Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel has a blonde moment and puts deodorant on over her shirt.. **updated

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10:30am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Jordan and Rachel are talking. Rachel is packing her suit case. Rachel tells Jordan that she is really sorry that she couldn’t do this for us. Jordan says that she should have won the veto. Jordan says that if Kalia were still here it would probably be Rachel going home. Rachel says that she is glad that Jordan is her friend. Jordan says that she just wants this day to be over. Jordan says that she didn’t even leave out any endurance clothes in her bag. Rachel asks why? You should have some. Jordan says no she won’t need them. Jordan says she got up at 6am and they were still working out in the backyard. Meanwhile in the kitchen Adam and Porsche are making breakfast. Rachel heads to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Rachel just put deodorant on over her shirt. She laughs and then goes to tell Adam and Porsche. Rachel heads back to the bedroom to continue packing.

11:15pm Jordan and Rachel are talking in the bathroom. Jordan tells Rachel to go with her gut. Rachel and Jordan head to the candy room to talk. Jordan tells Rachel that she needs to think about all the votes. Jordan tells Rachel that she has her and Jeff’s vote. Jordan says that Kalia said that she will vote for whoever played the best game but that if Porsche is in the end she will vote for her. Jordan says that she has me, Jeff, Brendon for sure. Jordan says that Porsche will have all four girls votes in the jury. Jordan says that she really thinks Rachel will win today. Jordan says that if Porsche tries to offer you a deal tell her that she is safe and for her to drop. Jordan tells Rachel not to drop, don’t get discouraged and keep your head up. Jordan says that she thinks Rachel has a way better shot in the final’s with Adam. Jordan tells Rachel to make sure she weighs everything out. Rachel leaves the candy room to make sure to to draw attention to them talking.

11:30am In the kitchen, Adam, Porsche and Rachel are eating their breakfast. Rachel tells them that she has had an upset stomach and that the last three days she’s had diarrhea. Adam and Porsche both say GROSS! Too much information. Jordan is up in the HOH room laying on the couch staring at the wall.

12pm All the houseguests are silent in the HOH room. Thursday HOH lockdown for the live show tonight.

1pm – 1:40pm Jordan is getting ready in the bathroom. Rachel and Porsche are sleeping.

1:50pm – 2:25pm Adam and Jordan are talking in the bathroom as Jordan gets ready. Adam start talking about past competitions. Adam tells Jordan that he doesn’t think Porsche will take him to the final two. Jordan asks why? Adam says that he thinks she would take Rachel. Jordan asks because she knows that people won’t vote for her. Jordan says if she evicted you would you vote for her? Adam doesn’t answer. Jordan says that she wouldn’t either .. I think I would be… Adam says no ..if she won the final I might just because… Jordan says if Rachel wins the last two she will have won seven or eight competitions. Adam says that if Rachel wins and doesn’t take me I will still probably vote for her… but if Porsche wins and doesn’t take me I might vote for her because she did win the veto to keep herself in the final three and if she won the final HOH… you know that’s why I am saying my best bet for winning is that I have to win and then I don’t think it really matters who I take. Jordan says that is something you are really going to have to think about because who knows everybody could be fine after Dani was in the jury with all them. Adam says honestly I don’t know you just got to go with your gut …you have to do what you think is right. Adam says that he has some good arguments but that it is kind of like the last plea the housemates make before you go vote. Adam asks how many times has that really changed somebody’s mind? Jordan says that Rachel said the fourth person that goes to jury is very important because they tell everyone in jury what has been going on in the house since they are the last person entered the jury house. Adam says well the only thing I can ask you for, if you do go is to tell everyone everything. Adam says to tell them that I have been a true and honest player as much as I could and that I worked with the people that wanted to work with me…. and people that I didn’t feel comfortable with I didn’t want to work with. Adam tells Jordan to not tell kalia know that I am still holding a grudge. Jordan says that she wont… I won’t do anything like that to hurt your game.

Adam says that he hates being played whether Dani and Kalia were playing me or being honest with me, it’s a realty show but perception is everything… you make a final two deal with somebody and then you tell everyone about it then you don’t even campaign for me. Adam says that she hung me out to dry.. Adam says that actions have shown this whole game the people I am behind who I am working with 100%… and people that tell me they are with me but don’t show me they are with me I don’t give a BLANK about. Adam says that every decision I made in this house was for me. Jordan says that she is not going to go there and talk a bunch of crap I’m not like that. Adam says that if he doesn’t take Rachel…. then Rachel and Brendon won’t vote for me. Jordan says that she thought about that too and that it would be two that you would lose but with Porsche its only one its not two votes. Adam says that we will have more time to talk later. Jordan says yeah you are smart. Jordan tells Adam to just win… study the faces because it could be next. Adam says that this endurance thing especially with these two depending on what it is I might have a hard time with it. Jordan says that she knows Rachel isn’t going to let go. They talk about what the competition might be like. Jordan tells Adam that he will do well. Adam says thank you…

2:30pm – 3pm Porsche and Adam are trying to nap. Rachel and Jordan are now in the kitchen making something to eat.

3:05pm – 3:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen….

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308 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel has a blonde moment and puts deodorant on over her shirt.. **updated

  1. I like Jordan as a person, but I’m glad if she goes home over Rachel. Jordan already won it and from what I understand BB paid Jeff and Jordan a ton to come back.

      1. All these people saying Jordan dumb. From the advice she is giving Rachel, she seems smart as heck.

        Kind of like 2 years ago, she show everyone when she won the final comp.

          1. Jordan was tied winning w/ the most HOH in her season plus she also won a veto. She also played a perfect social game to boot. She clearly “deserved” winning

      1. During one of the live feeds Kalia was saying to herself that at least she “won a vacation and $5,000 and will get another $2,000 for her stipend.” WTH – that’s all? It probably increases for every week they survive but I still thought they were getting more than that.

        1. i know in the past seasons they got $750 per week they are in the bb/jury house. i heard starting season 9 or 10 they started taking a small amount of money from their stipend to pay for house food per week.

      2. Rachel just stated on the live feeds that she and Brendan waited so long to get the family waivers signed that “we had to sign them ourselves”. So she just admitted to forgery. What a dope.

        Speaking of things that shouldn’t have been done, I’m still wondering how Adam was able to play since he works for Sony BMG which is part of CBS.

        1. I question the integrity of having Jeff back on BB.
          Since BB11, he has been employed by CBS and he mentioned on BB13
          that his upcoming work is for CBS.

      3. Actually the houseguests do get paid approx 700-1000 a week if they are in the house. its completely conceivable that the vets were offered a bonus to be on the show

        1. Who are you to call anyone a fat and b*tch? And by the way, Jordan is incredibly thin and a decent –unlike some people in this board who attack her personally. I have no problem attacking her on game play but calling her names is just plain rude, childish, and immature.

              1. You are digusting and your name calling of others on this site is so childish. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean you have to call them names. Either stick to the subject or go away.

        2. Fat??? You think Jordan is fat… you must really need glasses because she has a nice figure, she isnt fat at all, the one that has put on weight is Porsche. I want to clarify that by saying even though Porsche has put on a little weight, she isnt fat either.

          1. I agree it really bothers me how people call pothers fat that aren’t. If Jordan is fat then most of America is fat, on tv she seems to be a nice size but nowadays if you’re not an anorexic looking runway model you’re fat its ridiculous. Porshe has gained weight but I can’t say she’s fat, everyone can’t be skinny like Cassi. Line between average size and fat has become so skewd

        3. Wow could you be more rude! Jordan might not be the brightest bulb in the bunch but she is a great person! Always putting people before herself and making sure everyone else is okay. Who are you to call anyone names. That is so high school. Grow – Up!!! It is just a game.

      1. Come on, even BB cannot fix JJ again. i dont think Rachel should win, 1st she would be totally annoying winner 2. She hasnt proved anything other than keeping “floaters” and trying to win by default. They always said lets keep the good players but the good players to themselves were only themselves. Like nobody else deserved to win but them.

    1. i like jordan too. i was hoping she would rise to the occasion and start winning some comps these last couple weeks. she couldnt save jeff…she couldnt save herself. she should win the $25,000 grand im guessin. i hoping it’s a adam and rachel final two. rachel should win…no one had to battle week to week like her. from the highs of brendon winning hoh…to the lows of seeing him walk out the door and going into a week long cry fest. she’s been through it all!!!

        1. It’s America’s Favorite Player that’s why….so either Jeff or Jordan will win it…Dani/Kalia/Shelly haha no way in hell those 3 skanks will win it.


          1. Wow! Your “name” says it all. Jordan as America’s Fav Player? No way.
            You have to actually play to win it. Change the name to “Americas Fav Houseguest”
            if you want to give it to her. She’s obviously a fan favorite, but let’s be real,
            it’s not because of her game play. She appears to be a very sweet young
            lady, and I would love to see her relationship with Jeff flourish.

            Those “sk___” played the game whether you like them or not. It’s hard to
            win over America when you have JJ in the mix. Let’s hope American consider
            “game play” when choosing this time.

          2. The screen name “H8TER” makes no sense because eight ends with a T. It should be “H8ER”. This, however, is minor compared to some of the posts on this website. Do they even teach english in school these days? The grammar and sentence structure by the majority of people on this website is atrocious!!!

            1. I totally agree that the grammar and spellimg on many posts are horrible. As a sixth grade language arts teacher, I cringe whenever I see adults spelling easy words such as elementary school sight words in grammatically incorrect sentences. What’s even more pathetic is that I seem to find more and more of these errors being made by professional writers in newspaper and magazine articles.

    2. I also like Jordan as a person but I don’t think she deserves to win. I can’t really remember but I think the only thing she’s won is the HOH comp Jeff and Brendon threw. I don’t like Rachel as a person but as a but she’s a great competitor and I would like to see her win because that girl always fights her little heart out.

      1. Something tells me Rachel is going home! I DON”T WISH THIS but remember Porche is not only playing her. If I remember correctly, when Porch was HOH she wrote on the wall PAR final 3- . Problem is that the competition is endurance, they know Rachel must go!!

        1. Okay, so Rachel will win the endurance.. but if you think, Jordan has come second in EVERY questions HOH she’s played in, while Porsche came last in every one (except one). So either way, there’s a good chance that she’s going to lose either the first HOH to Rachel, or the third HOH to Jordan. Its a lose lose situation for Porsche. I would say there’s no better option, and for Porsche to vote personally, such as how Jordan’s already won the money, and how Rachel (over jordan) should fairly win.

      2. How can you say you dont like Rachel as a person.. do you know her? I have been rooting for her all season.. I think the most telling thing is when it showed Ragan from bb12 saying how good friends they are after the show.. (I think an awsome twist would have been putting them into the show together and letting the rest of the hg’s think they still didnt like each other and they would have had a secret alliance) would have been such fun

      3. She did WIN the HOH and crushed all 7 Newbies first before Jeff and B goofed off on their shots (and they most likely wouldn’t have beat her score). Also, she won the Hauf thing and finished 2nd four times in other comps. HATE her if you want, but she has now set the record of most days (over 2 seasons) of any previous House Guest including Dr. Will.

    3. yeah I have to agree with you. She seems like a really sweet person but it really feels like she was here for Jeff this summer and I think he really wanted this to be his year. She can go to the jury house and spend some time with him away from the cameras like I am sure she wants. Going in to this game I was not a Rachel fan in any way but you she has really played this game and I would really like to see her pull it out in the end.

      1. I can’t believe that is all they get paid..CBS is really cheap…that’s probably why it wasn’t “all vets” this season…lol

  2. It would totally suck if Rachel ended up going to the Jury instead of Jordan and I just have this big feeling that Porsche is going to send Rachel home because its what Dani would have wanted. Bc let’s face it Porsche and Kahlia have been really big Dani puppets throughout most of the game.

    If its JPA then I want Jordan to win just because A and P suck ass…literally.

    1. Althlough I want to see Jordan leave, because she’s just pretty much just on vacation and Rachel deserves to stay more – If it were me, I’d get rid of Rachel and keep Jordan because she would be way easier to beat in the next HOH.

      1. Agree. I think it will end up being a huge mistake for Porsche. Plus if she did get Rachel out and made it to final two, she could say so many tried but I was the one who got her. I also don’t know why Adam is so willing to keep her. I think they’re both underestimating Rachel and overestimating their abilities (and Jordan’s).

      2. “Althlough I want to see Jordan leave, because she’s just pretty much just on vacation and Rachel deserves to stay more – If it were me, I’d get rid of Rachel and keep Jordan because she would be way easier to beat in the next HOH.”

        Translation into english: I think Rachel deserves to stay more than Jordan. It seems that Jordan has been on vacation instead of playing the game. I would evict Rachel and save Jordan because Jordan would be easier to beat in the next HOH.

        I don’t know what language you are using.

        1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          That was priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. And Jordan doesn’t suck? Please. All she’s good for is riding Jeff’s coattails and then Rachel’s. Don’t fool yourself. The only two there that have won competitions on their own accord are Rachel and Porsche.

    3. I’m trying out for BB14. How am I going to get on the show? My tagline is going to be “This is what Dani would’ve wanted” for every decision I make. How can production turn me down!

      1. Grow you hair long and twist it, like Jordan.
        Tell them to call you, “Pucker Up” and you will be their next Adam.
        Tell BB Production, you’re even better at bullying people than Jeff.

        You’re going to be on BB14!!!

    4. I hope Jorden leaves but the smart move would be to get out Rachel because she has the best shot of winning tonights HOH> So I guess it depends on if Porshe wants to win the game or keep Rachel as a friend.

  3. If Adam were smart he’d get out Rach…although Jordan did win in the final comps from her season soooo….Either way the only chance Adam has at winning is if Porsche is in that seat next to him…otherwise he is just playing for 2nd place.

          1. Lol my thoughts exactly and why would porsche listen to him after not using the veto on her and then outting her on the block

        1. Oh my god dude please for the love of all things holy give it a rest! Dani lost and she doesnt have an army. There is no Team Dani. She made stupid moves, aligned herself with useless people and got herself evicted!!!

          1. Team Dani for life yo!! Your like the person who cheers for a team and when they lose picks another team to cheer for. All the Dani fan’s stay true to being Dani fans. There or not there!!!

          2. I hope Rachel is in the F2 and when Dani votes she’ll say to them…I’m voting for the person who NEEDS my vote ahahahahaha

            Rachel maybe shouldn’t have told DAni she doesn’t need her vote. I think RAchel is playing the game but man that would make me laugh.

    1. Shut up, seriously, its people like you starting rumours.. like the ones who got Rachel & Jordan fan’s hopes up yesterday, about Jordan winning veto. If there WAS a silver power of veto, it would be (as much as i dont want porsche to win) so unfair for porsche to be evicted by it.

  4. I was thinking that I’m going to vote for Rachel as my favorite player if she doesn’t win the first of 3 HOH competitions for the final spot. I have a feeling whoever win the two competitions will be the final two and Rachel deserves something for having such a great season.

    1. I totally agree – she deserves some large $$ for bringing in the viewers and playing Big Brother like it was meant to be played! This girl has heart even if she doesn’t have panties.

  5. If Porsche were smart see would evict rachel since jordan has already given up. She hasnt even left out clothes to compete in if she stays. This would be the perfect time to catch her off guard and keep her. If it is a endurance comp adam is the first out and jordan who isnt even prepared would most likely be second out allowing porsche to win not so if rachel stays. I think porsches only chance at winning 500g is against jordan because if she is against adam he will get the vets votes because somehow they were evicted without being pissed at adam.

  6. i think its hilarious Pacer is leaving her biggest threat in the game when she could get her out, this will come back to bite her in the ass, book it

  7. They were all paid to come back, JJ just got the most ($25,000). I’m glad Rachel’s staying too. I want a vet to win and she has the best shot plus I think she deserves it.

  8. Hmmm…so Jordan didn’t win POV. I think I know what happened.

    As usual, Production had a certain someone in mind to win this POV, namely Jordan. So obviously this comp was tailored to Jordan.

    The question was “What is Jordan’s middle name?”

    Jordan had a cheat sheet, but she was holding it upside down!

    Porsche won!

    Jordan was crying that it’s not fair because she can’t read foreign languages.

    Maybe we can expect a Super Duper Mega Ultra One Time Diamond Platinum Veto to fall into Jordan’s lap sometime soon, hahahaha.

    Go Production!
    Go ABA (Anybody But Adam, and not Rachel and not Jordan)

    1. That was funny

      I honestly didn’t expect Jordan would win anyways, I watched the entire season that HOH lucky shot, ANYBODY could get a lucky shot, 2nd comp production told her what the answer was because it’s was OBVIOUS nobody was going to guess right and they did NOT want to waste David Hasselhoff’s time, c’mon she saw a bar of soap & opera glasses and immediately guessed David Hasselhoff?

      1. Jeff also helped her she asked him a Question and than came up with the name Jeff was doing Cbs Show maybe he heard of a new show

  9. I just realized that if Rachel makes it to F2, she’s playing for 2nd place.

    R/P F2
    Votes for P:
    Adam (I really think he’d vote for P, not R, could be wrong here)

    Votes for R:


    Votes for Adam:

    Kalia (yeah she may be pissed at A for not using veto, but I think her hate for R is stronger)
    Dani (This one is tricky too, bc she claims she respects game players but I think she’d vote personal, unless her and Brendon have been chill at the jury house, she may throw the vote to R.)

    Votes for Adam:


    1. You REALLY REALLY need to pull out your toes to count.

      R/P you left out Shelly and Brendon

      R/A you show votes for Adam twice

      Comment back when you have real figures. Also, FYI – Adam already told Shelly that he would vote for Rachel if she got to final 2 because he thinks she earned it.

    2. HECK NO!! However much you think people will vote personally, they’re not 12. It’s a game and the best man/woman should win, and Rachel has a great shot at winning.

  10. At first, I was so excited to see ED and Dani.. I was sad to see ED leave because he is so entertaining to watch on the feeds.. Dani turned out to be a huge disappointment. As much as Rachel is annoying.. I really like her as a player and feel that without Brendon she is a totally different person… Rachel for the Win!!!

  11. I’m a fan of both Jordan and Rachel, but between them both I want Rachel to win this. She deserve it, she fought hard to stay in the house. GO RACHEL!!!!!

  12. How does it feel all you Jordan fans? It’s about time she goes home! This girl is probably the most worthless BB player I have ever seen. It’s a travesty she won before because she is obviously underserving of winning this show. The only reason she has made it this far is because Jeff carried her the whole game. I can’t wait to see her walk out the door tonight! Shocker. lol!!!

    1. The Jordan haters are really starting to get on my nerves.
      First, she is not a floater. A floater is someone that floats from one alliance
      to another depending on who has power. Second, Jordan played a social game. There is nothing
      wrong with that…. it’s a game, everyone plays it different. If you have
      watched BB over the years, the winners have all had different approaches to the game.
      I do think Rachel deserves to be there more, but Porche will be a fool to keep her.
      It will come back to haunt her.

        1. That’s a tailcoat rider. The previous poster was right, a “floater” is someone that floats to whoever has the power at the time. Adam would be a classic floater, Jordan is a classic coat tail rider.

      1. Cat people are starting to entertain meant more with their “hissing” every time someone posts an opinion against JJ.

        I agree Jordan is not a floater, but she’s is USELESS and had to be carried by everybody this season, she needs to go hang out with Little Jeffrey a.k.a Clown Shoe like she intended to do all season.

        1. There is a huge cat person on here that I can’t even gather my thoughts to respond to, I just SMH and move on. There’s no reversing crazy

    2. Wow –That was totally unnecessary. I hope that you’re just a teenager because that was incredibly childish. Gloating –really?

      1. JJ Fans(most of them, but not all) were gloating heavily when they knew Dani was going. Guess they’re only a allowed to tell others that they are just bitter and jealous for being angry that their favorite HGs is going, and little childish comments about someone’s education or living situation.

        Not a Dani fan at all, but like them I think it’s fair to gloat.

        Swallow that biter pill, it’s good for you.

        1. Its not about being bitter. Its about speaking up for something.-For the record I am a JJ fan but would never stoop to acting so childish. And just because some JJ fans may have gloated –it still doesn’t make it right to do such a thing.

      2. Not sure if you are referring to me or not, but I
        am not a child nor do I think it is childish to express your
        opinions. What is childish is to personally attack people.

    3. Mark, you need to brush up on your big brother history, I don’t think anyone was as useless and helpless as Kathy, last year. She has to be the worst ever.

    1. depressed? I don’t think so. I think she wanted this to be over weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for her to hit the self evict button.

  13. Jordan remains a sweetheart I don’t care what ANY of y’all say. She knows she’s going home and she’s coaching Rachel on how to win this game. The others have gone out vindictive and Jordan remains America’s SWEETHEART and that’s why she’s loved.

    I do feel that if I were final 4 and I wanted to win this I would evict Rachel over Jordan tho. So I don’t think it’s a smart move on Porshe’s part. We’ll see! The end is near!

    1. But why doesn’t she understand the game is practically over. No more scheming or deal is needed. Both Porsche and Adam are smart enough to decide who they want in the final 2. Jordan just doesn’t get it that that part of the game is over. Win comps and figure out jury votes, that’s it.

      1. ACTUALLY – JORDON ALREADY WONT THE GAME!! I can tell that this is your first season ever watching big brother, but she was on season 11 and won it… yeah she is pretty awesome. You should keep on watching the show next year so you can get schooled at BB.

    2. Is there a Parallel universe or something…Jordan, WAS, America’s sweet heart…but no more…
      1. When her team wasn’t winning, she was miserable. Spoiled Brat Miserable
      2. She disrespected a nomination ceremony by speaking of her discontent of Jeff being up.
      3. She has shown her Racist side,
      4. She lied, called everyone (newbees) lazy and non-competitive, when she did not win a single comp on her own.
      5. She thought she ran the house…and she and Jeff were entitled to make to the finals
      6. Whenever newbee house guest attempted to make big moves, she was pissed, like “how dare they”
      7. She and Jeff plotted Shelly and Adam’s demise, but cried foul when Shelly beat Jeff to the punch.

      WAS America’s sweetheart, She will find out very painfully how she played the game and how her status took a major hit. Goodbye and Good riddance Jordo!!!!!!!

      1. Jordan is still America’s sweetheart.

        1.In that house everything gets to you and I don’t think you would be juping for joy.
        2.She was just defending her man and expressed her feelings.
        3.Now I don’t have the feeds but when did she show her racst side.
        4.Can you name someone who played Big Brother and didn’t lie, and she didn’t say they didn’t win anything she said they were not competitive which means they could have tried much harder.
        5.She thought Jeff ran the house not herself and in a way they ran over half of it at one point.
        6.Once again I don’t have the feeds but they never showed her doing that either, only when Kalia put up Jeff and she had every right to be mad. Once again I don’t think you can name someone who played Big Brother and didn’t get mad.
        7.And once again I don’t have the feeds but they didn’t plan to get rid of Shelly and Adam till final 4 (that I know or heard of).

        Now I am a JJ fan and I’m not saying you are one but if you are a Dani fan she was like 10x worse. Jordan will still be America’s sweetheart and JJ will still be America’s sweethearts after the show.

        1. There’s the problem right there…

          You said: ‘Now I don’t have the feeds but when did she show her racst side.’

          Anyone who has been watching the feeds is seeing a very different Jordan overall than the edits are indicating her to be on the show.

      2. Never believed that America’s Sweetheart bullshit, they were Productions Greatest Edit, nothing more, America ate up. There will be other Great Edits that America will fall in love with in no time. Jeff and Jordan are not unique, this season should be proof of that.

        Jeff is not really a Sweetheart she he wouldn’t be had he not been in a showmance with Jordan she is America’s current Sweetheart, that douche bag just along for the ride.

  14. Porsches best chance to win is a jordan and porsche final two. Although i dont think jordan played a good game I do generally think she is a very nice person and wouldnt be suprised if she does make it to final two that she would tell the jury that she is fine with 50g and that whoever she is against should get the 500g since she already won it.

  15. Am I missing something? It seems both Rachel and Jordan are pretty certain about tonight’s outcome. Why would they assume Porche would keep Rachel over Jordan? (Though that’s certainly the outcome I hope for!)

    1. Based on what happened last night, I think that its pretty clear that Jordan will be going home. Love her, but Jordan has given up. She didn’t play cards with the others and she slept early. I wouldn’t blame her for her sadness, but honestly, she should be fighting. She has the best chance to making it to the final 2 between her and Rachel. I also think that based on Porshe’s initial relationship with Rachel, she will vote to evict Jordan.

  16. awwww jordons sad… its sad like when bambi’s mom was orphaned or toy story’s jesse was shitcanned by her owner, porsche fan here but nothings sadder then a sad jordon.

  17. maybe I missed something…why are a lot of people saying Jordan is going home? Was there a deal made between R/A/P for final 3? I want Rachel to win but if I were A or P I would get rid of her since she has won more comps then all of them combined!

    1. Jordan is ousted!! She is glad she can be with Jeff now. She didn’t want to compete anyway. She came back to the show because of Jeff. He wanted to win the big bucks for himself. I hope Rachel wins!! Porshe sucks!! Adam is a good guy! Not a competitor!

  18. I have a strange feeling that tonite is not going to turn out at all like we expect. Something is going on with Rachel. She is too calm for someone who is now on the block with Jordan. So either she 1 million percent trusts Porshe which I really do not believe for a second or she knows something the rest of us do not know. The Rachel we have seen for two summers would be freaking out and crying right now, balled up on the couch with Jordan. This Rachel is calm, not worrying for a second, not compaigning, not pestering the hell out of Porshe for a guarantee that she has her vote. Am I the only one that thinks this is so “not Rachel”

      1. I’m thinkin Rachel is heavily medicated and that’s why she is calm. Ever since her last meltdown where a dr came in and talked to her I feel like we have lost a trainwreck and she’s becoming more and more normal. Team Rachel!!

    1. I don’t think anything unexpected is going to happen tonight. As soon as BBAD came on last night, I could tell by Rachel’s expression exactly what had happened. She was playing cards and trying to be cheery but was definitely bummed out. Rachel is no fool and only a fool would trust Porsche not to evict her based on promises made in BB. Promises are broken all the time. Rachel probably knows that Porsche believes her only shot to win is to take Rachel to the end so she is relatively convinced Jordan is leaving. Adam will keep making sure Porsche is going to evict Jordan because he needs Jordan gone without getting the blood on his hands. Bye, Jordan :-((((( Good luck, Rachel!!

    2. Maybe Rachel and Porcha staged that whole fight thing and have secretly been working together this whole time LOL ,wouldn’t that surprise Adam LOL

  19. Rachel will go, they just can’t tell her as she will go balistic. They would be totally stupid to take Rachel to the final three. And if Jeff and Jordan don’t vote Adam they are jerks because he helped them all summer get the votes for people they wanted out or to stay. Adam played a solid game. I want him to win.

    1. Sorry Karen but Jordan will go as Porsche promised Rachel in the last eviction that if she breaks the tie to keep her, she will do everything to keep Rachel in the house and Adam told Porsche that since she already won last time, it is time to give chance to others. Jordan is going to the Jury house. We do not have to be sorry for the house guest going to the jury house because they all got paid to be in the show. No one is a looser in this game. They got paid pretty good for an easy summer job considering a lot of lot of people have no work or loosing their job and I for one just lost mine after 17 years working with my company.

      1. Sorry to hear that Victoria and your right they get paid very well and they have not food bills or other bills so its extra well lol

      2. Just because Porsche promised Rachel something before the eviction of Kalia doesn’t mean she has to hold up the end of the bargain, during Diary Room session she doesn’t sound like a fool . We Will all see Tonite I think Porsche has something up her sleeve , just because Jordan didn’t pack endurance clothes doesn’t mean she can’t go in a packed bagged to get something after Rachel walks out the Door. People tried to get Rachel out Dani, Kalia Porsche and Shelly has everyone forgot who Porsche targeted out before opening Pandoras box, She can be playing it up to everyone now Smart Cookie Maybe?

        1. I do not think so. She will send Jordan to the jury house but then again nothing is guarantee. I just read in one of the blog that Porsche already told Jordan that she is sending her to the jury house and she is OK with it and giving Rachel advise if she wins HOH. I will not mind Jordan going to the final three if she would have even won just one comp, anyway, Porsche deserves to go to the final three just like Rachel and Adam. I like her but it will not be fair to give Jordan another chance to win again and be lucky to win half a million dollar by being just nice, although I had a question why did she give Kalia a vote to stay when she knows that Adam and Rachel wanted Kalia out and told Rachel that I will let you know who I am voting before I do it. She let Rachel did the dirty work of sending Kalia out. I gave her a vote of America’s fan favorite as I like her and hopes she wins that.

    2. Why is it stupid to take Rachel? It is fair to take Rachel and that is why Porsche and Adam are in the final three because they play fair. Rachel carried Porsche several times including the last eviction. If Porsche will betray he will loose two jury votes. Also, if she takes Jordan and who is to say that Adam will take her instead of Jordan. If she does not betray Rachel, the deal she made with her final 2 will have a better chance of happening as it will be Rachel

      1. Continuation from above

        And Porsche trying and only Adam by himself. Rachel deserves to win this and either Adam or Porsche is OK for second place.

        1. Do you think Adam will take Porsche or Rachel in the end ? He wants to beat the best and Porsche isn’t Remember Rachel gave Porsche a golden Key in beginning all Adam had was Jeff alliance and knew they would start taking each other out. Porsche isn’t the best player unless she evicts her, Rachel might get mad but Rachel would respect the one that got her evicted . Its all about Game Porsche history would be getting Shelly evicted (Big Deal) and Jordan what kind of big moves is that. 50,000 plus 5.000 and champagne Porsche has wasted her summer. Rachel need to take Porsche to win

    3. I guess your swinging that JJ support over to Adam? I don’t know about Adam getting Jeff’s vote either. All of a sudden Adam’s winning comps? Albeit against a dwindling field of competitors, but where was Adam when Jeff eeded that veto? Oh yeah, he was the first one out .

      1. Hi Patrizio, nothing is guarantee in this game. You know I had a crazy thought of maybe the most hated person for two seasons in big brother house can win this time and get 7-0 vote. That would be a blast and I bet this site will go boom boom. People will probably say are you “Crazy”. :LOL

      2. No, I am hoping for Rachel to win the game she deserves it after what she went through with the mean girls who were kissing her ass (pardon my language) when she won the last HOH. Rachel is a survivor and I do not like it when one person is being picked on.

  20. okay I’ll admit i like jor/jeff… ( but on that note I didn’t necessarily want them to win…I liked Dom and Cassie) Rachel drove me crazy with her wackadoodle ways but she is a fierce competitor, Adam benefited from inner alliances fighting. Por, yes she won things, but, sorry Por annoys me, almost more than any other bb guest. I have watched all season and hated on some loved some you know the roller coaster! But the trio of Dani, Por, Kalia and at times Shelly were just MEAN! I am so tired of people saying: Jeff’s a bully, Jordan isn’t as sweet as y’all think and so on. At least they didn’t steal things (chess pieces, stuffed animals, and more), put benefiber in the muscle milk, say things that I’m 99% sure they would say in front of that person’s face, and much more. What jeff did he said it to their face, Rachel mostly too. Dani in her last days was scary and even though shes a girl was very much a bully. Kalia, needs help for her illusions of grandeur, Por, well, I cant put my finger on it, but por just causes me to have these unwanted feelings of disgust…So, I guess I would want Rachel and Adam for final 2 and Rachel to take it home…O and the whole Jordan should give another person a chance to win bb is garbage, for one bb asked her back so if people have a problem focus on cbs, secondly, Jordan IS in the final four for what ever reason just like Por, Rachel, Adam so move on, Thirdly, Survivor, MTV challenges etc give players multiple chances to win things…games do it all the time! So imo jordan, evel dick, or any other previous winner should have just as much as a chance as anyone…ok of my soap box :)

    1. FINALLY…..a post that I totally agree with. I too have been having trouble with people saying that Jordan doesn’t deserve to win because she already won…that’s smack! New season, new year…she should have equal opportunity to win, although I don’t think she “deserves” to win on game merit, she may be nice and a sweetheart but that’s only half of the game.

      This post is not to debate who deserves it more…just that I’m fed up with the “Jordan already won so….” arguement.

      1. I like jj but with that said i don’t think jordon deserves to win not becasue she won her season of bb which shouldn’t matter but becasue she hasn’t done anything all season. She won one hoh week 2 since then nothing

  21. I’m a huge Jordan fan because I think she’s sweet, she’s funny and she’s genuine, but I think that Rachel deserves to stay.
    She’s fought hard, she’s won competitions, she’s redeemed herself socially and she’s earned the right to be in the Final 2.
    I also think Jordan has given up and Rachel is like the Energizer Bunny….she keeps on going and going…..
    I think Rachel could beat Adam in the end….but with Porsche, it would be a tougher call.
    I would rather see Adam in the end because while he may not make the “big moves”, I think he’s a genuinely nice guy and I prefer to see decent people rewarded.
    Porsche can suck it.

    Team J&J….and now, Team Rachel.

  22. tonights going to be great fun can’t wait to see how this endurance comp pans out.. I have a feeling it’ll go the distance 8hours ? what do you all think.. it’s been a long time since we’ve had a real endurance battle

    1. Hopefully it’s something leg and/or butt related. Rachel has a strong legs and Porsche’s ass is…what it is. If it’s something where they need to use their arms, the girls might have a tough time. I’m thinking it will be a “hanging on a rope that has a small seat” type contest.

    2. Lol!!! 8 hours!? No, I don’t think it will last that long. Adam will be the first one to be out and I bet he won’t last for 30 minutes to a hour IMO. If he lasts longer it will shock me. I think it could last quite a bit between Porsche and Rachel though (assuming Rachel isn’t evicted).

    3. I wonder if epic is even possible nowadays. Remember the one with ED? That was brutal, umping over that bunny for hours. I don’t see this crew going very long. I will be shocked if it lasts an hour. And Rachel will win this endurance, I’m convinced of that. I think Adam will fall first, sad to say, and I don’t think he will throw it on purpose!

    4. Simon…let’s hope it’s something like they had in season 8,with the rabbit that went around,as they stood on a tree stump…bellieve Dick and Zack was on it for over 8 hrs.C’mon BB…let’s see who wants this game the most.

    5. I hope so Simon! My fave endurance ever was the infamous Dani Dick Dan one that went on all night and had some serious mental game goin too! I hope it’s something awesome like that. Not to mention Adam wouldnt stand a chance :)

    6. i’m looking forward to the endurance comp too. I predict that Adam will be the first to fall. i hope it lasts a long time, but i don’t think so. maybe 3 hours top

  23. NEVER thought I would ever be rooting for Rachel to win…. But with what we got left, that is my feelings today! She is a beast when it comes to competing! Personality is off the wall, crazy emotions, narscistic, self absorbed, but she really takes this game so serious….. So I guess…. Go Rachel??? Ahhhh! This year BB has been tough to watch, tough to root for a winner. I actually have had more enjoyment coming on this site & reading the Spoilers & everyone’s comments! I will miss you Spoiler Board Comments!,, ok, back to lurking…..

    1. Me too, I have been watching BB since it started but this is the only season that i got into reading the feeds and also donated to it. I was always just waiting for it on TV. Thanks Big Brother for a wonderful season, just hoping my pick Rachel wins this game.

  24. Go Team Vegas! You deserve it Rachel.
    However, I don’t trust Porshe. Would hate to see Rachel fight so hard all summer only to come a bit short.

    1. Porsche and Jordan, but Porsche won POV, so Rachel is going up, and hopefully Jordan goes to hang out with Jeff as she intended and Rachel ends up winning. Time for a competitor to win not someone who was carried all season.

    2. Several post stated that Adam put up Porsche and Jordan. Porsche won POV so Rachel will go up but from what I have been reading Porsche will send Jordan to the jury.

    3. Yup.. So Porsche will use the veto on herself and then gets to decide who leaves… She has all the power.. HOH really doesn’t matter now because there is no chance of a tie..

    4. Adam put up Porsche and Jordan so they could ‘fight’ for POV. Porsche won and she is going to use the Veto, making her the sole vote for who goes…

    5. Porsche, Porsche, Porsche….getting rid of Jordan is a dumb move, though I see why your doing it. I don’t think Porsche watched BB11 because she is putting too much stock in Jordan winning a final HOH before. Adam would dominiate in the questions, Porsche would win endurance and then its a toss up between Adam/Porsche for the physical one….but leaving Rachel in the mix makes it a win for her pretty much

  25. Hey Optimism, open your eyes and quit looking at the game through Jeff and Jordan’s point of view. Jordan is completetly worthless and everyone knows that. She has done nothing in this game and deserved to go home weeks ago. Can’t wait to see her go out the door tonight. Hopefully all you Jordan fans can handle it and won’t throw a fit. No Pandora’s box this week to save her butt. I love it!!!

  26. As much as I would like to watch Jordan leave tonight, I think Porsche should evict Rachel if she wants to have a chance at winning. The more I think about it, Jeff might have burned Jordan with Brenchel when he was bitching out Shelly. Jeff is such an egotistical and selfish fool. Yeah, Shelly betrayed him, but he would have had the last laugh if he hadn’t messed up with the clown shoe. She would have beat him to jury. Of course, Jeff will never accept his own part in his eviction. He is the type of coward that will always blame someone else. He is still very bitter about Kevin taking him down on his season. In Jeff and Jordan’s world everyone is playing to help them win. Anyone who isn’t on board with that deserves the wrath of little jeff and his brain dead girlfriend.

  27. i’ve decide that i’m going to vote for kalia for AF. even though she annoyed the heck out of me with her non stop talking that was driving me insane just like enzo did last year when he ate, she was a pretty strong competitor. i would vote for dani, but i think she might win and doesn’t need my vote.

  28. Am I the only one that thinks keeping Rachel over Jordan is a bad idea? If the first comp in the final three is physical, which it usually is, Rachel will undoubtedly win. Whereas if it is Jordan with Adam and Porsche, Porsche would probably win. Then next comp would be questions, it would be tough for Adam to win, but I really think he could do it.

  29. BB did it’s best to make sure the RJ stayed. BB changed the game to help them stay or else the ratings would drop. This whole things has been fixed. What a waist of time !!!!!!!

  30. Listen
    I like Jordan – I don’t think she deserves to win
    I dislike Rachel – I think she is the one who deserves it the most right now.
    I LOVE the game – And because of that I believe that Porsche should evict Rachel.

    Since she is obviously way to stupid to see this. She can cry to the Jury when she is voting on Finale night!

  31. Rachel Got my vote for Americas Choice I voted 100 times
    Also Porshe would be a fool to keep Jordan because if Jordan end up in the final two Porshe would not win against Jordan Socia l game nor Adam. Ilke Jordan as a person but poor girl could not win anything to save her life.

  32. Why do people keep talking about final 2 deals? If you get to the final 3, there is a series of competitions and you have to win to get to the final 2. Then the jury votes from those two. There is no house guest voting after the forth to last house guest is voted out.

  33. I personally feel that Rachel has played the best game out of the remaining players, followed by Porsche, Adam, then Jordan.

    I watched Showtime and it seems like Jordan has packed it in. I guess Porsche feels that if Jordan stays and wins, she knows she’ll want Adam with her in the final 2. She can’t beat Porsche and has never liked her. That is the only reasoning I see from Porsche. She is in a good position because Adam will likely take her to final 2 and possibly Rachel.

  34. Many of you are saying how much stronger and more deserving for Rachel to win over Jordan. Maybe I am wrong, but the way I see it Rachel is feisty and impulsive, whereas Jordan is more easy going and thinks (even though she does not think deep) before she reacts. Together — there is a balance. Rachel’s forward movement in the game, after Brendon was evicted, is because of Jordan. Jordan help to ground Rachel. Jordan is better at reading people than Rachel is. Rachel is better strength wise. The one thing that Rachel was correct about was Shelly. The reason for that is its easy for one deceitful person to detect another deceitful person. Jordan, unfortunately and Rachel, are both being fooled by Adam. Adam and Porsche have a secret deal. The big undoing for Rachel and Jordan was to trust Adam. Regardless how any one feels about Adam, he played a good game. He waited for weeks in the shadows, uncommitted, under the radar (just like a predator hides in the bushes-watching and listening- just waiting for the right moment to attack), and then when the time was right he began to make his moves. Slowly, displaying devotion with just a little hint of uncertainty (which would make him more believable to his prey) to those whom he wanted to win their trust. Many consider Adam’s game play to be undeserving because he didnt do anything until the last few weeks–but NO NO, he did exactly the right thing. He waited for the majority of the stronger players to be eliminated until he made his move. Adam deserves to win BB13.

    1. I agree with your entire statement except the last sentence. Rachel deserves to win. I love Jordan, but she has packed it in and given up. Porsche rode coat tails – starting with Rachel’s when Rachel gave her the first golden key – and she never would have won the “Clown Shoe” POV if Jeff hadn’t thrown his shoe out. I agree that Adam has played based on his own strategy, and it has certainly worked for him. I just want Rachel to win. She is misunderstood. ;o)

  35. Did I miss something. How is Rachel such a strong competitor? Dani gave her the first HOH. And there is also the social aspect to the game which Rachel sucks at. Poor loser and winner. Going in a bush to cry and then making fun of Kalia when she cries. Really? When Rachel was down she was miserable and let everyone know it until BB threw that duos twist into her lap and when she’s on top she’s a nasty braggard, calling people floaters. Thats not a competitor, that is a poor sportsman. Porsche may not have won as much but she has been. She didn’t have a whole season to practice like Rachel did. Porsche also never cries and throws tantrums. You Rachel fans are delusional if you think she is anything but an insecure, egotistical hater. Oh and Cassie went home because she is hot and smart and Rachel was totally threatened by that. Yeah, that’s good game play.

    1. Kalia cried, Shelly cried and Jordan is crying too. It is OK to expess one’s emotion by crying and there is nothing wrong with that.

  36. Jordan promised Rachel she’s going to have her vote, Brendon and Jeff’s when she goes to Jury and that Rachel, only need to have one vote from the newbs and she will win it. Jordan told her she will try her best to sway a vote from the newbs to vote for Rachel.

  37. I think I’m one of the very few people that would love to see Porsche win this thing. No matter what anyone says, I think she is a competitor. Pretty much the first 1/3-half of the game she had the golden key and couldn’t compete. But she actually kicked ass in a lot of the comps even if she didn’t win, she came in second or close to it. She’s proven herself as a competitor in my eyes, and I’d like to see her win. Also, she’s a newbie and I’m not really diggin how the vets have been acting this year. I’d really HATE for Adam to win, he has done nothing until NOW. It’s like he finally woke up. I don’t think he deserves it at all. Rachel, is annoying as hell so I’d hate to see her win too. She’s so over dramatic and made it seem like everyone was after her this season. They WERE, but maybe if you didn’t cry, whine and close yourself off from the newbies, you would’ve made some great deals and felt safe during your time in the house. Just my two cents, she did this to herself and made everyone go against her. I also think she’s a huuuuuuuuge hypocrite for bringing Adam this far. It makes me laugh when she says she hates floaters, but she’s got the biggest one on her team. So dumb. As for Jordan, she’s already won, she was the biggest floater from the vets, so I think she deserves it the least. I really liked her in her season, and the beginning of this season, but her attitude completely changed and I’m just not a fan anymore. I was actually rooting for JJ in the beginning, but now I want her gone because she’s done absolutely nothing.

    1. Jordan isn’t even campaigning? At least Kalia went out gaming, and I wouldn’t hold my breath for her JH vote if I were Rachel. Another poisonous, post eviction GB, this time Kalia; ” A cow doesn’t change its spots”, witty. Am I missing something? Is that part of some kind of prize winning strategy that I don’t know about? If it comes down to a RP F2, I hope Porshe wins it too. She’s the real survivor of this season, first she has to partner up with that asshat Keith, then BR blow her off, and she has to align with others mid game to stay in. No, when Rachel was seeing the psychiatrist, Porshe had to start over. She was’nt crying in bushes, invading other HG’s personal space (just so ignorant); she was making slop pancakes for those weasels.

  38. I love Jordan & I do think she is a good social game player. Winner & Final 4 is a good track record. She couldn’t pull through to win even just one of these last few competitions and therefore I agree she shouldn’t win BB. But I don’t agree with those of you that think Porsche should evict Rachel. Porsche knows that Jordan would take Adam if she won final HOH. She ultimately is playing for 2nd place if either Rachel or Jordan win final HOH, but she has a better shot of Rachel taking her to final 2 than Jordan. She also knows that Adam wants to take Jordan if he wins final HOH so I think it’s a smart move to evict Jordan. On the flip side, I hope Rachel is smart and takes Adam to final 2 if she wins final HOH. IMO she will have Jeff, Jordan, Brendan, & Kalia’s votes. Dani will be forced to vote for Rachel because it is clear Dani doesn’t want Adam to win based on her Jury comments. If she takes Porsche, I think Porsche will have Shelly, Dani, Kalia & of course…ADAM will be the deciding vote. I think Porsche has a strong case against Adam & Rachel. Porsche evicted Shelly, Jeff & Jordan by winning 2 POVs & an HOH. She is the ONLY newbie that got out 2 vets. I think if she can state that in a compelling way to the jury then she will have a good case against Adam or Rachel. Adam got no one evicted, voted with the house the majority of the time & simply floated from power to power every week & coasted through. He did come up big in the final few competitions, but I don’t think that will be enough given the other two’s relatively strong cases. Rachel evicted Kalia, Keith, & Dominic. She won more competitions than Porsche & was a target since day 1, unlike Porsche who was never a target. Rachel also made some good social moves late in the game by “re-bonding” with Porsche, to seal it for me that she played the best overall game of BB this season. Of course, Rachel has to win final HOH to make it to final 2. Let’s hope she can do that.

  39. Jordan won already and if they leave her in the house she is going to win again. She is bad at competition but she managed to win big brother 11. If they keep her in the house she is the winner.

  40. Guys, it’s not about who “deserves” to stay.

    If porsche was smart, she would evict Rachel. It’s not like she’s losing any more jury votes (If she evicts Jordan JJ aren’t voting for her and if she evicts Rachel, BR aren’t voting for her). I really don’t think anyone outside JBR would vote for jordan (escpecially after Jeff’s episode with Shelly lol…) and jordan sucks at comps. She would have a better shot at winning final HOH against Jordan than against Rachel.

    She needs to do what’s right for her as opposed to who deserves and who doesn’t.

    And JORDAN needs to get out of the freaking bed and campaign to porsche. Don’t think for a second that Rachel wouldn’t do the same if she thought she was going home. C’mon Jordan!

  41. That does put this whole thing in perspective, doesn’t it? We are all worried about which of these EMPLOYED players will get the big bucks, but there are so many people out there who are struggling.
    On a side note: Jeff and Dani are acting like 12 year olds. You are not playing anymore and there is not reason to be rude or make ugly comments about the HGs still in the game.

  42. So is this Jordan’s great social game? She’s not even making the attempt to convince porsche to keep her in the game, she’s not being social, she’s given up. I don’t know how anyone can say with a straight face that she deserved to win this season. Rachel and Porsche are the only ones left that deserve to win.

  43. itd be fricken awesome if rachel got a diamond power of veto from jessie that she wasnt allowed to speak about, & maybe thats why she wasnt as stressed about getting rid of porsche or kalia, and that shes so calm down. i swear, i will die if she pulls it out of her pocket, and puts porsche up!

    1. LMFAO @ all the “hissing” this afternoon

      If she got a power, America would’ve saw that on the show, besides D-POV/ Coupe De’crap can’t overide the “POV Winner” just the “nominations”, nice try though. Jordan is getting what she wanted she’s going to jury to continue “hanging out with Little Jeffrey a.k.a Clown Shoe for the summer as intended.


  44. I think Porshe is INSANE!!!!! She can beat J and A! why would she risk putting her fate in R’s hands. Simon, what are your thoughts? I know you aren’t a fan of Jordan but from a player stand point dont you think R would be an easy pick for eviction?

  45. If Adam and Porsche were smart and want to have any chance at winning, they would evict Rachel. Let’s face it, Rachel is great at endurance comps. If either one is in the final 2 with Rachel, they are guaranteed 2nd place. Jordan isn’t good at comps and if Adam and Porsche were final 2, both have a fairly equal chance at winning. If Jordan wins the final hoh then either one has a fair chance of beating her with jury votes. There is no hope for either if Rachel makes it to final 2. At this point it is about making choices that give you a better chance at winning, not sticking with alliances and previous deals made. If breaking your deal gives you a better chance then they should go for it. BB isn’t about holding your word, it is who can lie and manipulate their way to the top.

  46. So PAR F3–who takes who to F2? And who ultimately wins?

    -Rachel probably takes Adam after her talk with Jordan–but I think it will be a close 4-3 vote versus either P or A

    -Porsche I have no clue about what goes through her head so I won’t even guess what her ideal F2 is.

    -Adam should probably take Porsche if the jury just looks at strength of gameplay, but then again I have a hard time seeing Adam beating either P or R in F2 especially if he evicts 1 of them and loses their jury vote

    I have a feeling this year’s F2 will be very close and will come down to a 4-3 vote and that 4th vote will be the person evicted in 3rd place. Rachel has the best shot because she has 3 votes locked in with JJB and I think she will find a 4th vote somewhere.

  47. Porsche would win mad respect as a PLAYER if she made everyone think she was evicting Jordan and she actually evict who she should to win. – Rachel!

    OMG she is so stupid if she doesn’t. I am suprised production is not in Porsche and Jordan’s ear over this. Porsche’s to evict Rachel and Jordan’s to point out to Porsche that she should Rachel stay she has a harder time of getting ot final 2 and even if she does. she has a harder time of winning!

  48. I tend to agree with the thinking that porsche should keep up the pretense of voting out jordan but then vote out Rachel. Not only is Rachel more dangerous in the comps but doing it that way would make Jordan perform even worse in the comps because she’d be completely unprepared and emotionally off balance. Let’s face it, Porsche’s not getting Rachels vote regardless so there’s no real loss to her.

    1. Porsche will evict Jordan as she already told Jordan that she will evict her. Porsche is just making true to her promise to Rachel if she breaks the tie to keep her and evict Kalia she will keep her safe this week.

    2. As I was sitting here watching Jordan getting ready while everyone is resting for the comp, I was thinking the same thing. Porsche will vote out Jordan but if she was smart she’d get rid of Rachel. Jordan would be totally unprepared (not that she’d be much of a threat prepared). I think Rachel has this thing locked up. I’m not saying Adam is the most intelligent person but he’s definitely smarter than Porsche and you’d think he’d point all this out to her.

  49. This is really shaping up as the most boring finish since BB1. Rachel, Jordan, Porsche and Adam – Oh My!

    It isn’t that I don’t like most of them, Rachel might be the exception, and it’s just that there is no real drama left. We are in the end-game of what started from the first few weeks with the Newbies vs. the Veterans. They are still playing the game as if their fearless leaders, Jeff and Dani, are still there.

    This year would have been much better if veterans were paired with newbies at the start, and no couples!!!!

  50. Rachel, Jordan right you have a chance to take out Porsche in Final round of HOH. Porsche has a weakness of Question. The best way is force Adam & Porsche in RD2. Porsche don’t remember anything.

  51. Last night Adam was pushing Porsche to evict Jordan, why, so Adam’s hands stay clean and he gets her jury vote. Porsche is agreeing to what Adam says, but wil follow Dani’s advice and get rid of Rachel for a couple of reasons:

    1. Porsche will last longest against JA in endurance
    2. Adam will beat out Jordan in second round question comp.
    3. 50/50 Porsche vs Adam in final comp and (Adam will freeze up once again) that is always what former house guest said this A or B.

    As Dani was pushing last night during the Jeff Shelly confrontation, and it will be hammered home further by Dani and others that Jeff threw the POV comp that ended Brendon’s second trip to BB house. That is Porsche especially ace in the hole on votes. Jeff screwed Jordan/Adam last night by attacking Shelly for going against the alliance, when Jeff did the same thing to Brendon and BR will never vote for Jordan or Adam once it WILL be brought up big time during the Jury house questions for sure if Jordan or Adam are in the F2.

    If Jordan and/or Adam are in F2, only votes on present jury are Jeff and maybe (but doubtful) Shelly, if Adam is in the Jury he will vote Porsche.

    1. Did you think before you wrote this?? There is no way BR are NOT going to vote for Jordan if she was in final 2. Brendon, Im sure is over Jeff throwing the contest and they certainly wouldnt hold it against Jordan. So Jordan would have JBR votes and Shelly would definitely vote for Jordan as she wants to get back in with them and she cant stand Adam or Porsche. Jordan wins if she is final 2, Rachel wins if she is in final 2, it would be a toss up between Adam and Porsche if they were in final 2 together.

      1. Considering THIS is only YOUR opinion, and can see you do not THINK much at all, must be because you are an Adam wannabe in his position with Jeff all season!

        1. Yeah, it must be because Im an Adam wannabe or wait maybe it’s because I can look at it logically and not just fit some supposed “facts” to support my opinion. You stated that BR will never vote for Jordan or Adam when they find out. Really?? How do you know?? Your opinion isnt followed by a reasonable or rational thought. It sounds like you are more bitter with the thought of Porsche keeping Rachel over Jordan so that is why your are trying to rationalize why she should keep Jordan.

          BTW, I dont care who wins….

          Go Team Nobody Yo!

          1. Yes I must bow to you because you know what Porsche BELIEVES as you stated in your lower post! Obviously your logic is baseless and you obviously do not listen during the shows or LF’s what people say, especially Brenda before his eviction. Fact is amongst many things Brenden said upon leaving is he’d only vote for the person who played the game the hardest, and Jordan did nothing but ride coat tails, so scrap Brenda’s vote for Rachel. And BR play the game VERY personally and as Rachel says, ‘nothing comes between me and my man” well $5 grand in Jeff’s pocket came between Rach and her man so in your lack of infinite wisdom you think for a simgle moment BR would give $500k to Jordan! Yea when pigs fly and in your dillusional world that might happen, but not in the real world!

            1. Who said you had to bow down to anyone?? Why are you being so irrational right now?? Of course what we are both saying is opinion. I however think mine was based on logic and yours was based on emotion. Brendon saying that he was voting for the person who played the game the hardest was said during his eviction, not during a live feed. So yes, I heard what he said. And I believe in the end he will think Porsche and Adam were bigger floaters because they NEVER had a target on their backs and had to actually fight to stay until the end. Jordan meanwhile was a previous winner and part of the “vet” alliance so she had a bigger target then the other 2.

              Also Brendon is probably closer to Jeff than any other HG with the exception of Rachel. They truely seem to like each other. Im sure Brendon is over the fact that Jeff “threw” the cornhole POV, which lets face it Jeff still could have won if Adam scored higher than an 8. If Jeff “truely” threw the comp then he would have missed the house completely. You are claiming that Jordan would only get Jeff’s vote maybe but doubtful for Shelly’s is without rational thinking. Shoot Kalia may even vote for Jordan as she is so bent on saying she is a man of her word..

              C’mon, shake yourself! Come back from Fantasyland where big girls dont cry.

              1. Wow, you just proved your ignorance beyond belief now! First off, Jeff admitted to Jordan numerous times his throwing the cornhole comp, when he though Dani would BD him. Second when Rachel confronted jeff and Jordan they lied numerous times to Rachel claiming Jeff NEVER threw the comp to Adam. So based on them lying and Jordan being the ultimate coat tailer, yeah Brenda will vote the $500k to Jordan in your fantasyland only! I am not being irrational either, I am responding to stupid statements made by someone who talks BS and assumes things that are complete crap! Just like you assume I am female shows your full of it!

                1. First off, I know what Jeff said to Jordan and I know what Rachel asked Jeff. Im saying this wont be a big deal anymore. Brendon has been long gone and Im sure he doesnt have any resentment towards anyone. You also dont think that Dani has told Brendon already?? Brendon looked pretty calm on the last show, even smiling and saying “hey lets go watch the video”.

                  Second, I assume you are girl cause you whine like one. If you want to be thought of as a man, then simply act like one. Or better yet, act like Shelly.

                  1. To start off with, you are obviously a complete fool and this is not whining, it is stating FACT. Considering you began this with a confrontational statement in your first post and cannot support anything with any fact, just your own inuendo and opinions that are completely void of anything but your words just as all the other posts of yours you’ve made shows Jordan is even smarter than you!

                    So I am done dealing with someone with less brain cells than Jordan and who thinks a pathetic handle like Big Game Move will make you seem more intelligent when in fact you’ve proven the complete opposite……lol….see ya loser!

          1. Was the person I replied to talking about Dani? NO he was talking about how BRJ would vote, and that’s what I referred too.

  52. If Adam can get himself through the final competitions to Final 2, especially with Porsche, then — since he’s a nice guy and a true BB fan– maybe he could get the votes to WIN IT ALL.

    That might be a fitting conclusion to this pretty dismal season of BB13….. and would give A. Grodner a dyspeptic fit !

    1. Now that I think of it, AG might love it! Adam, true BB super-nerd, unglamorous (to put it mildly) hirsute chain smoker, beats the Vets and other preppy fitness types at their own game! Talk show gold!!!

  53. I think one of Porsche’s reasons is that Adam also seems closer to Jordan than Rachel and if Adam and Jordan have a final 2 then Porsche is outnumbered. Im sure she also thinks that Rachel would be more loyal to her over Adam at this point making easier to get to the final 2.

    Look I agree that they have to look at Jury Votes but those are almost set at this point. The main objective is to get to the final 2 and find the best route. Porsche believes that if Adam or Rachel were to win the last HOH, they would take her to the final. If Jordan is in play then Adam will be more torn on who to take and that would force Porsche to have to win the HOH rather than be brought along no matter who wins it. Im not sure thats her strategy but it would be a sound one if it was. You have to get to the final 2 first, after that you can make your arguements to the jury on why you should win.

  54. Based on who is left I’m cheering for Rachel. Jordan will go tonight. Porsche would not be smart to keep her. I believe if she stays and gets to f2 she will win. As I see it Rachel will win against Porsche or Adam. Breaking down the votes as I see it:

    F2: RA
    Rachel: bjjdkp
    Adam: s
    F2: RP
    Rachel: bjja
    Porsche: dks
    Any f2 with Jordan: she would have brjks

    1. Yes but the problem is, Rachel will most def be a tough competitor and if she wins, she’s taking Adam.

      Jordan’s easier to beat in the F3 and Adam’s not stupid enough to take her if he wins (as he was pushing for porsche to evict her)

  55. If Porsche is smart enough to evict Rachael she can win the endurance comp in about 15 mins against Adam and Jordan. They will both give up right away. If she is dumb enough to leave Rachael in then forget it. Rachael will win whole thing. As much as I hate to admit it at least Rachael has played and tried hard, so if she won it would be OK. Something happened about halfway thru the show too, because she’s not nearly as obnoxious either.

    1. lol, ikr!!

      Jeff for America’s Player!
      I wish it would be possible to vote for pairs instead of singles. It would be better if it was JJ.

  56. lmao, jeff did not have a crush on porsche…jordan’s way prettier. At least Jordan wasn’t dumb enough to think that she was going to get movie deals after this season…

    1. IF Porsche wins $500,000, “Big” Jeff may suddenly have a
      huge crush on her. lol
      Jeff follows the money ……………….
      Could $howmance ll be his next gig?

      1. …what are you talking abt. Jeff hung out with jordan in BB11 and he had no way of knowing she was going to win. No one thought she was going to win.

  57. Yeah cause Rachel didn’t pick on anyone….oh wait yeah she did and she targeted Cassi because she was jealous of her. I’m sorry, but Rachel loves to be hated in the BB house.

    1. Dude, I totally forgot abt that!

      Rachel was totally wrong for that, Cassi was my favorite. After she left and Dom started being a follower is when I started rooting for the vets.

    2. Agree! Rachel, however, is jealous of most women it seems. I’ve never seen a more insecure, emotionally unbalanced woman than this nut job. Hell, her own fiancé even said on this season, for all to hear, that she needs to get some counseling when she gets out of here. Nuff said.

  58. I think jordon is under estimating porche if porche really wants to win why wouldn’t she take rachel out? honestly people this season make the dumbest moves jordon will be easier to take out during the final three if porche keeps rachel she will lose and i am not understanding why they are so sure porche won’t take rachel out

  59. SOMEBODY help me understand this…I really dont get it…why in the world would Porsche vote out Jordo?? I know some haters out in the world that say “Jordon does not desreve to win” I get that shes not been on top of her game BUT let me tell ya sumthin, if I was porche I would keep Jordon…Rachel kicks but in comps! And Porche should know whenn it comes to adam and her…Rachel gonna pick the baconator—Adam—…like come on gurl…lets be real. Porche made a comment that I read on this page, she said she ” Doesn’t want to keep Jordo because she already won”…HONEY do you want to win?…I like Rachel I think shes a really good game player and desercves the money. But if I was porche I would evict Rachel…rach will kick butt it the last comps…(watch me say this than porche beat rachheal in the last comps) ……-_-……haha Im just sayin better be safe than sorry. If anyone disagrees I really want to know, cuz Im trying to get the fact that proche is leaning more towards getting jordan out. yall need to help me out! I dont get the porch porch…word!

    1. I’m with you. I don’t understand why she would get rid of the weakest player.
      If she keeps Rachel, she will lose Dani’s vote for being so stupid.
      Why keep the toughest competitor? Even though Rachel deserves it!

    1. I would hate to see Jordumb win 1st or 2nd prize, as she’s done jack shit this entire season. However, Porcha has a much better chance of winning if she votes out Bratchel. I hate to say it but I see P voting out J as being on par with Adumb’s moronic move of not using the veto on P or K and getting rid of Jordumb. We’ll see what happens though. Here’s hoping Porcha wins big!

  60. If Porsche was smart she would evict Rachel. This is about winning the game and Porsche could easily beat Jordan in the final comps and likely Adam too. Hate to see Adam win anything but Porsche’s best shot is to take Adam, evict Rachel and walk through the comps against Jordan. Though if dumb ass wins and picks someone to go to the final 2 he’d probably pick Jordan and she’d win – that’s how stupid this guy is.

    1. I agree with the first part but i disagree with the lst part. I think Adam would totally take Porsche. He was pushing for her to evict Jordan today.

      I hope porsche rethinks her decision…
      Jordan needs to campaign!

  61. I want Rachel to win, because she is a competitor, I like Adam, he is a nice man, Porsche I don’t like her, the things she has done in the house went way too far.. Rachel’s social game has gotten better, and I will agree I think Jordan has a lot to do with this. As a competitor myself, I respect people who try to win, not throw comps. Adam game play was just to sit back and let the strong players get each other out, now he feels he can beat Porsche and Rachel. I am sick and tired of the weak players winning, but the old saying “the meek should inheirt the earth” is quite true with big brother.

  62. im a jj fan but i realy think dani deserved to win but when jeff got her out even though everbody else failed to do it he deserved it and i hate kalia adam and porsche so it was rachel or jordan jordan hast really won anything and rachel has fought for her life several times so now the only person who desrves to win is Rachel sooooooo

  63. I think porsche is an idiot to keep Rachel over Jordan. There is NO way she will beat Rachel in an endurance competition. And you know in final three there is always an endurance comp.

  64. Yap, Jeff and Jordan should have not voted to evict Brendon, lame excuse for voting with the house. They should have kept Brendon no matter what the result would have been. Anyway, what is done is done although I like JJ, they will be united. You see, sometimes nature has a way of making things right.

  65. Out of R/P/A I could care less who wins it….Adam will waste the money on rock concerts and a life sized blow up doll of Tori Spelling with all 3 holes opened.Rachel will blow it on her dream wedding and Porsche will blow hers on partying,std meds,Jenny Craig and lypo-suction.Hopefully if she wins,she’ll buy a car,so she can stop having 3 somes with old men for car rides.

  66. America’s Favorite

    America votes on who was the best competitor Rachel should win.
    America Votes on who did the lest Jordan should win.
    America votes on who slept more Kalia should win.
    America votes on how many c** stains were left in the house Brendon should win.
    America votes on lies that twisted the game up 3 times, Shelly should win.
    America votes on funniest fail of the season Little Jeffrey a.k.a Clown Shoe should win.
    America votes on entertainment Dick should win, his Dick at Nite show was more entertaining than this entire season.
    America votes on who’s dumber Jordan and Lawon would have to split the money.
    America votes on who’s the hottest Cassi should win.
    America votes on who has the fattest ass(not in a bad way) Porsche should win.
    America votes who’s the creepiest person in the house Adam wins by a mile.
    America votes who made the boldest move in the season Dani would win.
    America votes who is the worst with women, Kieth should win.
    If America could vote on baffoonery Production should win for the worst cast.

    I can’t vote for Dick so, I’m not voting this season.

      1. Hi, how did you get my comments? I did write ” Hi Ill Will, you are funny but good assessment. It is OK thou, I am just curious.

  67. i agree and am starting to get nervous I really hope that P votes to keep Rachel, she deserves to wi
    And atleast be in the final 3 and fight for her place in the final 2… It would actually be good tv to see them fight for it and Porsche has done well also so don’t know what the outcome will be but hope Rachel gets to stay and keep fighting ;)

    1. LOL, If I were you Porsche. Better call your family right now because if you do 2 million crazy fans will bang on your door.

  68. If Jordan is gone tonight as it seems she will be voted out I don’t see why rachel does not make it to the final 2. Think about it , lets say Porche wins and gets to choose the final 2. If she picks adams then all the 4 vets will vote for adam to win it. If adam wins and picks porche for the final 2 then porche will win as rachel would not vote for him. If however he picks rachel then he can get the 4 votes to win it all. I can’t see rachel not going to the final 2 as both adam and porche would win against her.

  69. Rachel has evolved into a really likable person an I credit Jordan for most of that transformation. Jordan is a truly nice girl who befriended rachel when no one else would and slowly Rachel began to relax and follow Jordan’s example and evolve into a nice girl, too. I hope and pray that Rachel wins this thing. She has fought her way through this season and deserves the win more than anyone else.

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