Big Brother 13 – Live Eviction and Final HOH Part 1 of 3

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Jordan Evicted

Porsche won the POV which means she is the only person that will vote to evict either Rachel or Jrodan tonight. I’m pretty sure she will evict Jordan leaving Adam, Rachel Porsche to battle it out in the final HOH comp.

This is how it’ll go down.
PART 1 – First part of the HOH is usually endurance.
PART 2 – The second part of the HOH is skill the 2 losers from the PART 1 Compete in this comp (?)
PART 3 – The Winner from Part 1 and the winner from part 2 face off in this final part of the HOH comp usually questions (Wednesday’s show)

The winner of the final HOH gets to decide who to go final 2 with.

7:05pm Feeds on Trivia HOH Comp will be shown soon

7:12pm HOH Comp is on the feeds.. Everyone is still on

7:19pm Rachel and Porsche are looking fine.. Adam is already suffering, he appears to be in major pain.

7:25pm Adam is out already.. holy BLANK

7:34pm Rachel and Porsche are doing fine.. this could go a long freaking time..

7:40pm Porsche dropped… Holy BLANK these people suck

7:47pm Rachel wins part 1 of the HOH…

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7:50pm – 8pm Adam, Porsche and Rachel are in the bathroom. Rachel is taking a shower. Adam and Porsche are in a lot of pain. Adam is walking like an old man. Rachel says that she felt it in her arms, legs and stomach. Adam says that when he came off he looked and saw that Rachel was fine … Porsche gets into the shower. Rachel leaves the washroom to change in the candy room.

8:10pm Porsche and Adam are in the bathroom talking about the competition. Big Brother tells Rachel to put on her mic. Adam asks who is she talking to? Porsche says soon after it started she started feeling sick. They talk about the different ways they were trying to hold on. Rachel comes to the bathroom and Adam jokes about who she was talking to.. Adam says that if she is seeing people maybe she should just self evict and let him and Porsche go to the final two. Rachel laughs. Rachel leaves the bathroom and goes to the storage room. She grabs some bags and does a happy dance and yells YAY! Rachel then heads back to the bathroom. Adam tells her that she is making him sick that she is walking around without a care in the world and his is in so much pain. They give credit to Evel Dick who stayed on for hours and they couldn’t even last an hour. They talk about the 17hour endurance from season 6. Porsche finishes her shower and Adam gets in to take his shower.

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8:15pm – 8:30pm Adam, Rachel and Porsche continue to talk about past competitions. Porsche tells Rachel that she is going to go take a nap. Rachel asks her really?! Rachel asks Porsche and Adam if they want dinner? Adam says that he doesn’t because he is feeling nauseous. Rachel wonders if they will get alcohol. Both Adam and Porsche don’t think so after an endurance competition. Rachel talks about dying her hair more red. They all talk about all the bruises they will have after this competition. Adam says that they will give up food for a spa day. Adam struggles to even put on his socks. He says that he wishes he could have worked out his legs more .. they are usually stronger. Adam says that his feet were barely on the foot rest. Adam heads into the kitchen to grab a beer. Rachel and Porsche are in the bathroom talking about how fast they were being spun around in the competition. Adam says oh ..well that was fun … only two more competitions left this summer. Porsche starts saying that it’s not good for your feet to be sitting in water for so long. They talk about how disgusting the goo was. Adam says that he barely had his feet on the foot rest and that they had way more of their feet on it. Adam says that except for the vetropopolous …he played in every competition this summer…

8:35pm Adam and Rachel recount all the competitions. Adam says that he competed in 26 out of 27 competitions. Rachel says she competed in 20. Porsche says shes been in 19. Adam says that there are 29 competitions for the entire summer. Rachel says that out of 20 she has won 7 competitions. Porsche says that she felt really bad for Jordan …but that she already won it two years ago …and that its time for someone else. Adam says that she went out classy. Porsche says that Jordan did shout outs …like she wasn’t supposed to but… Porsche says that she told Jordan she is a great competitor and that she told her that she played just as long as Dr. Will and he was a great competitor.

8:45pm – 8:50pm Adam leaves to go lay down in the purple room. They talk about how Jordan got a loud applause. Porsche says that all of the rest of us will get an even louder applause because it will be finale night. Rachel and Porsche talk about how they can’t feel bad for Jordan because she won two years ago. Porsche says …and she wasn’t going to share money with me ..she was going to share it with Jeff. Rachel says that she didn’t realize that she would make friends because on her season … why do I keep calling it my season… on season 12 .. Rachel whispers to Porsche that she thinks we got this.. Porsche says I hope so… Porsche and Rachel continue to blow dry and straighten their hair as they talk and joke about random stuff… Rachel heads into the storage room to grab soup for each of them.

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8:55pm Porsche and Rachel walk by the memory wall and Porsche points out that the whole middle row of houseguests are in the jury house. Rachel says wow ..I never noticed that.. Rachel and Porsche start cooking the soup to eat. Rachel asks Adam if he is okay. Adam says yeah. Rachel says that those endurance comps aren’t easy.

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427 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 – Live Eviction and Final HOH Part 1 of 3

              1. omg… she doesn’t and what a hater you are!! it’s part of her accent, which is charming, regardless if she wins 25k or not. Dani has a whiny voice and porsche, her voice is annoying! but the sound of the voice has no determination on who wins! so why bring it up???


              2. omg she does not ! she has a southern accent which is cute and charming! you wanna decide by voices?? ok, Dani, whines… ughhhh and Porsche’s is just plain annoying. Seriously though, that’s how you wanna determine who gets the 25k??? sheeeesh

                1. yep and you you want her to get it just because she’s cute so what’s the difference and I’m from MS and her voice is a put on for most oart

              3. Just a little fact $500,000 minus taxes leaves a little over $340,000 beside she bought her mother a house because they had no place to live Its why she came on the show. She really didn’t want to do the show ( this year) she did it for Jeff, some sacrifice. You heard her say sorry to her family and Jeff’s for letting them down. Lighten up on the girl wish more people had her heart.

                1. puleeeze, she bought herself a house and her mom lives with her. And bought herself a boob job so it’s not like she’s mother Theresa

                  1. How do you know she bought a boob job, were you there. That’s what I thought, you weren’t. Lighten up. BB is just a game, no different than monopoly.

                2. ok well keep in mind, where she is located, she could have gotten a really nice home for $120,000. jordumb hasn’t done jack all season. i dare someone to tell me something she did this season, that she feels like she should have won. she talked mad crap about porsche and kalia doing nothing, but i just feel like saying” wtf are you talking about you moron??? wth did YOU do??”

              1. Agreed. Jordumb super sucked. She got that far riding the coattails of Jeff and Rachel. It was such a shame seeing her get that far and being totally useless in any and every comp. She may be a sweet person, but she deserves nothing at all. Hell even Adam, the floater carried her through the previous eviction by and he isn’t far behind her on he useless chart.
                Dani deserves the 25,000 for having the cajunas to oppose the other vets and strike out on her own with newbs.

                1. Your an idiot. Dani didn’t do that much this season. Other then screw herself out of the money. That was not a big move that was a dumb move. If she laid low for a couple more weeks she would have been in a better position to run the house to the end. She doesn’t deserve money just because she made a lame brain move, that was not very strategic. Don’t get me wrong I am a Dani fan, but she didn’t play a very good game this time. You call Jordan dumb but she probably is the best social player and came in second in at least 4 comps. She just couldn’t pull it out. Of course if she would have, everyone would have whined that it was rigged.

                2. She had cajunas but little more. she single handedly got herself and 3 vets evicted.

                  When you make a big move it should make sense. Hers sucked. No money for her whiny butt.

                3. I’m bored of reading unintelligent comments and figured I should add one with a bit more thought. All these Jordan hater comments are pretty pathetic. Her voice is annoying, she doesn’t deserve to win blah blah. Well true, she didn’t play a good game, but at least she admits she doesn’t deserve to win. How about that for character. Speaking of character, I don’t see how people can hate on hers. Why? cause she’s genuinely a nice good hearted person? Something most of you aren’t familiar with. Ha! and calling her dumb? Do you hate on the black guy for being black? Well some of you do. Well hatin on her for not coming off as the most intelligent makes. you no better then the racist. Guaranteed all you haters, with your low life comments would come off as jerks and losers if you were being watched 24/7. Think about that before you make stupid comments, not that you care cause you’r free from criticism behind your anonymous computers. I’m not saying I’m any better than these haters, but I’m above putting people down with dumb comments. Back to her voice, why is that even necessary to bring up when discussing if she deserves to win or not? Takes a lot of intelligence to think that up as a reason someone should not win.
                  Now in ending this, I’d like to say that Rachel will definitely win. Also, I’m no fan of Porche or Adam, but I do have to say that regardless of their game plays that still managed to outlast everyone else, and in that alone, shows their game plans worked even if it was no game plan at all…Adam, and they still deserve to be where they are. Maybe just not as much as several other evicted players ha.

            1. Jeff or Jordan for the 25K, but NO money for Evil Dickless Danielle, she would have played the worst game this year, but she will finish second to Kalia there.

            2. Danielle doesn’t deserve any money. She was a whiny, two-faced LOSER. It’s funny how every season the losers can’t believe that America voted for so-and-so, thinking that one of them should have gotten a reward. They are so full of themselves (Danielle, Porsche, Shelly, and Kalia this season) that the same thing happened. In the end, they got what they deserved: zilch. Because America doesn’t like them. America doesn’t like their game play. And America thinks they are aholes. The vets rocked this season because they are popular (in America’s eyes) and actually were competitive. At this point, Rachel deserves the prize money on finale night. Neither Adam nor Porsche deserve second place.

              1. Could not agree more, but then I’ve always been a rach fan. Time to collect that half mil.
                Brandon will be so proud.
                If she takes Adam she will win because Dani won’t vote for him


        1. Jordan just showed on TV how to lose with grace and honor. Man, did she make Dani look like crap. Jordan now gets my vote for the $25,000 extra. She man up and made no excuses like Dani did, and left wishing those 3 the best of luck. Maybe, not the smartest cookie….but the mean girls at the Jury house could learn alot from her about life.

          1. I’m sooooooooo sad Jordan got evicted :( I wanted her to at least win 2nd place. She spent most her money last time she won on helping her family, but i guess it goes out to show what a good person she is. I want Rachel to win now. She at least wants the money to pay for her dream wedding and and start a family with Brendan. If Adam wins, I’ll be somewhat mad but not nearly as much as if Porche wins. Bitch probably spend it on material crap.

            1. wow eddy…porsche will probably spend it on “material crap”? judgemental much? who the hell cares what she would spend the money on! its not for us to decide or even care about.

          2. If I could pick who won the game it would be:
            Jordan (don’t care what anyone says, I love her)
            Rachel (I’ve grown fond of her and she needs it for the wedding)
            Jeff (one of the best competitors)
            Dani (I hate her alliance but individually, like her and shes also a great competitor)

            1. I would not reward Dani for bad game play. Her game was bad!!!
              At least Jeff got caught off guard, though Jeff is partially to be blamed for sitting in that Jury

          3. She left with class??? She knew she sucked and admitted it to Rachel that she sucked and owed her longevity there to her and others. So it was no surprise that she didn’t feel betrayed that she knew she was leaving. She won nothing and never got close. And her HOH gift doesn’t count. Other players deserved to voice there feelings of cowardness and betrayal by others — Jeff, Danille, and Brendon come to mind. They played hard and won comps and deserved to question the games of the others when leaving.

          4. I didn’t watched the previous season Jordon played. I kind of curious why JJ can be American’s sweethearts. However, after tonight’s show, I finally found Jordon sweet too! Hopefully, JR can be life friends after the show. Maybe what everybody said was right, Jordon doesn’t really care to win, she just came again to help Jeff win, that didn’t happen though.

          5. I agree Jordan lost with dignity. She thanked Rachel for getting her this far and when she was talking with Julie she even said I would not have felt right had I stayed and Rachel left because she deserved to be in the house more than I did. She seems to play the game in the house the way she would live outside the house. It helped her get this far in the game with the fact her alliance kept her safe also. Not to many people have that ability to not do good in the comps and still get to final 4. Its her social game that helps her, she even says I suck at comps, all though she did come in 2nd on a few comps. I think Porsche made a mistake in keeping Rachel if she wanted to win though because if Jordan made it to the final 2 I believe she would not have the votes to win because the Jury would all have in the back of their minds she already won 2 years ago. Maybe a mistake, but we will see.

      1. If rachel makes it to final 2 she won’t be aligabel but i think a lot of people are voting for jeff and think right now he is the favourite to win. Also the second part might also be endurance it was in all star that is how janelle lost. I really hope rachel wins bad move porche

        1. I voted my 10 votes for Jeff and Jordan more for Jeff he is really hot and good person….I know you all think he is a bully but I don’t…. He defends his self along with jordan …. If a woman puts her self in a man shows she should expect to Be Treated as a man.. I do not condon hitting a woman but him raising his voice does not make him a bully… Love Jeff and Jordan …

          1. I have no idea what you’re trying to say, however, do you watch more than what is edited and played on CBS? Jeff is extremely disrespectful to ALL women, INCLUDING his beloved Jordan. Jordan’s true colors also came out when she had the argument with Shelly and the tacky things she said to Porsche right before she was voted out. She has been complaining since week 2 that she wanted to go home. Niether Jeff, nor Jordan, deserve to be placed on a pedestal.

            1. I agree! Can’t stand Jeff or Jordan and their fake “relationship! Jordan is a greedy, selfish, b*tch who tries to fool everyone with her sweet, southern “charm”. She never had me fooled and I’m glad her a$$ is GONE!!
              BYE BYE JORDAN!!!!

              1. The contestants are people just like the people posting on these websites…if you think that Jordan complains, then take a look in the mirror because for the past 3 months all i have heard is yall complaining. “JJBR suck!” “Why did they bring back the veterans?” “Porsche is a b*tch!” “Kalia is an animal abuser!” “Jeff doesnt like gay people!” whine whine whine and nag nag nag. So stop being so self-righteous. Jordan has complained but no where near as much as the people who post on this site. Why could we not just enjoy the show that we all love? CBS brought back the veterans…GET OVER IT! Plus that was in June when the show started, and yall still have something to say about it…sheesh grow up and watch tv like adults and if you cant handle it maybe you should think about getting the remote and turning the tv off. Apparently, watching tv is too much for some grown ups to handle.

                1. You have a good point. I have never seen so much hate written for a game show. But I guess that is what happens when people get included they want to make their point.

            2. I don’t hit women, I speak softly and I don’t get mad easily. But honestly I have bitch slapped my TV several times when Kalia, Dani or Shelly etc were on my screen being irritating and stupid. I can only guess that being around people who are so irritating and stupid acting can get to anyone. Jeff probably takes it way better than most people could.

        2. Sure …….. give “Big Jeff” 25,000 more reasons to walk away from Jordan.
          It may not be enough, after all it isn’t 500,000, but then again …………
          He was in BB13 looking for his Freedom from the phony $howmance.
          So vote for him and help FREE JEFF.
          BTW – You’ll be doing Jordan a favor in the long run.

        3. If rach wins the game, and gets americas vote, it will be bumped from her to the next highest vote.
          That’s what Rach told Adam.
          It would be a shame for Rach to lose all the money. She’s not in final 2 yet people

      2. I already voted for Dani as America’s favorite. I can’t stand Rachel. What truly sucks is that she’ll probably be back on next season’s BB All-Stars. C’mon, people, ya’ll know it’s going to be an all-star season next summer. BB is following the same downhill spiral that Survivor has fallen in to.

      1. I agree with you … we dont know who will be the final two … but i wish everyone would take a look at the players . Rachel changed her game; I think for the best … she may not have won everything but she took the losses better .. ok except the last POV… dont blame her tho. I would want to cry too . one can only do so much .. she became more social . I am sure she found out just how rotten a few players were …. I think she handle that like a trooper … I was so glad that P gave her a chance … GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN :-)

        1. you have got to be kidding about her not being a cry baby remember her after every game if it was not in her favor she would cry remember the time she ran into the trees and bushes

      1. Rachel and Prosche final 2 would be my choice but I’m pretty sure Rachel will take Adam resulting in Rachel wining Big BRother 13 unless Adam/Porsche can pull a final HOH win out of their asses there both screwed

        I am not a fan of Adam’s game.

        1. I have a new found respect for Rachel. She is a fighter and deserves to win! I’m not a fan of Adam’s game or Porsch’s game.

          1. Exactly how is he going to win?
            Dani is the tie breaker between the sides and we all know how she feels about him.
            Dani is a virgo, you gotta get her respect and Adam doesn’t have it.
            If she takes Portia Portia could win with Dani’s vote

        2. Porsche didn’t is why people rooting for her? In the 69 days she being in BB, she was 60+ days safe for sure. She was already conniving playing both sides on Day 2, started to cry and instigate a grudge bt both sides. And after being best friend to Rachel for 4 safe weeks, she switched sides and threw R under the bus when R didn’t win HOH in the 5th. So, how is she better than Rachel and Adam? In what ways?

    1. I thought it was pretty funny when Adam made his nomination speech. Saying it is about winning the Veto and you have to earn your way. Is it just met or has Adam forgotten that he was given the POV when he won it and he has only been HOH one time? I was thinking “hmmm…Adam you have sucked at competitons and you are saying that winning is what is important” …

  1. If Jordon goes to the jury house, does anyone think Shelly and Kalia will be successful in getting Jordon to think about NOT voting for Rachel should she make the final 2? Remember Jeff and Jordon couldn’t stand Rachel. Also, Brendon and Rachel were ready to throw Jeff and\or Jordon under the bus a few times (and vise versa). The jury house may be working on reminding Jordon and Jeff of this.

        1. why does Adam not deserve to win the money? He’s made it this far, while all the so called “competitors” are in the jury house, he deserves it as much as anyone…nothing wrong with staying under the radar and floating your way through this game, it’s actually a better strategy than coming in and trying to win everything and get a bunch of targets on your back…most of the winners in the game didn’t win a lot of competitions, I don’t know why people think you are only deserving to win if you won a bunch of competitions…

          1. people who can’t win think like you do and favor the floaters. This game has 20 something competitions. They are intended for people to try and win them that is why there is safety to the one that wins. who likes to watch a season like this full of these newbies that cant compete worth a sh it. I don’t think any of the endurance comps even lasted over an hour, how lame. The floaters make this game boring they should change it to the two that do the worst in the comps are up on the block.

            1. haha, people who can’t win like me? You’re an idiot if you think you know anything about me buddy…and sure, you get safety for the week you win, but you also piss the people off that you nominated and you can’t even compete for the HOH the next week, so you get punished too…the point is there are other strategies in this game other than being a great “competitor”…and I’m pretty sure Adam doesn’t really care what type of player you like to watch while getting fatter on your couch at home, he now has a 33% change of winning 500k, that’s a lot better chances than all your great “competitors” in the jury house…

              1. The post said think like you. Maybe try using your brain first, rather than your internet tough guy muscles. If you can’t read, perhaps you should include yourself in your name that you use on here.

                1. How was I using my internet muscles, by calling him an idiot? Haha, wow, don’t get offended so easily you little faggot….

      1. Jordan try to convince others to vote for Rachel?. I have to see that to believe it.
        She has a slightly selfish streak, I’m sure she wants Rach to win, but to campaign for her. I highly doubt it. Jeff won’t either.
        It’s Brandon who is the stand up guy in that house.
        Still love Jeff but let’s call a spade a spade- the only way he would have campaigned is if Shelly were in the final 2.
        Slightly self serving both of them, but innocently

    1. I really do not think that is possible. First of all, Jordan and Rachel have become friends and they are way past that rough patch from earlier in the game. Secondly, Jeff – even Shelly and Kalia will not be swayed from how they felt about Rachel earlier in the game. Rachel has proven herself a worthy opponent and the jury will respect that and vote for Rachel to win. If Rachel goes to final with Adam or Porche, I think the vote will be 7/0 Rachel to win. If Adam goes to final with Porche (holding nose), I think the vote would be 4/3 for Porche to win. Jeff/Jordon/Shelly voting for Adam and everyone else for Porche.

      The excitement is back since everything is moving fast now.

      1. completely agree – and Jeff and Brendon have been hanging out for a few weeks – they were friends and got along well in the BB house so they are probably best friends in the jury house- which means Jeff will vote for Rachel and Jordan will do what Jeff does (but even without Jeff, I am pretty confident Jordan would vote for her anyway)

    2. No. Because in the end, Rachel was all Jordan had and Rachel was doing everything she could to stay in the game. Kalia and Shelly on the other hand were doing everything they could to get Jordan (and Rachel) out of the house. Jordan will vote with Jeff, and Jeff will vote for Rachel.

    3. No, Jordon already told her she has her’s, jeff and brendon’s vote and all she needs is one and that she can’t take porche to the F2 also Jordon and rachel are friends i don’t see jordon going against rachel

  2. Porsche’s only chance of getting to final 2 is to win the HOH competition. Don’t think Adam will have the balls to pick Porsche since he’s been licking the boots of the vets since day 1. Rachel will see that she’s a shoe-in against Adam. Even sleepy Kalia and lying Shelly would have beat Adam. BB’s most worthless contestant of all time.

    1. Licking shoe is only your imagination. What really happens is Porsche polish-shave Adam’s back and keep trying to sweet-talk Adam, Adam never sway his decision, never use his veto, chose Rachel instead of Porsche when he won HOH!

  3. Yay, can’t wait!! Bye Jordan. i want to see a Porsche an Rachel final, but most likely Porsche will win (which was my guess since week 3) GO RACHEL & PORSCHE!!!!!

    1. Agreed! Can’t believe Porsche came through with a win. Just when I had lost all hope…….Now kick Jordan out of the game one and for all. Redemption for Porsche after her bad HOH. Now there’s no Pandoras Box to mess her plans.

  4. There should be a OBB BB game. We’ll get simon, dawg, and some of the crazier posters on this board and lock ’em up and then see who wins. :D

  5. I would surmise that Rachel would be voted off tonight. A: stronger competitor, B: Jordan already won, so she would be less likely to get votes from the jury.

  6. Rachel, you need 1 more HOH win to tie with Janelle. You can do this. Next year, just in case break Janelle’s all time HOH’s wins.

    1. OMG THATS RIGHT! Am I correct: the record is held by janelle from bb6 and bb7, with 4 HOH’s? I know she is tied with Dani for 5 POV >:)

      1. No, Janelle has 1 HOH (BB6) 5 HOH (BB7). Make her 6 HOH wins overall. That why Rachel will tie Janelle HOH record and next year just in case if it Allstars2. She will smash it.

  7. PRAYING that Jordan to leaves. It would be stupid on Porsche’s part but I really want Rachel to win it all so badly. As a fan of hers from season too, it would just be a sweet victory. She’s worked so hard!

    1. I’m a fan of both Jordan and Rachel, but I think Porsche might have made a mistake voting out Jordan strictly because “she already won.”

    2. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY DID YOU STEAL MY NAME?? I have had this name for weeks and you do not speak for me. Choose another name. Simon, why is this allowed to happen?

      1. There’s no way for me to control peoples user names… If someone is using your user name for malicious reasons i’ll ban them but other than that I can’t do much but ask them to change it.

  8. I didn’t think there was a Sunday show. It isn’t on our schedule…..anyone know for sure? Thought they were showing the 9/11 10th year anniversary of the towers and such…..

  9. There is no Sunday show….not sure why but I checked and there is not one scheduled. They are showing things about September 11th on Sunday. So Wednesday will be all of it in one.

    1. There is tonight’s show – which will be the last eviction before the final 3, next Wednesday – showing the final HOH comp, and next Thursday – final HOH results and finale night.

  10. Jordan keeps saying to study the faces, that comp might be next… Doesn’t she realize they switched that competition out with the hanging endurance veto so that Rachel would win?

  11. Porsche will secure her place in idiocy history if she keeps Rachel tonight. And that’s fine, because then I can cheer when Rachel wins. …, never thought I’d say that……..

  12. I’m supporting Rachel to win BB13. She deserves it the most, IMHO

    As much as a JR final would be compelling – since one of them has to go I am glad it’s Jordan and Rachel is not the one pulling the trigger.

  13. Yeah Rachel!!!! Beat Porsche, Make her famous!!!! Do this for Brendon!!!!! Porsche is a wuss, coward, and cattiness. Your not scare of Porsche, You eat Porsche for Lunch. Rachel, look at her, She is a Porkchop!!!!!! She yesterday appetizers, She worthless, she is Ms. Barbie doll you play with, She is maneater, she a manstealer, she gutless, she is will run and hide, she is Dani Jr., she is useless. Come on Rachel, Dismantle that Porkchop Porsche. Rachel, make Porsche is your worst nightmare.

  14. When Jordan shows up at the jury house, Jeff will probably blow up again. Both he and Jordan are spoiled brats who thought they were just gonna come in there and bowl everyone over. The way he treated Shelly last night was unbelievably rude. Grow the hell, up, dude. He thinks he is entitled to that money… guess the $15,000 he already won and the $25,000 he’s gonna win (come on, America… wise up), just isn’t enough for that selfish, whack job. I used to like him, but he really showed his ass this year, especially since he’s been in the jury house. Get over yourself, dude. Really…..!

    1. Well said! Jeff is just a big whiny, spoiled baby. I hope Shelly sees that and stops apologizing. What a jerk. I find it hard to believe there are really that many people that actually like him.

      1. God I hope Shelly’s not apologizing. She should just say, ”Jeff you got got” ,over and over and over again just like Jeff said to Russell.

    2. Have you not read the spoilers last night and today where you can see that Jordan is rooting for Rachel even as she expects to be evicted tonight? Have you seen ANY of the other HG’s leave so graciously? THIS IS WHY WE LOVE JORDAN.

      1. So what???? Jordan only wants skankchel to win because she dosen’t want a newbie to win!! Fake friends do not make good friends? The money belongs to Porsche hands down.

        1. How does the money ‘belong’ to Porsche? she only started winning after the majority of competitors were out, she’s been a joke this whole game!

      2. They were all ‘gracious’ tonight. Jordan did nothing crazy nice….and imo she was really rude to Porche. I surely didn’t hear Porche respond to Jordan’s stab that all Porche liked was bikini’s…I think Jordan was a little jealous of Dani and Porche……

        1. Jealous of what? Dani’s whiney voice and small tits or Porsche huge fat ass,skanky life style and greasy hair.You fuk’n haters crack me up and try to twist everything.She said all she knew was that Porsche like to wear bikini’s blah,blah,blah nothing worse than Porsche saying how sweet and pure Jordan was.She’s gone get off her ass,did you get on here just to make dumb comments?

          1. LMAO!!!! Every time you comment, it’s like hearing Jordumb speak, or better yet, try to think!! You two must be related.

            (have to stop for typing as my side is literally sore from laughing at your comment) :-)

          2. Here wee go again calling us haters when your hating on other HGs, this is why y’all are called Cat People.

            Now go sit back in the corner sulking about Jordan getting evicted, and swallow that bitter pill.

    3. Sure he is kind of a bully and sure he’s kind of selfish- do you think he deliberately tries to hurt people., absolutely not.
      It’s his personality. He’s gemini , he loves to laugh and have fun and yes speak his mind WITHOUT being a hypocrite.
      I can certainly appreciate that. He confronted Shelly because he was hurt and wanted answers.
      Other people would have pretended that they were ok because they are liars.

      As for Shelly…she breezes in like she wants to sing Kumbaya with everyone, ready to sweep it under the rug. she is a snake and deserves a stern talking to…well ok, maybe not, but I felt no sympathy for her at all.
      She disgusts me

  15. Just a thought…
    As someone who enjoys Big Brother and Survivor, if I were able to see behind the scenes of production getting overly involved in what the Survivor tribes were doing, I don’t think I would enjoy the show as much. There are always spoiler sites (many times I choose to ignore) telling us who got voted off. But I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that said the Survivor production team tried to influence the contestants on who to vote off or try to fix challenges for a specific person – they can’t because challenges are usually team events. I do know Jeff Probst makes comments at tribal council, but it appears that minds are already made up when they get there and they generally do not deviate from the plan of voting out whoever it may be.

    However, in BB’s quest to make the game more interesting, it looks like they try to influence what the contestants will do in the house – who they will target, how they will vote, regurgitation of challenges, questionable twists that favor certain houseguest each season. Watching BBAD and seeing what really goes on makes me dislike what I see. I know every season people on the boards say they will not watch anymore because of losing a favorite houseguest. I don’t feel like that. But in the last week or so, I did stop watching BBAD and didn’t even watch the show when it came on CBS (but I did dvr it). I kept up with this site because everyone is so on top of things, I felt like I was in the loop enough. When I finally did watch the CBS show with the knowledge I had from this site, I just laughed. I didn’t see Kalia harassing Adam. I don’t think I could’ve taken that, yet I know it’s her right to fight and stay in the house.

    I thought I needed to know ahead of time what was going to happen in order for the show to be exciting, but maybe not. It’s just a reality show so I don’t get overly upset if production does cross the line, but I don’t like it. Can you imagine if Survivor is the same way, but we just don’t know about it because they don’t have a “Survivor After Dark”?

    1. Survivor got accused of manipulating the game Season 1 – with Rudy. Apparently he would have gotten voted out much sooner had production not encouraged the others to keep him around.

    2. There have never once I can finish watching one whole Survivor show. I really can’t take that everybody trying to take the best competitor out crap?

    1. Don’t take this personally but ……………….. WTF??!!! On what planet would Jordumb deserve jack shit based upon her (non-existent) contribution this season and please, don’t even think her HoH was anything more than Jeff & Brendumb throwing it to her. She would have been gone a long time ago if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone mistook her for a piece of furniture.

    1. Probably, Porsche believe she would have a better shot for AR both would take her to F2. Rachel might do so, if not for Jordon reminding her not to take Porsche to F2 before J left. Besides, no newbie go to F2 with Jordon can’t win, cuz Jordon had at least JBRS’s 4 votes.

  16. I honestly cant believe porsha is dumb enough to evict jordan and keep rachel. Its a bad move on porshas part and for her game play Tonights HOH is going to be endurance and i wouldnt want to be going up against rachel. But a porsha and rachel final 2 would be great in my eyes. Porsha isnt really thinking about winning i guess, cause if she really wanted it the smart thing to do is evict rachel. But oh well, at least my big fear of adam and jordan ending up in the final 2 is gone, i would DIE if they did.

    1. I think Porsche wants to keep Rachel and fight really hard to beat her in a competition. That is really the only thing she can do to show that she deserves a spot in the final 2. She hasn’t really made any other big game moves. I am hoping Rachel wins this thing.

      1. I dont think so… Shes keeping Rachel thinking both Rachel & Adam will keep her if they win HOH … No way ,if by some fluke, Jordan won, would she keep Porsche

      2. No………..Porche kept Rachel cause “It is what Dani would have wanted” Porche has not made one decision on her own except to screw over her alliance for five grand. Rachel like her or not has fought through the odds to make it this far. Let’s face it her best game move was convincing Dani to keep her which she did! Rachel is the one who should win hands down!

      3. Porsche and Adam just showed us how much they actually deserve final 3….couldn’t even last a friggin hr…Adam walking like he fell 5 stories on a car roof and Porsche walking like she just had an orgy with 20 guys,while Rach. walking around like the world is all rainbows and butterflys. Go these 2 morons floaters why the Vets rule.

        1. That was sooooo funny. Thanks for the laugh. I didn’t watch it but I now have the visual.
          One day this week when BB showed the morning taping instead of after dark.
          I saw Rach up and about as bright and cheery as the morning sun, and she couldn’t even see the sun.
          she was prancing around saying good morning to all as if it were noon.

          I just love her. Meanwhile Jordan is cranky and pissy in the mornings- as for Kahlia, everytime I see her, it looks like a bus backed up over her a few times

  17. has anyone else read the theory that jordan got a diamond pov this morning? its all over the big brother facebook page. i thought it was highly unlikely, so thought i’d ask others.

  18. I disagree! Game play would dictate to keep the weakest player at this point. Rachel vs Jordan, I’d rather go against Jordan. From her perspective it’s her vs Adam for round 1. Adam would then go against Jordan in round 2. Other wise it’s a three person contest for round 1 and if Rachel is there then she has the advantage. So then it would be Porsche vs Adam and that could go either way.

    I’d rather get rid of Rachel first.

  19. Porsche, what an idiot! Your Just sign your death wish. Rachel will cream you. You should kept Jordan and didn’t listen but your big mistake ever. Nice know you Porkchop!!!!! Rachel will Roost you into pieces. Bye Porsche, nice to know you. Hopefully you get evicted in 7th Juror.

  20. For me (i consider my self a huge fan)..i’m looking forward to a fierce competition. I am glad Jordan is out…So now whoever wins REALLY DESERVES IT! I want the best out of the last three. Thats what makes finals exciting…Good luck Rachel ,Porsche & Adam!

    1. sorry to be a wet blanket on your enthusiasm but of the three players there now, adam does not deserve to be there. he floated the whole way there.. he has been one of the worse players in the history of the game. that is why porsche should have taken jordan, cause between her and adam neither did anything but float to get there and either one in final 2 would be easy to stand up against as far as game play. jmho

      1. Let me clarify…i am not a fan of how Adam played…but he finally showed some gumption in the last few comps. Also he has said he wants to prove himself…as where Jordan STILL to the last sec…acted entitled. Yes she was kinda classy when she left (i say kinda due to her dig at Porcshe ..very uncalled for!) But my point IS of the people left Jordan did squat! period! …OH im also gonna say this straight out….Im not surprised on a live show when she knows she out that she pulled in her claws and put the nice smile on for the audience and Julie. She doesnt want AMERICA to feel shes as mean as she really was in that house..real world and her job in Charlotte awaits ..and here most folks dont appreciate snotty self center selfish behavior…leaveing with that “sweetness” was a strategic move. I for one am not fooled! So that being said is why im comfortable with the 3 thats left.

  21. Porsche chance to win BB13 is Adam. She can’t beat Rachel in Final 2, she might beat Jordan but unlikely, with Adam it could be 50/50 chance.
    If either Porsche or Adam takes Rachel to Final 2 because “everyone hates her”, they might be in for a surprise.


  23. Today on Rigged Brother
    The whole house is talking about how after back to back wins by the newbs, BB has fired Allison Grodner. Rachel says “she deserves it, we were promised final two and she can’t deliver”. Jordan says “yeah but it still sucks, there really wasn’t much she could of done, even I could tell the competitions were rigged, and other than having me wake up with the Veto on my pillow what competition could I win”, Rachel says “you are right but still can you believe one of these floaters are going to the final two”. Jordan says”it’s ok at least I wasn’t a floater and I didn’t ride any ones coat tail” Rachel says “you don’t appear very sad that you are leaving”. Jordan says “I’m not, I am going to take AG’s job why do you think they fired her” Rachel says “because this was the most pathetic year in BB history” Jordan says “No I was told that she was letting BB die and they needed fresh ideas”. Rachel says like what. Jordan says she ” pitched the idea of doing next years BB in animation and since me and Jeff are America’s sweethearts we are going to do all the voices” Rachel asks her to explain it more. Jordan says “this year with people having their own minds kinda blew up in productions faces, So next year we remove the human element and just do characters” Rachel says “kinda sounds boring”. Jordan says “Rachel you don’t get it if it’s just me and Jeff doing this, he might win”
    Out in the back yard Adam asks Porsche if winning Veto was worth it. Porsche says “Allison told me before she left that my house was broken into and filled with cats, what more can they threaten me with” Adam says “wow I didn’t think they would go as far as to unleash the cats, luckily all I had to do was sell my soul to Rachel and let Jeff have my balls” Porsche says “I just couldn’t stay on the Prozac and let this season be that boring” Adam says “so me and you in the final two right” Porsche says “Adam it is so cute how you gravitate to who ever won the last competition”. Adam says “i learned from Jeff that you should law low until all the house guests that are a threat are gone, then you are supposed to win a comp and start belittling the rest of them” Yeah “Jeff told me that if I win he wants to hang out with me” Adam asks what about Jordan. Porsche says” Jeff told her that Jordan is broke and he isn’t about to start buying the Crayons”.Adam asks “so are you going to do it” Porsche says “no I don’t like being talked down to by some one with half my intelligence and is only looking for a free ride” Adam says” I’ll give Jeff any ride he needs…feeds cut
    Meanwhile at the jury house, Brendon is nearly suicidal thinking Rachel might walk through the door and is hiding in the attic, out side Dani and Jeff are talking Dani says ” why didn’t you stop your people from taking Shelly” Jeff says that “Dude anyone who goes against big Jeff gets what they deserve Dude” Dani asks “do you mean her not voting to keep you” Jeff says ” Dude yes Dude I never went back on my word when I made a deal I stuck to it, ask Brendon”
    Dani says “but you didn’t vote for Brendon either time” Jeff says “What you Shelly and everyone don’t know is when I say team I mean team Jeff” Dani says “so if it had been you and Jordan in the final two who would of won” Jeff says “me of course she would of had an accident”…feeds cut…

  24. Does anybody think The light bulb will go on in Porches brain at the last minute and she will evict Rachel?
    Don’t get me wrong, Rachel deserves to be there, but this seems like a no brainer to me.

    1. I think Porsche has the same type of light bulb that’s in Jordan’s head, which doesn’t come on when necessary. Anyways I want Rachel to win, not a fan of her’s but she deserves it more than anyone left… Jordan wouldn’t have a chance against competitors this is not like her season.

      1. I too feel that Porcha should have kept Jordumb, as she sucks at both mental and physical comps and Adumb is about as useless as Jordumb when it comes to physical comps and (possibly) on equal footing with Porcha on mental comps. She may have sealed her fate in deciding to evict Jordumb. The only conciliation is that Jordumb got the boot she should have gotten weeks ago.

  25. Come on Porsche THINK! Evict Rachel.

    Jordan- please do a last minute campaign or something.

    Ugh, I hope Jordan doesn’t go.

        1. in her nomination speech jordan said she campaigned to Porsche last night.

          Lol, Jordan said everything extra nice abt everyone then turned to Porsche and was like “I don’t know anything about you besides you like wearing bikini’s and hosting competitions so…” It was so funny.

          1. jordan listened to jeff when he said don’t talk to porsche. that was a big mistake. who knows how things could have turned out had they had some kind of rapport.

    1. It’s a 3 part HOH competition. Whoever wins this physical/endurance comp will sit aside, while the other two compete in a comp against each other. Then, whomever wins in the second comp will go against who won the first comp in a final HOH competition. Hope I explained that clearly enough.Been watching BB since the beginning, and that’s how it’s done.

  26. Jordan got mad because Porshe uses her eye lash batting…well how is that worse than Jordan using her innocent “please trust me im sooooo sweet” wildes?!

  27. Jordan’s campaigning skills are unrivaled.

    If Adam doesn’t evict Rachel, it will be hilarious. Here’s to team Porsche’s boobies.

  28. If it wasn’t for her being so nice and so goddamn cute, she would’ve been evicted within the 1st 4 weeks.

    Put it this way if someone had a gun to Jordan’s head ready to shoot her brains out, all she’d have to do is put on that adorable face and dude would put the gun down and turn himself in to the police, SERIOUS she is THAT cute.

  29. Jordan has a lot of nerves to say who deserves to stay in the game when all she did was floated threw the whole game smh. Porsche can say she (Jordan) don’t deserve to be there either. If you ask me, she didn’t deserve to win during her season. If you all notice during the beginning of the season when Evel dick mention about being a winner of his season, Jordan spoke up and said that she won to. Evel dick was like, oh yeah, you did smh. What a waste, this girl doesn’t do anything but whine and complain. Go home Jordan and get your sippy cup.

    1. Evel Dick is way over rated…his tactics worked because he was in a house with a bunch of women and mommies boys and sissy boys.Any other season it wouldn’t have worked,even he said that,plus America saved his ass.But it is funny how everybody just loves him,including me…but yet Jeff is a bully.

      1. Jeff is not a bully. I don’t hit women, I speak softly and I don’t get mad easily. But honestly I have bitch slapped my TV several times when Kalia, Dani or Shelly etc were on my screen being irritating and stupid. I can only guess that being around people who are so irritating and stupid acting can get to anyone. Jeff probably takes it way better than most people could.

  30. I see Rachel is getting back to her old cocky ways again especially telling Adam with the nominations, nice speech Adam. If Porsche doesn’t vote out Rachel, she is definitely the fool I think she is, sorry I cannot stand and never have been able to Porsche. I am also so sick of who deserves what and who does not, it’s a game and there is no deserving and also about winning money, again it is a game and in games you win things. I would love to see Jordan win again just to piss people off and make her the only one in BB history to win twice!!!

  31. I’d want to be sitting next to Jordan who already won big brother once. I think that will count against her no matter how nice she is…she’s done very little competitively and she has the previous win…which wasalready won under similar circumstances. The newbs can’t award that same game again after having to fight so hard to stay in the game this year against the vets.

  32. Makes me wonder about all these people that say she’s so sweet and nice. Would they say the same things if she was 300lbs with a harelip and a pegleg? Methinks not. I would say that Jordan looks like a human puppy dog (in the cuteso factor way) colors peoples opinions significantly.

  33. now rachel crying her eyes out because she didn’t win POV and she laughed at kalia because she cried when she didn’t win POV. what is wrong with this season’s cast. they are all so judgmental and hypocritical this year

  34. I LOVE WHAT JORDAN TOLD RACHEL! Basically, you deserve to win, I’ve done nothing. And she was so sincere…now I remember why I liked her so much in her original season.

  35. I was so pissed during tonights episode. Jordan was whining and crying because she didn’t think Porche deserves final three. And that porsh was using her femine wiles to make adam not put her up. First of all, who the hell does she think she is, and what has she done all summer to deserve it other than baby sit Rachel? Second, porche has earned a spot, rachel has too…the only one there who hasnt is adam, and they were willing to bring him along…ugh.

  36. I see Rachel using her shirt to hold on, but that might not help since they are begin dipped in that, butter.

    Is that not a cool set for the completion? No wonder they needed all night to build it, but it’s a little weak for endurance, expected something harder for them.

    Go Rachel

    1. If Rachel wins she is not taking porche her jordon were talking earlier that if she wins she needs to knock out porche so that she will win

  37. WOW watching the feeds, Adam looks like he’s already giving up freaking pathetic waste of space, can’t stand him, he does not deserve to be in the final 3!

  38. Comments may be slow getting approved so before people start getting mad at me first give me a chance to go through them all… I’m trying to updated the site and trying my best to get everyone’s comments out in a timely manner.

    also please keep in mind we have a spam filter which will punt certain keywords.. if you comment contains these keywords It will end up in my spam filter. Our site is targeted by many auto spammers so I have hundreds of comments flooding the system right now.

    1. Sorry Simon, im over it anyways. my comments where in poor taste anyway and i dont blame you if you dont post them. All the JJ haters on this site just get to me after a while…lol

      1. Hey RJ,

        I Agree I think the JJ haters have gotten a little out of hand. There’s been so much hate on here this year hopefully next year we can all get a long like the good old days.

        BTW are your comments getting through now? If anyone is noticing their comments getting through please send me a message and i’ll look into it.

  39. this season sucks!!!!! come on, adam and porcha in final 3. porcha only started playing when jeff got evicted and the newbies were shortly in control. and then adam just got lucky and won final HOH. then started to act like big man on campus. he could of made a big move and use the veto to get rachel out, then won hoh to get jordan out. in a final 3 vs khalia and porcha, maybe he would of been able to win. seeing how khalia sucks in edurance competitions. we all remember when she almost died in that competitions where she was with lawon loollll

    BTW LAWON WORST BB PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Porsche’s didn’t think it through.
    If Rachel is in the final 2, Rachel will win.
    So Porsche’s chance now is only Adam.
    It’s true Jordan already got 500k 2 years ago, Porsche used this as a reason to evict Jordan — when she could have used it for the jury to vote for her.
    Sitting with Jordan in F2 could work for her.
    Sitting with Rachel in F2 does not give her a chance really.
    Sitting with Adam in F2 is now her only chance to win.

    Anyways, I do want Rachel to win this as she is the only deserving HG left.

  41. So you can lose twice and still go to the finales, thats what happen with evil dick an dani dani lost two comps but her dad took her to the finale thats not fair, if you win th comp your comp in the finale

  42. Go Rachel…. Def would like to see Rachel win tonight but Porsche has been earning her stay also would be happy to see then in the final 2 and to see how the comps. Work out this week and see who wins and does well….hope it is a long one tonight for once …

      1. Rachel just wrapped her arms right and closed her eyes. That’s strategic. I knew right at the comp start Adam could not stay, he wrap his arm over his head, how long can it stay? And Porsche watched tried to talk and Rachel just closed her eyes, didn’t say a word. I think she’s thinking herself standing there with her fiancee….lol

  43. Adam is already out! What happened to battling it out and earning your spot?? Easy to say from the HOH bed, douchebag. I really, really can’t stand Adam, yo.

  44. Shown briefly on the livestream Adam lost pt1 Porsche and Rachel still competing. They had to stand and spinning things and get splattered by paint.

  45. Jordan gave Rachel very good advice. Jordan went out in style and is no ass no ass kisser. She didnt like tPorsce and nothing was going to change that.

  46. Rachel, time and time again, proves to be a competitor and deserves to absolutely win this game. She gets hated on, when there isn’t a reason and thank god, she called that, BRITNEY (wonky eyes: season 12) wannabe a COW :D AH! Owned. Just for that, she should win BB13!

    Porsche deserves 50k and Lawon as Favourite Player – Maybe for a BRAIN SURGERY FOR BEING SO DUMB! HAHA.

  47. I think Porsche should have evicted Rachel, because Rachel is the biggest threat in the house and to eliminate someone like Rachel would be a power move that the jury would respect, but I think I see her logic in evicting Jordan. Jordan was very close to Adam and Rachel, and there was NO WAY Jordan would’ve taken Porsche to the final two. Rachel MIGHT take her to the end. I’m thinking Porsche wanted to take people to the end that she felt close to, and Jordan wasn’t one of them. Jordan even admitted in her interview with Julie Chen that she barely talked to Porsche and didn’t know her that well. Rachel and Porsche had a history in the house and were close at the beginning, while Porsche and Jordan just co-existed in the house. On top of that, Rachel told Porsche that she would take her to the final two. I think Porsche’s goal was to take someone to final 3 that she felt would take her to the end. And Jordan had no intention of doing that.

  48. Angelo Cabrias Alto · Top Commenter · University of Illinois-Springfield
    Porsche, I will warn you. If you evict Jordan! Your family will receive death threats. So if I were you, better call your folks right now.

    Finally one of the Cat People reveals themselves. Hello, Angelo

  49. I agree. Jordan left with pure dignity and pride. She thanks Rachel for helping her get as far as she did. If I was able to vote on who wins. Hands down to Jordan. Left with great spirits! Go Team JeJo!!!!

  50. Losers Adam and Porche are LOSERS! they don’t deserve to be in the final 3. Rachael needs to buck up stay strong and win the last HoH comp kick adam the ultimate floater out. And hopefully WIN like she really deserves. She’s fought super hard all year.

  51. YAYYY Rachel did it…round 1 winner…GO RACHEL !!! you really deserve this…
    and Jordan is really a sweetheart…thats why I can’t understand why people like to bash and hate on her….jealous? envious ?
    and I hope Rachel takes Adam with her…I think he should get 2nd place not Porscha ! and thats just my opinion :)

    1. They’ll probably play part 2 Saturday, then air the 3rd round questions live Wednesday if the recent pattern remains the same.

  52. So IMHO Porsha learned a very important and hard lesson! That crazy girl actually thought she was as good of a competitor as Rachel and evicted Jordan whom she could have easily beat. HAHA did ya’ll see some of the looks she was given Rachel when they were all standing outside after the comp? lol I LOVE IT

  53. Yes Jordan was very rude to Porshe, just shows her true colors and what a sore loser she is and wasn’t it enough that she already won half a mil? I mean why not give someone else that chance and root them on. I am glad that Jordan got evicted and for Jordan to mention Porshe wearing her bathing suit, well hey it beats shaving your crotch in front of the cameras as Jordan did on BB. Good riddance to the selfish fake ass so called “sweet girl”. She was dumb, shallow and vain and I bid her good riddance.

    1. How was she being rude to Porsche? She was saying that’s all she basically knew about her,they don’t like each other,why kiss someone’s ass you don’t like? No worse than Porsche’s speech to her about how sweet,innocent and pure she is.

  54. Just to pile on to this season even more, I wanna say this was the 2nd shortest FInal HOH endurance, only beaten out by the travesty of the All Stars season.

  55. Jordan did great things for her family with her winnings the first time. She was an honest social player.. I say Rachel FTW! Adam 2nd. Porsha slept. Can’t be argued.

  56. Does anybody know if Porsche dropped b/c their was a deal or something between her and Rachel? I really thought this was going the distance….Porsche-less than an hour? really? how sad. :( (but I am happy Rachel won)!! :)

    1. The feeds cut, but it didn’t look like it. She was groaning pretty heavy duty before she went down. Not sure if it was motion sickness or sore, but I don’t think there was any sort of deal.

      Right before she dropped, Adam was heading for the covered hot tub and she asked him to come back. She didn’t want to drown in the butter.

    1. I’m sorry, did you say Jordumb was an total ASS tonight?! Take your time typing, as one or two slips on the keys can make the difference between a fart comment and a smart comment. ;-)

  57. as much as a pain in the ass, cry baby and psycho Rachel has been this season she has earned the right for the 500k.

  58. people always wanting to hate on Jordan but somebody tell me someone who came into the house twice and had a better average finish than her. dont worry, I’ll wait

      1. Comparing Jordan to Dr Will is like comparing a Chicago Bulls benchwarmer to Micheal Jordan. Just because they have the same amount of championships Jordan was better. Dr. Will would have had Jordan stripping in the backyard giving lapdances and blowjobs just through his manipulation. Jordan compared to Dr Will….lmao!

        1. Lebron is better than Kobe. Kobe has the rings so he gets the recognition. No matter how you look at it and how bad you wanna hate on Jordan she has the best avg finish for 2 time competitiors. and this is singles…im not gonna act like i dont realize there are teams and she had jeff both seasons. but she chose that approach and it obv worked.

  59. sick to my stomach. porsche off and racheal dancing around like she doesn’t have a care in the world. if she is in final two i hope the jury house gives it to anyone but her. same reason many were saying jordan didn’t deserve it, she has already won her money. down with the redhead with the biggest mouth in the history of bb.

    1. hating on Rachel (Americas newest sweetheart) and calling her names is so yesterday. Rachel is the most loved BB HG ever thanks to that DR goodbye she gave to jord (BFF they are) :) girlmance they have :) kisses to them both :)

    2. rach couldn’t have hired a better PR firm to clean up her image. she went from most hated woman in BB history to Americas most loved sweetheart all in this season. she will be forever known as the girl that did it.
      kisses Rachel we love ya here in America.
      as for portapotty she needs to go back to the piggly wiggly cashier job she had after this and Adam needs to go back to the telemarketing job he has after this.

  60. Ha! They only lasted an hour. Not surprised at all. I knew Adam wouldn’t last when I saw how small the platform they were standing on was. And Porsche has been packing on a lot of weight so her body was not ready for this comp.

    I wonder if the HoH part 2 will have something to do with the HG’s faces and what they’ve won, or will they change it up.

  61. in my mind what jordan said to porsche was really passive aggressive…if you’re jealous/angry/annoyed whatever with the girl…just say bye nice ta meet ya…she had to throw somethin in there trying to make porsche look stupid and herself feel better….just my opinion

    oh and CONGRATS TO RACHEL yayyyyyy

    1. I agree 100%, if she still wanted America to still perceive her as America’s sweetheart then she should have praised Porsche, at least for her comp wins and social game..instead she just had to get that back-handed compliment saying…..all I really know about you, is that you like to wear bikinis and host comps….hopefully, fans will see through all that so-called squeaky clean exterior, sweet child-like southern accent and see her for who she really is this season and don’t give her the 25 grand…….. a mean girl who really shocked me when she used the C word with Shelly…….I realize she was so overwrought at the time but using that word really makes me wonder who she really is outside the house…..

      1. bear and tyjukoil…i thought the exact same thing!! if ya don’t have somethin nice to say…don’t say nothin at all! haha….i loooooooooooved jeff and jordan on season 11 but this summer has made me completelyyyyy change my mind..especially jordan

  62. Porsche just wrote Rachel a check for a half a million dollars. and her lips are permanently attached to rachel’s ass after rachel won the first round of the HOH comp. rachel flocks to anyone who makes her feel like she’s their friend. she just said that no one wanted to be friends with her in her season.

  63. looks like adum and portapotty are back to being the lazy floaters who never win anything playas
    I think rach will go all the way
    rach is now an official american sweetheart after that dr goodbye session jord got to see :)

  64. Dear Simon,

    When the jury’s vote do they have to have 4 or 5 vote’s to win this year?? because someone told me that they gotta have 4 vote’s to win is that true??

  65. Porsche still has a chance at making it to the final two if she doesnt win HOH. Her argument to rachel is if rachel is against adam the votes will be all the newbies and dani for adam. Her argument to Adam if he takes her over rachel he can win because all four vets would vote for him. Porsches best shot at winning is a final two against rachel because dani and kali will definitely vote for porsche and shelly probably to(pay back for calling her a liar even though she was the one lying) and adam would be a swing vote how ironic would that be since he has been the swing vote in just about every eviction.

  66. I don’t care what her reasons were. Porsche keeping Rachel over Jordan was just plain stupid. I’m a Jejo fan but Jordan winning an endurance comp? Never. It would be one less player to worry about… Dumb, dumb, dumb…

  67. I couldn’t believe Jordan telling Adam that Porsche didn’t deserve to be in the final 3! What??? Porsche won more comps than Jordan did, SHE’S the one who didn’t deserve it! Not to mention she won 2 years ago, how selfish and greedy of her! Anyway, good riddance Jordan, go join your loser, fake “boyfriend” in jury!! GO PORSCHE!!

  68. I knew before it was over that Rachel would win part 1 Go Porsche for part 2! Best news of the night though, BYE BYE JORDAN!!!!!

  69. Let’s be honest Rachel fan or not, she deserves to be in final 2 if no the winner of BB13!
    Surprised Porsche didn’t last longer…

      1. Me too..i was wanting a white knuckle sweat fest that went into the wee hours…..uggg So much about this season has been a bummer, maybe part 2 and 3 will be exciting…..cant blame a girl for hoping!

      2. i wanted one of those long ones like jeff, michele, and russell had even though if wasn’t for the finals. Even kevin, nat, and jordan had a pretty long one. Adam fell first just like enzo did last year. don’t know what to say about them jersey boys

    1. rach would have prob stayed up for hrs if ad and por wouldn’t of given up. neither went out of their way to win any physical comps (well ad did get that pov but he knew he had to) go rach Americas newest sweetheart xoxoxoxo

  70. porsche just said to rachel and adam that jordan didn’t really campaign to her. porschel said that jordan said “HEY YOU KNOW I WANNA BE HERE” I guess jordan really didn’t know how to campaign because she was really never in that position to have to

  71. Haha..there’s your final 3 and your great deserving Porsche and Adam….enjoy these losers,couldn’t even last a friggin hr…fuk’n pathetic floaters!!!!!

  72. i really hope rachel wins, she’s been such a huge target the whole game. she stuck to her guns and never turned on anyone intentionally. plus, she probably needs the money most, considering her wedding and potential student loans her and brendan have. so i think her winning would be the best outcome.
    i can’t stand porsche, and adam is kinda just there. nothing really spectacular about either of them.
    jordan has always been my favorite and she did leave with class tonight (i think she was just excited to see jeff). but she is genuinely a nice person and has my vote for favorite player. but i was upset tonight because she wasn’t wearing her “eviction dress” i was excited to see it.
    sad this season is almost over, i really don’t know what i’m gonna do with all this free time!

  73. k lets get this straight how does rachel deserve to win this game she was saved by brendon when he used veto on himself she was also saved again when theyvoted to evict lawon and brendan came back int eh house making the vets alliance stronger again she played by a big alliance the whole season oh also she got 2 hoh thrown to her plus she would have been gone again if porshe wasnt dumb and opened up pandora box also she is so fake. to me rachel doesnt deserve to win

    1. Rachel is Americas newest sweetheart that’s why she deserves to win.
      Adam sat on his fat ass all season til he had to do something and portapotty layed around in that nasty assed sweatsuit (that she had to let out at least 5 x’s) kissing danis ass (she has chapped lips from kissing all that ass) and gee she wins pov when? day 62.
      go Rachel America is rooting for you to go all the way you sexy thing you kisses to Rachel

  74. Its Rachels to lose…….The woman has played a strong socail game(compared to last year)and is the best competiter by far…..If she makes it to the final 2…..theres no way she can’t win…..everyone in the jury house might have their own personal opinion of her as a person,but if they vote on the way she”PLAYED”the game,then its a no brainer……Rachel should win,and I’m not even a Rachel fan…but I’m a Big Brother fan……anyone who says otherwise…is a Rachel hater….or a fan of the other 2(god only knows why)…

  75. Btw….If anyone in their right mind votes Dani as americas player ..they should have their head examined…the woman lost with no class…..and dignity………made a bad game move(too soon) hence her exit from the game….good riddance…hope I never see her again…total waste of space…..Anyone but her…

    1. Vote for Jeff and give him 25,000 more reasons to end his phony $howmance with Jordan.
      It may not be enough but …………..

    2. Dani had and has a lot of class. Jordan isn’t as sweet as everyone says she is, at least in the BB house. Yes, Dani made a big move but the best players do not always make it to the end. EX: ADAM is an awful player and he made it to the end. Dani deserves the money because she didn’t ride any anyone to the finals. Ex: Jordan first with Jeff then with Rachel. Just saying the truth that so many ppl refuse to believe.

      1. Of course Dani didn’t ride anybody to the finals…she never made it the finals…lol….and yeah she did,she rode PK just like JJ and BR rode each other,when your in an Alliance,you don’t need to win all the time.

    1. IF BB14 is an All Star, you’ll get to watch the entire season if J/J are on the show.
      They’ll be the first ones to go.

  76. Liked Jordan on her season, but this season I cannot stand her. Doesn’t even know Porscha and does nothing but bash her. So glad she got evicted.

  77. Porche just proved she’s a floater and a moron. Now she can say opening PB was her 2nd dumbest move because her 1st was keeping Rachel. If porche had kept Jordan the porche would have won the first part of the HOH and advanced to part 3. Now she has to hope she beats Adam in part 2. Porche said that Jordan would have take Adam to the final 2 but the odds of Jordan winning the final hoh was slim to none. Porche thinks Rachel will take her but her and Jordan had already gone over the votes and it would be smarter for Rachel to take Adam.

  78. I’m really pulling for Porsche, but Rachel deserves it.

    I didnt like Porsche at all at first, i forgot she was in the game. But when she stood up for herself and didnt let the vets treat her like a puppet she gained my respect. Then she started winning comps and yeah theres less competitors but a win is a win. Porsche gets a bad rap because of the golden key that forced her to sit out.

  79. With the three who are left Im rooting for Rachel cause bitch played so Im hoping for a RP final 2 cause Adam does not deserve to even make it to the final 2. Rachel FTW

    ps Porche is in the best position right now becuase who ever wins is going to take her

  80. Why are you people that are leaving comments & opinions being so rude with the name calling? We’ve all been disgusted with the players in the past that are childish, judgmental, and name calling their fellow contestants so why do it now? I enjoy the blogs & differences in opinions with whom everyone is rooting for other than the ridiculous name calling of the cast and each other. Bottom line is that Big Brother comes down to 2 things…game play in competitions and game play on a social level. Rachel kicked ass on the comps & Adam was the best social player of the 3 that remain. I was sickened by the glory basking that Porsche did with winning the Veto & then HOH. She wanted to go down in history & become an all star…that was sad. I do think that Rachel’s emotional game for the first half of the season was awful, however she stepped it up and really did a good job the second half as well as dominating overall in competition wins. Regardless of her looks, sexual habits, or voice she did play the best overall game IMO.

  81. Don’t vote for JJ for Americas favorite player they’ve already won 35,000 or whatever. They’ve really been a-holes this season. Vote for Dani or Brendon (if Rachel doesn’t make it into the final 2). They are the real players. Rachel for BB13 champ.

  82. I now have so much respect for Rachel! She deserves to be in the final 3, and she deserves to win it all. Ha, I didn’t like her very much last year nor did I like her at the beginning of this season, but WOW, HAS THIS GIRL WORKED HER LITTLE BUTT OFF! GO Rachel!!!!

    1. rachel is an angel and I think a good role model for all future BB HG’s. she has worked sooooo hard to get as far as she did unlike the other 2 who sat around for 60 days :)
      kisses rachel
      america love you you sweetheart

  83. Is Adam a total frickin’ idiot or what? Does he not realize that Kalia voted him out because Rachel and Jordan told him they were??!!!! I’m glad he lost and I hope he goes. I’d hate to see Rachel win it all, she’s a good competitor but not a good sport – I can’t ever forgive her for her endless whinyness and bitchy attitude.

  84. Honestly Dani messed up week 3 when trying to backdoor Jeff… But, everyone needs to think for a second if she would have pulled it off. She would have had her, Brendon, Rachel and Dom against the rest of that terrible house. They would have breezed through! Who knows why America likes Jeff so much he is a bitter and just plain rude person, to Jordan and anyone that crosses “BIG” Jeff. If it wasn’t for how sweet Jordan was they would have turned into the Brenchal everyone hated. Lets face it this season was a bunch of people that messed up game play and others who couldn’t win if they were to fall onto it! At least Daniele made this game interesting, trying to turn the house, getting Shelly to flip, evicting the strongest competitor twice, playing handicapped by having Kalia on her side, and if Jeff wouldn’t have lied about throwing the Corn hole comp Dani would have got Rachel’s vote. You tell me one person that deserves it more than Dani…? The only other close one would be Shelly who if not for Porche taking Pandora’s Box would probably still be there

    1. well i definitely won’t vote for daniele just because of what COULD’VE happened if she pulled off the plan to backdoor Jeff… if she pulled it off then maybe, but that didn’t happen did it? she was in a safe alliance and could’ve lasted much longer if she didn’t stab them in the back so early. She was so eager to prove to america that she can do it without her dad that she wanted to rush everything. stupid gameplay. why would i vote for that? so far i’m leaning towards voting for Rachel… even if she does win the 500k she was a huge target since day one and lasted this long. Daniele would not have been able to do that.

  85. Honestly Dani messed up week 3 when trying to backdoor Jeff… But, everyone needs to think for a second if she would have pulled it off. She would have had her, Brendon, Rachel and Dom against the rest of that terrible house. They would have breezed through! Who knows why America likes Jeff so much he is a bitter and just plain rude person, to Jordan and anyone that crosses “BIG” Jeff. If it wasn’t for how sweet Jordan was they would have turned into the Brenchal everyone hated. Lets face it this season was a bunch of people that messed up game play and others who couldn’t win if they were to fall onto it! At least Daniele made this game interesting, trying to turn the house, getting Shelly to flip, evicting the strongest competitor twice, playing handicapped by having Kalia on her side, and if Jeff wouldn’t have lied about throwing the Corn hole comp Dani would have got Rachel’s vote. You tell me one person that deserves it more than Dani…? The only other close one would be Shelly who if not for Porche taking Pandora’s Box would probably still be there

  86. I really hope it is Rachel and Porsche in the final two. They are the two players who actually deserve it! But I’m worried one of them will take Adam for an easy win.

  87. Well, GO RACHEL!!!

    If not then… GO PORSCHE!!

    If not then… Adam, even though you floated to the end and suck ass in competitions, congratulations.

    So sorry Jordan sweetheart, you deserved the money has much as any of them and got “Got” by Adam and Porsche. You’re a Classy Woman and Competitor.
    You definitely know how to take defeat… like a champ.

    And Jeff, don’t worry as you or Jordan will win “America’s Favorite”. You and Jordan are the only ones that deserve it.

  88. Seriously dani was a good competitor. And probably had the guts to evict brendon twice. She evicted bredon at the wrong time. Could have waited atleast to get rid of floaters like Adam . I liked the fact that she mingled with the newbies. Jordan is sweet and cute and whatever but she hasn’t won any competition. So ruled out to win any money. I never liked Rachel . But she deserves to win. She sure is a competitor and fights her heart out. May be next player being evicted shld get 25k for making this far. If Adam wins bb I guess I’ll quit watching bb for life. Total floater and has taken sides throughout the game

  89. I don’t think Jordan is that nice and sweet. I don’ know why everyone says that I think she is passive agressive. So because she spent the money on her parents for a house Im supposed to be like..Oh Jordan win another half a million. I would could make a half a mill last forever.

  90. This season of BB was fixed from day 1… It’s interesting that the last week for HOH, Adam just happens to win…PLEASE! He actually believes he’s a strong competitor…RIGHT! He hung on to Jeff’s coat tail for dear life… Jeff was Adam’s brain. Not to mention he has become very arrogant as the weeks went by.
    Watching him on BBAD is nauseating…

    The final 3… what a joke!

  91. OMG people lighten up—“IT’S A GAME”—what part of that don’t you people understand. No matter who makes it to the end is’s a game of lies, lies and more lies. Have all of you morons never watched this show in the past. Give all of these players a break will ya–they entertained your otherwise dull lives all summer long—-mission accomplished.

    1. Agreed! Been watching Big Brother since Eddie walked away with the money and they used the term, “marked for banishment” Every season there are a few people that really get on your nerves and just cant stand watching them, however its nothing to get too upset about, come onto a website and bash them the way people are doing here. Lots of these comments are pathetic and ridiculous. Half of these people don’t even know what they are talking about.

  92. Did anyone catch Porshe after the comp? …. Porshe was BUTT NAKED (FULLY NAKED) in front of ADAM in the bathroom !!!!! Live Feeds Flashback
    1509:54:48 / 1521:55:42

  93. ew, people voted jeff, really? i could even bear rachel, but jeff. hopefully people that don’t read the spoilers have better choices. i hope both newbies get to the end but that is looking veeery unlikely right now. we all know rach is gonna win if she gets to final two, no doubt.

  94. why doesnt anyone think of shelly? she played an awesome game. if she wouldnt have gotten busted like she did with her lies she probably would have won this season. even rachel who will probably win said she played the best game in the house this season. i mean her family is receiving death threats and wouldnt that money help her start fresh somewhere else if she chooses. i think she gave all of you fans exactly what you wanted to she with all the manipulation, backstabbing, and lies. so why not her?

  95. i think rachel disolve that money its about time the people who really compete and play the game win something and not the floaters.dani ,kalia and porsche are sleepers.adam, shelly ,jordan such a sweet person are floaters.jeff ,brendon and rachel are players.

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