Big D “My resume over the course of this season shows.. I put in the work at the beginning to avoid this at the end.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Hannah and Tiffany
Power of Veto Players: Everyone
Power of Veto: Kyland
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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12:35pm Kitchen Table – Big D and Azah.
Big D – if I look at what is left, I need to win the next comp and if not I don’t know if I can win the following comp. Azah – What needs to happen is Hannah can’t win the next week unfortunately. Big D – no, no, no, no… or the possibility of you or me going home. Azah – no, it will be Ky or X going home. Big D – that is too much for me. Azah – and I don’t want to make that decision. I told Ky next week if he is on the block I wouldn’t vote for him… so I can’t go against that and so that is a much better decision to make if Hannah is on the block next to him because I haven’t made any deal with Hannah. Big D – so either X or me need to win.. or you. Azah – its honestly better if its me or you because X will definitely go after Ky and Hannah will definitely go after Ky. Final four is you, me, X and Ky. I can’t imagine X not going after Ky.. so if its Hannah or Ky on the block you and me are still able to vote and can make the decision. Big D – I would send Hannah home. Azah – At this point I would too. I am sorry but based off the pact we have right now. Big D – I need to figure out what comp would be next. He thinks it will be the seesaw comp. Big D explains how the seesaw comp works.

12:55pm – 1:15pm Big D and Hannah head to the living room to chat. Big D – you know the only angle that I would work if I was in that position (Tiffany) is.. Azah – she only got two options. Ky or me, you and X. Big D – right. I think she is trying. She is going to say whatever she needs to say. She will probably say that I am a manipulator. Don’t fall for my tricks. Whatever! Azah – you’re too loud. Your voice carries. Do you know how to whisper. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you whisper in this house. Big D – no, and look how far its gotten me. I tell the truth. The thing about it is Tiffany is either going to work .. she only has two angles .. she is either going to say you need to get out X or you need to get out Big D or you need to get out both of them because they’re working together. She will say something along the lines like that.. but you have to understand from me .. my resume over the course of this season shows how I’ve been over this entire time so there is nothing you can do at this point. I put in the work at the beginning to avoid this at the end. She is the one coming to me saying we can’t trust Ky. You think that he ain’t find that out?! He found that out. People told him. What do you expect!? Azah – Tiffany apologized to me yesterday for how she was treating me. Big D – oh that’s nice! Azah – I knew you were going to say that. She said that she doesn’t like to apologize.. she said that god really helped me yesterday and this entire week because I’ve never had to apologize for anything. Big D – she didn’t apologize to me .. and I don’t want it. If she says it I will say thank you. I appreciate it but its because you’re on the block. Mmmmhhmmm.. NO! Hannah joins them.

1:36pm – 1:46pm Living Room – Big D and Azah.
Azah – do you think Ky is going to change his mind? Big D – I don’t know. For me I am all about consistency. You know.. She made a selfish move. She didn’t care about what we all discussed. You were supposed to win, Ky was supposed to win .. and for me it was annoying because things could have went a whole different way if she wasn’t selfish but she didn’t care. She wanted to make a decision for herself. When I had my one on one she was like I don’t regret what I did. I know the responsibilities. I did what I did. So its like Okay. Ky has also made a selfish move but I think .. I feel like it should go in order. Tiff made a selfish move, she needs to go. Ky I would like to say around long but if he needs to go, then he needs to go. That’s how I feel.

1:56pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:19pm Still blocked.

2:35pm – 2:45pm
The feeds return to the house guests chatting in the living room. Tiffany is doing the dishes.

2:51pm – 3:05pm HOH room. Hannah and Kyland.
Hannah – Congrats on winning the veto. The clean sweep! Ky – I think that like that was definitely .. that was such a crazy experience. That was my favourite veto. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Hannah is using the chess board to explain where she sees everyone in the game.

3:15pm – 3:40pm Kyland – in the next HOH, I obviously can’t compete and if we take out the outliers of this week.. I think the most likely people.. some combination of this person and either one of you two people being here… either one of you would win. So then it is just who wants to work with me. Hannah – who has incentive to keep you here. Ky – yes. That is something I am trying to process. What I am wondering is not just incentive to keep me but .. someone that wouldn’t take Big D or Azah. The thing I am wonder is .. is there any scenario of you being on the block on Thursday next to anyone other than Tiff and staying? Hannah – if its me next to X .. it would be Tiff, Big D, Azah voting. Tiff would probably give me her vote. Big D would probably give X his vote… and Azah .. I don’t know. I think she would probably give X her vote because their relationship has reached a lot farther back in the game than mine with her. And Azah does play a loyal game and maybe she does feel indebted to X for being her protector. I have heard her reference as such. If I was next to Big D. X would be the swing vote and I don’t know what he would do. I see Big D staying over me. Next to Azah, I feel maybe I would stay. But my best chances of staying would be against Tiff. Ky – and what about Tiff in those scenarios? Hannah – I think hers would be different. I think she would go home next to anyone. I think Azah is in a very complacent place in this game. I think she just wants to sit back and let what happens happen. I think for her honesty and loyalty trump everything. Out of all the girls here I have won one HOH and one veto. I think I have proven myself to be a pretty formidable competitor. I think with me there is slightly more predictability and consistency. I don’t believe I have given you a reason to distrust me. Other than throwing the veto to Alyssa and the misunderstanding we had. And you haven’t really given me a reason to distrust you. For me moving forward in this game I have no incentive to keep Big D and Azah in this game. I’ve begun to have the realization that the winner should be someone that actively worked to bring the Cookout to this part in this game. Azah and Big D have never won anything in this game. What I can offer is that I will not come after you next week. Whoever the HOH is will have four people to come after and 50% of those people are going to end up on the block. And in the event that you find yourself on the block, I will use the veto on you and take you down. If I can win. And if I am the final veto holder at final four then I will use that veto on you to bring you to final three. And even if you don’t use the veto on me this week and I stay on the block, I will still use the veto on you next week and I still want to work with you next week. Ky – what’s the difference in those two offers? Hannah – if you used the veto on my and I got a vote .. I would vote how you wanted me to vote. Ky – and if it was you next to Azah? Hannah – then the offer still stands and I would still want to work with you. But I don’t think I would stay next to Azah. Ky – okay. I want to think things over and talk with everyone before I make up my mind. Hannah – you don’t have to share the answer but .. do you have some idea of what you want the outcome for this week? Ky – For next week I want to be in the best strategic place. I don’t like leaving you feel uncomfortable or scared. They hug and leave the room.

4pm Ky is helping Azah cook / bake.

4:20pm Big D “reading the bible” aka sleeping..

4:40pm – 5:10pm Kyland and Azah talking about their schooling experiences..

5:03pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – I just want to see how tomorrow is going to go. Big D – are you nervous? Xavier – no, I’m not nervous. Well I wouldn’t say I am not nervous because both you and I are nervous if Tiff got to him and sh*t. But I would say thus far with the nominations he hasn’t given us any reason to feel any other type of a way. I do feel these meeting will determine if he uses it on Hannah and if he does then I don’t know who goes up. And I don’t know if he wants to put up Azah and give her more reason to target him. That’s the thing I don’t know if Azah would make a deal with him and be like okay I won’t come after you. She is the type of person that would honour that no matter what. Big D – you’re never going to be fully comfortable. I’ve been telling everyone that I think I am going to get backdoored this week and if that doesn’t happen and he pulls Hannah down .. then Azah should be going up. Unless he makes a deal with Azah, she probably will still target him. Unless they make a deal and she feels good. Big D – but she wouldn’t do that to me and you. Xavier – I don’t know if she realizes what he is doing.. like trying to be nice and helping knead dough. Big D – I think she knows. She’s not stupid. Xavier – he thinks he is being a master manipulator and people see right through that sh*t! Kneading dough .. like what do you think you’re getting at dawg!? I am not going to try and abuse your feelings towards me for game purposes. That’s just not me.

5:20pm – 6:45pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Big D talking about past house guests / past events of the season. Tiff – I love X to death but I know he will mop the floor with any of us. Big D – I know. Tiff – but I don’t know what y’all have and I ain’t trying to know either. I just want you to know that I have always considered you. Big D – I appreciate that. For me it is so hard. I am very happy from not a game side that we have been able to have this conversation. I appreciate you being vulnerable. Tiff – you told me we ain’t doing nothing once we get to six. I was like damn! Big D – I told everyone that.. even Azah. Tiff – I really just thought you were telling me that. I thought you were letting me know that you ain’t want nothing to do with me. Big D – not saying I don’t need people but I didn’t ever want to be in the situation where I made too many deals where I couldn’t make a decision on who to vote out. I wanted to work together to get as far as we could get. Tiff asks Big D to see where Ky’s head is at. Big D – everyone thinks that I am aligned with Ky but I am really not because you have to think about it this way. He is literally his own person. He makes his own decision. I would love to be able to control him but he doesn’t allow me to. That is why I like him so much. I will talk to him and see where his head is at. Tiff – I would owe you. Big D – I will take it into consideration.

7:30pm Backyard – Big D and Kyland chatting. Ky is talking about cop stories. Xavier and Tiffany are playing pool.

8pm Backyard – Hannah, Big D and Xavier are talking about past Big Brother seasons like BB13 with Brendon and Rachel.

8:53pm Dinner time. Azah made fresh pizza and cinnamon buns.

9pm – 9:55pm HOH bathroom. Kyland talking to himself.
Kyland – alright quick dinner and then the hard conversations … on a night when everyone probably wants to go to bed.

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I didn’t realize lying on the couch eating ice cream was work.


DF & Azah where both useless in the game , they didn’t do a damn thing .


I don’t wanna say anything more about BIG D…that’s why I can’t stand the guy, (delusional) is not the right word he’s just too arrogant!


I’m really trying to understand DF and Azah logic on wanting to go to final 4 with X and Kyland when they’re odds of winning comps are low. And also, they wouldn’t win against either X or Kyland. It really makes no sense at all. Azah especially, because you’re the last women and they’re voting you out of you’re not HOH. Smh. It’s sad that people with no logical thinking are still in this game.


Second place pays $75,000 and DF has a pretty good chance of getting dragged to F2 and coming in second.


get extra $$$$
for those positions.


Since when? It has always been the winner, 2nd place and AFP.


This year.
see earlier posts in this string or former for detail.


Not everything you read on the internet is true. BB / NBC never announced that.

another name

extra money for the top 5 has been a thing for quite some time.
It isn’t just this season. It was discussed in 21, 20, and i believe 19 and 18, but cams used to cut quickly when it was mentioned.
Second place is 75k plus accrued participation rate for the season.

Imagine this. Imagine being a houseguest on BBcan4. Imagine the two international houseguests come in, point and laugh at the grand prize being 100k, and both of them saying they got more than that plus a signing bonus agreeing to participate in the season.

Guy From Canada

In all honesty Tim and Nikki made that otherwise boring season fun. They deserved the extra money.


No it hasn’t. You are making stuff up.


Repulsive he would be dragged cause it’s a guaranteed win for anyone else. He’s too stupid to get that. Thinks he’d have an actual shot. He said he came for the money and he got that. Go away now… Blow ur hot air elsewhere. This game should have some remote integrity.. and take someone else remotely deserving to have a legit battle. But nope.. they Wana win easily. I’d feel better that I lost to someone deserving that to be shafted for being an ass and just have given a moron a whole heap of money


I’d want the $750,000. Period. Would not care who got the rest, as long as I won.


Ahah just wants to be there next to X, she doesn’t care. She jumps
at the chance to bump him or rub him any chance she gets, it sickens me to hear her and Big D talk about the what if’s on who to evict when they win! OMG I can’t with these 2! Worst players of BB


I like how Azah said we know if X wins HOH he’ll try and take out Ky. That’s why one of us(DF,Azah) has to win bc we are F4 with Ky and X. Why would you stick with someone trying to take out his F4 member. I miss Victoria.




They Know one of them will win the second place, if they do not vote against one of two chauvinists


DF really thinks he’s played a great game this season. That’s laughable lol. I can’t wait for his bubble to be busted when he doesn’t win a thing. And he’ll have a million excuses for why. I know everyone wants Ky to go, but DF is the worst!

Nicole Bouthot

KY and Tiffany were my two since the beginning. I cannot listen to Azah and Derek talk as if they played so far. They have coasted since the beginning and it makes me sick listening to them now. I’m still routing for Ky but not being able to play HOH is going to so suck.


I also can’t wait for him to see how fans and social media actually feels. He probably wouldn’t care and think WE are the nutcases


I’ve been saying this throughout the whole season, either DF is trolling or he really is delusional. The only reason why he keeps saying nonsense like this is because no one has checked him and told him otherwise. I don’t even think he, himself, believes when he states that he has, “Played a good game and put his part”
What a joke at this point. Cringe as well.


If there’s 1 thing I don’t like doing is hating on any1 but BIG D makes it very difficult 4me! I think he will finally come clean when he realizes he’s not the winner…I believe he will say : ” the reason I don’t win is because MY ASS IS TOO FATTT!!! I am sorry


I just can’t take looking at Big D anymore, nor do I want to hear anything he has to say. This man lives in a dream world, how can he say that he put in the work at the beginning and that is what built his resume ?

The reason he has made it this far is because they have been carrying his big lazy Azz, he is really crazy if he thinks that he has played a great game. Listening to him say that he needs to win the next HOH, he has been saying this over and over, we still come out with the same result, his big lazy butt never WINS!!!

Azah and Big D have been carried this entire game, they are the only 2 people left in the house that have never won HOH, POV, the couch won $$$ so send his big lazy no playing butt to Jury.

If he makes it to final 2, I hope the Jury does not ask him 1 single question, and when they vote, I hope they vote for anyone other than him to win. It will still piss me off that he was able to get the money for coming in 2nd place, he deserves absolutely Nothing, just looking at him in that cutoff shirt, and the short pants, I just can’t take looking at him or listening to him anymore. He is jealous and vindictive, so many other people from this season deserve to still be in the house so much more then Big D and Azah.

Azah, please wake up and smell the coffee, Zingbot told you that it’s never going to happen with you and X, get over protecting him, X wants nothing to do with you, the man is not attracted to you, let it go, stop snuggling up with him, he is just being nice so that you will give him your vote when you go to Jury. When you are out of the house, you will never hear from X, nor see X, X does not want to date you, you are a nice lady, but it is really sad seeing you keep throwing yourself at him, the man does not want to date you, let it go !!


I can’t wait until DF gets out of the house and learns that X is an attorney. He’s gonna be so p*ssed that the lawyer walked out with $750K.


DF, hasn’t done anything all season and can’t win a challenge even when they try to throw it to him. He’s delusional if he thinks he deserves to win BB. X has deliberately thrown all the HOH challenges so that he hasn’t had to get any blood on his hands. To me that’s a Coward way to play BB and not worthy of winning BB. He also refused to get rid of Alyssa his plus one, yet demanded others get rid of theirs or they weren’t faithful to the cookout. So he wasn’t loyal to the cookout.


You completely read my thoughts, I am over those 2!


I think someone ought to find that stinking blue couch. I think it was removed because DF probably broke it. Yeah, find it and take a BFH (big farking hammer, like a sledgehammer) to it…that’s the only prize he deserves!


GREAT point made today in recap show re: X’s game play (or lack thereof).

Taran of RHAP made the perfect analogy – comparing what is going on right now with Matt/Hayden of the Brigade vs. Tiff/X of the Cookout. In Hayden’s case he cited how Matt came up with the Brigade strategy, had numerous friends outside the alliance & just had to go so Hayden could win. It was one of the reasons Hayden was viewed as such a great player – b/c he OWNED how great Matt was/had to go.

Conversely, Xavier REFUSED to give Tiff any credit or acknowledge her game. Instead he’s actually trying to steal her game moves & claim them as his own (but NEVER to her face/ only behind closed doors). Besides ownership the other problem Taren points to is X has no clue how much jeopardy he was in nor explain how he got to this point. Tiff literally had to constantly work to keep DX & Claire off his scent (and Brit) for example. Taren & his guest were LOLing at X being mad Tiff will be jury controlling the narrative as he noted her close allies there (even saying she could flip Ally). But hang on – if you say Tiff had ZERO influence & you controlled the game not her then how could she flip those people that easily? Right X – – go sit beside Ky & STFU.

Another key point was when everyone but Ky was at the table & Big D elected to be the BIGGER ASS. It’s no secret Big D is LOVING this week b/c he’s wanted Tiff out all year & would’ve easily cast his vote to evict her long before F6. It’s the first week his comments haven’t been as caustic – they remain sarcastic but Big D is reveling in rubbing salt in the wound. He was almost dancing over the fact Tiff will only get $12k (he made almost that much just on the domino comp). Seriously — this is a single mother you are treating like this Big D you lazy ass. You should be kissing her ass for protecting you to this point in the game —- AGAIN— I can’t.

Anyway all but Ky are at kitchen table (*** Video removed – Sorry videos of the feeds are not allowed to be posted ***) & Big D says one of my favorite moments (when Tiff brought the CO strategy) to him & Azah – he recounts how they used to just agree to whatever she said b/c they didn’t get along (I mean Big D how many shots can you take at her in one convo — really?). DF says they laughed afterward b/c it was him & X who had already come up with the strategy that Tiff was in there selling as hers. He’s trying to be funny by kicking Tiff in the gut (& if you go to that ^^^ video check out Azah/Han body language — they ARE NOT AMUSED). They all know Big D is claiming to be a mastermind who ran the season & now before they even leave the house he’s trying to claim their game moves as his own ALL WHILE laughing in her face. I’m sure part of this is bolstered b/c the past week X was equally angry venting to DF & agreed to this BS.

The next part of this is CLASSIC TIFF— she says well I’m glad we were all on the same page (& instead of fully calling out Big D/X’s lie she coolly says)so when exactly were you going to share this plan with us?

Right? If the plan existed forever then why didn’t 4 of the 6 know about it (Az/Han/Ky/Tif) plus – why would ONLY X be the one to have plus ones then? B/c again Big D if this was your plan why didn’t you give yourself a plus one? Tiff NAILED them in this exchange & X jumped in quick recognizing how bad it looked. After all — this is the same man who spewed vitriol at Tiff for more than a week for not doing as she was told & put the target on her to go first b/c of being selfish — so you can see how this DF imagined retelling of him/X creating a strategy for the CO they only kept to the 2 of them wouldn’t go over well. More of the CO men — “Do as I say –not as I do” season


I stopped watching the feeds this weekend because X & DF make me nauseous. Assuming that Tiff leaves at F6 and Hannah leaves at F5 or F4 (production can’t manipulate comp results in DE, so she might make it to F4), my personal preference would be Ky FTW.

Sir Kirby Williams

They can let HGs get extra practice and prep time for upcoming comps during DR sessions. Gain some insider knowledge, strategies and secrets to improve chances of winning.
X solving the puzzle for DE Veto, wonder if he had some extra DR time to prepare?


Good point about prep in the DR before the comps. Won’t help DF or Azah cuz I don’t think they could win if production was doing the comp for them in real-time. But it could certainly help X and Ky.


She made a selfish move. She didn’t care about what we all discussed. You were supposed to win.”

Jeez-us! DF still going on and on about Tiff not throwing the F8 HOH to Azah. DF, X, Ky, and Azah have been insufferable about that comp. I agree with those of you who cite it as Tiff’s fatal error. But I also contend that that nobody in the BB house is acknowledging the GIGANTIC GLARING TRUTH that Ky also failed to drop. Moreover, Azah lasted about two minutes. You can’t throw a comp to someone who has already given up and dropped.

If Tiffany had thrown the HOH at F8 to Ky (not to Azah, cuz Azah had already dropped), then X, Ky, DF, and Azah would find something else to claim as their reason for cutting her at F6. Tiff is no angel, but she’s not the epitome of selfishness. I’d say the height of selfishness is laying on the couch for 12 weeks, gossiping, b*tching, and moaning about the very people you expect to drag your lazy @ss to the end of the game.


That was my issue. Azah would not have won that comp because she fell on her own and for them to fall before her….the timing would have been too conspicuous. DF went from likable to aggravating


Say it loud, it’s just sickening!

Long time BB Fan

I agree with everything you’ve said. Which is why I mentioned the other day that hopefully going forward alliances will not be based on race alone, that it is certainly not the smartest game strategy…and I was specifically thinking of Tiff. And Hannah too to a lesser extent. Understanding the CO’s desire for an all-black final six? Sure. But not the smartest game strategy for Tiff or Hannah. I believe Tiff, Hannah, Claire and Derek X would have been a phenomenal final four. Hoping lessons are learned here for future players.


I have to admit, Big D does do everything with an extreme amount of gusto. Even when he’s doing nothing (most of the time) he does it with gusto!!!!

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Big D’s resume over season 23……, sleep, bitch, ….. REPEAT


Are we putting it into the universe that Hannah wins the double again and puts up DF and X?


He is fitting SJW winner who demanded a minority to win: black, gay and fat… If he only was trans or a woman would score perfectly in the victims chart.


Don’t forget disabled and old (for BB).

The Beef

You think 29 is old for BB? Seriously? I know they tend to go for the young and beautiful crowd, but 29 is NOT old for anything – not even Big Brother, at least not IMO.

Maybe the fact he’s so out of shape makes him look and act a lot older than he really is. Moving from the bed to the couch isn’t really considered to be physical activity by most people.


The delusion us real. Cause what in all hell is he talking about? He really loves to spin a story to fit his narrative. Unfreaking believable. He’s done nothing but talk shii about the girls. Sleep and eat. I’ve seen him clean here and there. Trying to take the CO beginnings away from Tiff using the chessboard is a low in itself. He’s honestly as misogynistic as the other two. He complains over and over he can’t win a comp cause he’s fat but hasn’t actually spent anytime losing said weight to atleasrt make it for another comp in the summer. Or brushing up on some type of knowledge to advance in the freaking mental comps. Is his behind serious?!! I’d love to know what he arguments really would be to a jury because I would be snapping at every single one, needing proper evidence of such. He’s such a blow hard. He is the one with wind that azah blows around in.

Nicole Bouthot

Derek and Azah… wow! Two of the biggest floaters I’ve ever seen. The Cookout tugboat was made into a yacht by Ky, Tiffany and Hannah. Those three have had full target forward with the final 6. X was selfish by not giving up a King, Derek F and Azah were themselves the anchors and dead weight of that fine ship. Everyone blamed Ky for winning HOH one time because Tiff had a stupid moment. So much blaming this season and begging others to throw a comp to someone. Or mad because someone hasn’t gotten a “turn”. Go Ky, Tiff and Hannah. We fortunately you girls were thinking too much with POC to the end. You could have had all an final 3 women poc ending. But you gave it to a man in the end


DF is the winner this season deserves

No fave yet

I feel your reference. Shi! season…..shi! winner.


Is Kyland trying to seduce Azah right now? He just swept around the kitchen fixing fruits and homemade lemonade. He put a flower on the plate then ran to the bathroom to freshen up. Now he’s swooning her. OMG

another name

The cookout members.
Azah: Walks in saying ‘we should target the big guys’ and then sits down, does nothing, and five weeks later says ‘ i love it when the man takes control’… and says it seriously.
Couch: Screw the ‘bitches’, they don’t do anything for me. I worked my ass off so they could sit back and do nothing but benefit from the hard work of the men. The only thing he’s done is make a permanent impression on a mattress. but hey.
Hannah: I’m not even supposed to be a member? Oh. And I was the most devoted to the entire thing? Oh. And a big chunk of cookout fans on social media are saying I should be evicted first because I’m not as black as the rest? Oh. fukakta. and totally forgettable.
Ky: nope. His game plan is full of errors that he needs to spin even to himself for hours in order to make sense. Problem: they’re still errors, he just convinces himself they aren’t, but everyone else still sees them as errors… and they vote for winner.
Tiff: liked Muffy. thought Buella was too much. Vamp? Turned out to be a complete idiot. Candi? should have let SB keep Ky and run in any other direction. Wanted to play like she was the mastermind of the season and didn’t need to be the puppet of the men, when that’s exactly what she became because of the character of the men she played with. When you become a whole little car full of clowns in the circus? Expect clownery to happen to you.
Xavier: the contents of this assessment have been edited by the powers that be to inform you that there is nothing wrong with Xavier, he is perfection and the edit of the episodes proves it. We now return you to the assessment in progress…eep taking credit for the moves of others when those others will be voting. Nope.

And we wonder why this week looks like it looks???


The arguments on social media that Hannah should be evicted first because she’s only half-Black caused me to shut it down. I dared to look again and saw the Azah fans claiming that anyone criticizing her game is a colorist because she is a darker shade of Black than Tiff & Hannah. Yeah, sure, it has nothing to do with the fact that Azah laid in bed for 12 straight weeks. Social media, shut down. Don’t care to see the show edits in which Grod has X leaping tall buildings and feeding the world’s poor. DVR, unprogrammed. Can’t watch the feeds cuz DF gives me a headache. Feeds, off. So… that leaves me to this amazing site and the great posts of my fellow BB critics. Rant, over.

another name

Well, we had to know the Hannah thing was coming. As soon as X agreed that he didn’t realize Hannah was black on Friday, I looked. It was immediate. Just like his spin a couple weeks ago that the cookout wasn’t an alliance targeting out of bias, but an understanding not to target each other…. and that got pinned as a quote by a couple hundred people as soon as he said it.
This is the problem inherent with the season.
The past casting and editing process was incredibly biased and prejudicial.
The casting and editing process was changed.
The playing field was leveled. The usual suspects of microaggression were for the most part screened out in the new casting process (but the unusual suspects like the eggroll comment weren’t… blink blink).
The sexism? Still there. The biases and prejudices not screened out in the new process? There as well.
But. The table was leveled more than it’s ever been.
So. The mission. The mission is quite simply put, an exercise in vengeance for the problems in casting production and editing of previous seasons.
The non cookout houseguests? Had nothing to do with creating or propagating the past problems in casting production and editing.
A case can be made that the cookout is the star trek mirror universe Gr8ful is the new Committee. A very strong case. A completely strong case that would get anyone that made it labeled and vilified just for pointing out the obvious, but a very strong case.
So the mission was basically to use the changes to production in order to thumb their nose at production for the past problems production just changed.
You just know production has to be getting something out of it, right?


I wonder how would Hannah know that social media followers think she’s not black enough? Who is feeding them the info? If Azah wants a better edit, I suggest she get off her back and do something-anything! So rigged

another name

Hannah doesn’t know social media is saying it. Hannah knows that was the rest of the cookout’s thought for 5 weeks. They told her during dinner like it was no big deal that their prejudice was being put out like a waving flag against one of their own members. We however, know it’s there on social media. She may surmise it’s being said on social media because 4 of the six cookout members expressed it to her face.

No F's given

I mean if DX and Alyssa weren’t included in the cookout cuz they weren’t black, shouldn’t Hannah not be all the way included since she’s not full black?? And ky as well. If this season was about making history, then the winner should be a full black person, not a POC. I mean, isn’t that the mission?? To have a Black person win.. cuz for weeks some people have been defending this blatant racism going on in the house. Until it comes back to bite them in the butt and realize two of the black house guests have done absolutely nothing to warrant even being in the house still. Other then the fact that they’re black.


Wouldn’t that same reasoning apply to Ky too?


Why does production allow DF to mumble and obstruct his microphone but the others or not allowed too?


For the same reason that they allow DF to sleep during the middle of the day (never allowed for HGs in earlier seasons) and they feed in him the DR when he’s a have-not.


Have to partially disagree with this. For part of his 1st season, Jessie Godderz slept a lot

another name

Because he knows people that work in production. He’s been telling us that for weeks.


LMAO. Did I read that right? DF just told X he’s afraid of getting backdoored this week?

1) You had a chance to play in veto (and reportedly placed 2nd, yeah right), so technically it’s not a backdoor.

2) You’re not important enough to get backdoored. If anyone wants you up, they’ll straight put you up.


I think it was X saying he’s afraid of getting backdoored ! That was during the conversation with DF mumbling.


Oh my gosh, X and DF talking about Azah targeting Kyland! That is hysterical, you have to actually win something in order to go after or target someone! They are full of crap!


If the most important thing was to get to the CO, why didn’t they just draw straws once they were down to 6?


The picture BigD should attach to his non-existent BB resume is the one where he was on the block and Julie said his name first.


Sometimes the back of Xavier’s head looks elongated like the alien.


Lol my son said the same thing.


Bless their little hearts. They are all talking about how they are all gonna be invited back. DF thinks he played a good game.

No F's given

The way this season has gone, it would be fitting for big D to go to final 2. Some of you may not want to hear it, but this is what happens when u make an alliance based off of race. You drag along people who don’t deserve it. And are only there because they’re a POC. So stop complaining about DerekF. This is what y’all wanted, so this is what y’all going to get. I hope he wins the whole thing. Now that would make this season really be remembered!!!


Who wanted this? Not me! And you’re wrong…they are Black. Other POC were evicted long before now. All because of the BLM thing to which I say ALM…All Lives Matter. So there!
DF, a true jo aker, would be a fitting winner for this season. You did get that right, because the whole season has been a JOKE!

another name

So has the big conspiracy reached us here?
I guess someone tweeted that they thought the noms of Hannah and Tiff were just a decoy to get Couch on the block and evicted. Because it fits the desire of a bunch of people, they’ve run with it and tried to make it sound like that has been the plan all along and they always knew that was the plan all along.
Sideye left. Sideye right. Deadpan stare.
mmmkay. Since someone has to live in the real universe (otherwise cottoncandy brained squatters take over)… The ONLY way THAT happens is if Grod got sick of sharing cigarettes with the furniture. Unless Ky has been called in for a 6 hour D/R and come out telling the camera his new plan is to get rid of the Big Blue Couch because it doesn’t go with the new decor…. he ain’t doing it.
So… if you want that to be the case, then you better hope he gets that call.


Yeah – I just read it… (I read it as Ky apparently spoke to live feeders). I’ll still cross my fingers though b/c it IS who should go at F6 but I’m not confident. That said — it would make for a better season ending if Big D goes— my problem with this scenario is having to trust Azah to do what she promised Ky (vote how he wants).

DR would need to also pull in Az/X & show them the contracts to force the vote which again is asking for miracles.

Manifesting a feeds block with lengthy Ky DR — LMAO


Yeah – I saw it but he kept noms the same — BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

It was a really dumb move by Ky b/c Tiff/Hannah really did want to go to F3 with him (or at least he was ahead of X).

My best hope is Tiff decides to stop the grovelling & tell Ky — you just racked me over the coals for doing precisely the same thing you did multiple times. I’m heading to jury – I’ll do media interviews about your F-Boy actions of the past week prior to stabbing me in the back for doing precisely the same things you’ve done repeatedly this year. And NO I will NOT vote for you over X & neither will anyone in jury when I’m finished with them.

Also — I have a feeling TPTB are going to film the DE HOH prior to the episode – so they can ensure X wins HOH (ugh). This season is rapidly descending for me & I’m so frigging annoyed Big D & Azah are getting dragged to the end with us having to listen to DF’s constant lies about running the season.

Last night Ky really gave Tiff a hard time about the Christian vote — when Tiff pointed out X was VERY INVOLVED in wanting to flip the vote the fact Ky is so mad at her for not telling him but has no issues with X not telling him only serves to reinforce the double-standard the Ky has for Tiff versus EVERYONE else (especially the men).

another name

if they want to fill that extra hour….
they could always do the bbcan fake double switcheroo.
You know… 2 people evicted then play head to head in a comp with one returning.
that eviction took them to final 4… that was final 5 an hour later.
Remember Beth (that i called Holly for parity) celebrating then being a TOTAL sore ass about whaterface beating Holly’s egomaniac hyper libidinous asshat showmance?