Big Brother Canada – Dan’s Red Bandanna Tasks

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary



Dan comes out of the Diary room says that there is a series of tasks that are not game related. He’s going to ask each of them to do a task if they complete it they will get a red bandana that they can keep..
Dan says the first one will be for Talla ‘If you want to earn this right now you have to cannonball right into the pool”

Talla does it..

Dan pulls Andrew into the storage room.. Tells him his task is going to be a little more difficult.
“Show some moxy, some strategy and some courage you have to kiss JIllian on the lips in front of Emmett.”

Andrew says no problem.. They all head to the hot tub


11:10pm Hot tub

Dan saying he never got into the Big Brother UK because he likes the strategy in the game not the popularity contest that BBUK is.


(Video Coming)


11:14pm Kitchen Tall and Gary

Gary tells her that as long as TAlla is safe this week he’s happy. Gary: “even though I have all the power Emmett still doesn’t talk to me.. he just doesn’t let me in.

Tall gets called into the DR. Jillian and Gary in the kitchen noe

Gary:L ‘We got a big decision this week”
Jillian: ‘Tell me what you want.. “
Gary: ‘For my personal game it would be good for Andrew to go home”
Jillian: ‘Andrew is more a competitor but I’m scared of Talla going into Mental”
Gary: “Andrew is so strong.. so strong.. I think you have her you have her.. all we need to do is get rid of Andrew”

Jillian: ‘Would you take me to final three over talla? “
Gary: “Duh it’s you me and emmett final 3”

Gary reiterates that Andrew is the stronger threat in comps he has to go. Jillian says that Emmett is leaning towards taking out Andrew. Gary says he’s committed to final 3, “We have the vote jillian.. we have the votes.. final 3“

Gary really wants Andrew gone he starts fishing for information from JIllian trying to find out if she has a final 2 with Andrew. Jillian doesn’t reveal any information. she says her and Andrew never talk game but she thinks Talla and Andrew have a deal. Gary: ‘Of course they do they are the three stooges”

Jillian warns him that he’s talking too much. Gary understands he knows he’s was talking too much during dinner.

gary gets called into DR.. Talla comes out.


11:24pm Talla and Jillian

Talla tells her she knows Gary will save her.


11:38pm Andrew Kisses Jillian.. Task Complete
Andrew: “Emmett I need to do something because you put me on the block.. ” (Kisses Jillian)
Jillian: “I didn’t kiss back”
Talla: “That was hilarious”
Emmett jokes that might cost you.

They break up the hot tub party.. everyone laughing at Andrew’s task.


(Video COming)


12:00AM Everyone but Talla and Gary Chatting about universal health care. Dan tells them if someone in the states breaks their leg and they have no insurance it could cost them 30 grand. The cast is shocked by this are all saying how glad they are to have health care. Dan asks them how do they pay for it all. Emmett: “Taxes”.

Andrew mentions that it’s crazy Gary has to stay up for 24 hours. Emmett and Andrew point out to Dan that Gary got brought back into the game with only 4 people left. Jillian mentions at first they thought Gary coming back was temporary but they now know it’s for good. Dan says he feels for them. Jillian :’It’s been crazy”

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This is ridiculous man , I have nothing against Gary but he does NOT deserve to be in the house right now , this twist is pathetic , bringing someone back in the final 4 who came up with this stupid idea man that’s just unfair , Gary does not deserve to stay over Andrew when he was chilling in the jury house for 1 month , I am assuming its the last season of big brother in Canada , both twists were a failure they are just willing to do anything just to get more viewers and I don’t think its working , its just making us viewers confused and angry.


Agreed! Very unfair and disappointing. Have nothing against Gary either, but this twist is really just BS and pathetic. I think it is the worst one yet. Andrew is pissed and rightfully so. Happened to his buddy AJ first, no chance of Veto and now this. If I were him I would just walk out the door now, save ’em an eviction and a jury vote. Was surprised back then that Topaz didn’t tell BB to f*** off and leave the house when she got screwed.


Agreed Topaz got screwed big time, that was unfair. One the hand she should have not though out loud, she probably though people were watching in the studio audience.


Oh boo hoo.
I already had enough of Peter’s pity party… don’t need more from you guys.
Andrew’s going home. It’s great news.
I could go for a jar right now lol

twists are ridiculous

Hey Gavin,

Completely agree!!!! The show is pathetic now. What a ridiculous idea, bringing back a VOTED OUT player to the final four. In the least, Gary should not have been able to play Veto, in order to instill a little fairness. He should have had to work a lot harder that this. Ridiculous.


Gary’s foul mouth – reason enough to hate him. As for anyone who claims Topaz got somehow cheated – she should have hung on instead of making a deal with someone she knew she couldn’t trust. You never let go and make deals (assuming you could have hung on longer as Topaz claims). Back to the hood. Should not have slept through 3/4 of the game Emerald. Gary GO HOME. I am disgusted that anyone would vote him back in only to go back to calling each person a mo**er fu**ker right away. (Oh, but it’s all right because he’s a gay man and that’s just how he rolls) I’d smack him across his face if he ever spoke to me like that. Bully queen.


I was talking about BB screwing up Topaz’ game by not telling her the other HGs could watch/hear her and by not telling her there would not be a Veto, but an instant eviction. That is just not right, doesn’t matter which Houseguest they do BS like that to.


Back to the hood … why because she’s black? How racist can you be?!


There are white people in the hood too. I’m black, by the way. So…..


Feel like an a$$ much????


topaz shouldn’t have trusted jillian but got cheated during her hoh by production not telling her she could be heard by the other houseguests and that there would be no pov. didn’t see her sleep as much as people claim. don’t like gary coming back but he didn’t call people names right away and definitely is not a bully in anyway. haters will be hating i guess.

Say It Isn't So

I think the reference was regarding Topaz’s HOH and who’s being a bully?!!!! Everyone has their opinion and the ability to keep it respectful.


Agree completely – I don’t understand the tolerance given to him – he is a VILE person and should be booted!


This is so funny to me, people keep saying its not fair Gary got to come back. I’m assuming because Andrew possibly may be going home, who knows. I almost find it irrelevant, because no matter what Andrew and Talla would be own the block this week anyways. It’s a game, expect the unexpected. They knew when they signed up, that things could be switched up at anytime. It’s only fun and enjoyable when it helps them out, LoL!


they would have been on the block but gary wouldn’t have won veto lol. i think a lot of people are annoyed with the twist, but its not just because andrew got screwed. i would have been ok with andrew going out this week with the regular final four and no gary. should have brought gary back only as a guest like dan.


Not so sure, let the people they picked for bbcan to decide who goes-once you’re gone- your gone! It’s easy to mess up the rest of the players that are left in the house without re-entering players! Bad move! Take a rook out, put him back in…. Not!


Nobody cares that Gary is back in the game. They care because it’s BS that anyone would be allowed to waltz into F5 after they had, for all intents and purposes, already lost at the game.

Big Jim

I like the way Dan thinks


Will Andrew not STFU! Stop complaining about Gary being back. It’s BB – expect the unexpected. STFU already.


Disgusted by this whole farse ! We as Cananadians, think we are better then the Americans and therefore put on a better, more integral show! Putting the emmit/Jillian showmance front and center ruined the integrity of bbcan. It became Americanized and putting Dan in just ruined it for me. Loved him on bbus but we didn’t need that our first season! Gary should never have been back in this game, Dan should never been allowed to influence players. From day one, it’s a game of human chess inside a “glass house” that’s how our first edition should have been played.


Did you really just say that i am canadian but i in no way think i am better then americans or anyone else as for the emmitt/jillian thing i think soemtimes they are cute and sometimes they are to much. Showmances are a part of bb wether it is bbus or bbcan that is just how it works I am not sure how showing the jillian/emmitt showmance loses the integratity of the show except that it seems you don’t like them so it isn’t so much integrety as it is a personal dislike it isn’t really shown on air only on the live feeds but as more people leave the house there becomes increasingly less things to show. Dan in the house is awsome and he is a genius at this game and it is interesting to see him talk with the hgs he seems to favour emmitt then anyone else maybe it is because emmitt is alot like menphis or maybe because emmitt is such a good player not sure. I am injoying him there and it breaks it up so there is something new for the audience and the hgs. It seems andrew and jillian don’t really want to talk game with dan and emmitt has started opening up to him. Dan seemed to have the hardest time with gary mostly because gary doesn’t listen at all and talla seems to be all over the place which could explain her lack of game.


I’m not even sure Trisha is from Canada. After all, she said ” Cananadians”…smh


omg… soooooo love Andrew! Hope he does not go home….


There is only a very small chance now that Andrew stays and that is Emmett deciding Talla needs to go….Andrew needs to convince Emmett that in the next HOH, and Emmett not being able to play, you now have only Talla and Jillian vs Gary, but it could be Andrew and Jillian vs Gary. If Gary wins Hoh next week, he will not target Talla, he will target E/J….if Andrew is in and Talla is out and Gary wins HOH, who is he going to go after? Andrew!!!!!
Andrew has to drill his brain…


It would be a pointless argument emmitt already knows that andrew has lost trust in him because what andrew didn’t know is every conversation he has had with jillian went straight back to emmitt. It really isn’t in his best interest to keep andrew over talla. Andrew is a huge competitor and yes emmitt can’t play hoh but the hoh this week will only guareent themselves a spot in the final 3 it is the pov that matters. Whoever gets it will guarantee him/herself a spot in the F3 and if they are not hoh will have the final vote but the hoh has no real power that week.Emmitt believes he has a better shot with gary and to be honest take andrew out of the equation it is really jillian vs gary rather then jillian vs gary vs andrew talla will likely lose yet again. It isn’t about gary and andrew he has to convince emmitt and jill that keeping him is a better choice then keeping talla but i don’t see why emmitt would keep him.


I see your point BUT I don’t think Emmett will do it. He has already said his first choice was for Andrew to be gone (and if he’d won POV then it would be Gary) because Andrew is a huge competitor plus Emmett knows Andrew has a F2 with Jill.

Jill has lobbied to keep Andrew to Emmett BECAUSE IT ENSURES HER F2 with Emmett, Andrew & actually also with Talla but it’s ideal for Jill b/c she has 2 strong competitors taking her. She doesn’t realize she can ONLY beat Talla.

Emmett wanted to keep Peter b/c he would have taken him to F2 but Jill said no therefore Andrew will go this week barring another twist like him finding a DPOV & then with only Jill available to evict she would go. It won’t happen.

If you read an earlier post of mine it highlighted Andrew’s mistake wasn’t necessarily his trust of Jemmett (b/c she admitted in DR she had NO INTENTION of taking Andrew to F2) or his lack of strategy but rather his lack of empathy for other people’s despair. The conversation between Emmett & Dan highlighted how Emmett actually does have empathy for people on the block & understands why they fight to stay. He told Dan he tries to not get personal with people & also tells them when they are leaving so they aren’t blindsided.

Dan brought up in that conversation how when someone saves you, then you are indebted to them however as much as Andrew is a nice guy he like Talla (IRONY) only see how things move their own personal game ahead.

Andrew NEVER returned the favor to Alec/Peter for saving him, he bitched about Alec winning money saying he’d already won $10K so he should be sent to jury yet when he won the shopping spree he swept the fact he won money under the table like it wasn’t the exact same thing, he had no sympathy for Topaz being lied to by Jill or the fact the twist outed her entire game play (of note; it was interesting to hear Emmett tell Dan there was more to what they heard than we saw on Slice b/c Topaz revealed she had planned to back door Emmett but later in the game) & he complained profusely when people tried to remain in the game. So knowing he is a bigger target than Talla how does he gain any empathy or compassion from Gary should he try to campaign? The answer is simple, he can’t.

It’s unfortunate because he’s a nice guy but he should have remembered the fundamental rule of being in a house with people all geared towards the same goal; always remember whatever you are capable of, so is someone else ALWAYS. If he had been more open to at the very least listening to people on the block or open to opportunities that would help someone elses game as well as his he might have stood a chance. Perhaps now in jury he’ll re-evaluate once he learns of all the deals Jemmett have with other people & that not trying to win every comp could have kept the target off his back longer.

I think if they ever do bring someone back in future seasons Andrew will rank near the top & I do want to see him campaign as hypocritical as it would be of him. HEY, like he is always the first to point out: IT’S A GAME!

On a side note; I’ve personally really enjoyed seeing Dan again & listening to how he dissects the game & analyzes it. Dan has offered his time to everyone there so I do hope Andrew swallows his pride & removes his rose colored glasses blocking his vision that Jill has HIS best interest above her own & Emmetts. Maybe Dan can advise him on how to mist Gary & Jill to keep him.

In future seasons I sure hope BB Can finds players of Dan’s ilk to play the game b/c he keeps it extremely interesting.


Andrew need to take Dans advice ansd show some moxy, some strategy and some courage… He needs to make it clear to Emmett that if he leaves he will hold Emmett responsible. That he will not get his or AJ vote. That if Talla or Jillian get on the jury he will encourage them to vote against him to . Four votes u win Or 4 votes u lose.. Emmett can count.. The jury angle is the only reason he wants to keep Gary..


I am so hoping another twist happens like a DPOV for Andrew, or somehow Gary does not use the POV and gets voted out, or Dan gets to pull someone off the block before he leaves and Talla goes up and Gary uses the veto and Jillian has to go up and gets voted out. Now that would be quite twisty!


Now that really would be cheating if production did that then this isn’t a twist anymore but more production cheating for a player and this isn’t a game but since there is only one week left the likely hood of that happening is very unlikely. Andrew had his chance like everyone else to win and he lost the same way the rest of the hgs did


At this point I’m just hoping for any final two except for the milkmance… getting so fed up of the honeymoon phase just say your vows already. The endless twists really put a massive taint on this first season, hopefully if it comes back next year the game will be a bit purer.


Thanks for all the great videos and updates – I have enjoyed Andrews hilarious stooge banter with Talla, I feel sorry for him, he is a great guy who has been super loyal, which could well cost him…I like Jillian alot, she has great energy, an amazing laugh, and is a good social and competition player…one of the best female players on BB I have seen…yes she is in a showmance, but I think she would be just as good, if not better, as a single player…and being HOH to send home both members of the shield was impressive…Peter and Alec the 2 Dan fanboys should have the class to admit they were outplayed, and not be bitter jurors…the winner should be who played the best overall game whoever makes final 2, wether lies were told and back stabbing occurred or not, its part of the game, as Dan was so good at doing

Interesting day in the house – a few thoughts…

if Talla goes on the block beside Andrew, if Jill and Gary were smart they should realize they likely cant beat Emmett if he gets to final 3 or 2(definately would only be playing for second place in F2 v Emmett)

it would be great for Dan(and Andrew who thinks Talla is going home) to get Jill to see this, then she could convince Gary the same, and tell Emmett that Andrew has been incredibly loyal to both herself and Emmett and has been screwed over and is far more deserving to be there still than Talla(Emmett 4 comp wins, Andrew 4, Jill 3, Gary 3, Talla 0)…and that Andrew would help them both get to F3 much more than Talla would, as Gary would for sure split up Emmett/Jill if he won F4 veto, but Andrew is less likely to do so, and would take them both to F3 as the Beast Coast alliance(sending Gary home for the second time)…Emmett also admtted if Gary makes F2 he may beat even Emmett…also i want to see the 3 most deserving players in F3…Emmett should have the courage to go head to head with Andrew in F3 and let the best player win, rather than be scared of him

Gary hates Talla, and Jill has a final 2 with Andrew(Jill is more likely to win against Andrew, not Emmett in F2), so if Jill cant convince Emmett to agree on keeping Andrew, then maybe Jill can go against Emmett and team up with Gary to save Andrew 2-0…then in the final 4 HOH Emmett cant compete, and its Jill, Andrew and Gary trying to eliminate the overwhelming favorite Emmett(who cant play HOH) if Emmett doesnt win final 4 veto…the chances of winning 100k significantly increase for the 3 of them if they can get Emmett out in F4

Jillian needs to be cut throat if she is serious about actually winning the first prize, and she trusts Andrew completely that he will take her final 2, and Gary would also take her final 2 over Andrew as alot of the jury dont like her…in that F3 Jillian is more likely to win the endurance over Andrew and Gary as opposed to Emmett, then wether she wins the third part of the HOH or not, either Andrew or Gary would take her to F2…so for Jillian, Andrew and Gary its in their best interests to use their collective power of the 2 votes this week to flip on Emmett, and if they dont I think its highly likely Emmett wins for sure

something to ponder…as Dan says: consider ALL options and scenarios

also: there is still the possibility of pandoras box and/or a second veto this week…nothing is certain, and anything can still happen


Great analysis.

Problem is this ONLY helps Jill or Andrew b/c they are ONLY taking each other (or at least that’s what Andrew thinks).

The best move for:

Emmett: getting out Andrew now b/c Gary or Jill will likely take him to F2 & Talla owes him plus she is unlikely to win

Jill: She is covered by EVERYONE BUT GARY as a for sure F2

Talla: It’s time for you to win girl if you want anything other than 2nd; however her sitting in a F2 chair becomes likelier after each eviction since she is the easiest to beat

Gary: As much as I admire his loyalty to Emmett once Andrew leaves he really would stand a much better chance taking the 2 girls to F3 with him b/c I do not believe he can beat Emmett however I do think he could beat either Talla or Jill

Andrew: Needs to grab Dan & enroll in misting classes immediately or else he’s out the door

Just my two cents


Surprise eviction tomorrow……


Lets think for a minute. Do we want to go to the final four with Andrew or Talla? Yes Andrew has stepped up his game. ( only because there’s not that many players to go against) Not as Jillian or Emmitt, but as ourselves. Me, personally Talla, simply because I could beat her. Not only that, I would choose to take her to final two. It’s almost a guarantee win. Then you ask yourself, are you there to win the game or to go against someone who is just as deserving as you and take that chance. Just my opinion!


as I said above, Jill and Gary need to forget about who the weakest player is they could take to F2 (Talla)…as they would be playing for 2nd place v Emmett

Jill, Gary and Andrew(3, 3 and 4 wins = 10 combined) need to instead team up to eliminate the favorite Emmett

Jill and Gary have the power (2 votes) to save Andrew to help make this happen if they wanted to majorly increase their chance of winning…if they choose not to, its going to cost them dearly, and Emmett wins easily

Emmett should also consider that Talla is also a threat to win endurance first part of F3 HOH, and also the part 3 quiz, true/false…also if Gary or Talla won the F4 veto they would probably send Emmett home, but Andrew is more likely to continue his loyalty, and keeping Andrew could be safer in Emmett’s mind to ensure one of Emmett/Jill dont go home in F4…

its going to be an interesting week


Gary was saying earlier that if he had a shower he would lose the veto. Wouldn’t that also mean if he fell asleep he would also lose the veto.

Why is Andrew being a fool trying to keep Gary awake?

He really believes he is safe. And he is a fool. I hate to say that, but now i have to believe it. None of these ppl have really got anything from Dan being there, imparting his wisdom.


This twist must have been a ploy for more viewers or something but Gary is at least funny lol. I’ve watched only 1 season of the US Big Brother and I know they didn’t have so many twists. Anyway I’m so tired of Emmett and Jillian being in power. I really don’t want to see either of them win. Jillian has lied so much that the ones in the jury house will not vote for her. It would be hilarious if Talla makes it to the final 2 with Jillian and she becomes the winner! Talla may not have won anything except the task but she did participate and came close to winning before.

I hate it when the people who’ve won comps before call the non-winners floaters when they participate just like everyone else. It’s not for anyone to judge and decide who deserves to win. If anyone has the wherewithal to go on the show and survive then they all deserve to win in my opinion. I would love to see Emmett’s reaction to Talla winning especially lol. He is so high and mighty and thinks he’s the shit.