Big Brother Spoilers: The Fortune Teller keeps the houseguests up all night.. driving them insane..

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12:10am Out in the backyard Adam is in the hammock talking Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen studying the phrases. Jordan says that she doesn’t have them all done like they do …she can’t just hear them one time. Jordan tells Rachel that Adam told her if he wins HOH he will put up her and Porsche. Jordan says that he said it will give you motivation to win and take yourself off the block. Jordan heads out into the backyard and Adam says what’s up stupid? Adam says they haven’t called you that in awhile have you? Jordan says no I miss it. Porsche asks if he thinks they are going to play it again. Adam tells Porsche he thinks the fortune teller is going to wake them up more in the middle of the night. Adam says to Porsche I don’t mean to be rude …but did you finish packing? Porsche asks Jordan if she thinks they will repeat it again. Jordan says no, she thinks they will just be told the once and they have to remember all of them. Adam goes inside and recites all of the phrases as he touches each houseguests memory wall photo. Rachel is studying the memory wall photos. Jordan heads up to the HOH room to lay on the couch. Adam comes by the kitchen again and recites all of the dates times and important information about each houseguests fortune. Adam breaks the frame around Keiths photo and then fixes it with tape. Adam starts reciting the information again and touching the photos again and Big Brother tells him to stop that. Porsche joins them in the kitchen and stares at the memory wall. Rachel joins Jordan up in the HOH room.

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1am – 2am Jordan and Rachel talk about how Adam. Jordan doesn’t think Adam will study with Kalia or Porsche because he really wants to win HOH. Jordan says that Adam said no offense but I think you and Porsche are going to mess them up. Rachel starts helping Jordan study. Rachel knows the phrases and Jordan keeps leaving out details. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kalia and Porsche are talking about how Jordan said that she didn’t even study the things she was given in her season and that she got off the final HOH competition after just 2hrs. They talk about how they wonder how she won her season by not paying attention or winning anything. Kalia and Porsche start studying the fortune teller phrases. Adam has gone to bed. Porsche is studying the memory wall and painting her nails. Kalia is out in the backyard. Rachel is up in the HOH room reading the bible. Porsche joins Kalia in the backyard and they go over the phrases and talk about how Adam was either feeding them wrong information or he is messing up the fortunes. Adam gets up from bed and starts studying the memory wall. All the houseguests go to bed.

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2:10am Fortune Teller: In 2012, Cassie will land a role alongside international mega-star, David Hasselhoff in the countrified Baywatch re-boot, River Watch.
Kalia tells Porsche that she is afraid to go to sleep and that she will stay up all night study. Kalia says that she will just sleep tomorrow. Rachel stops getting up to hear the fortunes.

2:30am In 2018, Rachel will give birth to a 9lb, 6 oz bouncing baby boy, naming it Bookie Jr, after its proud father.

2:50am In 2015, Keith will land a job hosting a new dating show called love rejection. But it will be short-lived after it’s revealed he tried to date all 29 female contestants.

3:07am In 2015, Evel Dick will start a Christmas tradition by bringing gifts to heavily-tattooed orphans, changing his name from Evel Dick to Old Saint Dick.

3:23am In 2018, Shelly will make millions when her book “How I created the perfect tan, and how you tan too” reaches #3 on the all-time best-seller list.

3:55am In 2017, after the hot Miami sun becomes too much for her to bear, Porsche will move to Anchorage, Alaska and buy an igloo with an Eskimo named Ernie.
Porsche and Kalia go into the bathroom and study the phrases.

4:07am In 2014, Jeff will disappear from society. He will be last seen wandering the Chicago streets muttering only two words. Clown Shoe.

4:12am In 2020, Adam will file for bankruptcy after investing his life savings into a line of bacon-scented heavy metal teddy bears for children.

4:47am In 2011, after the runaway success of the Humilitard, Jordan will launch a line of Humilitard-inspired items including the Humili-car, Humili-fire, and the Humili-bake oven.

4:55am Fortune teller: In 2016, Lawon will take New York fashion week by storm when he launches his hansom-fied line of hats, ties Jackets.

5am Fortune Teller: In 2013 Dominic will grace the cover of Seventeen magazine with the headline Total DOM-INATION, he’ll dethrone America’s pop sensation Justin Beiber as America’s favourite heart throb.

5:13am Fortune Teller: On Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:42pm Dani will reconcile with her father Dick. On Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:49pm they will go back to not.

5:40am In 2014, after sleeping for 19 straight days and making national headlines in a sleep study, Kalia will earn her dream job as a mattress and pillow tester.

5:50am After taking 9 years to earn his PhD, Brendon will shock scholars and physicians alike after discovering the cure for an ailment that plagued him his entire life. Athletes Foot.

6:30am Kalia is still up reciting the fortunes over and over again. After staying up all night Kalia finally climbs into bed.

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Good plan Adam, If you win HOH or Jordan HOH. Porsche & either Jordan or Rachel will be on the block. Jordan, Adam or Rachel wins POV, Jordan will take herself off the block, Rachel take herself off the block, or Adam save either Rachel or Jordan or keep the nomination a same. Bye Bye Porsche.


You’re a donkey. MEOW!


that would be amazing.


KP, what are you guys talking about? Did you see Jordan past competition (BB11)? OMG you guys she won because of her strategy and even in 3 part HOH competition, she beats Natalie (No, she not 19, She 24) in part 2. She will destroy you two. So don’t be so sure about that. She did study.


Jordan is the most intelligent and strategic player in BB history. We should all take notes.


hahaha….that is the best one-liner on this board !!!!!!!!!!!


It was to lines. sigh. Are you really making fun of someone elses intelligence? You can’t count to 2! lol.


You insulting them? “it was to lines” did you mean “two” Better to be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt


lol. Did mean ‘two’. Though I blame autofill… That’s funny. Though, if it was someone elses typo, I would have laughed harder. Hey – I’m honest! 🙂


Better to just be a smartass on here and act like you know it all.


LOLLL!! My sentiments exactly!


Two* 😉

nice counts

At least Jordan is not a pathological liar, Shelly, a person that would intentionally try to poison someone or talk about killing an unborn baby, or an animal abuser. In BB being nice counts and that is what Jordan has along with a great social game, and much prefer that over those other three sick individuals.


Dude, Don’t tell me that. I’m not making things up. I’m just making my points across because it based on strategic play and I did watch the season. So, Just chill out Okay. My facts is straight.


Yes if she can keep her hands out of her hair long enough to play in part 2….. gee she drives me crazy always playing with her hair..


Boy marie, do I ever agree with you. She drives me crazy playing with her hair all the time.

Nicole - TEAM DANI

it looks like kalia is giving all her weight to porsche, they’ve reversed sizes



Adam Sucks Yo


Kalia giving weight to Porsche is what Dani would have wanted…


Can we fast forward to BB14 please 🙂




Agreed!! This season could have been good but there are too many people who did not turn up to play the Big Brother game – what a shame!


The Fortune teller was a slightly different touch… however they need to change up the games a little… every year the games are too similiar.

chief c

ready for kalia to hit the road JACK as she likes to say. Porshe i hope you get flustered Jordon I hope you answer fast cause Adam is taking HOH otherwisw\e and I want Rachel and you in end. Adam doing good oh mike does the FT sound like zingbot when she gets wound up


Zingbot is “JESSE” (both seasons). Not a shocker.


K and P for eviction! Don’t want either of them winning!!!!


TEAM PORSH !!! adam will be adam – get nervous and bomb! jordan barely can remember her name! ….GO PORSH! send that stupid idiot jordan home!


I hope so!! I want to see him humiliate himself again, and I want Porsche to win HOH to get Jordan out!
And then, of course…. Adam out 3rd so he can cry himself to sleep the rest of the year 🙂
I can’t believe Porsche is still believing he is good and he’s sitting here being manipulative and sneaky purposely giving her wrong info for her to bomb. But when she’s HOH next week he’ll be all up her ass again.
I can’t stand him he’s the grossest super floater EVER.


this is a more likely scenario than most fans here realize. Adam will choke, and between Porsche and Jordan i have yet to see Jordan win anything on her own.


I agree Jordan has won 1 hoh and she acts like she has been fighting the whole game really Jordan?




So are they really keeping Kalia? Or did they just tell Kalia that to shut her up?


This is what I’m understanding it to be….
Jordan told Kalia she would vote for her to stay, because she doesn’t want to go against their “pact” and piss her off before Jury. Adam is voting for Porsche to stay, so Jordan said then it will be a tie and Rachel can be the tie breaker. Rachel, wanting Jordan to love her more, agreed to it. So Rachel is going to have the blood on HER hands when Kalia leaves and that will cost her a Jury vote from Kalia. Stupid. Rachel needs to cut Jordan off SOON


I think Jordan will vote for Kalia to be evicted not to stay but if she do evict Kalia to stay, it is better for Rachel as Porsche promised Rachel that if she breaks the tie in her favor she will no send her to the jury house if Porsche keeps her promise.


Typo error above, if Jordan chose not to evict Kalia, Rachel has another chance of staying because Porsche promised her if she breaks the tie in her favor, she will carry her to the end. Rachel will have to try POV and also Porsche’s promised if she does not betray her, Rachel have at least two guarantees even if she is not playing for HOH this week. One she can win POV and the other one is at Porshce merci if Porsche wins HOH and does go back on her words.


She said she’s voting to evict Porsche. She even told Rachel that. Then rachel promised to get Kalia out with her vote.
Soooo, no.


Kalia is going but I think Jordan wants to give her a vote, and Adam gives Porshe a vote. That leaves Rachel to cast a deciding vote which is kind of a shitty deal for Rachel, seeing that Jordan is now riding Rachel’s coat tails, the least she can do is not troll for jury votes on Rachel’s dime. Liking Rachel and Porshe for F2, with Rachel not winning it. Everyone is saying that Rachel that Rachel deserves it but I don’t see it that way. At one point in the game Rachel appeared to be having a breakdown of sorts and they had to call in a psychiatrist-this is a gamer? Then those eviction good byes that Rachel gave to S/D? I know that optimally, JH votes should be for best game but if I were them, I wouldn’t give my vote to her. Part of the game is the social aspect and Rachel has alienated each person in the house at one time or another.


They ALWAYS have someone on call. This is an extremely mental, depressing game. Everything you remember as normal is taken away from you upon entering the house. Think about the little things that you do everyday that you have been stripped of. no writing apparatuses or paper, I like to sit and doodle while I think about my day, your phones are gone, your blackberries, I could go on and on, but my point is everybody at some point needs to speak to a professional!!!When Jeff was voted out last season Jordyn fell apart, drank a bottle of wine and went to sleep, she HAD to talk to someone to get her back on track!!!


Hi Patrizio, I kind of disagree but this is just my opinion. I feel that Rachel should win this game as being the most targeted house guest in the house, being picked on by the mean girls of what they said about her, disgusting comments and horrible thoughts, made up lies to and saying the she was the one lying but she fought hard and survived. Her good byes on the DR is how she feels and not faking it. Those mean girls have stated horrible disgusting comments about her and in no way near as mean as what Rachel said in her goodbyes. Rachel is at least telling them how she feels unlike the others who says something good but actually stabbing each other in the back. This is just my opinion and we are all entitle to it. I am hoping for Rachel, Adam and Jordan final three.


All of the women in the house have said horrible, shitty things about each other, so I believe your point about Rachel surviving “mean girls” is moot. Rachel has made herself a target. The thing I guess I’ll never understand about Rachel is how she can be friends with Ragan? In her wedding? The comments these women this season have made are nothing compared to the vile garbage Britney and he spewed on her long after she’d left for th JH. Rachel’s post eviction farewells are so gratuitously poisonous, that the audience groans. I think the smartest thing Rachel ever said was that she was playing for second place, I think she’s going to win that unless she’s in F2 with Adam.


How can be Rachel be friend with Ragan shows that she is not the one to hold grudges. Even Kalia stated in one of her statement that how is it that Rachel can look pass it and Jordan or Adam cannot when she was pleading for her safety. It just shows that she is not a bad or mean person, her personality might be annoying but at least you know who she is because you can see and tell. I am just hoping to see someone who has survived this game in two seasons being one of the most unlikeable and most targeted house guest survived and played hard win this game. I cannot stand where one person is being picked on because what the mean girls did to her is so unfair but she survived and worked hard and win comps. This is just my assessment and opinion of the game and cannot wait to see the finals to see who wins it.


could not agree with you more. I dont think Rachel is a bad girl. For you people that call her nasty, try and do the charity work that she does. And yes she does alot. So before you call her name take a good look at yourself and see what you have done to help others.


I don’t really care who wins, but if I’m kalia or porsh, I would guarantee being in the house one more week and the chance at POV by not studying. sleep throughout the day and let one of them have the HOH. The comp that really matters next week is POV.


POV winner decides who goes home
HOH winner can not be nominated
Both will advance to final three


Wow Kalia does think she’s staying, I actually feel really bad for her.


Poor Kalia I think her and Rachel deserve it and want it more than anybody else that’s left was hoping to see them battle it out at the end


Team Porche and Kalia. BUT, Rachel is such a scrappy chick, I am starting to see why people root for her. I like people who can adapt and compete. Jordan, at first I thought she was dumb. But when Jordan told Kalia that both JR were keeping Shelly and not Adam, I saw real gameplay for the first time from Jordan. When Kalia was the lone vote against Adam, JR (especially Jordan) sealed their alliance with Adam, a known floater who ping pongs with whoever is in power. There are different ways of playing, and now I get Jordan’s strategy. Its lowkey, and she waits to the end to make some sly moves…never getting her hands dirty.

My final two: Kalia and Rachel. They have both really FOUGHT, not just coasted or ridden another’s coat tail.


I feel for the players that will not win the big prize but really not poor Kalia. She received $5,000 from Pandor’s box and will also receive pay for playing the game. It is $5,000 plus I am not sure of this but comments are saying that $750.00 each week so this is not bad.


poor cowlia cant sleep all day anymore!
Team Adam!


“Jordan says that she doesn’t have them all done like they do …she can’t just hear them one time.”

And the FT proceeds to repeat all of the fortunes for the chosen one….

Midwest Fan

BB 13 – “BINGO!”


You must be joking. The purpose of the repeats is to deprive them all of sleep. You must not have the feeds because if you did you would have seen that even though Rachel and Adam were repeating the initial predictions twenty times, Jordan still wasn’t getting them right. Hearing them one more time isn’t going to do squat for her.

Rachel: What’s Kalia’s dream job?
Jordan: Sleeping?
Rachel: No, pillow and mattress tester.
Jordan: Okay. in…..2014….sleeping 19 days ….um… a sleep study….um….. Kalia will land her dream job…… as….um…… a pillow and mattress.
Rachel: Tester. As a pillow and mattress tester.
Jordan: Oh yeah pillow and mattress tester.

Just listening to the first several on the feeds last night I still have them memorized, I have no idea how Jordan could possibly win this so the thought of this being geared for a Jordan win is laughable.


I get it, sleep deprivation and something they think will be interesting to show on CBS.
I agree, Jordon is a dimwit but you can train anything with a low IQ if you drill it into them often enough.
I don’t have the feeds, I do watch BBAD.
Just thought it was funny that Jordan said/requested to hear them more than once, and *poof* so it shall be.
Probably preplanned, but it still seems like another one that they are trying to help her out with.
Either way doesn’t matter, still a bunch of boreasses left on the show and appreciate Simon and Dawg for this site so I can just read about it and limit my actual listening time of these remaining bottom feeders (not to mention not having to mute Kalia, Rachel, Adam and Jordan, I literally can not stand the sound of their voices or their repeating the same crap over and over and over…”You HAVE to win HOH this week”….).


Either way doesn’t matter, still a bunch of boreasses left on the show…..

Observer on this point we agree. There’s nothing they can possibly do to pull this out of the dumper at this point so it’s a lost season. I also think the last few weeks of this show are boring anyway. They need to throw in some agitating factors or mini–comps or something to keep our interest.

And by agitating factors I mean besides Kalia. ( ;

kalia the hutt

kalia got the advantage for this situation. She sleeps all day so she’s well rested enough to stay up all night.


Yea, okay but she won’t be able to play because she’s going home. Wah wah.

kalia the hutt

so true, can’t wait to see her go.


ME TOO !!!


Ok, so I bet production is listening to porche studying and if they notice where she is not getting something right they will ask the question purposely knowing she will get it wrong so that Jordan has a better chance of winning hoh (for once).


I just don’t get why Adam would stick with Jordan and Rachel, he reminds me of Ronnie from BB11 who had no back bone and was a puppet, it’s pathetic, these people ruin the show.


Probably because he figures he will keep the majority of jury house votes if he doesn’t do anything to piss off Brendon and Jeff and possibly Jordan and/ or Rachel if they get knocked out before final 2. Jordan isn’t a threat by any means he can not only beat her in any competition but few jury house members will want to give a previous winner the $500K a second time. Rachel is also safe to go up against because she’s so disliked that he could win against her if they’re the final two. If he were to go with Porsche and Kalia then he not only loses Brendan, Jeff and/ or Rachel and Jordan, but those on Team Dani won’t vote for him either. Makes sense to me. I think he’s playing a very smart game.

As an aside, in an interview following his eviction Brendan said if Rachel doesn’t win he would like to see Adam win so I wouldn’t count on him and Rachel as an automatic vote for Jordan if she’s in the final two with Adam.

On another note I keep seeing people post that x doesn’t deserve to win or y shouldn’t win. That’s just silly. If they got this far without being eliminated, which is the purpose of the game, then they deserve to win if they’re the last one standing at the end (no matter how much we dislike them).


Great blog over at bitchy if you’re pissed about the season check it out

Midwest Fan

Great Read.

I didn’t realize BB Great Britain is so different from the USA BB.
BB Great Britain rocks.
I love the idea of multiple evictions and bringing in new HGs, even
past the halfway mark.
Talk about a scrambling Game. What a hoot!


I watched two entire BB UK seasons on youtube last year and they were fascinating. One season had such mean girls, led by Jade Goody, that everyone was in an uproar about her being a racist since she kept making degrading remarks to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. That season had a completely unplanned (even by production) twist with a sad ending, and I won’t disclose the details but it made BB US seem like kids play.


Now that I think of it further the twist and sad ending came with her second BB appearance which was on Big Boss (India’s version).

Midwest Fan

I do recall reading about the problem but never watched the United Kingdom BB episodes or followed up
on any it.

Midwest Fan

BB14’s Gamer Word – REVAMP!

Tchin Tchin!


Thanks for that. My sentiments exactly. Hope CBS reads this stuff. Have to check her out on Friday.

BB13 is a BUST

That article was spot on. I was hoping Adam would pull out his “BIG” move this week by using the Veto, but nope the waste of space has yet again failed miserably. I’ve stopped watching the show on TV, stopped watching the live feeds I paid for and have resorted to sort of glancing at this site to see if anything is remotely interesting.

BIG GIANT FAIL AG. I was so pissed off with last season BB12 I stopped watching after final 4. I was hoping this season would of stepped it up but by far this is the worst season EVER!!!!!!! If this is how BB is going to be played moving forward I have decided to stop watching all together. Thanks AG.

Casual Observer

Thanks Simon!!!

Excellent read and spot on analysis by that blogger. I can not wait to read her analysis of the final four. It should definitely be a dozy.


Nicely written


Jordan is so dumb right? Everyone says what a blonde huh? Watch out she is going to be the SHOCKER and win H.O.H…..she is a great DUMB player..playing them all with her dumb ability to fool everyone!!!! Oh but wait that will then be production setting that one up for her to win I forgot that….


off your meds? or at you just naturally bitter??

kalia the hutt

probably just another dani fan.


The pure idiocy in people who assume just because we talk about Jordan and Rachel that we’re Dani fans, the simple minds of cat people never cease to amaze me, just as simple minded and naive as Jordan no surprise there.


Bitter? meds? are you ok? I am roflmao at everyone I am not bitter I am happy I just like to say that jordumb does ACT really dumb but thats a good thing….I love Jordan,rachel,Adam,Kalia,and Porshe, atleast they had the nutts to come on the show in the 1st place!! I happen to have fun with this site & think it will be funny if Jordan does win the H>O>H but then ppl will say it was all production lol….

Brown Fat

Thats what I say, shes doing what many southern folk are so good at, conning “smarter more sophisticated” people into thinking they’re just country bumpkins when bam zinga binga! hello…whos stupid now asshole?! hand over the deed to the property. do it jordon do it for the dumbasses (like me) of the world


I don’t think she’s really bright in an academic sense. She’s said she wasn’t good in school and she was really struggling trying to remember all the details of even the first four FT predictions. She doesn’t read, doesn’t keep up with current events, and iI wouldn’t call her well-rounded or worldly.

I do think she’s probably a genuinely nice person (she can drive me crazy tho) and I think she reads people extremely well. Better than Jeff sometimes. If you have the feeds you’ll see several instances where Jeff was buying someone’s b.s. and she was saying “Hold on…..” I also think her social game is better than most. She knows what she’s doing in that regard, and that’s why I’m over saying she shouldn’t win again. She’s gotten this far so if she makes it to the end she deserves it. Those who don’t like one person winning twice should put the blame where it lies – with the people who cast repeats and not the houseguest whose only crime was saying yes when they got the call.


Oh yah!! That’s what I’m talking about I am a Jordan fan I laugh at how dumb she really acts and I told my husband b/c I am a blonde she really makes us look bad lol..But I am not a hater I am pulling for her to show that DUMB BLONDES do have smarts somewhere!!! I am not a Dani fan at all she turned and she was annoying to me but in reality I usually go for underdog’s but Kalia is to talky talky for me so I give it to someone else!!But I truely don’t think Jordan is really that far out in left field….I am waiting for her to shock everyone and kick butt at HOH!!


Why do Americans love off Jeff so much? I don’t get it.


for one he’s got one of the better senses of humour…. if you missed some of his humour that’s too bad

Midwest Fan

Yes he does, UNLESS the humor is aimed AT him.


me either…


Adam Adam Adam,
You are winning my heart.

Adam knew when to lay low and not get involved
Adam did not play the mind controlling games
Adam is playing his game, he does what’s right for him.
Adam got where he is because he never lost focus

Floating was his game play and it kept him out of the house fights.
Adam is smart, smart, smart.

There’s nothing wrong in floating, it’s harder to stay out of fights,
becuase it’s alot easier to agree and take sides.


Adam has a fan!!!!


everyone is studying the phrases and most have them down, but they are forgetting that with big brother likes to put a twist on the comps


sorry-take with out

Brown Fat

While I float in this sea of speculation it would be nice if the ladies of BB dressed up a little. They’re all attractive, well 3 of them are, but ferkrysake them tired ass sweats are getting old… come on girls spruce it up a little


I suppose if they think they are doing competitions or something they don’t want to be caught in a dress if they are doing physical things! They probably want to be safe than caught off guard…


Any bets on who is going to win the next head of household??? I am betting Adumb will. All of a sudden he grew a brain (right) and gets POV and now has EVERYTHING memorized??? And since Rachel can’t play the HOH, why are they letting her help Jordan?? Shouldn’t she be doing this all on her own? Oh that’s right, I forgot, Jordan can’t do anything on her own. Sure would love to see Porche win it and send one of others home, but not gonna happen. It’s not in the script! Yep, just like clockwork, thhe Productions plan is right on schedule! As Dani says, “just write them both a check and call it a day”! Why is Adam talking to Porche like they are still going to be the top two?? Thought everyone says he don’t play games??? Sure he doesn’t. 🙁


New viewer this year? Houseguests often help one another and BB has never objected before so why should they object now?

Casual Observer

Adam is still channeling his inner “little Jeff”. I truly hope that Porsche sends his “shmenah” to the jury house.

This man evidently does not have his own identity and has to take on the persona of Jeff and/or Cruddy to get by in the house.


Man, Kalia sure is something else. The last week or two all she does is bash Jordan like there’s no tomorrow. Kalia is jealous as heck of Jordan’s win and it’s disgusting. I’m so tired of her thinking she’s done so much and calling other people floaters and useless when that’s what she was most of the game. Yes, she won two HOH, but they were just by answering simple questions, and she used one to get rid of her own alley and another to follow her leader’s orders. Without Dani, Kalia is lost and all she knows how to do is sleep more than ever, eat more than ever, complain more than ever, and insult Jordan as if she pi**sed in her cheerios. You ain’t hot sh*t Kalia. You’re useless and dumb as heck. Sheesh.


It keeps them up repeating the same thing over an over? GODDAMN Production making it easy for their special ed HG….


I knew a person in college who was very bright but also very cruel, who often referred to those not as bright as her ‘mouth breathers’ and ‘kids who came in on the short bus’ and ‘special olympics children’. She has two kids, one of whom is mentally retarded. Tough way to learn a lesson but I hope you too have a chance to learn to be compassionate some day the way she did.

For the record Jordan also got no sleep so no advantage there despite what your imagination tells you.


Big Brother 13 Status:
Final Four
-Jordan:This is her second Final Four (BB11 w/Michelle,Natalie & Kevin), She compete HOH & POV and lost, Survive the next eviction with Michelle got evicted. This will be her second final 3.
-Rachel:This will be her 1st Final Four (since she been on the Jury House), She will be the 1st former BB12 will be the final 4.
-Adam:This will be his 1st Final Four (1st newbie ever to be in the Finalist)
Two HG’s TBD (Eviction Ceremony and one HG will go to the Final 4)
-Porsche:TBD if she survive the eviction she will be the 2nd newbie ever to be in final four
-Kaila:TBD if she survive the eviction she will be the 2nd newbie ever to be in the final four
Final Three
-Jordan:This is her second Final Three (BB11 w/Natalie & Kevin),Jordan finished 3rd and compete in the second round defeated Natalie in RD 2 & defeated Kevin in RD 3 by tiebreaker
-Rachel:This is her 1st Final Three (since she been on the Jury House)
-Adam or K/P:This is his or her 1st Final Three (1st newbie to be in Finalist)
Final Two
-Jordan:This is her second Final two (BB11 w/Natalie),Jordan won her 500K and she will be the first Big Brother history to win another 500K
-Rachel or A/K/P:This is his or her first final two, R:since she been on the Jury House, first newbie to be final 2.


I”m thinking about making the “cat people” angry at me again, enjoyed it so much last night…


some of u people are not playing with the full deck of cards

why should rachel get ridd of jordan if rachel get ridd of jordan she will lose jeff and jordan’s vote in the jury house .. rachel knows just what she is doing ….. if adam wins hoh he will nomate jordan , porsche with rachel getting ridd of porsche final 3 adam jordan rachel // adam wont last any endurance comp the first part …. people who want rachel to get ridd of jordan doesnt want rachel getting any jj votes from the jury ,, rachel i hope u carry jordan to final two / dani said she will not vote for rachel nor jordan because she did nothing all season just vent when the vets dont have power and look with that blank face, and not wanting to write a cheque for jj ,,,but i bet she wont vote for jordan to win 2 times she will respect the game and vote for rachel ,, most jury memebers will give it to rachel depending on her speech she has to sell them a martin luther king dream lol if she talks about going through hurricane, being belittle nasty remarks and about people hiding her stuff rachel will say she survived it all … rachel wins and just like that the under dog actually can afford her wedding

i want rachel to win because how far she has come in this game all the hurtful stuff she had to go through all over again ……..



u said u dont know why adam will stick with jordan, rachel …….. wow were u watching this season or are u still asleep ……….

adam , brendon, rachel jordan jeff = alliance = a win for adam if he makes it to final 2 without any vets = honest , loyality for sticking with the vets … rachel and jordan saved him didnt vote him out please keep up

Karen S

Any likability Adam had going for him.. has poofed from my mind. “I don’t mean to be rude, but have you packed Porsche?” He’s not throwing his power around at all is he? He’s gotten cocky, arrogant and just plain full of himself!
Simon, thank you for the link to Bitchy! I think she said it all very well, how at least I feel this season and well.. last season as well.
It used to be hard to tear myself away from the screen, my kids wouldn’t call me when it was on. lol They knew, they wouldn’t have my attention.
I miss that kind of entertainment.. and as many have said on this site.. If it weren’t for you and Dawg, drawing us in, trying to hold our attention, I too, would be a non participant in future shows of BB. Thank you!


Here’s the best thing JRA could have done: offer to keep either P or K, in exchange for them NOT studying for the HOH competition. I think one of them would actually be stupid enough to take the deal.


I think Adam will have this in the bag, but whoever stays out of P/K (most likely P) it would be nice to see one of them pull it off…and then it will be fun to watch Adam, Rachel and Jordan scramble!


I think people are over-estimating Adam. Jordan, Kalia, and Porsche are three very capable women and they all have a good shot at winning this HOH.

Either Kalia or Porsche will be playing for it and they’ve both been good at the mental comps (Kalia with memorization, Porsche was 2nd in the counting game that all the vets totally bombed, Jordan was second in the last question competition that gave Kalia HOH).

Adam has won one POV…that’s equal to the # of comps Jordan has won this season. Kalia and Porsche have won two each…just sayin.



To let the vets come back, and team them up as couples….whoever came up with
this idea should be fired. If you want to bring them back, have
another Allstar season. Poor, poor idea. BB may have run it’s course. So long!


This season of Big Brother has been so disappointing that I am sorry I paid for Showtime to watch After Dark. I have very much enjoyed this site…..but not the show. I surely hope that next season they will get more aggressive players and that production won’t be so obvious in their manipulations. As for who wins this year…..who cares?