Big Brother Spoilers – Chima’s views on couples and S$X

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


10:00pm Backyard Casey, Larua, Jeff and jordan talking about how Casey won the movie with Chima. They joke and say she will claw his eyes out if he laughs at the wrong time. Laura and Jordan wonder if they could ever make up with CHima after what she?s been doing. They are all expecting laura to give a good speech if she leaves. Laura tells them that she’s going after Natlaie with her speech. “It’s got to be eating your boyfriend up to see you laying in bed with Jessie all day getting rubbed by him” Casey says that Natalie is just a thug for Jesse. Jarua brings up that he’s playing smart for having her fight his battles for him. They think Ronnie is lying about being a teacher. Laura saying that no one knows what anyone really does. Jordan says Laura has a great body and is a swimsuit model. Laura says she’s not going to say until she leaves. Laura says she’ll tell them this she’s not a stripper, “i’m in promotions” Jordan blurts out that she thinks Braden was a gypsy. Russell Joins them bringing Alcohol. He asks why no one else is drinking because he’s planning on getting loaded, he hands them alcohol and leaves. CAsey says Russel must be seeing the writing on the wall and he is coming around. Jeff asks Jordan if she’ll make out with him when he gets voted out. Laura tells them America’s rooting for the Jeffordan love.Russel comes back out and says they got on to him for talking to them. They say that’s Fucked up. Russel says fuck It. I dont’ care anymore. Jeff gives him his beer They warn him that he will be in trouble if they see him talking to them. Russell telsl them he worried because he thinks Ronnie has the game locked up. Casey is blunt and tells him to flip the script but Russell says no its too late for that right now. Casey disagrees.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Russell breaks down the game as he sees, He’s saying that outside of this game they would all probably be friends. Casey disagrees and says theirs some people here that Casey wouldn?t be friends with. Russel says that when you beat someone, they lose respect. It’s the game. Natalie, chima and kevin walks outside to the hot tub and Russell stops talking. Natalie is mad at Russell. Casey says that theres no fucking way that Natalie is 18 she 25…. he whispers to Jeff you just wait you’ll see. Russell toasts beers with them, and says he thinks the other side is made at him because he’s talking to them. Russell tells them that Ronnie is playing everyone right now… he’s going hardcore right now 24/7 game. Jeff and Russell make up saying it was the house that?s driving them crazy. Casey and Jordan tell Russel “welcome to the dark side” Russell goes off about his group he says that jesse is looking to redeem himself but Ronnie is running Jesse’s show, “Ronnie has everyone worked”. Jordan says its already Week 2 he’s shown his colors. He won’t make it. Russel goes on to say he thinks they are going to back door him. Russell mentions the great position ROnnie is in. Jordan doesn’t think so
she thinks he will be put up next week. Russell disagrees he has JEsse protecting him. Russell says Jesse has
experience, people are going to naturally follow him. I thought about this today. I have no chance to win this. Jordan tell him that they plan on carrying him as far as they need him than they will cut him free.


russell leaves and goes into the kitchen were he yells out “Are we still talking game at Fucking 11: at night? Lydia yells at him and he starts yelling, not everything is directed at you fuck!” Russell says that all he wanted to do was not talk game for one night… if Big Brother means running around schemeing for 90 days he’ll give Ronnie the money right now. Rusells says he’s not going to be like Ronnie today he’s not playing the game. Lydia gets up and runs to the Diary room. Russell heads back outside.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Casey is telling Russell he’s got to make a move He says he can say whatever he wants to Chima but Casey doesn’t care he’s only afraid of his wife and the IRS but I didn’t like being strong-armed don’t tell me who the Fuck I am going to select.Casey tells Russell that there group is big and the girls are small. He tells them that he couldn’t pick my team I only had one other selection and it was y’all and I don’t dislike y’all last night I didn?t like y’all all in there having a party nothing against you but I didn’t like Chima telling me what I was going to do and you wouldn’t either, right. Russell agrees. Casey says no young lady is going to tell me what to do, “i use the term young loosely” Russell says again that Ronnie has this game won. Casey completely disagrees stating that there only in the second week, “he might have it figured out but not won” Russell isn’t sure he thinks all Ronnie needs to do is get to week 5 and nobody will put him up.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:15 bathroom couch Lydia is rubbing Jesse’s feet while Ronnie watches. They are talking about what will happen if they get put up. They say that Jeff won’t be going home this week but he is also the one most likely to put them up. Jesse is confident that he can suck Jeff back into their group. Big brother calls Chima and Jessie call her a Bitch and says she’s going to talk shit Jessie saying that his heart was really beating when he heard 5 to 5. He now tells them that big brother 10 made a lot of money and it was because of him . They start talking about bb10 and Dan/angie. 10:42pm Ronnie is running around announcing he’s going to do his mohawk tonight.


10:49pm Hottub Kevin, Natalie and CHima. Chima is snarking out saying “do we have to pretend to care” about the Mohawk because he’s HOH. THey are talking about BJ’s and d**tal d**ns… Michelle joins them… Now Chima is saying that giving a hand *** isn’t a big deal she’s been talking to a guy and next thing she knows she’s giving him a h**d j**.


11:30 HOH Ronnie and Jordan Ronnie is reassuring Jordon that she will not be put up, “I can promise you that”. Jordan tells him she doesn’t believe him. Ronnie understands and tells her to just take it for what it is actions speak louder than words. he tells her that Laura is so hated by them that they really want her gone first. Jordan find this hard to belive. Ronnie says if we get rid of her they have promised us 3 weeks of safety. Jordan doesn’t think she is smart enough to win it but she thinks Ronnie is. Ronnie says thanks for the compliment. Jordan says you and jesse are the strongest you will be final 2.
Ronnie tells her he is unsure that he can beat JEsse =m he asks her what she thinks. Ronnie reiterates taht if Laura goes she will have 3 maybe more weeks of safety… Jordan brings up that Lydia is after her. Ronnie shakes his head don’t worry she won’t nominate you. Jordan brings up everyone talking about backdooring Russel. Ronnie says that Laura is going home unless she wins POV. He tells her that if POV is used he will backdoor Russell after Russell is gone they will be too scared to get close to Jeff so Jessie and Natalie will come to us

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Ronnie tells Jordan about how Laura came to the HOH room the night before the live show and how she should have just kept
her mouth shut about how she was voting. He says that she lied to them 5 times in a row and everyone in the room knew she was lying and it made her look bad. Ronnie says he’s just playing the game and trying to bring the people he wants into it with him. Jordan says so no hard feelings for Jeff or Laura your just playing the game right… you are trying to win a half million just like everything else. Ronnie tells her one more time if Laura does not win the POV she will go home and next week if Russell doesn’t win HOH he will be going home and the next week if Casey doesn’t win HOH he will be going home. Jordan looks shocked… Ronnie says ya they want him gone. Jordan rehashes so if Laura wins the POV then it’s Russ and he is going home and you will not put me in her place. Ronnie, no I swear I will not put you up you remind me of my wife, you do look a lot alike (OMFG RONNIE have you ever seen your wife?)…..

11:50pm Casey and Ronnie HOH time. Ronnie tells Casey if he’s ready for whats he’s about to say Casey says yes hit me. Ronnie tells him he has to keep this a secret, DON’T REPEAT IT. Ronnie says “he doesn’t want to name names but many of the athletes want Russel out.”Ronnie goes on to say they want to backdoor Russell tonight. Casey tells Ronnie that he is happy for Ronnie, and reminds him that even if he sees him talking to someone they have an understanding with each other

Casey reminds Ronnie that he made 2 enemies today with Laura and Jeff by putting them up but you could get them back if Russell was backdoored, was that your plan? Ronnie says yes. Casey- then you could easily get them back on your side.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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What do you think of Ronnie’s game? I hope Laura stays. She’s representing GA!!! =(

Secret Perosn

I know! I’m so glad, Ronnie, Michele, Lydia, Kevin, and Chima are gonna vote for Laura instead of Russell. I hope that Jeff and Jordan and Casey will also vote for her since they made a “deal” with Jessie and Nat. They said that she couldn’t tell anyone, and make it somewhat of a surprise.

Do you guys think Jeff, Jordan, and Casey will vote for Laura

I hope so, Jeff, Jordan, Laura, and Casey are my favorites. Michele’s growing on me.

Randy Wolfgang

Ronnie’s time won’ t last much longer since both sides are on to him – he played too much too fast and now that he has actually nominated two people, the target is on his back. Depending on who he nominates if Laura or Jeff get off as a result of the POV may buy him some more time but the Jesse group is just keeping him as long as they need him and the other group cannot stand him for lying to them about Braden,among other things. Others I have a problem with

Chima – self righteous hypocrite who calls Braden out on national TV (even though he apologized) but who has a filthy mouth in the group and low morals of her own considering what she says.

Ronnie- narcissistic weasel who tries to make up for physical shortcomings (he’s not exactly an oil painting and out of shape to boot) by acting like he runs the house. But the entire house is on to him and he’ll be taken down by those he thinks are inferior.

Russell – likes to cause trouble just to cause trouble and that may come to bite him in the behind. Very insecure (which he covers up with muscles) and now not sure of his own group. Could be very dangerous to the Jesse side.

Natalie – another hypocrite who tells everyone she is straight up but told three lies in the first hour she was in the house. Playing low for now but could be a force later if others don’t boot her out.

Kevin – an unforgiving stereotype who does gays no good by his attitude – playing under the radar for now so I don’t know what his game play will be – if he doesn’t come up with something soon he will be considered expendable by the group.

Jeff-Laura-Michelle – if they can hang on and not let emotions affect them (esp. Jeff) could actually make it through.

Lydia – cry baby who couldn’t take it when Braden called her out on throwing him under bus. Emotional, childish and I think rather stupid – will be leaving soon.

Jesse – more mature than last year – biding his time – could go for the long haul.

just my thoughts which could change at any time!!!!


Ronnies game is good, Im not a fan, but I will give it to the guy he hussled the whole house The problem with that is it is only week 2 and he has already showed the house what his game is all about. As far as Laura goes, to me anyway, she brings no substance to the game but repeating herself over and over and over again. If I hear about how back home loves her and it would be ok going home with blah blah blah blah blah. I could really do without it/her. Jeff is fricken hot, love him! I’m a Casey fan! Alot of weirdos on this season for me.. I wish BB would give them a decent amount of alcohol so these people would open up a little more, have some fun, cut back on the fighting a little (not too much makes for good tv)… Just liven it up a little with all of them together.. Too much of people already feeling defeated, and thinking of whos going to final 2, there are tons of twists to this show too early for so much hard core game play. Relax a little its only week 2. Nat is my least fav, I wish she would get back doored this week.


I agree with T.
And i dont think Ronnies game is good HE PLAYED TO HARD TO FAST its week 2.
i think russel will go over Jeff


ronnie played to HARD TO FAST will be in the jury house.

Randy Wolfgang

I understand the veto players have been picked – they are Ronnie (HOH), Laura(NOM), Jeff(NOM), Russell, Natalie and Casey. If Laura or Jeff win, of course they will remove themselves. If Natalie wins she will follow Ronnies wishes. BUT if Russell or Casey win, and they remove either Jeff or Laura who do you think Ronnie will choose to go up instead???


i think he will have no choice but to choose russel if laura comes off.
if jeff comes of probebly casey as another pon or jordan.

Randy Wolfgang

Not if Russel wins the POV – then I guess Ronnie could put up Jordan.


I can’t stand Ronnie at all. Everyone is acting like what he says goes and that it’s perfectly okay for him to play both sides yet freak out on everyone else who does. He needs to go! But he is good though, the fact that he can make all these people okay with losing a person on their side is amazing.

Secret Perosn

I agree. Laura is probably the smartest in the house. I mean, just because she’s a bikini model doesn’t make her stupid. If she said she was a lawyer or a doctor, then people would be loving her like i do. I hope that Jordan, Jeff, and Casey agree with Ronnie (even though I hate him), Michelle, Kevin (Gets on my nerves), and Lydia (Not liking her) to vote for Russell to go home instead of Laura just because they have a deal with Nat and Jessie,


team jessie they’re following the guy who didnt even make it to jury house
these are profesional people listen to a 20yr bodybuilder i also thing russel
finally firgured out how messed up his group is. theyll tear each apart