week is a week where he could be the tie breaking vote, so I probably wouldn’t refer to him as a “goof” at least, for that reason only. lol

No fave yet

Well……this is the first time I’ve seen Spankz on a dude.

Game fan

what? dr.will didnt win season 7 … wish he did .but he didnt. and he was nominated ALOT

another name

season 2. season 7 was the first all stars.

The Beef

And his last name isn’t SMITH, it’s Kirby. Maybe Azah and doesn’t know as much about this game as she thinks she does, eh?

another name

Couch goes to Horse’s Ass.
Azah has told Couch that the numbers are going to force her to vote out Brit.
Couch wants Ky to pull him off the block.

Ky: oh no i’ve checked the numbers 3 times. It will be 7-1.

Now I definitely want a vote flip. It won’t happen, but I really want egg on Ky’s face. I really want Couch to be the recipient of the pawn sometimes goes home.
Evil grin.

Btw: at least three of the non cookout are now acting like they don’t know there’s a cookout imo. It’s the stop and look up at the cameras when they say they don’t think there’s a thing. When they think the cameras aren’t on them they are prattling off most of the cookout plan except for names, including target list order. Dx, Claire and Alyssa are all aware imo.
Azah is going to HATE Ky if she has to vote out Brit and lose her jury vote. This is something the cookout hasn’t considered. They have the numbers, but not enough of the numbers to play around this week with one of them on the block. Humorously, Ky wants them all to agree no cookout on the block next week, and most of them are still saying screw that, Ky can be on the block with SB.

another name2

SB hates Derex X why? For giving her $5000? So ungrateful…